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Julie's New Job her version chapter2


Julie's version of her new job

The next morning I watched thru half-closed eyes and Jon got out of bed
and went into the bathroom to shower. I couldn't decide how I was going to
tell him what had led to last night. I knew that Joan had complete control
over me but I don't think she really understood what Jon was really like.
Last night had been so shocking and surprising to him that I knew he had
acted in a very abnormal way. It had been way too much for him to handle
like it hit him. I knew that in the light of the day today would be the
telling of his reaction. I was very sure that his love for me had not
wavered, but that didn't mean he wouldn't dump me like old garbage. I was
afraid that I had lost him forever. I felt somewhat reassured that even if
he left me, Joan and her evil "friends" wouldn't follow through on their
threats to kill Jon. I knew that as much as I loved him, if he left me
because of all of this, that I could probably go on.

I was also sure that if he left me he would eventually be ok. The
thought of him leaving me was tearing me apart though. I loved him with my
whole being. I had loved him like this for all of our married lives. At
least I knew that is he left me he would be safe and alive. I would always
cherish my memories of our time together. I thought back over the last
weeks of my life and knew nothing would ever be the same. Why had I gone
to work for that bitch? She had me under her thumb.

You see her friends would kill Jon for any reason to have me. I had
bargained my body for keeping Jon alive. Joan had seen to it that Jon
would be spared if he played along, or if he just dumped me and went away.
That was the only reason he was alive now. If he left me, like I was
pretty sure he was going to, my only consolation would know he was alive
and ok.

Jon got out of the shower, dressed in his running clothes, and left for
a late morning run. He didn't say anything to me, nor did he look at me
again. I knew at this point, he was going to leave me. After he had left
I got up and took a hot shower. I couldn't seem to wash myself clean
anymore. As I toweled off I realized that I still felt dirty and used.

I went to the kitchen and made up a pot of coffee, and started on
throwing together some breakfast. I didn't know if Jon would let me stay
to finish it or not, but I was going to try to save my marriage if I could
at this point. I was going to tell him everything, no secrets, the whole
sordid story. I had been trapped into this new job, this new life, but I
was sure Jon wouldn't stay, or rather, let me stay here now. All I could
do is play all of the cards I had, even though he knew what I was holding.

Breakfast was ready when Jon got back from his run. I noticed he wasn't
sweaty, so I guess he had been walking instead. He sat down across the
table from me and just stared at me. He didn't smile, frown, swear, spit
or anything. This was making me squirm. I wanted him to yell, scream,
cuss, and anything but just stare at me.

Finally, after just picking at his food, he started.

"Julie, I need to know several things. First of you"

I was stunned almost to tears.

"Yes. Yes Jon I still love you." I was almost shouting it.

"Then I guess the next thing I need to know is... do you still need

"NEED YOU?" I was surprised to say the least. "Yes Jon, I still need
you, I still love you, and I still want you baby."

He was quiet for a time, not looking at anything really, just staring
off into space.

Finally he said, "Julie, I need you to tell me everything, and I mean
everything that has happened to you since you have started this job!"

Here I was, crying, sitting in my kitchen, in front of my husband, and
now I had to tell him about the hell I had been through. How do you tell
your husband how much of a whore, a slut you have been? How do you explain
away the types of sex, the men, the awfulness of not knowing if he will
survive, if you will survive anything happening to you? Being the forced
plaything of very evil men.

I started from the first day at work. Joan had me show up at nine
o'clock that Monday morning. I had on a "power" business suit. I thought
it made me look professional, and knowledgeable, even if I wasn't quite
sure how Joan would put my skills to work. When I went into her office she
was sitting at her desk. She looked at me and frowned slightly.
Disapprovingly looking at me from head to toe. "Julie, I don't like your
attire at all. You need to look like a woman, not a suit."

I didn't understand quite what she was getting at. Then it dawned on
me. "Joan, you want me to dress in skirts?"

Joan looked startled for a minute then started to laugh.

"Julie, my people have to look, well, enticing. I need people who can
look like they are accessible, if-you-know-what-I-mean."

I was taken aback.

"You want me to dress how?"

Joan looked at me and said, "Julie, I need a great looking woman like
yourself to look sexy. You know, like you love men to look or gawk at you.
The whole reason I wanted you to work for me in the first place is that you
are extremely good-looking, and I need women in my employ that can put
their good looks to work for me."

"Joan, I don't understand, I thought you had a job for me that was,
well, office or professional type work."

I was a little put out that it seemed she had hired me for my looks
rather than my college degree.

"Julie, I have men from all over the country doing business with me. We
have contracts signed all of the time for millions of dollars in value. I
have found that I get more contracts signed when a sexy, worldly woman is
working on the negotiations than a uptight school marm."

"You use sex to sell your business?" I was stunned, but looking back on
it I shouldn't have been, seeing that she always dressed what I considered
to be racy.

"Julie, I guess you won't be working out after all, I am sorry for
taking up your time."

She was dismissing me. Now I felt like she felt that I wasn't good
enough for her business. I didn't really need this job, but I had built a
picture in my mind of what I would or could do with the earnings from it. I
foolishly decided to ask Joan what she would recommend for dress.

"Julie, if you want to still try to work here I guess I can go ahead and
give you a trial work period. It is against my better judgment, but I
might be able to use you, if you can keep your cool when you're with

Joan then took me downtown on a shopping spree. We ended up in a
Fredrick's of Hollywood. I was looking and blushing at some of the
displays. Joan pulled me through the store looking things over and making
selections left and right. Most of what she was picking out screamed sex.
Dresses that had plunging necklines, backless, slits up the sides, or in
one case up the front. I would never have bought or worn anything like she
was picking out. Then she took me into the lingerie sections and proceeded
to make choices in undergarments. "Joan, I could never wear anything like
what you are picking out." I was mortified.

Joan looked at me and simply said; "I didn't think you would be such a
prude now that you have been married for a while. I guess you just don't
have it in you to be a contract service person for my company."

