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Archived Sex Stories

Judith and Me 6



All stories in this archive are the property of the author.
They may be downloaded and read by private citizens. They
are not to be used by commercial web sites. Persons using
this material on commercial sites will be vigorously pur-
sued by the "hounds from hell," or my legal team, whichever
is deemed necessary. These stories were written for adult
entertainment and should not be accessed by children.

Judith and Me By Homer Vargas

Chapter 6: Friends

One afternoon around Judith's eighth month she had some of her
new friends over. She had me busy serving the drinks and
canapes I had made, but I overheard them talking. "It sounds
like the ideal arrangement, dear," one said enviously.

"It is," Judith said. "I keep David home to look after the
house while I look after my clients during the day."

"But at night when Ms. Working Woman gets home, I hear her
boytoy keeps the mommy-to-be very happy," another voice added

"I know what part of him keeps her happy, too. I hear your stud
has a 10 inch dork." said a third voice. "You must go out of
your mind when that monster slides into you."

"It's mutual," Judith replied smugly. "He does have a very
satisfying prick, but frankly, he is a genius with his tongue.
Of course, I keep him pretty well nailed down, too."

"I'll bet you do, as much as you like to fuck and be eaten,"
they all laughed.

"Is it true he's actually your sex slave?. Your Adonis will do
whatever you tell him?"

"I don't like the word 'slave,' but yes, he's completely in
love with me. He goes nowhere and does nothing without my

I was angry at this humiliating description of our
relationship, but realized it was close to true.

"You can make him do anything, anything at all?"


"Could you make him fuck me here in front of you and the
others?" the voice continued.

"If I wanted to," Judith replied matter of factly.

"I don't believe you. Do it."

"You want David to screw you right here and now, Ruth?" Judith

"Have you even know of a time or palace I did NOT want to be
screwed?" The women all laughed again, knowingly.

"What do you say, June?

"Sure, Judith. I'd love to see Ruthie dear getting her gears
oiled right there on the floor. We know how much the poor thing
NEEDS it," she added a little spitefully.

"It will turn me on, terribly" agreed Alicia. "But I've got a
boyfriend coming over tonight. Is he ever going to get a shock
when I pounce on him!"

"Very well, I'll do it. -- David," she called out.

I had been listening, but pretended not to hear. "David,
*darling,* come in here," she called again with a voice I had
to obey.

I walked in and stood close to Judith. Se took my hand. "David,
I'd like you to get to *know* Ruth," Judith said. The choice of
verb was not lost on me. "Ruth is a dear friend. Have a look at
her. Tell me honestly, do you find her attractive?"

I looked the woman over. She was perhaps a little younger than
Judith, and in fine shape. Although not as voluptuous as Judith
even before she had me get her pregnant, Ruth was good looking
and wearing a fairly daring mini for a woman her age. I guessed
she was hot. "Yes," I answered truthfully.

"Good, because Ruth has a little problem. Like all of MY
friends," Judith grinned, looking around, "She is a pretty
highly sexed woman. Until several weeks ago she had a very
satisfactory boyfriend, a young man whom she had giving her the
regular reamings she needs. Now they have broken up and since
then ... well she hasn't been getting laid very regularly. As
you can imagine just by looking at her, she's getting pretty
desperate. She needs a man in her to give her a good fucking. I
want you to help her out by making love to her this afternoon."

"Why don't you come over and sit by me, handsome," Ruth
smirked. "I may want to devour you, but I won't bite."

"But Judith?" I protested. "Another woman? Here?"

"Why not darling? You've admitted she is attractive. Ruthie
needs some cock. We are all friends. The rug is thick and
comfortable. I'm proud to show my friends the beautiful young
man whose prick keeps me so well satisfied. Ruthie's friends
would enjoy seeing Ruth getting what she needs from a stud in
action. And you don't mind the audience, do you Ruth?"

"If he's got a prick the size you say he has, Judi, I'd let him
fuck me in the Orange Bowl!" Ruth growled lecherously. The
other women all tittered.

