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Journal Entry 01028 192 000 Saying Goodbye to Aaden Again


Saying Goodbye to Aaden, Again

Journal Entry 192 / 01028

Noren, Urim 21, 01028

I swore and rolled over, reaching out to touch the bar of the alarm clock.
It wasn't enough that I had the alarm ringer itself firmly embedded in
my skull-- I had to physically place the disable bar at some distance
from me or I'd never get up out of bed. I tried to keep my thoughts to
myself as I rose. I looked across the bed and saw P'nyssa getting up
as well, looking at me through blinking, bleary eyes. Good morning she
'pathed at me quietly.

I nodded and slid out of bed. My feet hit the floor with a thunk. She beat
me to the bathroom. I waited my turn to relieve my bladder, following
the trail she had blazed into the shower. She was already half-soaped
when I reached her. "Good morning," I groaned. "Ready?"

"No," she sighed. "I've only been home three weeks. I don't want to go
back into space."

"You and me both. It's for a good cause. Hopefully, this will be the
last time."

"For me," she said. "At least for a while."

"Not even come with me to Earth?"

"That's not space travel. That's a drive in the country."

I laughed. "Here, let me help you with that." I poured some soap into my
hands and washed her back, digging in deep under her lovely indigo-blue
fur. She murred softly at my touch as I massaged her shoulders and worked
my way down her back. As I knelt to concentrate on her lovely ass, I
heard the click of the shower door opening and looked up just in time
to see Aaden standing there.

He chuckled. "Such a nice place to find you, Ken. On your knees."

"Just doin' my job," I said, working my way down P'nyssa's legs. Aaden
maneuvered around us to get himself under the shower massager, allowing
the water to hit him solidly and get his fur wet. "I suppose you'll want
me to do you next."

"It would be nice," he commented. I stood up and proceeded to wash
him as well. I took his front as P'nyssa did his back. I admired his
lovely physique, his large pectoral muscles, his firm belly. "You've
been hitting the gym pretty hard since we got home."

"I got lazy in space," he said, growling the words slightly. "I feel
like I'm going soft."

"Yes, and Hell's network might freeze someday," P'nyssa chuckled. "You
worry too much about the weirdest things, Aaden."

I knelt down to take care of Aaden's legs-- and his crotch. His cock
twitched slightly as I stroked it, cleaned it. I was very careful,
delicately pulling on the skin of his sheath to get underneath. The
water ran down his fur in liquid sheets that pulled the soap away as
fast as I could apply it. His cock hardened from the attention.

I couldn't resist. I kissed the head of his cock. Aaden responded with a
grin and the touch of his hand behind my head. He led me back to his cock.
I had just wanted to give him a kiss. He wanted more.

I opened my mouth to take his cock and felt the satiny head press against
my lips. That touch, that single touch, is what always drive me insane.
That makes me want more and more of him, so much of him I can't stand it,
I feel I may explode if I don't have him. The head of his cock passed
my lips and pressed against the roof of my mouth. I pressed my tongue
to the underside. It let me feel him, get a sense of the mass of this
gorgeous cock.

His cock slid to the back of my mouth. And then it slid deeper. I felt
its still semi-soft mass ease down into my throat. His cock hardened as
it slid in deeper until my nose was buried in his belly and I could feel
his delicate fur tickling my nose. I reached with both hands to grab
his ass and hold us both there. I was choking-- no, technically, I was
suffocating on the mass of his cock. I didn't want to let go. I had to
be away from him for another eight months-- I wanted this moment to go
on forever. I could feel my lungs burning. The spray from the shower was
striking my closed eyelids. I was getting dizzy, and I didn't care. Aaden
finally grabbed me by the back of the head and pulled me off of his cock.

The steamy air hit my lungs like a blast from a furnace. I gasped for it,
though, needed it to go on. I stood up shakily and grabbed him. His eyes
registered surprise-- I'm not usually so forceful first thing in the
morning-- and I didn't see what they registered next as I kissed him,
hard, forcing my tongue into his mouth to touch his teeth. He growled
softly. I felt P'nyssa's mitten upon my balls, caressing my sac for a
moment before she wrapped her strong mitt around my cock and stroked me
to full hardness.

I broke the kiss long enough to tell him, "I'm going to miss you."

"I'm going to miss you too. I wish you didn't have to go."

I looked away before answering him. "You know how it is. I understand
why you're not going." My hands continued to caress his shaft. For
some reason I didn't want to look at him. I felt... ashamed. Like I was
betraying him or something by leaving him again.

His hands took me by the cheeks and forced me to look at him. In his
glittery black eyes I saw worry... and love. "I love you," he said. "I
will miss you. You'll come back."

"I know," I said, and then kissed him.

This time he responded with a whimper of lust. The soft noise surprised
me, as did the feel of his arms around me, holding me tight, fueling
my own desire. P'nyssa had been silent throughout our little exchange,
but now she hovered around us. I felt her place one mitten on my cock,
felt the other mitten cover my hand as I stroked Aaden's cock.

