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Title: Just Another Example
Keywords: mF, mdom, ff
Author: Caesar

Just Another Example

by Caesar, copyright 2001-2002

Version: $Revision: 1.2 $ Last Modified: $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:24 $
It was the third email from the same individual - politely asking for
the same thing each time. An intriguing request. I had ignored the
two previous but perhaps it was a slow week or maybe I thought it
would be fun.

I answered.


I was doing something I nearly never did - I was meeting with one of
my users. Or rather one of my adult sites paying customers.

If you remember my previous posting, I have a very lucrative online
adult site. One that hosts only mature sexy ladies - pictures that
you will find no where else. Ladies that are, indeed, your next door
neighbour's wife or mother. Real women doing real sexual things.

It seems that Doug Abbey has been a paying customer for over a year
and that he had a proposal for me. One that, when he revealed it,
amazed me enough to actually drive my Porsche to a suburb of the city
I live in.

The place was a dive, small and dark - maybe I'm being too critical,
it was three in the afternoon after all - a pub. There was three
semi-trailers parked out in the large lot but I saw no one else except
the weary-looking waitress here with us.

A balding short fat man came in and immediately made his way toward
me. "Mr. Gardener?"

I stood and took his hand. "Doug Abbey."

He nodded for the waitress and sat across from me. A beer arrived in
less than a minute - perhaps he was a regular here?

Doug seemed nervous.

Rightfully so - as he had come here to ask me to seduce and train his

"I guess you understand why you are here?"

"Only partially?"

He nodded and then shrugged. "You must think I'm nuts or something?"

"Well it would help me to understand why you want me to fuck your
wife?" I purposely used vulgar language to see if it prompted a
negative response. My Coke was nearly gone and lifted my glass for
the waitress - the older thin woman who wore her hard life in her eyes
quickly responded with a new glass filled with my favourite cold

Doug merely sighed. "My marriage is basically a void Mr. Gardner and
I think you can bring a new spark into it." His beer was nearly
empty. "I want you to train Mary so that it may save our marriage."

It was ludicrous sounding isn't it? I was very sceptical.

Doug reached into his sports jacket breast pocket and brought out a
short stack of photos which he handed over. "She doesn't know I'm

I took them and then spent my time looking through the pictures. They
were photos that you would find in nearly any home, of a middle-aged
woman smiling for the camera at Christmas, cooking in the kitchen,
eating at a barbecue, holding a small baby... they spoke volumes about
Mary Abbey. They also spoke volumes about the husband who wanted me
to do this thing to her.

I was already finding dislike for this man.

"I still don't understand Doug - why don't you do what your asking me
to do?"

He huffed and leaned in to whisper, "Don't you think I haven't tried?
We went to a marriage counsellor last year; tried going away without
the kids for the weekend! I think its only a matter of time till she
leave me or has an affair."

He did not want to save his marriage but to turn his wife into a sex
slave. Well, what man would not want that for his marriage - I
thought sarcastically.

"What makes you think I can accomplish this?"

Doug sat back and shrugged, "I don't - but with me helping I hope you

I stole through the photos again but took careful notice of Mary's
eyes in these photos. I didn't see unhappiness, unless she was good
at hiding it, maybe loneliness.

"Listen Mr. Gardner, I recently sold my part of a business that I
helped create twenty two years ago - I have money if that will help
convince you?" It would also help explain why he did not want a
divorce - it had a way to splitting your well-earned booty by at least

I gave him a cold look - my own bank accounts were overflowing with
cash from perverts like him on the Internet.

This wasn't about cash.

I made the decision. "If I do this thing, then I have total control?"

His faced brightened up and he nodded aggressively with his double
chin wobbling, "Absolutely!"

"And she must never know that you and I planned this." Non-negotiable
my eyes added.


"If it doesn't work we go our separate ways and we never see each
other again." Another nod.

I looked at the top photo and at the woman I was agreeing to enslave.
Would her life be better or worse with me in it? Was she even prone
to being a slave - if not, then this exercise may very well be a waste
of time and effort on all our parts?


Mary came to the table and Doug followed me to a standing position
after he saw that I was standing up in reverence to his wife - it was
only polite. She looked rather pleased at my gentlemanly way.

I put out my hand and smiled, "Ah, you must be Mary - your husband has
been saying some nice things about you." Her small hand was cool to
the touch but her eyes warm.

I was surprised that Mary looked younger than in her photos, it was
the eyes I determined, they held a life of their own.

She looked puzzled at my appearance and Doug jumped in to explain, "An
old friend dear, back when I was with Yoeman", his old company.

Her eyes returned to mine, "Oh a pleasure Mr...?"

I ignored her and moved to offer her my seat, "Please?"

She looked flattered and I wondered when the last time a man gave up
his seat for her.

"We were just ordering," I waved for the waiter, "would you like
something Mary?" I stole a vacant chair from the table next to ours
and sat down.

"A salad please." The waiter nodded and quickly moved to submit her
request to the kitchen.

We were downtown at a small cafe, seated outside by the busy sidewalk.

Doug swallowed the last drop of his drink, a double rum, and stood
back up. "I'm sorry Mr. Gardner, Mary, I have an appointment at the
bank - it was postponed from this morning." It was as arranged, this
meeting and his quick departure.

