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Journal Entry 00413 029 000 P'nyssa's Letter


P'nyssa's Letter

Journal Entry 029 / 00413

Aldea, Nenim 04, 00413

This document is in fact not part of Shardik's Journal Entries. It is
instead a letter from his lover, P'nyssa, to him while he was off planet.
It is included for historical purposes at the bequest of Shardik.


Dear Ken,

I miss you. Almost every day I ask Dave when you'll be home, and every
day he reminds me. Our bedroom is very lonely without you, and your
letters describing how hot your relationship with Kathy is becoming
doesn't make it any better.

Of course, this doesn't mean I've been entirely alone at night. You know
me better than that. No, his name is M'Daan, and he a Ssphynx.

There are times while you're away when I can see your face, and this is
one of them. You and your little exploits are almost legendary, but your
little P'nyssa going out on a limb? I can hear you now... "no way."

But Daan is so very kind and sweet. His legs are short but his hominid
torso is tall, so we see eye-to-eye. He's also about twice as wide as
I am and it's all muscle. You must meet him. His face is so handsome,
and always so calm, and he has these huge black eyes that I just want
to fall into.

Oh, and before I go on, I have to thank you for something. Remember when
you were designing Centaurs, and you were debating how much motion the
1hip2shoulder joint should have? Thanks for going all out. You'll be
happy to know the design works great in Ssphynxes, too.

But I think I know now how some women feel when they fall for you. We
never had that; remember how we met? But Daan just seduced me, and that's
never happened before. His voice was deep and sexy and his stories about
what he does and the land where he lives just wrapped me up. I was so
intent, I felt I needed to kiss him. I told him so, and his kiss was
warm and friendly. Like you. It felt like he gave me everything in that
kiss, and it felt so good after the long time without you. We made a
date for dinner.

Dinner. I don't even remember what we ate. I was under a spell, he was
so warm and confident, so strong. He knew. Dammit, Ken, I've never felt
so out of control; he directed everything that night.

We went into his den, and we talked for a while, and he kissed me on
the cheek.

My reaction surprised even me. I turned and kissed him back so fiercely.
He opened his mouth and his tongue was on mine, tasting. "P'nyssa?" I
remember hearing him say.


"Would you like to take this into the bedroom?"

All I could do was nod. He shifted his leonine body off the couch and
simply picked me up. I was weightless to him, it took him no effort at
all. I nestled my head into his shoulder. I could feel his right arm
under my bottom, and our body heat was meeting in my cunt. I could feel
his fur and his muscles.

I don't remember the walk to the bedroom. He held me in his arms and I
felt the small jumps as first his forepaws and then his hindpaws took
the steps up to his bed. He settled down onto his belly, and then easily
bent down and lowered me onto the bed.

Daan stretched out over me completely, his forepaws resting on my belly
as he kissed me and stroked my nipples. I wish his kisses had gone
forever, and yet sometimes it seemed like they did. I could feel his
hand disturbing the fur on my belly and sides, and when they trailed
over my cunt, they must have gotten wet, because I know how wet I was,
I could feel the coolness of my juices on my fur.

He slowly backed down off the bed, and I could clearly hear each light
thump as a paw came down off the bed. His hands followed, trailing
down my body and he slid all the way down to my feet. He began to rub
them, from my toes to my ankles and on up. He didn't just rub my feet,
he made love to them. To me. His torso was laying supine on the bed,
and I felt his mouth lightly kiss my cunt. I nearly lost my mind just
from the anticipation, I wanted so badly to just grab him and hold him
there to kiss my cunt, I wanted him. I wanted to run my mittens through
his long blond hair.

And he was such a tease! He would nuzzle my cunt with his nose, and kiss
with his wet lips, a quick lick with his tongue. He didn't need to try
hard, either; I could feel my labia thumping hot, my wetness and fullness
making my lips part. And every time I felt a small droplet crease down
he would lick at it.

My body was so tense it was like wire wrapped around my spine, my ribs. I
begged him to lick me, I swear it was begging. I needed him that badly.

Finally, he did, his tongue raking my clit, the pressure driving me wild.
The wires drew tighter, so tight I felt like I was panting. I lost control
of myself, and my mittens ran through his hair, over his shoulders, and
I could feel, I think, my feet digging into his leonine ribcage. The
pressure in my cunt became unbearable, and when he sucked on my clit,
I came, I screamed.

He looked up at me, his lips curled into this beautiful, prideful smile,
then he dove down again, licking softly my outer lips. I could hear the
soft liquid sounds, but at the moment I didn't really feel much, just a
soft sensation of his tongue and lips. I think I was still recovering from
the last orgasm. But all of a sudden there was this huge, almost painful,
rush of heat, and I could feel this orgasm building, like the roar of a
fusion engine, and I came a second time, so fast and so hard my head spun.

I don't recall seeing much, but I did feel him moving back up onto the
bed, and when I looked up he was standing over me, that smile on his lips.
I ran my mittens over his muscular forepaws, and up his belly. I could
just reach his nipples, but he bent over to kiss me, settling his hot
leonine body over mine, his hominid half bent almost double so he could
kiss my mouth. His face was glistening, and I remember him wiping his
mouth with the back of his hand and then using his tongue to lick the
fur clean.

He stroked my face. I smiled, began shifting, moving down under him. He
lifted his body a little, so I could get underneath.

