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Judith and Me 3



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Judith and Me
By Homer Vargas

Chapter 3: All My Problem Solved?

For the next few weeks I thought life couldn't get any better.
Dr. Roth, Judith, had freed me from the vulgar Grace Archer and
made me her new lover. I didn't care if she called me her "big
little boy;" she did know how to keep a boy happy! We held
hands when she took me to the theater, poetry readings, or
concerts, "grown up" occasions, she called them, teasingly. And
afterwards we walked arm in arm into the restaurant for a
candle-lit dinner, bringing smiles to people seeing a couple so
obviously in love. Judith was also a wonderful dancer, although
a busty older woman in a mini skirt with a younger partner
always turned heads at her favorite Latin clubs. At home we
cuddled on the couch and she necked with her "boyfriend." She
read novels to me in bed and I told her sexy stories. Oh, and
did I mention, she fucked my brains out morning and night?

I should have known it was too perfect to last. One Friday
night I let myself into her house only to find Judith already
home and cooking, usually my job. She wore a pink something
that didn't hide much of Judith. The best silver was on the
table and a bottle of wine was chilling. "What's the occasion?"
I asked as she took me in her arms and kissed me hungrily.

"Oh, mommy has a little surprise," she replied mysteriously.
She slipped her hand down onto my fast-hardening cock. "And
something tells me you are going to like it!" she giggled
Later, when the grilled swordfish with capers, steamed fresh
asparagus and wild rice was gone and a second bottle of wine
just a memory, Judith took my had and led me off to bed earlier
than usual. I was feeling delightfully woozy and let her
undress me and put me to down before she slid under the sheets
with me.

Soon I was drowsily nuzzling Judith's delicious tits and she
was casually playing with my cock getting me ready for our
first fuck of the night when she stopped. "David, my love,
don't you hate the pretense, having to make sure no one sees
when you come over here or having to leave my house before
dawn? Think how much more conveniently we could make love if we
lived together openly."

"Yes," I murmured insincerely, quite satisfied, in fact, to
have this beautiful, horny woman who gave me all the sex I
needed, but with no obligations, "But wouldn' work. 'N affair
with younger man could ruin your reputation," I slurred, hardly
able to think of anything but the wonderful hard breast I was

"Around this town it would," she agreed. "But we could run away
together. I have a large nest egg and I could re-establish my
practice anywhere. We could go somewhere warmer and more
relaxed. You could spend more time with your prick in me,
trying to keep mommy satisfied," she grinned down at me.

"But whattabout my job? Couldn't leave m' job." I mumbled, my
mouth busy with her hard nipple.

She looked at me and smiled. "Why not? Writing software may be
challenging, but the royalties are hardly munificent. I make
enough money to take care of you. Besides, ... I don't really
like having you outside the house so much of the time. There
are too many sexy young women in those high-tech firms. One of
them might steal you away from me!" She was gazing at me like a
prized possession.

"Must be crazy!" I grunted. Why was she trying to make me talk
when all I wanted to do was work on the nipple that was getting
nice and pointy.

Judith just laughed. "A little paranoid, perhaps, but why take
chances. You are too clever with my tits -- and between my legs
-- to loose." She lifted my head and kissed me to get my
attention. "No, darling, I've thought about this a lot," she
grinned. "In fact, I have decided to keep you at home from now

"Quit work and stay home all day? What would I do?" Why
wouldn't she let me get back to her titties?

Her eyes twinkled. "Well, there is DSTV and you could write
down some of those sexy stories you tell me and post them to
The New Enraptured site," she grinned. "You'd have more time to
work on your cooking and it would be nice if you kept the house
a little tidier." She smiled mischievously as she saw my look
of consternation. "But in fact, I have another project in mind
that should keep you VERY fully occupied.

"Fully occupied?" I asked apprehensively.

"Yes, inexperienced as you are, I think you are going to have
your hands full taking care of a baby."

"Baby? What baby?" I exploded, suddenly wide awake.

"The baby I'm going to have, darling," she grinned. "Your baby.
Our baby."

"What do you mean, 'our baby' Judith? This is totally
impossible. You can't have a baby!" I objected.

"Oh? And why can't I?" she grinned. "I'm several years away
from menopause yet. Don't let these few gray hairs fool you,
lover. I'm still a very fertile woman. If I hadn't been careful
to stay on the pill, you would have knocked me up long ago. You
certainly haven't been very careful about not shooting my pussy
full of your potent young jism," she said in mock seriousness.

I was stunned. With previous lovers I had always been very
responsible to take precautions, never fucking a woman without
a rubber. I suddenly realized that for months now I had been
fucking Judith ...