"Oh?" Mary looked confused at being abandoned, but not surprised I

I stood and shook hands with Doug, smiling at Mary, "I think I can
keep Mary company for the next hour or so - would that be fine?"

My smile must have reassured her, that and since I was one of her
husbands 'old friends' - she nodded, "Certainly Mr. Gardner, it would
be a pleasure."

I caught a harsh look pass from wife to husband, given to Doug for his
abandonment of his wife at a cafe downtown with a stranger- it was
obviously not for me to notice.

He disappeared quickly and I retook my seat just as the food appeared.


In the last month Mary and I have met downtown, at various locations,
four times for quiet luncheons. Purely innocent of course - but we
hit it off immediately. In fact, I intentionally did not flirt or act
in any way untoward Doug's wife - I was working on gaining her trust
and friendship. Though I did notice the subtle change in the
middle-aged woman, the extra attention she took to make herself
attractive at each successive meeting.

At home, as instructed, Doug made himself scarce, ignored his wife when he was home, and being a bastard when he could not.

On the fourth lunch meeting, Mary told me about the downward trend at
home - admitting, with tears in her eyes, that it has never been easy
but it has been intolerable lately. She asked me, in confidence, if
she thought her husband was having an affair - I told her truthfully
that I didn't know.

I was the perfect comforting soul - my ear open and my words soothing.
I made it known that I enjoyed her company and that I thought her a
wonderful person. My eyes told her I thought her also attractive.

The fifth lunch was to be at a little place I knew that was dark and
very intimate. It also had great food and was rather exclusive.

Mary Abbey was impressed and had dressed for the occasion, which I
took liberties to visually admire. She didn't miss a look, but smiled
shyly as a response. She emptied two glasses of wine before the food
had even arrived.

This all helped to set the mood to perfection - as Mary went on to
tell me how much of a pig her husband was, how he had cheated and back
stabbed his employees and partners to create his company, how he was
forced out by the other two owners. The more wine she consumed the
harsher her comments were about her husband. Things must be very
difficult for her at home - now with my arrangement with Doug but also
years before.

During this diatribe, I took her hand in the both of mine and stroked
it gently. By the time the waiter had arrived with our meals, my
hands was stroking her covered thigh and about her shoulder.

We didn't even look at the meal for several minutes as Mary finished
venting about something her husband did the last Sunday during supper.
I reached over with the hand from her lap and gently aimed her face
toward me and leaned down to kiss her softly. It was a comforting
soft passionate kiss and I guessed the woman had not been kissed like
this for a very long time.

It took the thirty nine year old woman by surprise and when I sat back
she looked at me with such amazement that I almost broke out laughing.

Her breathing had quickened noticeably so that her average sized
breasts heaved beneath her blouse.

I saw that she was about to say something, something about being
married and not being the type of person to do this... kiss another
man, but then she leaned in for another.

Our lips opened and I slipped my tongue into her mouth. And when I
disengaged she was panting.

"No more about Doug - I want to talk about you."

She nodded her acceptance, thankful even, I think she would have ate
gravel if I had suggested it right then, "What would you like to
know?" I handed her her wine glass so she could wetten her dry voice.

I laughed lightly, "Everything!" Then looked her directly in the eye
and asked firmly, "Like, what colour are your panties?"

She almost spit out the wine that she had in her mouth, so startled
was she and laughed nervously. Mary stared at me amazed and seemed to
come to a decision, "I am wearing white underwear Mr. Gardener."


She nodded slowly, watching me carefully.

"Waist high pantyhose or thigh?" She was wearing a purple skirt and a
pale yellow silk blouse - her nylons were tan.

She cleared her throat and re-crossed her legs nervously, "Waist

I made a face of displeasure and sighed, "You have very sexy legs Mary
- you must wear thigh high stockings for me."

I leaned in again and kissed her, my tongue slipped easily into her

After that the lunch went wonderfully - and by dessert Mary was
slipping her tongue into my mouth aggressively.


Mary Abbey made it obvious that she wanted more than the intimate
touches and passionate kisses that we enjoyed the week before. She
had called me twice after that fifth lunch to 'talk' - but I knew she
wanted to see me again, to be with me.

When I made another 'date' with her, she asked on the phone shyly,
"What would you like me to wear Mr. Gardener?" She still had no idea
of my first name. And the question pleased me - it was a submissive
enquiry - though not enough evidence to base any conclusions upon.

"What makes you look most attractive my dear - but let your beautiful
hair down for me." She always kept it up in a tight bun.

"I went shopping yesterday...?"

She wanted to play this little verbal game, OK, "Yes?"

"...and I bought a couple different pairs of thigh-high stockings."

"Sounds delicious... sorry, I'm just picturing your sexy legs in

She giggled like a teenager. "What colour would you like me to wear
Mr. Gardner?" Another submissive question - she wanted to make me

"Did you get white?"

"Oh yes! I will wear them for you." She sounded very anxious.


Mary met me to get fucked.

There was no other way to put it - she had concluded to herself that
she needed something different or new in her life. Perhaps she
concluded to herself that would only be a one-time thing, or just till
some moment in time that made logical sense to her.

People do that, to justify what they should not have.

When Mary walked through my doorway and I saw that demur smile, I knew
her panties were damp with anticipation.

I pulled her to me and grasped her soft ass as our lips passionately
met, leaving her surprised and breathless. Then I stepped aside and
waved her into my condo.

