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Julia07 Lustre


If you are younger than eighteen years
If sex is taboo to yourself or your peers
Then I ask, as a favor to me and to you
Read something else and tell this site adieu!

(c)2001 by Sara H. Please ask before posting this story

Thanks to all the people who've helped me through my difficult
times. This one's for you, for better or worse or in between...

- sara



by Sara H

Categories: MC, FF, FD, MF, MD


Part One

Robin pulled into her driveway, glad to finally be home.
Fridays usually had no meaning, since days off were few and far
between. But now, finally, she was getting a weekend off.

It had taken years to get this latest job, six months just to
get clearance. It was a dream she'd had for a long time, but now
that she had obtained it, it was taxing, to say the least. There
were hours of endless testing and data analysis, and strict
deadlines. While it was incredibly gratifying, the adjustments
she'd had to make this last year had been particularly grueling.

Lancaster Associates wasn't a company per se; it was an
independent research consortium with extensive funding from the
clandestine budget of one of the three-lettered government
agencies... perhaps all of them. The field was mind dynamics,
and as a physicist with three doctorates, Robin had been both a
highly desired recruit and burdened with her employer's high

Synaptic Training. That was what it was called. The official
project name was "The Effect of Laser and Ultrasonic Stimulation
on the Training Response of the Human Mind," or ELUSTRES, for
the report headings.

She'd had some ethical questions at first. Wasn't training
someone too fast for him or her to reject it a form of mind
control? No, she had been told. The application was simply a
more efficient way to train the military, reducing basic
training and indoctrination to a few short hours.

In addition, years of skills and of tactical and strategic
experience could be pumped in, available when needed. It wasn't
anything new or any more amoral than any kind of training... it
just happened faster. And just in case, they had hard-wired
integrity and ethical templates into the training devices, which
set up a kind of insulating barrier around the brain areas found
to have those qualities inherent in their patterning.

Needless to say, it had been very intense, and years of
research had gone into the project before Robin had arrived. The
brain had to be mapped in such a way as to account for changes
in electron travel. It had been a nearly impossible task,
actually, until she was brought in.

It was hoped that she could bring fresh ideas to the project.

She had not disappointed. Her no-nonsense attitude and austere
demeanor betrayed an intense commitment to her work, and after
only two months, she came upon the idea of using a series of
cascading algorithms that could both map and rewrite synaptic
response in such a way as to make it entirely predictable.

As an added bonus, the process, if used correctly, gave them
the option of either making the changes reversible or permanent.

And ethics aside, Robin was going to be very rich. Even her
nearly pure scientific mind could see the practical application
of not having to worry about money ever again.

But right now, the work was done. The champagne had been
ordered... she had no doubt that the process would be successful
in the first human experiments, due the following Monday.

She had her own reward for a job well done, and she was going
to indulge herself. After showering and fixing a light dinner,
Dr. Robin Richards treated herself to her own private
pleasure... vegetating on the couch with an old movie and some


Robin shifted in her bed, slowly moving upward through the
layers of sleep. She was about to drift back off when she heard
a sigh from inside her room. Her eyes popped wide open and her
heart leapt to her throat. She lay quietly trying to hide that
fact that she had awakened.

"Don't bother lying still, Dr. Richards. My display has already
told me you're awake. Besides, you quit breathing so deeply."
Robin cursed silently and turned over quickly, trying to show
confidence that she didn't feel inside.

From the pitch of the voice, it was impossible to tell if it
came from a man or a woman. Robin sat up slowly, and felt a
slight pressure on her head as the room turned


"That's right, Dr. Richards. You have a device on your head we
rather humorously have dubbed a 'mindshredder.' It slices! It
dices! It tosses your thoughts around like so much salad! Or...
you could call it a puzzle. A puzzle where all the pieces fit no
matter how they fall. And we know just how they should fall. You
are about to be '*reoriented*', for lack of a better word. And
you will never know the difference."

"Who are 'we'," Robin said, trying to sound intimidating.
Unfortunately, her voice was only nervous and squeaky in her ears.

"We are who you are going to work for, from now on. You're
going to simply *love* your new job."

Robin let herself adjust to the strange, green light. It had
the odd effect of making her room look a little like a hologram.

She was looking at the wall, and tried to move her eyes to the
right, towards the voice of her assailant. They didn't
cooperate. It wasn't a fight. The possibility simply didn't
exist. It was like trying to levitate six inches above her bed.
It just didn't work that way.

She felt them widen instead, until they were stretched so wide
that it was almost painful, as if they were being held open.

A small part of her mind clamped off, looking analytically at
the situation. *Impressive, to say the least. Basic motor
control from an outside source. Problematic, but obviously

"Are you in love, Dr. Richards?"

"No." The instant response startled her. It must have been the
oddity of the question, coming out of left field.

