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Julie Smells (chapter 1)


Copywrite 2002 H. Grant ALL rights reserved!

Comments: Warning! This story contains themes of extreme pedophilia and
child molestation. Do NOT proceed to read this story if you are under 18
or if these topics offend you!

story Codes: M/g/pedo/toddler/diapers/ws/scat

Julie Smells (chapter 1)

By H. Grant

He couldn't take his eyes off her for a second. Of all the jobs he had
applied for, none could ever be more rewarding than this. The site of this
little girl made Brian incredibly hard almost to the point of dizziness.
It wasn't just the fact that she was a little girl. It was how young she
was - only two years old! It also had to do with the modest outfit she was
wearing. There, standing before him was the sweetest little blonde tart
dressed in nothing but a pink pajama shirt with glittery flowers on it and
a precious pink disposable diaper. Her hair had been done up by her mother in little blonde pigtails that made her look even more desirable to a
pedophile such as himself.

They were inside the slummy apartment of course. Which was probably why
the mother hadn't bothered to put a set of pants on the toddler to cover
the diaper. Most mothers did that. It was a feeble attempt to hide the
aura of shame that came with wearing a disposable diaper. Most mothers
were compulsive about hiding the shame of their toddlers - loading on the
talcum powder to hide the degrading odor that would inevitably invade the
precious pamper at one point or another. If was futile of course. And
Brian knew this from first hand experience - having been over his cousin's
house on numerous occasions and observing his nephew. The only thing that
kept Brain away from him was the fact that despite his pedophilic
tendencies, he was hetero sexual by nature. Therefore he craved only girls - albeit mostly infants and toddlers.

He had done his homework on how to obtain this kind of job of course.
He had no criminal record - a must in this profession (particularly because
he was a male). And he had paid his way through school to obtain his child
care certification. Of course he had to fend off the looks of surprise
from his classmates and teachers - most of whom were female. Whenever he
was questioned about his choice in career, he would dismiss the query by
stating that he loved to work with children and that it had been his dream
since he was very young. Part of this was true. He DID want to work with
children since he was about 10 years old, but only to satisfy his sick and
twisted desires. He had found himself frequenting his church nursery right
around that tender age - peering inside after all the parents had taken
their babies home and the caregiver had gone for the day. On a good day,
he would find the ultimate prize in the trash receptacle by the changing
table. Sometimes two or three could be found if he was lucky, and an
afternoon of sheer bliss would follow as he would sneak them home and
masturbate to them - performing all kinds of repulsive acts with his nose,
tongue, and penis.

Brian was now 32 years old. A drifter by nature when it came to odd
jobs and relationships, his only mark of consistency was his dedication to
obtaining his child care certification - a certification that would
inevitably open doors to him that had never been open before - doors to
wonderful worlds of childhood innocence, teddy bears, baby bottles, Barbie
dolls, bibs, changing tables, diapers, training pants, and of course - the
sweet shameful odors that came with them. He was indeed a sick man. He
was probably the sickest of the sick. But Brian did not wish to be cured.
He loved this fetish too much to let it go. His cock craved it. And so he
was more than obliged to feed it wherever and whenever he could.

Brian knew of almost every book that had been published with regard to
toddlers, toilet training, and diapering. When he was a young teenager, he
would look for them in libraries all over the state finding the exact pages
of his special interest in the indexes and hoping to find an expansive
description and perhaps even an illustration to boot. Most libraries had
bathrooms, and so he would lock himself inside with a book or two and
masturbate to those special chapters and sections. This was done
repeatedly until he was old enough to rent adult movies. Then his fetish subsided a bit as the various scenarios that encompassed the adult movie genre momentarily distracted him. This went on throughout his 20's, but
inevitable it wasn't enough for him. He needed younger girls - much
younger. He desired girls who didn't talk much (if at all). Ones with
whom he would have no emotional connection with - just babbling, brainless
toddlers that he could exploit quite easily, manipulate, and molest at will
without fear of them telling on him. Toddlers barely spoke coherent
sentences at the age of two (the perfect age that suited Brian's fetish needs), and when they did manage to talk, they hardly knew what came out of
their stupid little mouths - and therefore no stories of potential abuse to
tell their teachers or parents.