"Bareback," she grinned as if reading my thoughts. "But several
weeks ago I stopped taking the pill. I have wanted a big family
for a long time, but never though I could have one for
professional reasons. Now that I have found a wonderful man who
I can keep at home to take care of the kids, there's no reason
not to get started."

"You mean you are pregnant?"

"Not quite," she smirked. "I probably don't have a bun in the
oven just yet, but the oven's nice and hot and waiting for
someone to slip in the loaf for cooking," she replied, looking
satisfied like a cat about to eat the canary. "I figure I'm in
the middle of my cycle this weekend; my womb is ready to make a
baby. I checked my temperature this morning and it was up. My
pussy had the sticky secretion that shows I ovulated a day or
so ago. And I'm feeling sexier than usual, if that's possible,
which means my hormone levels are up, too. Looks like I'm
perilously ready to conceive, a dangerously fertile woman," she

"Now if I got careless and let some horny boy put his big cock
in me and shoot me up with a lot more than one charge of semen
over the next day or so, bingo, I'd be one well knocked up

I shook my head in disbelief.

"And as my full time lover, David, you are get to be the
naughty boy that gets this old girl 'in trouble.' And I am so
much looking forward to your kind of trouble you will get me
into," she whispered, nuzzling my ear.

"In a few minutes, darling you will make love to me wonderfully
as you always do. In the next few days your prick will go in
deep and please me over and over again the way I love. And each
of those times while I'm lying there under you, writhing in
ecstasy, coming and coming, your prick will be pouring my
hungry cunt full of your manly young jism. By tomorrow morning,
or afternoon, or night, or the day after, one of your sperm
will wiggle his way up in me and fertilize an ovum. And you
will have made me into a mummy-to-be, good and proper."

"No Judith, no!," I protested in horror. "We can't do this!"

"Why not, lover? Worried that I'll cut you off when I'm
pregnant? On the contrary, my sweet pussy-loving pet. You'll
find out when a woman's body is busy making a baby, it makes
her sexier and raunchier than ever. Mommy'll be slow and dopey
and want you to do her all the time, honey. You'll love having
me make love to you even more when you have made mommy fat and
pregnant. As my tits swell up and my hips get fuller you will
find you want me to fuck you even more often. I'll keep you so
sexed up sweetie, you won't want to leave the house."

I was speechless.

"For the next nine months I'll let you do nothing but eat,
sleep, and fuck Mommy. Believe me, I know how to keep my big
boy's prick happy, even when my tummy sticks out too much. When
I get too big for you to get in through the front door, we'll
just reverse positions. With me squatting on top, I can still
ride you to orgasm. My weight will make you feel deliciously
helpless and dominated when I get you down. Or I'll just haunch
over and let you do it to me doggie fashion. You know you like
to grab my tits and come into me from the rear! And then after
you're un-zonked from a long afternoon in bed, I'll take you
out walking and everyone will stare at us and at my big belly.
I'll make you proud that you were man enough to get your mommy

"I'm totally against this, Judith! I'm not going to touch you,"
I said firmly.

"You are against THIS?" she laughed, rolling toward me and
pressing her moistening pussy against my cock. "My big boy will
do a lot more than just 'touch' Mommy," she laughed. "You'll
touch mommy when she wants to be touched and where she wants to
be touched and HOW she wants to be touched," she said, placing
her hand on my cock. "I'm going to get this deep inside Mommy's
cunt and make you cum into my warm fertile pussy, David" she

"I won't ... do it!" I said, almost out of control from arousal
but fearful of loosing my independence.

"David!" she smiled indulgently. "When have you ever been able
to say no to fucking me? You know I'm the one who decides when,
where, and how often we have sex. Your prick is my pussy's big
slave boy. When mommy calls, he comes," she laughed. "I've
decided you're going to stick it in me tonight and that's it!
Your prick is stiff, I won't have any trouble getting you to
put it where I want it. No man can resist a woman rutting to
get pregnant. Come here, baby, let me get started."

"No, Judith, NO!" I was still protesting when I felt her
arousal-slickened pussy slid down over my cock.

"Don't worry, sweetie, Mommy's not going to make you do
anything you don't want to do. If you don't want to see me with
a big belly, just don' t come in me. Exercise a little self
control and my pussy get you too excited if you don't' want to
make a baby in me." She grinned down into my grimacing face,
enjoying her total control of me. Careful, homey, I think I
feel you getting stiffer. Don't come in me if you don't want
to, if you don't want to fuck a pregnant woman for the next
nine months."

As she leaned forward to whisper her teasing words she placed a
nipple in my mouth. "What a shame if you had to compete for
time sucking me with a little baby. I'd make you wait, David
until our baby was full before you could drink any of my sweet
milk. So don't come, David. Don't come ... yet!"

