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This story is mine and is copyrighted by me, The Purple Herald.
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"Judgment of Steve"
By Steve

"Are you familiar with the Judgment of Paris, Steve?" Mr. Crusher
asked me.

"No sir," I responded. "I don't follow politics."

Mr. Crusher's hand tightened on my shoulder painfully until he
began to laugh. His eyes twinkled and flashed from blue to green. I
was relieved when he let go of my shoulder.

"That's very true, Steve and its why I picked you."

"Great, sir!" I answered affirmatively, just like the Bullet
Security Handbook suggested. I was a bit confused by the whole
situation. This was the weirdest night I had ever had as a security
guard. First my partner called in sick, which was stupid, all we did
was sleep in the guardhouse and watch TV. We've been sick plenty of
times and still come to work for a paycheck. Then the company that
owns the warehouse we guarded called me and said they wouldn't be
sending a truck over tonight. That meant I had eight whole hours to
myself to read the latest issue of Playboy and whack off. Just as I
was about to check out the girls of the Southeast, my supervisor showed

Well, he said he was my supervisor and he definitely had the
uniform but just to make sure, I read his badge and sure enough, it
said he was a supervisor. But Mr. Crusher wasn't like any supervisor I
had seen before. For one thing, he was really tall. His beard was
also half blond and half red; split evenly down the middle of his face.
Stranger yet, he wasn't fat and he treated me nicely.

"Steve, I have a problem and only you can fix it," Mr. Crusher

"Oh shit," I said. I wasn't good with responsibility.

"Traditionally this is a job for a shepherd but quite honestly,
shepherds are hard to find these days," he said. "I have three ladies
who want to become superstars and I need you to tell me which is the
one best suited to become a musical idol. I have my own preferences
but then I'm a man of the world. I need a common man's opinion to help
me decide who to throw my power behind."

Now I was really confused. "Sir, I didn't know Bullet Secuirty
handled musicians. I thought we just did warehouse security."

He slapped me. It hurt like Hell but I had to admit, I had an
easier time believing he was a supervisor.

"Work with me, Steve," Mr. Crusher growled. "If it will help
your tiny mind, think of me as someone who moonlights as an agent: a
very special agent."

"Oh, I can see that. I make extra money by donating blood."

"Just turn on the security camera to the parking lot," Mr.
Crusher sighed.

I did as he asked and nearly shit my pants. There were these
three gorgeous babes waiting outside. One was a blonde chick that was
wearing a short tank top that revealed rock hard abs. The second chick
was black, very short and dressed in black leather. She carried
herself like a woman who would knife the other two if she got a chance.
The last gal was a tall redhead who had these tight green shorts and
these wonderful long legs. It was like one of my better wet dreams.

"Gee sir, I can't decide. Maybe the redhead?"

Mr. Crusher sighed again. He took over at this point. He opened
the doors for the babes and led them to the guardroom. Before I could
say a word he told me to sit down and shut up. The three babes stood
in front of me and the blonde even waved at me.

"The rules are simple ladies," Mr. Crusher explained. "Each of
you has sacrificed much to seek my attention. Tonight we decide which
of you have sacrificed the most. The winner will become the darling of
MTV, score sponsors left and right and even appear at the Super Bowl.
The other two will go back to the music industry and try to become
stars with just their talent."

"This man here is Steve. If you can make Steve choose you, I
become your patron. Steve, meet your candidates. The blonde is named
Britney, the redhead is Molly and the feisty one in leather is named

"Hi," I said lamely.

"Hi," britney said with this cute country accent.

"Hi," the redhead said half-heartedly.

"Yo," the black woman said. "Are we supposed to sing for him?"

Mr. Crusher laughed. "Please, singing has nothing to do with
being a star these days. Quite simply you just make him pick you any
way you can manage."

"This will be a snap," Molly laughed. Without another word, she
whipped off her black t-shirt and revealed her nice pale rack. The
redhead's tits were round and firm with small pink nipples.

"Holy shit!" I snapped.

"That's right lucky guy," the redhead said. She was smiling now.
"Want to touch them?"

"Sure," I said. She walked over to me and I lifted one of them
in my hands. Damn, they were heavier than my old girlfriend Peggy's
were. I sank my fingers into her tits and licked my lips.

"Hey, I got boobs too," britney whined in her Southern drawl.
Damn if she didn't. She ripped off her tank top to show off her tanned
breasts that were rounder than even Molly's. I waved her over and
watched as her tits jiggled like Jell-o on a bumpy road. I grabbed a
handful of her tits with my other hand and even pinched her tanned
nipples between my fingers.

"Shit, why grab when you can lick?" the black girl, Kim said.
Her leather jacket was on the floor along with her black bra. Her tits
were small but I had never seen a black girl's tits before. I was
surprised by how they were a lighter shade of brown from the rest of
her body but when she walked over and pulled my head towards one of her
tits, I found that they tasted the same as a white girl's.

"Hey, you can taste mine too," Molly complained, so I did. Her
pale breast filled my mouth my tongue played over her nipple. Her
breasts were a little sweaty and I liked it.

