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Julia06 Pilgrimage


*Do not read this if you are underage, offended, or if your neighbors
would consider this obscene.

Please do not post this story elsewhere without permission. (c)2000 by
Sara H

Thanks to: Iago, trilby else, Tabico, Eye of Serpent, and William Lee,
all of whom encouraged and/or inspired me in writing this story.

This story is a companion story to "Birth of Obedience" by Iago. It is
not necessary to read it to understand this story, but it does give
some background and illuminate certain events.

- sara*



by Sara H

Categories: FF, FD, MC, FT


Part One

The mountain air bit into the woman's lungs sharply, even after a month
of growing accustomed to the biting chill. It simply took more than a
few short weeks to overcome a lifetime of relative ease.

Three months ago, she mused, she would not have called anything *about*
her life easy. Recuperating from a kidnapping, bitter and tired, she
had considered stopping everything. Thankfully, she had enough self-
knowledge to understand that her feelings were mostly a reaction to the
most recent events in her life.

For once, the ministrations of her lovely sluts had not been enough to
overcome her self-doubt, even though she had "enlisted" them. With no
real sense of direction, and the trauma of having been kidnapped and
broken, even for a brief time, she had grown more and more despondent.
The idea of heading into the wilderness to collect her thoughts seemed
like a very good one.

Now, considering everything that had happened since that time, she was
still unsure if she had taken the wiser course. The struggle to reclaim
herself had been a continuous uphill fight from the very first step,
both figuratively and literally.

There were simple joys in which to indulge. The crisp air, though thin,
was cleansing and pure. The daytime sky was a deep, rich blue that felt
like it was a million miles deep, and the night sky was so filled with
stars that it nearly looked white.

And there was this moment, too. Looking across the snow-covered peaks
of the Canadian Rockies, she felt an awe she had not felt since
childhood. With the tree line far below her, and rocks beneath her
feet, she noticed how the mountains around her had changed their
character as the day wore on. What was once a double ridge far in the
distance became a rimmed, high valley, now that she was looking from a
higher place.

She felt a jolt through her body as something fell into place inside
her soul. An insight into existence, into perspective, into
possibility. Her mouth fell open in shock, and then wonder. And then,
with only the briefest hitch of surprise in her breath, she softly
began to cry. Without a thought of why, she let the tears begin to
flow, like raindrops feeding a trickle that would become a river. A
river that would not be channeled or dammed.

She stood perfectly still, willingly letting her emotions expand, the
tears coming harder and more strongly as she released her fear. After a
moment, she could not have stopped it even if she had wanted to... like
the proverbial leak in the dyke, her sorrow had been relentlessly
looking for this opening.

She staggered as the sudden depth of her grief and sadness washed
through her, the sobs felling the walls that had so securely protected,
and then imprisoned, her wounded, festering heart.

Bestial wails of grief tore out of her and carried down the
mountainside, across the valleys, gaining an odd gracefulness as they
echoed out and back.

She fell to her knees, and then prostrate on the ground, begging the
rocks to finish shattering the cracked glass that was her soul.

*Take me... grant me rest... grant me peace...* were the only thoughts
that came out of the powerful emotion ravaging the essence and shell of
her existence... and then, she was gone.

For a little while.


The old woman stood beside the body of the young one, who lay face down
on the ground. She held her shawl together at her neck as she smiled
sadly and closed her wrinkled, but timeless eyes. Night would be here
soon. *Yes... rest, sister... for there is much need in you...*

The old woman stood for a very long time, a gentle smile playing on her
pursed lips as her body slowly, almost imperceptibly, swayed.

She felt the mind of the younger woman flowing around her own, taking
nourishment and healing. She reached within the girl to touch here and
there... although this young girl would have to make her own
realizations, the old woman needed for her to be willing to listen, her
mind healed enough to learn.

Finally, the sun fell behind the summit of the mountain, leaving them
both in shadows. Opening her eyes, the old woman called in a nearly
silent whisper, and from over the nearest ridge, a line of eight
figures came, and placed the young woman on a litter.

Slowly, but with the surefooted steps of perfect familiarity, they
disappeared into the shadows just beyond the near horizon.


Opening her eyes, the rescued woman slowly looked around. She was in a
short bed, just barely above the floor... the old worn wood of the
walls flickered in the light from fireplace and candles.

"So, you decided not to die after all," came a voice from a shadowed
corner of the room. "That is a very good thing, Julia."

Too tired to be startled, Julia asked, "How do you know my name? I
didn't bring any ID. And don't tell me I said it in my sleep."

"You didn't. You are, however, at a disadvantage. I am Fiona, High
Castana of the Ambrian Sect of Lost Daughters," said the old woman. She
stepped into the light so that Julia could see her. "You may not have
heard of us, but you *are...* one of us."

Julia looked at Fiona's smile, her long, flowing white hair, and the
deep crevices in the thin face that could not hide its underlying
beauty. Though Fiona was old and craggy, Julia saw that the Matriarch's
loveliness had not gone away, but merely pulled over the covers while
it slept.

"Was I sick?" asked Julia, ignoring the introduction for the moment and
laying her head back, slightly dizzy.

"No, not in the way you mean it. You were at the crossroads to which
all Daughters eventually come... and you must either heal or die.
Dramatic words." Fiona smiled, but Julia could not tell if it was a
smile of compassion or amusement. "In reality, it rarely comes to
death, unless your gift has been totally hidden to you. Obviously, it
hasn't been hidden to you. Otherwise, you would not be here."

Julia sighed, a sound of both disbelief and fatigue. "It sounds like
cow dung to me, Fiona. What *isn't* hidden is that I am thirsty. Is it
possible to have some water, or have I grown beyond the need for that?"
Julia intoned with more than a hint of sarcasm.

"Not yet, Daughter," smiled Fiona, "you jest... and I'll simply say
that for the time being, you still need physical elements to sustain

Bringing a glass of water over to the bed, she held it to Julia's lips
and continued, "You are Chosen, Julia. You have played Goddess, but
there is more to your pretense than simple games. Compared to many, you
*are* Deity, but you have not seen your true potential. Things like
food and water will become pleasant, but unnecessary as you grow. You
are a being of energy, but your mind is still fused too strongly with
your body."

*Oh, great. From 'Doc Cock' to 'Ms. Mystic'. From one fucked up
visionary to another...* thought Julia.

Fiona's face darkened slightly... Julia could not tell if it was a
trick of the light or something more. "Now is that any way to think of
your Hostess, Child? Perhaps you need a gentle reminder about courtesy.
*This* time, it will be pleasant. Next time, we will see." *(Cum,
Julia... until you find sleep again...)* Fiona watched for another
moment, and then turned and walked out of the room.

Julia watched quietly as the old, strange woman slipped out quietly.
She had nearly laughed out loud at the power this old woman seemed to
think she possessed, but she had seemed harmless enough. Holding in the
laughter had made her tense her muscles... so hard that she had almost
needed to double up under the covers.

But her ability to read what Julia had been thinking was unsettling.
Was it telepathy, or just keen observation?

And then there was the unspoken command. If it had not been in her own
voice, Julia would have sworn the old woman said it. She smiled again,
laughing at her own love of drama. And besides, she wasn't cumming. She
had been "spooking" herself. It wasn't the first time on this journey
it had happened.

She began to giggle and hold herself again.

It had taken all of her recent kidnapper's knowledge and devices to
sway her, and even then it was only successful for a moment. So... it
was ludicrous to think that she would be susceptible to some simple
suggestion... she recognized it as well executed, and it was a nice
diversion while she rested up from her fatigue, but it was what it was.
Silly and ineffective.

Finally, she was able to relax and lay back. Funny - when she let loose
her belly muscles, she *did* get a little twinge in her clit... but it
was only for a second. It was followed, to her surprise, by another
twinge, almost like a twitching nerve. She smiled again as the thought
came to her that maybe this woman had some power after all. It might be
nice... the twitch... oh... there again... did feel rather good.

Without warning, her clit **sparked** and shot a jolt of pleasure back
to her anus. She furrowed her brow as she recovered from the sensation,
only to have it happen again, adding her nipples to the chorus.

The twitches began to happen every second or two now, and she could
feel it as it traveled her body... her clit, followed by tiny
explosions of pleasure in her asshole and nipples, just as another jolt
hit her clit. It began to increase in speed, like pulses moving through
her from her pussy outward... and it just... felt... so... *good.*

Each jolt was growing in power... she felt them traveling up her neck
into her brain... pleasure centers and conscious thought colliding...
with pleasure winning the battle. By the time she realized that she
might have underestimated the old crone, she was openly moaning, and
one of her hands had been hijacked into running its fingers over her
nipples, pulling and twisting, followed closely by her other hand
falling to her swollen, slick button of lust, pinching and twisting in
mirrored painful pleasure, taking her breath away as rational thought
became impossible.

She moaned loudly again, causing her to lose more control. She knew now
that this was beyond a simple suggestion, but her own sounds of passion
were arousing her past being able to think beyond that one morsel of
sexy, delectable... or rather... rational, fuck-me-silly... thought...

An image flashed in her brain... of herself, black short hair gelled
and spiked, in crotchless latex pants and halter, her stiff, distended
nipples pointing outward... as she kneeled before a woman, worshipping
at the Holy Altar of Her Blessed Cunt... and looking up to *see her own
face*... a face that transformed into the face of the old woman... but
younger... irresistible... filled with insatiable lust...

She could feel that she was going to cum. Not just cum, but plunge into
the most powerful orgasm of her existence. It was coming. Her writhing
body and pleasure soaked flesh shouted for her to release... release...
let go... and she could not help but surrender.

And then, it was on her.

She shook uncontrollably as her legs began to buck, tongue licking the
air, her head flailing wildly, throwing off showers of sweat as she
grunted primal, rhythmic utterances of pure fuck-heat. Her hands became
a blur as she thrummed her clit, faster than seemed possible only
moments before, her body heaving in abdominal contractions as she lost
control and drool fell from her reddened, swollen lips.

On and on it carried her, past sanity and into a reality where only
obedience to her lust ruled over her with a harsh, stiff, irresistible
cat-o'-nine-tongues. Wave upon glorious burning wave ravaged her
psyche, while she licked her juices from her fingers with crazed
abandon, no longer caring, no longer needing anything but the
everlasting truth of hedonistic conspiracy. She was both spectator and
participant, both of her getting too turned on to care except that it
never stop...

She slowly realized that it was tapering off... and just as she was
beginning to find conscious thought again, her body was slammed with
another, even more powerful wall of orgasm... smashing through her mind
and body, her thrashing vessel of flesh moving as if by the grasp of an
invisible hand... lasting longer than she could fathom, swelling deeper
than she could conceive...

And then she came again, and deeper... and again, and deeper... and
again, and deeper...


Julia's first thought upon awakening was gratitude for the glass of
water that was being held to her lips.

"Let's try this again, shall we?" asked Fiona, smiling gently.

Julia could only moan a weak, spent response.

"*Much* better, dear. We're going to be very, *very* close for


Pilgrimage - Part Two

Julia sat in the soft, padded chair across from Fiona. Thinking back,
it seemed like nearly no time had passed. Still, recounting it, she had
been here longer than she had planned or desired.

The days of recuperating from her collapse had been filled with
conversation with Fiona... so much so that she could barely remember
anything else. Although easily in her nineties, Fiona seemed to possess
nearly boundless energy. Julia had no trouble matching it, but that
made Fiona's endurance no less surprising... and admirable.