"You will be. With Gretchen. Gretchen Samuels. Goddess, Owner,
Lover, She Who Must Be Obeyed. She will be your contact. She
will be your *life*."

Robin laughed, surprised that it came out. This was like some
badly made "B" movie script. "Don't know Gretchen," she spat,
the mix of fear and ridiculous delusions of this intruder
creating a kind of muted lunacy that bounced around on the
inside of her skull.

"That's because we've only just met." said the voice. "Time to
begin, my loveliness."

A small, red square appeared on the wall up and to the right of
where Robin was involuntarily staring. Almost instantaneously,
her eyes shifted to it. Then a blue square appeared far to the
left. Again her eyes shifted before she even realized it was
happening. It was an odd sensation, to say the least. It
happened so fast that instead of feeling like her eyes were
moving, it was more like the wall was shifting in space and
bringing the square to the center of her vision.

More colors and squares appeared, and Robin's eyes obeyed
instantly. They began to come faster and faster, until to the
outside observer there was merely a blur of colors flashing on
the wall.


The image was looking like a kaleidoscope now, but to Robin, it
was only a shifting pattern of small colored squares. To her,
the room was becoming a blur, a fog of relentless motion that
was making her dizzy and sick. She found that the only way to
reduce her nausea was to relax and let the squares come... to
use them as something on which she could focus.

She noticed a slight feeling of euphoria overtaking her, moving
forward from the back of her head. She let herself give in to
it... it was the only relief from the sickening pace of the
blurred room.


Her body, still sitting still, began to feel distant. She
realized that her brain was starting to ignore it, since it was
anchored to the spinning room. Slowly, she let her feelings and
sensations go. It was just too hard to hang on.

Her thoughts were becoming harder to put together... the
increasing pull of the square, the only sane thing in her
suddenly insane world, was no help to her if she distracted
herself with thoughts. Slowly, her awareness of her surroundings
dissipated into the green fog that the room had become.


Gretchen watched eagerly as Robin's eyes vibrated into a bluish
blur, her body slack, mouth falling open, almost like a metaphor
for the cavern that was growing inside of her mind as it came
apart in so many pieces.

It was a cavern Gretchen was about to fill.

With relish.

With obedience.

With *lust*.

She looked down at her monitor just as the indicators showed
that Robin was ready for the next step.

Robin noticed that the square seemed to be floating in space in
front of her now, three dimensionally sitting in the center of a
greenish mist of untold depth... a mist that she barely
remembered used to be her room, her body.

It was changing shape, too... elongating vertically, softening,
becoming flesh-colored and multi-faceted. She watched as it
elongated and grew, adding more detail. Her eyes felt like they
were straining to see what was next, what it was becoming, and
then, with incredible clarity, she saw. She knew. It was the
body of a Goddess.

She realized with a start that she was being manipulated and
fought to control her eyes, but she was too far gone to do
anything but wince in pain. The woman was the only thing she
could see, the only thing she could focus on, the only thing she
could even *think*... she was completely beyond words now.

The pleasure of it was too strong to ignore. As the last
vestiges of her barriers collapsed, Robin realized that
endorphins and dopamine were releasing into her mind, creating a
kind of insane sensation of oneness with the image... a witch's
brew of mind-altering chemistry that would be completely

And then, she *was* one with everything she could see.

And all she could see was...

"*Gretchen,*" came the voice. It sounded vaguely familiar, but
it was of no consequence. The name echoed through her, and
caressed her pleasure centers, making her gasp in inspiration
and recognition of holiness.

"Gretchen Samuels. Goddess. She who must be obeyed. She to whom
you give your love, and your life. Your adoration. Your very

The words etched into her empty synapses, drawing her inward,
consuming her, until they were no longer even words. They were
the essence of existence.

It was not merely belief.

It was not opinion.

It was concrete, unchangeable fact.

"Obedience is not even a word you need to think. It is what you
*are*, Robin. Robin is obedience to Gretchen. Every motion,
every act is love and surrender. There is no other way."

But Robin didn't even hear the words, now. They were simply the
stanchions that were the foundation of her existence.

And there were many more words to come.

And come they did.

So did Robin, many times, before she fell back into the land of


"Douglas, I'll be ready in a moment. I just need to check on a
bad reading from one of the checksums." Robin's brow furrowed as
she opened a panel and pulled a module out of the activation

"Damn it, I knew it couldn't go perfectly," cursed Douglas,
looking on from behind the control room glass. "How serious is

"Not too bad..." Robin said, sounding distracted as she focused
on the analyzer. "But I'm going to have to replace the 862
series control board module. Good thing I made some spares."

"I don't care what Dr. Shenander says, you're an angel," said
Douglas, the relief in his voice coming even through the
speaker. "How long?"

"About thirty minutes," answered Robin. *Please don't let him
say 'groovy',* Robin thought.


Robin winced and carried the unit back to her personal lab.