"Suck me too," britney complained. Her breasts tasted as sweet
as candy and her nipple was already hard.

"Back off Blondie!" Kim snapped. She pushed britney out of my
mouth and grabbed my head roughly. "Who wants your fat tits when he
can have some brown sugar?"

"Now, Ladies," Mr. Crusher said, "there is no need to fight. I
suggest you take turns. You each get a five-minute turn to convince
Steve that you are worthy and we'll keep taking turns till he makes up
his mind. Fair enough Steve?"

"Fuck yeah," I said.

"Kim, you made the sacrifices first. Begin your five minutes
now," Mr. Crusher commanded.

Britney and Molly backed off, although britney stomped her foot
first. Kim just smiled and reached for her zipper. As I watched, she
shimmied out of her leather pants to reveal a black thong covering her

"Pick me Steve, and you can have this fine booty," Kim offered.
She turned around and bent over. "Go ahead and grab my ass."

I did as she asked. Wow. Her ass was bigger, rounder and better
than anything I had ever grabbed before. I squeezed both cheeks with
my hands and Kim pushed back into my hands eagerly. She did this
little dance, grinding her ass into my palms and fingers. Her thong
was invisible from behind and I resisted the urge to take a big bite of
her ass.

"Go ahead and do it, Steve," Mr. Crusher said, reading my mind.
"You are in charge tonight."

He was right. I leaned down and took a big bite of Kim's ass.
The little black woman cried out but she kept dancing. I covered her
ass in bites, savoring how her skin tasted like coconut butter. When I
was done, her ass was wet and red with bite marks.

"Your turn, Britney," Mr. Crusher announced and little Kim
quickly stepped out of the way. britney stood in front of me and put
her hands on her hips. Without saying anything she began to dance,
flipping her hips back and forth. I watched her breasts swing side to
side and her smooth flat tummy just shimmered before me.

"I was born to make you happy, Steve," britney offered. She
unzipped her pants and let them drop. I wasn't surprised to see she
wasn't wearing underwear. The tanned blonde stepped up to me and took
my hand in hers and guided my fingers to her shaved pussy. I shivered
as she slipped my fingers between her lips and into her slit. She
trembled as well for her cunt was incredibly wet.

The five minutes went by too fast.

"Molly, your turn," Mr. Crusher said.

The redhead walked up to me and gave me a knowing smirk. She
took my wet sticky fingers and without a word she slipped them right
into her mouth. Wow, that girl could suck! Her long red hair fell in
front of her face as she bobbed up and down over my fingers. I'd never
had a blowjob on my fingers before. Her tongue rolled over me and
licked every drop of Britney's pussy off of me.

"This is kid's stuff," Kim sneered when it was her turn. She
slipped out of her black thong and climbed onto the snack table. She
spread her ebony legs and beckoned me with her fingers. Her pubic hair
was glistened with perspiration.

"How many licks is it going to take to get you to pick me?" Kim

"Let's find out," I said happily. I went down on her hairy bush
and licked her deeply. I pulled her lips apart and devoured her. She
was tangy but also very wet. Her black legs wrapped around my
shoulders and she took my hands and put them right on her little tits.
Kim fucked my face with her pussy, crushing my mouth with her sex.

"Come on, white boy!" Kim cried out as she pushed her clit
against me. I sucked hard on her hard button and her thighs tightened
around my head till I thought I would pass out. It would have been a
great way to die.

I felt Kim's thighs be pulled apart by the powerful hands of Mr.
Crusher. "It's Britney's turn," he said.

Britney was already kneeling in front of me. "What's the point
of going down on a woman? Wouldn't this be better?"

She unzipped my fly and pulled my pants down. My cock was
bulging from my shorts. britney didn't even pause as she pulled my
member out and began sucking on it. I threw my head back and groaned
as her vacuum mouth sucked all of my cock down. The girl didn't even
pause for air as she took me into her throat.

"Oh yeah," I said half out of my mind. britney was a Hell of a
cock-sucker. Her tanned breasts bounced against my knees as she gave
me the best blowjob of my life. Within seconds, I shot my load right
into her mouth. Her blue eyes looked at me as her cheeks caved in and
her throat swallowed my cum.

"I win!" britney said. My cock flopped out of her mouth and
started shrinking. britney jumped up and did this cute little dance.

"Nonsense," Mr. Crusher said. He snapped his fingers and damn if
my cock didn't get hard again. "Steve doesn't have to make a choice
yet. You're up now, Molly."

"Out of the way, little girl," Molly threatened.

Molly pushed britney out of the way. The red head stripped out
of her shorts and let me have a good look at those amazing long legs.
She only had five minutes to seduce me but she knew that looking at her
legs was better than any blowjob.

The redhead walked up to me and pushed me down onto a chair.
Then she turned around and let me admire her legs and ass. She
positioned her shaved sex over my cock and slowly lowered herself onto
me. Her long legs straddled mine as she sank my cock into her tight
little hole. Molly then leaned back and wrapped an arm around my head
as she gyrated on my cock.

