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Journal Entry 01027 242 000 Planetfall Anniversaries


Planetfall: Anniversaries

Journal Entry 242 / 01027

Seren, Narquel 31, 01027

Lindsay and Olivia had managed to corner me for the evening. Not that
I object to be cornered by two such sweet and wonderful fems. On the
other hand, I'm not quite so sure how I'm supposed to feel about them
demanding that I cook dinner. "It's your cheesecake I'm after," Olivia
had said when asking.

I laughed and agreed. "Okay, then. Butter, cream cheese, almonds... you've
asked for it. If you can't walk when I'm done, that's not my fault."

"Deal!" she had said.

So here I am, in her kitchen, trying to get everything done at once. I
watched the convection oven, the range, the microwave oven. I didn't even
notice that Lindsay had Maia in her arms until I looked up to watch her
close the flap on her feeding blouse. "Hey, it's my favorite little one,"
I said, looking up. "How's she doing?"

"Well, that's why we asked you here," Lindsay said. "It's her birthday."

I looked at my watch. "Waitasec. She was born on the 27th of Nenim. It's
now only the 28th of Narcwel." I paused, then hit myself in the forehead
with an open palm. "I forgot about time dilation! I almost didn't notice
we have 45-hour days on board. She's a year old now?"

"As of today." Lindsay's unique muzzle spread in a grin only a mother could have. "She's getting big."

"Yes, she is," I said. "Does she outweigh Olivia yet?"

"Not quite," Olivia said, walking in from the hallway. "Although she
will in less than six months." She walked over to the SDisk and said,
"Lance, a candle please." She tossed it to me. "Don't forget that."

"I won't," I promised. "Dinner will be ready in ten minutes."

A half-hour later, we were spread out around the table, the baby opposite
me. I admit it, I love babies. I made funny faces at Maia all night and
she kept making them back. "She's got a great grasp," I said as I tried
to take the salt shaker out of her hands.


"Yarra?" Maia said as I took it away, looking at Olivia.

"Yarri." Olivia said the Quen word for "Mommy" slowly.

"Yarra!" Maia insisted.

Olivia shook her head exasperated. "Sometimes I give up."

"She's very self-opinionated," Lindsay said as she dropped Maia in her
lap and stroked her baby gently. "She's a gift I can never repay."

"Then don't try," I said. "Just enjoy it. You've repaid me over and over
just by being here, Lindsay."

Olivia hopped out of her chair and walked around the table to join
Lindsay in stroking the baby. She changed the subject of the conversation,
however. "I hear you've bought the Earth."

"We've made a deal with Terra, yes. Alpha has agreed to build a second
ringworld for the Indigenous Peoples of Terra around star DP-121-12,
which is only about thirty light years away from Terra. Fortunately,
that'll put it further away from both Pendor and llerkin, which I don't
object to. The more advance warning I have, the better."

Olivia grinned. "How long will it take to build?"

"Oh, almost two centuries, I imagine. It's a slow process by any stretch of the imagination. The actual base will be in place in less than fifty
years. The real trick is installing a working biosphere. You literally
have to mine microecologies. For instance, a pine tree makes thousands of
seeds, but depending on the local density of flora and fauna, less than
five will ever become trees. The rest become food. We have to take every
one of those seeds and turn them into trees. It's a monstrous task. The
robotics necessary are unbelievable." I grinned. "They fill the interior
of a large moon."


I nodded. "For the most part. They also have no hyperspace capacity. We'll
have to transport them. I've already sent orders for Pelcityran to make
up a dozen cargo shells. They'll be ready by the time we get there."

Lindsay rubbed her throat with one hand. "Some people still don't want
to move."

"There will always be extremists. I can't blame them, either; it's hard to
give up one's home. But most of the people on Terra are sensible people.
Either that or they're so decadent they don't know any better." I leaned
back. "I really don't want to discuss work."

"Sorry," Olivia said.

"That's okay. But for almost two years now I've been asked this question
almost every day. I've spent hours working up press releases and balancing
public sentiment. When we come out of hyperspace we'll be only three
years from the re-opening of the new llerkin, too." I sighed. "Meanwhile,
we're looking into taking the equipment used to rebuild llerkin and
transport it to New Haven."

"What?" Lindsay said. "Why?"

"Because it's your homeworld, Lindsay. And no matter what else you want
to say about it, it's yours, and your people deserve a home of their own."

"Pendor is my home now," Lindsay said.

I reached up and touched her cheek. She leaned her head against my hand
affectionately. "I'm glad you think so," I said warmly, "but not all
your people agree, and they deserve one choice or the other. I don't
think it's a bad thing for them to have options."