*There is no secret. I'm just not telling them what I'm doing
and letting them watch, like a good little slut-puppet,* thought
Robin, humming happily as she retrieved the spare unit. It had
taken her nearly fourteen hours to create a passable dummy for
the ethical protection unit, but she had finally managed by
simply having another unit cancel it out.

Gretchen had even allowed her to cum while she licked at her
Goddess's Holy Altar of Passion.

*Gretchen. God,* thought Robin, feeling her pussy go wet at the
mere thought of her Owner. *Goddess*! she corrected, giggling as
tremors of pleasure washed through her. She had to stop in the
hall on the way back to let the reward of her success stream
through her body.

Once she made it back to the Procedure Room, she placed the
unit carefully into its docking port, and announced that
everything was nominal and that the experiment could proceed.
Then, entering the control room, she walked up behind Douglas,
who was busy studying the experiment protocols one last time.

"Sweet dreams, Dougie," she said, giggling. She pulled her hand
out of her pocket and plunged a hypodermic deeply into his arm,
quickly depressing the plunger. His head jerked up and he spun,
only to keep spinning slowly down to the floor.

Leaving him there, Robin met Dr. Shenander as she walked
towards the control room. "Vera, there's something I need to ask
you," she said, stopping in front of the sexy team leader.
*Sexy...* thought Robin, *funny I never noticed before...*

Looking into her colleague's eyes, Robin pulled a tazer out of
her pocket and said, "Do these things really work?"

"Guess they do!" she said, answering herself and giggling as
she dragged the collapsed body of Dr. Shenander towards the
Procedure Room. "In case you can hear me, Vera, you're going to
simply *love* your new job!"

Part Two

Vera Shenander's body ached. She was disoriented. It almost
felt like she was strapped to a table. It took a moment for the
reality to sink in.

She *was* strapped to a table. Tightly. She couldn't move her
head or limbs at all, except to pull uselessly on her muscles.
She looked at the lights on the ceiling, noticing that she now
wore some kind of transparent visor, trying to see if the could
get some sense of where she was. But it wasn't her eyes that
gave her the answer.

It was the whine of the Elustres device.

"Welcome back to the real world, Vera," said Robin, through the
speaker from the control room. "Well, at least reality as you
now know it," she added, sounding slightly amused, "which is
subject to change without prior notice."

"Robin - what the fuck is this?" Vera demanded, her anger

"Why, it's the birth of a new direction for Lancaster
Associates, Vera. Dr. Lancaster is lying here asleep on the
floor, so I'm moving forward with his tacit approval."

"New direction?"

"Yes, Doctor. We are all going to be working for a new
employer. Gretchen Samuels. I know you don't recognize the name.
I will assist in your education. Then you and I will assist in
the education of the entire team. Don't worry, it's a much
more... *mmmmmmmm*... fulfilling career choice," purred Robin.
"Well, 'choice' may not be
the best word..."

"I don't understand, Robin. Please... just let me down and talk
to me about what's going on," said Vera, fighting through the
fog, trying desperately to put conviction and self-assurance
into her words. "I'm assuming you plan to use the Elustres
device on me, but all it has to offer are strategic and tactical
guides. You already know you can't change my ethical base... you
designed the circuitry to be foolproof yourself. The machine
will shut down if you even try, so there's nothing to gain.
You're not well. There's nothing to accomplish. Please, Robin,
let's talk for a little bit."

"Yes... you're right, Dr. Shenander. There's nothing for me to
gain," said Robin, starting to sound like she was thinking to
herself. Vera relaxed a bit. Now, if she could just keep this

"But then again, if that's so, you have nothing to worry about,
and the gain will totally be yours, in knowledge and
understanding," giggled Robin. Vera felt her heart sink. This
was completely out of character for Dr. Richards. Normally stern
and disciplined, she was cackling like a lunatic. Vera was sure
that the woman had finally cracked after months of strain.

"That reminds me," continued Robin. "I worked all weekend to
come up with a replacement for the 862 unit. It no longer acts
only as a stasis inducer. It's now something I've named the
'ethics subrogator'. It gets around the failsafe by mimicking
the ethics of the subject... a kind of feedback loop that keeps
the Elustres device from noticing any changes. I thought you
might appreciate my brilliance. You do, don't you?"

Vera did. And she also came face to face with the real danger
of her situation. She did the only thing she knew to do.

She screamed.

Robin didn't seem to notice.

"The visor on your head is part of another device... one you're
not likely to be familiar with. It's called a 'Mindshredder'. It
was invented by a loathsome clod named William Meyer. It's kind
of like a thought reorganizer... reshapes everything from core
beliefs to everyday inanities. Luckily, Gretchen, my Goddess,
and soon to be yours, was able to get it from him, and use it to
put him to a better use; namely, worshipping Gretchen and
working feverishly to improve the device. And now, she is
dedicating the device to an even higher purpose.