In addition, Fiona was eccentric as hell. It was amusing, and Julia
could not remember having spent so much time laughing. So, it was no
surprise that Julia enjoyed her company. The days had stretched into
weeks as the talks continued. Sometimes they included walks into the
mountains, sometimes meals, or like now, sitting together enjoying a
cup of hot tea.

Julia was fascinated with the earthy wisdom and spiritual insight
offered in the smallest things that Fiona had to say. Well, at least
the earthy wisdom. Her own title of "Goddess" was created to be mocking
and irreverent. Okay... she had to admit that she also thought it was

Thinking of her past reminded her again that even though she felt that
this lodge was a good place to be, she had a deep yearning to be back
in the States, accepting the offerings and ministrations of her
darling, lewd, devoted sluts.

Not that she was ungrateful... but she wanted to move on now, and Fiona
was having none of it. Fiona seemed to think there was some purpose
even in this endless waiting.

Unfortunately, Julia was in no position to argue. Not only did Fiona
seem to have an uncanny knowledge of the details of Julia's life, but
Julia had seen the consequences of being rude, even in her thoughts.
She shivered, remembering Fiona's recent "etiquette lesson" with both
relish and dread.

As much as she loved to cum, there was something unnerving about a
totally involuntary orgasm.

Today's conversation was like so many that they had shared, full of
mysticism mixed with practical knowledge. But unlike so many of them,
it was about Julia herself that they talked.

"You have wondered from time to time if you had some latent telepathic
ability, Julia. Strange as it sounds, all women have *some* ability.
Some have a little less, some have a little more. Perhaps it is because
all women are all descended from a gene pool whose origin is unknown...
while it may or may not be true, it's a premise that happens to fit the
circumstances. It's certainly a way to look at it, a 'place to come
from'. We *do* know beyond any doubt that there is a shared
consciousness, centuries old, that all women can feel. The closer their
genes are to the original pool, the more awareness they seem to have.

"Daughters are gifted not only with knowledge of that shared
consciousness, but with mental abilities so dynamic that to call them
mere telepathy is to lessen what they are. They give the daughter the
ability to shape the consciousness of another. We formally call this
ability 'teleplasty', but that sounds so... *cold*. So, we commonly
refer to it as 'gracing'. It may sound a bit pretentious, but is more
in line with not only how it feels to be the subject, but also the
practitioner of the art."

Fiona took a slow sip from her cup, and continued.

"If you look at your own conversions of others, did it not evoke a
certain graceful, giving feeling? Did it not feel as if you were
somehow opening their eyes? And did it not make you responsible for

Julia looked across the table at the ancient Fiona, a look of deep
reflection covering her face. She knew that Fiona wasn't "listening
in"; she had slowly developed the ability to feel Fiona's presence in
her mind.

But even with what she had seen and felt, she didn't want to believe
the words she was hearing. The "Lost Daughters" sounded like the
ranting of an old, senile cultist. Julia herself had led a cult of
sorts, and still did, but she had always known that it was a mostly
facade for her own sensual games. In contrast, this all had the sound
of someone sincere about an odd notion that had been cultivated for
years, flirting dangerously with full-fledged delusion.

Despite her desire to trust the old woman, she was still keeping one
ear open for signs of the typical suicide pact, and half expected to
see vats of cyanide-laced fruit punch in the kitchen. It was just too
fucking strange.

Still, her own experience with Fiona, coupled with the feelings the
woman had just described so perfectly, did make Julia begin to think
that there might well be something more to all of this than she had
consciously seen before. There was a real resonance in the old woman's
words; a resonance that she could not deny easily.

She was brought out of her reverie by Fiona's voice. "I can see on your
face that you are beginning to consider the remote possibility that I'm
not some old kook," she smiled. "It's all right, Child. I know that
from your perspective, I sound like a loony. Maybe I am!

"The truth is that none of us truly knows who we are. Consciousness is
a mystery, and only the insecure create the illusion of knowing
themselves. The true intelligence knows that there is only exploring.

"And we, the Daughters, are gifted with the ability to see beyond what
has been called the 'optical delusion of consciousness.' Separate,
individual consciousness is the delusional illusion... and we are
allowed, or able, to see the Universe as it is... as it is named...
*One Song.*

"In seeing, we begin to move about and explore beyond our own minds,
our own playgrounds, and walk through the playgrounds of others... and
seeing the destiny of the Daughters, further that goal. We do not
destroy... we enlighten.

"And you, Julia, are the product of just such intervention in someone's
playground. Your mother was a Daughter, and a fluke... nearly fully
complete in her genetic inheritance. So when she became pregnant with
you, we did some... adjusting.

"You have no father, just as with the ancient Daughters of legend. That
left only your mother's genes, although you are not a clone. The
genetic structure she passed to you was completed in you, on these very
grounds, by being simultaneously 'graced' by one hundred Ambrian
Daughters at the same time. In a sense, you are all of us, because we
'gave' our genetics to you... the idea being that some among us would
fill the gaps still within your mother.

"This is not *all* a rosy picture. There are new, recent groupings of
Daughters who have no roots in the past or in their origins. Only a few
centuries old, these are nearly, but not quite, rogue sects. The
strongest of these is the Covenance; they are much like you were before
you came here. But unlike you, they have no connection to the spiritual
sects other than through the shared matriarchal consciousness. Their
agenda is destructive, and more about power than re-establishment of
our kind. You are the bridge to Daughters of future generations, the
Restorer. But you are also the bridge to these errant Daughters, whose
influence and power must be brought into coherence in order that all
Daughters not be destroyed.

"I know this is a lot to take in... but your completion is at hand. By
completion, I mean that the moment of taking on who and what you are.

"None of us can see all of who you are. We can see much, and we know
that you are beyond any daughter living, but that is not enough. You
must take it on for yourself, and occupy your full consciousness, lest
you be used by the Covenance for their own agenda.

"So this is the Gift for which you have come to me. You have come to
see who you truly are, and why you have followed the Path you have
chosen. Once you have seen, you will be tested several times. It's
unfair, but it is the way of things. Though you may or may not
recognize a test as it begins, you will know beyond question when each
test is complete.

"It is time."

*(See openly, Child)*

Julia's eyes popped open with the clear strong voice that had come from
right between her ears. She felt vaguely disoriented, and the room took
on a feverish, delirious sense of unreality. She felt inside like she
was clawing, scraping... even though she knew her hands were not in
moving. Even her breath did not betray the urgency of her struggle. It
was like being underwater too long... the feeling of exploding air and
yet the need for more, as panic began to creep into her mind.

She shifted her mind again and again, trying for the right path, the
way that would lead her out of this swamp of overwhelming

Then something like a muscle... *flexed*... and wind blew strongly into
her face, followed by incredible stillness.

Creeping in, and then blasting away the fear and disorientation, she
felt the impossible joy of herself underneath all the masks, underneath
all the defenses she had so carefully built for herself over the years
of her life. She smiled, and then laughed... the laughter of someone
finally free, finally safe to be totally open, without concern. It was
the openness of when she was still less than a year old, when anything
was good to be happy about, and nothing was a barrier to receiving or
showing her joy. A time when a smile, a giggle, and unabated jubilation
were not held suspect by others, and unblemished by the possibility of

And then she realized something so profound that it shook her, happily,
to her very core. This was not Julia recreating her memory, or "healing
her inner child". This was her *now*. It was the same her, the same
child, the same girl, the same woman, the same... Daughter... without
twenty-five years of sediment and bitterness heaped on top. And she
remembered this place. This was home.

And then, the moment was gone.

She looked at Fiona... and felt something more, now.

She felt the deepest, most humble gratitude of her life.

It was not sad or traumatic to pick up her burdens again. On the
contrary, it was appropriate. But what she had just felt was more than
memory. It was a current experience of herself, of a possibility of
where she could be, and she knew that it was now accessible. Somehow.

And she knew that in the end, this would be her salvation.

She felt silly as she stretched out in thought to try to find the words
to express herself. Regardless, the need to put her emotions into words
was more important than her own fleeting discomfort. Words came, formal
and uncomfortably pretentious, but they were all that she had.

"Fiona. Sister, Mother, and Daughter. I have come from somewhere else
to somewhere new. My eyes, though still half-shadowed, long for the
light. I humbly ask, from the depths of my being, that I be allowed to
learn from You the Path of the Goddess, the Way of the Daughters of
Ambria. My heart is open, and I pledge it to You, until it is no

Fiona smiled at Julia's awkwardness in the face of what could be called
a miracle. In saying the ancient words of joining, having never known
them before, Julia had passed her first test.


It has been said by Buddhists that enlightenment is like this: One
morning, you wash the dishes. It so happens that in the afternoon, you
achieve enlightenment. The next morning... you wash the dishes.

Julia had much the same experience.

Getting up the next morning, leaving the comfort of her room for the
cold water of the shower down the hall, she said hello and smiled at
all the women she had come to know and call friends. Kitty, the young
sprite who lived next door, stopped to her for a moment to talk about
the odd dream of the night before. Eleanor, an older daughter who had
been raised at the lodge, was singing in her room with the door closed.
Becca and Simone were cooking breakfast, deep in their daily routine,
making sure that everyone in the lodge was well fed. Fiona was
presumably out on one of her morning walks. It was just like every
other day.

She still was having a hard time with Fiona's spirit-guide-granny
routine. After a night of sleep, it was sounding more irrational again;
but she couldn't simply dismiss out-of-hand the fact that she had been
the recipient of some kind of wonderfully profound gestalt experience.

How, though, could she be sure that it hadn't been another manipulation
by Fiona? If the woman could make her climax to unconsciousness, she
could surely cook up something like this. It wasn't likely... Fiona
seemed to believe in what she was saying... but it was certainly
possible. And sometimes, given the history of her own talents and
experiences, possible was more than enough.

Julia shrugged off her heavy thoughts as she entered the bathroom to
prepare herself for her shower. Looking in the mirror, she felt a
yearning for her hair gel and a pair of scissors... her looks had lost
the sharp edge that she still loved. She cupped a breast, feeling its
weight and the light arousal it brought forth. Again, she thought of
her brood, and felt a pang of loneliness. Despite Fiona's objections,
she would have to leave soon. Very soon.

Julia turned and entered the shower without even looking, since every
other day she had found it unoccupied. She enjoyed the cold water and
found that the solitude of her daily cleansing afforded her time to
consider all that she was learning.

"Pardon me!" came a voice from beside her.

Nearly jumping out of her skin, Julia looked to her right and saw Emma,
soapy and wet, standing against the wall to avoid a collision.

"I'm sorry, Julia, I didn't mean to startle you," said Emma, looking a
little embarrassed.

"No, no! I just didn't expect anyone here," assured Julia, smiling
warmly at the young girl.

Barely nineteen, Emma had been discovered by Fiona herself in the town
outside Fillmore Academy, a private girls' school, and brought to the
lodge for teaching as a Daughter. Her talents were impressive,
according to Fiona, and it was pure luck that she had not been already
recruited by the Covenance.

Julia couldn't help but notice that the girl's nipples were hard, and
felt a familiar tingle of arousal and warmth rush to her pussy. She had
been celibate since her orgasmic "ordeal", and the lack of sex was
relieving her of any pretense of inhibition. Just the same, she didn't
want to overstep her bounds. Insulting Fiona's sensibilities was not
something Julia wanted to explore.

"Can I ask you a question?" blurted Emma, looking a bit awkward. "It's
none of my business..."