As you may remember, it was an upscale yuppie condo downtown - brick
walls and expense furnishings. Not much has changed from my last

Mary twirled to show off her mid-thigh loose skirt and billowing dark
blouse - the top of a stocking seen as the skirt rode up momentarily,
as she had planned of course. I clapped and kissed her again as my

We were having a late lunch in my apartment - candles and expensive
wine. The works. She radiated her happiness at being pampered and
shown attention. This romance almost foreign to a woman whom had been
married nearly twenty years.

At one point near the end of the meal she frowned and asked, "Is what
we are doing right Mr. Gardener?" Sudden case of conscious.

"In what way Mary?" I expected the question at some point - but
surprised she had taken so long to ask.

"I'm married to your friend." She seemed nervous that I would agree
that this was wrong - and that she should leave. Mary needed our
combined strength for her to walk out of my condo but we both knew she
came here for a purpose and she did not want to leave till that
purpose was concluded.

"Doug and I are not friends - we have nothing but you in common.
Mary, you and I know each other much better than your husband and I
do. He is just a business acquaintance."

Her face showed its relief at my rsponse. Neigher of us brought up
their marriage, and what her being here contradicted her vows.

The bottle of wine was empty and I showed Mary about my small
apartment - and she stopped at the foot of my large inviting looking
bed. Mary was a little wobbly on her feet from the four glasses and
was leaning on my arm when she looked up at me and asked in a playful
voice, "Have you had many women in your bed Mr. Gardener?"

No reason to hide it - "Yes several."

She seemed surprised and a little put out. "Am I going to just be
another conquest for you Mr. Gardener?" Her voice lost that soft
seductive sound that she used since this visit.

I looked her directly in the eye and said, "Yes."

Before she could act upon her negative reaction to my answer, I spun
her around and pulled her against me, my mouth silencing any response
she had been brewing.

I think she forgot what we had been talking about when I pulled my
lips from hers. Instead Mary was panting passionately, "Wow!" Her
small breasts had definite points where the excited nipples thrust
forwards and the grinding of her crotch against my thigh was obvious.

"I find you an attractive and sexy woman Mary - nothing else matters
but right now, right here."

"Yes... yes!" She was locked into my gaze and needed to hear what I
had said.

"I'm going to strip you and then you are going to do every wild and
sexy thing I ask in the next few hours...", she swallowed loudly and
looked nervously at me, "and I swear that you will feel better than
you ever had in your entire life."

Another whisper, "Please... yes!"

My lips found hers anxious to start.


I suddenly pulled my lips from hers and she opened her eyes in
surprise. I pulled back far enough to be able to look her up and down
- admiring the effort she had put into making herself presentable for
this little rendezvous.

Mary Abbey did look rather sexy - she understood how to apply makeup
conservatively to highlight her features rather than use it to hide
behind. She seemed to know that her breasts, though average in size,
looked best in a push-up bra - the blouse low cut enough to reveal
this information while still looking delicious. The shape, hourglass,
was nice - wider around the hips than the shoulders. Her ass, though
a little wide, was rather attractive and I longed to have it pressing
back toward me as we fucked. But it was her legs, not necessarily
long, but very shapely that I realized she knew was her best asset.
Perhaps it was my earlier comments or my request for her to wear
stockings, but she had worn a skirt that stopped mid-way to her knees,
revealing her sexy gams.

When I returned to looking at Mrs. Abbey's face, I saw, with
amusement, her blushing deeply. When was the last time anyone has
devoured the sight of her, I wondered?

I walked around Mary, stopping directly behind her to kiss the nape of
her neck softly, my face having slipped through her long straight
auburn hair. She turned her head to the side and sighed deeply.

Then my hands came around her slowly and started to unbutton her
blouse. I was being careful not to touch her skin, to press against
those thrusting breasts. Mary simply stood there, breathing fast and
deep, allowing me this slow strip of her person.

The blouse slipped off her shoulders to lay amongst our feet, already

My hands returned behind her and I quickly unclasped the white lace
bra. My lips returning to her neck and she shivered violently as I
gently slipped the straps from her shoulders and the undergarment
slipped to the floor before her.

I whispered between kisses, "Do you want me to keep going?"

I have yet to touch her pale white skin yet but she was panting as if
I had spent an hour preparing her. She had trouble mumbling,
"Yes...!" To an uninitiate, it would appear that Mary Abbey was cold.

The hands returned behind her and easily unbuttoned the wool skirt,
then unzipped it. She simply stood there and allowed me to gently
press it past the curvature of her hips and then allowed it dropped to
the floor unassisted.

I again whispered, "I love your ass Mary." A groan escaped from her
and she hung her head and seemed to have trouble standing still.

It was all part of the game, of course, this lonely horny thirty-nine
year-old mother and wife never thought she would ever have a
twenty-something year old make her feel so passionate, so alive.
Little did she know that I've had a lot of experience to getting
ladies, in much the same situation as Mary, to draw out their
passionate side.

Mary Abbey was simply putty in my hands, figuratively speaking of
course. I was only going through the steps necessary to get between
her legs.

A woman needed to be loved, lusted after - she also needed to give it
back. Sex was more than physical lust to them, as it is to many men,
it was the accumulation of wanting that lust. To be a woman whom had
thought her time of passion was past, a young man ready to give her
lust and pleasure was a person not easily denied.

