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Archived Sex Stories

Just to Relax


Contains strong sexual language and descriptions of sexual acts. If for
some strange reason you do not enjoy this type of literature, please leave.
Permission is not granted to post anywhere for profit.

Our thanks to Dr. Spin for comments and editing.

Just to Relax

Somehow the kitchen seemed dim. My coffee was stale. I stood and
peered out the kitchen window at our driveway as it twisted past the
private lake. Behind me, I heard the housekeeper refilling my cup, but my
gaze remained on the lake. My mind dejectedly went to yesterday's events.

It was a glorious day. Every day was. A whiff of revolution was in the
air as we launched a campaign against a new corporate entity. In the old days, we had marched with signs. Now, armed with legions of attorneys, we
worked our miracles in the courts. I missed the old protests, and often
found myself losing track of just what we were for or against. Ah, well.
That's what we paid the lawyers to track. The key was winning.

We'd filed an injunction against a major corporation accused of
manufacturing an unsafe product. No one had actually ever been hurt, and I
actually used the product. But what the hell, we made tons of money these
days as the companies hated going to court and usually settled.

I needed relaxation so,I steered my Mercedes to a large beach hotel.
There were several on this particular stretch, but this was my favorite. A
quick drink and maybe a political fight with someone at the bar- Hell, life
was good

Quite often the trips resulted in a quick drink and my going home early.
But sometimes I got lucky. I felt lucky tonight.

I entered the cool bar, and damn, what a woman. At the bar, sat a
classic beauty, with long legs and shapely body dressed in an expensive,
designer outfit. Her hair reflected a dark sheen as her head tilted in
laughter to something the bartender said. I could see her china blue eyes
watch me in the bar mirror as I walked past. A large diamond graced her
left hand. I took a table to her left and nodded to the bartender who
automatically prepared my usual whiskey. He raised his eyelids and looked
at her then me. We'd played this game before.

I'd seen many beautiful women in these situations, but none with her
class. She looked available, but not really. For the first time in years,
I felt self-doubt. But then, what the hell...nothing know
the old saw.

After my drink arrived, I took my pen and wrote:

"Would you mind if I joined you for a drink. Just conversation, of
course. It's been a long day and... well, I just can't think of anything
really clever to say."

I'd used the same note before with moderate success. Always show your
human side. Women like that. I saw her eyes assess me in the bar mirror.
She returned my note.

"Gee, you're not very good at this. Surely you can come up with a
better line?"

I responded.

"I'm sorry, I embarrassed us both. I'll leave you alone."

Women love humility.

She wrote another note. I thought, this is going better than I'd hoped.

"You are so pitiful. Please come join me. I'm not going to walk to
your table with all these people watching me. Just conversation remember."

"My name is Laurie and..." She shook my hand while holding up her left
hand to display her ring.

"Ron, me too." I showed her my wedding ring.

We both laughed.

"And where is your husband?"

"New York for a convention. I flew down here to get away and just to
relax. And your wife?"

"Off visiting her mother," I lied.

"Well then Ron, guess there is no harm in us having a little drink and
conversation together."

"None that I can see. Tell me about yourself."

I listened in fascination as she described her schooling, a short career
as a model and subsequent marriage to an oil company executive. Just the
kind of guy I liked to screw over. I chuckled inwardly at the double
meaning. She chatted on easily, telling me more and more about her life.
Always a good sign.

An hour passed and several drinks later, we were getting along like old friends. I excused myself and went to the men's room, stopping to call my
wife on a pay phone. There was no answer, and I was thankful to be relived
of the chore of making yet another "excuse'" directly to my wife. I left a
message on the recorder.

When I returned, Laurie asked about me, and I recited the same litany of
my life, except that I had never actually graduated from any college as my
activities had always kept me too busy.

Out of the blue, "Ron are you happily married?"

"Well yes. And you?"

"I am but..." She turned red and looked away.

"Please continue."

