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June Sequel


Title: June Gets Even - The Sequel Author: Charley Ace Email:


WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do
not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE

(c) copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved

(MF, MMFF, Group, Swapping)

In my previous story (June Gets Even), I described how I caught my
husband, Jerry, cheating on me with my best friend and neighbor, Mary, and
how her husband, Ralph, and I extracted our revenge. I also told you that
we were eventually able to smooth out everybody's ruffled feathers and
progress into a situation where we became good friends again and swapped
partners. What I didn't tell you, is just how we got there. If you're
interested in knowing the details, read on...

In order to understand how we evolved into the happy foursome, I'll need
to tell you a little more about the people involved, starting with myself.

My name is June, and I've been married to Jerry for 5 years. I'm the
daughter of middle class, church-going, sexually conservative parents. My
parents taught me to be a 'good girl' and to save myself for my husband.
They taught me well, because, even though I had had many opportunities, I
saved my cherry for Jerry. We didn't wait until we were married, but I did
hold out until the night that we had gotten engaged. Because of my
upbringing, or whatever other factors influence these things, I have a
strong sense of fair play and loyalty. I'm quiet, reserved, and somewhat
shy, anything but a fun loving party girl. I dress and act conservatively.
I took my wedding vows seriously, and expected Jerry to do the same. In
our friendship with Ralph and Mary, I followed the crowd and flirted with
Ralph, and he with me. I found Ralph to be attractive, yes, but never did
I think our flirting would go beyond the teasing stage, it seemed like a
fun thing to do among adult friends.

Jerry was a playboy when I met him. He's very handsome and personable
and can charm the pants off most of the attractive women he meets, and he
did before he met me. I suppose he looked at me as the 'marrying' as
opposed to the 'fuck-em-and-leave-em' kind of woman, most likely because I
initially resisted his charms (it wasn't easy, believe me). Jerry began
responding to Mary's flirting with some overt flirting of his own during
our get-togethers, as a means of bolstering his male ego. His flirting
with Mary didn't bother me, as I believed it to be all in fun. We were
close friends, after all, and I trusted both he and Mary.

Mary was an exhibitionist and an outrageous flirt who managed to piss Ralph off a number of times. Her flirting with Jerry during our
get-togethers is what got her, and the rest of us, in trouble. She enjoyed
teasing and tormenting men; it was a game with her. Ralph wasn't
appreciative of this behavior, but, at the same time, it was this same
behavior that first attracted Ralph to her. He merely assumed that once
they had gotten married, that she would settle down and dedicate herself to
him, and only him. He was wrong; the fact that she was a married woman
made it even more exciting for her to flirt with other men. She was a
classical cock tease, and seemed, at the time, to have no serious intent to
carry the teasing to the next level.

Ralph was a nice guy, a real teddy bear. He was loyal and true to his
wife and his friends. He trusted them and gave them no reason not to trust
him. When he noticed the flirting between Mary and Jerry, he boosted his
ego a bit by trying the same thing with me, but to a lesser degree. It was
in fun, and he, like me, knew it would never lead to anything between us,
even though he found me to be an attractive, desirable woman.

I suppose Ralph and I should have realized early on that allowing Jerry
and Mary to flirt with one another unchecked was akin to throwing gasoline
onto a fire. Looking back, the end result was predictable, but neither of
us saw it at the time. Such is hindsight!

In the first few weeks following the 'show' that Ralph and I put on for
our spouses, things were pretty quiet in our house. Jerry and I didn't
speak much, and he moped around quite a bit. We didn't have sex during
that time, and true to my word, I got together with Ralph two more times.
After the third time that Ralph and I had fucked, we talked about our

"Ralph, we need to decide what's most important to us. I've enjoyed our
sex immensely, but I still love Jerry and want desperately to get my
marriage back in order. What about you?"

"Yes, I agree wholeheartedly. I can't put into words how much I've
enjoyed our experience, but I do love Mary very much and want to get my
marriage in order, too."

"Then we need to stop fucking one other and concentrate on our spouses."

