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Journal Entry 01025 212 000 Planetfall Treed


Planetfall: Treed

Journal Entry 212 / 01025

Seren, Narquel 01, 01025

"Catch!" I said, flinging the frisbee about as far as I could. I
miscalculated my strength at the same time the wind caught it on the
underside, and between those two forces the spinning disk went a lot
further than I had intended. It flew high into the air, well over
Trianna's flailing attempt to jump and catch it.

"Oh, no!" I said as it soared into a tree, bounced among some branches,
and became firmly lodged in a crook. "I'm sorry, Trianna!"

"I'll get it!" she said. I cast a puzzled glance to Kathy, who help up
her hands in an 'I-don't-know' gesture, and then turned back to watch
Trianna dig in with all four sets of claws and, with her arms, haul
herself into the tree.

"Wow," I said. "I've never seen a Ssphynx climb a tree before."

"Neither have I," Kathy said. "Apparently, she's pretty good at it."

Trianna scrambled up the tree, planting and drawing one foot at a time,
using her hands to guide her and haul her forelegs to good spots to plant
claws. I shook my head, amazed at the sheer power. "You know, Kathy,
between you and Aaden you've turned her into a very tough little girl."

"Aaden takes most of the credit for that," she said. "But it has been
working. The nice thing is that Aaden did for her what he did for me--
draw up a workout that makes her strong but doesn't affect her curves. She
still looks and feels soft, but if you squeeze just a little you can
really feel the mettle underneath." She smiled approvingly. "She still
steals my heart."

"Mine too," I admitted.

"Got it!" Trianna's voice shouted from somewhere deep within the massive
tree. "Here it comes!" Just as she said that, the blue disk came flying
out of the branches like a bullet, sending leaves scattering. It flew
far out into the slightly muddy field and landed.

Kathy and I waited for her to come down, but there was silence. "Trianna?"
Kathy said.

"Daddy?" her voice came from the tree again, calling Kathy by the name
she was assigned, "I can't get down."

"Why not?"

"I'm scared!"

At once a-giggle and concerned, I looked up into the tree. She had her
claws wrapped securely around a very thick branch and her arms around
another. "Trianna, honey," Kathy said, "Didn't you think about getting
down before you started climbing up there?"

"I didn't think it would be so high, Daddy!" she replied. "It's so far
down and I can't see what my feet are doing!"

"Cats," I swore with a smile.

Kathy nodded. "One of us has to go up there and help her down," she
pointed out. "I'm not a very good climber."

"The last time I climbed up a tree I nearly broke my foot," I replied.
"But, that was because it was dark and I couldn't see my way down." I
sighed, looking up the dense barrel of the tree's main trunk. "Okay,
Trianna, I'm coming up to save you."

"Okay," she said. Her voice conveyed a tone of absolute misery. She was
mortified. That was fair.

I reached high up for the first handhold, a knot sticking out of the
trunk, and pulled my weight into the first of the lower branches. Trianna
was about six meters up, a respectable distance for anyone. I climbed
a little higher and pulled on branches to make sure they would take my
weight, then climbed up further. Finally, my head poked up next to the
branch where her left rear leg held tight to some peeling bark, and I
tapped her on her foot. "Hi."

"Hi. Are you gonna get me down?"

"Just a minute, Tria. I need to get secure." Looking down to double-check
my footing, I eased my way along the branch until I reached her front.
"How are you doing, sweetheart?"

"I'm scared. I tried to get down, but I took a step back and I couldn't
tell where I was stepping. I didn't know what to do!"

"Okay, okay," I said, breathing hard to catch my breath. "You're safe
where you are right now." I held up my hands to point to spots she
couldn't see behind her. "What we're going to do is ease you down by
telling you where to step. You have to trust me, Tria. Can you do that?"

"Yes... Yes sir."

"Good," I smiled.

"Ken?" Kathy shouted from down below.


"Since she's gotten herself into trouble, she's going to need punishment,
you know. Why don't you give her something to look forward to before
you start easing her down?"

"What?" I asked.

"Oh, I don't know. It's a lovely sunny day, you've got a beautiful fem
completely and safely restrained by her own fear... I imagine you can
come up with something."

"No..." Trianna moaned. "Not fair."

"Aww," I said, touching the side of her face and petting my way down
her throat. "You wouldn't be calling safeword, would you?"

"Uhm... no," she whimpered.

"Good," I said. This was actually going to be a little harder than
it looked. I crawled back along the branch slowly, until I was at
her lovely rump. Her fluffy tail, slightly covered with mud from the
field, flickered back and forth nervously. Underneath it her vulva was
plainly visible and slightly puffy from exertion, fear, and now a little
arousal. I touched her there gently with one fingertip. "Pretty."

"Ken!" she moaned.

"Something wrong?" I asked.

"No," she assured me. "I was just... surprised."

I chuckled. "You'll get more surprises in a little bit." I was getting
confident at crawling around up here, enough so that I climbed back to
where I could see Trianna's face. Her eyes were closed. I touched her
gently and they flickered open. "Whatcha gonna do?"

"Oh, I don't know, Trianna. You seem to like it when we make love, I
thought I'd do that to... relax you before we start the descent." She
smiled. "Would you like that?" She nodded. "Are you afraid of falling?" I

"Not if I don't move. I know I'm dug in deep."