I hooked two fingers into the low leg holes of Mary's white satin
panties and pulled upwards. She hissed as the garment was drawn
between the cheeks of her big ass.

I squatted slowly down and stared the the white globes so close I knew
my breath was tickling her skin. So soft, so dainty, I kissed first
one ass cheek, long down near crack, before doing the same to the

Mary was almost hyperventilating, the nails of both her hands digging
into the front of her legs.

It was so easy.

I gently pulled the satin panty down past her wide hips and to her

Doug's wife was naked for my pleasure.


Mary was embarrassed to spread her legs as I had asked, but she did it
slowly regardless. "Wider." I ordered.

Mrs. Abbey lay in the middle of my wide bed with her ankles almost to
either edge, her red-brown bushy sex spread wide. I could see the
glistening pinkness beneath the jungle and lingered upon that sight so
that she may see my interest.

The middle-aged woman's breathing was coming in great fast gulps with
her chest heaving mightily. Her face looked feverish, with wide eyes
and quivering lips. Her cheeks red with unconscious embarrassment.

A look of a woman past caring... a woman that needed to get fucked.

I stood there at the foot of my bed enjoying the sight of her -
causing her cheeks to flush deeper and the redness to spread to her
white soft breasts.

Then my hands moved slowly, as I had done with her, and began to
remove my clothing. New found interest returned to her gaze and she
watched every movement of my hands.

When my shirt came off, revealing my well defined chest - Mary moved
one hand between her legs and the fingers strummed through the forest
of her sex.

Good girl, I thought.

Undressing took little time, as I wore no undergarments. When my
slacks slipped past my half-mast cock, I thought Mary would orgasm -
though she let out a low animal groan. Her need was very great, and
her hand between her legs was moving anxiously now - up and down her
outer labia. The other hand was running her centimetre long nails up
and down the inside of one thigh.

I took my cock in hand and held it still, squeezing rhythmically,
aimed right at her face.

We held this position for nearly a minute, my cock rising fully to
attention, and Mary's pelvis now pumping up and down in time to her
moving fingers.


I brought her wet hand to my lips and held them just before my face -
enjoying the heady scent of her excitement. Mary was watching me with
wide eyes, helpless to her incredible erotic energy.

Then I took the index finger into my mouth and sucked her firmly -
Mary slammed her thighs together and rubbed her knees back and forth,
groaning with need but her eyes never blinked as she watched me.

The second finger, less juicy this time, was next and I cleaned it

She tasted good. All women, I found, tasted unique but each very good
- as long as they were conscious of their cleanliness. And I had no
doubt Mrs. Abbey was always very clean.

She simply watched me as I let her arm go and then crawled slowly up
onto my bed. Mary thought this was it, I was going to climb between
her soft thighs and pound into her overheated and hungry sex. Indeed
- but not just yet.

Mary looked surprised and nervous when I straddled her torso upon my
knees. Though her eyes always returned to my thrusting cock with
hunger, this position I was moving into was something new to her.

I grabbed both of her hands and placed them upon her own breasts, then
leaning forwards I placed myself between the valley of her ageing
udders. Mary understood immediately and gone was the surprised look
as she pressed her flesh about my hard shaft.

Looking back and forth between my face and the head of my cock
sticking out of her chest, Mary did not seem to understand what was

Then I began to move and she smiled widely, my hard cock moving back
and forth in the valley of her average sized mature breasts. "Lick
it", I ordered hoarsely.

She again looked surprised, and then worried. So I gave her a little
incentive and grasped the top of her head to bend her neck toward her
own chest. Looking up, perhaps wondering if she was doing it right,
she slipped her tongue out of her mouth and it immediately came into
contact with my thrusting circumcised head. The corners of her lips
curled into a smile and she held her head in that awkward position

I fucked her tits slowly and with purpose, allowing her to lick or
suck on the head of my penis on each thrust.


Mary was hissing as she breathed now, twisting about on my bed and
pressing herself up to a kneeling position. With her lipstick smeared
by the head of my cock, she looked almost comic as she looked over her
shoulder toward me.

I could almost hear her thoughts, that this was not exactly the
romantic tumble she had anticipated. And placing her in this position
was not how she wanted to consummate our first 'love' making session.

That is partially why I was doing it - forcing her out of her shell.
It was like fucking her tits - her husband told me he never even
thought about it when I asked so I had guessed neither had she. But I
had seen the pleasure written upon her face - Mrs. Abbey loved getting
her milky-white tits fucked.

I was no longer being slow and gentle - this was now a fuck and she
was in my bed playing by my rules. No I wasn't about to bind her up
and fuck her ass hole - at least not yet. Yet, she had to find
exquisite pleasure in being 'taken'.

Aiming expertly I suddenly lunged forwards and with Mary's sudden
scream, found myself engulfed within her body, her soft ass cheeks
pressing into my flat stomach.

I grasped her soft hips and held her firm - Mary Abbey get ready to
get fucked, I humorously thought.

Then I began to move in and out of her body, of her cunt, with
purpose. The walls of her sex seemed to want to hold me steady and
they clung to my moving dick deliciously. Mary had a surprisingly
tight vagina. Her juices, free to flow, had coated my dick liberally
and was soon leaving much of her ass and the back of her thighs and my
stomach wet. In fact, soon, my aggressive thrusts were making bawdy
echoes that it left little doubt that her body was enjoying this.