"I agree with that too, but how do we repair the damage?"

"Communication, we need to sit down and talk it out with them. Once
we've resolved our individual situations, assuming we can, then we need to
try to concentrate on rebuilding our friendship."

"Yes, I'm willing to talk about it. I'm still pissed at Jerry, but I
value your friendship and I'm willing to do anything to mend the fences."

"Good, let's start tonight, you talk to Mary and I'll talk to Jerry.
I'll call you tomorrow and we'll compare notes, OK?"


Later that evening I asked Jerry to sit down for a few minutes. He was
reluctant at first, but finally agreed.

I started, "honey, we need to talk about things, we've been avoiding
each other long enough. If our marriage can be repaired, we need to start
now. I know that I still love you very much, if you feel the same about
me, then lets talk."

"OK, lets talk. I'm still pissed at you for humiliating me and fucking
Ralph. I didn't think that you had it in you to do anything that extreme."

"You have to understand that I did it because I loved you and wanted to
keep our marriage in tact. I felt that if I didn't do something extreme,
that I would always be afraid that you'd cheat on me again. I wanted you
to know and understand, in no uncertain terms, that I won't put up with it.
It would have been very easy for me to ask for a divorce, but I didn't want

"What I did was wrong, but what you did was downright humiliating."

"What you did was humiliating to me too. How do you think I felt when I
found out that you were fucking Mary?"

"OK, I'm sorry, I do love you very much and I promise that I'll never
even look at another woman again. What do I need to do to get back into
your good graces?"

"You just did it, I needed to know that you still loved me and are
willing to commit yourself to our marriage."

"I do love you, very much so."

"Wonderful. I won't apologize for what I did, but I will apologize for
some of the things that I said about Ralph being a better lover than you,
it isn't true, you're both excellent lovers, but in different ways. I said
those things to rub salt into your wounds, because of the anger and hurt that I felt at the time. I do sincerely apologize for saying them."

I saw the hint of a smile on his face as he spoke, "so, Ralph isn't that
much better than me?"

"No, I loved fucking Ralph, but mainly because he's different than you,
than what I've been used to. As you well know, I've never had any other
man, and just the fact that Ralph was new to me, and different made him
seem better at the time, but he isn't any better than you. You and he are
both wonderful lovers, but you each have your own style. The bottom line
is, I want you as my permanent lover and soul mate, not Ralph."

He smiled again, came over to me and hugged me for several minutes. We
looked into each other's eyes and fell into a passionate kiss. He then
picked me up and carried me into the bedroom and we fucked the night away,
literally. It was the most intense and pleasurable sex that I had ever
experienced. We had gotten back on track, and things were definitely
looking rosy again. Before I dozed off, I thought about Ralph and Mary and
wondered how things had gone with them.

The next day, I called Ralph at work. "Hi Ralph, I don't want to take
up much of your time, but I'm dying to know how it went with you and Mary
last night."

"It went great, even better than I'd hoped. How about with you and

"I'm so glad for you. It went great with us, too. I think we're over
the hump. We need to begin the friendship repair process as soon as
possible, how about you two coming over for dinner and cocktails on

"OK, it's a date. Be there about 5:00?"

"Yes, see you then."

On Saturday, Ralph and Mary arrived right on time. There was tension in
the air all through dinner, even though we all had had a couple of
pre-dinner drinks. Jerry and Mary, being the outgoing types, made several
attempts to make small talk, but failed. We weren't there to make small
talk, as there were some serious issues to be resolved.

After dinner, all parties had a few more drinks, then Ralph, of all
people, broke the ice, "OK, everyone, we all know why we're here. Let's
cut through the tension and start talking about what we need to do to
repair the damage. To start with, I think that Jerry and Mary need to tell
us just how they wound up in bed together."

I pitched in, "Ralph's right, why don't one of you start and see if we
can understand how and why all of this got started."