The mother of this precious little child had entered the room and now
stood before him.

"Sorry Brian. I had to answer the phone." She stated with a slight look
of embarrassment on her face.

Brian had already given her the once over. She was divorced and in her
late 20's. She was tall (about 5 feet 10 inches) and rather slender. She
had sandy colored hair and round curvy hips - a trait that Brian admired in
a woman when he had watch porn films. He briefly envisioned her spreading
her bottom in humiliating fashion in front of a camera to reveal her stupid
womanly ass hole - the way most of the other whores inevitably did at one
point or another in their brief porn careers.

But Brian felt nothing for this woman. Not only nothing in terms of
respect, but nothing with regard to sexual attraction. His dick was
bulging - but not as a result of her presence - rather her precious two
year old daughter standing before him with a dumb little finger in her
mouth and fidgeting as if she had to make a "wee wee."

The mother ignored this momentarily as she wanted to restore the
conversation to its previous state before the telephone call.

"As I mentioned, my daughter's name is Julie. She gets a little fussy
at times but she almost never screams or carries on. I'm sure she will be
no trouble for you."

"That's a good thing Miss Adams." Replied Brian noting the divorce and
being careful to call her by her maiden name. "I can see that she has been
well raised."

"Thank you." Replied Miss Adams acknowledging the compliment.

A smile had creased her lips and the tension of being the new male
babysitter had been broken slightly for Brian. He could tell that this
cunt of a woman was beginning to trust him, and the table for abuse had
finally been set.

"So I guess I should give you the grand tour of the apartment." Stated
the young mother resuming her initial position of nervousness.

Brian was trying to guess as to whether her nervousness was directed at
him being a male babysitter, or because she was attracted to him and trying
in vain to pick up a new boyfriend to marry. In Brian's case, it could
have gone either way. He wasn't the greatest looking 32-year-old man. He
was heavy set at about 228 pounds and his 5 foot 9 inch frame accentuated
this. However he was clean-shaven, and had a full head of brown hair that
was very neatly combed. He was adorned with a set of blue jeans and a
winter sweater with loafer shoes.

"This is the kitchen of course." Continued the mother - leading Brian
into the next room. Julie's high chair is over there. All of her baby
bottles and pacifiers are in the cupboard to the right. She prefers warm
milk on most days, but she also loves orange juice."

Brain noted all of this carefully. He wanted to get everything right
with regard to Julie's needs. It was imperative that he attended to all of
them if he had any hope of being asked to babysit for her again.

"Julie usually gets hungry between 2 and 3 in the afternoon. She's
allowed to have potato chips as long as they're crushed up onto smaller
pieces that she can chew. She's allowed to have iced tea - but not soda
because it gives her indigestion."

Brian noted the quality of the food Julie was being nurtured on. Her
mother obviously had no clue what was healthy for the child. Feeding her
junk food seemed like a simple way out - and probably the only type of food
this white trash bitch could afford.

"This is the living room. I know it's a bit small, but it has most of
Julie's toys in it." She began again. "Julie loves to watch cartoons. So
all you really have to do most of the day is sit and keep an eye on her."

This was perfect! Miss Adams was even dumber than Brian thought - and
there was no doubt in his mind that her child would follow suit. There
were no books for reading or nurturing an education - just the tv and the
mind mush that it served up to little kids. Brian could tell from watching
Julie's mannerisms that she was an ignorant child - exploring very little
and talking mostly in babbles and hand gestures. Perfect indeed!

"This is the closet with all her needs in it... diapers... baby
wipes...lotion if you need it, and some of her clothes - the rest are in
her bedroom."

Brian followed her into Julie's small bedroom. The little toddler
followed close behind doing her little pee pee dance.