"No, Judith, this is humiliating. I won't do it!" I protested.

"Yes, darling, you WILL do it because she will arouse you."
Judith spoke softly and looked deep into my eyes. Her voice
seemed to come from inside my head. "You have looked at Ruth
with desire, David. You won't be able to resist her! You are
gong to fuck Ruthie because she is a very sexy woman and she's
ever so hot to trot!"

There was an almost predatory gleam in Ruth's eyes as she
regarded me "Ruth is out to turn you on; you will succumb to
her, whether you like it or not," Judith whispered. "You can't
help yourself, darling. Look at those big boobs. You can't take
your eyes off of them, David." Ruth had unbuttoned her blouse
and was caressing her breasts.

"Look at her long shapely legs. She is wearing her skirt short
so she can make men stare at her. Look, she is hiking her skirt
so you can see more of her. You can't keep from peeking between
her legs."

Judith 's hand was on the bulge in my pants now. "Ruth is
getting you horny. Her sex is working on you, David. She makes
you want to fuck. Your prick is getting hard, my darling. See
how she has her skirt almost up to her crotch. She wants you,

"Now go over and sit by her." Then Judith dropped her voice so
only I could hear. "She's a very sexually frustrated woman,
honey, who needs a man bad. I want you to give her the pleasure
she has been missing. She thinks she is a dominant woman, but I
want you to make a submissive out of her. Make out with her.
Get her good and horny. Toy with her until she looses control.
Then when you've got her good and ready, I want you to fuck her

"That's a good boy." Ruth smiled as Judith gently pushed me
toward her. I went and sat down obediently by her side, unable
to keep my eyes off her tits. She lightly placed her hand on my
crotch. "Oh, .... I like what I feel down here, David. I know
just where and how to put this equipment to work. Let's not
waste time. I see you like my boobs. They seem to have you in
the right mood. Well, I don't have my blouse unbuttoned just to
let you moon at them. Why don't you get me out of my bra and
start fondling me?" she said and took me in her arms. "I'm a
hands-on, user-
friendly woman," she laughed.

She didn't laugh long. As we kissed I reached in her blouse and
unhooked her bra. It fell away easily and I took her big
titties in my hands. She moaned softly and squirmed with
pleasure as I began to massage her tits and tweak her nipples.
"Oh, darling! Not so fast! What are you doing to my boobies?
Oh, I love it; it's beautiful," she gasped, almost fully
aroused after only seconds.

"These breasts are so lovely, Ruth, so big and sensitive" I
said, obeying Judith's instructions to arouse the woman and
give her as much pleasure as she was capable of. "Any man would
be lucky to get his hands on a woman like you. I did not know
you were so hot, Ruth, such a totally easy female."

Her eyes were closed and she lay back helpless in my hands.
"Feeling up these tits turns you on, doesn't it? Your breasts
are getting so hard, Ruth. I am going to kiss these nipples, so
erect and aroused. I'm going to play with you until I make you
crazy for sex."

"Oh, yes, David. You really do a job on a woman's breasts. I
want to fuck you all night."

"No, Ruth, you are not going to be able to fuck; you are going
to GET fucked. These beautiful, sensitive breasts, Ruth, are on
fire. You are too hot to do anything but receive pleasure. And
I'll bet a woman like you is beautiful and sensitive down here
too," I continued and pulled up her dress. "And you love for
men to play with you, don't you, even though it only gets you
hotter and more desperate for me to give you the release you

She moaned her assent.

I smiled as I slipped my hand under the waistband of her skirt,
"Why Ruthie, you randy trollop. What is this I find when I put
my had between your naughty legs? You don't have on any
panties, you deliciously depraved hourie! You left your pussy
open and undefended." I slipped a finger into her pussy and
began wiggling it. "Going bare makes me think you've just been
hoping some man would get his hands onto your pleasure point,
haven't you?. Why, all a man has to do is run his hand up your
leg and bingo! He's into your snatch."

She winced with pleasure when I touched her clit.