Jerry and Mary tried to speak at the same time, but Jerry prevailed, "I
want all of you to understand that all of this is entirely my fault. I
seduced Mary, pure and simple. I knew it was wrong, but I didn't think of
the consequences, I was under the influence of my pecker. I know that's a
poor excuse, but it happens to be the truth. Ralph, I do value your
friendship and can understand how you feel. I'd like to rebuild that
friendship, but what's really important to me is my marriage. I love June
so much that I'll do anything to get back to where we were before I fucked
up, excuse the pun, and we're well on our way to doing just that."

Jerry looked at me for confirmation and I nodded, he went on, "I can't
justify my actions, but you two certainly got your point across. I guess
I've been so self centered that I failed to consider how I might be hurting
both of you. I humbly beg your forgiveness, both of you, and promise on a
stack of bibles, that I'll never, ever do anything like that again. It
took some severe action on your part, and some severe pain and humiliation
on my part, but I finally understand that I've got to grow up and behave
like a responsible adult, and I will."

My eyes began swelling with tears, as Ralph responded, "Jerry, that was
a hell-of-a speech. You always had the gift of..."

Jerry interrupted, "I know, Ralph, but this..."

"Let me finish, Jerry. As I was saying, we all know what a smooth
operator you are, and how you could probably sell a drink of water to a
drowning man, but this time I detect a serious and sincere tone that had
been lacking before. I believe that you're sincere, and I commend you, and
I'm willing to take steps toward renewing our friendship."

Ralph rose from his chair, walked over to Jerry and extended his hand.
Jerry rose, took Ralph's hand and they shook on it. Smiles crept out on
both their faces. More tears swelled up in my eyes.

Mary decided to speak up, "well, Jerry, that was quite a confession and
speech, but I must disagree with the first part. I'm every bit as guilty
as you are. You only think you seduced me, but I was the seducer in our
affair. I had the same problem as you, I failed to fully understand just
how my inappropriate actions would affect those that I loved and cared
about the most, Ralph and June. I too, have grown up over this sordid
affair, and I too, wish to offer my humble and sincere apologies to Ralph
again, and to June."

The tears were still swelling in my eyes as I spoke, "I, for one, accept
all apologies, Jerry's and Mary's. I think it will still take some time
for all of us to forget the hurt and humiliation that we've all suffered,
but we're off to a great start. I feel so much better tonight than I have
in weeks. I just know that everything will work out, eventually."

I looked at Mary and saw that I wasn't the only one with tears in my
eyes, we were so happy to be on the mend. A silence had fallen over the
room, and after a few minutes, Ralph spoke up again, "OK, we've gotten off
on the right foot here tonight. Before our discussion, I didn't think that
I could ever forgive Jerry. However, I've been so moved by his, and
everybody's sincerity, that I think that I just might get over it."

We made tremendous strides that Saturday, but it took much longer to
heal all of the wounds. We continued to socialize with Ralph and Mary over
the next several months, but the sexual innuendoes had all but disappeared.
Everybody was walking on egg shells, we were all afraid of saying the wrong
thing and setting off a time bomb. We had reached a plateau short of our
goal, and weren't making any further progress towards getting back to where
everybody felt at ease with one another.

One hot Saturday afternoon, Ralph and Mary invited us over to swim and
enjoy a cookout (they have a pool and we don't). After swimming and
sunning for a couple of hours, and being frustrated with the lack of
progress that the four of us had made, I decided to make a bold move. I
cornered Mary in her kitchen and asked her point blank, "what would you say
if I told you that I wouldn't mind if you fucked Jerry again?"

"What! You're kidding, right?" She looked at me as if I was out of my

"No, I'm not. Our relationship hasn't been the same since the affairs
and it doesn't show any signs of moving off dead center. I want to do
something radical. I'd like to suggest that we swap partners occasionally,
what do you think?"

Mary's eyes lit up, and her jaw fell open. She recovered from the shock
quickly, "I'd be all for it. I hope you don't get angry, but I really did
enjoy Jerry, and to be able to fuck him every once in awhile, without the
guilt, would be wonderful. I'm very surprised that you'd suggest it
though. Did you enjoy Ralph that much?"