I should have walked out. I didn't, instead I told myself that she just
wanted me to look attractive as possible for the clients. We ended up
buying quite a bit of stuff, which Joan put on her business credit card.

"I believe in investing in my employees Julie, and I hope you become a
worthwhile investment."

By now I wanted to be a model employee. She had been complimenting and
guiding me to like her choices all day so far. I hadn't really realized I
was being lead around like a cow to slaughter. She made me feel beautiful
and sexy, and like it was a natural thing to dress sexily for a job. What
I failed to remember is her major in college, other than men, was
psychology. She knew what she needed to say and how to act to get me where
she wanted me.

We finished the morning by having lunch at a club near her offices.
That afternoon she had me trying on everything. A couple of times she had
me model for whomever was in the front lobby. Usually there were men out
front waiting or talking, so I got quite a few whistles, and a few offers
for something other that business. I would be embarrassed until Joan would
smooth everything over to me.

She would say things like, "Oh Julie! You look so-o-o good in that." Or
"You really have these guy's going now. I bet they would sign their souls
away for one night with you."

I couldn't believe she was saying these things to me, but on the other
hand I liked what she was saying deep down. I was getting horny somehow
during all of this. That night after work Joan took me to the club where
we had had lunch earlier.

"Just one drink honey!" Joan was very persuasive, and I went along with
her request. After all, she had spent a bundle on my clothes today. As we
were having our drinks, a band started up in the back of the club. We were
besieged with requests to dance but Joan fended them all off. We ended up
having several drinks, and I was feeling pretty good by the time I got home
that night.

The next day Joan started training me on contracts and what was
required. She had a pretty lucrative business going, doing what seemed to
be middleman kind of stuff. I really thought she was a lot sharper than I
had given her credit for in college. We ate lunch at the club again, and
after work we stopped in for a couple of drinks again. Since I was wearing
my new wardrobe I was getting a lot of come-ons, offers for drinks, and
flat out leers, stares and even in one case a drool. I was beginning to
like the attention somewhat, and Joan made everything seem like it was a
normal day, normal thing to do, and dressing sexy a normal event also. She
was bringing out something in me that I had never known before, and I found
that I liked the feelings I was having.

On my third day, things started to change. Radically. As we worked in
the morning a couple of big men came in. One was white and the other was a
big black man. Joan introduced me to them to me as Norm and JJ. They were
staring at me with a look of, well like they were going to attack me and
rape me. They made me a little nervous, until Joan got my attention drawn
to their contracts. I was wearing the dress with a split up the middle;
the split went up to my belt line. There were two buttons that kept it
below my crotch level, but not by much. When I sat down it was opening up
and exposing my legs up to where the garters attached to my stockings.
(Joan's penchant was no panties, stockings and garters only.) The top was
silky material and plunged down to just about where the slit coming up
stopped. The back plunged down until you could see the start of my bottom.
Obviously I couldn't wear my 'old maid' bras with this dress either.

As our discussions went on Joan would have be fetching papers, once even
getting them coffee and rolls. I didn't mind so much since I had seen Joan
doing the same thing. Once when I was handing JJ (the black man) his
coffee his hand brushed my dress back so that the slit opened up and
exposed my legs for a second. He looked up at me and quickly apologized,
but I got the feeling he had done that intentionally.

Lunchtime came, and Norm invited us out for lunch. Joan accepted for
both of us. We went to a different club than we usually went to this time;
it was in a tougher part of town. I mentioned this to Joan. Joan said,
"Julie, these guy's have part ownership in the club we are going to so
don't worry about anything. We will be safe and sound with them along, and
they won't let anything happen to us."

I wasn't so sure, but they had been nice, even if they had leered at me
every chance they got.

When we went into the club I realized that it was a strip club. I had
never in my life been in a strip club.

Joan took my hand as we walked in and said, "If you have never been in a
club like this, you are in for a treat."

I wasn't so sure a "treat" was what I would have called it. We went to
the back, where there was a large crescent shaped booth. Joan had me slide
in first, then JJ got in next to me on one side, and Norm got in on the
other side of me. There I was, pinned in by these two big men. Joan sat
down next to Norm and Norm ordered for all of us.

I watched as a girl danced up on the stage using a pole as support. She
only had a g-string on and was in the process of removing it an inch at a
time. I was embarrassed for her until I realized it was more for me than

JJ was watching me and then looking up at her he said, "fine looking
lady up there huh Julie?"

I didn't know what to say so I just agreed with him.

"I wonder how you would look dancing up there? Hot, I'd bet. You are a
real hottie."

I slid down in my seat and looked over a Joan who was laughing at my

"Julie is married, and would never do something like that." Joan was
still smiling as she said that.

Our drinks arrived right then so I gulped mine down, trying to calm my
shaken nerves. Joan smiled at me, with a kind of look, I really didn't

"Julie, let's get you another drink okay?" I nodded my consent and in a
minute my second drink was in front of me. Norm turned to me and started
asking me about Jon. I told him where he worked and his schedule, and we
chatted for a bit. JJ broke in mentioning Jon's schedule.

"It must be hard for you not having hubby there when you need him."

I replied, "Jon knows I am capable of handling myself. But I do miss
him quite a bit when he is at work."

JJ replied, "I mean him not being there when you need him to take the
edge off."

I wasn't sure what he was getting at until Norm said, "Woman like you
must need it quite often I would guess."

I was stunned. How dare they. I told Joan that I needed to go to the
restroom. She came with me. I was fuming.

"What are they doing, trying to get laid?"

Joan laughed and said, "Julie, they just find you very, very attractive,
and are doing what any red-blooded American man would be doing."

"I don't think that I should stay here any longer Joan." I was worried
about where things were headed.

Joan stopped me and stepped in front of me holding my arms firmly.
"Julie, you must stay. If we are going to get this contract, you are going
to be the selling point. I won't let them do anything you don't want them
to do Julie, but I need you to hang in there for me ok?"