I know what you're thinking, and you're right. Even my knowledge as
a doctor didn't help much, sparse as it was. You designed the feline
centaurs so... differently that I had to learn by trial and error.

But try I did. I reached up and began to softly stroke the attached
foreskin with my mittens. He growled, saying "That's it, princess." That's
what you call me! I lightly stroked around his rear haunches, and I think
I giggled once when his tail flicked over my cunt. His cock began to
grow, coming out of his foreskin. It was long and glistening, soft pink,
and I reached back under his forelegs for a pillow. I supported my head
with the pillow and, wrapping my tens around his body for support, lifted
myself to his cock. I ran my tongue over it, and it twitched a little, and
the growls he emitted were wonderful. I opened my mouth and sucked it in,
feeling the smoothness of it, the soft satiny skin, and if I pressed just
so hard in this one spot I could feel his heartbeat through his cock. I
began to suck in all earnestness, but he said, "P'nyssa, would you like
me to roll over? I wouldn't want you to hurt your neck like that."

I stopped, and he settled down into his full side, bent over so he could
watch me. I was a fem possessed, I don't know why. I mean, usually I know
why I like to suck cock. That sense of giving, and of power, but those
weren't what I was feeling, not here. I just needed... him. I sucked him
hard with my tongue and my lips and my teeth. I tried to take him deep
into my throat, and managed. Sometimes the gag urge was so strong tears
were in my eyes, but that was okay this time, I needed him that much.

But much more than that, I wanted him in my cunt. I realized just how
empty I felt, and I pushed him over until he was on his back. He has a
wonderful bed; it's made for lovemaking like this. I mounted his leonine
body, straddling him. He propped his torso up on a pillow, and smiled as I
lowered myself onto him, taking his cock into me. I felt it part my lips,
skewering me. The tip of his cock just barely pressed into my cervix, and
I can't tell you how good that felt, that light touch. I stroked his cock
with my pussy, feeling this wonderful largeness filling and emptying me. I
stretched out over his chest, and if I looked up I could stare straight
into his eyes. He leaned over and kissed me as I stroked his cock, the
fur of my chest rubbing against his. But I wanted something more. "Daan?"


"I want you to fuck me. Hard. I want to get on all fours for you and
feel you."

He smiled and said "We can do that, but we're going to have to change

His approval was all I needed. I slid off of him, my cunt howling for
his cock as it slithered out of me. Damn, why did it have to stop,
even it was going to begin again just as good?

He rolled over and stood on the bed. I rose onto my knees and lowered my
head onto the pillow he'd been using earlier. My ass was high in the air.
I could feel him padding around behind me, and a light chuckle escaped
him. His fingers trailed over my ass, down between the crease to my cunt,
his thumb gently parting my lips. I moaned shamelessly. I needed him. I
could feel his forepaws lightly brushing my legs. I wanted him so badly
that if he'd taken my ass right then I wouldn't have mind.

I felt a tensing in his legs, and a sudden jerk as he literally leapt up,
and his forepaws came down on opposite sides of my shoulders so sharply
that it frightened me. His hands rested momentarily on my shoulders and
I could feel him positioning his hindlegs on the outside of mine. He's
that big, that my legs went between his. I could feel his hard cock
pressed up tightly against my cunt, and I felt his torso twist as he
reached back, but I got there first, seizing his cock with my mitt and
aiming it straight for my hole. That was all the direction he needed,
sliding it home, filling me, filling once more that empty gap I'd been
feeling all night.

And there I was, under this leonine body, his cock deep inside me. At
first he was slow, but I wanted more, and I told him so. I didn't care
if I was going to be sore for a week, I wanted him now. He responded by
tightening his forepaws about my shoulders, his torso bent over and his
fingers going through my hair, stroking my ears gently. But his cock,
his pelvis, were slamming into me, filling and emptying me over and over.
Harder, I said, and he responded, until there was no gentleness left
in our lovemaking, and that's the way I wanted it. I went crazy; I lost
track of who he was, and all I could think was that I was being fucked by
a lion, which in a way I was, but this lion was all beast, taking me, the
king of the jungle. He slammed, and he was relentless, and I swear he was
a beast; the growls he made never came out of any hominid vocal chords.
Sometimes, great thrusts would give me this little jab of pain as he
hit my cervix, but it only added. It felt so good. I was mindless.

He began to thrust even harder, and I knew he was going to come. I
felt it, I wanted it. He stopped dead for a second, and then with a
few more slamming thrust he came, roaring, and I think I came then too,
my bestial fantasies taking me away.

We subsided, and he slowly rolled off of me, flopping down onto the
bed with a hard thump. He lay there, eyes alight and smiling, and I
giggled and leapt upon him, kissing him. It wasn't relief, really, but
after having been so willfully submissive, trapped under his massive
and muscular body, the light and airyness was equally intoxicating. He
was great, he really was, and it was such a privilege to curl up with
him that night.

So, when am I getting a letter from you?

Love, P'nyssa

P.S. Like the new stationary? Oh, and you're right... it is so much more
romantic to write with a fountain pen. Especially under candlelight. You
have such a nice office, can I have mine done the same way?



The Journal Entries of Kennet R'yal Shardik, et. al., and Related Tales
are Copyright (c) 1989-2000 Elf Mathieu Sternberg. Distribution limited
to electronic media not-for-profit use only. All other rights are reserved
to the author.


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