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Julia04 Blasphemy


*If you are younger than 18 years
If sex is taboo to your neighborhood peers
If offended by words full of sexual sleaze
Do us both a favor and skip this please.

Please ask permission before posting this story elsewhere.

It's probably a good idea to read at least one of the precursors to
this story, "A Small Case of Overkill," "Deity Savant," or "Reverence
and Destiny." This story assumes some familiarity with Julia, although
it should stand on its own.

And, finally, a great deal of thanks to Eye of Serpent for excellent
feedback and inspirational ideas during the writing of this story.

- Sara*



by Sara H

Categories: FF, MF, FD, MD, MC, VIOLENCE


Part One

The oblong table was very old. If it could have thought, it would have
held the memories of countless philosophies. As it was, it was merely
old, scarred and indifferent.

The room in which it sat was old as well, and dark. The air was filled
with the heavy, heady smoke of cigars and tradition. The walls, covered
with layers of paint from decades of endless renovation, vibrated
slightly in concert with the voices of the men who sat in the warm,
dark, womb-like chamber.

Voices rose and fell, sometimes arguing, sometimes agreeing, but a new
timbre was now coloring the air. It was panic.

"Our sources know that something strange is going on that seems to have
this woman at its center, but we have no idea what her motives are,"
said Mr. Three. "Her influence is growing, but it is not at all clear
that she is a threat."

"Her mere presence and control is a threat; that can be taken for
granted," argued Mr. Seven, loudly. "The fact that she has managed to
coerce such a large group of influential people into joining some
secret quasi-religious society implies conspiracy."

"But Mr. Seven, we have monitored many such fringe groups for years,
and proven that in nearly every case that they hold no viable cause for
alarm," rebutted Mr. Four. "How can you call for the termination of
Julia Shelton carte blanche?"

The argument continued for another hour, just as it had for three hours
before, and for days before that. Seeing that no headway was possible,
the only person of the eleven gathered around the table who had not
spoken cleared his throat. The arguing quieted immediately as the
assembly prepared to listen to Mr. One.

"At first glance, this appears much less than insidious. She certainly
has gained the confidence of several important dignitaries, but has not
done anything that appears to be particularly provocative. On the other
hand, our inability to gain any information as to technique or motive
is of great concern to us all. Therefore, there is threat implied by
the unknown. There is obviously only one course of action. She must be

There was a faint sound of grumbling objection, but it was silenced as
Mr. One raised his frail, trembling hand. "Gentlemen, the discussion is
over. Ms. Shelton is now officially to be brought to the care of Dr.
Salyer," said Mr. One, his half-closed eyes circling the men gathered
at the table.

"This meeting is adjourned."


Julia sat quietly in the white room where she had been deposited,
apparently unconscious, some hours before. She remembered being
blindfolded and gagged, and a car ride, but there was a large gap
between the sounds of the road and waking up in this room. Although she
was no longer held by bonds, she had no real idea of the passage of
time, nor could she simply walk out. Her first action had been to try
the door. As expected, it was locked.

There was a small shelf that went all the way around the room about a
foot from the ceiling, which was about twelve feet above her. It's
purpose was apparently to shed indirect light through the room -
although it was well lit, there were no discernable shadows to be seen.

In addition, she was dressed differently. She now wore some kind of
loose white utilitarian jumpsuit with a banded collar. *Not sexy at
all,* she thought. *Not comfortable, either.*

She returned her attention to the room. The only feature other than the
beige carpet were two comfortable armchairs, one of which she now
occupied. Obviously someone else would be coming, and she wished they
would come soon. She wondered if she was being watched, and guarded her
emotions so that she showed no trace of the deep worry she felt inside.

Finally, the door opened, and a woman, dressed in a jumpsuit identical
to her own, entered and sat in the opposite chair. She stared straight
ahead, paying no attention to Julia, and making no movement other than
the gentle rise and fall of her chest as she breathed.

