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Julia09 A Taste Of Fire


If you are younger than 18 years;
If sex is taboo with your neighborhood peers;
Offended by words of perversion and sleaze?
Take your eyes elsewhere... immediately, please!"

Note: This story would not exist without the patience of those who
have stayed with me through my trials and doldrums. For those of you
who have asked, "What happens next?" I hope that this will be
pleasing. As always, Julia is a harsh taskmistress...

This story is preceded and follows the events of "Pilgrimage" and
"Lustre." For a complete listing of the stories in the Goddess Julia
saga, please go to:

Thanks to Katie McN and Eye of Serpent for their willing and helpful
critiques, and to Iago for both sharing and participating in the
world of Lost Daughters.
(c)2001 by Sara H

All rights reserved. Do not post this story elsewhere without the
express, written permission of the author.


A Taste of Fire

by Sara H

Categories: MC, FF, F-dom, M-solo, nc, cons



"And so, in conclusion, sisters, daughters, mothers -- it isn't that
we are not powerful. It is that we have been trained to not see or
notice how powerful we are. In truth, the call of Julia is the call
of a destiny that was here centuries before we were born. It is a
call to open our eyes, and then our hearts, and then our souls -- so
that nothing can stop the tide of what we are to be; of what we are
to become."

Lindsey Thomas stepped back from the podium as she completed her

Applause broke out and swept through the crowd as it was pushed to
its feet by a force greater than the sum of its enthusiasm. Along
with clapping, a few open moans could be heard. Here and there, hands
pressed to breasts, occasionally finding someone near to tease.

Tanya moved through the crowd like silk through fingers. She sighed
as the bodies swept past her in a whirlwind dance. It was as if
everything moved to some unseen melody, coinciding crazily with the
images in her mind. She winced and recovered as the elegance of it
was changed into something twisted and ugly inside her mind.

She focused on the simple beauty of her Purpose.

The crowd became even more dense as she approached the stairs
leading up to the stage. At the bottom of the stairs was Lindsey, who
recently had lost her bid for re-election. It was the ex-Senator who
Tanya sought. The energy of Lindsey's speech on "The Value of the
Feminine Perspective" was still bubbling, and she was busy chatting
with the women around her. Tanya lowered her head and let her mouth
fall open slightly.

She had seduction on her mind.

She stood quietly, waiting her turn as one by one women
congratulated and thanked Sen. Thomas for the gift of her words. The
young descendent of noble Sioux felt something electric in the air --
something teasing at the place where her soul met her body. She
ignored it. She was strong. She had Purpose.

And then she was standing with her prey.

"Senator Thomas?" she asked in a shy voice.

"Please, call me Lindsey. I haven't been a Senator for awhile now.
So glad you could -- *come*."

Tanya shivered as jolts of pleasure sprang through her like startled

"I'm -- I'm Tanya Dancing Wind. I've been sent by my tribe to give
you a gift in gratitude for the illumination you have brought to us
in the name of Julia."

She pulled something out of the small bag she had been carrying with

Lindsey smiled warmly.

Continuing, Tanya said, "It was designed by the women of the
reservation... based on sacred symbols we have held for generations
beyond counting." She held it up. It was a headband, about an inch
wide, covered in incredibly beautiful and detailed beadwork.

At first glance, it was decorated with random patterns, but as
Lindsey held it closer, she could see that it was a variation on a
theme. She had no idea of the meaning of the whorls and loops, but
she was too giddy from her triumphant oratory to look too closely.
"May I try it on?" she asked.

"Of course," Tanya answered, smiling. "It contains powerful spirits.
If you are very quiet, some say that you can even feel them."

Lindsey pulled it over her head and twirled. The women around her
clapped and laughed.

Tanya reached into a front pocket of her baggy pants and found a
small cylinder, about the size of a pack of mints. Her thumb found
the end and she pressed a recessed button there.

The twirling came to an abrupt halt as Lindsey let her eyes come to
rest on Tanya. She cocked her head slightly to the right; her mouth
twitched suddenly downward.

Now silent, her entourage gaped, caught in the awkward moment of
feeling something was wrong and being too shocked to move.

The twitching started again, as if Lindsey were fighting some unseen
force, her body becoming stiff.

"Are you all right, Senator?" asked a woman to her left. Her head
leapt sideways, her eyes full of fear and panic as her lips pulled
back in a maniacal sneer and her head began to shake.

And then it was gone.

Her mouth pulled up into a familiar smile and her eyes twinkled.
"Yes," she answered, a little sheepishly. "I just thought I'd
forgotten something important."