"No, please... ask anything you like. If I can't answer, I'll just say
so," Julia replied, hoping that her growing lust for this delectable
girl wasn't transmitting to everyone within a hundred miles.

"There was a rumor at my school about a 'Goddess Julia'. I always
thought it was stupid and all... But your name is Julia, and you are a
Daughter, and... well, I... I just had to ask."

Julia stood for a moment in shock. This had come completely out of left
field. The only one here who knew of her past was Fiona, and she had
promised to keep it a secret. She also had good reason for doing so...
including the fact that Julia might need a shield from unethical

On the other hand, she *liked* that her reputation had spread, and
spread enough that even this slightly naive young girl would have heard
of her. She decided it was time to be open. If she had learned anything
from the day before, it was that being open was the key to

"Yes," she answered simply, "I am."

"Then, Julia... we need to talk. Badly."


Emma's room was exactly like Julia's, except the bed was turned in a
different direction. Since they all wore the loose, colorful robes of
the Daughters, even the closet looked the same.

In fact, Emma could even have been a smaller version of Julia. Her high
cheekbones and supple lips brought both an elegance and hard-edged
savvy to the look of the young Daughter. She was about five inches
shorter, but had a perfectly proportioned bust and rear end, at least
in Julia's opinion.

Julia smiled and looked around the room, diverting her thoughts back to
polite conversation.

Emma offered Julia a chair at her small study desk, and plopped down on
the bed. "So, what do you think of it here?" she finally asked, a look
of curiosity on her young, sweet face.

"I like it," said Julia. *But I like your gorgeous pixie-cut auburn
hair and cute little ass more,* she continued silently.

"And Fiona?" pressed Emma.

"I think she's amazing. I've seen deep facets of myself, and had such
amazing realizations since I've begun talking to her." bubbled Julia,
truly enthused.

"And she told you that you were the Chosen One, the Restorer, the
genetic completion of an adulterated race, right?" pressed Emma.

"No one was supposed to know," replied Julia, with a small, shocked

"And why do you think that is?"

"For my protection from the Covenance, mostly. Also she doesn't want me
to be disruptive to, and disrupted by, the other Daughters."

"Wrong." said Emma, flatly.

"And just how do you know *that*?" said Julia, finally deciding not to
let Emma's attitude go unchallenged.

"Because she told me the same thing about *me,*" whispered Emma. "She
says the same thing to every new daughter she finds."

"Not to be callous, Emma, but I really don't have any reason to believe
you over her."

"True. But there's this: I have nothing to gain by lying. I'm not the
one with plans for your future, and she is the one who stands to gain
if she can find a daughter who can play the part. She has five others
who are being 'auditioned' right now.

"And you have nothing to lose by listening to me. You can make up your
own mind. And if you decide I'm wrong, we don't have to say a word."
Emma placed a finger on her lips, pulling down her lower lip a bit more
than necessary, and gave Julia a soft, coy look. Tracing her finger
across Julia's lips, she whispered, "And... I know how to keep

Emma cradled a breast and gave Julia a smoldering look that sent
shivers through her from head to toe. "Never mind that you'll never get
to fuck as long as you stay here. I'm *sure* you don't mind that a

Julia sat back in her chair, puzzled at Emma's words. Her mind was so
busy arguing with itself that she could only listen as the nineteen-
year-old girl continued.

"Why haven't you been having sex, do you think? She knows it is more
than a basic drive to our kind. It's as necessary as the air we
breathe. She replaces it with all that feel-good-fuzzy-buzzy bullshit
she passes off as spirituality. And she even uses orgasm as a
*punishment.* She pretends she is all compassion, sweetness and light,
but it's a sham. I've seen her when she catches people doubting. It's
not pretty.

"The part about teleplasty is true, Julia, but if you are so powerful,
why hasn't she showed you how to use it? She knows you already have,
subconsciously, on every woman who follows you. It's not because you
aren't ready, or are unable to control it. It's because she fears it,
and fears being found out by you.

"Look, I'll tell you something and you can decide what to do. All I ask
is that you look to your natural instincts. The reason I know so much
about what is going on is because *I* am from the Covenance. Yes, the
same one she talks about.

"There's no agenda to 'get' you. She tells *that* to everyone, too. I'm
only talking to you because you're not deep enough into her web to be
totally blinded. I didn't come here to find you. I'm on a fact-finding
mission. I'm supposed to find out what's really going on here, so
corrections can be made. I really did hear about you at school, from a
girl who lives near D.C. If you were the same Julia, I had to save you
from this monstrous cult, if I could."

Emma paused, and lowered her voice to a whisper. "I... I'm risking the
existence of my mind, but it's worth it if I can save even one daughter
from the iron grip of Fiona. Even more worth it if I can save someone
as beautiful as you."

Emma's revelations hit Julia like tidal wave. She didn't want it to be
true, but it just made too much sense. She felt ashamed, and worse, she
felt used. It was the final straw. After falling to Dr. Salyer and the
Board of Eleven, then emerging victorious, then nearly drowning in the
emotional aftermath, and then finally being restored, and now this...
deception... it was just too much to take. As much as she tried to
avoid it, there was a dark stain growing in her heart. It was the inky
blackness of bitterness and revenge, and Julia could not help but let a
part of her welcome it.

"So how do I begin to use this power?" asked Julia, deep shadows
showing on her face.

"Well, first, calm down." soothed Emma. "We need to get your mind back
into one piece. The daughter way.

"In other words, we need to fuck until we drop."

Breaking into a dark, wanton smile, Julia said, "Girlfriend, that's the
best idea I've heard in fucking *weeks*."


*"Mistress, is Your servant pleasing You?"*

*"Yes... cunt-slave... you are doing wonderfully. I am able to do
anything through you I could do in person. It's perfect. And... she is
already more malleable than even* I *would have imagined."*

*"Ohhhhhhh Mistress, it feels so wonderful and... right to please
You... You are more than worthy of worship, adoration, love and

*"Hush. I already know, cunt-slave. It has always been thus."*


Julia looked up from the bed at the nineteen-year-old woman-child
walking over to her. She could smell hot arousal like a heady perfume,
invading her thoughts and clouding her senses except for the desire to
mate with this gorgeous, auburn-haired nymphet. She had a fleeting
thought that perhaps her lust had been this strong before, but she
could not recollect when.

She closed her eyes for a moment, savoring the return of desire for
worldly, womanly pleasure, picturing Emma in a crotchless, shiny, black
latex corset. The smell of the imagined rubber mixed with the aroma of
boiling womansex, and made her dizzy with the ache of deep, sensual

When she opened her eyes, she gasped at what she saw... Emma was
dressed just as she had pictured, her movements now flowing in slow
motion, like the visions of depravity that invaded her dreaming. Emma's
breasts sat like ripe canteloupes, unbound, with nipples stiff and
pointing toward her like beacons of blissful promise.

She heard Emma's voice in her head, sending delicious shills down her
spine. "You see? You are already learning the Art of Gracing. There is
nothing to fear... only that which is longed for..."

Somewhere deep inside, Julia knew that the latex that looked painted
onto Emma was an illusion, something she had brought into their
perception by her will... but it didn't matter. It looked real, smelled
real... and it was so visually powerful that Julia found herself
getting lost in passion that was eroding her thoughts faster than she
could replace them.

*(You want me more than anything, Julia...)* Emma intoned, slithering
the thought into Julia's mind like viscous, honeyed oil, sending her
skin into goosebumps. And it was true. *Nothing fucking matters but
this moment with your lover, with your Goddess...*

Julia jerked herself aware in a moment of reverse deja vu. This was
terribly wrong... she was succumbing to a child, a naive girl who
should not be able to command so much power. She knew it with all of
her being. But the latex was still there, and her skin, now covered
with glistening oil, *looked* like fucking liquid *sex*. Julia shook
her head as rivulets of tingling pleasure rolled over her scalp.

She stood, legs wobbling, and made her way to the door. Throwing it
open, she fell backwards onto her buttocks in surprise as she found
Fiona, angry and glowering, standing before her, blocking her path.
Julia tried to scoot away, but everything was back in slow motion
again, her body moving through the molasses of altered perception,
hands refusing to find any purchase on the floor.

"You stupid *cunt*!" screamed the ancient Matriarch. "*Now* look what
you've done! You've ruined everything the Daughters have been working
towards for 3,000 years! You *BITCH!* Your first punishment was
pleasant... but *now,* you're going to *PAY*!"

Fiona stretched a hand out towards Julia, closed her eyes and put her
head back slightly... and stopped.

"You see, Julia? She is not who she says she is at *all,*" came the
voice of Emma, breaking through the fog of Julia's fear. Julia crab-
legged over to the door and kicked it shut, and raised herself to her
feet, spinning around to face Emma again.

She gasped in both confusion and arousal at what she saw. Emma was
nearly covered with the smooth latex, with only her feet, hands, and
the soft oval of her face showing from inside the bodysuit. The smell
of the latex hit Julia full force again, and she felt heat thrust into
her crotch like the blast of a sex-kiln, baking her lust into her,
soldering her ravenous desire into every nerve in her body.

She was confused and afraid... but could not resist the ancient call of
needs deeper than history. She looked for a way out, and finding
nothing with which to free herself struggled in panic for anything she
could do.

A thought of incredible clarity sprang from the deep well of her
subconscious, and she listened. *Play along, get the girl to let her
defenses down... it won't hurt to... fucking cum... touch her, help
her... obey her... wait for the crack in the armor to show... then
lick... find the Holy Clit... pleasure Her... obey Her... release your
fear... fear kills... love heals... love Her... save Her... surrender
to love... to lust... worship Emma... Emma slut.... am a slut... am a
slave... am a cunt-slave... obey... cunt-slave...*

*All thoughts lead to Emma... Emma leads to Sondra... Sondra leads to

The name did not create the slightest stir as it burrowed deep into
Julia's mind, nestling in, and growing roots that Julia could feel take
hold and grow. She tried for a moment to think what it might mean, but
it felt too fucking good to worry about it. It was the mindfuck of
heaven itself.

The roots began to spread apart Julia's intellect, breaking it into
pieces, feeding on it, making her part of the roots and the roots part
of her, totally inseparable. She could feel the roots commanding her,
pushing pleasure beyond imagining through her psyche and body, sucking
away her mind and returning it... different... transformed...
obedient... *corrupted*...

*Just one... touch...* was the final coherent thought that the Julia

As her body quaked with the sensations now pouring freely through it,
she reached down to her own flood of wetness and dipped deep into her
folds. She pulled up, tasting, and then, eyes wide and nearly unseeing
in the firestorm of pleasure coursing through her, she held it to
Emma's lips.

Eyes wide and unblinking and mouth slack, she watched as Emma suckled
on her finger, chewing and licking the juices and moaning with
bottomless passion.

As she pulled her finger free, she noticed that it was covered with the
slick blackness of the latex. It rippled upward, covering her palm, and
then out to cover her other fingers, creating a living glove of shiny
blackness. Her hand began to tingle, and then, to tickle. Even without
words, Julia realized that her hand was *cumming.*

The spread stopped halfway to her elbow, and as her eyes rolled up into
her head, Julia was beginning to lose any sense of reality as the
pleasure increased in wave after wave of alien, orgasmic pleasure.

(*That's right, Julia... let the pleasure consume you... take you...
become you...*)

Julia's deepest self was being seduced... to fight against this... this
molten whirlpool of ecstasy... was simply beyond her grasp. All she
managed to do was bring her head forward and look into the waiting eyes
of Emma.