"You know what a man can do to you, when he touches you down
there, don't you? You knew what could happen and you wanted it
to happen and it's going to happen! Oh, Ruth, you're getting so
wet down there. This pussy it ready for a prick! You want to be

"Judith! Help me! Make him stop. He's really gong to fuck me!"

"Of course he is, Ruth, like you've never been fucked before!.
That's what I've trained him for."

"I wasn't serious. I never dreamed he really would!"

"You said you wanted to get screwed. If you don't want him in
you, you make him stop."

"But how can I? His fingers all over my clit feel so good, I
don't want him to stop. He's going to make me Aggggg!" she
screamed when the orgasm hit her.

"Then stop complaining, you silly girl. Spread your legs,
woman! Get ready for that beautiful cock in your pussy and
enjoy getting laid by a pro," Judith taunted.

"Look at that expression on Ruth's face." commented Alicia
turning to June beside her as they watched me getting ready to
put the wood to Ruth. "That woman knows what she's about to get
and she's in heaven! Those hands of Judy's stud must be magic.
Did you see how quickly he turned Miss Fat 'n Sassy into a
puddle of silly female desire? The woman went into a crazy rut
almost as soon as he started working on her boobs"

"They don't call them our boobs for nothing, honey. If a man
like him got his hand on my breasts, I'd be panting for his
prick, too." June replied gaping.

"Looks to me like you're panting for it anyway, June dear,"
Alicia said, a mischievous smile spreading over her face.

"God, yes! The minute I saw him take out his cock I felt my
panties get wet ...."

"You poor dear," Alicia said with feigned sympathy as she put
her arm around her friend. "You must be so horny. Maybe you'd
like me to help you get some temporary relief," she continued
and started to unbutton June's blouse.

"Alicia, what are you doing? Stop pulling open my dress! Get
your hands off my ... Ohhh!" June gasped as a bolt of pleasure
shot through her.

"Your tits? Don't you want my hands on your pretty titties,
June? Seems to me you rather like it, you randy cow!" Alicia
smirked as poor June squirmed with pleasure.

"You really enjoy having your boobies pawed, don't you June,
baby? Look at the way these nipples stand up when I tweak you."
June's breath came in gasps. "My, my, you are going into heat,
June, baby. I bet I know something else you'd like me to play
with. Let me get you out of your skirt, darling," Alicia

"No, stop!," June protested, but she complied, helplessly.

"That's right! Open up for me baby and, so I can get my hand
between your pretty little legs better. Why June darling! Your
undies are sopping wet! Your cunt is leaking and I haven't even
touched you yet." That wasn't quite true. Alicia was fingering
June through her panties. "Watching Ruthie get laid has you
climbing the wall. You must need to orgasm pretty bad. Well,
let me slip my hand in your pussy and help you out."

As Alicia started to diddle June and quickly brought her to her
first screaming orgasm, I concentrated on Ruth.
"Don't be afraid, Ruth." I said. "The fun is only now about to
start. You are just starting to get nicely turned on. I've
diddled you good until you really need to get laid. Fingers are
nice, but you need something longer and thicker between your
legs to really satisfy you. You need a man-sized prick to
penetrate your cunt and fill you full of fuck," I continued as
I slid my prick into her wet, wet pleasure hole. "That's just
what you're going to get."

"Oh ... Oh, yes! ... Put it in me. I want your big cock in me.
Fucking feels wonderful, but ... but... please pull out before
you come, please. I haven't been taking my pill. This is my
middle week. If you shoot the jizz in me, you'll knock me up!"

"No wonder you are so attractive," I hissed. "There is nothing
sexier than a fertile woman. And it explains why you suddenly
wanted to get fucked so bad. I like screwing a woman who is
ready to get pregnant. I'm going to enjoy knocking you up, my
dear!" I said over her whimpered protests. "I'm going to get
you pregnant just like I did Judith."