"Just don't slip and claw me, sweetheart," I said. My hand slid under her
cute, oversized T-shirt (image: a pair of atoms and all the interatomic
forces between them illustrated as multicolored vectors; logo: "Certain
forms of bondage have a place in the universe." Obviously one of Kathy's)
and slid over her small, soft breasts. She closed her eyes and purred
softly; as my palm pressed against her furred flesh I felt her nipple
harden. "Very lovely," I whispered to her, kissing her cheek. I clambered
back over the tree limbs until I was again behind her, only my feet were
perched on the same branch she was using as a grip.

I reached out and started scratching her upper back, trying to relax her
and gently bring her down so she would be more ready to enjoy this rather
than worrying about the upcoming descent from the tree. I scratched down
to her interspinal joint, then down her animal back. The Ssphynxes,
half-human, half-feline, are one of the most lovely creations I've
ever wrought, and Trianna was an especially lovely-- and emotionally
vulnerable-- rendition of that creation. I kissed her rump softly and
she purred in response. I dropped down to a lower branch, the one that
easily put my head in reach of her pouting vulva again, and kissed her
glistening lips. The murring, motoring sound that emanated from deep
within her chests filled the sunlit space around us.

I looked down to give Kathy a thumbs up as she watched, then craned my
neck and buried my face between Trianna's rearlegs, sliding my tongue
up into her cunny and kissing her sweet clitoris covered with her
juices. The taste was indescribably lovely... the efforts of exercise
today had changed the scent of her juices, made them heavier and sharper;
the taste of her cunt made my heart pound and my face hotter as I licked
and teased her cunt with lips and tongue. She was moaning, and sometimes
I heard the shaking of leaves as her arms shook and shuddered. She dared
not move otherwise, and I enjoyed the battle between her self-control
and her desire to let go. I kissed her between her furred haunches,
licking my way up and down her outer lips before plunging back between
them and into her warmer, hidden flesh. She moaned louder and louder,
letting loose little "Unh, unh, unh," gasps as I pressed my tongue hard
against her little white nub until finally she let out a long, throaty
groan of ecstasy, her body quaking violently.

I took just a moment to shuck my shorts and slide up behind her, my
erect cock more than ready to probe her sweet cunt. I didn't even give
her warning, just aimed and pressed. "Wha...? Oh, yes..." was how she
greeted that, and I smiled as I slid all the way into her and my hips
came down against her haunches.

"You don't mind?"

"Not if this is my punishment, sir!" she replied.

I grinned, and my grin grew wider as from down below Kathy shouted,
"If you're enjoying this too much, child, I'm sure I can think of some
devilish tortures for you to endure upon your return to solid ground,

"Oh, no, Daddy. I'm not enjoying this at all!" Trianna replied, tossing
her hair and flashing me a very wide grin. I grinned right back, checking
my balance on the two stiff boughs that I stood upon before grasping her
right about her rear pelvis and beginning a steady, thumping thrust into
her. Her purring returned as I made love to her sweet body; as far as I
knew, I was the only man to have ever done so, and that fact made more
excited than I would have been under other circumstances.

Her cunt was very wet and gave no resistance to my thrusts, but she
was also very tight and her grip on my shaft drove me to distraction. I
shivered as I made love to her, thrusting into her sweet and trembling
body. She tossed her head slowly back and forth, her eyes closed and
her fingers reflexively opening and closing against the bark of the tree.

I concentrated on what I was doing, pushing in and out of her with long,
measured thrusts, pulling almost all the way out until my cockhead was
visible beneath the gripping pink of her cunny, then thrusting in until
my crotch was pressed hard against her haunches. Her tail flickered
back-and-forth in time to my in-and- out, and as I pushed and pulled
I enjoyed loving Trianna. And when I came, I leaned my head back and
shouted my happiness to the blue and beautiful sky.

As my cock slowly shrunk and dripped out of her, she giggled and sighed
at the same time. "You're so nice to me, Ken."

"It's part of the job of being your 'Uncle,' child," I said, adopting
Kathy's title for her momentarily. I kissed her on the chin as I grabbed
my shorts from the branch I had lain them over and pulled them on. "Now,
then, time to get you down from here."

"Okay..." she said. "How?"

I slid up behind her. "Take a step back and to your right. You should
feel a branch... right. Grab. Okay..."

It took about ten minutes before I told her to "Just jump!" She did with
an easy, twisting motion that revealed her feline heritage. I followed
her down, being careful. "Not bad," Kathy said, twirling the frisbee
around a finger of her right hand. "A wonderful show, you two."

"Thank you, Daddy," Trianna replied politely. "Is there more?"

"No, I think that'll be all. But if you get into a tree you can't escape
from again, my punishment won't be so nice."

"Yes, Daddy." Trianna sounded honestly apologetic, which was good because
despite the fun, if her situation had been more precarious, she could
have gotten very hurt, and both Kathy and I are quite protective of her.

"Good," Kathy said. "Now that our afternoon is fading fast and you two
have had all the fun, Trianna, there is a little more punishment in
store for you."

"Daddy?" she asked, her tone worried.

"You'll have to cook dinner."

"I can do that!" Trianna smiled.

Kathy leaned over and said, "She's become quite the cook." Then she
turned and said, "Okay, both of you. Let's head back over the hill and
into camp." The three of us trudged away from Trianna's tree.


The Journal Entries of Kennet R'yal Shardik, et. al., and Related Tales
are Copyright (c) 1989-2000 Elf Mathieu Sternberg. Distribution limited
to electronic media not-for-profit use only. All other rights are reserved
to the author.


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