"That purpose is the creation of a personal Sapphic Dynasty.
Just think of what your life could be like with a woman in
control... with *Gretchen* in power... free from the male
constructs that determine how lives should be lived? What
paradigms will finally be finally gone? It's wondrous!

"Do you know why women are so hard to work for? Why they are
bitchy in business and politics? It's because they are operating
under imperatives that are the equivalent of shoes that are too
tight! It's like a computer program that is generations old but
still has faulty code as its basis! You can't *modify* it to
make it right. You have to completely rewrite it!" enthused Robin.

"You're fucking insane," said Vera, softly.

"No, I'm fucking a vibrator, thinking of your tongue lapping at
my pussy and asshole. It's time to begin."

Vera jerked as the room suddenly turned... *green.* She felt
her body fall into a kind of limp paralysis, as if the control
of her muscles had been bypassed to somewhere else. Her eyes
widened and she stared into the ceiling.

As they bulged impossibly, she had the oddest sensation that
the room was moving. She knew rationally that the table was
being turned upright, but her balance and sense of place had
vanished, and her brain, at its deepest level, was telling her
that she was the center of the universe around which everything
else revolved.

She became dizzy as Robin danced around her, moving crazily
around her, releasing her from the table restraints. She knew it
was not the case... that Robin was moving normally, but Vera's
disorientation seemed to be growing by the second. She also
realized that the straps were no longer needed... this device,
whatever it was, was more effective than any physical bindings.

And then, Robin was gone. Nothing happened for the next few
minutes. Her mind was still screaming, but finally quieted as
she realized it was useless.

The room moved again and brought a small red square to the
center of her vision. She realized her eyes had moved, but
again, the lack of any outside stimulus gave her the uncanny
sensation that the image had been brought to her, and not the
other way around.

She felt resigned curiosity creep in on her as the room moved
again, and again, and the color of the square slowly changed.
She quit paying attention to her surroundings. For some reason,
she found the experience so... fascinating.

In fact, she was losing all sense of the room at all, and a
kind of feeling of wellness began to move through her in a
gentle... no, a *seductive* wave.

As the room disappeared into a green foggy blur, she saw that
there was no way to fight this, even if she wanted to. She knew
she was trapped, and it added a kind of indifference, like
someone who has...

Her thought ended abruptly as the square changed, became three-
dimensional, and transmuted slowly, captivatingly, into the form
of a woman... the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. Waves
of deep euphoria waltzed on her skin, inside her belly, and tap-
danced her swelling clitoris. There was no resistance. There was
only this reality. There was only...

"Gretchen," came the voice of... of...

"Gretchen Samuels. Goddess. Supreme Sovereign. The Perfect
Woman you live for and obey."

"She is your love, your life, Vera. You define yourself only by
your relationship to Her and Her desires and needs. Obedience is
not a concept, Vera, it is what you *are*. You are obedience.
Vera is obedience to Gretchen. You are pleasure. You are eternal
adoration and devotion. You are... slave. You are slut-puppet.

"Your cunt comes alive at the thought of Her. You cum openly at
the honor of pleasing Her, and Her mere words cause you to
silently climax. You live for this. You live for Gretchen.
Everything else is secondary. You will hide your slavery only
when it serves the greater purpose of gaining more acceptable
recruits for Gretchen. You are starved for Her, addicted to
Her... you cannot live without Her. Your deepest cravings are
only for Her and those who serve Her. Your pleasure brings only
deeper obedience, and deeper obedience only brings greater
pleasure, even when it goes against everything you have ever
known or believed."

The emptiness of Vera's mind soaked it all up like a sponge.
She could feel the rational and emotional objections of her past
her mind slipping, and then turning on her, telling her over and
over that this was right and good. So good.

It was as if a veil was being lifted and she was seeing her
reason for existence for the first time. It was like a puzzle
falling together in a way that made more sense than anything she
had ever known. Her hips began to gyrate and moans escaped her
lips. Her tongue salivated and her pussy began to drip juices
down her leg.

Robin was already on the verge of cumming, watching the
Mindshredder manipulate Vera's body, teaching her the motions
and reactions that would please Gretchen. She was only able to
continue her instructions out of the pure obedience that had
become her life. Wave after beautiful wave of fire swept through
her wet, randy loins as she continued.

"Whatever your sexual orientation has been is of no
consequence. You love women. Only women can bring you pleasure.
Only women are worthy of your love and obedience. And Gretchen
is the Goddess above all to whom you devote every thought and
dream. Say it, Vera. Feel the vibrations deep in the core of
your being."

Vera felt something hard and brittle move up through her mind,
a spear of final resistance that she grasped desperately. She
had to hang on... just one more moment, and then one more...

"Noooo..." she gasped, fighting with every ounce of remaining

"Thank you, Vera," came Robin's voice. "It usually takes more
to get to someone's core of resistance, but you've done *sooo*
well. Gretchen will be very pleased."