Mrs. Abbey was grunting with each slap of our bodies, my cock hitting
deeper into her than I guessed her old man ever did - and she loved
it. I could almost feel her attempt at propriety, to hold back the
flood of pleasure radiating from her sex. This was not how good girls 'made love' of course - this was how animals fornicated. This was raw
passion without emotion, this was pleasure in its base form. And Mary
was finding its tide overflowing her self righteous morals.

Within four minutes Mary Abbey was thrashing her head about and
screaming for more of my cock, she was shoving her ass back to meet my
thrusts and cursing her god while promising me anything.

I never slowed or altered my rough pounding of her body and fucked her
orgasm from her. It came with a crash through her body, and I looked
down with deviant pleasure watching the muscles ripple randomly and
without regard for propriety that I'm sure she had favoured before
this meeting today. Mary squealed out rather loudly and then gasped
and huffed before her body seemed to loose control of itself and she
fell to the bed beneath me.


There I knelt behind her, my cock wet and very hard looking down at
the very pleased adulterous. I leaned forwards and slipped the length
of my dick between the globes of her ass, practically laying upon her
comatose body.

I started to fuck those big round sexy globes, my teeth nibbling on
the warm earlobe before me. Mary was a sweaty mess, and my skin was
sticking to her as I moved between her rear cheeks - she was gasping
roughly as if there was not enough air in the room. But in minutes
she was arching her back, pressing up her ass to meet my thrusts.

That was my cue and I quickly rolled off her and shoved her onto her
back. Mary's eyes opened in surprise at my sudden movements, and the
abandonment of my previous position, she watched me wearily.

My unscripted advances on her left her no idea what to expect next -
but I knew without a doubt she had enjoyed each step of my sexual

I threw her white stocking covered sexy legs wide, her earlier
embarrassment long forgotten, and climbed between them. With ease I
slipped my hungry cock into her ready and well used hole.

Mary's eyes widened at the hunger she had to have felt coursing
through my body, to my cock, and into her depths. I moved slower now,
with long gentle strokes of my cock as if each movement of our union
was a symphony in itself.

Soon her weariness was forgotten, as I knew it would, her hands came
up to encircle my neck and her legs wrapped themselves about me. I
felt the nylon of her white stocking, which looked delicious upon her
as I knew it would, rub wonderfully upon each of my hips. I allowed
her to draw my face down to hers and we exchanged a long passionate
wet kiss, our tongues dancing a long while. Soon her hips were moving
up to meet mine - moving slowly, in simpatico.

Mary was a fast learner, I realized with pleasure.

I felt the summit of that peak fast approaching and withdrew my lips
from hers, I whispered, "Look at me!"

She forced her eyes wide, looking into my own and I saw within her the
knowledge that I was going to finish soon. When I felt my cock
enlarge for that final final seconds, her eyes widened and she
whispered, "Yes!", feeling it as well. I flooded into her depths and
was pleased to feel the walls of her cunt suddenly spasm as another,
less devastating, orgasm crash through her body.


Mary Abbey looked rather nervous, a little ashamed of her nudity as
she eyed my antique wooden table. Of course it would hold her weight,
she just did not like stepping out of her matronly shell. I had to
lead her away from her life of old.

I could not hide the deviant smile as I again ordered, "Climb up
Mary." She again looked at me incredibly, as if I was mad.

Then she took a deep breath and climbed upon the chair and then onto
the table, rolling over to lay on her back with the towel between her
shoulders and the hard wood.

She looked at me dubiously from between her heaving breasts.

I pulled the chair over before her and sat down, my eyes already glued
to her matted wet auburn bush.

"Now, I'm going to explain what I'm going to do to you Mary... and you
will tell me if you still want to go or not?" We had lain intertwined
for nearly an hour after our delightful tumble - but then she had
suddenly rolled out from beneath me and said she wanted to go. I had
laughingly told her I wasn't finished as yet - I saw from her look she
thought I was only talking about my sperm.

She nodded not too sure of this position, possibly even feeling the
twinges of guilt from cheating on her bastard of a husband. She would
soon forget her husband yet again.

"I am going to sit here... spread your legs...", I pushed her knees up
and wide, so that the heels of her feet sat on the edge of the table,
"... gently...", my hands slipped in and I pressed them through the
bush of her sex and drew apart the fat outer pink lips with the
accompaniment of her hiss, "...and then...!"

I leaned in and slipped my long tongue from the aperture of her anus
up to the thrusting enlarged hard clitoris.

Mary's reaction was immediately, she hissed very loudly and grasped my
head uncontrollably in both her hands. I was able to draw away from
her though, "Tell me you want to stay?" I licked again and she
repeated her reaction from before, but drew her knees back and up, her
heels now in the air over my shoulders.

Silence. So I licked again.

"Oh my god... yes... yes... I will stay... more... more please?"

I did it again, with very favourable results. And again.

Then what happened is that I spent nearly a half hour giving her a
handful of orgasms with only my tongue. Mary was incredibly vocal
during this tryst, cursing me and god, promising me her love and he
body, screaming threats for me to fuck her, telling me in detail how
my tongue feels within her vagina, and almost crying with shameful
pleasure as her final orgasm rocked through her as I tongue-fucked her
ass hole.


We spent the next hour in my large Jacuzzi, washing each other,
kissing passionately but with weariness, and eating fruit that I had

"You are rather good at this?" Mary looked embarrassed at her
question as she bit into her strawberry.

