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Journal Entry 00820 159 000 Wings Over Rhysh


Wings Over Rhysh

Journal Entry 159 / 00820

Elenya, Cerim 12, 00820

I stood out on the southern Terrace on level four of Rhysh castle,
looking out over the valley which held Rhysh village and the surrounding
countryside. The village had grown some in the past couple of centuries,
and we were now allowing offworlders to visit, if only under supervised
circumstances. This terrace has a lot of memories for me, most of them
rather pleasant. I had found in myself a penchant for scenes done out
of doors.

And, I thought to myself with a smile, quite often those scenes had
begin in much the same way as todays had. With a note. This one not as
cryptic as many, in fact far less so. Borodir had laid out his desires
rather specifically. I was anxious to be subject to them.

"I'm surprised you accepted my invitation, Master Shardik," his deep,
resonant voice crossed the terrace. I smiled at the appellation "Master."
It was a common courtesy to anyone who was respected as a top, regardless
of what role they preferred.

"Nonsense, Master Borodir," I replied, turning to face him. "An invitation
from you is nothing to ignore, regardless of status."

The huge, black-skinned human smiled wide, chuckling. "I'm glad you think
that way. I have brought the equipment necessary for some initial forays."

"I called the Reedhons, so I'm correct in understanding that this is a
fully tested technology?"

"Of course," Borodir said. "Tell me, Ken, have I ever been a danger to
your life?"

"Not at all, Borodir. This is just a new application of a rather odd sort,
and I would like to know what I'm in for."

"The basics are pretty easy to understand. You're going to be getting the
non-permanent fixture. It is, of course, a standard long-term suspension
harness." He pouted with mock- frustration. "It covers parts of you I'd
like to have remain uncovered, but c'est la vie."

I chuckled. Hearing the language spoken only a few planets, the nearest
about fourteen light years away, coming from Borodir's mouth seemed
comical. "So, where do we start?"

"Are you ready for it, Ken?"

I looked up into his face and nodded. He reached forward and with a swift
yank grabbed my hair and hauled me to my knees. Tears welled in my eyes
and I yelped with pain, looking up at him. "Are you really ready, Ken?"

"Yes, sir," I gasped softly.

"Good," he replied. He reached back behind himself and pulled out a small,
white-leather collar with his name marked into it with silver letters,
in the possessive. He slowly pulled it around my neck and tightened it.
"Stand," he commanded. I stood up. "Strip." I stripped off my clothes,
folding them conscientiously and placing them on one of the round stone
tables. "Turn around," he directed. I turned. I felt a thick white-leather
belt go around my waist, from which I heard buckles and snaps jangling
softly. More straps were thrown over my shoulders, and another pair
crossed under my armpits. Borodir moved around naturally and calmly,
ignoring both my impatience and probably his own, as he attached belts
and buckles and zips and occasionally even a light chain, but that was
probably more for decoration than anything else. I stood perfectly still,
as a good slave should. Even though my training was well and truly in
the past, it wasn't something I was ever likely to forget, and Borodir
and I both knew that, even if I was never going to be as heavily 'in
the life' as I had in the past, he knew he could count on me to behave
properly whenever we entered into this magickal relationship that had
long existed between us.

He had me lift my feet, and with just as much care, allowing me to
hold onto him when I needed to, but only for so long as I needed to,
he fitted the knee-high boots to my calves.

"One last thing, Ken," he said. "Lean forward a little."

I leaned forward, and I heard him grunt oddly. "Little more." I leaned
more forward, and suddenly I felt a great weight hit my shoulders. The
harness slowly took up most of it, the 'leather' becoming rigid as
necessary to transfer much of the weight downwards, off my back and onto
my hips. "It's almost a forty-kilo rig," he said as I shifted, feeling
the weight and becoming accustomed to the balance. "Power on," he said.

The weight shifted again as my Internal State Perception circuits received
the information that my center of mass had moved back a few centimeters. I
staggered to keep my balance. Oddly, though, I felt much lighter, as
if the weight on my back had become if not negligible then certainly
acceptable. And I became aware of what was attached to my back as well,
feeling them as if they were a part of me, something of my anatomy. I
concentrated, and they quivered uselessly. "Easy, Ken, take it easy."

Borodir stood in front of me, stroking my chin. "We've got all day. Now,
you want to make them move out, move wide. Close you eyes and think
about what commands will make them move."

I thought, feeling the muscles in my newly acquired appendages slide and
shake with demand. After a few seconds I felt them contract and expand,
over and under, and suddenly I had full extension. "Very good, Ken,"
Borodir chuckled. "Turn around and take a look at yourself in the mirror."

