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Journal Entry 01028 159 000 Planetfall Minding The Ropes


Planetfall: Minding The Ropes

Journal Entry 159 / 01028

Elenya, Cerim 12, 01028

"Come here, Tonni," Aaden said, his voice low, even, and full of malice.

Tonni didn't need to be told twice, which was something Aaden had
respected in him from the very beginning of their 'relationship.' Even
now, Aaden's mind put quotes around that term; he didn't think he would
ever think of Tonni in terms other than that. The tall, physically
imposing Felinzi knelt down in front of his Mephit master's feet and
looked up into his eyes, waiting. Aaden smiled and slowly petted Tonni's
head forgivingly. "I'm here to tell you that tonight is our last night

Tonni's face fell. "I told you this day was coming, and coming soon,"
Aaden reminded him. "We both agreed that this arrangement wouldn't last
past the voyage, and the voyage is now officially ending. We crossed
into the known territories this morning and will be home in very few
more weeks." His chest expanded in a deep sigh, then he reached down
and lifted Tonni's chin. "Playing with you has been both a wonderful
game and, sometimes, a lot of work. I've learned a lot from you, Tonni,
don't you forget that, and I hope you've learned a lot from me. Have you?"

Tonni nodded. "Yes, sir."

"Excellent," Aaden grinned. "I can't think of any grand finale' I would
like to try with you, no great scene to end this arrangement with. But I
do want to hear you scream, one last time." He stood up and locked a leash
onto the collar he had made Tonni wear regularly for the past two years.
It had seemed to Aaden a strange thing for Tonni to want, since Tonni had
always seemed so independent. Besides, they played rarely enough. Tonni
had originally asked for it on the third day of the homeward journey,
and Aaden had held him off for a few months before finally agreeing.

Still, there was something ineffable about the way Tonni behaved while in
his presence, wearing the collar and the leash, something outrageous in
the way he dominated another male, especially one so strong and handsome
as Tonni. The proud male instantly became silent, subservient. Aaden had
had to fight hard to find the insolence he knew was buried deep within
Tonni's soul. But getting Tonni to agree to wear 'female' clothing had
been one of the crowning moments of their relationship.

Tonight, though, he had Tonni naked. Tonight he wanted nothing more than
service and suffering from the proud, grey-furred bundle of sinew and
testosterone that knelt on the floor before him.

Standing before the anxious, nervous submissive, Aaden smiled down
at him. With his free hand, he reached down and slowly pulled on the
velcro clasp of his leather pants, the costume that turned both he and
Tonni in panting animals at the right moments. He smiled down at the
open-mouthed and anxious mel.

While he worked hard every day to make the best of the large, powerful
body chance had given him on decanting, Aaden was sometimes proud of
and ofttimes embarrassed by the size of his cock; a large shaft of
flesh with a slight downward bent even when rock-hard, people chased
after him just to make love to it. That didn't bother him at all; he
often chased other mels merely for some physical quality he desired
in them. What bothered him were the men who admired him for his cock;
he felt he should be admired for something he had created, something
he had worked for. His body was something to be admired, for the sweat
of the gymnasium created that. His skills as a pilot, his talents as a
botanist, these were things he wanted to be admired for. His cock was
the providence of chance, not something to be admired for.

But the look in Tonni's eyes as he reached in and pulled out his
sensitive shaft, already semi-hard, was hard to deny. Tonni feared and
adored his cock, as did quite a few of the mels he had played with over
the centuries. Even Ken adored his cock and made no qualms about that,
but Ken and he loved each other as advisors, friends... mates of the
soul as well as the body.

Aaden closed his fist about the upper half of his cock, the head of it
peeking out behind the closure of thumb and forefinger. He held it out
to Tonni's eager mouth. "You want this, don't you?"

"Yes, sir!" Tonni gasped.

"Beg for it," Aaden growled. "Tell me you want it."

"Aaden, sir, please, let me suck your cock. Please, let me taste it,
touch it with my tongue. I need it, I crave it."

"Do you now?" Aaden chuckled. "Why?"

Tonni stopped, and Aaden chuckled again, evilly. He had never asked
Tonni this question before. Tonni's mouth opened, and a soft gasp of
desperation escaped his throat. Aaden could almost feel the gears turning
in Tonni's head.

"Sir," Tonni gasped finally, "Your pleasure is my every need, my every
wish. I want only to please you, sir!"

"And if I gave it to you, your need would be fulfilled?"

"Yes, sir!"

"And if I did not?"

Tonni hesitated. It was the opening Aaden had waited for. He grabbed
Tonni by the collar and hauled him into the room next door, which had
all the trapping and toys Aaden has sought. He pushed Tonni up against a
padded leaning half-rack, getting a satisfying "Oof!" out of the Felinzi
as his chest impacted with the widely- spaced bars of wood.

