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Journal Entry 01023 112 000 Planetfall Meeting Trianna


Planetfall: Meeting Trianna

Journal Entry 112 / 01023

Noren, Lothess 15, 01023

I met her in one of those usual ways you meet people on larger starships,
at least those starships that are mission oriented as opposed to
tourist-oriented, the latter being the setting for more romantic meetings
by poolsides, dining rooms, and the like. Although I was assured once
by a close friend that the most romantic place onboard such ships is
the arcade.

Rianna Tazal and I spent what I would call a tense afternoon together. I
tried a couple of times to get her to talk to me, to socialize, but never
once did she give me a word that was not related to the task at hand--
tracking down a flutter in the RSRD sensor array. Forget the acronym;
it makes it sound technical, I know, but "RSRD" stands for Run Silent,
Run Deep, and refers to the inability of ships in normal space to detect
ships traveling at light-speed.

She was small, even for a Ssphynx; her horizontal half I placed at almost
exactly two meters long, her vertical the same. I was surprised at how
long the fur on her face grew, giving her a 'fluffy' look. For the most
part, her fur was a light grey, shot through with gold in places along
the back of her head and neck, and again further down her body along her
rear flanks and haunches. She wore the standard ship's uniform jacket
of white with blue striping. The oddest thing about her were a pair of
enormous square-frame eye lenses that sat across her muzzle with a wire
bar and didn't seem to have any other means of support; a seemingly
precarious balance of glass that threatened at any moment to slip to
the floor and shatter into a million pieces.

It was so frustrating to work with her! I can't stand silent people,
who won't at least be a little social even when going about their
duties. This was reticence above and beyond the call of duty.

It didn't help that she smelled good.

After my shift was over and I was assured, at least to myself, that even
if I hadn't tracked down the current flutter that it wouldn't affect
our mission for the next thirty hours, I decided to see if I could
track down Kathy or Amanda. Lance told me I could find both of them in
Gardentop, a lounge located top-floor, amidships. The doors parted for
me and I stepped into a loud and bustling room filled with the usual mix
of Pendorian species. Still, Centaurs are hard to miss, and counting my
way across the room I found Amanda. Kathy was easy find after that; she
was sitting at the same table. "Hoya, ladies. Am I interrupting anything?"

"Not really," Kathy said, smiling up at me. I watched her lips form the
word "Master," quietly, so I leaned over and gave her a quick peck on
the cheek.

"I take it I can take a seat then?"

"Of course," Amanda said.

"You're looking good, Amanda," I replied. "I see your hair is purple

"Pastel purple," she said pointedly, smiling. "Yep. It's growing back
pretty quickly, too." She reached out to wrap her hand around my arm,
grabbing my attention equally well. "I still haven't thanked you for
what you did."

"Yes you have. You came on the mission. I didn't want anything else."

"You wanted a healthy Amanda Ohadi for your mission. Not me."

I shrugged, turning my hand over and opening my palm, a gesture of
helplessness. "I take what I can. I'm just so glad you're still alive,
Amanda," I said, ordering something on the keypad in the center of the
table. A few seconds passed before it materialized on the SDisk in front
of me. "Anyway, I came to ask you two lovely ladies about someone else. Do
either of you know Rianna Tazal?"

Kathy looked thoughtful for a second. "I know her. She's a power
specialist trainee, ensign level, second shift ops."

"What can you tell me about her?" I asked.

"Not much," Kathy replied, leaning over closely. "She keeps to herself a
lot, doesn't talk much, doesn't ask for much attention. I tried to get
her to come out, to go to a weekly or something, but she just stays in
her cabin, as far as I know."

I grimaced, praying quietly that she wasn't a biocyer. "Nothing much
else you can do for me?"

"Why are you interested in her?" Kathy asked suddenly.

"Because I spent the day with her down in sensory battery four. And that
has to be one of the more frustrating things I've done since coming
on board. She wouldn't talk to me... it was like being in a room with
a robot, and a dull one at that. Malfunctioning and murdering ones at
least make a good attempt at some kind of social intercourse."

Amanda, at least, found that amusing enough to give me a small smile.
"Another Shardik charity case?" she asked, still touching my arm.