Aaden reached up and turned the dial to steam. The shower filled with
obscuring white clouds. "There. Now I don't have to stand in the spray
to stay warm."

I chuckled. "You need warming up?"

"I think you do," he said. His hands were all over my chest, touching,
tugging at my nipples. "Oh!"


"P'nyssa..." he gasped. I looked around back to see P'nyssa had resumed
her earlier position, playing with his ass. I took the opportune
distraction to kneel in front of him again and take his cock into my
mouth. It had softened in the intervention, but I soon had it back to
roaring, mouth-stretching hardness. I bobbed my head back and forth on
the meaty mass of his cock. I felt his hands on the top of my head, and
his hips began to swing back and forth in rhythm to my own sucking. His
hands guided me, guided my mouth around his shaft, forced me to take him
in. Not that he had to make me do anything. I wanted his cock. I always
want his cock.

My fingers and P'nyssa's vied for the attention of his balls. Thumbs,
fingers, mittens caressed his scrotum and tickled his perineum as he got
hotter. His hips were bucking. I knew he didn't want to move away from
P'nyssa's mouth any more than he wanted to hold still and not thrust
into me.

He couldn't help himself either way. We played him. Even though my head
swam with real love and raw lust, I knew that P'nyssa and I controlled
him. I reached between his legs and played with her fur-covered breasts.
My fingertips lightly brushed her nipples and played with her soft
heaviness. I adored her. I adored him. My head moved of its own accord,
taking him deep down my throat and then almost all the way out. The
flare of his cockhead brushed against my teeth with each movement.

He growled something incoherent. He closed in on coming. I could feel
it in his legs, in the way they quivered, needed to release. His hands
twitched uncontrollably and he didn't know what to do with them. His body
trembled. He let go a high-pitched plaint of need. My mouth ached. His
cock thrust in and out mindlessly, and then he came.

His shout was a crescendo, a symphony of pleasure. His cock pulsed thick jets of come down my throat and I greedily accepted every drop of him
into my body. I couldn't imagine loving him more, wanting him more,
than I did right then.

He collapsed slowly to the floor. P'nyssa and I grabbed him and led
him down, slowly, getting him into a sitting position. The three of us
sat on the floor of the large showerstall and smiled at one another. He
shook his head to clear it, then looked over at her, then at me. "I'm
going to miss you guys."

She laughed. "Come on. There are plenty of guys chasing after you."

"But there's nobody like you two," he said. "Really."

I touched his chest, feeling his heart pounding under his fur as he
recovered. "And there's nobody like you, Aaden. We'll look forward every
day to the time we come home."

"And I'll be waiting. Even with my playthings."

I chuckled and kissed him. He gathered up P'nyssa into his arms and
kissed her as well. "I love you, P'nyssa."

She giggled. "Even if you don't lust after me?"

"Even then," he agreed, kissing her again. "Come on, let's not make you
late for embarking."

"Sounds like a plan," I agreed. We finished showering, dressed, and made
our way to Pindam.

"Ken!" I heard the voice from ahead of me and saw people lining up to
board the Handele once more.

"Hullo, Fezzik. Going back with us?"

"Wouldn't miss this one for the whole Earth. Although I understand we
have that, too."

I nodded. "More excitement couldn't be found in a war." I winked at her.
"Are our charges on board?"

"Yes. Baker is watching them right now." She reached out for my hands,
took them without asking. "I wanted to thank you for doing the right
thing and agreeing to revive them."

"Both had their benefits and complications. Both worked." I kissed her
cheek gently and without suggestion. "It's nice to have moral anchors some
times." She looked puzzled, as if she didn't understand the phrase. It
didn't matter. She didn't need to.

"Ken!" Another voice rang out from among the crowd of people, this one
higher-pitched and louder.

"Hi, Tylia. Come to see us off?"

She nodded. "Didn't want to miss last good-byes. And thank you, Ken. Doc
Baler gave me a ton of stuff to study. I'm supposed to have a lot done
by the time you guys get back. Don't take too long!"

"Welcome to Alpha. You'll be spending the better part of most days
working," I pointed out. "Is that what you want?"

"If it's working on them, yes!"

"Good. Oh! Tylia Meffern, meet Fezzik."

Tylia looked up at the Felinzi engineer. "You're the one who saved them!
That was excellent work!"

"Thank you," Fezzik said. "I take it you're part of Alpha?"

"Beginning student," I said. "Very bright."

"Must be," Fezzik said, her voice sounding unconvinced. "So, let's board."

"Wait," I said, turning around to the two members of my family who had
come to see me off again. I hugged Aaden and M'Ress goodbye. "Don't let
the others forget us."

"We won't," M'Ress promised. "I'll keep your bed warm."

"One of you will," I chuckled. "One at a time."

"Indeed," Aaden commented, kissing me farewell. "Take care."

"You, too."


The Journal Entries of Kennet R'yal Shardik, et. al., and Related Tales
are Copyright (c) 1989-2000 Elf Mathieu Sternberg. Distribution limited
to electronic media not-for-profit use only. All other rights are reserved
to the author.


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