I agreed to stay and be cool and calm so that Joan could get the
business done. I wasn't so sure that the choice was a good one, but I also
knew it would be difficult to get back to the office. I didn't want to
stand outside in the street dressed like I was, waiting for a cab. I
especially didn't want to stand in front of a strip club.

Getting back to the booth, Joan ordered me another drink. I was feeling
them a little, and didn't understand why since I had only had two drinks so
far. When the third drink came, I downed it quickly. I liked the way it
tasted, and ordered another. The waiter looked at Joan, who also ordered a
drink. There was a little dance floor near our booth, and when someone put
some music on JJ grabbed my hand and asked me to dance. I hesitated for a
minute, helplessly looking a Joan who just nodded at me.

JJ said, "You not prejudiced are you Julie? I wouldn't want to do
business with a company that had prejudicial people working in it."

I jumped up, scared that Joan was in danger of losing this contract and
said, "Oh no! I'm not prejudiced at all JJ." I was feeling warm and tingly
inside and I felt that I had to please JJ and Norm. JJ pulled me close to
him on the dance floor and firmly led me around. I was tense for a minute
then started to relax. JJ held me out there when the song ended and we
waited for another song to start. It was one with a real good beat and JJ
started a bump and grind dance with me. I was starting to get revved up,
having not been out dancing for quite a while, and I liked the attention I
was getting from people sitting around near us. I forgot that I was in a
strip club, and just concentrated on dancing this sexy bump and grind with
JJ. At one point a straddled JJ's leg and was doing a humping motion, when
he stepped in closer. I came down in my humping motion and contacted his
leg with my pussy. man that felt great. I continued doing that for a
minute, and then JJ moved back. I moved forward to stay close with him. I
was getting so-o-o hot. I knew I shouldn't be dancing with this man, any
man really, like this, but I couldn't help myself. It was like I had lost
inhibitions or something. I felt that I had to rub against him, or any man for that matter. I had an 'itch' that needed scratched.

When that dance was over, Norm came out and cut in and we danced two
more dances. Both were done bump and grinds and I was really, really
getting revved up. I swear that I had left wet spots on Norms pants on the
last one. We sat down, and there was another drink waiting for me. It
tasted a little different, and when I mentioned it Joan passed it off as
different bartender, different mix. I didn't mind, and drank it down.
Norm ordered another round.

I was flying now. I was having a great time, and felt sexy. I got up
with JJ when he asked me to dance again. On the floor he held me tightly
to him and I could feel his erection rubbing my tummy. I started to pull
away, but he held me firmly and began to move around quickly. I gave up
and laid my head on his shoulder. I felt his hands moving on my back and
realized that he was slipping them down the back of my dress. It felt
good, and I didn't feel that I should cause a scene out here on the dance
floor. He was gripping my ass cheeks and then I felt a finger exploring
the crack of my ass. I liked the feeling, although I knew logically I
should be putting a stop to it, I just couldn't bring myself to say or do
anything to prevent it. His finger was massaging around and up and down
until it reached my bud. It felt so-o-o good. JJ slipped back and started
to bump and grind with me again. I was spinning around and his hand was
guiding me close in. As I would come around I could feel a hand on my
lower tummy, almost in my crotch. His other hand was rubbing across my

As the next song started I realized that my top had pulled away from
both of my breasts, exposing me to everyone in the vicinity. I maneuvered
them back into my dress and kept dancing with JJ. That dance was a repeat
of the last one and at the end of it I just walked across the floor to our
booth with both breasts hanging out. I was feeling so decadent and nasty.
As I slid into my seat, Norm ran a hand over them and acted like he was
trying to put them back. I let him "fumble" around for a minute, then
pushed his hands away and did it myself. My nipples were so hard, and
sticking out way more than they ever had before.

Joan had another drink waiting for me and being so thirsty from dancing
I downed it quickly. As we were sitting there I remember JJ and Norm
making comments on my dress, my dancing, and my breasts. They called them

Right in front of me, "Julie, you have a nice set of tits."

I was glowing, and oh so horny. I knew that something wasn't right with
me, but I didn't really care. I had a feeling in my crotch that was
indescribably delicious.

Suddenly I noticed that JJ and Norm had their hands on my thighs. They
were rubbing, lightly up and down between my knees and about half way up.
It felt good and I didn't stop them. I even spread my legs a bit, enticing
them to go farther. JJ moved his hand up smoothly towards my pussy. The
feeling was electric. I just about exploded when it brushed over my mound.
I felt Norms hand doing something to my dress and looked down. He was
undoing the buttons at the top of the slit on my dress. I just watched him
as the sides parted and exposed my pussy for all to see. I closed my eyes
and leaned back in my seat.

Joan meanwhile had gotten up and gone up to one of the dancers, talking
to her for a minute. When she came back, the dancer followed. She started
to dance in front of our table and two bouncers came over and pulled the
table away from in front of us. The dancer stayed out where she was and
was putting on quite a show.

JJ leaned in to me and asked me, "Julie, why don't you dance for us like
she is?"

I shook my head no. "I can't dance like that JJ."

God knows I wanted to though. Norm leaned in and slipped a finger into
my pussy. He was rubbing it so that it brushed my clit on the inward

JJ asked me again, saying, "Julie, you know you want to, and you would
be so much better to watch than her, come-on babe." I was on fire. I got
up and they let me go. I stepped out and started to swing my hips like the
dancer. She backed off and started to encourage me, giving me little tips
as I got wilder and wilder. The next thing I knew, I was undoing the
straps on my dress and letting it slip down. I kept my hands up on my
breasts but let the dress fall. There I was in a strip joint, dancing in
front of two men I had just met that morning, and in front of five other
total strangers standing around our booth. I was just in garter-belt,
stockings, and heels. I uncovered my breasts and stepped in close to Norm.
He reached out and caressed my breasts, my tits, and then brought one up to
his mouth. As he started to suck on it I exploded in an orgasm. JJ ran a
hand out and started to rub around my waist, moving down to my pussy. His
other hand moved around to my bottom. It felt my cheeks, then a finger
found its way to my little brown bud. It felt so good. Then fingers were
pushing into me. He put one into my pussy, and another into my ass. I was
in heaven. All thoughts of a husband were gone, replaced with a need to
get fucked.