"She might be," I shot back, grinning. I turned my attention to the
display screen on the table, asking for the service records on Sf. Rianna
Tazal. I whistled low as the data appeared. "Do you know she's only 32?"

"Thirty-two what?" Amanda asked.

"Years old. What is someone that young doing on a starship? Doesn't she
realize she's spending one quarter of her life on board this ship? One
third of her equivalent time alive? My fah," I said, ignoring the
self-reference, "That's ridiculous."

Kathy looked down at the data screen. "You're right... that is kinda
strange. I don't know what to make of it."

"She made it through academy training."

"At a very early age, too," Kathy said, examining Rianna's record closely.
"She's very beautiful," Kathy said, looking over the visual recordings.

"That she is; she smells really good, too," I said, smiling. "That was
one of the things that drove me crazy all afternoon."

"Sounds about right for you, Ken," Kathy said.

We settled back into our respective chairs, and then Kathy said, "So...
after nine months, how is space travel sitting with you and yours?"

I laughed. "P'nyssa loves having a boring job. At least, that's what
she says, and I believe her. After all the unusual cases coming to her
at Cutter's, I'm willing to bet she's honestly relieved to deal with
plain old broken bones and bruised whatsits. Aaden's going a little stir
crazy... hey, that reminds me. Do you want to throw a party?"

"What kind of party?" Kathy said, suspicion and lust creeping into
her voice.

"That kind of party," I replied. "The kind where you spend most of your
evening at my feet... on a leash... gagged and blindfolded, even?"

Kathy's smile went from ear to ear. Unabashedly and without reservation
she fell out of her chair to the floor at my feet, placed her head in
my lap and said, "Sir, I would love to be yours for such an event."

"Sounds to me like we've got a deal," I said, lifting her chin and staring
into her eyes before leaning over to give her a very possessive kiss. I
reached behind her neck and stroked the clasp to her silver chain, but
I did not undo it. "I think I'll leave you with that, though, for now."

She pouted. "Pouts get you whipped, dear Kathy," I laughed. She pouted
more. I laughed louder, and then said "Okay, enough. Back into your seat
and behave. What if someone on your staff saw you?"

"I'm sure someone on her staff did," Amanda said. "I'm on her staff,
after all."

"You're different," Kathy replied.

"Am I?" Amanda asked. "I don't understand what happened between you two,
and I've known you two for nearly half a millennium."

"Has it really been that long?" I asked.

"I think so," Kathy asked. "Our first scene was in '423, wasn't it?"

"You're right... It's over six hundred years. And I met you a century
later," I said, pointing to Amanda. "Wow."

"Feeling old, Ken?"

"No, no... feeling young, if anything. It's amazing just how refreshing
you two are to me."

"So... are you going to throw that party?" Kathy asked.

"Yep," I said. A plan was forming in the back of my mind.


I walked over to the single crew quarters and found Miss Tazal's down
along the third spineway. Paging the doorchime, I heard the unfamiliar and
static 'chime' sound, which at first intrigued me; most people customized
that chime when they had a chance, using some other soundfile. Then I
heard a voice over the panel intercom. "Who is it?"

"It's Kennet Shardik, Miss Tazal. May I come in?"

Silence. What kind of silence, I have no idea. She was still on the
other side of the door. "Yes," she finally said, "Come in." Even over
the intercom she sounded nervous. The door opened.

Her apartment was laid out comfortably, but the first thing that struck
me was the total lack of any furniture for humanoids. That told me one
of two things... either she was species supremacist, which seemed damned
unlikely considering Academy review policies... or she had guests. Ever.

She was nowhere to be seen; a minute passed before she stepped out of the
bedroom wearing a purple-lame' robe tied briefly about her waist. "What
can I do for you, sir?"

"You can drop the 'sir,' for one thing, Miss Tazal. This is a social

I had expected the announcement to make her feel at ease; after all,
I was a superior officer, and we had worked together recently, so my
carrying bad news was always possible. Instead, the opposite happened. She
stood stock still for a second, then began to fidget nervously. "A
social visit?"