"No, no!" she whimpered but the bucking of her hips belied her

"You're getting exactly what you wanted, honey," Judith
interjected. "You knew what day of the month it was when she
asked me to make David screw you. "And if you're not on the
pill, it can be no accident. You knew you'd be screwing around
even without having your boyfriend to put it to you like
clockwork. If you get pregnant now, it's because you want to

"Of course she wanted it," agreed Alicia, having finished
finger fucking June to unconsciousness. "I think she got
envious of you in your cute maternity dresses and decided she
wanted to flounce around with HER tummy poking out, too, and to
hell what the other partners say."

"Well, whether she wanted it or not, she's about to get it
now," Judith laughed. "When my stud unloads his balls in her
he'll get her so pregnant she'll waddle like a duck. Our Ruthie
is headed to the maternity ward. After all," Judith smiled and
patted her bulging tummy." Look what he did to me in just one

"What a change for an aggressive, in charge corporate lawyer,
eh?" remarked Alicia. "Look at Ruthie, out of her mind in a
helpless rut!"

"It just shows you what a cock of the proper magnitude can do
to us, my dear. You can't blame her. You'd stay home fat,
barefoot, and pregnant all the time, if that was the only way
you could have that prick in you every night! Fortunately, I
get the cock, but he stays home." Judith gloated.

"Oh, yes, Ruth, you like getting fucked, don't you?" I
continued over their kibitzing. "You'd like to have your cunt
full of cock. Now tell me that you want me to pull my prick out
of you. Tell me you don't want me to keep putting it deep,
deeper and deeper into your pussy until I come," I whispered as
I continued fucking her.

"Look at the size of that dork. He must tickle her tonsils
every time he rams that tool in her," Alicia giggled.

"Reminds me how got it is to have him in me!" sighed Judith.

"Oh, yes, fuck me, keep fucking me good, but don't come ... but
don't stop," blubbered Ruth. "Oh, but it feels so good. You're
so big! I'm going to come! I'm coming! I'm coming! Ai....
Ai.... Ai...."

"You will enjoy being pregnant, Ruth. Your tits will get
bigger; your hips will get wider. You will be sexier and
raunchier. You will have to get yourself a man quick and you
won't be able to be very choosy. You will have to take the
first man who can satisfy you. He may make you stay at home,
but you'll do it so he can take care of you, especially take
care of your need to fuck. Unless, of course I stop," I said
and slowed down slightly. "Do you want me to make you

"NO! Noooooh, Yes! Just don't stop fucking! You can jizz me up.
Go ahead, I don't care! Give me your cum. Pump me full. Blow me
up with jism." She was totally delirious now. "I'll make babies
for you, I don't care. Get me pregnant! Make me as fat as a
sow. Just don't stop fucking me! Don't stop! Ai..... Ai....

When she felt me unload, Ruth's moans rose to a banshee scream
that slowly dissolved into soft whimpers of pleasure as
continued to pump ballful after ballful of jism into her
ravenous pussy. Then as my cum began filling her cunt, the
tension of her terrible arousal relaxed. Her eyes closed softly
and she slumped unconscious.

-- o --

"Well done, David. You really put it to her. You must have
pumped enough cum into Ruthie to keep her out for hours," said
Judith as I caught my breath. "She hasn't had a man screw her
like that in a long time, I guess. When Ruthie finally wakes up
she'll be one contented lady."

"Contented, my ass!" sniffed June who was now fully recovered
from her seduction by Alicia. "After the kind of screwing she
got, she'll demand to be banged again, first chance."

"Can she afford to have a baby at this time of her life?" I
asked, now a little chagrined at what I had done.

"Of course," Judith replied. "She's rich as sin and heard the
biological clock ticking. That's why she kicked out her
boyfriend; he wouldn't do the deed. Ruth has been pestering me
for weeks to let you make her pregnant. If you didn't nail her
this time, you'll just have to try again. All that 'please
don't come in me, please don't make me pregnant' was just part
of a little drama Ruth dreamed up to increase her pleasure."

"But I'll admit it's given ME a wonderful idea," June injected.
"Play acting has its advantages. I think it would be fun to be
a horny housewife who goes down on a sexy but naive door-to
door sales hunk. What do you say, David?"

