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Journal Entry 00477 031 000 Rainy Day


Rainy Day

Journal Entry 031 / 00477

Elenya, Nenim 06, 00477

I felt a soft, furry cheek against mine, and woke to the familiar
sensation of P'nyssa's lips against mine. "Hi," I said in a soft croak.

"Hello," she said, quietly. "How are you feeling?"

I stretched and felt the limits of my just-awakened body assert
themselves. "I feel like I just woke up," I said quietly. Somewhere in
the back of my head I heard a sound, like water running in the sink. It
suddenly dawned on me that P'raine was in the bathroom. "P'nyssa... about
last night."

"Hmm?" She said, sliding off the edge of the bed and opening the blinds.

"I can't."

"Can't what?" she asked.

"I can't sleep with P'raine."

"Why not?" she asked, genuine emotion in her voice.

"P'nyssa, we are talking about the girl whose diapers I changed. We are
talking about the girl who first called me 'Vava.' We are talking about
P'raine, who cried in my arms at her sixth birthday because no boys showed up. We are talking about our daughter, for Set's sake. Not my
adoptive daughter, not my foster daughter, but yours and my child. We're
talking about P'raine."

"We're also talking about the child who cried in your arms when her
brother hit her; Her brother, your son, who you had no objection to
last night."

"That was last night; that was after the fact, anyway."

"You still didn't have any objections to it."

"Just because I didn't say..."

"Ken, you are talking to a telepath. Not to mention your lover of the
past couple hundred years. I know you."

"You know what your problem is?" she continued. "Your problem is that
after Osiris knows how long, you still think of women as people you get
something from. See, I know how you think."

"Oh, you do, do you?"

"Yes. Look, every time you get into bed with some new woman, you think
of it as a victory. A lot of men I've met have got that mentality; your
particular problem is that you know you no longer need to prove yourself;
you just like lovemaking. But you still feel guilty about it because
you think you wrest something from women. With men, it's different,
because, particular kinks aside, you know you're thinking alike. Women,
you can't be sure about. Well trust me; I fuck you because I like it,
and I like you, and there's no two ways about it. Besides," she said,
smiling, "you're good."

I grimaced. "She's still my daughter."

"And around here, according to the way you live, getting into bed and
making someone feel good is the way you show someone you like them,
especially if you love them."

"She can send me card."

P'nyssa sighed, exasperated. "It's not going to work that way. Ken,
you are going to get out of bed, go into the shower, and the three of
us are going to get clean, then get dirty, then get clean again." She
walked around the edge of the bed and grabbed my arm, tugging me along.

"Come on," she said. I shook my head, but she tugged, and finally I
relented. If this is what they wanted, I guess. She dragged me into the
bathroom, threw open the shower stall. There was a squeal from inside,
and a second as I was unceremoniously thrown in with P'raine.

"Hi, kiddo," I said.

"Daddy!" she squealed again, wrapping her tens around me tightly. "I'm
so glad you came in. Mom!" she said again, reaching out with her nearer
ten and dragging P'nyssa into the party. She giggled brightly.

"P'raine," I said, "How old are you? Your old man seems to have

"I'm two hundred twelve, Dad, and you know it. You send me a card every
year, no matter where in the universe I am."

"You mean Dave tells me he's sent you card."

"Is that how it works? I wondered where you found the time for all
that writing." She laughed again. She turned and grabbed a handful of
the liquid soap we use (with an almost all-furry household, you think I
could use bar soap?) and proceeded to rub it all into my chest. "Do me,"
she said. I responded cautiously, taking the soap and carefully scratching
it under her fur, trying to clean her pelt. I felt very self-conscious,
avoiding her breasts as I rubbed the soap along her sides and belly. I
felt P'nyssa's hands rubbing my back. "Daddy," P'raine said, "get all of
me clean." I shrugged my shoulders in the thick steam and rubbed the soap
into her breasts. It felt wonderful, and I was definitely beginning to
lose my inhibitions as my thumbs circled and caressed her nipples. Gods,
P'raine, you are as beautiful as your mother. I realized that I wanted
her. I also thought I would feel guilty as Hell about it if I did.