I felt hands reaching in from behind me grabbing and pinching whatever
was exposed at the moment. Norm sat back and started to undo his pants.
He brought out a rather large cock. I had not seen one that big before.
It must have been ten inches long and looked to be about the size of my
wrist in diameter. Hands held me, guiding me down to my knees. I knelt in
front of Norm, licking my lips subconsciously. All thoughts of my husband,
Jon, were gone. He held up his hard cock and gestured me to come closer. I
leaned in, still with JJ's fingers in my ass and pussy. Norm grabbed my
hair and pulled my mouth to that big hard cock. I opened my mouth and
swallowed as it crossed my lips. I closed my lips around a strange cock,
the first since being married. I wanted to please Norm so bad.

As I was sucking Norm, JJ started to pull upwards with his fingers in me
still. Understanding dawned; I stood never letting that huge cock out of
my mouth. JJ pulled his fingers out of me and I sensed him moving around
behind me. All of the sudden a large object was at the entrance of my
pussy, poking in. It kept coming in deeper, deeper, and deeper than any
had ever been, and it was still coming. The cock in my pussy started to
pump in and out forcefully and faster with every stroke. I started to cum again. Norm was pushing and pulling my head up and down his cock. It was
tapping the entrance of my throat, than all of the sudden, into my throat.
My lips were crushing into his pubic bone now. I had never been able to
take a cock this far, now it was as if I had been doing it forever.

I felt JJ pulling out of my pussy and I moaned around the cock in my
throat, I didn't want that cock to leave my pussy. He pulled it out and
rubbed it up and down running it over my asshole, back down to my slit and
back up again. Then it started to push into my ass. I had never had
anything in my ass in my life. I tried to pull away but Norm had my head
in his hands and pulled it down onto his cock until it was buried in my
throat. I thought I was being ripped in two. JJ pushed relentlessly in
until he was about half in me. Then he waited for a minute before pushing
in another quarter of the way. His cock was huge. I had hands on my tits;
more men were standing around us grabbing a feel however they could. JJ
finished pushing his cock into me. I could feel his balls brushing my
pussy lips. He had his whole cock in my virgin ass. The pain was

Norm started to cum, gallons it seemed like. I swallowed and swallowed.
Soon he stopped and let my head go. I didn't lose a drop out of my mouth.
It didn't taste like Jon's at all, but it didn't taste bad. JJ was pumping
in and out now. My ass was getting used to the intrusion. Soon it started
to feel a little better. Norm moved away and a stranger sat down in front
of me. I started to suck his cock, but he pulled my head up and started to
move me in towards him. JJ moved with me and soon I was straddled over
this strangers lap. His cock, which was about 9 inches long, shoved into
my pussy.

He said, "That's it bitch, take this up your tight little cunt. I'll
bet you have never had two cocks in you at once before. What a whore,
married to some guy and fucking strangers in a strip club."

Hours went by; when we left every man in the club had fucked me in all
of my holes. My only salvation had been that there weren't very many in
during the afternoon. Joan walked me to the car and was quiet. She drove
me home and gave me a bath. As she was leaving she said she would see me
tomorrow. Just like nothing had happened this afternoon.

The next morning I woke up sore all over, and couldn't remember anything
past the first or second drink. I knew something had happened to me, but
couldn't for the life of me remember anything. When I got into work Joan
ushered me right into her office.

"Julie, you were wonderful yesterday. JJ and Norm were very impressed
with you. You got them to sign the contracts and they want you to go to LA
next week."

I was at a loss and finally asked Joan what exactly had I done. She
turned towards a tv on her credenza.

"Well Julie, I figured you would have a tough time remembering so I have
a film to show you."

What I saw shocked me to my core. I watched as I danced and stripped.
As I was grabbed and felt up, fucked again and again. At one point I had
been bent over a chair and men would come up and fuck my pussy, then my
ass, then move around where I would suck them dry and clean. I couldn't
believe that I was the star. Oh my God! Jon would kill me.

"Joan, you have to give me this tape. I can't let Jon find out about
this ever. I can't believe that I did something like this at all."

Joan leaned back in her chair. "Julie, I have to admit you had help in
that matter. I made sure you had a special cocktail served to you every
time you ordered. A little of this a little of that. I had them mix some
certain drugs with special herbs, and presto-chango. I had a new and
improved Julie. You were great. You were such a slut, such a whore.
Won't Jon be surprised with the new you."

I collapsed to the floor. Crying I begged Joan to not let Jon find out.
I told her I was quitting.

She looked at me and said, "Oh no you are not quitting Julie. You are
just starting. If you don't continue working for me now, I will see to it
that Jon, your mom and dad, your whole family, your church, pretty much
everyone you know gets a copy of Julie the whore in a strip club. You will
never live it down. From now on you will be MY slut. You are going to
fuck and suck who ever I tell you to. You will spread your legs, dress
like I say, whatever, wherever, and however I tell you to Julie. You are
my whore. You know, I can have certain things done for me like, oh say get
someone's arms and or legs broken, or even worse. My clients love to help
me out Julie. If you want Jon to be left alone, and unharmed, you will be
my personal slut. I will only require your services for oh say, a year.
At the end of that year you will be free to go, no harm to you or Jon.
BUT, if I tell you to go fuck a donkey, you WILL go fuck a donkey, and at
least act like you LOVE IT. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME JULIE?"

I was shocked. Joan had never shown me this side of her before. I knew
I was trapped into a nightmare. All I could do is agree, go along with
what ever she wanted me to do, and hope that I could survive the year.

"Oh Jon. What else could I do? She had me, still does have me right
where she wants me." Jon was just looking down at the table. He finally
looked at me.

"Julie, is that all?"

Knowing full well I had a lot more to tell him. I broke down and sobbed
for a minute. I couldn't tell what he was thinking at all.