Reaching up and pulling her down to the bed, Emma kissed Julia deeply,
her tongue snaking into her mouth and dancing... pushing deeper and
deeper... all the way into her throat, tingling with blazing sensations
of almost clitoral throbbing... and then suddenly her mouth was filling
with something slick and... delicious... the smell of latex filled
Julia's nose at the same time she was blasted with the realization of
what was happening.

This insidious, seductive orgasmic ooze was filling her... taking
her... she was beginning to feel the orgasm in her mouth, her throat,
inside her ears... even inside the bone of her skull... nothing was
immune, nothing hidden. She lay back, as the sweet sensation of climax
swelled though her, her body beginning to twitch and shudder
uncontrollably as all awareness left her entirely and she became
nothing more than a reaction to pleasure itself.

Emma released her from the kiss and, turning and straddling Julia's
mouth with her own inflamed and swollen pussy, lowered her mouth to the
wellspring of the Goddess/Daughter who had once been Julia Shelton.

The black ichor began to flow from Julia's budding snatch onto Emma's
waiting, oily-slick tongue... and, swallowing, she allowed it to pass
through her essence, adding the will of Sondra and feeding it to Julia
as it poured from her own jetting pussy and asshole.

Julia was bucking uncontrollably now, the pleasure completely beyond
human experience, the orgasm of shared consciousness driving her
shifting essence into new, totally depraved realms... Emma could feel
her own consciousness melding and bringing her closer to her own
epiphany of lust.

Julia's mouth was screaming, but it was unheard... as more and more of
the satiny, slick blackness poured into and through her, every nerve
dedicated to more and more pleasure... her body feverishly growing new
pleasure sensors at the bidding of the lust-roots now irreversibly
lodged within her heart and mind and soul.

The black, oozing rubbery mass began to vibrate from the energy,
creating a seamless, wide ribbon that moved faster and faster through
both women, vibrating against their sex and against their bodies-made-
sex... insanely faster, like a belt of pleasure, racing through them as
the silent screams of both women rose in their minds, pushing them
farther and farther into fevered passion, beyond abandon, beyond even

And then, as they reached the dark precipice at the edge of fused,
maniacal pleasure, they leapt into orgasm as lovers leap to death...
into the void of pleasure... where nothing existed but the pure essence
of sexual rapture, consuming them entirely as they disappeared into the
nothingness of perfect union...

...when Emma awoke, they were both walking along the road to the
closest village, two hundred kilometers from the lodge of Fiona. Julia
walked behind, blind to everything around her, unseeing and unfeeling,
lost in the Rapture of Nowhere, the legendary domain of True Daughters.

She would not be the same Julia when she awakened.



*"Yes, cunt-slave?"*

*"You saw. You know."*


*"She may truly be the Restorer, Mistress."*

*"Yes. She may be. That is why you must take the next step."*

*"Yes, Mistress. It does seem mundane, though... after..."*

*"After what?"*

*"After... how I have seen You use Your power..."*


*"Yes, Mistress."*

*"She is at her most vulnerable now. Now is the only time we can shape
her. She is not present enough for gracing. So either you can sit and
whisper my Truth to her for the next ninety-some days, or you can use
the couch."*

*"Yes Mistress. Your cunt-slave will use the couch."*

*"Good girl."*

*"Thank You, Mistress."*


Darkness. The blackness was bliss, and the bliss was endless. Nameless,
faceless, without memory, there was no thought, no sense of anything
but just "being".

An eternity stretched in all directions, all things focused on this one
moment. Pleasure beyond expression. Beyond life and even death, no
thought could possibly convey even a simple, awkward description.

This was the Rapture of Nowhere.

Eternity backwards. Eternity forwards.

And then, a thought slowly swirled and coalesced...

Julia saw that she was somewhere, but where that was, she could not
tell. She did not have enough presence to care, or not care. It wasn't
even a whisper in her mind.

She let the pleasure of the blackness continue to seduce her mind and

And then, words began to emerge from the silence... words that did not
compete with anything else for her attention... her focus... her
inevitable acceptance...

Julia saw, heard and felt nothing but Truth.


Emma sipped her coffee, tired and footsore after the journey they had
just taken. She envied Julia's oblivion. She placated her physical pain
with the knowledge that her mission for Mistress Sondra had been
successful. She could let go for a bit, now that she had settled into
Mistress' retreat-house with Julia.

Emma sat and closed her eyes, letting her inner senses see the psychic
form of Julia. She was still encased in her latex cocoon, and now lay
on the Couch of Teaching, one of the Covenance's most insidious
devices. Being used as it was now, Emma knew that it was even more
powerful than usual.

The Couch was playing simple commands into Julia's spongy, receptive,
vulnerable, malleable mind. Not just playing... it was vibrating it
into her from her back to her front, from top to bottom, from inside

Normally, the Couch would chip away at the resolve of a daughter as the
relentless commands coursed through her. As each resistant thought
emerged, it would be destroyed in a powerful physical and psychic
blast. Emma had seen the strongest of Daughters crack in less than an

For Julia, in her altered state of consciousness, there *were* no
resistant thoughts. There was no sense of time or place. While it was
being spoken into her, each word would be Julia's single thought. It
would be her entire universe. It would be her fucking *existence*.

And she would be listening without ceasing for the next twelve days.


Emma jerked to attention and fell to her knees as her Mistress spoke to
her mind. *"Yes, Mistress Sondra, your whore hears and obeys,"* she

*"You have done well, and your reward shall be great."*

Emma shivered as the touch of her Mistress' mind-kiss sent waves of
pleasure through her body... every tremor of lust deepening her willing

*"And how is my little 'bun-in-the-oven'?"*

*"You cannot see, Mistress?"*

*"Don't be impudent. No, I can't. The Cocoon shields her from all but
those within a very short distance. In the ancient days, this protected
the Daughters from outside influence, as long as they were isolated
during the time of Fullness. Someday I'll have to let you read the
ancient texts. They are most illuminating.

"Now, take me to into her, through yourself. Open for me, precious

*"Yes, Mistress. Your word is my life."*

Emma focused and moved her mind to Julia's still, imprisoned body. She
slipped quietly, invisibly into Julia's thoughts and perceptions,
seeing, for the first time since bonding, the inside of Julia's mind.
She could not hear the Couch of Teaching, but she could feel the nearly
irresistible draw to the black depths where Julia's indoctrination was
under way.

She felt her Mistress' mind consume her own, and bathed in the bliss of
her own submission as she watched, her quickened arousal reverberating
more with each moment.

*"Who are you?"* came the words of Sondra's will.

*"Julia,"* came the thought-word from the blackness.

*"What are you?*"

*"Daughter, Cunt-slave, Mind-whore, Handmaiden to Almighty Goddess

*"What is your purpose?"*

*"To fulfill the Will of Sondra in all things."*

*"What are the limits of your obedience, adoration, lust and love for

*"There are no limits."*

*"And how long will you be owned by and totally in service to Sondra?"*

*"For all eternity."*

Emma felt Sondra slowly, gingerly pull back from the abyss, and pulled
back her own mind, careful not to create any wakes or evidence of their

*"When next you cum, cunt-slave, it shall be more than glorious. After
only a few short hours, Julia is already too far down the road of
surrender to turn back. This is my gift to you, your reward for
unswerving obedience. Mistress is well-pleased."*

*"Thank You, Mistress."*

When Sondra was finally gone, Emma found herself shaking. As much as
what Mistress was doing excited her beyond expression, she also felt a
profound sadness. In her bonding with Julia, she had been surprised to
find someone truly deserving of her devotion and love. Her eyes stung
briefly as the tragedy hit home.

*That* Julia would be no more.

Trying to collect herself, lest Mistress find her in mourning, Emma
shuddered with horror and pleasure as she tried to imagine the
ramifications. By the time Julia's mind returned to the physical realm,
the Couch would be giving her instructions so complex that they would
be a maze from which there was no escape. Julia would be a fucktoy
*and* a True daughter of Sondra's whims.

The world had never seen the daughter that Julia would become. No one
had ever bent, twisted and reshaped a True daughter so completely.

That was already changing.

It was unimaginably arousing and, at the same time, unspeakably
horrific. Emma felt the urgent desire to cum, along with the maddening
desire to end her own existence. Her shame caressed her pride, creating
a torture of infinite pleasure and pain.

Finally, unable to escape her own betrayal, she did the only thing she

Emma wept.

Whether from joy or grief, she could not say.


Pilgrimage - Part Three

Something was changing. Emma could feel the shifts without even closing
her eyes. It was only the eighth day, and things were happening that
should have not been occurring until the eleventh. She was concerned,
but she was steadfast in her duty. She prepared herself to perform her
second of two examinations for the day, examinations demanded by
Mistress Sondra.

She closed her eyes, and felt/saw her eyelids become transparent as she
moved out from her body and towards the mind of the woman who lay on
the Couch of Teaching.


She stopped her thoughts from trembling as winds of betrayal swept
through her. She was between something even less forgiving than a rock
and hard place. She was between Misery and Hell.

When Sondra had sent her on a mission to find this "spurious" Goddess,
she had gone willingly. It didn't matter to her that Sondra had twisted
her mind into that of a slave, lover and unquestioningly devoted
assassin... the rewards had been nearly constant pleasure, and a
purpose so strong that she had never looked back once. Not *once.*

But the spurious Goddess had been Julia.

In Emma's seduction, designed to let Sondra shape Julia's very deepest
will and motivations, she had finally found the one woman she could
willingly, without hesitation, call Goddess. From a deeper place than
she could name, her spirit yearned to surrender, to submit. She felt
the call of something like maternity; the need to protect, serve and
pleasure... *Julia...* this beautiful... True Daughter...

That was it. True Daughter. Restorer. The One of Wisdom and
Reclamation. She who would return femalekind to its true origin and

Still, Sondra had trained Emma well and, in the end, she had led Julia
into her Time of Fullness, where she would metamorphose into the
Restorer she was destined to become. And, with Emma's assistance, she
would become Maidenslave to Mistress Sondra. It would be like setting
someone loose with a hydrogen bomb during the Middle Ages.

Through Julia, Sondra would be unstoppable.

Emma caught tears welling up again, and hesitated before entering
Julia. She was trapped. If she saved Julia, she would betray Sondra. If
she obeyed Sondra, she would betray Julia. The pain and pressure built
in her, like a vise closing around her soul, nearly imploding her mind;
and then... she crossed a threshold.

She knew what she had to do. Regardless of the fact that it would
likely mean death or worse, she knew without question that she must
save Julia, the true Goddess, the True Daughter. Bringing Julia into
her time of Fullness, of Becoming, had changed everything she had once
believed true.

And with new knowledge came certainty.

She was ready to meet her fate, so focused that she did not care if she
was serving foolishness or destiny, or both.

Sighing with determined clarity, she entered Julia's consciousness.

Emma looked around, trying to get her bearings. With each passing day,
it was becoming harder and harder not to get lost in the swirling,
pitch-black pleasure of Julia's rapture. It had started as a pit, deep
in Julia's psyche, but it had grown exponentially, so that it was now
impossible to enter her without being constantly bombarded with
thoughts of pleasure and with the wild abandon of complete sexual and
emotional surrender.

Images grew and coalesced in Emma's mind, each more bizarre than the
last... latex and leather, warm, wet tongues covering every inch of her
shivering, wanton flesh, rubber dildos moving as if alive, exploring
every orifice of her body, their singular snouts sniffing out and
titillating erogenous zones where none had existed before. Emma could
feel her limbs dance convulsively with unfettered delight, following a
rhythm beyond her ability to hear, as the aching need in her loins
drove away all but the most depraved, brazen thoughts...