She turned around I rubbed her back, my hands caressing and massaging the
thick soap against her butt, her thighs. I kneeled on the floor of the
shower and rubbed it into her thighs. I could feel P'nyssa leaning over
me, apparently doing P'raine's hair, the longer, darker (harder to clean)
strands of fur that streamed out from the top of her head. I smiled and
rubbed the sweet-smelling soap in between my daughters toes, working my
way up. I figured that P'raine was at least as fastidious as her mother,
and this was as good time as any to find out if all three of us were in
agreement; with a good lather on my hands I ran my fingers through Rainy's
cunt, getting first between the majora, then the minora labia, thoroughly
cleaning her and finally running up the crack of her ass. She giggled,
but was otherwise cool about my hand, so I guess I did the right thing.

I stood up and put my arms around P'raine, hugging her. "I love you,
kiddo," I said.

"I love you too, Dad." I smiled and kissed her neck warmly. She leaned her
head against me. "Hey," she said, "let's do Mom." I laughed in agreement
and the two of us teamed up to clean P'nyssa, washing her. This time
P'raine got to wash P'nyssa's cunt. P'nyssa sat down for that, and I
couldn't help but laugh at the look of intense concentration Rainy gave
her job.

We got out and dried off, thick towels absorbing most of the water out of
our respective furs and skin. I brushed back what remained of my hair,
and the three of us dressed. Dave still had some clothes left over from
when Rainy was living with us, but P'raine complained that they were, and
I quote, "so out of style," that she called her own local AI and had some
of her own clothes sent over. Personally I couldn't see the difference
between the ones she sent for and the ones Dave had offered, but then I
haven't really changed the style of clothing I wear in several centuries.
Why bother? I guess that's why P'nyssa always pick my clothes out for
me when we go public.

We went upstairs and had breakfast, steak and eggs. P'nyssa excused
herself by saying "Work, good-bye you two," and disappeared out the door,
leaving me alone with my daughter.

"So," I said, "How is my favorite daughter?"

"Your only daughter, Uncle Rael notwithstanding," she chided.

"Okay, my only daughter."

Between bites of toast she said, with her mouth full, "Mom said you
might be uncomfortable with me. How come?"

I shrugged. "I dunno. Think about how I was raised."

"How were you raised?" she asked.

"On Earth. Son of a rather insular, powerful family. Knew too much by
the time I was twelve, too little by the time I was fourteen. You know
how Earth was back then."

She nodded. "I took a class in Terran history, especially the part you
grew up in."

"That seems to be a particularly popular class with people who are
trying to figure me out. And it seems to me that you're in a particularly
privileged position to try. Are you?"

"Am I what?" she said, again with her mouth full.

"Going to write about figuring me out?"



There was silence for a while, and she said "I love you, Daddy."

"Rainy, I love you too. I always have, and Gods willing, I always will."

"Do you love me more than Richard, or less?"

"That's a mean question. I thought children eventually outgrew it."

"I still want to hear your answer."

"How about, I love you two different."

She nodded. "I expected that answer." She seemed genuinely pleased with
the conversation, although it was making me most uncomfortable. She
looked out the window and said, "Can we do something together?"


"Oh, I don't know. Play a game, cards, chess. Go motorcycling."

"You ride a motorcycle?" I asked, surprised.

"Yeah. A real 'Icehog.'" I looked at her stunned.

"How big?" I asked.

"800 cc."

I stared at her dumbfounded. "P'raine, if it falls over, how will you
ever stand it up?" I asked.

"With help," she said. I laughed.

"Okay, we'll go riding. I'll even take lunch." She smiled.


We packed lunch for two and planned a route that would take us out of
the way of most villages, although eventually it would take us straight
through the town of Rocchodain. We descended down from the Castle and
walked along the pathway away from the lagoon towards the rim of the
crater and the long dark tunnel towards the motorpool. There we found
her Harley and, compared to hers, my toy. I whistled in appreciation
at this thing she rode. It must have weighed nearly four hundred kilos,
and was in tip top shape.

"You must have replaced most of the parts with hullmetal equivalents
over the years," I said.

"Hard to get around that," she said. "Parts wear out. The worst part
is trying to find new gasket rings and insulation, but I found a guy
near the Arc who keeps track of parts for people with Icehogs and makes
equivalents." I nodded.

"How does it ride with the pollution-controls?" I asked.