"Britney's not yet a woman but I am," Molly said huskily. She
had the moves to prove it. Her hips moved back and forth over me at an
amazing speed. My cock was pulled, clenched and twisted in directions
I didn't know was possible.

Again it didn't take long. My hands were cupping her tits as she
brought me to my second climax of the night. Her pussy clenched around
my spurting cock and milked every drop out of me. I climaxed so hard;
I had to bite her pale freckled shoulder just to keep from screaming.

"Wow," I groaned when she rose from my cock. Sticky streams of
white flowed down her leg.

"Kim? Can you salvage this?" Mr. Crusher asked. Another snap of
his fingers brought my exhausted cock back to life.

"I'll show you who's number one!" Kim promised. The little black
woman was still on the table and she rolled over onto her stomach. Her
nice round ass was in my face and Kim reached behind her and spread her
ass cheeks. I knew exactly what to do. I stood up and placed my cock
right against her anus. Kim moaned as I spread her tight ass. Damn,
she was such a little woman! Her ass was so tiny around my cock and I
had to really force it in there. I pumped her ass hard once I finally
got all the way in there and Kim was crying out the whole time.

I felt my cock begin to climax but the tightness of her ass
slowed me down. It was the slowest climax I ever had. It was like my
cum had to fight the tightness of her ass and I could actually feel my
cock swell as it finally reached my tip. My climax erupted in her ass
and Kim writhed as I pumped my entire load up her ass.

"Nasty," I said as I pulled my cock out. Kim shuddered and some
of my cum bubbled out of her ass.

"That's nothing," britney said defiantly. "Pick me and I'll be a
slave for you."

Before I could answer, britney was already holding my cock in her
hands. The blonde wrapped a leg around me and slipped me inside her
young cunt. I couldn't believe it. I was already hardening even
though Mr. Crusher hadn't snapped his fingers. The blonde looked me
right in the eye as she pushed me back against the table, right beside
Kim's collapsed body. Eye to eye, britney humped my sore cock.

"Come on," she urged. "Get it, get it, get it!"

I could feel her hot body all over me. Her large breasts were
flattened against my chest and her hands were grabbing my ass. We
breathed hard together as her pussy clenched my cock. I knew she just
wanted my vote but her eyes said she wanted me. Her blonde hair
bounced as she savagely fucked me and her firm thighs dug harder
against my legs. Up and down, she fucked me with that tight pussy.

"Fuck!" I cried out as she did the impossible and made me cum one
more time.

"Oops," she said coyly. "I popped you again."

She climbed off of me and Molly approached me. The red head
looked at my red cock and frowned.

"I think it's dead," Molly said.

"I think you're right," Mr. Crusher agreed. "Stand in a row
girls, and let's hear Steve's judgment."

I fell into my chair as they stood in front of me. Well, Kim
mostly leaned. Her ass made it impossible for her to walk. I looked
at all of them and tried to figure out which one I liked best. Molly's
legs were to die for but it was nothing compared to how tight Kim's ass
was. britney was stacked and something of a nasty girl, but Molly was
the first to strip and that has to count for something. My cum was
dripping out of Britney's pussy, Kim's ass and down Molly's thighs but
I couldn't make up my mind. I kept looking at Molly' pale breasts,
Kim's tiny body and Britney's huge tanned boobs.

"Shit, I got to go with Britney," I said. "She's got the best

"And on the merit of mammaries, a world will be changed," Mr.
Crusher chuckled. "Congratulations, Britney, your stardom awaits."

He waved his hand and britney disappeared in a flash of

"Kim, take my advice and get a boob job," he said before waving
Kim away in a flash of gray smoke.

"Molly, really, you're better suited for porn than music," and he
turned her into a rainbow that flew out our window.

"Mr. Crusher, are you the devil?" I asked.

"Nothing that crude," he said. "Thank you for your
participation. Now I know britney will be a huge success if she is the
natural pick of the common man." He began to turn around for the door.

"Wait sir, there's a few things I don't understand."

"Only a few?" he asked. "Very well, go ahead with your

"What will happen to Kim and Molly?" I asked first.

"They will try to have singing careers on their own. They might
make something of themselves and they might not. Either way, if they
do make it, they will never be as big as britney and they will always
know why."

"What about Britney? What will she have to sacrifice to make you
her patron?"

"Good question, Steve. britney never even asked. Years from
now, after she has become a sex symbol for a whole generation of
youths, she will one day die. And when she does, her soul will go to
my Crystal Palace where she will join my Purple Harem where other stars
of yesteryear dwell. There she will service me for eons to come. That
is my price."

I swallowed hard. "What about me? Will anything happen to me?"

Mr. Crusher looked at me and his eyes flashed colors again.

"Years from now, britney will be performing at the Super Bowl.
All of your friends will make nasty comments about what they would like
to do with her. You alone can claim that you HAVE done these things
and even though you won't; knowing that you can will make your life
infinitely happier."

Years later I found he was right.

The end.

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