She stood and started to leave. It was a defining moment I had faced
before. Should I be bold and ask her to stay, or play the gentleman and
say nothing, hoping she would respect me for that. I said nothing.

"Ron, I've got to get out of here." She took a step then turned and said
hurriedly as if forcing herself. "I'm so embarrassed to say this. It
sounds so silly and so blatant and so, I don't know - bad? That's not the
right word. But would you care to join me for a drink in my room?"

Careful, I thought, she's edgy. "Laurie, I don't want to hurt you. I'd
love to join you, if you'll be ok."

"Thanks for being so nice. Yes, yes I'm ok."

I mentally patted myself on the back for my deft handling of the

In the elevator, we stood silently as other couples crowded us to the
rear. Gentlemanly as always, I inserted the key for her and entered the
room. It was impressive - a large suite, ocean side, with a beautiful view
of the dark waters.

"Please open the champagne Ron."

"You just happened to have some on ice?"

"I well... did come to town with some plans I feel like such
a " she swallowed hard and looked embarrassed.

"Sorry Laurie, sometimes I have a big mouth."

She relaxed, and I congratulated myself for another smooth move.

Champagne poured, we touched glasses, and I let my eyes wander over her
lithe body. She pulled back her head and shook her luxuriant, dark mane. I
admired the delicate curve of her neck as it arched towards the hint of
shoulder line showing above her black dress. She was cool, calm and
exquisitely beautiful. Her eyes stared intently at me. Briefly I thought
of her poor idiot husband slaving at some stupid convention in New York
while his lovely wife was here contemplating fucking me. The second sip of
champagne was all the more sweet. I knew it wasn't just the sex. It was
the conquest, the taking of another's possession.

Suddenly the conversation waned. I made a move to the balcony, always a
good place to generate conversation, to touch softly as a prelude to a
first kiss. "Perhaps we should step outside and enjoy the view?"

"No," she exclaimed with a startled look on her face. "Kiss me."

Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement on the balcony. A dark shape
momentarily outlined against the starlight. Suddenly it all became clear.
An extremely beautiful woman - an easy pickup - the champagne on ice - her
nervous manner, and I should have noticed the partially opened doors to the
balcony. Her husband wasn't in New York.

Never at a loss, I put my arms around her. I felt her tremble as I
kissed her.

I turned the two of us so my back was to the window and my lips couldn't
be seen.

Bending, I whispered in her ear, "Nervous?"

"Yes, I've never done anything like this before."

"No, I'll bet you haven't. Has he?" I felt her body stiffen. "Just
relax. Don't make any sudden moves when I say this. That's your husband
on the balcony watching us?"

A strangled noise came from deep in her throat. "Oh no. Oh no. I
don't know what to say. I'm so embarrassed."

"No need for embarrassment. You wanted to do this, didn't you? It
wasn't just your husband's idea."

"You could tell?"

"Yes, that wasn't just acting downstairs. We got along well. You were
enjoying yourself." I felt her relax again.

"Oh damn. I never thought I would do this, or even admit to someone
that I wanted to or...but..."

"But what?"


"Your sure?"

"Well I... I can't... "

"Then I'll say it for you. It turns you on to know your husband is
watching. It's not that he doesn't love you, or you him. It's the
excitement of doing it, of taking the chance. And admit it, you like the
sex part with a different man without having to feel the guilt of

Her eyes sought mine, her jaw slackened slightly and she blinked. Damn,
not a bad little speech I thought. I'll have to remember it.

I felt her breathing increase, and she molded herself to my body. "Then
Laurie, we should give him a good show, don't you think?"

"Yes please."

Suddenly suspicious, I asked, "He's not taping this, is he?"

"No way I'd allow that. We're married, not stupid. Don't need evidence
like that lying about."

With the room light, I could see all the way to the railing on the
narrow balcony. There was no VCR. I knew that nothing could get a clear
picture through the curtains.

I turned her to face the window and stood behind her. She leaned back
against me. I could smell the delicate perfume of her hair. If the
bastard wants a show, I thought, I'll give it to him.