"You know there is much more for me to tell you Jon. I am trying, but
this is hard. Harder than anything I have ever done."

"Julie, I need to know as much as you remember, and I know it is
painful, but I must know everything."

Jon was being very stubborn on this matter, so I knew that my only
choice was to continue with the whole story. I told Jon how that afternoon
Joan had me service Norm and JJ again in her office. She filmed that also.
That night I went home, we talked on the phone, and then Joan showed up,
with six men, none of whom I knew. She had me service them, usually three
at a time, all night until dawn. She told me to rest up a little, and come
in to the office at noon. When I got there she took me down to the strip
club and had me dance for a bit, then service the customers in the back in
a room that had a large bed, and a swing. The swing was made for
positioning a woman for different sexual acts. I found out about most of
those that day.

That weekend she made me put on a show for about twenty men in an office
complex across town. The men all had me several times. Joan, of course,
filmed all of these events. Sunday afternoon she took me home and informed
me that I was going to go to LA. She told me how to tell you on the phone
so that you would encourage me to go. She seems to know exactly how to
manipulate people and get what she wants from them.

I told Jon how she would tell me some of the things she was planning for
me in LA, and how I was going to make obscene amounts of money, not only
for her but myself as well. I didn't want any money from this; I just
wanted it to be over. When you got home that week I was torn between
telling you everything and keeping silent. Joan called me at home that
first night and warned me about her friends and my silence about what had
been happening. She firmly suggested that I was not to tell you anything
at all. I could tell you knew that something was bothering me even though
I was trying my best to hide it.

The day you left to go back to work I fell apart as I watched your plane
leave. My personal hell was about to get worse. I wanted to run away, far
away. Joan stopped by that afternoon and got my things for the trip to LA,
then made me go with her to a motel near the airport. The following
morning we left. I called you from the hotel in LA on what was your second
night at work. Now Joan had me lying to you about just about anything.

Our first day in LA was horrible. Joan had me dress up in that front
slitted dress again. We then went to an office building near a warehouse
district. It was a dirty looking place, with grimy windows, peeling paint,
and across the street were two adult bookstores. There was a nightclub
down the street, obviously a strip club. When we went inside the building
the receptionist looked like a hooker. Blonde, big chest, skimpy clothes,
lots of make-up. She gave us the office number where we were expected to
be and went back to her "duties". (Polishing her fingernails.) As Joan led
me down a hall, I looked into whatever door would be open; glancing at what
kind of businesses might be in it. I noticed one set of doors opened into
a very large room with lighting bars way overhead. I thought it must be a
studio of some type. I found out later that indeed it was a studio, for
making porn films.

Joan led me into an office where there were six black men and two white
guys. They were looking me over like a side of beef.

Joan told them, "Here is the new 'contract' girl."

One of the black guys whistled at me and told me, "Turn your tight white
ass around there, bitch. I want to see what I am going to be sampling."

I cringed at his rough talk, but did as requested (Ordered really). As
I turned around a white guy ran his hands over my chest. One of them
slipped into my dress and he got a firm grip on my tit. He pinched and
rolled my nipple firmly, but surprisingly gently.

"Oh yeah. She is going to be a real deal maker."

He let loose of my tit and ran his hand down to my crotch. "SHIT! She
isn't shaved clean like she is supposed to be."

I was scared. He sounded really mad. Joan interjected smoothly, and
quickly. "Julie wanted to let you shave her clean, Roger. She really
wants you to be the one using a razor on her honey."

I didn't want any of these goons touching me. Joan gave me that 'look',
and I smiled nervously and agreed with her.

"Oh yeah, Roger, I wanted you to be the first guy to shave my p-pussy
for me." I felt ashamed, and must have been as red as a beet. Roger looked
at me and just smiled.

"Oh, are you in for a treat, Julie."

I must have looked surprised.

He went on, "Joan told me ALL about you Julie. How's your husband, Jon,
isn't it? Is he healthy, and alive?"

The way he said it left no doubt about what he could or would do if I
didn't please him.

All I could do is just shrug, and stammered out, "He's fine."

All the men laughed at my discomfort. I didn't know whether to laugh
with them or cry. (I wanted to cry, believe me.)

"Well Julie, why don't you show us your tits?"

I just looked at them not believing what was happening to me. In less
than a month I had gone from a happy, loving, faithful wife, to an on
demand slut. I quietly undid the straps on my dress and let them fall down
to my waist, where I held my dress up, as modestly as I could. They gawked
and made comments about my 'tits', and Roger stepped in close to me. His
hands covered both of my tits and he squeezed them.

"Firm, smooth, and just the right size. What, 38 D's?" Joan stepped in
and said, "Like I told you on the phone Roger, 36 double D's. Her ass is a
nice tight 30 inches, and, look at her body, totally firm, 'hard-bodied' if
I say so myself."

He laughed. "Yeah Joan, she is going to be perfect for what we have in
mind. Drop the dress slut." He took a half step back and watched, waiting.
I let loose of my dress and it fell to the floor. There was a moment of
silence as they all stared at me. I was just wearing garter-belt, hose and
very high-heeled shoes! Some of the men walked around me looking

A hand came from behind me and moved to my pussy. Its fingers were
slipping up and down my slit. Pretty soon another hand was on my ass.
Fingers were starting to go everywhere. One pushed into my asshole. It
hurt for a minute, and before the pain was totally gone another finger
joined it. Joan all of the sudden broke up what was quickly becoming a
"Let's fuck Julie" moment.

"Boy's, we need to have the contract's taken care of first." Roger
motioned to the others and they moved back. I was relieved, but that only
lasted for a second and Joan continued; "Julie will be more than happy to
serve all of you after that, in the rumpus room. But, you all need to
understand; I don't want her hurt or marked permanently. Julie will do
whatever you want willingly, and even like it. Besides, she is going to be
making a shitload of money for us soon. She will be very amendable to your
suggestions." When she said that she gave me a look that implied I had
better make sure they thought I was willing.