The silence continued for some time, and Julia nearly jumped out of her
skin when the woman finally spoke. "Welcome, Julia Shelton. I am Dr.
Emil Salyer, speaking to you through my assistant." The voice was
filled with amusement, and Julia found it particularly unnerving that
the "assistant" betrayed nothing of the emotion in the voice.

"She is acting as my safety buffer, since I do not know your method of
hypnosis, or mind control, or whatever it is that you do. I *do* know
that it is nearly impossible to reverse... we've been trying to break
Jesse Mattox for the last four days, with no success. Any progress we
make is temporary. For that, you have my respect."

Julia gave a cold, cruel smile, but inwardly could feel hysteria
creeping in as she realized that she really was in deep trouble. Up to
now, there had been no clue that Jesse had been missing.

"My assistant is implanted with an interface device. If you were to
look under her collar, you would see a series of seven devices that
look like moles, almost like a necklace, circling her neck. I won't
bore you with the details, but rest assured that she is only as
present, and in control, as I wish her to be. She thinks and acts as I
wish. She is completely unconscious at the moment, acting only as a
communication device between us.

"If you check under your own collar, you will see that you have a set
of identical devices. Please feel free to take a look," crooned Dr.

A panel slid up the wall to her right, revealing a full-length mirror.
She considered sitting where she was, but she was curious, and she soon
found that she could not help but look. She went to the mirror and
pulled down her collar, seeing what might be mistaken for seven small
moles, were they not perfectly spaced and identical.

"Do you see them?" queried the ersatz Dr. Salyer.

"Yes," said Julia. "They don't look like moles exactly though, do
they?" she hissed.

"They are moles," said the voice of the assistant.

"They are moles," said Julia. What had she been thinking? Of course
they were moles.

"You have always had them."

"I have always had them."

"You are mistaken. They are Dr. Salyer's interface devices," laughed
the absentee voice.

Julia's eyes widened, and then something happened that surprised even
the good doctor. Her chin trembled and she let out a tiny sob.

Dr. Emil Salyer sat back from his remote console and sighed with
satisfaction and anticipation. This "threat" was already breaking.

He leaned forward to the microphone in front of him, smiling. "Let's
talk," he said.


Dr. Salyer rubbed his eyes, feeling their immense fatigue. His fifty-
year-old hands covered his weathered, slightly gaunt face. Although he
was white-haired, it was nothing new - he had been without hair color
since the tender age of twenty-two. Not a particularly handsome man, he
was well suited to his job as interrogator for the Board of Eleven;
very few people could remember with any detail any striking features.
Resting for the moment, he let his tired mind wander back and recounted
the progress he had made.

He had tapped into Julia Shelton for two weeks, stopping only to give
her water, food and a place to sleep. He had run her through the
emotional gamut, from cruel indifference to insatiable lust, thanks to
his tiny but very effective implants. However, as with her converts, he
could only affect her temporarily; as soon as he turned off the
interface she was as unchanged as ever.

Although he now knew more about Julia Shelton than anyone else could
possibly know, the interview was getting more and more rigorous. Julia
was having trouble speaking, due to the irritation of nonstop
narration. Even his analytically cold heart was feeling the sympathetic
effects of terrorizing her throat. It pained him to listen to her, but
he could not stop. It was much too fascinating. Apparently she was some
kind of savant... she could tell him what she did, but now how she knew
what to do to control these other women.

Part of the secret lay in the fact that she did not coerce so much as
enhance the existing psyche. In that sense, she merely empowered these
women to think and act from psychological vistas they often did not
know they even possessed. Then, finding weak areas in their disoriented
state where they could not resist her domination, she withered anything
that did not lead to complete devotion to Julia and any cause she found

She could have told them that their purpose was to collect discarded
toenail clippings and they would happily do so until the day they died.
Luckily for them, Julia wanted to fuck.

In fact, she had not planned to start a religious cult; it was a by-
product of her own increasingly bizarre sexual excesses. On the other
hand, once it had started she fell prey to her own weakness, and
gradually had moved from allowing her subjects' worship to actively
promoting it.