"Yeah," I said, not sure myself where to go with this conversation, other
than to bluster through with my original plan. "I'm throwing a party in
three days. Commander Hawkwind and I will be the hosts, although we wish
you to understand that Miss Hawkwind will be in her regular position
of comfort where I am concerned." I smiled to myself at that wording.
"Anyway, Kathy and I would like you to attend."

Rianna blinked. "Uhm... I don't know."

"Why not?" I asked. "May I have a seat?"

"Huh? Oh, sure... Sorry there's no human furniture." I immediately decided
that Miss Tazal was not a supremacist of any kind. I wondered about her,
whether I should feel sad for her or not. I took a seat on one of the
elongated 'taur benches. "I don't think I will."

"Why not?" I asked again, this time to a different statement. "It'll be
fun. You can dress up and socialize."

"I don't like to socialize," she muttered, turning away to wander into
her kitchen space. "I won't have a good time."

"You can't stay in your cabin for an entire four years, Rianna."

"Why not?" she asked angrily as she opened her cooler. "It's Tria,
by the way."


"Standard Felinzi construct, Father. Teh-Rianna. I prefer Trianna or
just Tria."

"Trianna's pretty. May I call you that?"

She shrugged again. "I suppose. Probably the only pretty thing on me."

"That's ridiculous," I said. "You're quite beautiful."

"I am not," she growled loudly. "I'm a feline... lost in the crowd on
this ship. Nothing special there. I'm a Ssphynx, a 'taur... if I were
male I'd have no problem, there are hundreds of people out there who
like big penises. But I'm not male, and the few male Ssphynxes on board,
well... None of them really interest me, or seem interested in me. And a
humanoid-- " she looked back along the length of her more animal half and
sighed. "I bet you just take one look at me and you wonder where to begin.
Probably afraid I'm so big you'll fall out or something. And I'm fat."

"Is that why you hide behind glasses when you're on duty?"

"Those things?" She laughed darkly. "No, those are my PADD."

"Oh!" I said, hitting myself on the head with the palm of my hand. "Stupid
me. You get your data that way?" I asked. She nodded. "Old- fashioned,
aren't you?"

"I like them that way." Still, in the back of my mind I thought that
they made a good excuse for her to wear some sort of mask.

"Trianna... I'm interested in you." She looked back at me quizzically.
"No, really," I said. "I think you're very beautiful, and if you don't
take MY word for it, who are you going to trust?"

She looked up at me suddenly, a small stream of milk dripping off one
corner of her mouth. "You mean that?"

"I mean that," I said assuredly. "I want you to come to this party. It's
not going to be Alanailen, really, but Kathy will be spending it on
her knees."

Trianna nodded silently. "Father..."

"Trianna... call me Ken. Please. I don't want to spend the duration of
this voyage being fawned over by people who are probably ten or even
thirty generations removed from me."

"Is thirty generations possible?" she asked.


"I have a limited database, I'm afraid," Lance replied. "I only possess
the direct genealogical records of crew members, rather than Halloran
Eldar's prodigious memory. The greatest genealogical depth on board is
sixteen, Ken."

"And Trianna's?"

"Trianna has a maximum depth of seven, and a minimum of two."

"Two?" I asked.

"Yes. Trianna's father's mother is a Tleil."

"Wow," I said, turning back to Trianna. "Okay, so you're not that far
removed from me," I apologized, smiling. "Still doesn't mean you should
fall on your knees for me. So... Are you coming to the party?"

She nodded slowly. "I guess."

"You guess?"

"I still don't think I'm going to be very interested, or have anyone
chase after me."

I sighed. "Trianna, just come to the party. I think you'll have a
good time."

She nodded, finally. "Okay. I'll be there."


I requisitioned the Viewport recreation area and the unsambo across
the hall. The second was converted into a dungeon. That was motif for
the night; I honestly hadn't expected for anyone to actually use any of
the hardware; the only Alanailen I knew on board of any strength were
Aaden, Kathy and I. So rather than a "real" dungeon space, I'd taken
the hardware Aaden had brought with him and made it... silly. Big steel
manacles where I normally use leather or naylon, things like that.