"Depends. If it's throttled too high, the PC will overcompensate and
create a vacuum. Have to be careful the engine doesn't get away from you.
Trying to throttle down too fast and it tends to stall. PC throttles down
on its own way too quick. And releasing the clutch when that happens is a
complete disaster. Right now, though, I've got it tuned right, I think."
She smiled.

"Let's go." She kicked her bike to life in two kicks, while my
Pendor-made Jialani whirred up on it's own. She made a lot of noise;
the Jialani whirred. She roared out of the motorpool. One thing I like
about Jialani's, though, is the traction and acceleration. I shot out
like a bullet, thankful for the plasform backwall of the bike's seat that
held me in place and shoved me along. We were soon riding side by side,
and she smiled at me. I smiled back.

We roared along the 'March, the longest single road on all Pendor, for
about an hour, each of us speeding up until we were well over 160kph,
roaring down the highway. She looked wonderful in her black leather
jacket with the streamers of loose leather flowing behind her, a good
feminine biker's jacket, I suppose. We headed for the mountainside that
we had agreed upon as our lunch site, and when we reached the place where
our path left the road, I went first. Jialani's aren't motorcycles, not
really. They've got two wheels, but they've also got a lot of gravitics. I
went up the mountain at full speed, heedless of the trees as the autododge
routines routed me around them and over logs and boulders in my way.

P'raine made her own way up the path, carefully powering her Harley around
the trees and picking her way up to me. By the time she got there I had
the picnic blanket laid out and the food ready. She shut down the engine,
took out the key and said, "Wimp."

"Oh, come on," I said. "You ride that thing only because it makes a
great vibrator." I do NOT believe I just said that to my own daughter.

She smiled and replied "Why else do women own motorcycles?"

I laughed. She joined me.

From where we stood we had a magnificent view of the forest and mountains
towards the west. There was still snow capped on some. One of the reasons
I like this site is that it's one of the few places where you can actually
see the curvature of the ring, if you look hard enough. The air is crisp
and clear, bracing, and the cragged range extends for hundreds of klicks.
It's beautiful. She leaned over and kissed me, then took off her jacket.
She was naked under it, and her breasts, which were larger than P'nyssa's,
swayed in their freedom. I reached out impulsively and stroked one. She
cooed softly and said, "Lunch, first?"

I agreed, and handed her an egg salad. She bit into it with real hunger
and I watched her down it quickly, washing it down with ale. "Hungry,
aren't you?"

"For all sorts of things."

I laughed. "Do you realize, Rainy, that of all the bad habits your mother and I tried to rid from you, you still have one of the worst?"

"I still talk with my mouth full, right?"


She shrugged. "I've tried to break myself of it, too. Its just that I
seem to need to say things when I'm eating."

"Seems to me you could use telepathy."

"That's Mom's skill. That and her specialties. I ended up being nothing."

"Oh come on, Rainy. That's not true. According to my sources, your one
of the best damn PAS in the business."

"I know. But that doesn't help me, Dad, when I know that I'm a minority
among my kind. Do you realize that only a very small minority of Tindals
have no psi at all? And that, percentage-wise, they have the highest
suicide rate on all Pendor?"

I nodded. These were all sad numbers to me. "But, Rainy, that doesn't
mean you have to get upset over it."

"Why not?" she asked, calmly. Her emotion was more intense discussing
her bike.

"Because you're still useful, sweetheart. And you don't have to be useful
to be of value. Look at me."

"Ha ha. Very funny."

"No, I'm serious. Look at you. Independent scout, powered armor expert.
Little Rainy, the warrior, while your brother lolls about."

"Richard does not loll about."

"Okay, Richard does more than his fair share of work. In the hands of
an inspired architect, Richard and his partner- " I searched for the name.


"Right, Mikhail. They do incredible work. I just saw the restored Temple
at Parnassas. Awesome. But you put your life on the line. You spend time
on other worlds. While I, I do loll about. I haven't done anything new
in a couple of centuries. No new species. No new projects."

"What about that new one?"

"What? The Nimer? Just an idea, really. I've been having trouble with
the sentience-size relation anyway. I doubt I could build a reasonable
species only a meter tall."