They all found a seat and I was left standing there still just in
stockings, garter, and heels. When I went to pick up my dress, a black man that was within arms reach of it, grabbed it and folded it up and tossed it
onto an end table. "You won't be needing that for a while slut." He said.
"I like looking at pretty white women for awhile before I give them my

One of the others said, "Yeah, all twelve inches of a present." They all
laughed at that.

Roger motioned me to come over by his desk. "Sit on down here Julie." I
went to where he pointed, which was the front of his desk. As I started to
sit on his desktop, he cleared off some papers and things that were in the
area behind where I was going to be sitting.

"Make yourself comfy, honey. Lay on back, on your elbows." He would be
right at my tits with me leaning back like he wanted. Joan and Roger
finished up signing the papers and then Joan said she would be back in a
while to pick me up.

"Don't wear them out too much Julie, we want them to be able to party
good tonight dear." And with that Joan got up and walked out leaving me
with these eight strangers. Naked.

Roger leaned over and took one of my tits into his mouth. He lightly
bit down on my nipple. As he was doing that a big black man moved up
between my legs. He started to finger my pussy. He started with one
finger, but quickly added fingers until he had four fingers moving in and
out of me. I was getting wet, and turned on. I was ashamed of myself at
how easy I turned on for these men. How could I ever prove otherwise when
my body betrayed me like this?

Roger stopped what he was doing and told one of the men in back of the
crowd to get the shaving kit. While he left to get it another man said he
would get the bowl of water. They were going to shave my pussy. When the
guy came back with the shaving kit he laid it out on a small table near the
desk. The other man came in a minute later with a bowl of warm water.
Roger told me to pick up my legs and hold them up.

"Grab your knees, Julie, and spread your legs out as far as you can."
Someone put a couple of pillows under my head and shoulders propping me up
in a semi-reclined position. Roger pushed my legs apart even more than I
already had them and nodded to two guys on either side of me. They took my
ankles firmly in hand and pulled them up and over until my knees were
beside my shoulders. In this position every bit of my privates were
exposed. I was lewdly spread out for these men to look and touch however
they wanted. I was so embarrassed.

Roger opened up the shaving kit, removed a washrag and proceeded to wash
my entire crotch area and my whole butt. Someone started to brush on the
shaving cream all around my asshole and pussy. Roger's shaving kit had an
old style cup and brush for shaving cream. It tickled a bit while brushing
in and around my ass and pussy. I was squirming around quite a bit until
Roger started to strop a straight edge razor. I was nervous about his
using an instrument like that on me.

He noticed my fear and soothed me, saying, "Don't worry slut. I haven't
cut or nicked anyone unintentionally for years." They all laughed about
that for a minute then Roger started to shave my pubic area. As he shaved
me his fingers would be touching, sometimes slipping into my pussy. I
started to get real wet now. They all noticed that.

"Look at that, she's getting real turned-on Roger."

"Hey Rog, don't slip and cut her."

"Boy, she is tight around this little finger, think what it's going to
feel like with my cock up in that tight little hole."

I was getting hot. I couldn't help myself. Roger had about finished
up; he was just shaving in and around my ass hole now.

"Hell slut. I think I'll take this little tight hole first."

He stepped back and the washrag re-appeared in a black hand, wiping away
the shaving cream. Roger undid his belt and lowered his pants. Stepping
out of them he took off his shirt, revealing a muscular very toned body.
His cock, I saw, was very large being about eleven inches or so long and
pretty fat also. I doubted that my hand would close around it at all.
Even with all of the fucking I had been having since this all started, I
didn't see how his cock would fit in my tight little asshole.

He moved in between my spread legs. The men holding me were not moving,
so it appeared that I was in the position I was in for a while yet.
Someone smeared some gel on my ass, and Roger proceeded to finger my ass,
rubbing in the greasy lube. I realized that his huge fat cock was soon
going to be right where his fingers were. I started to control, (Or trying
to control) my breathing as much as I could and relaxing my muscles as much
as I could. I didn't want to get hurt, nor did I want any pain if I could
help it.

I felt the head of his cock rubbing up and down. It would go from the
bottom of my crack up to my clit, where he would pause and use a circular
motion. Then back down again. Suddenly he thrust forward, and the head of
his cock rammed into my bottom. It was so sudden; I didn't even feel any
pain. For a second anyway. Then he pushed in further and further. I was
painfully aware of every single inch of that hot hard cock. The pain was
tolerable after a few strokes. Then he was going all the way in and his
ball-sack would slap on my butt cheeks.

He began to stroke a little faster as I opened up to this assault. Soon
he was hammering away at a good pace. I started to feel the beginnings of
an orgasm creeping up on me. It was feeling so...well... it felt real
good. Another man had his big black cock at my lips. He was rubbing it
all around my mouth and up over my face. Then it came back to my lips and
prodded my mouth open. Soon I was taking in this intruder. The pillows
under my head and shoulders disappeared, causing me to recline fully. The
men holding my legs went with my body, so my knees were still next to my
shoulders. Roger was pumping away at a steady pace and the cock in my
mouth started to go deeper. I was swallowing on every in stroke; the head
of it was pushing through into my throat. At some point, I'm not sure
when, his balls bounced off of my forehead. I had at least ten inches of
cock in my mouth, down my throat.

Roger humped in hard on my ass and started to shake, filling my poor
asshole with his ejaculate. I could feel the hot sperm being forced out
around that monster cock, running down onto the desk. The cock in my
throat started to spasm and I almost choked on the sperm that shot out of
the end of it. I swallowed as fast and often as I could.

I felt Roger pull out and another cock moved in. It went to my pussy,
and thrust in, in one big shove. He rammed in and out at a very fast pace.
The cock in my mouth pulled away, and Roger stepped up in front of me. I
knew where his cock had just been and I could see sperm and gel on it. He
moved it up to my lips, I tried to close my mouth but someone twisted my
nipples hard. When I started to yell, Roger shoved his cock right into my
mouth. It tasted terrible, but I had no choice but to clean his cock up.