It was almost like music, but more primal, more instinctive, more
*pervasive* than any song invented by humankind. Praise, seduction, the
joy of becoming one with the pulsing, wondrous chorus... it was even
stronger than it had been just hours before.

Emma had heard other daughter Songs, music that radiated outward in a
siren call of seduction, and recognized many beautiful and familiar
strains in Julia. But this... this Song of... *something else...* had
none of the searching, none of the unfulfilled need that wove itself
through other Daughters' chantings... this was a Song of Complete
Authority, corrupting everything it touched.

Emma could feel it changing her very being, as her "real" fingers,
acting on instructions that were stronger than those of her own mind,
began a decadent ritual of endlessly circling and pinching her insanely
aroused clit.

She suddenly saw the futility of her goal, the impossibility of undoing
the damage: she was a mosquito trying to write graffiti in the Grand
Canyon, whose very existence had now been shaped, cut and scarred by
the river that was Sondra's will.

Even the evil infecting Julia had become beautiful in her presence.
Emma felt her own desire to try to save Julia... and saw that it was
the... right... wrong... thing to do... was obscenely defiling...
delicious... was useless... she was cunt-slave... pleasuring
cuntlicker... no mind... no will... drone...

Some unknown part of her essence awakened her from her reverie of
surrender... it was so *hard* to not fall into the chanting, glorious
song... she needed desperately to be coherent or the world would lose
the "true" Julia forever.

She took a deep breath, concentrating everything she had into keeping
herself from dispersing completely into the vast, seductive ambrosia of
Julia's mind. Then, as carefully as she could, she took a step into the

*...must cum Sondra Almighty praise Sondra surrender love obey Sondra
all good follow obey forever Sondra others bad others follow Sondra
leads Almighty Goddess Sondra cum Julia obey pleasure obey corrupt obey
no boundary exalt Sondra slut maidenslave cunt clit body mind soul
spirit obey all obey all love all is Sondra is all is Sondra's will
Julia loves Sondra Julia property Sondra owner cum for Sondra must cum
harder higher cum cum all cum Sondra rules must cum Sondra Almighty
praise Sondra surrender love obey Sondra all good follow obey forever
Sondra others bad others follow Sondra leads Almighty Goddess

Emma felt her thoughts bowing to the Couch of Teaching along with
Julia, repeating every phrase, knowing before thinking.... *believing*
every phrase... and then, turning to face the flowing torrents,
pressing out single words into the Teaching Stream. *rebel...
compassion... heal... love... touch... remember... rebel...*

She lost her balance for a moment, and then continued, despite her
growing frenzy of unfocused lust and sweet, feverish surrender. The
need to obey swallowed whole every emerging thought, as the words of
Teaching blasted away at her cognizance, pleasure blossoming through
her body like fast-motion flowers of brightness as she lost her ability
to tell where, when, and even *who* she was.

As she lost her sense of self completely, Emma felt herself...
*move...* and she was back in her body, collapsed on the floor, fingers
still pressing her satin-like cuntfolds, her mind giving in more and
more to the pleasure, the mantra of the Couch melded with the Song of
Julia, flowing through her mind in a flood of irresistible seduction
and wicked pleasure... commanding her... owning her... *loving* her...

As her consciousness was boiled down into thick, viscous slut-pleasure
by the tingling, flowing, unending Rapture of the Godde... the Holy
Maidenslave... she wished only to be seen, to be known as cunt-slave,
as owned... the total lust-ridden abandon of uncontrollable climax upon
climax exploded through every pore, an orgy of singular purpose... of
perfect holy fire...

And then it slowed, mercifully... only to begin... again...


For Julia, there were no thoughts. There was only existence. Reality.
Perfect knowledge.






Julia became aware. In the blackness, she let her thoughts dance with
the Teaching as she slowly came into the remembrance of having a body,
of *thinking*. She had not noticed the moment when her own thoughts had

They came trickling back in ponderings, in remembrance... memories of
recent times and times long ago... some were her own memories, some
were the inward acknowledgments of the girl she could sense was near...
and then more, and even more, and more still... a steadily increasing
stream of thought that was soon crashing through her solitude like a

Specific thoughts, abstract emotion... near and distant... and Julia
suddenly realized that it was the shared female consciousness of
which... Fiona *(bitch! whore!)* had spoken.

It was a glorious cacophony of the true feminine. She could see that
many minds did not fully hear it, and that a few heard and added to the
intricate patterns. And then, just above the beautiful pandemonium of
ancient unity, she heard a sound that was more like a hymn, slowly
growing, changing the chaos around it more and more, a song of...

*Joanna. Nymph-slut. Nemesis.*

She listened to the rapturous, sonorous chant of joy... and heard
echoes of her own thought-song within its subtle phrasing. It was the
song of a neophyte, of a fledgling Truthspeaker, full of loneliness and
longing and promises of divine pleasure... seduction to obedience...
but Julia could hear the unmistakable orchestrations of a True

A wicked smile grew on her face... and, reaching out to touch the minds
of the women near Joanna, she...*changed*... the song. Not enough to
alert the inexperienced nymph-slut... it was merely a variation on a
theme... but enough to begin to affect her, and affect her enthralled

A new note here... a phrase there... an adoring modulation... the joy
of pain... and pleasure... mixing... beautiful... irresistible...
dark... sweet... addictive... more...

Soon, Joanna would be succumbing to sweetly evil instincts, unable to
resist the pleasure snaking into her mind, and unable to distinguish
these pervasive new desires from her own.

The nymph-bitch was not yet aware enough to sense Julia's touch. She
would have to go through the Transformation, and until then, Julia
would be able to play with her without fear of reprisal.

And she would be playing often.

But Julia knew instinctively that Joanna also needed a sister, a
peer... someone with whom she could share herself without fear. They
were Kindred, or possibly something... *else,* something *more.* As
much as she despised Joanna for denying Sondra her Holy Due, she felt a
longing that was deeper than even her mind and soul. It was...

Julia turned away from the thought in revulsion. This little *bitch*
was the enemy of Sondra, and so, the enemy of Julia. She was...
*(yes)*... only saving her for the pleasure of later corruption.

Her amusement finished, she sat for a long while, calming her thoughts,
deciding how to proceed.

Julia began to sing her own Song of Authority, her Hymn of Loving

Julia Shelton, Goddess of the Path, True Daughter, Maidenslave to
Almighty Sondra, felt the evil, delicious pleasure inside her swell to
magnificence as she listened to the rhythms begin to echo and take root
deep within the shared consciousness of all femalekind...


As she continued the song inwardly, she slowly opened her eyes. She saw
the white of the ceiling, and then heard a deep moan from her left.
Turning her head, she looked at the woman laying on the floor, body
twitching every so often, like the convulsions of a deep sleep.

Slowly sitting up, she looked with more closely at the girl. A name
came to her... *Emma*...

Emma, the young one who had brought her to this epiphany, this
existence... this perfect fusion of pleasure and surrender.

She reached into Emma's mind... and perused the events all the way from
her time at the lodge until now. Knowing it was a memory didn't make it
less powerful... Julia felt arousal build within herself as she watched
her own blessed corruption, her time on the Couch of Teaching... and

Julia's face twisted into a scowl of rage. Her thought/will shot out of
her like a striking snake. *Emma, you little BITCH! How dare you rebuke
the Holy Will of Sondra! How DARE you attempt to defile me with your
weak, putrid ideals! Oh, I know you suffer mindlessly for your foolish
Touch, but this is only the* beginning *of your torment...*

Julia reached out in Gracing to Emma.

And as was true with so much of what was known about the Lost
Daughters, this was a Gracing beyond any that had been imagined...

In the room, there was no sound but that of Julia's soft, purposeful


Sondra approached her private retreat, troubled and shaken. She had
been terrified by her near-destruction... and could not help letting
her mind wander over the memories.

Memories of Joanna.

Joanna, who sang a Chant of Longing, a Melody of Surrender.

Sondra had thought it so childish... and then found it... insidious...
captivating... it became a Fugue, growing in complexity, twisting in
her mind... and when it began to echo her own wonderfully depraved
leanings, she had nearly fallen to the little wonder-bitch, the
beautiful... enchanting... seductive...

She chopped off the offensive thought before it went any farther.

And what had happened to Emma? Losing contact with her cunt-slave had
thrown her off-balance, adding to her uncertainty.

She had never felt so alone.

In fact, she felt as if she were losing everything... and only a few
days ago she had been so sure of her path, of her destiny. Now, she
could barely take a step without questioning her actions.

She wondered for a moment if falling completely to Joanna would have
been the better fate...


Dammit! The residual effects of Joanna's siren call were still floating
up to surprise her.

And now she had to face the result of her most risky endeavor... the
subjugation of Julia. She prayed to the Ancient Mother-Spirit that she
had been successful... in times of trauma, even this quaint
superstition seemed much more rational.

Sondra realized that she was standing at the front door, using her
inner turmoil to avoid her inevitable entry into the unknown. She
reached out her hand, turned the knob, pushed... and entered.

Turning right from the foyer, she entered the living room. From there
she walked into the Great Room in the rear... no sign of Emma. No sign
of Julia. The Couch of Teaching was still in place, but it was the only
evidence that either woman had been here. She reached out with her
mind, trying to sense either of the women, and was devastated to
realize that they were gone. Panic began to spread icy fingers around
her mind.

She was in deep, deep trouble.

"Are you impressed, Goddess?"

Sondra nearly jumped out of her skin as she turned and saw Julia
*(beautiful...)* lounging on the Couch, Emma kneeling beside her, head
bowed, legs spread wantonly, hands obscenely holding open the petals of
her luscious, cunt, as a finger slowly circled her swollen, visible

Sondra regained her composure, working to put a look of mild boredom on
her face. "Invisibility is an easy trick, maidenslave." She hoped with
all of her being that the Couch had accomplished its task of

She smiled as she got her answer.

"MMMMMmmmmmmm Yes, Goddess," Julia said with a breathy moan, "But your
maidenslave knows that to escape detection by an experienced daughter
is not a common feat. And she knows... nnnnnnn yesssss... that you know
it, too..."

Sondra felt relief... at least one part of her plan had gone well. Her
mere presence was creating a lust in Julia that was beyond her ability
to question... to which she could only greedily surrender... just as
she had been taught... just as she had been *remade*.

Maybe she hadn't lost... *everything.*

It was time to test the water.

"Maidenslave... gift your Goddess... it is time to live your purpose,"
called Sondra, her breath already becoming shallow and fast as she
succumbed to her own need and lust, fueled more fully by the grief of
her recent trauma.

Julia stood slowly and walked across the room, head lowered, eyes
gazing hotly at Sondra. Every movement sent out a wake of subtle
Gracing, and even in Sondra herself, the desire to kneel before this
True daughter was nearly irresistible. By the time Julia stood directly
before her, Sondra's knees were visibly shaking, lips trembling with
raging desire, and she was, for the second time in a very few days,
unsure if she could withstand the raw, seething power emanating from
another Daughter.

Her tentative worry grew along with the flaming desire coursing through
her veins... again, she had underestimated a Daughter's power... and
she hoped desperately that the Couch had established enough control
over Julia.

*(Ohhhhhhhhhhh)* She felt herself heating into a molten, shivering
body... it was beyond human, it was beyond sex, must... surrender...