"I've a lot of practise."

One of her eyebrows lifted, not so much in surprise that I had
multiple partners but that I was confessing these so openly to her.

"How did I compare?" She could not meet my eyes as she asked this.

I smiled and swallowed the slice of apple I had been working upon,
"Very well actually. You will get better with more practise of
course." Mary had a lot of passion within her, but I'm not so sure
she was a submissive - her reactions to my requests today were from
the need of her body. That she found pleasure in it was only

She almost choked on the last bit of her strawberry, "So this is not a
one time thing?"

"You tell me?"

She sat silent with the water jets thrashing around us, her breasts bobbing and half floating in the warm water. I knew her to be
thinking deeply.


I told Doug that I fucked his wife for the first time - and though he
looked anxious for more information, I gave him no more than that
morsel. I had met him not to brag about banging his lonely wife,
because that was easy, but to get him to do something for me.

"I need you to be especially cold with her this week - ignore her."
He nodded as if it was the easiest thing in the world to do, which,
for him, it probably was. "Then go find some woman, younger,
prettier, and fuck her brains out."

He looked surprised, "Pardon?"

I nodded and sipped at my coffee, "Yes, go fuck some coed - and when
you come home make sure Mary can smell it on you." His surprise
didn't diminish. "Leave some sluts soiled panties for your wife to
find, get some whore to suck your cock and take some pictures of her
doing it... just leave it for Mary to find."

He may not understand the reasoning behind my request but he smiled
and understood that I wanted to humiliate his wife. Which was an
incorrect assumption. "Can she catch me fucking someone?" I arched
an eyebrow and Doug took this as a question of his sexual prowess,
"I've been fucking my neighbour for a couple of months."

Should I be surprised.

"No - that's a little too much. But she can come into a room that you
just finished with your neighbour - make sure it smells like sex,
pussy juice on the sheets, come stains on a blanket... that sort of

The middle-aged prick was getting into this - it probably came
naturally to him, hurting his wife of so many years.

"What if she trys to talk with me?"

I put down my mug, its contents gone and I was thankful to complete
this meeting - Doug was starting to make my skin crawl. "Your a busy
man aren't you? Go golfing, go fuck your neighbour!"

He saw the wisdom in this - or at least he said he did, which I very
much doubt.


It was nearly two weeks since her last visit and a week since I met
her husband. I was surprised at how fast Doug moved actually. He
obviously didn't need much in the way of help to humiliate his wife.

She stood in my doorway looking miserable and looking as if the weight
of all her troubles lay on her shoulders.

As the door opened, Mary lunged in to wrap her arms about me and break
out in deep sobs of despair.

I closed the door and half carried her into the living room.

She had not dressed up for this meeting I noticed humorously.

"Mary... what is it? What's wrong?"

Between sobs she was able to get out that her husband was cheating on
her. I thought that it was only what she had done to him - but I knew
Doug probably had much more experienced in hurting his wife and never
said a word. I held her within my arms as she cried and told me about
her neighbour, a woman she had been friends with since they moved in,
a younger woman, pretty, that was fucking her husband.

"How do you know he's cheating on you Mary?" I had to work hard to
keep the smile from my face - though it never mattered, as she had her
eyes clenched tight and her face hidden against my chest.

"I know...!" Long wails of despair before she offered, "I caught
them." The slob, I told him not too get caught - just to make it
obvious - he can't even get that simple thing right. "They were in my
bed... my husband and her... fucking...!"


Mary lifted her head from my pillow as I came around the corner with
lemon tea with honey, as promised. I had gotten her to lay down,
which she had quickly fell into a deep restful sleep for three hours -
and I guessed she had not had a good night sleep since I talked with
her husband.

"Thanks!" She cupped the tea and smiled softly. Mary understood that
she had come to very place of her own adultery to confess her husbands
infidelity - it radiated in her embarrassed gaze.

"How have things been at home lately Mary?" She seemed fine to
continue talking about it - much calmer now.

"Not good." She couldn't meet my eyes.

"And in bed?"

Her cheeks flushed and it took her a few seconds to say, "Even worse."

I pretended to think about her words for a second, "Do you think he is
cheating because he is just horny?" It was a question meant to add my
original intention with this woman - make her into a slave for her

Mary shifted in her half sitting position, obviously very
uncomfortable to be talking about her marriage bed with me.

She didn't answer.


Mary was on the phone and I heard her pain and despair, and she fought
to keep her voice level.

Doug had called last night, happy as a schoolboy, telling me his wife had bought some new lingerie and surprised him with his best meal. As
he ate, she had danced for him till she was down to her pink stockings and nipple-less-bra before sinking to her knees before him. And I had
to bite back my anger when he laughingly told me she had tried to blow
him, "The bitch was so inadequate that I laughed at her... yanked her
head off me, and then jerked off into her face." He laughed
heartily... did he not noticed I was not laughing? "Mary ran off
crying into the bathroom with my goo all over her face. It was a riot

I was starting to think I was nearly as low as this prick, helping him
hurt this woman. Mary only wanted love, from her husband preferably.

She told me that her husband did not desire her any more - and I heard
the pain in that admission.


We met at cafe where we first met, not so long ago.

She looked like hell - much worse than the day of our tryst. Mary
looked five years older and it was obvious she had been doing a lot of

I ordered her a double cappuccino.