Despite his desire to learn more about her abilities and methods, he
had a deadline. The Board of Eleven was beginning to ask for his
report. He knew that his conclusion, after pages of analysis, would
likely be that although she posed no immediate security threat,
accurate monitoring would be impossible, and therefore that she would
need to be terminated. He thought it a shame - still locked inside,
Julia Nicole Shelton held the key to something the government had
always wanted... non-traceable, innate mind control. *At least she has
another week,* he thought with a dry smile.

Dr. Salyer felt the tendrils of his conflict press in on him. As much
as he wished for it, he could not set her free. She was too interesting
a case to easily kill, but unlike all of his prior subjects, he could
not erase her memories of captivity. Even Jesse Mattox had not been
quite that strong.

For the time being, he had discovered that if he used a low wattage
transmission in combination with a repeating program from his computer,
he was able to keep her docile and could approach her in relative
safety. In effect, he was giving her a dose of virtual Thorazine.

Once, as an experiment, he decided to let her "convert" one of his
assistants - and it was without question the most erotic thing he had
ever seen. Some of his observations, though, would never make it into
his report to the Board of Eleven, including the fact that he could not
stop himself from pulling out his cock and stroking it as he watched
his assistant transformed from a vacuous lab rat into a ravenously
devoted subject of Goddess Julia. It pained him to terminate his once-
loyal assistant, but it was simply too dangerous to keep her around.

The thoughts and memories swirled in his head, mixing with newly born
lust, creating a sense of desperation in him. Surely he could overcome
the barrier of her will. After all, it was simply a mind, albeit a
strong one. Standing, he bent over his console and flipped a series of
switches, and looked on in open admiration. The monitors showed Julia,
now naked, lying in bed, asleep. Her pierced nipples rose and fell as
she slept, and her short, black hair was beginning to show a little
curl as it grew. *No wonder these women can't resist her,* he thought,
*she *looks* like an obscene, unholy, evil and irresistible goddess of
lust, even sleeping...*

He considered all of his alternatives, and the challenge that Julia
Shelton presented. After typing in a few commands to the computer
keyboard, he turned and left the room to begin his final attempt to
completely break her will and capture her heart, mind and soul.

The computers began their insidious transmission.

The monitors stayed on, recording Julia. She stirred, sitting up
sleepily. The door to the room opened, and Dr. Salyer entered, smiling.
Julia's face visibly transformed, as did her body. Her nipples
tightened, and she smiled, curling her body in a sultry stretch as she
gave Dr. Salyer a come-hither look.

The speakers crackled, "Hello, Julia," in a tinny re-creation of the
doctor's voice.

The wattage increased.

"Hello, doctor," said Julia, rushing to her knees on the floor before
him, as her "moles" now instructed. Her head cocked slightly as new
instructions poured into her unresisting synapses. Obediently her
hands reached under Dr. Salyer's lab coat and pulled out the doctor's
erect, turgid cock, and with the reverence of a monk, the relish of a
whore, she let her mouth fall to his member, grateful for the chance to
commune with Doctor... no, Mister... no, Master Salyer. She shivered in
pleasure as she got the correct answer, the computer monitoring and
reshaping every thought.

The wattage increased.

Four identical versions of Julia's devotion, each from a different
angle, played into the control room. Her head bobbed patiently and
methodically up and down, taking the doctor deeper and deeper into her
mouth, her tongue swirling and rasping against the underside of his
swollen prick.

Dr. Salyer's head rolled back... the combination of pleasure and power
was making the indulgent blowjob more intense than any that he could
remember. He could *feel* her need to please him, and the fact that she
was being told this by the computer did not lessen the sense of
authenticity. On the contrary, it made it even more profound, and his
hips began to buck wildly, face-fucking the lovely young cockslut.

The wattage increased.