Suddenly she grasped me tightly and rolled. Helplessly, I let
her maneuver me on top. "That's it, lover! Let me lie beneath
you for a change so all that lovely cum will gush down deep
into me. Come put your prick in here where I want you, baby,"
she demanded as she moved her hips under mine. "Stick that big
long baby-maker deep inside. Oh, yes, like that! I feel you
going in! Penetrate me good, lover! Impale me with that
beautiful cock! I want all ten inches of your Mommy-maker to
burrow all the way down into my juicy cunt. That's where your
jizz is going to give me a child" she grunted as *I* started to
fuck *her.*]

"My OBGYN told me just how to have this baby," she cooed. "'To
get yourself good and pregnant fast, my dear, I prescribe large
and frequent injections of semen. Get a man to drown your pussy
in his thick, hot cum. Find yourself a good lover, preferably a
sexy young man with a long thick cock. Seduce him. Make love to
him until he's so hooked on sex with you, he will fuck you when
and where and how you want him to. Then throw away your pills
and wait a couple of weeks. Sorry, you'll have to postpone
those delicious early morning romps with your stud for a few
days while you take your temperature every morning and check
your vaginal flow. When your temperature rises and your flow is
sticky, you're getting ready to conceive. Without the pills to
smooth out your hormone cycle, you will probably feel more and
more horny as that day approaches, too. That's why we like sex
so much. It's mother Nature's way of making us enjoy doing what
we need to do to get knocked up,' she explained."

"'When you see the signs that the old mare is in heat and
you're ready to be studded, take your stallion to bed for a few
days straight and make him fuck you as he's never fucked you
before! You want his sticky cum to flood into your cervix, so
at least for the first time each night he puts his prick in
you, I advise taking him while lying on you back. Open your
legs and let him pour it down you. But don't worry, if you lock
your legs around him once he's in, you can still maintain total
control. Continue making him screw you four or five times a
night for several days. I guarantee you'll flunk your first
pregnancy test,' she grinned. 'Then continue the treatment four
or five times a day until I make him get out of my way for the

"Judith! Judith!" I was moaning incoherently as I thrust madly
into her.

"That's what she told me, lover; I'm just doing what the doctor
ordered. Keep putting your prick in me, ... deeper. Yes, like
that! Shoot me up with my first big charge of come of the
night," she ordered as my penis reached the bottom of her slick
waiting pussy. "Come!"

It was all she needed. Her legs held me in the saddle and her
body took control. I felt her heaving slowly bringing me closer
and closer to orgasm. I struggled to pull out, to cum
harmlessly on her tummy, but her lock was too strong! Her
rhythmic writhing was too much. Waves of pleasure began to wash
over me and the orgasm built. My fruitless struggle dissolved
into complicity. I went crazy. I wanted to unload into her. I
wanted to shoot her womb full of cum. I wanted to get Judith
pregnant and 'ruin' that voluptuous figure of hers. I wanted to
see the bitch get fat and waddle around with her swollen tits
and her tummy sticking out. I wanted to watch her grow slightly
docile, as she became heavy with my child. I thrust my prick
into her hot moist cunt harder and harder until I felt the
explosion! Defeated! My jism shot into her waiting cunt. Still
she didn't release me. Her legs held me fast until I had pumped
her full.

"Good boy, David. Good stud," she cooed, as I collapsed on her,
practically comatose. "You gave me a good load of jizz. I can
feel you hot sperm trickling down inside me. Let it work on me
for now. You go to sleep," she whispered as she cradled my head
on her bosom. "Take a little nap and rest up for next session
while I work this pillow under my ass. I'm not taking any
chances. You'll give me some more of that good medicine again
later tonight."

The next morning she woke me up with a huge breakfast but soon
after eating I began to fell very drowsy again. Judith was
grinning down at me and took the tray. "My big boy looks like
he needs his morning nap. Does he need mommy to help him get to

"Judith, what's wrong? What did you do to me?" I complained,
knowing something was not right.

"Nothing's wrong, baby. I just gave you something to make you
sleepy. I want you to sleep with your wonderful prick in my
sperm-filled pussy. Come here and let me help you."

I was too out of it to resist. I hardly realized that as she
soothed me with her breasts, Judith was guiding my already hard
cock into her wet pussy again. As I sucked sleepily I felt the
muscles of her cunt softly massage my cock and soon I was
pouring more baby juice into her as my consciousness drifted

When I finally straggled into work the following Wednesday, my
dismissal notice was waiting for me. Judith had gotten her way.