"I'd say, 'no,' of course," I replied stiffly. "Judith wouldn't
like it and neither do I."

"Says who? What about it, Judy?" June asked.

"Do I get to watch?" Judith leered.

"If you don't mind seeing another woman seduce your man."

"I don't have to worry. His prick always comes back to me."

"Do you agree, Alicia?"

"Oh, hell. I am already at full boil from watching him go at
Ruthie and getting you off. I don't know if I can take any
more. You guys are going to kill me. But ... what a way to go!

"Well, I refuse! You are all sick!" I protested.

"Don't be so huffy, darling," said Judith. "We're just girls
that want to have some fun. And playing with big sexy boys is
our favorite game."

"I won't do it, I tell you!" I protested more vehemently.

"Excuse me for a few minutes, girls. I am going to have to take
David to our room for a 'little talk.'"

"Oh oh!" June hooted. "We know what kind of talking you're
going to do!"

"I'll bet he'll come back with a big grin on his face when you
finish him. Can we watch?" Alicia asked with a smirk.

"No, some things between a woman and her man are private.
Besides, I don't want you to know all my secrets for keeping
him on a short string." She winked at the women and crooked her
finger at me. "Now come here, David."

I had no choice but to follow her to the bedroom. She closed
the door. "I want to explain something to you, David."

"But Judith, I ..."

She silenced me with a kiss and began pushing me backwards
toward the bed "I think you will understand me much better on
your back with your eyes closed and your prick up inside me,
darling. You were skating close to defiance of my wishes. I
think I need to deepen your conditioning just a little."

"Judith, don't humiliate me this way, please!" I begged.

"In bed, David," she repeated and began to remove her clothes.
"You must learn that you must do whatever I tell you. And the
best way for you to learn that is to remind you that you that I
can fuck you anytime I want to. You are so horny for me right
now. So lie back, darling, and let me have your prick. When we
have our little talk you, are going to be in a
receptive mood!."

Soon she was on top of me, her protruding, pregnant belly
almost blocking my view of her swollen, bouncing tits as she
rode me to heaven.

-- o --

When Judith and I came out of the room a half hour later, I was
Sam, a health food salesman. I went out, stood on the big front
porch [the hall] and rang the bell

"Good morning, Ms. Beech," I said when June came to the door.
"I'd like to talk to you about Vita-Life."

"It's Mrs. Beech, for all the good it does me," she snarled.
"Come in and tell me about Vit-E-Life," said June who had
switched into a simple but very short frock, very sexy. The
game no longer seemed so stupid.

"Vit-E-Life is a scientifically balanced complete food
supplement. It is especially high in Vitamin E and promotes
muscle tone and overall vigor," I intoned.

"Over-all vigor, huh? Vitamin E? Haven't I read something about
vitamin E stimulating the masculine sexual performance?" June

"Uh ... yes," I replied nervously.

"In that case I should be interested. You see Charles used to
keep me pretty happy. He would always roll me every night. He
could get me off time after time when we fucked. But recently
he just doesn't seem interested in me. And believe me, I've
tried to interest him. For example, I unbutton my front like
this. [does it] Seeing my tits used to really turn him on. Or I
lift my dress. [does it] Time was he couldn't keep his eyes off
me when I let him peek up my dress. Maybe Vit-E-Life is what I
need to get him fucking me again. Tell me ... do you use Vit-E-

"Well, yes, of course."

"Then I want you to have a glass."

"We are not allowed to use the product while on duty," I
protested, knowing that Vit-E-Life was mainly alcohol with a
little tranquilizer to make the customer feel good. A glass of
it would knock me for a loop.

"How am I supposed to know if the stuff works without a

"But ... I objected.

"Pour a glass."

She wasn't smiling a friendly smile. I had no choice but to

"Now Drink it!" she growled and handed me a glass. Again, I

"Aren't you supposed to please your customers?" she asked,

"Of course," I agreed and took a sip. "But why are you so keen
for me to take the Vit-E-Life?"

"I need to find out how Charles will react if I start giving
him Vit-E-Life. Now drink some more. I want you to have a good

"Well, Mrs. Beech ..."