After that it became a long, unending, string of cocks fucking me in
every hole I had. I soon just passed out. When I came to I was being
wiped up. Then I was stood up and walked outside to a waiting car and
hustled into it. I had walked through the office building and out front
naked. I didn't care; I just wanted to go to sleep. I was taken to our
hotel room and dumped on the bed. I slept for hours. About 9 p.m. Joan
woke me up and got me into the shower. I stood there feeling the hot water
cascade down my worn sore body, grateful for the soothing warmth. Joan
came in and got me prepped up to go out.

"Can't we wait until tomorrow? I'm really tired Joan."

Joan just kept forcing me through the motions of dressing up.

"We need to be at room 1210 in twenty minutes Julie, then after that you
will go to room 1212 and serve a small group. After that, you will get
some rest, probably until tomorrow night. You must keep going. I know
that this is hard right now, but we need to get through tonight. Everyone
wants a sample of the new contract girl sweetie."

Joan swept me out the door and down the hall. We came to room 1210 and
Joan knocked. It opened and there were only two men in the room. I was
relieved that it wasn't a larger number. Joan had dressed me in a
micro-mini skirt that was like vinyl or PVC. It was real tight, short, and
shiny. No panties or underwear at all. The top was a very small tube top,
almost to be just dental floss in width. It barely covered my nipples.


"What a babe!"

They were impressed with my attire that was for sure.

"Would you look at the tits on this bitch? Christ!"

"Did you pour on that skirt?"

Joan told them I was only available for two hours then I had to leave.
One of them asked if Joan was available also.

She smiled and said, "I don't hold a candle to Julie here, so why don't
you boys have your fun with her."

They moved in close to me and started fondling my body. Soon I was
naked and sucking one hard cock while the other was pounding my pussy like
a jackhammer. They were very vocal about my skills. The one I was sucking couldn't get over how I was taking his whole cock down my throat. His cock
wasn't so large as I had had at that point so it was no feat for me. The
other however had a long fat cock, and knew how to put it to use. Just
before the man in my mouth came he pulled out and moved around behind me.
The other guy lay down and I straddled him. As I got into motion, the guy
behind me moved in and pushed his cock right up my asshole. I now had two
cocks in me at once, which I hadn't done very much up to this point. (At
least that I was aware of.)

Soon they shot their loads off in me. As I was cleaning up I overheard
Joan telling them that I would be at their service later that week if they
wanted. They wanted all right. I got dressed back in the PVC skirt and
tube top, put on my heels and we left. We walked down the hall to room
1212. Joan stopped me and detoured us into an alcove with a seat.

"You will call Jon when we get into this next room. I want you to tell
him things are going great. Remember, he is safe as long as you do what I
need you or want you to do Julie."

I told her that I couldn't possibly talk to you while I was dressed as I
was or while in front of strangers that were going to be using me in a few
minutes. Joan said, "Julie, you need to get your head up and out in clear
air here. I'm telling you to call Jon and tell him things are ok. If you
don't call him like I want you to, I will call him for you and hand you the
phone when he answers. Of course, all the while, you have a cock in your
ass and in your cunt. Do you understand me?"

I knew she would of course so I just acknowledged her and we went on to
room 1212. Upon entering the room, I was greeted with catcalls and
whistles. There were several white guys and more blacks. They were all
around me in seconds, grabbing and feeling me all over. Most roughly
poking and pinching wherever they could get their hands on me.

Joan called them off of me and had me phone Jon. I was crying and
falling apart. How could she do this to me on top of everything else she
had done? This was so evil. To have a wife call her husband while dressed
like a streetwalker. To tell him everything was great just before getting
the living daylights fucked out of her by a group of men? I held myself
together as well as I could while I talked to you. It was the hardest
thing I ever had done. Mentally I was coming unglued at the seams. I was
about to break down. Joan kept a watch on my call to you and got me off
the phone by having one of the men call out for me to hurry up.

As I went out into the main room of the suite, I saw a man with a
camcorder all set up and ready to tape the events. I balked at this and
Joan came in close to me and ordered me to get going.

"Wipe off your face and get these men satisfied slut." She said. "You
got quite a night ahead of you whore."

I pulled myself together once again, it seems that all I did anymore was
fuck, cry, and pull myself together, and fuck some more! I seriously had
fleeting thoughts of suicide, but was afraid that if I did they would harm
or even kill you Jon, so I couldn't bring myself to use even that escape.
You saw what happened in that room that night on film last night. After
all of the gangbangs by groups of men, somewhere in them I would lose
myself and just go with the flow. I guess it was either survival instinct,
or worse, maybe deep down I really was starting to like it.

The next days seemed to run together. I was usually fucking and sucking one, two or many more men. Then two nights before our scheduled departure,
Joan took me down to the office building. We went into the big studio,
where there was a large group of men and some women seated around a small
stage. Joan had dressed me in a French maids uniform, consisting of a
white frilly apron, garter-belt, stockings, 6-inch high heels, and a maid's
hat. Nothing else. She brought me onto the stage and there was a funny
bench with x-wings kind of extensions, and a large bed. I noticed a long
ramp up the back of the stage that I hadn't seen from the front. Joan
pulled me in close to her and told me I was going to make an epic film
tonight. "Remember when I told you that if I told you to fuck a donkey you
had better do it and act like you loved it?"

I was stunned. She had to be fucking nuts. I wasn't going to fuck an
animal, NO WAY! I told her that too. She looked at me and smiled a very
evil, evil smile! "Oh Julie. You do not have a choice; you ARE going to
fuck a horse sweetie. You are also going to meet the girl you are
replacing." As she said that a woman was coming up the ramp. It was a
woman who looked very familiar. OH! GOD NO! MARY! It was my sister Mary. Joan had somehow gotten my sister involved in her sick business. I
knew that Mary and I hadn't seen each together for several years, and only
had two or three phone conversations. I thought that she was married and
living with her husband back east, running they're little computer
business. When I looked in front of me there were ten men lined up on the
stage. Ten big naked, huge cocked, black men. I knew that either Mary or
I were going to be the next show. The bench was positioned out in front,
and the x-wings brought up. Joan herded me over to it and had me sit down
on it.