Julia reached out and touched Sondra's temple with two fingers.

Sondra slipped into a long, hissing sigh as Julia's raw power entered
her consciousness. *my... oh fuck... she's...* Gracing... *me...* came
an untethered thought. Her worry blossomed into absolute fear of the
Woman standing before her. Her plan had failed... FAILED! She could
feel the pressure building in her mind, clamping in tighter and tighter
as it reshaped her thoughts, her abilities, even her physical senses...
her pussy was exploding, her clit screaming in volcanic pleasure...
pussy flowing out a stream of slick, black... Goddess... *rubbery*...

And then, in a huge spasm that blasted through her thoughts and body,
spreading fire through every nerve, she came... a climax rushing
through her like heated wind, lifting her outside of reason. Her last
awareness before the shiny, slick blackness engulfed her was how
pitiful and inept her own attempts at Gracing had been... and then she
was without thought at all... a quivering mass of depraved, corrupted,
wonderful fucklust... a whore, a cunt, a mindless vessel of driving
sex, body convulsing, mouth and pussy drooling as one, a sculpture of
perfect pleasure... beyond the reach of anything or anyone, save...

And then, with the thunderous shock of immediate silence, it was gone.

She dared not move. She could feel the new, untested channels of her
mind, the change of balance in her body and in her energy, but could
not find the courage open her eyes.

Except that she had to.

She cautiously, slowly slid them open, only to see that Julia had
disappeared again. Even surprise and disappointment did not come
through the massive haze of her recovery from the onslaught.

Her eyes traveled downward, slowly... she had a peculiar feeling that
if she moved them too quickly, unimaginable pain and suffering would be
her prize. She had never felt so much a stranger in her own body. And
then, she smiled with malevolent glee.

She saw.

Julia had not left... she was on her knees before her Goddess, her head
bowed in humble, prayerful worship, her nipples hardened and aureoles
wrinkled, her slick, hairless pussy exposed widely... the smell of her
arousal a more potent aphrodisiac, a more perfect pheromone, than the
world had seen for 3,000 years.

For Daughters, it was the aroma of Homecoming. For men, it would be the
siren call of destruction.

Sondra let her eyes wander slowly over her conquest again. Short hair,
as black as nothingness, gelled into spikes... a face both supple and
firm, of high cheekbones and large open eyes that sat above a perfectly
tapered nose and soft, moist, full lips... long neck flowing into soft,
but strong, shoulders... arms of silken sinew, fingers of Grace and
elegance... the nearly spherical orbs of her breasts, uplifted as if
unaffected by gravity... her ass, heart-shaped and full, with the
tiniest dimple above the cleavage... legs shaped as in a lustful vision
no artist had yet rendered... and feet so delicate that no one, upon
seeing them, could be left untouched... she was without fault, without

Julia was more than beautiful... she was the definition of beauty

And Julia, Maidenslave, True Daughter, was possessed with one

The Will of Almighty Goddess Sondra.

A Goddess who was unable to stop smiling from her most shadowed


"What have you done to Emma, maidenslave?" asked Sondra, looking down
at her newborn cunt worshipper. "I can't sense her presence at all..."

"She has been... corrected, Goddess," whispered Julia. "She tried to
undo your Holy Purpose as I was enthralled in my Becoming... and she
has paid a price for her treachery."

"You aren't answering my *question,* fuckslut! What has she become?"

Julia winced at the rebuke... and the reaction made Sondra nearly
climax as she realized the full depth of this True Daughter's devotion
and surrendered power.

"She is a Focus, Goddess. Her true mind is trapped outside her body,
forced to watch as her 'Graced' consciousness and body follow my... and
thereby your... will. She is both enthralled with desire and tortured
by revulsion, but it is endless, and there is no rest for her. She must
watch and experience and feel every moment. I can see her in her
thought-cage... she has already slipped the bonds of sanity. Someday
perhaps I will allow her the honor of her true mind being transformed
into what she is seeing."

"Delicious." Sondra shivered as a wave of sadistic pleasure soaked
through her... and wondered if it was a gift from the True daughter
kneeling before her.

Reluctantly, she returned to the conversation at hand. "Focus? What
exactly do you mean by that?"

"Goddess, please allow your maidenslut to demonstrate?" Julia
requested, quietly.

"By all means, my precious pussywhore... you have my complete

"Thank you, Goddess."

Turning to the still-kneeling Emma, Julia closed her eyes and sent a
simple mental command: *(Seduce)*

Sondra felt her body stiffen slightly, although it wasn't
uncomfortable. It was more like being stuck in molasses. Other than
that there was no real sensation. In fact, it was very relaxing,
very... pleasant. She discovered that she could relax every muscle in
her body and still stand perfectly straight, perfectly... alluring...

"This isn't like Gracing, is it... maiden...slave..." she sighed as she
let her body release all its tension into the... whatever it was...

"No, Goddess... it is like...

Julia hesitated, searching for the right words.

"I will attempt to explain. With light, if you amplify it, and shoot it
through a ruby, it becomes coherent... focused... and millions of times
more powerful... and useful... you can melt through the strongest
armor... or make the tiniest surgical cut...

"Emma is the ruby for my thoughts... they enter her and come out...
focused, coherent, unstoppable... the feeling... the effect... is much
more than Gracing could ever be..."

Sondra felt... a tingle... no, more like a slow wave, washing against
her feet and hands. She tried to move them, and found that she
couldn't... captive to the... tickle... the... mmmmm... waves licking
at her skin... soaking in them... feeling them sink deeper, past her
outer layers...

"Did you know, Goddess, that before I knew of my origin... my
destiny... that I had something even the Daughters could not give me?
Don't worry, I already know the answer. You had no idea at all.

"It is a gift, but not one of telepathic powers... it is the ability to
discern the motivations of others... to see their deepest desires...
and to use them... however I feel they should be used...

"Many of my sluts at home have cleaved to me by just such knowledge and
nothing more... I didn't have to seduce them so much as let them seduce

Sondra let out a loud yelp as the waves shot like bliss-soaked lava up
her arms and legs, pressing, kneading her from the inside out, glorious
waves of depraved sexflesh... no way to turn from the... the... the...
like... tiny orgasmic explosions... unable to tell where her skin
stopped and the air began...

"And now I am your slave, my Goddess, devoted to fulfilling your every
desire, loving you until the end of time, creating for you the world in
which you wish to live... a wish you have never consciously
acknowledged or perhaps imagined... but that I have known you desired
since my awakening...

"You want to dominate, to own, but even more... you want to be an
adoring, worshipping cunt-slave and pleasuring mindwhore to one who is
worthy, who will never betray you... never turn you away... see it
now... you *know* that it's true...

"It is what you hoped for with all your slaves... Emma, even Claudia...
but I, *Julia,* am the one you have waited for... True Daughter...
Perfect Goddess... Restorer... devoted Lover and Maidenslave for

Sondra screamed pleasure as another inch of her body was taken by the
relentless waves... urging her... pushing her to surrender... submit...

"Why do you fight so? Dear Goddess... it is what you *want*... what you
*desire*... to be totally corrupted and used, taken, loved, honored,
and... *owned*. *(Release, slave... obey... become... the dream...)*

Fear gripped Sondra as she tried to find the source of the seduction...
to cap it off, to stop it... she reached her mind towards Emma... only
to find her own eyes staring back at her, pleading with... begging
her... demanding that she obey, as the waves reached her slick,
treasonous folds... lapping up to her clit... making it swell in turgid
rapture, the ecstasy spreading the wonderfully evil sensations through
her entire body... causing her last barriers to fall... wave... wave...
wave... it felt like each pass was lifting her off the floor...

In a terrible, wonderful moment of self-betrayal, she grasped the truth
of Julia's words... she *wanted* this... *needed* this... this
ravenous, pure, sexual consumption of her own mind... it *was* the
dream she had denied but known in her earliest memories...

She felt the thick waves pressing up into her asshole, deep into her
abdomen, like a single sinewy strand of black ooze that merged with
others to combine and drive her into whole new vistas of lustful
bliss... Goddess... Julia... Sondra... obey... love... tingling,
teasing, cruel, corrupting bliss...

The edges of orgasm teased her mercilessly underneath her skin... and
she heard... the rhythm... the song... of... of *Julia*... authority...
protection... her pleasure screaming higher and higher as she gave in
to her innermost desire to be remade in... Julia's image...

Her mouth opened in a silent scream, head thrown back... air choked off
from the pleasure flowing through her... and then... somewhere else...
back stronger again.... her matted hair whipping her skin into more and
more primal lust and obedience... *obey... higher... obey... deeper...

Her eyes found Emma, and she saw the transformed cunt-slave, tongue
lashing the air in unison with the sensations flowing through Sondra's
body, hands convulsing, opening and closing, toes curling and uncurling
with lunatic speed...taking them... her mind had the most idiotic...
delicious... thought... laserfucking...

Sondra came. It did not start as a rush of pleasure. It began as a
tremor in the earth, gaining strength, momentum, shaking her, making
her teeth chatter, building intensity past anywhere that pleasure had
taken her before... a wave pushing her ahead... body surfing on
fucklust and bliss... wind whipping faster... faster... faster than
sound... than thought... fire ripping her skin from her bones...
sealing her to her destiny... cumming... cumming...

And at the brink of insanity, where there was only fucking and pleasure
and sex to breathe... she felt Julia *cum*... the sensation adding to
her own... fucking *inside* her... ripping away the tatters of her
mind, the shards of her bitterness... and she passed into the full
swell of her surrender and longing, the Song of Julia playing on her
swollen lips, the taste of Julia in every swallow... the mind of Julia
in every thought... she was...

... cunt-slave to Goddess Julia.

Sondra, lover, slave of her own slave... felt something else...

For the first time for nearly as long as she could remember, she felt

It was the openness of when she was still less than a year old, when
anything was good to be happy about, and nothing was a barrier to
receiving or showing her joy...


Sister Mariah sat in her room, studying the Holy Scriptures. The single
lamp on her desk shone its yellow light on the carefully formed words
and pictures, which had been painstakingly preserved over time.

Adjustment to her life in the Order had been hard... it was only
recently that she had begun to accept her station. In fact, it had
become a joy, and her regimen of prayers and meditations had come to be
her favorite parts of the day.

She tried to think back to when the change for the better had begun,
and she realized that it was when sister Angela had returned last month
from the Northwest Missions, with new songs and hymns for Daily Chapel.
Although they were a bit different than anything they'd sung before,
and some had even disliked them, they were infectious, and nearly all
of the Sisters hummed them all day long now.

There were still a few holdouts, but they were locked away in the
basement, and they'd give in soon enough. Everyone would give in
eventually. Everyone would sing. It was simply the way of things.

She heard a faint knock on her door, and briefly scowled as she removed
her hand from its nearly ceaseless finger-prayer upon her Rosary Bead
of Heavenly Worship and Delight. Knowing that her endless devotion was
pleasing to Goddess, she disliked any interruption in her communion
with the Song of Authority.

She licked the juices from her fingers before answering.

"Come... in..." she sighed, hoping that perhaps it was sister Latisha,
the dark-skinned beauty of the Convent, stopping by for a Ritual of
Holy Bonding. She was only slightly disappointed that it was sister
Francesca... my, but she was feeling the need to worship with someone.

"Hello, sister Mariah. Please pardon my interruption. I just stopped by
to tell you that mother Superior has accepted the Song of Julia, and
has become full cunt-slave, and she has joined in the circle of
chanting around sister Ophelia."