"Laurie, you feel so good against me."

"I'm glad. You feel so strong. I love experienced men. You must have
had many women. Have you done this before?"

"Well some, but you are the most beautiful I've ever been with."

"Ah, blatant flattery will get you everything. Show me how you touch
your wife."

"Take my hand and put it on your breasts." Her breathing became shallow.
I felt her hand drop to mine, then slowly pull it upward until it slipped
easily onto her left breast.

She exhaled slowly. "Ohhhh."

I could feel her nipple harden. "Does your husband touch you like


"I'll bet he touches you in other places?"


"Pull up the hem of your dress." I felt her fingers gathering the
material to begin the slow process of pulling up the hem. I eased my hips
back to allow the dress to move higher. A dull reflection came from the
half-curtained windows. I could see her long legs emerge as her fingers
exposed herself to her husband and me.

Soon the tops of black stocking showed, then naked thighs, then the edge
of black panties. I moved forward to help hold up the dress and pressed my
hardened cock into the crack of her ass.

"Laurie, do you touch yourself for your husband?"


"Do it now. Show me what you do for him."

Obediently she moved her hand to her waist and made a movement to tuck
the dress still higher exposing the rest of her panties. I could feel her
hand slowly descend and the fuzzy image in the window reflected it slipping
under the elastic waistband.

"Laurie, what are you doing?"

"I'm putting my hand in my panties, so I can touch myself."

I had a mental image of what she could feel. First the smooth skin of
her abdomen, then the fine hair and finally the wetness of her virgina.

"What are you going to do then?"

"I'm going to masturbate for you, like I do for my husband. Oh my god.
Oh no, it's so..."

I could feel her arm moving. She alternatively pushed backward to
spread her cheeks to allow my cock better access to her anus, then moved
forward probably to gain better access for her hand. Choking sounds came
from her throat, and I felt a jerking motion as she orgasmed on her
fingers. I was sure the idiot on the balcony enjoyed it all. I let her
relax for a few moments.

"Laurie, I want you to strip for me."

She turned to me still holding her skirt up with one hand, the other
still in her panties. She moved both hands to her neck and unfastened
buttons to a single strap that held the dress in place. Turning her back
to me she let the dress drop slightly exposing an exquisitely beautiful
muscled back and the hint of curves rising from her buttocks. Damn, she
was beautiful. I still couldn't believe my luck.

She turned her head and said over her shoulder, "My husband likes to
watch me too. Does your wife strip for you?"

"Yes, she does."

"Does she strip for other men?"

"I don't think so. I've never suspected that."

"This is my first time in front of another man. Do you like me?" She
turned back to me and held the dress with one hand in front of her breasts.

"Yes, you're very beautiful."

"Good. More compliments. For that, I'll show you my breasts." The
dress fell to the floor. She stood proudly. Her small, round, naked
breasts pointed at me, cherry-colored nipples erect and waiting.

"Would you like to kiss them Ron?"

"More than anything."

"Then kiss them like you would your wife."

I sat back on the bed to ease my aching legs and shift my pounding cock.
She moved forward, and I touched my tongue to one nipple and felt another
shudder rack her body. I sucked the breast all the way in as she moved her
hands to the back of my head. Her other soft breast caressed my ear as I
continued to lick the smooth skin. "I'll bet there is something else your
wife does for you?" She began to lower herself. Momentarily, I had
forgotten her husband watching. As she got to her knees, I knew, he knew
what she was about to do. I wondered at his thoughts. His almost naked
wife kneeling before me in a subservient position, pulling off my shoes and
socks, now undoing my belt, then pulling down my zipper.

Did he have a clear view of her hand as it went into my fly? Could he
see it move under the material of my pants as she managed to slip around my
underwear and now, oh damn, she was touching my cock. I resisted the urge
to ejaculate immediately at the thoughts and touches.

With her other hand she unbuttoned my shirt.

"Ron, stand. I want to pull your pants down, so I can see you." I moved
slightly and felt her remove my pants and underwear.