"Are you sure? Maybe we ought to have Patsy look at you."

"No, really," she said smiling. It was just a moment of...
overwhelm." She turned back to Tanya. "But I *would* like to talk
with you about your gift, privately..." Her voice trailed off as if
she were trying to think of something else to say.

"Oh, I'd be delighted, Lindsey, if you feel up to it," said Tanya.

"There's no question," replied Lindsey, her voice noticeably more

The other women's faces changed from worried looks to knowing
smiles. Lindsey always got her prey. She was a master of little ploys
for sympathy.

As for Lindsey, she wasn't thinking about anything at all.



Julia bucked under the ministrations of her slave, the fire in her
loins licking upward along Elizabeth's tongue, moving the women in
perfect unison. Her pussy undulated powerfully, and she felt another
orgasm approach. She looked inward, and felt something... *new*...

The power moved out in irregular circles of force,
the Gracing reshaping and awakening the sleeping
tatters of memories long held deep within the cells
of women nearby. Flying outward. Lights circling.
Mesmerizing. Irresistible. Speaking. Singing.
Shaping. Desire, lust, glory, love ... all are
here ... all in me ... all ARE me ...

Julia watched as something like a *tremor* passed over Elizabeth,
like a wave that warped her body into something grotesque as it moved
relentlessly through her. It was like a fisheye lens of air, and as
it moved into and past the elfin disciple, it pressed outward through
the room, leaving a trace of blue aura around everything it touched.

Elizabeth's lips and tongue ground suddenly into Julia, and it felt
as if the young secretary was bonding directly to her most secret
pleasures. Her mewls became impassioned groans as Elizabeth brought
her to a new pinnacle, a new cliff of fevered abandon, her breath
coming so shallow and fast that she was afraid she would pass out.

As the cunt-slave's nails scratched her ass, and a finger found her
burning anus, Julia felt the essence of her existence begin to pass
from her boiling snatch into the soul of her cunt-slave, and back
again. *Shared.* They were one in more than body and spirit ... they
were being Graced into union as Julia screamed out her ecstasy.

Her legs locked around the head of her disciple, pulling her in...
and then her head *was* moving in, being consumed by the voracious
pleasure of Julia's canal. As her mind exploded into incoherent
bliss, she thought she saw Elizabeth, swallowed down to her neck by
her cunt.

The Wellspring of Goddess.

And then, there was no more thought. There was only Julizabeth,
Elizia, pleasure made one, made whole, made perfect.

Julia screamed as she fell into darkness, and dreamed.


"There will be more tests, Restorer. This is
but a taste of what is to come."

"But Fiona, how can I control such a thing?
History does not speak of spontaneous Gracing."

"That is because, like all miracles, as they
are lost, the knowledge of their nature becomes
shrouded in mystery. Besides, who ever said you
were to always control it, child? You are the
Restorer, but you are as subject to your past
and destiny as anyone else."

"But what IS my destiny, Ambrian Mother?"

"You will know it when it comes."

"When it comes..."


Julia's legs fell to the floor, spent.

Elizabeth groaned and woke up. "Goddess, what was... *that?*"

Julia sat in silence for a moment before responding. It had been a
vision, but surely not one that was shared. Such a thing was
completely unknown.

"That, my beautiful elf, was a taste of what is to be. Soon."

The younger woman purred and snuggled close to her Deity. She felt
the honor of her intimacy flush through her. Her eyes closed as her
thoughts began to drift towards satiated sleep.

"I'll know it when it comes," she whispered, her breath already deep
and regular.

Julia noticed that Elizabeth looked somehow much more inviting, now.

The Goddess began to understand.



Dr. Joyce Redmond stepped off the elevator and into the reception
area of the Women's Health Center, on the seventh floor of the
Forrester Medical Center. Things seemed unusually quiet today. Even
with no receptionist due until nine o'clock, this was normally a busy

But the hum of morning activity felt more like the subdued quiet of
midnight. Phones were ringing as usual, but this close to shift
change things were much more hectic, as a rule.

She walked down the hallway, past the transitional care rooms,
towards the nursing station and her own office. Ruby Kramer, one of
the newer nurses, passed her, an odd, happy smile on her face. She
barely acknowledged Joyce as she hummed a little tune to herself.

"Ruby?" Joyce called, turning around to look at the nurse as she
quietly strode away.