"See? I know better than anybody else just how ordinary you are, Father,
but I also know that nobody can really compare what you do to what anyone
else does."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence." I said.

"Your welcome," she said, again with her mouth full. I laughed, and
leaned over to kiss her cheek.

A few hours later, we rolled into Rocchodain on schedule and asked the
innkeeper we found there if he had a spare room. We must have looked like
a terrifying lot, covered with the road and the wind, not the clean and
comfortable people who teleport in over the local SDisk.

We thanked him for the room and walked up the creaky wooden steps to
our room. It was spacious and comfortable, and it had to be... the bed
looked like it was made for six people, not two. It was huge! "What
would anyone ever do with such a huge bed?"

"Have an orgy?" Rainy suggested. I gave her a cockeyed look. She laughed
and said "I'll take a bath first. The tubs not big enough for two."

"Rainy, Shirow can be big enough for two." She laughed again, and
disappeared into the bathroom. I heard water running, and occupied my
time with a book.

She came out after about half an hour, looking much cleaner, and when
she stretched her tens over her head she arched her back so sexily I
almost split my jeans. She turned her back to me to open her saddlebags,
and I couldn't resist lightly running my hand down the crack of her
ass. She squealed.

We dressed and went downstairs, to the smoky and ill-lit tavern under
the inn. Rocchodain had been the earliest Centaur village, and the age of
the material showed in everything, as did the crude construction, and the
guests did their bests to stay with the mood. They were a cheerful lot,
but a bit outre' in their garb. And garb is a good word for it. We sat
at a table and the barmaid took our orders. Someone punched buttons on
the jukebox, and when the music came up, Rainy groaned aloud.

"What's wrong, sweetheart? Don't like P'rose's singing?" I said. P'rose,
P'nyssa's middle daughter before me, has a successful career in a
'rock' band.

"Dad, I like P'rose. I really do. But this is not rock'n'roll."

"Oh, come on, Rainy, 'Tell Me Can Your Heart Dance?' is a cute song.
Besides, it's dance-club music. It's not supposed to be profound."

She nodded as the barmaid brought our food. I'd ordered prime rib, since
that's what the maid recommended, and I tend to go with recommendations.
It wasn't bad, and Rainy seemed to be enjoying her meal as well.

We danced for a while, which wasn't easy in the crowd, especially since
there were quite a number of Centaurs on the floor. But we found space,
and held each other close, and touched each other. I felt close to her,
and while sex wasn't the farthest thing on my mind, it had been pushed
down the stack a bit by feeling more friendly and familial.

We retired to our room, and I got into the enormous bed, making my way
across it to the far side. She sat down on it and made her way over to me.
I sat up opposite her and looked into her eyes. She looked back, and then
at my hands as I reached up and around her back to unzip her dress. She
closed her eyes at my touch as I pulled the dress off of her shoulders
and down to her waist. Her mittens came up and she pulled my shirt off. I raised my arms above my head to help her, and as she pulled she
leaned closer to me, until our faces were mere cents apart and I leaned
into her and kissed her. She kissed back, her mouth closed at first,
but opening almost immediately on contact. Our tongues met.

I pressed my open palm against her tit, feeling her nipple harden as
the texture of my palm slid over it. For a few moments I was entranced
by the feeling of my daughter's nipple getting so hard, and I loved the
feeling of it's hardness sliding over the variable space of my hand. She
laughed, and I began to move back and forth between her breast, caressing
each one. They aren't exceptionally large, but like her mother's, they
were extremely soft and caressable. I leaned over to take a nipple into
my mouth, and she cooed again as I did, her mittens searching for and
then tweaking my nipples in response.

I sat back up and said, "Why don't we get undressed?"

"Sounds like a good idea to me." We sat back and stripped off the rest
of our clothing, throwing it off the bed. She sprang onto me, pushing
me back against the bed, her lips upon mine. I responded fully, taking
her tongue into my mouth and thrusting mine into hers, my hands wrapped
around her and squeezing her well-defined ass.