"When I get enough of it in him, will it make him sort of dopey
and easy to control?" she asked, staring into my eyes.

"I don't know ..." I muttered, no longer thinking too clearly.

"And if I sit next to him like this and show him my tits," she
said, opening her blouse, "Will he stare at me and start
getting horny?"

"I guess so," I replied. I was sure staring.

"Good. I want my tits to get him horny so he will feel me up.
Will it do that?" she asked and, believer in the scientific
method that she was, drew my hands to her breasts. "I love to
have a man feel my titties, " she squeaked. "It makes me feel
so sexy and ... it gets the man hot, too. Will Charles do this
to me?"

"Oh, Mrs. Beech," I moaned. The Vit-E-Life had hit me hard and
I was now keen to get in bed with this willing female and began
to fondle her vigorously. "You have big beautiful boobies, Mrs.

"Oh, yes!" she sighed and gave herself up to the pleasure. "I'm
getting so hot. Call me June, darling. Anyone who can feel up a
woman like you can deserves to use her first name. I told you,
the problem isn't with me. I get turned on easy, too easy. The
problem is Charles."

"It won't be for long," is snorted.

"You are very persuasive, sir. What else will my husband do
when I give him Vit-E-Life? Will he get into my pants?" she
asked and guided my hand up under her skirt.

"I guarantee it, June."

"Marvelous! When Charles he sees me getting horny as I am now,
I want him to get excited, too. I want him to pull up my dress,
slip his hands up my legs and pull down my panties."

"Like this?"

She moaned as I followed her prompting. "Then what will he do?"

"Spread your legs, you horny wench and you'll find out," I
growled, now fully aroused. "Once he's got his hands on your
snatch, he will play with you, June. He will play with you like
the tart you are until you really want to fuck."

"Perfect, I want it now! Put your prick in me."

"But I'm not Charles."

"Who the Hell cares? You are here and you drank the Vit-E-Life.
Your prick is big and hard. You want to fuck and I want to
fuck, so fuck me, you bastard! Fuck me!"

So of course I did, or rather Sam did, until June was braying
like a stuck sow.

-- o --

"Bravo!" exclaimed Judith, Alicia, and Ruth when June in turn
had been shot full of cum and had collapsed into
unconsciousness. I, too, was panting with exhaustion.

"That did it!" exclaimed Alicia. "I can't wait for my damned
boyfriend tonight. I've got to have a piece of that man, now!"
she declared, looking at me fiercely.

"Well, I let Ruth and June have their fun. I can't deny you as
long as we all get to enjoy the show," conceded Judith "What do
you have in mind?

I looked at her and mouthed "N. O." but she ignored me.

"I'm too revved up to even feign being seduced. I feel like a
predator," Alicia snarled. "I want to sexually devour your

"Well, that's the nice thing about young men," Judith grinned.
"You can devour them again and again and there's always more
left." The three women laughed.

"No more! Please," I protested.

"Sorry, dear," Judith smiled. "When lionesses are in council,
gazelles don't get to vote. We'll call you when we're ready for

"Judith!" I pleaded.

"Don't worry, David. I understand our little problem. You'll
soon be ready to go again. You are just tired, dear. Fucking
that tarty June took a lot out of you, poor baby. You are
drained and weak," Judith was again using that tone that forced
my obedience.

"You just need some rest. Just snuggle down there with our
little fucked-out June. Put your head on her breast and take a
little nap." I felt a wave of drowsiness flow over me as I sank
down against June's sleeping body. "Take her titties, David.
... That's a good boy. sucking one of those man-pacifiers will
help you relax ... and go to sleep." I felt June moan softly
and stir to accommodate me as I slumped unconscious in her

-- o --

When I woke up I was 13 and in bed with a thermometer in my
mouth. Dr. Alicia came in dressed in a 'way too short smock.
She leaned over me, dangling her boobs just inched from my face
and smiled. "Well, how does my big little boy feel today?" she
asked and patted my face.

"Good." I said. "When can I get out of bed?