Julia felt nothing inside but the need to bring more and more pleasure
to this man and his cock. It was beyond love, and beyond even lust - it
was nothing but purposeful, fulfilling service. She knew she had never
even been near a cock before, at least sexually, but it was a thought
with no importance. She knew it was a sort of rape, but she didn't
care. There was only the Cock, the Master, and the pleasure she could
give. Her own voice, unknowingly shaped by technology, told her with
complete conviction that this was her true destiny.

The wattage increased.

She could feel the pressure building in him, and she slowed, creating
excruciating pleasure as Master moaned and ground deeply into her mouth
and throat. The computer, following it's program, transferred the
sensations of the now screamingly aroused penis directly to Julia's
brain... every pleasure she gave was returned to her tenfold and
through her entire body. The sensation was completely relentless... she
felt as if her body was covered with her own warm mouth, sucking her to
greater and greater pleasure. She was beyond stopping, even without
instruction... it was just too irresistible.

The wattage increased.

As Master exploded into her wanton, sucking mouth, she was overcome
with convulsive, perfect bliss... with every reflexive thrust he made,
her body jerked and spasmed and she felt wet, slimy cum jet out of her
psyche in huge spurts of pure oblivion... finally falling into tired,
oversensitive afterglow.

Inside the control room, the monitors shut down in unison, and the
computers ended their transmission. They continued to monitor her in
case her true personality reasserted itself, but otherwise no longer
shaped her thoughts.

Inside Julia's darkly ravaged mind, she knew what she was. She was
nothing more, and nothing less, than a blowjob unit - a fellatio
machine... she asked for nothing else. Besides, it was time to begin

As the doctor became lost in the sensations of her continuing
ministrations, there was no one to even mourn or celebrate her
surrender but the obsessed, mindless, relentless fuck machine on her
knees before him, driving his pleasure onward... and onward... and

Part Two

Dr. Salyer sat in his control room, working to adjust the programming
he had placed in Julia Shelton's mind. He had been working all night
and, looking at the time, realized the sun would be coming up soon. He
wished he had a window, just to break the mood of the incredibly
stressful work.

Apparently, she had been much closer to succumbing to his conditioning
than he had estimated. He had wanted to merely make Julia a more
willing and totally compliant subject, but she had passed that mark to
become a mindless suckwhore. While her skills as an oral automaton were
hard to resist, she possessed no intrinsic value in her current state.
All he could hope for was that he had not burned out part of her that
he most wanted to study and emulate: Her innate ability to control

Finally satisfied after countless simulations, he typed in a command
and hit the enter key. Grabbing a remote keypad and placing it in his
pocket, he returned to Julia's quarters.

"Hello, Julia," he said as he entered the room. Julia's eyes
immediately popped wide open and her tongue ran around her lips,
moistening them in a wonderfully lewd gesture. She made a light pout as
she pressed them together, her cheeks subconsciously hollowing inward
as her programming subroutines initiated phase two of her mission.

She literally leapt from the bed, walking saucily towards the doctor,
her eyes lit brightly with maniacal obsession, her body oozing single-
minded seduction.

Dr. Salyer, after a moment's hesitation as he resisted the temptation
of her unholy charms, pressed a button on the keypad.

Julia staggered and fell. Her breath gasped out of her, and she clawed
the floor briefly before regaining her composure. Then she was up on
her feet again, approaching the Doctor. Just as she was about to kneel,
he touched the keypad again, this time keying in a short sequence.

Again she fell, her head banging against the floor so hard that it made
the doctor wince in empathy. As before, she clawed and reached for
purchase on the floor, and her whole body shivered as if in the early
moments of epileptic convulsion. Then, making the first sound since her
conversion, she groaned and brought herself to her knees, her mouth
still pouting in invitation to pleasure.

Dismayed, the doctor went over the new programming in his mind. *She
should be responding better than this,* he thought, considering a
return to the control room to check the results. It seemed that it
might be important to assess his first attempts to partially restore
Julia's ability to respond - at least respond to more than overtly
sexual commands.