Vera felt the spear suddenly transform and wrap around her mind
like a serpent, bathing her in pleasure as the last of her
defenses were not destroyed, but corrupted into the strong,
unstoppable realization of her destiny.

"Now, Vera, say it. Feel it," cooed Robin, her breathing fast
and excited.

"I... love women," started Vera, barely able to speak through
the mind-numbing passion she felt. It was as if she were
breathing her own super-heated lust. "Only women can bring me
pleasure. Only women are worthy of my love and obedience!"

Vera felt her enthusiasm growing as the words became more and

Robin teetered on the edge of her climax as she watched Vera
drool and writhe on the table, no longer in need of any coaxing,
transformed and corrupted into the newest slut-puppet of her

"The word 'lesbian' makes your clit spark and crackle with
lust. The word 'dyke' makes you moan softly in deepening
arousal. You are and have always been obsessed with women alone,
with no shame or reservation.

"Insatiable. Militant. You lust after all women of all ages and
all body types, regardless of attractiveness. You recruit them
as Gretchen sees fit. You always recruit in a way that is
efficient and will not endanger Gretchen in any way. You use
every strategy and tactic you know. You know this. You never
question it. It is life and pleasure. It is the Will of Gretchen.

"You are climaxing now, Vera. It is the promise of Gretchen. It
is the reward of Gretchen. As you climax, know and accept that
your surrender is complete. Know that this is your new and
perfect life. When you have fully surrendered, you will commit
the final act of your previous, ignorant life. You will simply
say, 'I pray the Goddess accept Her slut'."

Vera felt the rise of her loins, the tickling of every nerve in
her body. It was so far beyond love and even sex that she would
betray anything, anyone to achieve what it promised. God? There
was no God. There was no loyalty, no need, no sacrifice that did
not belong to Gretchen.

Her eyes widened and dilated fully as spasms began to romp
through her body like demons of unquenchable lust.

The desire became pain, driving her deeper and deeper towards
the promised pleasure and bliss of Gretchen's Will... the ache
was a torturous burn within the well of her soul, and she felt,
almost as if it were someone else, her lips open and whisper...
"I pray... the Goddess... accept... Her slut..."

And then, like a crystal chalice reflecting the light of a
hundred suns, she came. It was eternal. It was beyond life or
death. It was pure white, inescapable, burning away all that she
had been that would not please her Goddess.

It was... the Will of Gretchen.

Part Three

Melissa Palmisano sat in the back seat of the SUV, unseen by
outside eyes, thanks to the nearly black tint of the windows. It
was a risk to be here, regardless, but some risks were necessary
in order to move things forward.

She wondered if Vera and Robin had been kept in the same
holding cell. If so, they had probably put on quite a show for
the other inmates and the cameras. Her hand drifted casually
down to the wetness of her snatch as she thought of the tallish,
athletic Robin face-to-crotch with the dark red nymph that Vera
had become... an obsessed sixty-nine as the two women stretched
their legs wider and wider, tongues lashing and torturing each
others' swollen sex, clits throbbing with the song of mindless

She mewled as her own climax approached, her mind reeling with
every blissful nuance, as it had ever since her inhibitions had
been stripped away and she had been reborn.

Data entry seemed like another life. So drab... so dead and
colorless... so unlike the exuberant life she had now been
given. The mere memory of her change overheated her loins, and
she came, body thrashing uncontrollably as she remembered what
she had been, and what her awakening had brought to her.

Finally, after several minutes, her spent body, sweaty from her
effort, sank back, the SUV now filled with the aroma of her
naked, wanton sex.

*Thank you, Gretchen,* she quietly thought.

The beeping from the monitoring device awakened her from her
reverie and she flipped up the screen. As expected, she had a
first-person picture of walking down a hallway, escorted by two
guards. Vera's glasses were working perfectly.

She slipped on her own visor and earbuds, and switched to
targeting mode. She felt dizzy as the two-dimensional image from
the screen transferred to the three-dimensional reality of the
visor. It always took a few minutes to get oriented, but after a
few moments of vertigo, she was quite at home looking out from
Vera's point of view.

She walked through the door of a small interrogation room and
felt herself sitting down, although they were phantom feelings.
It was difficult not to feel some physical sensation... it was
similar to, but much more profound than the feelings of the
"visual surround" movies of her youth.

An agent came down and sat across the table from her. So this
was Special Agent Amanda Jessop. Vera had been correct. This
woman was a prime candidate for recruitment. brunette and curly-
haired, with a lean face, high cheekbones and the cutest upturn
in her nose... she had a body that made Melissa shiver with the
anticipation of her "re-alignment".

All the drills of the past months kicked in and she waited for
sustained eye contact. It was the same interview as always,
mostly going over the embezzled funds that had been hung on Dr.
Doug Lancaster, suspicions of Vera's and Robin's involvement,
and the temporary suspension of the rest of the staff.

