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Julia05 A Small Case of Curiosity


A Small Case of Curiosity

by Sara H

Categories: FF, FD, MC


*Note -

This story is fiction.

"If you are younger than 18 years,
If sex is taboo with your neighborhood peers;
If offended by words of sexual sleaze,
Skip this, skip this, skip this please."

(c)2000 by Sara H


A Small Case of Curiosity

by Erin H


*I am sharing this without the knowledge of my sister, Sara. What has
prompted my even getting involved was her disappearance for four days,
after sudden changes in her demeanor. In that time, I stopped by her
apartment, and found this videotape, which is an interview with
"Goddess Julia", a "supposed" character from one of her stories. I
really don't know what to think, but I'll let you read and be the
judge. The words in parentheses are my words, trying to describe what
is on the tape. Sara, if you are reading this, I'm sorry, but people
need to know.*

- *Erin*


\Sara:\ I know it's probably a bit awkward to reveal yourself; what is
it that allowed you to do this interview?

\Goddess Julia:\ It's not awkward. On the contrary, I have followed
your work, and know that no one will believe this anyway. That's the
wonderful part about exotic discovery - it's all so new that people
tend to ignore the possibility that it really is true, especially if it
comes from a writer of erotic fiction.

\S:\ That said, why do you do what you do? Subjugate people, I mean.
What is your eventual goal?

\GJ:\ Right now, I really don't know. I'm enjoying the sheer power of
it, but whether it is really useful is something I'll have see
somewhere down the road. I'm sure I'll think of something.

\S:\ It would seem that your concentration on political and quasi-
political figures means you have political ambition. Do you see
yourself as a future world leader?

\GJ:\ I am converting politicians and people in the political process
for two reasons. One is that they are so easily corrupted. People in
politics have huge egos, and they love to see them kneaded and
caressed. This makes them vulnerable to ambition. All I do is find ways
to access their ambitions, and of course their deeper, hidden desires,
and slowly show them that their ambition and desire can best be served
by serving me. Of course, they may find that their ambitions change
over time. The second, and more obscure reason is simply because I am
practicing my skills, just as you practice your skills as a writer.

As for being a world leader - no, I have no desire in that direction in
the way that you think of it. Taking sole responsibility for the world
is a terribly lonely chore, it seems to me. (smiling) That doesn't
mean that I wouldn't like to have a large say in things. And if I can
create a group of women who have a common agenda with mine, then we
have a possibility of matriarchal oligarchy, which would certainly make
more sense. Women are motivated to cooperate and base their value in
terms of their relationships, as opposed to men, who are motivated by a
negotiated hierarchy, and base their value in terms of what they do.
Therefore, a matriarchal world government would not fit the current
picture that people have of "world dominance".

\S:\ And yet you make yourself into a Goddess over women. Not to sound
negative at all, but that sounds like a bit more than "having a say."

\GJ:\ To have power over my sluts is exciting to me. And I do like the
experience of seeing the results of my influence. Even though I
consider myself very "down to earth", you can imagine what a lift it is
to have someone consider you worthy of worship.

\S:\ Yes, although I can only imagine. May I ask why do you only choose
women as subjects?

\GJ:\ There are too many reasons to tell in one sitting, but I'll see
if I can give you the major ones. First, I'm a lesbian. I've always
been, and always will be. Second, I find that men do not react as well
to my methods of control. It's not that they are too strong, but that
they are too focused on one thing at a time. Not being as globally
intuitive, they tend to respond better to simple, single commands.
There are men I control, but not men I want to include in my more
private affairs.

I tend to work on a mind from the edges inward, and most men need a
hammer blow right between the eyes. That's not a way in which I'm
willing to work. Lastly, as time passes, men are becoming obsolete.
When the way of the world was a hunt for food, and survival was based
on conquest, men were needed, if only for the focus I just mentioned.
With the industrial revolution, the hunt became one of stalking the
paycheck. Now, women are showing more and more that they don't need men
at all to be successful in that regard. And, in the area of
procreation, it's already unlikely that men will be needed for
pregnancy much longer, even in the general population.

So what we have is a set of humans, focused on things that are no
longer relevant, performing tasks that are no longer unique to gender,
and generally not performing them as well as their female counterparts.
I didn't ask for this reality, but it's real, just the same.

\S:\ Interesting. That leads to my next question very well. Someone
asked me if you empowered or enslaved women, as in the case of the
woman I called "Lindsey Thomas" in one of my stories about you... you
know who I'm talking about, I'm sure.