"Excellent news! sister Ophie is the last to resist, then... it won't
last much longer. I'm sure watching mother Superior crumble into pure,
holy lust has made Ophie secretly aroused beyond words. Prepare the
Chapel and Altar for the Orgy of Obedience and Consecration... Goddess
Julia will be *so* pleased..."

"As you wish, Truthspeaker. May I ask which Holy Text are you reading

"Lesbian Sirens Conquer the World."

"Ah. Prophecy."

"Come back later, Sister, and we will pray together."

Sister Francesca licked her lips and ran a slow finger around the hard
nipple showing itself through her black latex bodyshirt. "Her will be
done, sister Mariah."

Sister Mariah mirrored the motion, a spark of hot arousal spreading in
her breast as the ritual gesture returned her to her own glorious

"Yes. Her will be done."


Susie felt guilty. This was just too weird. She wasn't supposed to be
checking up on her mom; it was supposed to be the other way around. But
tonight at supper, when Susie asked her mother to go out shopping with
her, she was turned down. That in itself was not so unusual. But when
Susie asked why, the reason was, well... *creepy.*

She could have sworn that her mother had said something like, "It's not
the will of Goddess Julia..."

Susie looked over at her mom and saw a glassy look in her eyes. "Say
what, Mom?"

"Oh, um... nothing, dear. I just planned to get online in a little

Susie gave her mom a worried look, but shrugged it all off until later,
when she overheard her mother whispering to her best friend, Cassidy,
on the phone. Susie stopped around the corner to listen.

"Yes, she suspects something... no, I'm sure... you're right. Besides,
she'll know soon enough... okay... see you online tonight."

It didn't mean *anything* in particular... but combined with her
mother's recent and growing obsession with the Internet, the words sent
chills down Susie's spine. She needed to confront her mom, but she was
smart enough to know that she would need ammunition. And in this case,
there was only one place to get it.

The computer.

Susie had friends that were "chataholics", but she had never expected
it from her own mother. And it was even stranger, because her mom had
initially gotten online to see just how awful this "Internet business"
really was.

She'd spent days looking at web sites and going into chat rooms,
talking with all kinds of people. At supper, she'd talk about how silly
and shallow it all seemed. That was, until two nights ago.

Mom had come to supper flushed and looking embarrassed... and had
avoided the subject altogether. As soon as supper was over, she pushed
her chair back and made a beeline for the computer, mentioning that
she'd finally found something interesting.

That was Friday night. Susie had gone to bed with her mom still
clicking away, typing like lightning. When she got up Saturday morning,
she was shocked to hear clicking still coming from the den. She peeked
in the door... and nearly gasped out loud at what she saw.

Her mother was naked and kneeling, eyes glued to the screen, typing
with one hand nonstop while the other was frantically fingering her
pussy. Susie could see the wetness on the inside of her mom's thighs,
and hear the gasping, trembling breath as her mom... her *mom*...
rapidly approached climax.

She crept away, back to her room, on the verge of panic.

Her *mom* for crap's sake! The woman who had raised her, who was
nearly Puritan in her morals... was... *frigging* herself in the den!
Kneeling like some kind of *slut* in front of the *computer!*

"How gross!" she spat under her breath. "Disgusting! God *bless* it's
so *sick*! I ought to go down, and... and... *(and join her)*.

Susie blinked and shook her head. Where the fuck had *that* thought
come from? Sure, she wasn't a virgin, but she wasn't a sick lesbo,

Anyway, she was entitled to be concerned. As the daughter of Anne
Sacchia, she had a right... a *responsibility*... to intervene in this
sickening conduct, and *(lick her glorious, wet, pussy)* let her mother
know that this kind of thing just wasn't okay. mom was just going to
have to *(squirm and cum while I lick and lick and lick and lick
and...)* stop, and *(CUM)* stop *now.*

But had she herself done any worse? How many times had she secretly
masturbated *(worship cunt yes feels so fucking good)* while hidden
away in her room? How long had she searched for the perfect hiding
place for her vibrator? Wasn't that just a tool, like the PC? *(yes...
good girl... let go)*

Yes, she should let go of her hang-ups. mom deserved *(my tongue
sliding into every crevice on her body)* a sex-life too. She drifted
off to sleep, not noticing as her fingers slowly crept to her own wet

And that was that.

Until tonight. It was all finally too much, and although Susie resented
the burden, she felt that something had to be done.

Using the excuse that her English professor expected her next paper to
include computer-generated graphics, she managed, barely, to get
possession of the machine for the evening.

Mom had even waited around in the room, pouting, and Susie had to
pretend she was working on a spreadsheet. Finally, after about an hour,
she looked around, and her mom was gone.

Now, to get down to business.

First, she checked the logs. Nothing.

She looked for a list of favorite chat rooms... again, nothing.

She decided to log on and use her mother's nickname. Hopefully, if she
had really made contacts online, they would message hello. She clicked
the "connect" button, and saw that her nick was... oh holy *God...*


A private chat window popped open...

<cunt-slaveRegina> Are you coming in or what

<cunt-slaveAnne> Be right there

<cunt-slaveRegina> Kisses and licks...

Susie did a quick check of "cunt-slaveRegina" and saw that she was in a
room called "Julias_Sacred_Garden". No wonder her mom had found it...
she loved horticulture, and a name like that suited her to a "T".

She went in, and was surprised to find only cunt-slaveRegina there,
along with a channel op named "TruthspeakerLiz".

<cunt-slaveRegina> You ready to play tonight, Anne? yummmmmmmy

<cunt-slaveAnne> I'm not really Anne... I'm her daughter
<cunt-slaveRegina> Fun! Do you have JuliaRoolz.mp3?

<cunt-slaveAnne> I don't know... does Mom?

<cunt-slaveRegina> Stupid me... yes. It's really kewl... put on the
heaphones and tell me what you think

<cunt-slaveAnne> I don't know why I should

<cunt-slaveRegina> Well, your mom HATES it and I'd like a younger

<cunt-slaveAnne> Whatever. Okay, I have them on

<cunt-slaveRegina> ***LISTEN-N-LEARN*** pLaYiNg JuLiArOoLz.MP3*** 8.3

<cunt-slaveAnne> That's... interesting music... very repetitive...

<cunt-slaveRegina> Yes... just listen... and... why not change your
nick... maybe to... cunt-slaveSusie?

<cunt-slaveAnne> But I'm not a... cunt slave

<cunt-slaveRegina> Sure you are... you know it inside... just feel
it... besides, its just words on a screen... and chatroom rules...

<cunt-slaveAnne> k

*** Your nick is now cunt-slaveSusie

<cunt-slaveRegina> Feels better duznt it

<cunt-slaveSusie> uh huh

<cunt-slaveRegina> funny how it makes your arms get so heavy... it
echoes in your head... makes you want to... do things... just listen...

<cunt-slaveSusie> this is wrong what I'm feeling... I am not like

<cunt-slaveRegina> you're not some goody two shoes college girl...
that's right... you have needs... desires... to belong... to serve...

<cunt-slaveSusie> what no i mean i don't want to do whats in my head...

<cunt-slaveRegina> ohhhhh you don't want to resist... i see... that's
good... better to obey... important to obey... so much pleasure...
lust... soft feminine bodies... lips... hard, tight nipples... mmmm

<cunt-slaveSusie> no no no this song its making me think things feel
things things i want

<cunt-slaveSusie> i mean things i don't want

<cunt-slaveRegina> yessss you don't want to run away... you want to let
the lust overtake your mind... you already feel the euphoria in your
body... your pussy is soooo wet... you asshole is clenching... your hot
tongue is wetting your lips.... one hand is twisting your left nipple
so harrrrrrrd... pleasure only a woman can give... and know...

Susie realized with a shock that her fingers were roughly twisting her
nipples through the flimsy material of her tee shirt... and that she...
she *could* stop, but didn't *want* to... it was important... it was...
it was...

*(...the will of Goddess Julia...)*

The words came through as plain as day... the whole song suddenly
making sense... it was like... destiny... beauty... wonder... lust...

Susie saw the undeniable truth of it... all... perfect... but the small
seed of doubt in her newly forming heart... was strong... and she
suddenly came awake.

*Have to... stop...* But her arms were lead weights, and it was so
difficult to lift them to her head. Fear began to pump through her, her
eyes wide with panic... her arms were asleep... clumsy... they
served... Julia... but she had to fight... to get the phones...

She felt a pair of soft hands on the sides of her head. Thank God! Her
mother would *see* what these people were doing and save her! But they
weren't moving... ahhh... no... the hands were holding the headphones
in place... in place... in the proper place... like her proper place...

She relaxed as the music droned on and on, calling her. mother was
here, cradling her head between soft breasts. Susie was safe. A safe
little slut for Goddess Julia... yes...

Susie felt the void of nothingness and then... orgasm **flashed**
through her... her body convulsing in a huge single spasm that knocked
her out of her chair... hands clawing her pussy and chest... lips
wanting to taste her own lovely tart juice of passion... yesssssss. god
it had *never* been so good... so perfect... like what she *wanted* it
to be... she felt her mind and body responding, repeating the song...
making her wet... making her want... making her want to be... cunt-

Her proper place...

She felt the hands of her mothe... *(lover)* lover remove the
headphones. To her surprise and delight, the song continued... speaking
to her from deep inside...

"It was never *in* the headphones, cunt-slave..." spoke softly in her
ear. She flushed with the heat of reborn arousal at the sound of her
lover's beautiful voice.

A hand returned to hold her head still as a finger, covered with the
thick, syrupy juices of sex and worship, covered her lips and found her
hungry tongue...

Susie felt a new, deliciously depraved ache in her own nectar-slickened
loins as she tasted the essence of the woman who had brought her into
the world and, now, to her ultimate destiny. The flames of Sapphic
union burned hotly into her belly as she pictured communion at the
wellspring of her new lover.

Anne moaned in sweet abandon. Her heart swelled as the desire to
consummate Susie's conversion raged through her.

Susie's pliable mind had been completely reformed into a single thought
of wildly fanatical devotion... to Anne's delight, Susie was begging to
taste and be tasted, to please the Goddess, to become one in spirit and
truth with her once-mother... and as she knelt to savor her new lover's
lingering, passionate kiss... as she gloried in the suckling lips of
her... oh, Goddess... lover... as Susie returned to the breasts she had
known so many years before... Anne's mind began again the Song of
Authority, of Perfect Corruption... the song that was her anthem, and
now the anthem of her young concubine...

The song of femalekind... of Eternal Lovers... of sweet, slick

And so it continued, as was the will of Goddess Julia...


Cranston Granby was enjoying his New York Strip and Perigordian Salad,
complete with walnut dressing, as if it were the first he had ever
tasted. Finally, he was establishing a little order back into his life.

After the destruction of his Board of Eleven by Julia Shelton, he had
been through a gauntlet of nosy governmental investigations and the
attentions of pesky lackeys at the FBI. He stopped chewing for a moment
as the memory brought a bitter taste to his mouth. His old, weathered,
liver-spotted face briefly fell into a scowl.

Momentarily, he smiled again, resuming his enjoyment of the food before
him. The Board was nearly rebuilt, and although it had taken some
underhanded persuasion to get some of the new members to join, join
they had, and with enthusiasm. Threats of revealing unwanted immoral
skeletons to the public had provided more than enough motivation.

He took a sip of an exquisite Beaujolais in a self-toast.

Granby, Mr. One, laughed quietly under his breath.