"Ron, it's a very nice looking." She looked into my eyes with a saucy
grin. "Do you want me to show you how I suck my husband?" Damn, she was
better at this that I was. I figured the fool on the balcony must have
gone in his pants at that statement.

She leaned forward and I felt warm breath on the head of my penis.
Moans, soft kisses and...

first contact

she was, oh damn

sliding the head of my cock

into her warm mouth as

he watched and...

with a popping sound she released it.

"Does your wife suck you like this?"

"Oh yes."

"Is she good at it."


"Is she better than I am?"

"Don't know yet, it will take some time to tell. But so far, you seem
to be the winner."

"So then your wife's experienced. Does she suck other men?"

"I don't think so.""

The next minutes were pure pleasure. She licked, probed, sucked and
played with my balls. I kept my body turned so that the husband could see
every detail of my cock sliding in and out of his wife's mouth.

It was time for more. Reluctantly I lifted her from me and gently
removed her panties. She stood straight and naked except for her
stockings. I started to move her to the bed, when she whispered in my ear,
"No, sit on the side of the bed facing the window. He can see better that

Amazed at her audacity and inventiveness, I sat on the corner of the bed
facing the window. My cock stood stiffly as she turned in front of me and
presented her smooth, white cheeks to my face. Her face was only inches
from the curtains where he watched. He could practically kiss her through
the glass, as she reached between her legs to my cock.

"Use your other hand, the left one with the wedding ring," I said.
Obediently she changed hands, and I saw her ringed fingers encircle my
penis, and she guided me to her.

"Laurie, what are you doing now."

"I'm helping slide your thing into me."

"It's not a thing. What are you doing?"

"I can't."

"Yes you can. Say the words. You know them. You're thinking them.
Say them."

"I never use that word."

"Do it now, for us."

"Yes, us. I'm holding your cock and putting it into me so we can..."


"We can fuck."

I slipped in easily, and she emitted a gasp as my full length entered
her warm slit. I knew he could see and hear every detail as she began to
move. An inch from his nose, my cock was in his wife. And she was
obviously enjoying it.

"Oh God more." I pushed harder to meet her demands.

I could see over her shoulder that she used one hand to masturbate above
my cock and the other to play with her breasts. We rode easily for at
least ten minutes. I was enjoying her pleasure much more than mine. My
eyes strained to gain at least a glimpse of the figure behind the curtain.
Once I thought I saw movement. Probably playing with himself.

Laurie climaxed at least twice, and I rolled her pliant body to the bed
and on her knees. I entered her doggy style. I'm sure he wanted to see

I loved the sound of her panting, but wanted to see her face as I
finished. Pushing her to her back, I managed to get the pillows arranged
so that her face was half turned to the window. I positioned myself
between her knees.

"Ron? Are you going to fuck me some more?"


"Does your wife like it this way?"

"Yes, she likes to lie on her back and spread her legs."

"Does she spread her legs for other men?"

"You're really curious about her, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am. You like me talking about my husband don't you?"

"Yes," I admitted. "I do."

"Well it turns me on to talk about her. Would you like to watch her
with another man?"

"It doesn't matter. She would never do that, but maybe."

"Fuck me Ron." And I did.

It was long and slow. Both of us responded to each other. We could
feel it coming.

And then it was there. She moaned,"Oooooooh, I'll think of you next
time I fuck my husband."

Her back arched. I kept a steady, slow rhythm. Knowing that the old myth of simultaneous orgasms was only for magazine articles, I waited,
still moving in and out of her. And there it was again for her, and her
husband's pleasure - a second orgasm. She arched again and I watched her
eyes roll as she bit her lip and emitted a high-pitched, gasping sound. As
she came down, I experienced the tingle of a drawn-out, thoroughly
satisfying orgasm as her hand slipped between us to massage my balls.

There you stupid bastard. Hope you got your money's worth. I chanced a
grin as I thought of him crouched on the porch, prick in hand watching his
beautiful wife writhe under me. I'd just given his wife the screwing of
her life. Wish I knew his oil company's name. I'd fuck it over too - take
his woman, take his money. Life is beautiful.