"Mommy...mommy...iunnngotta go peeeee!!!"

"Not again! Sorry Brian. I guess I keep getting interrupted. This
little brat can be a nuisance sometimes. I hope you don't mind."

"No not at all. Take your time." Replied Brian politely. "I guess I
should observe the way you like to toilet train her."

"Oh she's not toilet trained yet...but I do like to catch her before she
goes you know where. You know how it is. Sometimes they tell you and
sometimes they don't. I guess we kinda got lucky today. I guess you ought
to come and watch - in case you get lucky enough to catch her before she know where..."

Brian was delighted. He was going to get a first class glimpse of
little Julie's pee pee.

"C'mon Julie. Let's go potty..." Said the young mother as she took the
squirming little brat by the hand and led her to the small bathroom near
the living room.

Brian followed close behind - his cock bulging feverishly in his jeans.

When they got inside the small bathroom. Brian observed as Miss Adams
unfastened Julie's pink diaper and peeled down the front end revealing her
precious wee wee hole. It looked so tiny, pink, and inviting to Brian.

"C'mon Julie. Go piddle so we can finish up." Said Miss Adams as she
held little Julie by the armpits over the potty.

Julie began to tinkle almost immediately and little rivulets of pee spat
out in several similar directions from her cute baby pisser. The stream
was somewhat strong - but uncontrolled as some of the drops of piddle
jettisoned to the edge of the toiled and spat onto the surrounding rim and


To Brian's dismay, the stream of little girl piss was coming to an end.
Miss Adams gave her a quick wipe with some toilet paper and flushed the
toilet without showing Julie how to do it herself - yet another flaw that
Brian quickly noted with her parental skills.

Miss Adams took her time re-fastening Julie's pamper allowing Brian
another excellent view of the toddler's sweet intimate crotch.

"I'm afraid there's not much more to show you..."

Brain was momentarily startled. Had she caught him staring too long at
Julie's private area?

"She almost never hints at using the toilet, so she goes in her diaper."

Thank god. The dim-witted mother was simply referring to the ordeal of
potty training a child that was too young to learn anyhow.

Miss Adams led Brian back to Julie's bedroom and finished the tour.
Julie's bedroom was small of course, but it was adorned with all the
innocent trimmings that could be expected from a child's nursery room.
Dollies and cartoon characters lined the walls. Her crib was loaded with
stuffed animals. To his dismay, there was no distinct baby furniture
outside of the crib. No rocking chair or hobby horse, and worst yet - no
changing table. Brian could easily see why. Miss Adams was obviously very
poor, and Brian found it ironic that she was able to pay him $9.00 an hour
for his services. Maybe that's why she couldn't afford anything else. He
couldn't care less though. As long as she got her stupid ass out of the
apartment so that he could be alone with her daughter was all he cared

As if on cue, Miss Adams perked up with her parting words.

"Well I guess that's it Brian. Finding a man with your credentials in
child care for an inexpensive price is quite a stroke of luck for me. All
my other babysitters were girls who cared about nothing accept talking on
their cell phones all day. I'm sure you'll be much different - being a
mature adult and all..."

Miss Adams cut herself off from the rest of her statement - afraid that
she had been a bit too bold with Brian. She did find him modestly
attractive despite his obvious gut, but she didn't want to be overt about
it. She was indeed desperate for a husband, and that was part of the
reason she had inquired about a male baby sitter from the local childcare
agency. It seemed like a brilliant idea to her. By having Brian babysit
for her, she could see how well he worked with kids - a pre-requisite if he
was to perhaps fall in love and marry her. Not that things had even come
close to that point, but she had to start somewhere. Besides, she worked
so many long hours just to make ends meet that she had no time to find
other men in bars or clubs. So it seemed that Brian would be the obvious
choice not only in terms of filling the role of a male babysitter, but
perhaps the potential role of Julie's new father (step father) as well.
Little did she know how wrong she was. Dreadfully wrong.

* * * *

To be continued...

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