"You're talking about work again," Olivia said, grinning.

"Oops. Guess I am." A soft chime got my attention. "Cake's ready." I got
up and opened the cooler. "It's perfect," I said, placing the candle in
the center and lighting it. We didn't sing happy birthday, but Lindsay
got Maia to stand. "Blow out the candle, Maia."

"Mama?" the baby Han said, confused. She's a beautiful child; almost a
meter tall, with the long, sinuous neck that's a hallmark of her species,
big eyes and fluffy yellow fur. Her tail swished back and forth, feline
fashion, but it was quite prehensile and at a moment's notice could whip
out and grab something.

"Blow the candle. Like this." Lindsay pursed her muzzle in example. Maia
tried, but eventually all three of us had to help her blow out the candle.
Then Lindsay cut the cake and handed it around.

By the time we were done with this outrageous caloric orgy, Maia had
fallen fast asleep on her mother's stomach. Lindsay and Olivia looked
tired as well, and truth to tell I was exhausted on my own. Lindsay
looked down. "I think I'd better put her to bed."

"Better do that, then," I said. She rose, cradling the child in her arms
carefully as she tottered off to the spare bedroom. While she was gone,
I turned to Olivia. "How do you arrange beds in this place?"

"The same way you and yours do," Olivia replied. "Usually, we all sleep
together, but if Lindsay and I want a little privacy, we wait until
Maia's asleep and tuck her in the spare."

I grinned. "Sounds good."

"We invited you over because we like your company, Ken. We wanted you
to cook dinner because we wanted to celebrate Maia's birthday and you're
a willing victim. And we were hoping you would join us for a little play."

I grinned and covered her hand with mine. "Olivia, I would be honored
to join you an yours in your loving bed."

She grinned. Lindsay's voice came down the hallway, saying, "Besides,
there's something special I want to do tonight."

"Oh?" I said.

She nodded as she appeared. "You asked me a long time ago to think about
it, and I have. Ken, I want to fuck you."

I positively swooned at the idea of Lindsay fucking me. She's over three
meter tall, which is short for her species. A strong musculature is
clearly defined under well-trimmed yellowish fur that pales over her
shoulders and arms to delineate biceps and quads. Her legs are like
tree trunks of solid musculature, which is just a feature of having to
maneuver over 200 kilograms of mass. And even though she's regarded as
small for her species, she's enormously well-hung. Much bigger than Aaden
or Dao. In fact, the width of her fat penis frightened me. Which, in turn,
excited me far too much for my own good. It took me a moment to find my
voice. And the first thing to come out of my mouth was, "Why this change?"

Lindsay sat down at the table again. "I thought about it, and I've
read up on it. I still don't buy Aaden's theory, but... you want it so
much. And the more I think about it, the more excited I get. I get hard
just dreaming about it."

"The last time we talked about it, you thought anal sex was 'icky.'"

"I'm still not so sure on it. But you seem to have good luck with it."

I thought for a moment myself, and then said, "Would you like me to make
completely sure that I'm clean, inside?"

"How long would it take?"

"An hour or so."

Olivia grinned. "Oh, I think we can keep each other occupied until you
get back. Lindsay?"

Lindsay nodded. "We'll expect you back."


An hour later, I rang the buzzer on her cabin again. A minute later the
door opened and Olivia stood there in nothing more than a flimsy robe
and a smile. "Ken! Right on time!" She hugged me tightly, her arms going
about my waist, which is about right for her height. I felt something
wet against my back. "Ooops," she said.

"Ooops, what?"

"Nothing, nothing. Just a little lube," she giggled. "I hope you're not
too attached to that shirt. It needs to go into the laundry."

I grinned. "Nah."

"Come on," she said. "I've got a surprise for you." She reached out with
her right hand, which was dry. "Come on, come on."

She lead me into the bedroom. "What do you think?"

"Ken!" Lindsay moaned. "This was all her idea!" The upper half of the bed
had been raised up in a manner customary for people who read in bed. The
covers had been stripped off and a towel was crumpled between her legs.
But most lovely were the restraints about her wrists, ankles, and tail,
holding her down to the bed, spread-eagled. Her cock, not quite hard
but not exactly uninterested either, lay against her belly, twitching
occasionally as she squirmed.

I reached down and hugged Olivia gently. "Then it's a good idea." I
crawled up onto the bed and began to strip off my clothes. I moved slowly
to let Lindsay get a good view of what I was doing, then crawled up the
length of her body until I was near her face. "Hello," I said.

"I'm not sure this is what I was looking for," she growled.