It came out as quick as the waitresses back was turned, "Do you want

Strange question - but if I had not been the composer to her pain, it
may not have made sense.

I had done some hard thinking since talking with Doug, and I decided
to play this according to my original plan. You see, I guessed Mary's
best chance for happiness was the path I had planned out for her. The
other path, lay loneliness and despair - her life turned around and

The big question was one that I had yet to confirm - if Mary Abbey was
naturally submissive.

I gently laughed, and took one of her hands in both of mine. She
looked hard at me - waiting for an answer. "You could at least smile
when you ask that Mary?" She did not see the humour in my comment and
yanked her hand from mine.

The coffee came and she busied both her hands with the small cup,
ignoring my eyes.

"Do you want me Mary?"

She finally returned to my gaze, and I saw her surprise eyes at the

I continued, "I enjoy women Mary...older women." One of her eyebrows
lifted high in surprise. "And I find you very delightful...", she
looked down at her cup, "... but", her breathing stopped, "I like my
women to be submissive to me." That was as vanilla as I could state

Her brow furled and she stared hard at me, "What do you mean

I shrugged as if unable to find the words.

"Please... tell me?" She was almost pleading.

"I like an older woman to be my slave... to do anything I tell her

She looked a little surprised at my admission, nervous as well.

I wondered, not for the first time, if Mary Abbey was a submissive
person. I've yet to see any evidence that was not induced by her

Finally she asked, "And you have had many of these... 'slaves'?"


The silence dragged out, and my coffee was gone - Mary's cappuccino
was only half empty. I finally answered her original question, "Yes
Mary, as my slave, I want you."

Her eyes started to well up with tears.

I could not tell if they were of joy or sorrow.


Mary came back to my condo and gave me a night of passionate, if
vanilla, sex. I fucked her three times, in three different rooms and
I came three times to five of her orgasms.

It was a soft gentle night, with periods of harsh rapid minutes of
frantic coupling on her part.

She was not 'submissive' with me, only passionate. I never took it
further than that, and had not demanded more.


I woke to the smell of boiled eggs, toast and ham steak. Mary brought
it to me wearing only one of my tee-shirts. "Good morning lover."
That was a new term of endearment from her, one that I'm not so sure
was appropriate.

She stood over me waiting for me to sit up to accept her offering of
food - it was the way she knew to show love and commitment, perhaps
even thanking me for taking her in and giving her so much pleasure in
a time of her harshest pain.

Yet I stretched out and kicked down the duvet revealing my morning
hard cock. She gasped in surprise at it, and smiled suddenly at the
fond memories that my dick had given her the night before. I could
almost read her happy x-rated thoughts.

"Put that tray down Mary and come here." She smiled knowingly and set
the prepared tray of food down and came toward me. "Take that damn
tee-shirt off as well!" She laughed softly at my playful harshness,
the shirt quickly thrown over her shoulder forgotten.

Just as she was about to climb up onto the bed, probably to straddle
my waist and sit upon my alter - gently laid a hand upon her shoulder
to stop her movements. "One second Mary... do you want to know what I
like first thing in the morning?"

She playfully leaned in and licked the length of my lips and hoarsely
asked, "What is that lover?"

I did not pull any punches, "A nice slow blow job." Her head whipped
back and I saw the fear and disgust cloud her eyes. I had purposely
scripted this, knowing of her humiliation from her husband and her
attempt at seducing him. She, of course, knew not of my knowledge.

Mary's head turned side to side in a almost terrified response to my
request, words seemed to have failed her. I pretended anger at her
response, "What has gotten into you Mary?"

Her head whipped back and forth, her mouth open and her eyes wide.

"I'm not going to ask you to suck me off... I'm telling you too!" Her
head stopped moving.

"Don't do this to me...?"

"Do what?" I interrupted. "I used my mouth to give you pleasure the
last time you came over." She could not meet my eyes, I had to force
her to do this, I knew. And I hated myself for it. "And I want you
to do the same... or were you lying when you said you would try to be
my slave?"

Actually what she had said was that she was willing to give it a try,
but she sounded doubtful at the time.

She just sat there, next to my hip, looking down at the bed between

So I did what I had to do, I roughly reached out and grasped the back
of her neck and pulled her down to my lap. Mary never resisted, but
neither did she help. My cock had gone down to half-mast, and I held
it before her face, her hair in a pony-tail out of the way. "Take it
Mary!" She didn't move, so I slapped her cheeks and nose gently with
my dick. "Open up!"

Then she finally opened her lips and took me into her warm mouth. We
both sat still in that position for a few lengthy seconds before she
started to suck on me, awkwardly. Doug was right, she was not very
accomplished in this department - I wondered how that prick knew?

The tears ran down her cheeks and fell to my lap as I allowed her to
move her lips and tongue about me. We both knew it was not very
accomplished, but I made no move to stop her so Mary kept up her

I knew I had too come in her mouth but also knew that her lips were
not enough to make this happen. So I reached out and took one of her
big soft ass cheeks in hand and slipped my fingers down the crevice.

What next happened between us, is that I used her moderately wet sex -
not nearly as wet as the night before - to lubricate her anus, and
then I fingered her ass hole as she inadequately sucked my dick.