As the party wound down, it became more and more obvious to me that those
still hanging around were actually intrigued by the equipment that I had
arranged in the darkened dungeon and party area. "What is this for?" and
"You don't really use that on people, do you?" For all the times I said
'no' to a question, there was another question to which I had to say

For some reason, I enjoy this part of the evening. I enjoy being an
educator, but I've always known that; I also teach classes onboard ship
in my spare time.

Trianna hovered uncomfortably on the edge of the party, looking like she
might break at any second. I wasn't surprised when I looked up one time
and she was gone. I didn't see her again for the rest of the evening. She
had retreated.


I sighed after a long day of teaching duties, tossing my PADD onto one
of two couches in the living room, settled down on the couch opposite
and said "Lance, I'd like an iced cinnamon tea."

There was barely a pause when the drink appeared at on the table closest
to my right hand. "Thank you," I said.

"Commander?" Lance asked, interrupting my attempted lack of train of
thought. "There's a request for your attention on my queue."

"From who?"

"Ensign Rianna Tazal."

That made me open my eyes and look up. "Really?"

"I do not lie deliberately, sir."

"I know that. Is she home?"

"She is in her cabin, yes. The request states that she would like to
visit you in yours."

"Then, by all means, tell her she's welcome to come over anytime she
wants to."

"She is already on her way."

I waited quietly for her to arrive, sipping my tea thoughtfully. I told
Lance to let her in as soon as she got here, so I wasn't surprised when
the door opened and she padded in quietly on her four catfeet. "Hello,

She was nervously silent for a few moment, looking around my cabin and
collecting her thoughts. "Take a seat on the couch. Go ahead, it won't
bite you."

She nodded quickly and accepted the couch I had offered, brushing my PADD
aside as she did so. "So," I said. "What brings you here? You disappeared
from the party last week so quickly."

"Ken..." she began, swallowing nervously. "If I tell you something,
do you promise not to laugh?"

I thought about it. "I promise to try not to."

She nodded and began. "When I was sixteen years old, I moved out of my
house like I was expected to. But I found that I really couldn't do
anything; I always felt sort of... lost. I always felt that, without
some kind of structure around me that I was wasting my energy just
making decisions.

"I went to university instead; I took up fusion technologies as a
vocational credit, along with a physics major. And that really worked;
for a long time I knew where I had to be a certain time, I knew what I was
going to eat because the cafeteria released their schedules in advance,
and I knew when I had to sleep. I knew exactly what I had to produce,
and I did that well."

She sighed softly. "Then I joined the Fleet. Because I had figured out
what I was-- I was an institutional person. I worked well only when I
was part of the organization. And my decision to be that has worked for
me all the time; I've always been happy in the Fleet, knowing what it
is I have to do, where I have to apply myself, things like that."

"That explains a few things," I said.

"Explains? What do you mean?"

"Kathy and I looked at your public records; I was surprised to see that
you joined the fleet so young. Now I understand why. You're intelligent
enough to understand what you need, and when you figured that part out,
you went for it full-out."

She nodded.

"There's a 'but' here," I observed.

She nodded again.

There was a long silence between us, and I finally decided to take the
tack I'd been avoiding using. "Trianna, tell me about it."

"Socializing." The word came out as a blurt, almost one single noise
rather than an intelligent word. "It's one of those things not even the
Fleet regiments-- it's so fluid and uncertain. I can't do it."

"Like at the party?"

She nodded. "You saw my cabin, and I saw the look on your face. I never
have friends over because I don't have any friends. You heard me rant
and rave about how unattractive I think I am, and no matter how many
times I tell myself that other people disagree with that thought, I'm
sure I'm lying to myself.

"Ken, I want the freedom to be out; I want to feel free to walk around.
But I can't... I'm so afraid to." She stopped to collect her thoughts. "I
can't even believe I'm here talking to you like this."

She slipped off the couch and knelt down completely on the floor, her
belly pressed to it. Like that, she crawled the short distance over to me
and reached her hands out. Bewildered, I took them in mine. "Ken... " She
laughed nervously. "I'm calling you that because I want to talk to you,
not to something other people think you are. I have to keep reminding
myself of what I'm here for." She closed her eyes and clenched her hands,

"What?" I asked.