Grabbing four lengths of bright-red nylon rope, Aaden worked quickly
and in less than a minute Tonni was fixed down to the rack, his hands
restrained to eye-bolts even with his shoulders, his feet spread to the
width of the rack and tied down. "Sometimes, Tonni," he growled softly,
"I think you're beginning to understand what submission really means, and
sometimes, like tonight, I think you're just an amateur who doesn't even
know what the word 'love' means." Tonni whimpered, and Aaden smiled. "In
either case, I'm going to enjoy myself and fulfill my pleasure the way
I want. And right now, I want to see you in pain."

He stepped over to the bench covered with his toys and selected a
thick leather lace and a one kilogram steel ball. Stroking his chin
thoughtfully, he turned back to Tonni and said, "Wait here."

Chuckling to himself, Aaden stepped out of the dungeon and crossed the
hallway back to his bedroom, making a quick stop at his freeweight bench.
Then he returned back the to Simaculae and dungeon, moving as fast as
he could. He disliked leaving Tonni alone, even for long.

Tonni was resting against the rack as Aaden entered. He picked up the
steel ball and lace and walked around the rack, facing Tonni through the
grille of wooden supports. The Felinzi looked up to see Aaden smirking at
him. "You're not going to like this." Kneeling, he grabbed Tonni's balls
through one of the many gaps in the rack's woodwork and laced the leather
around it in a dozen quick winds, then pulled the two ends of the leather
through the gap. At about Tonni's knees he tied the one-kilo weight,
then draped the laces down to the floor, where he tied them around the
five-kilo weight he had brought from his bedroom. If Tonni tried to pull
away from the rack, he would be supporting six kilos from his scrotum,
a pain Aaden had endured very few times and did not relish ever again.

Then he told Tonni about the weights, and the MelFelinzi's eyes widened.
He whimpered softly. "What?" Aaden said, menacingly.

"Nothing, sir!" Tonni replied, nervously.

"Good. Try not to move too much anyway; that one-K ball is heavy enough,
Tonni." He stepped back and picked up a flogger made entirely of latex
laces. It was stretchy, inaccurate, and snappy as hell. Ken called it
his Flogger Of The Damned. He had learned to make these a long time ago,
and had to replace them every time he used them. The latex had a tendency
to stick to itself when clean, and he had two choices to correct that:
powder, and oil. He preferred oil, but it destroyed the latex.

He dipped the flogger into a bowl of mineral oil, them looked at Tonni's
back. He deliberately started while too far away from Tonni, to get
his range. He began spinning the flogger slowly, allowing droplets of
oil to spray about the room for a second before slowly closing in. He
watched until the fur on Tonni's back began to flutter slightly, first
with the wind created by the spinning tails, then by the actual touch
of latex. He extended his arm, exercising his wrist carefully until he
felt comfortable with his range. Every flogger was different, every one
took a little getting used to the first time. And when his floggers were
"one use only," he needed to be especially careful.

Then, with an evil grin, he let fly with a direct strike to Tonni's
back, allowing the tips to fall with a loud and resounding CRACK against
his back.

Tonni screamed.

And Aaden pressed his chest to Tonni's back, his hand grabbing
the Felinzi's jaw. "Do you see?" Aaden said. "Your needs don't need
fulfilling. Your needs are fulfilled by your accepting my every wish. I
don't want you to want my cock, Tonni. I want you to want my wishes. That
is what your submission is. Do you understand?"

Through his restrained jaw, Tonni gasped, "Yes... yes sir."

"Good," Aaden said. He stepped back and worked on Tonni's back for just
a few minutes. He wasn't really interested in whipping Tonni too much,
but watching him squirm against the rack was making Aaden very hot and
hard and we really wanted to fuck Tonni's sweet, tight asshole.

He stepped forward and pressed his hard cock against the crack of Tonni's
ass as he hissed into his ear, "Tonni... you want this up your ass?"

"Yes, sir," Tonni whimpered. Aaden knew that Tonni regarded being fucked
as something of a punishment. Tonni never allowed Dao to fuck him,
which he knew had made Ken more than a little amused.

"So do I," Aaden said. He grabbed the bowl of oil and poured it down over
Tonni's buttocks, working it between his cheeks and inserting a finger
into the grabbing flesh of Tonni's asshole. Tonni groaned. Aaden's hand
was now soaked with oil, and he spread the oil over his cock, then took it
and aimed between Tonni's asscheeks. He slid his cock up and down slowly
along the skin of Tonni's ass, searching for the younger mel's asshole,
and when he felt it under the head of his cock, he pressed inwards. Tonni
groaned softly as Aaden's cock pushed into his guts, stretched open the
tight channel of his rectum, and slid up into him until Aaden literally
hit bottom, his cock pressing up into the delicate bend into Tonni's
colon. Tonni shivered, whimpering in pain.