But then he heard a sound, and looked back at Julia. Her lips were
forming words; her breath was hissing out something so softly that he
could not hear. He walked over, and leaning down to the struggling
woman, he put his ear to her lips.

"*Last chance,*" came the rasping, painful words, "*last chance... last

He told himself again that he should not indulge his sexual needs until
she was restored, but this was so plaintive, so desperate, as if she
feared losing her mindless euphoria. He saw quite suddenly that it was
only merciful to acquiesce. He had done so much damage to this woman
that he owed her the benefit of fulfilling her request. It didn't help
his judgment that his cock was straining inside his pants, longing to
feel her satiny, glorious mouth again. *Jesus, I'm beginning to sound
like one of her followers,* he thought, cynically.

He pulled his cock out, holding it before her worshipping eyes. Her
mouth raised slightly and slid down it in one long, slow movement. His
eyes rolled back into his head as the sensations poured into him
through the millions of nerve endings in his swollen prick. "God, it's
fu-u-cking b-better each t-ttime-m," he stammered.

As the stimulation increased, his mind began to fall into a hotly
erotic hallucinogenic dream. With his eyes closed, Julia's mouth on his
cock created a sticky, humid sensory overload...sliding up and down,
increasing the pressure... he could feel the pleasurable sparks affect
his hearing and his sense of touch... almost like the feedback his
computer had sent to Julia...

His eyes popped open in surprised panic and comprehension. The words
she had spoken had been a warning... or a distraction... or maybe
something she saw deep in him that would draw him out...

It was inconceivable, even as he succumbed more and more deeply to the
flowing sensations, that she had managed to start transferring her
"program data" to *him*! He tried to push her head away from his hotly
jumping cock, but his hands betrayed him as they guided her up and
down, up and down, even faster than before. As he realized the reality
of what was happening, he tried again in vain to break free - but by
the time the thought worked past his growing sexual frenzy of nearly
constant orgasmic delight, it was already too late.

He could feel his mind as it sagged and broke under the white-hot lust
that was taking over his mind, the warmth of Julia's tongue bathing his
body, her mouth surrounding him in wanton rivulets of lust beyond love,
need beyond simple desire... his body stiffened... he was a cock... all
cock... suck the cock...

*Something only a Goddess could do...* his brain repeated, over and
over, burning into his mind as his entire body exloded in rapturous
ejaculation in unison with his cock, the last tattered vestiges of his
brilliant mind bent and twisted into the form of a female cockslut, but
he was a *man*... no, a man-slut, a sick fuckfreak of worship for
*(YES)* Goddess Julia...

And then, Emil Salyer was no more.


Julia rocked back in the chair of the control room, laughing like a
child in unfettered delight. She looked at the white-haired man in the
monitors who stared into space, drool dribbling out one corner of his
mouth and down the side of his face. He had not seen the room for two
days now.

The ploy of using an assistant for remote communication had been a good
idea, and it had nearly been successful in giving her no escape - but
the fact that his emotions and reactions came through despite the
assistant's lack of presence had been Dr. Salyer's undoing. Within a
few hours of beginning the "interview" (which was longer than she
usually took, to be sure), she had all the information that she needed
to keep him occupied until he completely lost track of reality.

When she knew and could feel inside that he was weakened and tired, she
guided him into asking her to convert his assistant. The girl's
seduction was more outwardly apparent than usual, for the benefit of
Julia's audience... convincing him of how dangerous the girl would be.
Then, after faking the assistant's death at his hands (which was the
trickiest part) by convincing him that saline solution was actually a
deadly poison, Julia let her "resurrected" slut take revenge on the

Already less and less able to tell the difference between Julia's
suggestions and reality, poor Emil was taken completely by surprise as
he was neutralized and given his own set of special "moles."

Of course, none of that was even the tiniest part of his reality now.

The greatest irony of all was that as he toiled over the computer,
visualizing the program that would triumph over Julia, he was creating
his own enslavement ritual. From the moment he started the program
until now, he had been little more than a receptacle for the whims of
the Goddess and Her Divine Perversions Made Manifest.