"If you want out, I'll let you out. But I think you look beautiful like
this." I kissed her nose, then slid down to lick at her muzzle. She
opened her mouth and kissed me back, her tongue against mine. Her breath
was sweet, and the whimpering noises coming from her throat just made
my cock completely erect. "You're a beautiful fem, Lindsay."

Olivia jumped onto the bed beside Lindsay and sat down with a wand-shaped
vibrator in her hand. "I'm just gonna watch."

"Aww," I said.

"I just want to see you two go at it." She grinned, then leaned over and
kissed Lindsay's cheek. I felt very close, with all three of us looking
at one another, and very safe, too.

"I love your throat, Lindsay," I growled softly. "It's so neat." I slid
down and played with her breasts, slowly stroking my way around them. I
molded my hands around them, always enjoying their hugeness and softness.
The fur slid between my fingers and under my palms, and the sensations
continued as my hands pressed against her belly and onto the first hints
of musculature that rooted her cock to her body. The hermaphroditic Han
fascinate me with their complex and beautiful bodies. Their plight invoked
my sympathy, and their resilience my admiration. Lindsay especially
kept my attention for reasons I couldn't express. We had just clicked,
become friends, and very quickly lovers.

I licked her cock gently, touching my tongue to the head. I have a big
mouth (or so say my lovers) and I was barely going to get the head into
my mouth. I slid the head into the back of my mouth, barely caressing
the first five centimeters with my tongue. "Careful!" she hissed,
"Your teeth are sharp!"

I tried to keep my teeth off, but eventually it just became clear that
she was far too large for me to handle without scraping my teeth against
the shaft. Her hands rattled at the restraints about her wrists as I ran
my tongue down the outside, worshipping her lovely cock with my tongue.

Her eyes were full of lust as I smiled up at her. I crawled back up the
length of her body and looked down into her face. "You want to get inside
me?" I said.

"Yes," she gasped. "Yes, please."

"Okay, then," I said. I slid back down to her crotch and slathered
lubricant all over her erection, slowly stroking her cock until it was
absolutely erect. Soon it was firm and unbending, and I slid my hand
between my legs to cover my asshole and cheeks with even more lubricant. I
climbed up onto her body, trying to find places on her pelvis where it
would be comfortable for her. "Is that okay?" I said.

She nodded. Her hands turned in the leather cuffs, struggling. She wanted
to hold me but she couldn't. I smiled. Olivia looked at me with a grin as
I rose up and held her cock to my asshole, ready to plunge down onto her.

I pressed down, feeling my asshole expand willingly to allow her in. I
was surprised how fast I took it. My hole opened suddenly and her cock
slipped in.

Then my body informed me of what I had just done. My back spasmed and
surprisingly strong sensation-- it wasn't quite pain-- erupted deep within
me. I felt my head bend back and tried to control the impulse. "Gods!" I
gasped, feeling her cock penetrate me deeply.

"Oh, God," Lindsay said. I looked up at her as my hands came down on
her chest to hold myself up. "Ken? Are you okay?"

"Yeah," I gasped. "You?"

She nodded as well. I could feel her sweet, living cock throbbing within
my guts. She felt wonderful, buried deep within me. I had taken larger,
but not from a hominid, and not recently. I pulled off of her until I felt
the mushroom head of her cock tugging at my asshole, then plunged down
until I felt the head going just a little "too deep," then stopped. I
looked up into her face as I massaged the length of her shaft with my
guts. "How's that feel?" I asked.

"Oh, Gods, it's good. So... so tight, so strong!" Her arms were struggling
against the restraints, and sometimes the fight to stand still was
becoming difficult for her. Her body shook with effort as I fucked myself
upon the impaling shaft of her huge cock. My guts were being displaced
by her invasion, and invasion I was facilitating and encouraging. I loved
having her within me. Her eyes were glowing with pleasure and her muzzle
hung open as I continued making love to her with my asshole.

"That's it," she gasped. "Yes, Ken, a little more..." I smiled. I went
faster, fucking her harder, pounding myself up and down on her cock,
feeling it massaging and bruising my insides with it's massiveness. "Yes,
yes, yes..." she chanted. Her body was tightening against the ropes. I
could see the effort in her tightly shut eyes and she reached closer and
closer for her orgasm. I was pumping up and down like an old-fashioned
water rig, staring at that beautiful face contorted with pleasure.

She threw her head back and shouted "OH!" as she came, her body bucking
against me and trying to fuck me deeper. I felt the sliding of her cock
hard against my hole get slicker and I the grumbling of my insides as I
became aware of just how much hot come she had spewed into my guts. It
felt wonderful. The magic, the sheer lovely magic of feeling her seed
spew into my guts made me shiver.

I slid off her cock. My asshole clamped shut behind her exiting cock and
then flopped down against her belly with a wet splat. I grinned up at her.