I did as he instructed. In the mirror set up at the far end of the
stone-built terrace, I looked at myself. The white- leather harness,
tooled with fanciful shapes and flowing with silver paint in places,
covered my torso but left my groin completely exposed. The boots about my
feet were made of the same leather, with a small 'mane' of hair running
down the backs of my calves.

But the wings, oh, the wings... they extended two meters in both
directions, a full four-point-five meters across. Magnificent white in
color, with the feathers large and evenly spaced, they blazed brightly
in the sunlight. "The sight excites you, doesn't it, Ken?"

"Oh, yes sir," I sighed softly. I felt blood flowing into my groin,
and my exposed nudity made that all the more obvious as I became erect,
my cock throbbing hard before me.

"Very good," he chuckled, batting at my erection playfully. "You still
look magnificent." I carefully kept my mouth shut, but inwardly I glowed,
enjoying my master's pleasure as my own. "Now, we are going to practice.
And we are going to practice until you can fly, Ken."

The next four hours started with intense frustration. It took me an hour
just to get the wings to work in tandem. As they moved more and more at
my command, though, they seemed to become more a part of me. I began to
feel through them; when I banged them inadvertently into the stone grey
walls of the terrace, they hurt. Borodir just chuckled and kept at me.

Suddenly, though, I began to get them to move in tandem and with power.
Just when I was beginning to reach the bursting point with my frustration,
I began kicking up huge gouts of dust and lifted vertically a meter
into the air in two swings. I was so surprised I lost control and fell
awkwardly to the ground, my wings splayed around me. "Ow."

"That was great, lad," Borodir said cheerfully. "Just wonderful. But
you look tired; come inside and rest, take something to drink."

I nodded, thanking him with my eyes. He hooked a finger through a ring
on the collar and pulled me into the cafeteria.

After lunch we worked at it again. Having Borodir watch me has always
been somewhat inspirational, and today we were working particularly
well together. After a few hours, I was getting the downswings perfectly
enough that I could remain, hovering, without blowing myself backwards
and up against the stone wall, or worse, out over the castle trellis
where I would fall dozens of meters to my doom-- at least, until the
gravitics kicked in and saved me.

He waved me down from a long and sustained hover. "Come on, Ken, I've
got something I want from you."

I waited, silently. "Up on those spires are three balls. One is blue,
one is red, and one is green. Bring them to me in that order, blue, red,
green. Got it?"

"Yes, sir," I replied.

"Then go!" he replied cheerfully, slapping my butt.

I took to the air immediately, realizing just as quickly what Borodir's
intention was in demanding this of me. I have an incredible arrogance and
an equally strong sense of prowess, and he was letting me control both so
that I would take this search slow. I ascended up to one of the six spires
that make up Castle Rhysh, found the green ball. I flew around the spires,
drawing eyes and pointing fingers from the slaves and masters playing
their games below me, as I located the other two balls. I flew back to
the blue one, flew over Borodir and handed it to him, never setting my
feet on the ground. One thing I liked about the wings was that they are
for show and maneuvering; the suspension is mostly gravitic. This allowed
to me fly in a slow and majestic manner, my long dark hair trailing out
behind me as I retrieved the red and green ones.

"Good slave," Borodir said as I landed, panting slightly. Despite the
wings being a mechanical device, maneuvering still involved lots of
body play, and that still took effort. "Now turn around." I turned,
folding my wings behind me.

Another harness, this even prettier than the last, with a broad chest
piece, was fitted over my shoulders and between my legs. Borodir took his
time, his patience seemingly endless as he worked over my body. "Okay,
Ken," he said. "Let's see how you do as a pegasi." I gasped, recognizing
what he meant instantly as he walked behind me. I felt his hand trail
down my back, and a cool, liquid sensation as he plunged his fingers
between the cheeks of my ass. Then I felt the blunt, rounded nozzle of
a plug being fitted there. I relaxed and let the plug fill my asshole,
sighing with relief as I got past the flare and clamped down on the
fitting. I could feel the horsehairs trailing down to brush the backs
of my calves. I wished I could see what I look like. I felt... pretty.

"Over town with you," he said as a whip flicked at my ass. I hadn't even
noticed Borodir leaving me, so overwhelming was the fulfilling feeling
in my ass.

With a yelp, I strained at my harness before remembering that now I had
wings. I concentrated, and they swung in sequence. With a few powerful
flaps I was into the air, straining at the harness, and suddenly its
weight lightened a little as whatever it was that I carried was pulled
into the air with me. "Excellent!" Borodir called out. The whip struck my
ass again, and I recognized it as some sort of buggy whip-- appropriate,
I thought. "Now, over town and to the Hex. I'd like to stop in the
restaurant for a drink."