Aaden smiled as Tonni bent his head down against the rack, a patently
submissive gesture, and slowly slid his cock out. Then he pushed it back
in, sliding it back home. "You like this, don't you, Tonni?"

"If it pleases you, sir," he gasped.

"It... amuses me," Aaden said. He held onto the rack and began fucking
Tonni. He was not gentle and not interested in being gentle. His cock
pounded against Tonni's asshole, feeling the grab of Tonni's tight
sphincter stroking his shaft with every thrust. He heard dark, evil
growls, and it took him a moment to realize they were coming from him,
not from Tonni. Tonni was silent, taking his punishment, his suffering
like a man. The feel of Tonni's molten-hot asshole, the silky sensation
of Tonni's insides, all pulled him along until he shot his own hot,
sticky come deep into Tonni's guts.

He slid out, carefully, examining his cock. "You're clean inside."

"Yes, sir," Tonni gasped.

"Good." He reached around Tonni's waist and pulled on the leather strap.
It dropped off of Tonni's balls with a loud THUMP as it hit the ground. He
then untied Tonni's hands and feet. "Kneel."

Tonni fell to his knees before Aaden as Aaden grabbed a towel and wiped
his cock off as well as he could. Turning, he presented his now-soft cock
to Tonni's mouth. "Suck," he said. "My pleasure is to use you tonight,
Tonni. Get me off again."

"Yes," Tonni gasped, shaking violently, "Yes, sir." Aaden recognized
that shake as the one of someone who had been fucked harder than he was
ready for. Aaden knew the poor mel would survive.

Tonni's mouth around his cock quickly brought his attention to the here
and now. He looked down to see the Felinzi taking most of his cock into
his mouth, his eyes closed in helpless passion. He knew that the burning
feeling in Tonni's gut functioned only as a reminder of who was who. Aaden
smiled and thought that maybe, after tonight, that relationship would
be better described as "Who had been who."

Tonni sucked with ardent desire, his tongue and teeth sending strong,
almost painful charges up Aaden's nervous system into his brain. "That's
it," Aaden growled. "Suck on that thing, Tonni. Suck my cock until your
jaw falls off. I am your master and you are my toy." Aaden grabbed his
head and forced it down onto his cock, making Tonni gag as he tried
to force down even the last four centimeters that Tonni never managed
to take.

He felt blood pumping into his melhood again, felt his cock growing harder
under the undeniably erotic attentions of Tonni's tongue and throat. His
cock surged with lust, and he growled softly as he felt the first hints of
a second orgasm. His second orgasm was usually stronger than the first,
and if the first had nearly blown off the top of his head, he wondered
how the second would feel. Tonni was here to satisfy his curiosity on
that account. "Come on, boy. Take more."

Tonni worked hard on his cock, trying to take all of it, forcing himself
to go faster, to suck harder, to purse the thin, feline lips of his
muzzle around Aaden's cock even tighter. Aaden appreciated how hard
the poor boy was trying, and soon his body started to wind itself up,
to get ready to spring. He growled as his frustration overwhelmed his
senses and grabbed the back of Tonni's head. "Hold still!" he barked,
fucking the poor melFel's throat roughly until he reached his climax. He
screamed as he came, blasting his come down Tonni's throat. The second
was better than the first.

He stood back away from Tonni. Tonni did as he had been trained, looking
down at the ground, coughing slightly as he tried to clear his windpipes.
Finally, he succeeded.

Aaden watched him closely, and he started to notice that Tonni was...
crying. "Tonni, stand up." Tonni did as instructed. "What's wrong?"

"I'm going to miss you," Tonni said. Aaden smiled. Tonni said, "I know
you don't feel the same way."

Aaden's smile waned. "I can't say that you were what I was looking for,
and I can't really say that I'm going to remember you the way you think
you will me.." He reached out and unclasped the collar about Tonni's neck,
tossing it aside, then pulling the mel into a hug. "But I wouldn't have
taken you as my own if I didn't want to, Tonni."

Tonni nodded, then pushed away slightly. "Aaden, I think I want to
be alone."

"Then go," Aaden whispered. "I'll clean up here."

Tonni took his opening and left, the doors to the Simaculae opening up to
let him out. Aaden watched his retreating back with a mixture of sadness
and relief, then said "Lance, help me put this stuff away, would you?"


The Journal Entries of Kennet R'yal Shardik, et. al., and Related Tales
are Copyright (c) 1989-2000 Elf Mathieu Sternberg. Distribution limited
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