Melissa laughed. The staff was never truly suspended. They just
changed location and went covert. They were busier now than they
had ever been while working at the lab. Physical location had
nothing to do with their devotion to their Goddess, or to their

Finally, after mostly friendly banter, the agent asked a
question that was supposed to get a startled, betraying response
from Vera. "So tell me, Dr. Shenander," said the agent, sugar
dripping off of her tongue, "what exactly is a... 'Mindshredder'?"

The agent, sure that she had found something, caught Vera in an
expectant, knowing stare.

Suppressing a giggle, Melissa aimed the targeting lasers at the
woman's pupils and pressed the button that would start the
process of showing the agent more than she had wanted to know.

Things that she would, happily, never question again.

Technology was always moving forward. It was such a wonderful


Amanda, Agent Jessop, stared intensely as she let the question
sink home. For some reason, the eye contract felt more forceful
than usual... more powerful. She let the smallest smile grace
her lips as she watched Dr. Shenander struggle to find a
confused answer.

After a moment, the woman finally spoke. "No one was supposed
to know about that," she said, almost in a whisper.

"Why?" pressed Amanda, letting her eyes widen. By God, getting
this reaction was making it feel *good* to stare.

"Well, it was something that wasn't really a regular part of
the project. Dr. Lancaster was embezzling. We knew that. In the
end, we had to use the MS device to draw him out of the
shadows," explained Vera.

"Did it affect his mind? Like the Elustre Device?" continued
Amanda. She couldn't believe her good fortune. She would have
given her eye teeth for the observers to be here behind the
mirror. This early morning interrogation had been spur of the
moment, and now she was paying the price. She let the thought
go. The video cameras would catch it.

"Yes, you could say it affected his mind. But no, the
Mindshredder is not for training... it's for... enlightening,"
said Vera, her voice purring.

"I see. So you enlightened Dr. Lancaster, causing him to turn
himself in?"

"Well, I guess you could say that. The explanation is a bit
more complex."

Amanda felt a shimmering buzz at the back of her head. This was
what she lived for: getting at the truth, unlocking the vault of
mystery. Still staring, she said, rather flatly, "I have all the
time it takes, Vera."

"As you wish. But you have to get into the mindset at the lab.
You have to think like I think. Can you do that, Amanda?"

Amanda felt a slight shock as Vera addressed her informally.
She looked up at the clock on the wall. Except she saw Vera's
eyes there. No, wait. She hadn't looked. It didn't matter. She
had to find out the secret. "Yes, I can do that."

"Good. So as I tell you, just think it yourself. It will all
become very clear to you," soothed Vera.

"Right," said Amanda. Vera noticed that the agent's eyes were
beginning to look a little glassy from staring. It was time to
test the water. "Blink, Amanda."

Amanda blinked and continued to stare. Her eyes were becoming
watery and dilated, now. Things were progressing quite smoothly.
Vera felt a twitch in her pussy as her inquisitor's lips parted
slightly, her breathing becoming slow and steady.

"I think that Dr. Lancaster is guilty as hell. He obviously has
been working alone on this. The rest of the staff has only been
doing their jobs. Investigating them is not only pointless, it
verges on criminal harassment. I have to make sure he pays his
debt to society."

"What do you think, Amanda?"

Amanda worked her way up through the fog. She'd been asked a
question. That didn't seem right, but it was there to answer.
She searched Vera's... no, her thoughts... it was so hard to
tell which was which. Finally, the answer presented itself. "I
think that Dr. Lancaster is guilty as hell. He obviously has
been working alone on this. The rest of the staff has only been
doing their jobs. Investigating them is not only pointless, it
verges on criminal harassment. I have to make sure he pays his
debt to society."

"Yes," continued Vera, "and that is what I should tell all the
agents I work with. And in secret, I need to make sure that any
evidence to the contrary, including the tape and record of this
interview, is destroyed. Everything must point to Dr. Lancaster,
since he is corrupt and evil."

Amanda repeated every word, the thoughts now her own, shaped
and weaved irrevocably into her consciousness.

"And even when others disagree, I hold fast. I am fanatical
about it. That is because I serve a higher purpose. I serve an
ideal that is embodied in my Goddess. My Goddess is Gretchen
Samuels. She is my secret Goddess. I obey and love her. Adore
her. Desire only her pleasure. In fact, my obedience is so deep
that it is less than a thought. I am obedience to Gretchen."

Amanda, now mumbling the words, repeating them even as Vera
continued, followed with her own litany, "...obedience to

Vera smiled. Amanda smiled. Vera felt her lust rise and
continued, "I am, and always have been a woman who only loved
women, emotionally... physically. A... oh, my, yes... a lesbian.
And since finding Gretchen, I love and obey only Her and Her
followers. I am nothing more and nothing less than Gretchen's
hot little bitch. It is as permanent as granite. To doubt
Gretchen is torture... to betray Gretchen is to die..."