"Yes, sir!" I said cheerfully. Now I was more airborne than ever, the
wind striking my face and body. The day was sufficiently warm for me as
we headed out over town. I was at least a couple of hundred meters in
the air, and looking down at town from this angle I wondered how anyone
could feel submissive or slave-like. Even straining at the bonds of my
master's harness, I felt an incredible sense of control. I wondered how
much of that was because everything but being his Pegasus was the only
thing I was concerned with right then.

"Doing good, Ken," he said as I recognized The Hex from overhead, even
if it's not so much hexagonal as merely circular from the outside. I
spiraled downwards, enjoying the attention of others as a pleasure. I
had long ago given up to being fearful of the attention of others;
if they admired me for what my master made of me, then I was happy. I
found where the pony stop was and slowly brought myself and my carriage
down to that street, landing with caution so as not to blow dust about
too much or hit someone with my wings. When my feet touched the grown I
suddenly felt exhausted. I hadn't realized just how much work flying was,
especially now with a carriage to haul.

Borodir walked up from behind, and his hand stroked my backside, his
fingers teasing at my hole. "Good boy," he said calmly. "Good boy." He
reached up and unsnapped the buckles and straps. "Go get yourself some
water over at the trough."

Despite the beauty of my wings and my harness, I was still just a pony. I
knelt down before the trough and dropped my head into it, grateful
for surcease from the punishing summer sunlight overhead, soaking
my hair and letting it carry water all the way down my back. Borodir
returned eventually, by which time his Pegasus had gained a great deal
of attention.

"Come along, boy," he said. I smiled, noting that in the presence of
others he wouldn't use my name aloud. He led me by the collar again
to where his carriage had lain. A flying carpet? I almost laughed at
his sense of humor; it was a magnificent carriage, a Persian run of
significant size. And as loaded to the fibers with nanotech and gravitics
as my wings and harness, I was willing to bet.

He turned me around and reattached the reins and load- bearing struts
to the back of my harness, then again with the whip. "Up!" he cried.

We were airborne almost immediately. "Back to the castle, Ken. We have
a slave for you to train yourself!"

I smiled and put my back into my flying, willing the wings to greater
speeds and gasps. As I approached the Terrace from which we started,
I slowed, and landing was as calm and as smooth as I could possibly
make it. I wanted my Master proud of me.

"You have done well, Ken," Borodir complimented me. He seemed full of
compliments for someone so collared as I. But I know Borodir well, and I
understood what he was saying to me. I had once been his work of art, and
the ease with which I returned to that state still surprised both of us.
Of all the people I've ever dealt with, Borodir is still the one most
impressed by the fact that he has "Vatare' Shardik" as his own personal
Rhysh slave, but he handled those feeling so well I trusted him to be
abusive when I needed it. We played without safewords.

"Down at the courtyard is a water trough. Make use of it. When you're
done, return here. You will teach someone else how to use such beautiful
wings as yours."

I nodded, taking back to the air and easily availing myself of the
water trough in the center courtyard. Immediately, there was a crowd
of unharnessed ponies and other interested observers looking me over,
many with what could only be called 'hunger' in their eyes. I drank deep,
relieved myself in public on a bale of hay set aside for ponies for just
that reason. Then I flew back to the terrace.

I found him waiting with a human female. "Ken, this is Kevvi. You are
going to teach her how to fly." She had the same wing arrangement I did,
and I smiled to notice that Borodir had already given her her tail.

After noticing those thing about her that weren't human, looked over
her more human parts. She was a beautiful woman with dark red skin,
a rounded face and straight, black hair. Her black eyes glittered,
partly with tears it seemed. I smiled. "Let's begin, Kevvi."

The exercise took hours, just as mine had. Borodir had apparently chosen
her for her ability to learn quickly. By the time night was falling, she
was dipping and weaving in the air with a skill I openly envied. Borodir
had repeatedly left and rejoined us, attending to his business elsewhere
in the castle occasionally. He returned just as night was falling. "I
have asked Melody to turn up the outdoor lights, so you should have
enough illumination to keep practicing."

We watched her continue. She could actually fly on her back for short
stretches. Borodir hmmm'd quietly. "Ken, I want to watch you take her
in flight."

I had anticipated that. "Yes sir," I said.

"I see you like the idea," he said playfully, reaching down and stroking
my cock, frustrating me.

"Yes sir," I said.

"Then go now, by my command."

"Yes sir!" I said, kicking off and taking to the air, enthusiastic
swings taking me up into the air as the outdoor lights came to life,
lighting up our sky. "Kevvi!" I shouted to the woman who lazily swung
her wings against the nighttime air.

"Ken?" she asked, turning to face me. We hovered in place, which turned
out more difficult than imagined; our airstreams disrupted on another's
smooth flight.