"Not until I say you can, young man. I want you to be a big
healthy boy. For the time, I'm going to keep you in bed, Davey.
Do you have any aches?" she asked as she began to rub her hands
over my chest. "How does this feel?"


"Yes, I imagine it does. You know, Davey, sometimes a spell of
fever can accelerate a boy's maturation. In just a few day you
can go from a 'little boy' to a 'big boy.' I think it's time to
find out if you are a big boy yet," she said and pulled back
the sheets

"How can you tell?"

"Oh, I can see that you have grown a lot and your shoulders are
broad like a man's, but I really need to examine you down here,
between your legs." she explained and she pulled up the smock I
discovered I was wearing.

"Just as I thought! You HAVE gotten to be a big boy. Look what
you have been hiding from me, you naughty child!" she exclaimed
and began to massage my penis. "This feels good, doesn't it

"Oh, Yes ma'am." I agreed.

"Yes, you have gotten to be a big boy and big boys enjoy
letting women touch them here. You are a little stinker not to
have told Dr. Alicia sooner that your penis had gotten so big.
And it's getting very hard, too. I should have given you this
examination months ago. I'll bet I know something naughty you
have been doing!" she grinned.

"No, nothing, Doctor." I replied nervously.

"Don't try to fool me, Davey. I see semen stains on the sheets.
When you are alone you put your hand down here and play with
yourself, don't you?

"Yes ma'am," I confessed.

"Of course you do, honey, because it feels really good, almost
as good as I am making you feel now, right?" She was fondling
me deliciously.

"Yes," I groaned.

"Tell me what happens then, Davey"

"Oh, doctor, when I move my hand up and down over my thing ..."

"It's your penis, Davey. Or your prick or your dick or your
dork or your tool. Women have dozens of names for it because
it's so important to us. Go on."

"When I run my hand up and down on my prick faster and faster,
it feel better and better until ...Agggg!" I erupted into
Alicia's grinning face.

"That must have felt very good, didn't it?" she asked licking
drops of sperm from her fingers.

"Yes ma'am."

"What you experienced is called an orgasm, Davey, or coming.
The sticky white fluid that comes out of your penis when you
orgasm is called semen. We also call it cum or jism or jizz or
spunk or sperm. Any you've go a lot of it.

"I'm sorry I made a mess, Dr. Alicia,"

"Not your fault, honey. I didn't have my mouth open wide
enough. A girl has to be very careful when she lets you put
your prick in her because if she's not, your semen will make
her pregnant. That's why your girlfriends, when you get a
little older, will want you come in their mouths."

"Really?" I asked, amazed.

Alicia just smiled knowingly. "Well, I see that you already
know how to do one naughty thing with your prick. Now I'm going
to let you do something much naughtier and much more fun. You
are going to put your prick into the pussy of a woman and cum
in there."

"But I don't know how, Dr. Alicia."

"You don't need to know anything. You are going to do it with
an older woman. She's the one who knows how to make you feel
good when you put your prick into her. I think it should be
someone who can come to visit you when you are in bed. Can't
you guess who?" she teased.

"Dr. ...? Oh, no!"

"Who better, Davey. I'm here and you are ready. I can give you
such a good fucking."

"But Mom? Dad?" I objected.

"Oh, I made sure they won't bother us. I slipped a few drops of
some special medicine in your Mom's tea while we visited. It
makes a woman ravenously horny. I stayed long enough to see her
starting to put the make on your Dad. You should have seen his
eyes bulge when she spread her legs and hiked her skirt. I'm
sure by now your mom has your Dad down in bed screwing his
brains out. In fact, she may be getting pregnant. That is what
I intend you to do to me, Davey."

"Please, Dr. I'm afraid."

"There is nothing to be afraid of Davey. You are just a boy
that has never had sex yet. Your strong young prick has never
been inside a woman and what a way to start! My husband can't
give me a baby, but you can. Just put it in me and make my
tummy swell. It's something every man wants and needs and I can
give to you. Let me show you what you'll be getting," she said
and dropped her short smock. She was completely naked.