"I need a protector. I need someone who'll make me feel safe enough to
face the rest of the world. I need a... what do you call it at Rhysh?" She
paused for a moment, then blurted out "I want a... a master."

I suddenly realized what she was driving at. And I realized, too, that
she had the right concept, but the wrong definition. I smiled and said
"Not exactly."

"Huh?" she asked.

"Trianna, you don't want a master. You're not equipped, really, to be a
slave. At least, not in the long run. What you want, Trianna, is properly
called a daddy. And I know just the person to be your daddy."


"So you want to be my little girl?" Kathy asked quietly, looking at
Trianna as she knelt on the carpet.

"Yes, Daddy," Trianna responded as I had told her to. Kathy flashed me
a wide and soft smile.

"Then come here, child," Kathy responded. I sat in a chair opposite
where they were talking, watching quietly. Trianna padded over slowly to
Kathy and knelt down again. "Put your head in my lap." Trianna obeyed,

"Tria, tell me what my little girl wants from her Daddy."

"I want Daddy to protect me. To tell me right from wrong, to decide for
me who's good for me and who's bad for me. To teach me how to decided
those things for myself. I want you to play with me when I'm good,
and to punish me when I'm bad."

"Do you want your Daddy to love you?" Kathy asked, concerned.

"Only if Daddy wants to. I want to be loved, but if Daddy doesn't love
me I'll understand."

Kathy nodded, still looking none-to-reassured. "Trianna, you see that
door over there?" she said, pointing towards my bedroom. "Go wait in
there, would you?"

Trianna looked up, her eyes wide and wet. Kathy cooed softly, "Daddy
will call you when we're done talking. Okay?"

Trianna nodded, rising and walking back to the bedroom as Kathy had
ordered. When the door closed behind her, I looked back at Kathy. "What
do you think?"

In a voice I found surprisingly lustful, Kathy said "I want her."

Bemused, I replied "She wants you."

"What do you think?" Kathy asked, returning my query.

"I think that, if you want her, you've got a tough job ahead of you. She
said 'I want to grow up.' Well, not in so many words, but that was one
of the implications. She wants you to help her. That's unusual in Daddy
relationships between women, you know."

Kathy shook her head. "I've been a slave, I've been a top, I've been
a sadist, I've been a masochist. I've never really had to look into
being a Master or a Daddy. I mean, sure, I went to a class on it once,
but that was a long time ago in a castle far, far away, and that was
just out of curiosity."

I thought about it for a long time. "She's willing to take punishment
if you feel it's necessary."

"I'm sure it will be," Kathy smiled. "And if she turns out to have a
serious streak of masochism in her, well..."

"Yeah," I smiled, "I know. So..." I said quietly.

Kathy stood up and walked over to the SDisk delivery cabinet. "Lance,
you know the niobium steel link chain in my office, the one with the
lock? Can you send that one to me, or a replica?"

"The original will be easier."

"I'd like it, please." She turned around to show me a very traditional
light chain collar gleaming with a strange, blue reflective light. "Do
you think she'll like it?"

"I think she'll love it."

"Trianna!" Kathy shouted aloud suddenly. "Come here!"

The Ssphynx padded out quietly, her head bowed and silent. "Y- yes?" she
asked nervously.

"How do you address me, child?" Kathy warned.

"Yes, Mistress?" Trianna tried, even more nervously.

"Try again."

"Yes, Daddy?" Trianna said.

Kathy grinned. "Very good. Now look up; you're my child, you're supposed
to be proud of that fact. Take a deep breath, straighten up. Good girl.
Now I want you to answer some questions very carefully. I want you to
think about them. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Daddy!" Trianna said, the joy in her voice unmistakable.

"Good. Now, these shouldn't be that hard. Trianna, we're sort of going
to play this fifty-fifty. You're going to be my little girl, but I'm
going to sometimes be your Mistress too. Do you understand that? You
will always call me 'Daddy' in private, but our relationship is going
to be more than that. Can you handle that?"

"I think so. I don't know."

"Good answer," Kathy admitted. "Trianna, have you ever had sex with a
female before?"

There wasn't a moment's pause before the Ssphynx admitted "I've never
had sex with anyone before."

