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Journal Entry 00534 030 000 Working Out


Working Out

Journal Entry 030 / 00534

Erwer, Nenim 05, 00534

I heard footsteps behind me, and from the cadence of his steps I could
tell it was Aaden. I was far too wrapped up in the work on my terminal
to turn around, casually dismissing his presence as friendly and familiar.

That is, until he came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulder,
gently rubbing away the entire day's frustrations. "Oh, that feels so
good, Aaden, but you're distracting me. I'll give you just half an hour
to cut that out."

He chuckled gently and leaned over, kissing me on the back of the neck.
"Love you," he said gently. "How've the kids been?"

I reached up over my head and wrapped my arms around his neck. "Oh they're
fine. Ember's got them outside right now. Love you too," I said gently,
kissing the furry underside of his muzzle. My hand trailed down along
his body to his legs, not really seeking his crotch, just taking full
measure of his wonderfully hard body. "You're all hot."

"Been working out."

I looked up at the clock and said, "Ohmifa, is it really fourteen

"Mm-hmm," he said.

"Damn," I cursed. "I've been working for nine hours already and I feel
like I've gotten nothing done."

"What are you working on, anyway? I've never seen you get so intense."

"You haven't lived with me long enough. I've been doing some genecoding
work, thinking about a few things."

"Such as?" he said with a little sing-song.

"Oh, this'n'that. Structural variations for Centaurs. Skin tone controls
for Humans, Centaurs."

"A new species?" he asked.

I smiled. "Yeah, that too. Been thinking about it. Now that the Pendorian
races are as established as they are, I wonder if going with more
'classical' anthropomorphs wouldn't be inappropriate."

"So what kind are you working on?"


"Very interesting. I still say you're working too hard. Getting intense
is one thing, but I think you're overdoing it." He smiled. "Besides,
I need a little help."

"With what?" I asked.

"I want you to spot me."

"I thought that's what AI's were for."

He shrugged. "I'd rather have you do it." I laughed. "Besides, it gives
me a chance to see you. Haven't been doing much of that, recently,
between your project and the kids."

I nodded. "Okay, it's a deal." As if he really needed someone to spot
for him. Still, safety first.

We wandered out of the office and back towards the residencies, where
Aaden had set up a separate bedroom. P'nyssa and he and I now had three
whole residences to ourselves, with most of the walls knocked out again.
The center room was still the nursery and playroom, with the farthest
room being the "spare" bedroom. We had decided not to call it "Aaden's
room" because I don't ever want to imply that Aaden is separate from
P'nyssa and I. In fact, P'nyssa spent as much time there as Aaden. The
funny times were when two of us spent the night in the spare room.

But we had converted the living room of the third residence for a variety
of purposes. My old drafting table and workbench occupied one corner,
the other kept Aaden's weights. There was also a low table covered with a
green cloth. Under the cloth Aaden kept his seedling and sprouting jars--
the cloth was both to keep in the humidity and to shield outside eyes
from the UV lights.

Aaden threw a hundred fifty kilos or so of weight onto the lower bar,
I didn't bother to really look at how much. I had long ago ceased to be
impressed or confused by how much or how little he used in his sessions.
All I know is that he keeps his body in magnificent shape, and although
it wouldn't really make much of a difference to me either way, I do love
the way he looks.

He lay down and said "Ready?"

"How warmed up are you?" I asked.

"I've been warming up for about twenty minutes, Ken. I just needed you
for this part."

"Oh, okay. I'm ready then." I planted my feet and waited, handing him the
bar slowly. He pressed it to his chest then extended vertically, breathing
hard with every stroke. He began to do repetitions, lots of them.

I watched as he exercised, enjoying the sight of his muscles expanding and
contracting, his chest rising and falling in pattern with the repetitions.
I started to notice that he was pushing himself hard, because sweat had
broken out on his muzzle and his fur was matting down. Then I noticed
something else-- With every exhalation I felt his breath blowing up my
shorts and over my balls. It tickled.

I leaned up against the higher bar-rest, the one intended for Uncia
and Tindals (who have longer arms or tentacles, respectively), and said
"Are you teasing me?"

"What do you mean?" he grunted on a downward stroke.

"You're breathing up my leg," I said, smiling.

He glanced up, taking a good look into my shorts and said "You seem to
be enjoying it." He landed the bar onto the lower rest and lunged for
my shorts, his muzzle licking against the head of my cock briefly.

"Ack!" I yipped, stepping back. "Rabid Mephit!"

"Hey! Bring that back here," he said with mock-indignity.

I stepped back into range. "Lower," he said.

"Would it help if I took my shorts off?"

"It would," he said, smiling. He has a handsome smile.

I complied, taking off my shorts and stepping out of them. Now the only
thing I wore was my T-shirt, a silly shirt I acquired during a brief stint
teaching physics at Rocchodain University. It was a beautiful airbrush
of the Ring, over which were the words "Pendorians don't understand
the gravity of the situation," and the equation for tension in a string
caused by centripetal acceleration.