The dazed woman stopped and turned, looking at Joyce. Her eyes had a
faraway look, as if her mind was on something infinitely more
pleasant than the daily routine of changing bedpans and dispensing
medications. She looked like she was in love.

*More like a first crush,* thought Joyce.

Something about it sent a delicious shiver up her spine. Odd. She'd
given up on romantic notions long ago.

"Yes, Dr. Redmond?" said Ruby, sounding almost seductive.

"Is there something going on here this -- this morning?" Joyce
asked. Ruby began to walk back towards her. Something wasn't quite
right about how she was moving. It was as if Ruby was *(naked)*
either tired or *(dripping)* on some kind of medication that was
making her *(desire)* move a little slowly.

"Well, nothing but a staff meeting. And there's a nurse subbing
today that wants to meet with you. Melissa Saunders, from Mercy
Hospital. She's waiting in your office."

She felt a rush of deep desire sweep through her in an unexpected
wave and staggered. *Music ...*

"Wh-why?" she continued, quickly regaining her composure. Luckily,
Ruby hadn't seemed to notice her unsteady movement. The nurse's eyes
were still far away as Joyce continued, "Is there a problem, Ruby?"

"Oh, no, no problem at *all*," said Ruby. "I'm sure you'll find her
absolutely *inspiring*."

*Now* that *is an odd thing to say,* thought Joyce, returning to her
walk down the hall, turning right at a crossway, and stopping in
front of her door. She sighed as she thought of the day's work ahead
of her. Rounds always came too early.

She readied herself to meet Melissa. She trembled slightly as she
tried to put her perplexing moment of arousal out of her mind. It was
important to wear a "professional distance" look in these situations.
She wondered for a brief moment what on earth a substitute RN would
want with her. It was unusual, but not unheard of, for a nurse to
wish to meet with her in such a way, but it was strange that the
request came from a temporary employee. Usually, her Nurse Managers
were more than able to handle anything that came up.

She pushed the door to her office open ... and stopped in her
tracks. It was as if a gust of wind reached out and held her in place.

She saw two of her regular night nurses, Abbey Klingman and Judith
Stansifer, on either side of her desk. Their forearms were bent at
right angles to their bodies, their palms turned upwards with large,
lit candles resting in each. Their eyes were half-open and glassy.
Neither woman seemed to notice her.

They were kneeling.

They were naked.

Their bodies had the sheen of having been bathed in oil.

"Dr. Redmond. How nice of you to drop by. I'm Melissa."

Joyce turned her eyes to the face that had spoken. A young woman,
with dark brown shoulder length hair sat in the chair behind the desk.

"It's so fortunate that you've arranged your office in such a way.
It's quite imposing, isn't it?"

Joyce's mouth fell open, but words would not come. Her head began
spinning, as if she were inexplicably lost in some alien landscape.
She felt herself become lightheaded, as if she were going to faint --
as if the sudden loss of her bearings was too great to bear.
Instinctively, she began to back out of the door.

"No. Step forward. Close the door behind you."

The voice was music that struck her in her very core. She felt as if
the words were being hammered directly into her skull. Before she
could even think, she heard the click of the latch behind her. *A
dream. Ruby. Melissa. Abbey. Judith. I'm am one sick, twisted woman,*
she thought, panic stricken.

"No, Joyce. This is not a dream," crooned Melissa. "You know the
difference. This has the feel of reality. You know that this is

The intruder's warm smile melted down into something else; something
that promised untold pleasure.

It was true. Joyce felt tears welling up just beneath her eyes. It
was insane, but true. She realized that her thoughts were bouncing
around in her head like careening orbs of glass. *I'm losing my
marbles,* she thought, giggling alongside the few sobs that broke

"Ah, you're confused. Confusion is your friend, dear Joyce. When you
think you know something, you never can learn anything new. All
insight is preceded by confusion. The greater the confusion, the
greater the insight.

"Ruby was confused. Judith and Abbey were confused." Melissa
gestured towards the two motionless nurses. "But as you can see, they
have become ... enlightened.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of. I was confused, and so were all the
nurses in this unit. Last night, they all learned more than they ever
dreamed. By tonight, every woman in the hospital will have
transcended their past."

Joyce, listening, was finally able to respond. "I don't know what
you've done to everyone, but you will be found out. Even if you do
something awful to me, eventually someone will get away and do
something. Whatever drug you've used, or whatever you've done, it
can't possibly go on and on."

Melissa laughed. The sound was like bells on a Christmas tree. It
tickled into Joyce's ears and she felt her lips pull upward in an
involuntary smile.