Vera smiled. Who but Gretchen would know that Amanda would be
such a good little sponge...

"I have to congratulate you, Agent Jessop, on the diligent
effort you've put forward to solve this case. I've rarely seen
such a thorough investigation."

"Thank you, sir," said Amanda, beaming. It wasn't just the
praise of her superior that created her joy. It was even more
the fact that she had pleased Gretchen enough to receive the
reward of a night worshipping the crotch of her Goddess.

"In fact," continued the Assistant Director, "it's led to
something quite extraordinary. You have been given an assignment
about which even I have not been allowed to know the details.
You are to report to the address in this envelope. I know it's
all very cloak-and-dagger sounding, but there you have it."

"No idea at all?" questioned Amanda. "That's awfully strange..."

"Yes, but in twelve years, I've learned to live with strange.
You should have seen the two agents I used to work with..."

"I'll do my best, sir," said Amanda, gravely.

"I'm sure you will, Agent Jessop."

Amanda walked down the hall to her office and closed the door.
Sitting down at her desk, she opened the envelope and read the
contents. Then, she tilted back in her chair, and began to
giggle, her hand snaking beneath the waistband of her panties,
furiously pinching and circling her rapidly swelling clit...


The room was even darker than normal. The sound of quiet
discussion belied the intensity of the meeting. Even the age and
unseen history of the elegant furnishings seemed to press
inward, transforming average looking men into Medieval
Landowners at the Altar of Power.

Eventually, the voices faded into silence, awaiting comment
from the fifty-ish patriarch at the head of the table.

"We are here to welcome our newest members, gentlemen. In a
moment, they will all be brought in. Although you will see an
obvious break with tradition, I ask that you indulge me. I also
ask that you make no comment as to what you are about to
witness. There are some strategic advantages to what you will
see that may not be immediately obvious."

Muted grumbling was followed by words from a man seated nearby
at the table.

"As you wish, Mr. One."

"Mr. Seven, please bring in the candidates."

The lights over the men faded, bathing them in shadows, and
spotlights bathed the area just inside the entrance, making the
men in the room, for all intents and purposes, invisible. A
young man of perhaps twenty-six went to the door, stepped
outside, and returned with four women.

Mr. One spoke softly, "Medusa watches."

The women shifted, stiffening and staring straight ahead.

"Gentlemen, I'd like you to meet our newest members. From left
to right, let me introduce them. Our delectable buxom scarlet-
haired bombshell with glasses is Dr. Vera Shenander. Next,
slightly shorter, with a severe look that hides incredible
brilliance, and even more incredible passion, is Dr. Robin
Richards. The little plaything beside her is Melissa Palmisano,
an absolute jewel of stealthy observation. And lastly, let me
introduce our inductee fresh from the bowels of the FDI, Ms.
Amanda Jessop.

"These women have been hand-picked, gentlemen. Henceforth, in
this chamber, and *only* this chamber, they shall be known as
Mr. Eight, Mr. Nine, Mr. Ten and Mr. Eleven."

Mr. One looked around the men seated at the table with a hint
of glee.

"I know you didn't expect women to be joining us. However,
dangerous times sometimes call for a break with tradition, no
matter how hallowed it may be.


Mr. Three began. "Well, the obvious question is why women? With
the Julia Shelton crisis, it would seem women would be the
*last* thing we'd want. Certainly with her talents, she'll
figure out that they work with us and will retaliate."

"A good point," agreed Mr. One. "But I've come up with a rather
unique idea. Ms. Shelton has established herself as the head of
a lesbian Matriarchy, whose apparent goal is world domination.
But there may be a way around her defenses. These women will be
Mr. Five spat, "Then it's even more dangerous. We know what Ms.
Shelton can do. I don't particularly relish putting my mouth
around the barrel of a loaded pistol, like my late comrades."

Mumblings of agreement moved around the table.

"Just wait and hear me out, gentlemen. I'm sure that shortly it
will all be much more clear to you. Having control of Julia is
the key," said Mr. One, quietly.

"The last Board of Eleven tried that, Mr. One, and failed
miserably," said Mr. Two.

"Which is why they failed, Mr. Two. It was not Julia who should
have been marked for coercion, and not even her followers. We
need someone innocent. Somone militant in her loyalty. These
women, who have never met Julia, are completely and irrevocably
in the thrall of someone named Gretchen Samuels."

"I don't follow," Mr. Six interjected.

"You will, old friend. Now, please, everyone be quiet as I

Mr. One turned to the four women at the far end of the table.
"Aphrodite responds," he stated flatly.

The women visibly relaxed and smiled, seemingly unaware that
they had been frozen, and completely at home in their

"Come and worship your Goddess, slut-puppets," added Mr. One.