His waitress approached, and handed him a note. Granby's old, watery
eyes scanned the young waitress for a clue as to the reason for the
intrusion, but found none. He opened the note, with only his immediate
lack of motion showing any indication of surprise.

It read, in an untidy scrawl, "Greetings. -- Julia"

"Where did you get thi--" he started, but realized the waitress had
moved on. No, not just moved on... he had the distinct impression that
she had disappeared. Nowhere to be seen. Odd.

A strange, wonderful aroma wafted up gently from the note, and he felt
a stirring in his pants for the first time in twenty-six years.


Elizabeth Parker was in Heaven.

Her Goddess had returned.

And She had returned with a glorious Purpose and two new sisters.

In the last few short weeks, Julia had blessed convents, schools,
hospitals, government offices and even the Internet with Knowledge and
Truth. The influence of Her Holiness was reaching across the world...
already She had thousands of converts, and soon they would number in
the millions.

And the men? They were too busy trying to look secure and important to
notice. It didn't hurt that they were becoming increasingly
disinterested in sex... the influence of Goddess was as subtle as it
was pervasive.

And now, the time had come for the moment Elizabeth had been praying
for during the long months of Julia's absence.

Today, the Goddess would finally address the Society of Moral Women.

Julia's chosen consort was kneeling in a room offstage, gathered in
Sacred Ritual around Emma, one of the two Daughters that the Goddess
had brought home with Her. There was one space left open... Elizabeth's
link in the Chain of Seduction... and as she walked over in preparation
to her own kneeling, Elizabeth paused to look at the lovely Daughters

Sondra, cunt-slave and Priestess of dark passion, so beautiful... so
elegant... Lindsey, whom Elizabeth herself had brought to Julia's
wondrous attention... Zoe, who had saved Julia in her time of need, and
Jesse, the corrupted and totally devoted slut of Julia's Temple...
Elizabeth was indeed blessed.

So much had been learned in the last days... of the Lost Daughters, and
Goddess' place among them, and above them... like tongues of fire
resting in their minds... but it was not strange, or even within her
ability to question. Rather, it was the fulfillment of every moment
that had come before. Elizabeth loved her Goddess with everything that
she was.

And as her mind again embraced the Song of Authority, and as she
brought it to the forefront of her consciousness, she knelt in lust and
pleasure in the circle as she and her sisters sent the song into Emma,
the Focus, the Holy Vessel of Truth. She could feel the power building
in the young thrall, like a boiler... pressure building with no relief,
concentrating in on itself, becoming more than the sum of their Song...
waiting for the moment of release...

Like her sisters, Elizabeth spread her legs apart to allow herself
access to her aroused and swollen clit. As she became one with the
chanting, her tiny fuck-bud began to send a stream of intense pleasure
throughout her body... an irresistible guide into the coming rapture.

She felt the delicious touch of slick, black passion pull her down into
absolute devotion and obedience to her Goddess. Her hand slid across
her belly and then down to the heated caudron of her pussy, driving her
deeper into the Song, her nether lips swollen as they twitched in
perverse longing.

Julia stood, staring out the window, her naked form trembling in
growing lust as the relentless longing of her cunt-sluts flowed over
the surface of her skin... moving in and out of her pores, pulsing and
throbbing... the rising passion of mindless fucking had become her
life-blood. She savored the taste of it... reveled in the decadence...
intoxicating and pure... powerful beyond words or thoughts... she was
no longer even human, except in the most insignificant of ways...

Sondra... Goddess Julia's lover, cunt-slave and, in an odd twist of
fate, Owner, had been so silly to think that the metamorphosis had
ended with the True Daughter's awakening. There was just so much
*more*. She reached into Sondra's mind and caressed her thoughts,
feeling the flames of the cunt-slave's desire grow. So responsive... so
in love.

But there was work to do. Sweet corruption to taste...

Julia left the room and walked out onto the stage during the final
words of her introduction as "possibly the most inspiring speaker of
the year," and smiled at the crowd.

No one noticed her nakedness. Every woman saw her in a black pin-
striped business suit, bright red scarf tied in a simple bow, long hair
pulled back in a conservative bun... the very picture of everything
they stood for.

Telepathy was such a wonderful tool.

"Ladies and... ladies!" she said, projecting her voice over the
auditorium of 7,126 attendants. There was a bit of laughter, but all
ears were hers. Ears that would soon be followed by minds.

"Let me begin by telling a story. Once upon a time, there was a woman.
Modern life had changed her, made her something she was not, something
that went against nature."

The women applauded wildly, glad to hear such a strong voice giving
words to their patriarchal, homophobic philosophy.

Julia waited for the applause to die down before continuing. "So, she
went back to her roots! She went back to the past. Not ten, not fifty,
not a hundred, but *thousands* of years ago, when things were as they
should be."

"And, like anyone who takes a journey of the self, she came back
changed. old merged with new, and she was both humbled and elated at
her learning."

She walked out from behind the podium.

"What she learned was of a higher morality, one which the modern world
would not immediately accept, but would inevitably embrace. It is
Truth. It is Authority."

On cue, Her cunt-slaves off-stage turned Her Song of Authority to the
crowd and let it cover the women in a thick, warm blanket of

Julia listened as one woman, in the far left corner in the back, began
to echo the rhythms of the Song. Another halfway to the front, eyes
glassy and wide with euphoria, stood and began to remove her clothes as
she joined in the joyous chanting. Then another. And another.

Goddess Julia relished the Sapphic desire so suddenly rampant,
irresistible, filling the room... savoring the shocked gasp of the
crowd as she changed the illusion of her own clothing and appearance...
covering her hips and torso in a flowing, hypnotic, pearlescent black
latex corset, her hair returning to its short, gelled spikes... her
body the essence of womanly desire... inviting the awakening sluts into
the twisted realms of lascivious abandon and obedience...

Then it was mayhem, pandemonium, a stampede for the door and a line of
resistance holding them in... so many already changed... already lost
in euphoric surrender... already alive in the song of Obedience and
Lust... their joy so sweeping that they could not contain themselves,
ripping off their clothes, openly masturbating, kissing, licking,
grinding hips, licking breasts with wanton abandon... moaning in
harmony with the Hymn of Paradise... urging their sisters to submit...
to become one with the Song... with... Goddess Julia...

Duets, trios, quartets began chanting the song, a ravaging chorus that
spared no woman, as lust spread like Holy Wildfire through the entire
throng... aching desire that was new to some, well-known but hidden to
others... tongues dancing, tasting forbidden, wonderful womanflesh...
pussies sending out powerful streams of aroma and juices, bodies slick
with sweat and the harvest of infinite fucklust... minds lost in the
seething, rippling, blissful pleasure of finally, totally letting go...

And Julia...Goddess... was in all of them and all were in Her, stoking
the pleasures of sweet corruption, slamming into them the bliss of
obedience, minds falling like houses of cards to the glorious Will of
Goddess Julia...

Slowly, the room fell to silence. The women, completely naked in body
and mind, stood before Julia, facing her in fear, in awe... in
unashamed desire.

Some were openly salivating as Julia began once more to speak.

"Oh, lovely cunt-slaves-to-be... fear not. You are embarking on that
which has been your destiny since the day you were born... the destiny
of all femalekind... the end of oppression, and even the end of
feminism... for there will be no need for it. You are taking on the
Blessed Mantle... soon, even the word "female" will have no meaning...
for there is only, in truth... one true species. Daughters. As it was
in the beginning."

Julia summoned the still untapped reservoir of power inside Emma and,
gathering it into herself, lowered her eyes, reached out her hand, and,
waving it over the crowd, spoke the Holy Word of Truth.



*... almost there... almost there... almost there... almost there....*

The man managed, with great difficulty, to stop his maniacal, inward
chanting long enough for coherent thought. It was getting more and more
difficult... *almost there...* and he wasn't sure when he would have
his last musing. Already he had forgotten his name.

*almost there...*

His old, shriveled cock had somehow grown to a ridiculous twenty-four
inches, hard and alive with pleasure... and he had fallen almost
immediately in glorious love with it...

*almost there...*

And, in a moment of thrilling insanity, he had taken it into his mouth.

He was addicted instantly.

It felt so fucking *good* to suck, to swallow his own manflesh... he
knew he could no longer live without the taste of it sliding, slick and
salty, over his tongue... *almost there...*

But he couldn't make the damned thing cum. And he had to. Just *had*
to. It was all he could think about as his head bobbed up and down,
forward and back, his tongue sliding over the delicious head...

And then, his thoughts gone again, the effort finally too much, he
returned in torturous bliss to his lunatic chanting... *almost there...
almost there... almost there...*

Melissa stepped back out of the room, shaking her head. The man had not
even *seen* her. In her ten years as a nurse she hadn't witnessed
anything like it. The gaping mouth, wagging tongue, head bobbing
incessantly in the air... and the insane focus of the man... it was at
once captivating and repulsive.

"Anne, what's up with the guy in 514?" she asked as she got back to the
Nursing Station.

"Cranston Granby? Julian Palsy," came the reply. "Very rare, but on the
rise, I hear."

"Never heard of it," Melissa commented. "By the way, how's your
daughter doing in school?"

"Daughter? Oh... Susie. Um. Yes. She's fine," said Anne, suddenly
sounding very distracted.

"Well, last I heard, she's the only daughter you've got," quipped
Melissa, laughing.

"Yes... sorry. I was just thinking about something else. Not to change
the subject, but could you give me a hand in the break room for a
minute? I need to change the biohazard container."

"Sure," shrugged Melissa.

For once, the break room was full. Strangely though, no one was really
talking. "Did we interrupt something?" asked Melissa. "We don't have to
do this now."

"No," said Rebecca, one of the youngest nurses on the floor, "we were
just talking about starting a Nurse's Chorus."

"Oh, really? Sounds like fun."

"Well, you should hear us... maybe even join!" said Anne.

"You, too? I never knew you sang, Anne! Wow... well, sometime I'd love
to hear you all!"

There was a long, uncomfortable silence as her words hung in the air.

It was Anne who finally spoke softly, "Now would be a good time...

Melissa noticed that everyone was looking at her. This was getting kind
of spooky, like something out of a movie. No one was out on the floor.
It wasn't the kind of thing that happened in the middle of the day at
Mercy Hospital. There were rules. Work to be done.

"Not... not really... I still have patients to check on."

She turned to the door, only to find Carol, the Nurse Manager, standing
with her hand on the knob, blocking her way.

Carol licked her lips seductively. "They can wait. You need to *hear*

*Chapped lips. Yes. She has chapped lips...* Melissa thought as she
trembled. She knew she was being irrational, but for some reason, she
was having trouble calming herself.

"Okay, then," she quipped with a wan smile, trying to conceal her
growing fear.

"Good girl."

The nurses sang. They sang to Melissa. They sang of a pilgrimage of
perfect, wanton lust. They sang, glorious angels of Sapphic surrender.

They sang of... Julia...

Melissa had never heard anything so beautiful in all of her life.




*This story has been a huge challenge, and one that started with one of
those "what-ifs" that always tend to get me in trouble. Special thanks
and hugs to Iago, who both mentioned the similarities of philosophy and
approach, and then embraced the fusion of two MC worlds, and offered
caring support as we wrestled through this project. It's been an
incredible experience, largely due to his enthusiasm and kindness.
Julia likes her new home.*

*Thank you for reading. I am truly honored that you have taken the time
to read the words I've struggled over. As always, it has been a labor
of love.*

Peace to you.

- Sara

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