"Actually, yes, but still not as much as I enjoy my husband. Ralph's a
wonderful lover, but so is Jerry. I think that we're good enough friends
that we can handle a swap situation, with some stipulations."

"I agree, and I'm with you, I'd like to try."

"Good, I've got an idea on how we can break the ice." I described what I
had in mind and Mary cracked up, she was all for it.

"HA HAH, YEAH! I LOVE IT! That's fantastic! It's something that
they'd expect me to come up with, not you. They'll go bananas, I know they
will, but just in case, I think you'd better do the talking, I don't want
Ralph to get upset with me again."

"OK. Let's go get 'em girl!"

We marched outside with big shit-eating grins on our faces. I went over
and stood right in front of Jerry, and Mary in front of Ralph. The guys stopped talking and looked up at us, then at each other, with a puzzled,
quizzical look on their faces. I glanced over at Mary and winked, it was
time for the show! We were both giggling like little teeny boppers.

I removed the top of my bathing suit and checked Mary out as she did the
same. Jerry just looked at me (looked at my tits, actually) with his mouth
wide open in astonishment. I proceeded to slip out of my bottoms and stood
there naked in front of him. I reached out and pulled him out of his chair
to a standing position. I knelt in front of him and undid his bathing
suit, pulled it down to his ankles and smiled as his already rigid cock
sprang loose.

I glanced over at Mary and Ralph again, and noticed that she had gotten
to the same position. I looked up into Jerry's eyes and took his cock into
my mouth. I alternately licked and sucked on it until I could tell that he
was close to cuming, it really didn't take much, he was so hot. I stopped
only briefly, then began sucking with vigor, he didn't last but another
minute until he blasted his full load into my mouth. I swallowed the first
couple of spurts, but saved the rest on my tongue. I opened my mouth,
showed him his cum, then swallowed, slowly and seductively.

I looked at Mary once again, as she was just finishing up with Ralph.
When she finished, we both stood up and traded places. Before the guys could react to what was happening, Mary and I knelt down in front of the
other's husband, took their soft cocks into our mouths, and sucked away,
'blowing' them up. As shocked and excited as they were, it only took a few
minutes to get them hard again.

Even though neither guy had touched me as yet, I was as wet as I could
be, and I'm sure Mary was too. It was such a turn on to be as bold and
brazen as we had been. I stood up, turned around and bent over at the
waist, reached back around and spread my pussy lips, inviting Ralph to fuck
me from the rear, and Mary did the same to Jerry.

The guys were still stunned, I looked over at Jerry and saw that he was
in position to ram his hard cock into Mary, he glanced over at me, made eye
contact. I smiled at him to let him know that everything was OK, he turned
back to Mary and rammed it into her as she groaned. Ralph, without saying
a word, positioned his hard cock at the entrance to my pussy. I shuddered
and moaned at the first touch, I was so excited. He shoved it in deep and
began pumping away, and I was in seventh heaven, in ecstasy. I came twice
more before he unloaded his cum deep inside of my cunt, 'GOD! It was
wonderful, here I was, getting fucked by another man with my husband only
five feet away!' I glance over at Mary and Jerry a few times and noticed
that they were both enjoying themselves as much as I was.

When everyone was finished, we sat down and just looked at each other. I
knew I had to speak, "so, what do you guys think about swapping?"

Ralph was still too stunned to talk, but Jerry was never at a loss for
words, "fantastic, absolutely fantastic! Why didn't we think of this

Ralph finally spoke, "oh yeah, I'm all for it. I can handle this
situation much better than the previous one. Who's idea was this anyway?"
He turned and looked directly at Mary as he asked the question.

Mary quickly spoke up, "would you believe it was June, Mrs.
Conservative! She asked me about it, and we both agreed that we needed
something radical to move this situation over the hump."

I smiled and nodded my head. "We need to agree on something, though. I
can accept and enjoy this new relationship as long as everything is out in
the open. We all need to agree that the only time we fuck each other's
spouse is in a group situation, with all of us present, no one-on-ones,

Everybody agreed. We were not only back to where we were before the
affairs, but well beyond, charting new territory.

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