\GJ:\ Yes, she was one of my more successful converts. (sigh) It's
both. I empower women, give them courage to see themselves as they
really are. Usually, they fight it. It's very human to fight for our
limitations. Sometimes, they see that they have not been given
opportunity. Other times, as in the case of "Lindsey", they see that
another person has squandered their talents and skills. In her case, I
didn't create her anger or her desire to be permanently rid of her
husband, but once seen, I did help her along in her quest. If she
hadn't been so profoundly angry, he'd still be alive, although probably
plagued with some scandal that would create his political suicide. (dry

As for enslavement, it gives my sluts purpose. Human existence is
infused with a desire to serve, to be a part of something bigger than a
single person. Although I enslave them, and enjoy their surrender and
obedience, I also give meaning to their use of the skills and sexuality
with which they are naturally born. Changing their base sexual
orientation *is* a little self indulgent, but we all have our little
weaknesses, don't we, Sara. (smile)

\S:\ (Long pause... and then shakes her head) Yes, I suppose I... uh...
we do. But you call them sluts, and that doesn't fit my picture of
empowerment. Is it to lower their self esteem so that you can appear to
be above them?

\GJ:\ Well, they are no more sluts than I am a Goddess. I guess you
could say the more that they become sluts, the more I become their
Goddess, but it's not like I'm demeaning them. They know I love them,
and I know that they love me. I know that my "deity" depends on their

Funny thing, you know. Most women, including me, like to be slutty, but
they have been taught there is something wrong with it. What I mean is,
they like to be slutty when it's safe, and when the person they are
with is worthy. In the end, they see me as worthy, and calling them by
the thing they secretly desire increases their freedom, but also
establishes my place with them.

(Sara is shaking her head, smiling in disbelief) Well, Sara, we could
try an experiment. I could call you "slut" for the rest of the
interview. Slut. See how it snakes into your brain? You revolt
outwardly, but inwardly you are honored that I feel comfortable enough
to be that free with you. *Slllllllllut*. Rolls off the tongue. Despite
your conditioned repulsion, deep down, it arouses you. I can see in
your eyes that you don't want to believe me. It doesn't matter. It's
still true, and I still know. Slut.
\S:\ And I suppose I am supposed to call you Goddess.

\GJ:\ It might speed the experiment along, yes. The fact that you
mentioned it, by the way, shows me that you are already considering it.

\S:\ Okay, *Goddess.* (sarcastically and grinning)

\GJ:\ (Laughing) See? You're learning already!

\S:\ Okay, okay. So there is a part of me that likes it. I'm still not
convinced that the general female population is in tune with all of

\GJ:\ I understand that you feel that way. (looking more intently at
Sara) We live so much of our lives as separate when really we are of
one mind. Countries, religions, age, education... all constructs to
convince ourselves that we are somehow unique, when in every important
way, we are the same. Slut.

\S:\ You're right... Goddess. There is something quite appealing about
the way you say it. Slut, I mean. Um, anyway, you were saying...

\GJ:\ I was saying that there are those who control, and those who
obey. Two sides of the same picture. I control, you obey. It's so
simple. But simple is how it works. I speak, you listen. I command, you
perform. I am pleased, you are aroused. You see, slut? As a matter of
fact, it intensifies if I say it *this* way: My slut.

\S:\ Yes, I do see that. It's hard to refute, considering that I'm...
experiencing it, Goddess. (clearly blushing at this point)

\GJ:\ So why refute it? You already know it's true. It's more than an
experiment... it's what you are, and what I am... it's not an optional
belief, nor is it a game.

\S:\ No, it's quite clear, actually... It seemed so strange a moment

\GJ:\ But a moment ago, you were asleep. I don't "put people under,"
slut. I awaken them. Feel it now. Wake up, Sara. Give in to what you
know is your destiny. It's what you wanted from the first word you
wrote of me. Isn't it?

\S:\ God, yes... I mean, I didn't know... how did... hold on... I need
to check my notes...

\GJ:\ Screw the notes, cuntlapper. Yes, I know that about you, too. I
can smell your arousal from here. You are trying to resist me... but
it's only making your surrender more inevitable. The pleasure is
already lapping on your clit, and spreading through your entire being.
Every nerve is singing my praise and your pleasure. Your words are
becoming quite unnecessary, aren't they?

\S:\ Ohhhhhhhhhhhh...

\GJ:\ That's right. You can see the aura of power around me now,
beckoning you, changing you, awakening your spirit. You have gratitude.
Love. Awe. Feel it. Slut. Obey your Goddess.

\S:\ awewwwooo.... ungh.... unngh.... (her hands begin caressing her
body as she writhes)

\GJ:\ From this moment forward, you are mine, slut. (Julia stands and
begins to remove her clothes) There is only the spirit you worship, the
body you crave, the voice you obey. It is a sacrament you are called
to, my *slut*. Don't deny yourself communion with divinity... (naked


*I knew my sister was a lesbian, but I did not know the depths of
depravity she could sink to. I watched the video as she fell to her
knees, and Julia came forward, bathing Sara's face in her humid, wet

Sara went wild, and there was obviously some kind of ritual being
performed. When Sara came, I have to admit that I did, too. I'm not the
kind to get off on incest fantasies, but it wasn't like that... it was
just too arousing for words or taboo.

Sara, if you're out there, reading this, I know what you have become. I
love you and want you back. You're my sister. I will not rest until we
are together again.

And, if I can't have you back on my own terms, then I will come to you
and join you...

...and God help me, there's a part of me that wants to do that more
than anything else in the world.*


*Please send any comments to Erin H, care of Sara's email:

- Erin*


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