She kissed her way down my throat, and little explosions went off in
my head as she bit me every step on her way down, larger ones when she
attacked my nipples. She made her way further down, still nipping, and
when she reached my cock she passed it and took my balls into her mouth,
sucking them. Painful little sensations reached me, but they only excited
me further. I wanted to eat her, but she wanted to eat me first, and
she had the advantage. She took the head of my cock into her mouth and
her teeth closed on it threateningly. She didn't bite, but instead eased
the entire length of my penis down her throat, taking it with gusto, and
she began to stroke back and forth, her eyes closed. She was relentless,
sucking me with her mouth, exerting herself further and further. "Oh,
Rainy," I groaned in response. "Please," I said.

But she stopped, damn her. She swung and straddled my head with her legs,
her cunt cents from my face, and lowered herself onto my mouth. I dove
in with the force she had shown me, licking her cunt hot and fast. Her
cunt was already sopping wet, and her juices dripped down my cheeks as I
surrounded her clit with my lips and tongue. She moaned in pleasure, and I
reached up with both arms to grab her buttocks, running my fingers against
the grain of her fur, thrusting a questing finger against her little brown
hole just at the top edge of my vision. She moaned louder, and I took that
as a cue, sliding my finger down into her cunt for a little wetness before
sliding it against her anus and into her. She let a little high-pitched
"uh" escape her as I did, and almost immediately she collapsed onto my
body, her body shaking in orgasm. I craned my head up against her cunt,
still trying to get at her clit which was just barely out of reach. She
pushed back and let me at it, and as I licked her pussy she clamped her
tens tight against my hips and screamed with release again.

I lay my head back against the pillow; that position is tiring quickly.
"Wow," I said.

She rolled off of me; I turned to look at her and it looked like her eyes
were on fire. The look and my hard cock conspired, and made a decision...
I turned over and leapt upon her the way she had me, and in one quick
plunge I was inside her. She opened her eyes as I did and said "Yeah...
Fuck me." I complied.

My cock was surrounded by her warmth and her slickness, and I fucked
her into the core of her body. I wanted to ravish her, but after her
incredible fellatio, I didn't know how long I'd last.

But I managed to stave off orgasm, and as it crested it seemed to also
fall away, almost frustrating. I slowed down and lay supine over her,
pumping into her slowly, and she said "Daddy? Would you like it if I
turned over?"

"Do you want to?"

"Yeah," she said with an impish tone. I laughed and rose off of her,
and she turned over onto her knees. I got in behind her and was ready
to thrust into her when she said "Not like that. My ass."

"You serious?"

"Yeah. Do my ass, Daddy." I shook my head and aimed my cock for her
asshole, and pushed gently against her, but she would have none of that;
she shoved back, taking the length of my cock into her in one hard push.

Her ass was incredibly tight, and hot, and it seemed to suck me in. "Fuck
me, hard!" she commanded. I grabbed her hips and shoved in hard, then
pulled out and jabbed back in again. She groaned again, and I pushed
into her, fucking her asshole mercilessly. Gods, she was good, and her
breath was ragged. Her head was turned to the side against the pillow,
and as my cock ravaged her blue-furred buttocks I could see her eyes
were screwed shut tight. She held her breath, then exploded in orgasm.

My balls tightened in response, and I could feel the orgasm emanating
from my cockhead to my entire body, and as I pumped her ass viciously
and relentlessly I screamed when I finally exploded into her, releasing
my come into her.

I gave a few, final thrusts, and then I slid out of her, crawling so
I could be face to face with her as she collapsed with me onto the
bed. "Did I do good?" I said, jokingly.

"Oh, Daddy, you were wonderful. Did I do good, too?"

"Sweetheart, you were great. You were perfect." I was still gasping. We
settled into bed, and pulled the covers over us; it was still early
Spring, and this inn seemed to not have heat. I heard her mumur, "Happy
birthday, Daddy," and she was fast asleep. As we cuddled close, I noted
that it took a long time for my heart to stop pounding.


The next day we rode back to the Castle and P'nyssa. She greeted us warmly
and ushered us off to the shower, where we cleaned up together, laughing
and playing. We had a small family dinner, just the three of us, and
Rainy bid us farewell, for a while. She was shipping out on the Oikemen
in three days for a research project "zillions of light years away."

I kissed her good-bye and said "Take care."

"I will."


The Journal Entries of Kennet R'yal Shardik, et. al., and Related Tales
are Copyright (c) 1989-2000 Elf Mathieu Sternberg. Distribution limited
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