That made me sit up straight. Kathy, too. "How about masturbation?"

Trianna smiled. "I've done that, a lot."

Kathy laughed softly. "You really are a lost child, aren't you? Okay,
Tria, do you think you could have sex with a fem?"

Trianna nodded slowly.

"Trianna, if I ordered you to do something you didn't want to do, what
would happen?"

"Something I would call safeword on, or just something icky?"

Kathy shot me another smile. "Good answer again," Kathy said again. She
reached into the pocket of her uniform jacket and pulled out the chain.
"Stand still, Trianna."

Kathy slowly put the chain around the beautiful Ssphynx's neck and locked
it in place. Then Trianna slumped forward, every muscle in her body
seemingly giving way for her to fall forward against Kathy. Kathy caught
her, but only just in time to lose her own balance and fall back onto the
couch. Trianna followed Kathy's fall and ended up with her head in Kathy's
lap. "Trianna!" Kathy said as soon as she had a breath to say it with.

"I'm still here," Trianna replied softly. She cried as she said it.

"Are you okay?"

"Oh, Daddy... I'm so glad you decided to take me in!" Trianna said,
still crying where she lay with her head in Kathy's lap. "Thank you,
Daddy, thank you."

Kathy petted Trianna's head lovingly. "It's what you wanted, child. You
belong to me now, Trianna."

"I know," Trianna breathed. "Thank you, Daddy."

Kathy squirmed softly in her seat. I recognized that gesture. "Trianna,
look at me."

Trianna looked up at Kathy. "Trianna, unclasp my pants."

Trianna reached down and fumbled with Kathy's uniform, figuring out the
clasp that held the pants shut and opening it up. "Now take them off."
Trianna grasped them by the waistband, slowly peeling them off. Kathy
pulled her own shirt off.

For me, the most immediate effect of all this was an erection; Kathy is
still a very beautiful woman, with long, blonde hair and large breasts,
a narrow waist but comfortable hips. Sitting naked as she was and giving
this equally lovely Ssphynx orders was more than one man should be asked
to bear; I was glad I was still fully clothed.

"Kiss me, right... here." Kathy pointed to a spot on her inner thigh
about halfway along its length. Trianna slowly bent down and followed the
instruction perfectly. "Now, closer up," Kathy ordered. Trianna obeyed.
"Closer still."

Kathy leaned back against the couch, spreading her legs wider. "Trianna...
kiss my mound."

Trianna bent down slowly and kissed Kathy's thick patch of fine, blonde pubic curls. Kathy cooed softly, petting Tria's head with one hand. "Good
girl," Kathy said, "good girl. Now kiss me again, a little harder."

Trianna obeyed again, pressing her muzzle against Kathy's mound and
licking delicately. "That's it," Kathy said, "stay there. Lick me again,

Trianna's soft cattongue touched Kathy's mound again, and as I watched
I could see Kathy's lips fill out slowly; watching that happen to her
was one of the most fascinating things I'd ever had the pleasure of
learning about her. Trianna's licking was certainly encouraging that
response from her. "Trianna," Kathy said, "Use your hands to hold my
lips open." She obeyed, each of her hands resting on Kathy's thighs and
parting her outer labia. "Now look," Kathy said.

Trianna pulled her head back slowly. "Trianna," Kathy began, "what do
you see?"

"I see your... your... "

"You can call it my cunt, my vulva, my pussy, my cunny, whatever you

"Your cunny," Trianna said.

Kathy laughed playfully. "Do you think it's pretty?"

"Daddy, I think your cunny is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

"Really?" Kathy asked, smiling. "Child, I think your eyes are the most
beautiful thing I've ever seen. What else do you see there?"

"There's this... thing there. Like around my neck. You have a lock on
your lips, Daddy."

"Do you know who put that there?"

"Yes, Daddy. Ken did."

"Very good," Kathy said softly. She reached around her neck and unclasped
the necklace of silver she wore. At the other end was a key. "Trianna,
this is the key for that lock. As my little girl, you're going to carry
it everywhere along with your collar, and when I need it, you're going
to bring it to me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Daddy," Trianna said seriously.