Over the next several weeks I got used to taking care of the
house, running errands for Judith, and my cooking did start to
improve. Judith, of course enjoyed showing me every night how
grateful she was for my work. I had almost forgotten about the
extended weekend that lost me my job until I woke up one
morning to find a envelope by the bed. I untied the bow around
it. Inside was a paper from a home pregnancy test with a big
pink plus on it and a note.

Dear Sure Shot,

You did a fabulous job on me that weekend -- in every way!
Bull's eye the first time! I could almost feel the conception
from the way your prick filled me up with thick cum the first
night, darling, but I'm not complaining about the other four
days. <g> Here's the proof of your wonderful cocksmanship.
Since you're going to blow me up like a balloon, I've gone
shopping for maternity dresses. But don't worry! They will be
short and sexy enough to make sure you stay interested in
having a pregnant mommy to screw you.




Soon I heard her at the door. When she walked in she was NOT
wearing a maternity dress. Her hair was cut short and had
highlights. She was wearing a tight little mini skirt that made
her look years younger. I had though I would be furious with
her, but the display of her wide hips and big tits looked too
good. I wanted to make love, not war. All I could do was

"Glad you like it. I thought if I was going to have my young
lover's baby I'd try to look the part of your sexy young

"You don't look much like a mommy yet, but you look young and
sexy enough. If you weren't already knocked up, I'd make you a
mommy all over again."

"Sounds like fun, but too bad," she giggled, "that job's been
done ... for the time being. I'll take about four rain checks,
though," she teased.

"The 'job' was done most unwillingly. What you did to me that
night was statutory rape," I teased back.

"Yes, I guess it was. You were so afraid to make me pregnant, I
had to force myself on you a little. I violated you, baby," she
admitted with mock sympathy. "And you know what they say,
'criminal always returns to the scene of the crime,'" she said
grinning and skulking closer to the bed. "Have you heard of a
'criminal instinct?' You're facing a serial rapist who enjoyed
her crime so much she feels like violating her victim all over

"Should I call a policeman?" I asked in mock horror.

"By all means, if he's big and handsome. That way I can rape
both of you." she laughed. Soon the ridiculous mini-skirt was
on the floor and Judith was on top of me again. "The first step
in a successful rape," she grinned, "Is to find the right
victim. I always select a good- looking young guy with a big
hard dick and a weakness for chubby women."

"You sound like a professional."

"I am. I've been raping men all my life. Shall I give you
lessons in being raped?"

"Will I need them?"

"You will if you ever try to refuse sex with ME!" she growled.
"First, when a woman approaches you with that hungry look in
her eye, you must look her over. If your attacker has big boobs
and well rounded hips like mine, you will realize that you are
already starting to get horny. There is no way you can resist
her. You might as well resign yourself. You are going to
succumb to her superior strength and skill. One way or another,
she is going to bed you. The best you can do is make sure she
gets hot, too, to maximize your own fun."

"I see" I said stroking her ass like and eager pupil.

"When she takes you in her arms and kisses you, close your eyes
as you kiss her back. Open your mouth to let her tongue invade
your mouth. Cooperate as she unzips your pants and pulls out
your prick. Let her lay you back gently and mount you," Judith
said, demonstrating as she talked. "Let her know you won't
resist her."

"Oh, I won't resist!" I moaned sincerely.

"Of course you won't, baby! Now you allow her to stimulate you
to a maximum erection. A smart victim will suck his attacker's
tits while she manipulates his prick to achieve deep
penetration," she said as she skillfully guided my erect member
into her vagina. "This will make her hurry to fuck you." I felt
her pussy's warm moistness grasp my cock.

"Now that her crime is almost consummated, all you can do is
relax. A powerful, evil woman has you completely in her power.
You must yield to her. Allow the rapist to get her pleasure
from you. She wants to ride you until she has gotten off
several times. Do I have to threaten you to make you obey?" She
grinned down as she started to slowly ride up and down on my

"Oh, no, Judith" I moaned. "Take me! I WANT to be raped. Fuck
me! Rape me!" She needed no such permission. Thrusting her clit
against my dick and coming time after time, she had already
taken me, fucked me, used me.

"Finally, now that your attacker has satisfied herself," Judith
gasped, "She must make sure you can never testify how the
violation occurred. She must make you forget everything, drown
your mind in pleasure, suffocate your memory with sex," Judith
said as she rode me faster, pushing me closer and closer to
orgasm. "She has ravished you; your strength gone, you feel
very sleepy. Even if you wanted to, you could not fight off the
desire for sleep. But you don't want to. She makes you want to
sleep. You let her fuck you... to sleep. Fuck you... to sleep.
Fuck you..." An orgasm as black as night closed over me.

-- o --

Month's later when Judith's bulging tits and swelling tummy
started to show, we split for points south.

To be continued in: Chapter 4 - "Our New Home"

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