Sighing, she pushed away the slurping, hungry tongue of Zoe, the recent
assistant born newly to adoration of the Goddess of the Path, and
looked into her glazed, worshipping eyes. "There is much work to do,
slut," she tenderly said to her subjugated slave. "Dr. Salyer still has
to report to the Board."

The two women smiled in unison as they thought of the havoc that would
soon come...


The Chamber of the Board of Eleven looked much as it had for over two
hundred years. It had been a stage for the best and worst in humankind.
It was home to both honor and corruption, often at the same time.

The dark, heavy, mahogany table sat and listened, as it had always
listened. For the first time in history, it was hearing something
alien. It was the voice of a woman.

"Mr. Ten, please show Mr. Two your shiny black cock." Mr. Ten, eyes
waxing, pulled his revolver out of its shoulder holster. He held it out
at arms length towards Mr. Two's face. "Suck me," smiled Mr. Ten.

Mr. Two, a look of fear and revulsion on his face, stiffened as he
tried to resist the pressure in his brain, urging his twitching lips
forward to the cold metal peni... no, *gun*. "You fucking bitc..." he
started, almost finishing the blasphemy.

"Aw, Mr. Two, you wouldn't want to displease your Goddess, would you?"
teased Julia. "Your resistance is admirable... you have lasted much
longer than any man has ever lasted before, even Dr. Salyer. For that,
you have my respect." she finished, casting a laughing glance to Dr.
Salyer, who stood in the corner, a stiff, six foot totem of erectile
servitude. *Doc Cock, perfect name for him,* she thought as she let her
laughter darken.

Her voice turned suddenly earthy and low, dripping with sexual promise.
"Now, be a good boy, and suck the black shiny cock and make it cum into
your mouth, Mr. Two," commanded Julia.

Mr. Two, his neck muscles still straining in resistance, engulfed the
barrel in his mouth and began sliding it in and out. At Julia's
continued bidding, he began to move faster, and then faster, breaking
his teeth on the barrel, deeply cutting the inside his mouth. Feeling
suddenly that he needed the big black gun... no, cock... to cum into
him. He felt his own cock grow erect... closer and closer to the
edge... closer... closer...

Mr. Ten, his own shaft sending pleasure directly to his brain, felt the
turgid member jerk, and as he reached the point of no return, the spasm
went from his cock, into his arm, through his hand and to the finger
that exploded the .357 phallus into Mr. Two's begging, sucking,
slurping, bleeding mouth.

As his own cock exploded he remembered that he had done this nine times
before, to everyone but himself and Mr. One, who had somehow managed to
escape the room. That only meant one thing to Mr. Ten. There was only
one more person who needed to suck the black shiny cock.

Placing the beautiful, wonderful, cold black steel cock into his mouth,
he squeezed its balls, and fell to oblivion.

The room was motionless and silent for a very long time.

Julia stepped over the bodies scattered on the floor around the table.
There was a new look in her eye, and somehow, it was less playful.
*Sometimes being a Goddess is too fucking GRIM,* she reflected, sitting
in the chair at the head of the table.

Looking to the female consortium she had assembled to go with her to
confront the Board (and to present them with Dr. Emil Salyer version
2.0), she felt a need rising within her loins. She was slightly
surprised, but quickly accepted the feeling of arousal the violent
scene had begun in her. Coupled with the release of tension from the
past days, her need finally burst the worn fences of her restraint.

She looked at Lindsey, Elizabeth, Jesse and Zoe, her beautiful
Collegium Cunnilingula, her closest worshippers... and felt the heat
flow through her and into her cunt as if she had never felt desire

Opening her legs to reveal the naked pussy under her long, black silk
slit skirt, she pressed a finger into her folds and quietly said, "Time
for communion, my sluts.

"Happy are those that are called to my supper..."

*Please feel free and encouraged to send any feedback and/or comments
to Y'all come back now, y'hear?

- Sara*


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