"Why Joyce, why would you think it awful? Why would you fear
something that will set you and your destiny free? It is the greatest
gift anyone could receive... in fact, many women embrace their new
life with open arms. It's pure *pleasure*."

*Pleasure. Pleasure. Pleasure.* The word entered her mind and
coalesced into a small sphere of flame, pressing in on itself. She
could feel it happening. It grew in intensity, folding inward,
building incredible pressure and then ...

Pure heat and lust poured outward, down her spine and through every
nerve in her body; even her heart leapt crazily as wanton desire and
irresistible sexfire. Her fingers opened, splayed out as the light of
her all-consuming passion shot our of her and into the nurse-statues
that sat beside her desk; her hot, molten pussy -- her *cunt* --
began to bubble over with sweet nectar, coating her thighs as her
mind and body writhed and all thought become one great spasm of

Abbey and Judith moaned softly ... but did not move.

"Obedient little cunt-slaves, aren't they? Just like me. Just like
you will be, soon."

Joyce, her eyes glazed and glassy, still fought. "No," she whispered.

"What's that, neophyte? You know? All femalekind will know, and very

"But men ..." hissed Joyce, every word of rebellion filled with
bitter spittle in an ocean of sweet pleasure.

"Ah. The men. The Goddess has already decreed what will become of
them, sweet sister. Perhaps you would like to see." Melissa picked up
the telephone and dialed a number. "Dr. Matthews? Dr. Redmond would
like to meet with you in her office, stat. She needs an immediate
consult. You can? Thank you."

The pleasure began to fade, and Joyce tried to regain her composure,
a bit at a time. She looked down to see her traitorous hands pulling
violently against her nipples, and she fought to stop, but could not -
- releasing them was too much to bear. The pleasure seeping into her
was too addictive.

"You see?" sang Melissa. "Already you are learning in a much deeper
way than you can resist. Don't fight it. Just continue. Let the
passion pool inside of you until you're begging to drown in it."

There was a knock on the door. "Come in," called Melissa.

Joyce stepped back as the door swung open and Dr. Matthews stepped in.

Looking at Melissa, he said, "Where's Dr. Redmond?"

"Right behind the door, Doctor. We were just discussing the patient
in question."

"Ah." He peeked around the door as he closed it. "Ah, Dr. Redmond."

Joyce flushed deep red, her fingers pulling on her nipples and
making her moan in heat. The sixty-year-old, kindly doctor would
likely have her job. She knew, now, that she was completely mad.

He gave Joyce a kindly look that wrinkled his eyes with charm. "What
did you want to see me about?"

Melissa answered, "It's all worked out, Doctor. Sorry to have
bothered you."

Dr. Matthews didn't turn away, but nodded in Joyce's direction as if
she herself had spoken. "Good. I've got a heavy caseload this
morning, anyway. I understand how that goes. Happens to me all the

Melissa added, "Doctor, why don't you masturbate for us? Just pull
out your cock and milk it. You have time. And it will feel better
than ever before." This time, her voice lacked musicality ... but
Joyce could feel something in it. Something compelling.

Dr. Matthews blinked and smiled as he casually pulled open his lab
coat and unzipped his pants, reaching in to pull out his stiffening
cock. He began to move his hand forward and back along its length.

His face showed only his usual demeanor of cheery camaraderie.

"Catch your cum and eat it, too. It's *so* good, isn't it? And
besides, we wouldn't want any male secretions defiling this office,"
added the deviant nurse, grinning lewdly.

"I have fifteen patients scheduled for surgery in the next three
days," panted Dr. Redmond. "It's going to be hard to find time to ...
think ..."

Joyce stifled a horrified scream. She pulled her hand away from her
mouth, letting it fall back to her briefly unattended nipple. "Dr.
Redmond -- you ..."

"No need to apologize, Joyce. I don't mind ... a ... break ... now
... a-and ... th-then .... oh, yesssssss ... any ... anyway ..."
sputtered Dr. Matthews, his hand flying now up and down his swollen

Suddenly he began to grunt loudly, the rhythm matching the motion of
his blurred hand. "*Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! UUUNNNNNNNGH!*" Semen spewed
out of his purple-headed cock, and he staggered from the pleasure,
his other hand positioned to catch the spew of his manhood.

She watched in horror as Dr. Matthews' eyes closed in bliss and his
tongue licked the cum off of his hand and between his fingers as if
it were the most delectable chocolate he had ever tasted.