"Lay down Julie, and spread your legs wide."

My legs were strapped in and then my arms. Under my bottom a board was
removed and my whole crotch area was open from the small of my back behind
me to, well all of me front. My head was back at an angle that made my
chin straight inline with my throat. A brace of some sort was installed
above me. Knowledge dawned on me. It was for the horse or animal they had
to perch on while... while fucking me.

I then knew I was destined for a long hard night. My legs were spread
out until it hurt in my joints. I could feel cold air on my pussy, and my
pussy lips opening up. Then the first of what was to be many men line up
and plunged into my pussy. He stroked a few times then moved his cock down
to my ass. In he went, with very little resistance. After pumping there
for a while, he pulled out and moved around my spread-eagled body to my
head. Here he plunged his cock into my mouth and down my throat. He was
fucking my mouth like he had my pussy and ass. Now another man stepped up
and it started all over. For the next two or three hours man after man fucked me in all of my holes. The ten black men got me first, but then it
became audience participation. I had orgasm after orgasm until eventually
I passed out.

The next thing I knew it was intermission time. A cold splash of water
hit my body and I woke with a start. Someone was cleaning me up, and as I
looked down, I saw that it was Mary. I heard a horse whinny somewhere.
Mary leaned into me and informed me of my next show.

"Julie, just relax and be as calm as you can. I will line him up for
you and hopefully he will gently enter your pussy. When he gets to really
get going, you will be in nirvana, believe me."

I could only just lie there and imagine what was coming next. The horse was led in and I was maneuvered underneath him. The table was then locked
in position, as Mary started to lick and suck on the horse's cock. Soon
his cock was fully hard and standing out like a tree trunk. Mary brought
the head of it up to the lips of my soon to be abused pussy. He started to
hump a bit, but Mary managed to calm him down until he was inserted into my
tight pussy. I felt so full. I had never been so full. He was only half
way in and the head of his cock was already at my cervix, bumping against
it. It hurt a bit until something changed, either him or me, and the next
thing I knew, his cock head was fully into my womb. I had almost his whole
cock in my body at this point.

Soon he was stroking in and out of me and as his strokes gained
strength, I started to feel an indescribable feeling throughout my body. I
began to orgasm and it didn't stop after a second or two. It just kept
going, on and on. It seemed that on every stroke, whether in or out, I
came. After a while I just passed out. I was told later, that he kept
fucking my tight pussy for about twenty minutes, and that I had quivered in
orgasm for about half an hour after he was done. Passed out and all.

All of this debauchery had been filmed and the only faces that ever
showed were Mary's and mine. When I saw the film it looked like I had
loved every minute of what was done to me. My orgasm's looked real and I
appeared to be urging on all of the men and the horse.

The next day, Joan gave Mary and I one hour together, to talk. She
explained how Joan had coerced her into being a slut whore, just like I
was, then eventually, when the men grew tired of her they started having
her do animals and other sick perverted things. She told me that it was
only a matter of time and they would be requiring me to do more live
'horse' and 'dog' shows.

I asked her about her husband and she told me he had dumped her in a
second when shown the damning tapes made of her with the same two guy's
that had started me down this wicked path. I knew now that Joan was more
than capable of doing more perverted and nasty things to me than I could

I asked Mary when she was going to be free of her. She said that last
night was her last night. Joan had set her free, with a rather large sum
of money that morning. She was going to go away to another state and start
over. She told me that she would contact me somehow without Joan knowing,
and try to help me out of this mess.

She said that I would need her help when Jon dumped me like her husband
had dumped her, and that she would be there for me if she could.

"I knew that you would probably dump me at that point. How could you
want a whore for a wife? I was nothing but a slut who had fucked an entire
army of men. Not only that, but now I was doing horses too. So I
understand why you are leaving me Jon, and all I am asking for is the stuff
I brought into our marriage."

Jon looked at me with a very haunted far away look.

"Do you want me to leave Julie?"

He was looking strange now. I wasn't sure what he was thinking now at
all. "Jon, I still love you, and I want this to be over with and us to be
together forever. I know that the possibility of that is not likely.
After you leave me Joan will do whatever she wants with me then dump me
like trash in the street."

Jon took me in his arms and hugged me tightly.

"I'll not be leaving you Julie, and we will get through this somehow. I
couldn't possibly leave you now, since I still love you the same as before.
I'll come up with something, someway, somehow. I know that you were
tricked and blackmailed into this nightmare."

I was feeling guilty now, so I knew that I had to tell Jon the clincher.
"Jon, you don't understand. I...I...well, I LIKE having sex with all of
these men. I have started to look forward to fucking and sucking all of
the big hard cocks that I can get. I love you Jon, but I want, no, NEED to
have strange cock now. It feels so deliciously wanton and sexy. I have
even started to like doing it with horses. I realize that you won't accept
this so just let me go."

Jon looked at me then stood up and walked away. Mary had been right.
He was dumping me like yesterday's trash. He went into our bedroom and
shut the door. I waited for about an hour. He finally came out and sat
down in front of me again.

"Julie, I think that you have been brain-washed somehow. I must find
out positively before I can ever risk losing you. You are not the type of
person to like fucking all of these men, nor are you the type to want to
fuck horses or other animals either. That is why I think you have been
drugged or brainwashed. We are going to get away from Joan and her
cronies, and together we will work this out. I think that if we get you
into a safe place and just talk and work this through, you will come back
to me. I have to try Julie, and you owe me that at least. You are the
only person I have ever loved and I just couldn't live with myself if I
didn't try to do everything in my power to free you from her talons. I
think that with time, we will be able to 'fix' all of this. We will both
have some serious issues to handle and deal with, but I think together we
can make it through this hell."

I do appreciate any response, and will answer feedback, when an address
is given. Thanks, curious2c.


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