I pointed down to the terrace. "Our Master has given us an order. Try to
stay calm, Kevvi," I said, slowly dipping downwards to between her legs.
Out of the corners of my eyes I could see her wings flapping slowly,
lazily. Mostly gravitics and imagery, we moved them strictly for

She cooed softly as my tongue found her bare-shaved mound, kissing her
there softly. "Everyone can see us!" she whimpered.

"Complaining, Kevvi? Master would be upset. She tasted good... and very
sweaty. I slowly pushed her legs apart, and she kicked my wing.

"Ow!" I objected as I spiraled away from her. Regaining my composure
and control, I flew back up to where she hovered.

"Sorry," she said.

"Just be careful," I said. She parted her legs a little more carefully,
watching to make sure they weren't within the sweep of my wings.

She was completely bare of pubic hair, and the rich, reddish tint of her
skin blended sweetly into a dark-brown tint to her vulva. I grasped her
butt with my hands and slid in closer, tasting her.

How we must have looked from below, her wings sweeping above mine in a
strange, syncopated rhythm. It must have been very obvious that my head
was between her legs.

Her cunny was very wet. I couldn't tell if it was the idea of flying or of
being watched that made her so wet even before my tongue slid up the gap
of her labia, tasting the heavy, heady taste of her juices. I licked and
nibbled on her lips, letting my teeth gently touch her clitoris and then
plunging down to her opening, tasting. "Rings, Kevvi, you taste good,"
I gasped, looking up at her.

She moaned softly in reply. I left her and ascended. "Let's go higher,"
I said.

Into the dark night sky we rose, and as we did we learned how to make our
wings flap close to one another. The castle seemed to disappear beneath
us, the lights becoming smaller, weaker, and closer together. Slowly,
she parted her legs and I maneuvered closer, sliding my cock into her.

She moaned. "Oh, yes." Her cunt was hot and slick around my shaft. She
gripped my shoulders, watching my wings carefully as I grabbed her hips
and together we made motion, my cock plunging as deep as we could managed
into her wanting body. Her whole body was slick with sweat despite the
prevailing cool wind, and she tossed her head.

Controlling my wings became more and more difficult the closer I came
to orgasms. She began having to remind me as we made love, reaching
that point of no control, making love like animals. No longer intent
on just keeping place, we flew hard, flew fast, ascending into the air,
our bodies joined at the hips. "Oh, Kevvi..." I gasped.

"Sir?" she replied, equally breathless.

"I'm coming!" I screamed, grabbing her tight as we lost all control. We
plunged towards the ground, and panic, thrilling panic took me as we
separated and I spread my wings again, pulling up and flying free.

"Kevvi?" The first thought on my mind was her. I looked around, and I
found her, flying towards me. "Are you okay?"

"Oh, Ken, sir, I'm fine," she smiled.

"Good. I worried there for a moment."

"I'm glad you did. Let's return to the terrace." We flew to the Terrace
where Borodir waited for us, settling down to the ground.

"How are my pegasi?" he asked. We both nodded and nuzzled each other. He
held out his hand to my face and I caressed it with my cheek. "You
may talk."

"Wonderful, sir," I replied. "Lost control at the last moment though."

"Yes, I saw. Very beautiful. Kevvi, you know where to return to. I'll
talk with you in a few moments."

"Yes, sir," she replied obediently, trotting off down the stairs.

Borodir reached up and snapped at the buckle around my neck. The collar
came off. "So, Master Shardik," he continued, giving the last little
nudge to bring me back to reality, "What do you think?"

"I think, Borodir, that you have the potential for some very exciting
imagery here."

"And when the nanotech versions come out?" he asked.

"That's different," I replied, slowly stripping off the harness and
wings, carefully laying them on one of the tables and dressing. "That's
body alteration, something a little different from changing one's
clothes. And those changes are still useless offworld. These are only
one-world harnesses, you know."

He nodded. "And installing the Dragon-tested gravitics under the skin
only works for either Pendor or a planet, but not both."

"That's because we're not under gravity here, Borodir."

"I know my physics, Ken." He grinned as I completed my ensemble. "But
do you think many people will go for it?"

As we walked back into the castle, I paused at the doorway and looked
up at the night sky. "Borodir, I think you're new little kink is going
to be swamped with requests."

"That's all I wanted to know. Come. Kevvi needs to be put up for the
night, and I'd like to entertain you with a real dinner."

"I appreciate that, Master Borodir. Lead on."

Down into Castle Rhysh we went.


The Journal Entries of Kennet R'yal Shardik, et. al., and Related Tales
are Copyright (c) 1989-2000 Elf Mathieu Sternberg. Distribution limited
to electronic media not-for-profit use only. All other rights are reserved
to the author.


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