Melissa leaned forward and whispered, "You will never defile another
woman with your touch or your sex. You obey all women perfectly and
are never even the slightest bit curious about their actions. It's
only natural, Doctor. This makes you very, very happy."

Dr. Matthews stood motionless for a time, swaying slightly. His face
was still adorned with his gentle smile, made unnatural by its lack
of change as his new Commandments took hold. There was a slight
twitch as his tongue removed a tiny dribble of cum that had been left
on his upper lip.

It was as if Joyce could see his entire life being rewritten. She
found that she was fascinated as much as she was horrified. Her hand
fell to her wet snatch, searching for her hot, demanding clit.

Finally, his eyes opened, and he adjusted his clothes, returning his
penis carefully and buttoning up his lab coat.

"However," he breathed, almost like a sigh, "I suppose I should get
back to my rounds. I have important things to do. Have a good day,

She nearly shouted at him, "Doug, why did you do that? How *could*

Dr. Matthews gave her a quizzical look. "Joyce, *you're* the one who
instructed me to stop by." He smiled. "Ta-ta!"

He closed the door behind him.

Unable to take in all the she had seen, to understand the revulsion
mixed with pleasure, she finally, forcefully let a scream of horror
spring from her swollen, moist lips; a scream that told the tale of
her descent into hell.

The room sparkled, and then faded from view.

She woke up looking sideways at the legs of her desk. She felt
normal again. She lay there for a second, panting. Hallucination. She
needed to call someone. She needed to get help while she was still
able to think clearly.

"Not on your face, cunt-slave. On your *knees*," came a laughing

Flames of passion swept through her exhausted defenses and licked at
her swollen nipples and clit. *Mistress!* called her mind, before she
could even recognize the thought. Her pussy throbbed with need as the
word moved through her again.

"Yes, my precious slut," hissed Melissa, as her lust engulfed the
room. "You will serve me. You are my reward from the Goddess to whom
I give my undying devotion, as will you, once you are taken. Julia,
Goddess of the Path, Restorer of Lost and True Daughters."

Joyce's body convulsed, shaking her to her core as it swept upward
into kneeling subservience. The pleasure of it bathed her -- her
sweat and sexual nectar met and tingled on her skin like tongues of
precious and forbidden depravity.

"Surrender. Lust. Obedience. Sacrifice. Love. These are the new
pillars to which you are forever to be bound. Try to tell me you
don't feel the flames of desire licking at your loins, entering the
smallest crevices of your mind. Try to lie to yourself. Test the
bonds that enlighten your very soul," sang Melissa, her voice
becoming a siren song of unparalleled beauty.

In a courageous but vain attempt to break free from the spell, Joyce
attempted to rise to her feet. "You ... can't ... have ... me ... "
she hissed, wincing with the pain of resisting the aching desire that
was caressing her sex, mind and soul as no lover ever had.

She closed her eyes with the effort. She concentrated with all her
might on regaining control of her raging sexual urges. But as soon as
she would focus on one sensation, six would assault her elsewhere. As
she desperately gripped the front of the desk to steady herself, she
recognized that she was losing her ability to concentrate, to think
even simple thoughts. It would be so much easier to let go, to obey,
to let *Mistress* show her what to do next ...

She thought she could feel hands moving over her body, between her
ass cheeks, cupping her breasts and tweaking her nipples. She
imagined warm oil being poured over her head, slicking down her hair,
running down her body in ribbons as the hands massaged her swollen
clit, sending urgent signals of sexual surrender that cut off all
thoughts of resisting.

As the phantom hands massaged the oil into her skin, her muscles
erupted into euphoric spasms that sent her back down to her knees. As
with a flash of lightning against a jet-black sky, a *latex* sky, she
realized it was a losing battle. It was simply too good, too much,
too perfect, too powerful to question. *Christ,* she thought, *I can
even smell the sweet oil ...*

Her eyes opened, turned pinkish red from the unending ocean of lust.
Her pupils dilated with arousal to the point where they made her
whole face appear open and child-like.

Her mind barely registered the fact that her clothes had been
removed. Abbey and Judith were caressing her body, covering her with
licks and kisses, as her own hands began to tease her nipples, which
she found coated with thick, sensuously viscous oil.

She looked up at Melissa, who was now naked as well, leaned back her
head and extended her tongue. She didn't think about it at all. It
was the right thing to do. She knew it instinctively.

Melissa purred and stepped from behind the desk. "Yes, Joyce. Accept
your destiny and become who you were born to be. Take my essence and
let it fill you ... let it transform you ... as Goddess Julia
transforms all who find themselves in Her presence."