"Trianna... lick your Daddy clean. Unlock me and lick me. And don't stop
until I tell you to."

Trianna nodded. Fumbling slightly, she slid the lock out from the two
small metal inserts in Kathy's flesh that kept the piercing holes open,
opening Kathy vaginal passage completely to her access. I wondered why
Kathy had done that; the lock was low on her inner labia and didn't
block access to her clitoris or urethra at all. I decided that Kathy
was relying on the symbolism of it.

Trianna put the lock on the couch cushion next to Kathy and bent down
again. From where I sat I could see her tail flicking back and forth at
high speed, the tip oscillating with nervous energy. I wondered if it
moved in time with her tongue.

Kathy's hands were on her breasts as she played with her nipples,
Trianna's muzzle buried between her legs. Her body shuddered and shook
with every orgasm that racked her body, until finally she said "Enough,
Trianna! That's enough!"

Trianna backed away suddenly, looking concerned. She also looked silly,
with Kathy's juices dripping gently from her muzzle. I managed to control
my laughter.

Kathy slid off the couch until she was kneeling in front of Trianna. She
slid her arms around the big cat'taur and hugged her, kissing her muzzle
softly and holding her. "You did such a nice thing for your Daddy,"
Kathy said softly, "I don't know what I can do for you in return."

Trianna leaned down and whispered something into Kathy's ear. I wondered
what it was, because Kathy's eyes closed for a second, then she nodded;
it looked as if Kathy was about to cry this time. "Go, child," I heard
Kathy whisper to Trianna. "I'll catch up with you in a moment."

Trianna nodded, rose slowly and left. There was wonderful spring to her
step that I had no questions about.

Kathy grabbed the lock in her hand and crawled over to me to put her
head in my lap. I suddenly realized what role I had taken on in this
whole thing, even before she said "Damn you, Sir."

I stroked her hair softly, caressing her as it cascaded down her back.
"What did I do this time, Katherine?"

"I think I've lost my heart, Ken," Kathy said. "She's so... beautiful,
so perfect, so wanting and innocent."

I closed my eyes in my own, momentary pain. "I'm sorry, Kathy."

"Don't apologize," she said, barely above a whisper. "There's nothing for
you to apologize for, Ken. I always wanted someone who I could understand
the way you understood me. I do, with her, I think. She frightens me
with her need, though. It's so strong."

"So was yours," I said, looking down at her. "You'll be okay with her. I
was only a beginning, Kathy; you've learned a lot from your equals,
even me."

Kathy laughed softly. "I know." She stood up from the floor, and then
sat down in my lap, wrapping her arms around me. "Aaden and P'nyssa are
so lucky. I love you, Ken."

I held her close. "Don't forget how lucky I am to have them, Kathy. I
love you, too, y'know. Now then, what did Trianna ask for?"

"She wants to sleep at the foot of my bed."

"Are you going to let her?"


I gave Kathy a brief hug in response. "Good luck, Kathy. Take very good
care of her; you've got a fragile young girl depending on you for nearly
everything. Don't abuse that."

"Do you think I should see Chief Psychologist M'Vahn about this?" Kathy

I pondered. "Yes," I said finally. "You're fulfilling a powerful and
purposeful maturation role in Trianna's life, but I definitely think
you want someone not attached to the situation to give you suggestions.
Especially here."

Kathy nodded. She stood up slowly, groaning softly as she did so. "I
need sleep."

"What about Trianna?"

"I'll have to find her and we'll have to talk more. As adult to adult."

I nodded. She dressed quickly as I watched, then walked towards the door.
As it opened I stopped her. "Kathy!"

She turned. "Kathy," I continued, "You're not just a top all the time. You
started out as a bottom, and you return there once in a while. Like just
a few minutes ago. When the time comes again, do you think you could
bottom to Trianna?"

Kathy bit her lip softly. I continued, "When the time comes, Kathy,
do you think Trianna could make a good top?"

Kathy smiled. "To that one, I can answer a definite 'yes.' Which means,
logically, that I can answer 'yes' to the first question too."

"That's all, Kathy."

"Yes, sir!" she said, half seriously, half mockingly. "Goodnight, Ken."

"Bye, love. See you tomorrow."


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