"Wow, Dr. Alicia. You look neat!"

"I feel 'neat', Davey. See how the nipples on my tits are
standing out rigid? That's what happens to a woman who wants to
get knocked up. You see, just thinking about what your cock is
going to do to me, makes me horny. Feel me here," she said and
took my hand between her legs.

"Gosh, Dr. Alicia! You sure are wet in there!"

"That means my pussy is ready to get your baby juice in her.
Now let me get it from you."

With that she slipped under the sheets with me. "I will get on
top, darling, because I want to do the fucking. You just relax
and supply the sperm. First I'm going to put your cock into my
pussy, Davey," she whispered as I felt something warm and wet
envelope my prick. "Oh, yes! I've got you in me darling, so
deep. Your prick feels so good in me! Now let me fuck you." and
she began to ride up an down on my prick.

"Oh, Dr. It feels so good!"

"Of course it does, Davey. You're getting fucked by a woman who
knows how to give it good to a man. It's natural to enjoy
having your prick in a woman's cunt, knowing you are about to
put a baby in her. And you feel good in me, too. Ohmygod! You
are so much bigger than I dreamed. Your prick is so hard and
it's going in me so deep. I'm going to have an orgasm, Davey.
Oh, yes, YES! Your prick is making me cum! So good! SO GOOD!"

For the next several minutes Alicia just bounced up and down on
me, babbling about wanting a baby and screaming from time to
time. Then she started riding me harder and braying. I felt an
orgasm boiling up and came in her. We both fell unconscious.


When I woke up the doctor was gone. In fact, Ruth, June and
Alicia were all gone. Judith was looking at me with a sweet
sexy smile. "You've had a hard day, darling. Let go to bed."
She must have seen my look of consternation. "Just to cuddle.
Until tomorrow morning ..."

About six months later Alicia, June, and Ruth were over at the
house again. Judith had finished nursing Claudette and I had
put her down for a nap. Judith had broken the news about our
second child on the way, but the three friends had other things
on their minds. And they weren't as happy as the first time.

"My boyfriend is pissed off as hell!" exclaimed Alicia. "He
says I didn't warn him when I went off the pill and he isn't
giving me a dime for the little bastard!"

"But you're giving him the stuff I told you?, Judith asked.

"Yes, every night."

"And he's still screwing you, isn't he?"

"Well, yes. More than before," Alicia admitted.

"Just give it time. He'll come around. Just make sure his prick
doesn't spend too much time dry. If you still want him to,
he'll marry you before the baby is born."

"And what about me?" Ruth demanded.

"It was your idea, Ruth. I warned you that you wouldn't want
David to pull out once he was fucking you."

"I just never imagined ... at my age ..." Ruth lamented.

"That you'd be having your first baby?

"That it would be so hard to find a new boyfriend, especially
after I started to show."

"But you did. Lots of men think pregnant women are sexy. And
what's wrong with having someone your own age for a change?
You're OK with Robert, aren't you?"

"Yes, he is as sweet as can be and a great lover, but won't the
stuff wear off?"

"Not as long as you keep fucking him. Every time he comes in
you, his obsession with you goes back to 100%."

"And after the baby is born?"

"You can make it permanent.

"How?" Ruth asked.

"Let HIM get you pregnant next time!"

"You've solved Alicia's and Ruth's problem," June spat, "But
I'm the one you really fucked up!

"From the size of your tummy, June, dear, it's apparent *you*
are the one who fucked up. It serves you right for trying to
steal David from me. He told me about your coming over here
when I was away. When I found out what you were trying to do, I
let you have him for a few weeks, but I made sure you 'forgot'
to take your pills while he fucked you." Judith gloated.

"I know. I'm sorry, but when Josh found out I was pregnant with
another man's child, he kicked me out before I could give him
the drug that you let Ruth and Alicia use. What am I going to
do?" she lamented.

"Don't worry, dear. You can move in with me. David is doing a
great job with our little Claudette. He'll happily take care of
as many babies as we want to give him!"

The End

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