The women moaned and began to slowly remove their clothes,
walking around the table as they dropped their attire on the
floor. By the time they reached the chair of Mr. One, they were
visibly trembling, licking their lips and mewling softly in

Mr. One stood, and all four women knelt before him. "Goddess,
may our minds and bodies ever bring you pleasure," whispered

The other quickly joined in.

"Yes, praise our glorious Goddess!"

"She is our Divine Inspiration and Purpose!"

"Yes, Obedience and Love to Gretchen forever!"

The confused looks around the table amused Mr. One, and he took
Robin's chin in his hand. "The others around the table are my
holy consort, which you are joining, my precious slut-puppets.
Robin, please tell them who I am, so that they may know that you
know and live in Truth."

"You are the Almighty Goddess Gretchen Samuels, my Goddess!"
bubbled Robin, as ecstatic tears washed her cheeks. "You are the
Perfect Deity of All Eternity and my only reason for every
breath is to serve You!"

The shocked silence of the room was absolutely delicious.

"Vera, what is your sexual orientation?" asked Mr. One,
feigning innocence.

"I am a lesbian, Goddess, as it has always been and ever shall

"That's right, Vera. Melissa, who is it that you desire.?"

"The followers of Gretchen, and above all, my Goddess Gretchen
Herself! I mean Yourself!" shouted Melissa, enraptured by the
sight of the Holy Queen.

Mr. One unfastened his belt and let his pants drop, and then
his boxers, as the luscious women took the unspoken cue and
helped him step out of them, removing his socks and shoes as
they went. His immense cock sprang forward. "Amanda, how do you
explain this?"

"It is the Holy Appendage of Gretchen, my Queen. You have the
power to manifest Yourself any way You see fit. It is the Cock
of Absolute Desire."

"Very good. I am well pleased in all of you. Amanda, you may be
the first to taste my Holy Flesh."

At the words of praise, all four women collapsed in screaming
fits of orgasm, fingers dancing in their crotches and wantonly
tasting their own juices to entertain their Owner.

Amanda slowly rose to her knees, and stretched out her pointed
tongue to tease the tip of the engorged member, savoring the pre-
seminal fluid that was dripping from it. She licked her lips and
slowly slid her mouth over and down the turgid shaft, her body
quivering with her own arousal at the honor which had been
bestowed upon her.

"Pleasure each other, pets, as Amanda pleasures Me," said Mr.
One, his own voice becoming shaky with excitement. Around the
table, the wide-eyed faces of the other board members stayed
riveted to the display, hands moving underneath the table,
unable to deny their own growing lust.

The women fell to each other, hugrily licking and tasting,
finally falling into a daisy chain, tongues to pussies and
assholes, fingernails raking over wanton, aroused womanflesh,
glorying in their depravity before their Goddess.

Amanda picked up her pace, swallowing Mr. One's cock again and
again, fucking him with her mouth. Her saliva drooled out of her
mouth and she reached back to press a finger into his clenching
asshole, driving his hips into wilder and wilder gyrations, as
even *he* lost sight of the room and his companions.

Suddenly, he felt his prick swell and explode into her waiting
mouth, and he groaned loudly, followed by gasp after gasp as she
swallowed every drop of his holy cum.

And then she fell to her own oblivion, cumming from the
pleasure she had given, the orgasm for the moment slaking her
addiction to the pleasure only her Goddess could provide.

As the other members of the Board began to groan with their own
climaxes, Mr. One began to laugh... and laugh... and laugh...


Mr. One peered around the table, every seat filled, finally,
after so long a time. He looked at the newest recruits...
possibly the most rabid loyalists ever to grace this chamber.
"Oh, my precious slaves," he said, the evil syrup of his words
flowing tangibly down the table, "please don your halos."

The four women reached down and lifted transparent visors,
placing them on their heads, pressing small earbuds into place.
Mr. One, looking down at the small console before him, pressed a
button, and smiled as their eyes began to vibrate and then
seemingly disappear as the Mindshredder took hold.

"Gentlemen, this demonstration was the final test. Now we begin
my plan in earnest. These four women, with their many talents,
will no longer serve Gretchen Samuels, but Julia Shelton. The
only difference is, that for them, *I* will be Julia Shelton,
their perfect Goddess. As they infiltrate her organization, and
they are led into obedience, their thoughts will coincide with
every other convert... except when they think of her, it is me
that they will see. And when they see Julia herself, they will
see what they consider to be a blasphemous, malevolent impostor.

"As you can see, their very definitions of what is feminine and
what is masculine can be so obscured and convoluted as to make
them unreadable by our nemesis, and once they are within her
inner circle, they will either use the Mindshredder on her, and
elicit her obedience to us, or Julia Shelton will die."

And, in an event so rare as to be unrecorded in the journals of
the Board of Eleven, the room filled with thunderous applause.


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