I bent my knees slowly, lowering my not-quite-erect penis to his muzzle.
He lunged again, and I withdrew. "Uh-uh," I teased.

"Give," he said. "Please?"

I smiled and bent my knees again, feeding him the length of my cock. He
closed his muzzle around it, forming his thin lips into a seal around it,
his tongue pressing against the top of my cock. I held onto the weight
bar, giving me balance. He stroked my cock easily, sending wonderful
shocks up into my brain. I closed my eyes and sighed. "Gods, Aaden,"
I whispered, "I love you."

I think he said "I love you too," but it wasn't clear as he said it
around my cock. I also needed to lean over because my erection at full
length doesn't like to bend downward. I wanted to lean over farther, to
get at his cock as well, but I didn't have the reach to undo the string
holding his gi bottoms, and even if I were to reach it I wouldn't have
anyplace to put my hands to hold myself up.

So I was stuck, bent over and barely balanced, able to do nothing but
close my eyes and enjoy the soft friction of his mouth.

He laid his head back against the bench, letting go of my cock. It whipped
up and slapped against my belly. "I'm not that strong," he said, panting.
"I can't hold my head up like that forever."

I laughed and said "So?"

"So why don't you mount me instead?"

I laughed, walking around to the other side of the weights bench,
sitting down between his legs. I undid the string and pulled at his
pants from the knees as he raised his hips to help. I threw them aside,
grabbed his legs at the knees and pushed them up. He took over, planting
them firmly against the weight bar, exposing his asshole. I smiled and
bent over, licking his balls softly, trailing my way down to his hole,
getting him slick and ready for me.

I leaned forward and aimed my cock, pushing against him gently, sliding
into him. His asshole closed around my cock, pulling me in. I leaned
over further, pressing my chest against the backs of his legs, feeling
the fur on them against me. He reached up and put his hands on my cheeks,
staring at me. His eyes were wide and he was panting hard. "I love you,"
he said in a loud whisper.

"I love you too," I said, bucking against him, sliding into him. We'd
made love hundreds, maybe thousands of times, and it was always just as
special. Feeling his hard buttocks striking against my hips with every
stroke, his body jerk with every thrust. He let go of me and held onto
the bars, keeping himself in place as I approached climax, wanting to
get ever deeper into him.

He was staring at me, entranced, and I returned the stare, looking into
his eyes. I wasn't sitting on the bench anymore; I had raised myself
off and was driving myself into him, using my legs to go ever deeper. My
orgasm was inevitable, and I knew it, so I suddenly stopped moving.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing," I gasped. "I'm..." Slowly I stroked into him.

"Right..." Slower, pulling out.

"There... YEAH!" I screamed as I slammed into him one more time, coming,
shooting into him. I bucked against him hard, once, twice, a third time,
draining myself of strength.

I collapsed against him, lying across his broad chest. A paw, unsteady
and unsure, fell across my back. "You're not tired, are you?" I asked.

"Well, getting ravished is certainly a good way to end a couple of
dozen reps."

"Oh." I'd almost forgotten that he'd been exercising even before this. I
think orgasms give me amnesia. "You are okay?" I said.

"Fine," he said.

We had lain there for a few minutes, me on top of him, when a voice
interrupted our cuddling. "Daddy, here you are."

I raised my head unsteadily and looked over at the door. "Hiya, kiddo,"
I said, crooking a finger in her general direction. She came running over
with all the typically overabundant energy of a five-year-old. "How's my
little 'Lizbeth?" I said, leaning over to kiss Aaden's daughter gently
on the forehead. "Aaden's daughter" biologically; she was growing up in
my household, and she was my daughter as well.

"Fine. Daddy Aaden, you promised to help me with my drawing."

Aaden picked his head up, looked down out our precocious little child and
said "In a second, sweetheart. Daddy still has to clean up from exercise."

"'Kay," she said. As she skipped out I heard Alexi's voice from the
other room say "Grownups. Always hugging." I looked down at Aaden and
smiled. He laughed.

"Come on," he said. "Let's get cleaned up. Besides, aren't you supposed
to cook tonight?"

"Is it my turn?" I asked with a smile.

He nodded as I slid off of him and stood up woozily. "Oh, hell," I said.
"What should I cook? What are you in the mood for?"


"Lasagna?" I asked. "Okay, lasagna it is. I thought you were on a diet."

"Who says?" he said. I laughed. I bent over to grab my shorts and he
shot out a hand to stroke along the cleft of my butt. I sighed. "You're
looking for trouble. Come on, let's go and clean up."

He laughed and said "Yeah."

I stood back up straight and helped him to his feet, hugging him close. "I
love you." We headed down for the bath.

"Love you too."


The Journal Entries of Kennet R'yal Shardik, et. al., and Related Tales
are Copyright (c) 1989-2000 Elf Mathieu Sternberg. Distribution limited
to electronic media not-for-profit use only. All other rights are reserved
to the author.


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