She walked over to where the two nurses, now openly moaning in
shared lust, supported Joyce as she leaned back, their tongues
continuing to tease her distended nipples. Joyce's own tongue began
to writhe in anticipation.

Melissa carefully stepped over Joyce's head and widened her stance,
placing her hands on the shoulders of her two recently converted cunt-
slaves. The muscles in her thighs rippled with tension as she
continued to slowly lower herself, her own pussy dripping with dew,
until she could feel the hot breath of the neophyte convert bathing
her crotch with delicious warmth.

She touched her pussy to Joyce's dancing instrument of obedient
pleasure, and pressed her anus down until felt the tickle of the tip
of Joyce's nose. Soon, the newborn slut would know no boundaries at

Melissa reached inside herself and pressed, gushing outward as her
transforming juices entered Joyce's eager mouth. "Yes, precious
servant -- feel the essence of femalekind wipe away the barriers
you've constructed for so many years, and open yourself to who you
truly are. Open yourself to the pleasure of surrender ... of
obedience ..."

The corrupted doctor moaned as she felt the heated ambrosia drizzle
down her throat, into her belly and out into her bloodstream,
erupting through her like holy fire, reaching to touch her mind. To
touch her *soul*.

*Changing her.*

Letting go of thought, she let the pleasure spring through her like
a fountain drenching the desert. And then she was drinking back up
the pure lust and raging passion, laughing and crying and moaning and
screaming as her blood boiled with new knowledge and love for her --
her *Mistress*, and then just beyond, shading everything, was the
presence of her *Goddess ...*

Climax crashed through her, and she let out a guttural scream
straight into Melissa's flowing cunt, bonding them in orgasm as her
body shook and nearly fell from the powerful contractions that
ravaged her, and ravaged her, and then Abbey and Judith were cumming
too, and pressing the pleasure upwards, and upwards, and upwards ...

... until the only things that remained were the ripples and
torrents of debauchery and bliss.

Joyce reeled as thought returned. Her first was of what she could do
to please her Mistress. The next was what she must do to please
Goddess Julia.

Her third was a list of all the hospitals in which she worked, and
which she could add to her resume.

As Mistress Melissa carefully helped her to her feet, Joyce smiled.
There were so many nurses to bring into her office for surprise

She was going to be a very busy woman.



"You have done very well, Tanya. This one will be very useful to us."

"Thank you, m'Ladies," gurgled the beautiful Native American, her
enthusiasm sparked by the words of praise. Her eyes raised to the
faces of the three women to whom she had brought Lindsey. She only
knew them by first names: Robin, Vera and Amanda; but they were the
trio of suns at the center of her universe.

Through all of this, Lindsey stared straight ahead, her eyes wide.
Now and then, her head would twitch slightly to the side. Robin,
noting this odd mannerism, asked, "Do you think perhaps you used too
much intensity with the Mindshredder, slave? Her motor functions seem
to be affected."

"It was necessary, Mistress," answered the subservient girl. "Her
resistance was nearly impossible to overcome. Her mind had to be
rearranged almost molecule by molecule. I believe the effects will
lessen very quickly. Julia Shelton has quite a hold on her followers.
She almost got to *me* by way of Lindsey."

"Whatever technology she has is no match for what we can do,"
sniffed Vera.

Amanda chimed in, "Yes, but we are not sure for how long. I think it
is more efficacious to have the bitch terminated. And it just so
happens we have the perfect tool."

"Perfect. Tool ..." sighed Lindsey, her eyes lighting up at the mere
hint of her Purpose.

Robin smiled. "Yes. Perfect, my cunthappy wench. I think it would be
good to give you some exercise to get those kinks out of your cortex.
Don't you?"

"Yes, Mistress," purred Lindsey, still lost in shimmering awe of the
beauty surrounding her.

"What *do* you think of Julia, pet?" asked Vera.

Lindsey shuddered in revulsion as the image of the Goddess came into
her mind, twisted and deformed, surrounded by the evil of her
followers. "I think she deserves to be ground into the dust beneath
Your holy feet, Mistress. The feet of all of You!" Spittle formed at
the edges of her mouth as her rage swelled.

"Yes, you are right. And both of you, you and Tanya, will have the
honor of making it happen. Prepare for your instructions."

Lindsey and Tanya's faces fell slack, their minds open sponges to
the new Purpose they were to be given.

"Yes, Mistress. I will obey unto death," came their words, in
perfect cadence. Perfect unison. Perfect surrender.

Perfect obedience.

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