"Oh, Ken," she growled. "You were great!"

"I'm glad you think so," I said, smiling. I eased up to her side and
kissed her muzzle gently, and her tongue kissed me back. "How do you
feel now?"

"Wonderful," she growled. "Now will you please let me loose?"

"Olivia?" I asked.

The shorter Mustel stood up and untied her lover. "You two are hot
to watch."

"Glad you think so," I said. Once Lindsay was loose she grabbed me
and hugged me close. I felt smothered against her large breasts. But I
squirmed my head free of her arms and gasped to look up at her. "You're
choking me!"

"Huh? Oh, sorry!" She eased her arms and let me breathe.

"'Sokay," I gasped. "I was just thinking that would be a wonderful way
to go... but not right now!" I laughed.

Olivia climbed up on her lover's other shoulders and kissed her cheek.
"You are just... beautiful, Lindsay."

"Thanks," Lindsay blushed. "But he did all the work."

Olivia looked down. "And he's still hard, too!"

"I didn't come," I pointed. "So it's still a little eager."

"It is?" Olivia asked. "Or you are?"

"Ah, I could take it or leave it right now. I've had a lot of fun already.
Just watching you come made my head spin, Lindsay."

"You could use it on me," Olivia said, crawling across Lindsay's chest's
to murmur in my ear. "Make her watch. I'm all hot from masturbating and
watching you guys."

"Really?" I asked, grinning."

"Really," she said. "Wet, too. Come on," she whispered. "Fuck me from
behind, Ken."

It was more of an offer than any healthy man should resist. I slid back
behind Olivia as she took position on Lindsay's chest, her body wedged
between Lindsay's breasts, and slid two fingers into Olivia's cunt. I was
surprised; despite her attraction to the cudgel between Lindsay's legs,
her pussy was still pleasantly tight. Before Lindsay had even figured
out what was going on, I slid my cock into Olivia.

She was soaking wet; my pistoning cock made liquid noises between Olivia's
legs as I pumped in and out of her. It felt wonderful; my cock was very
sensitive after the extended stiffness of my lovemaking with Lindsay.

"Are you having fun?" Lindsay asked.

"Uh-huh," Olivia groaned, coming for the first time. It's one of the
little Mustel's more amazing qualities is that she climaxes almost
continuously during intercourse, starting after the first couple of
thrusts and continuing throughout the entire act. Lindsay held Olivia
to her chest as I fucked her hard, looking down to see my cock rising
and falling behind the cheeks of her butt, up and down, in and out of
her tight, wet and very warm cunt.

I came quickly; I was already too excited from the pleasures of earlier
and after only a few minutes exploded within her. "Wow," I said. "That
was quick. Sorry."

"No, no," Olivia said. "That's all I wanted. That was wonderful!" She
turned over on Lindsay's belly to face me, then reached up with her
arms to beckon me down. I fell into those arms and hugged her tight
as Lindsay's arms closed around me to hold me as well. The three of us
lay together, silent for a few minutes, before Olivia said, "I want to
clean up."

"Wait," I said as Lindsay let us go. "Before you go clean up completely,
let me give you something."


"A tongue bath." I dropped down between Olivia's thighs and licked
up as much of my own semen and her sweet juices as I could. I tasted
between her lips and her clit, plunging my tongue into her wet hole and
swallowing every drop I could pull from her. Then, my face thoroughly wet,
I looked up and said, "Now you can go get clean."

"Oh, you're so silly!" Olivia said, rolling off her lover's chest and
hopping over to me to kiss me and lick my face clean. Then she jumped
off the bed and made her way into the washroom.

"We should clean up, too." I said.

"Yeah," Lindsay said. I eased myself onto the edge of the bed, but before
I stood up I felt Lindsay's massive paw on my shoulder. "Ken?" she said.


She paused as if trying to figure out what to say. Finally, she shook
her head, blinking her eyes to clear away tears. "I... can... I love
you. Not, I've lost my heart to you I love you, or will you marry me I
love, or would you live with me I love you, but... "

I leaned over and kissed her cheek. "I know," I said. "I know, Lindsay.
Believe me, I do."

She nodded, then reached down and pulled me into a monstrous hug. "Every
time I turn around, I have something else to bless you for." Her voice
cracked with crying.

"Then do it. Raise your child right. Love your friends. Contribute to
the world. That's blessing enough." I held her back; I'm not used to
partners I can't wrap my arms around, but it still felt good. "Come
on. I really gotta use the bathroom."

She let me go, and we went to join Olivia.


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are Copyright (c) 1989-2000 Elf Mathieu Sternberg. Distribution limited
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