I relaxed and turned to watch her body twitch as she came down from the
high. This part of our relationship too was delicate. I didn't want to
just get up, get dressed and leave. Who knows, she might come back in town
for more "relaxation." But it was getting late.

She seemed to read my mind. "Ron, I know you have to get home. It's
ok. But will you do me a favor? I just hate to be left like this. Will
you take me back down to the bar for one last drink? I'll put on something
really sexy. You can show me off to your bartender friend. He'll know by
the change in clothes what we were doing. I'll be your possession, your

I whispered in her ear. "What about your husband? Besides it's getting
really late, and, well, my wife may become suspicious."

"Please, it's all part of our fantasy. You brought me to the room. We
had sex, and now he wants to watch me put on my special slut dress for you.
Then when we leave the room, he'll love it if you put your hand
possessively on my ass. He'll slip down, as soon as we leave, and watch us
in the bar and later for a last kiss as we depart.

It was my turn to exhale.

"Please Ron. I'll suck you if you will." She leaned over and took my
still wet cock in her mouth, then removed it, "And one more favor?"


"I have a friend...married...coming to town next month...just to relax.
Would you ah consider...ah ... meeting...ah...and ah."

Damn, it was a perfect day. "Of course. But she can't be as good as

"You do say the best things. You've no compunction at all about doing
this with me or another woman, in spite of the fact you're married?" She
said this not to me but kept her blue eyes on my rapidly stiffening cock.

"I guess we can say the same for you, Laurie."

"I suppose you're right. And I can see the thought of my friend is
turning you on." Her mouth returned to my penis. We automatically turned
to give a good view to the patient husband, who was about to witness one of
the finest blowjobs on record.

After midnight, I guided the Mercedes up the twisting drive. A fresh
breeze blew across the lake, and I noted the boathouse needed a new coat of
paint. In the garage, my wife's Lincoln waited patiently and beyond that
the housekeeper's Ford rested in front of her small outbuilding. Not
wanting to wake anyone, I went into a guest bedroom and slept.

The next morning, the sun on my face made late sleeping impossible. I
rose and went to the bathroom. Walking downstairs, I sniffed for the oder
of coffee, but was disappointed to smell nothing. Curiously quiet, the
house reverberated with my footsteps.

Entering the cold kitchen, I looked hopefully at the coffeepot, but
could see it half dismantled.

Then on the table I saw it sitting there - accusing me. Mocking me. My
stupidity revealed. I read the accompanying note.


You bastard. Yes, that's a tape of you and Laurie. I've known about
your "activities" for years. She's an old friend of mine who agreed to
help. She's not married, and you're so dumb that you didn't even recognize
my rings when she put them in your face.

I was on the balcony. I hired a professional to wire the room with four
cameras and several microphones. I had to rent the room for a month, but I
knew that eventually you would spot her. Wasn't it brilliant how she got
you to admit all your past infidelities and mention that you would do it
again. You even stated that you never suspected me of anything. Should
play well in court, if it ever comes to that.

By the way, I owe her a lot for that last blowjob, and her play on your
ego to get you to go to the bar with her. That gave me time to get out of
the room and home.

We have an appointment with my lawyer today at 3 P.M.

Be there.

The papers are all drawn up. You can keep your car and your clothes. I
get everything else plus 50% of your future earnings.

Go ahead, bring your lawyer. Of course, you can try to use this note to
say I trapped you. Don't bother. It's done on a word processor you'll
never find. There are no fingerprints. Besides, you could have typed it

And Ron, raise any objections and copies will be sent to the newspapers
and to your precious organizations. I'll ruin you.

See you at three.



PS, Laurie says you're the worst fuck she ever had. I agree. Just
think, I'll be spending the rest of my life, spending your money and, how
did you put it so crudely as always, "spreading my legs for other men."
I'll find better. You can think about it at night.


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