Neither of us was going to stop the other - her from my invading her
virgin ass hole and me with her mouth on my cock. I guessed she felt
humiliated at the lack of response from my dick enough that she never
even twitched when I added a second finger to her very hot tight rear
hole. Me, on the other hand, closed my eyes and actually thought
about some of the more wild fuck sessions I've had - using that, plus
her ass hole, plus her lips and tongue to bring on the inevitable.

It was less than satisfactory orgasm. I placed my hand on the top of
her head to hold her in place as I spurted my sperm down her throat.
Mary swallowed loudly, thankfully.

It was as if a very boring movie was over - that feeling that you just
had to finish it, but dreaded every second. I think that is how both
Mary and I felt.

She sat up and whipped the saliva from her cheeks and chin and
mumbled, "Sorry."

My two fingers still within her ass, but still, held her from running
away from my bed. "'Sorry' about what Mary?"

She looked quickly at me in surprise, "For not being very
good... at...?"

I smiled gently for her, "If you are not very good, then I think you
need a lot more practise." I winked playfully and was pleased when
the corners of her lips turned up in the makings of a smile. "Should
we have classes every morning?"

A sharp laugh broke from her and she suddenly lay down, the side of
her head on my chest. "You will teach me to do it better?" She had
asked this in a very serious tone.

"During every instruction... I will be the teacher...?"

She looked up at me and smiled, "...and I will be the student."

Our lips met and now her tears were of happiness.


What was happening between us that first couple of days, was that she
was recovering from her less than pleasant home life. I never let her
phone her husband, though she called her son at his University and two
girlfriends. She told them nothing.

What I did with her was spoil her with erotic attentions - gently
demanding my requests while ensuring her pleasure.

Our morning exercises continued and I thought it mildly comic that she
put so much energy and feeling into doing all that I asked of her -
she truly wanted to be the best cock-sucker that she could be. Her
husband had really done a number upon this woman.

Nearly a week after she had entered my domain I told her it was time
she started to train to be a slave. Though, that was incorrect, since
meeting me I've been 'training' her.

Reluctantly she agreed - Mary did not want our little world to change,
it was as pleasant as any other time in her life, she confessed to me.

That first day was a very pleasant one - we spent the day shopping.
Mary had come to my condo wearing jeans, sweater and boots - these she
washed before going out, but my mission was to turn her into a
seductive middle-aged submissive.

I purchased several dresses, for varing occasions. Which she happily
modelled each, laughing at my playful jokes and banter.

Skirts and blouses or sweaters, dozens of these. I told her in all
seriousness that she was to wear no pants of any type, she looked
surprised, but I went on to explain that it was her exquisite legs
that I wished to reveal.

Then shoes, mostly heels or flats.

Next some plain cotton panties, that she silently agreed to the kind
that were high on the hip and that had very little fabric for the back

Finally a lingerie store.

Here she noticed my first selections and with embarrassment, asked me
if my choices were a little too young for her. "Nonsense, I think you
would look very good in this!" I held it high, a white sheer chemise
with lace edging. Mary turned bright red and stayed silent. In fact
for the rest of my choices in the couple of lingerie stores we
visited, she said very little.

The last stop actually caused her to rebel, "What do we need here?"

It was a sex shop - not a 'love boutique' - but a place that made no
illusions about its intended purpose.

I looked her in the eye, thankful for this first sign of rebellion. I
needed something to use to better train her. I then told her half a
dozen things I had a mind in purchasing for her - including a dildo,
ben wa balls and a butt plug. Her face lost all colour and she looked
at me stunned.

"In fact, if you are so interested in what I was going to get you - I
think you should go in and purchase these things." I held out my gold
card for her.

Mary wore a face of incredibility.

I have no doubt Mary Abbey has never stepped foot into such a store.

She had to have seen my resolve, and reluctantly Mary opened the car
door and slipped out.


That same evening, wearing only heels and smoke blue coloured
stockings, Mary looked for the first time at how I make my money. She
sat at my laptop staring wide eyed at the bold images and obvious

"And you make money by this?" I think she was feeling a little
disgusted from the way I made a living.

"Yes, a lot of money."

She used the mouse to click on a thumbnail with brought up an image of
an older lady, fifties, licking between the thighs of another lady of
the same approximate age.

"My god." She whispered to herself.

Mary was in the 'lesbian' graphics section and each image she brought
up contained hard core Sappho pictures of mature ladies getting it on.

I was absentmindedly rolling one of Mary's exposed nipples between my
thumb and forefinger when she stopped and looked up toward the wall in
my living room and then back to the picture. I saw the graphic she
had called up was of a middle aged woman with another woman, probably
half her age. Both ladies where standing with arms intertwined and
lips passionately kissing. Both were naked of course. What was a
little disconcerting to Mary was the it was obviously my wall that was
within that picture.

She finally looked at me and I simply smiled and shrugged.

Mary turned back to the computer and changed to a bondage section.

"Have you fucked all these women?" She sounded a little breathless to
me - good.

"No." That would have been impossible, there were thousands of
different women pictured on my site. Most probably not even in this

"But some of them?" She had a picture of a woman with a collar around
her neck and her hands bound behind her back - staring intently up at
the camera. This picture was also taken in my condo - Mary knew it as


"Will you put pictures of me on your site?" She looked seriously at
me and I could not tell if she had some unseen exhibitionist urge I
never noticed before.

"I may."

Mary suddenly chuckled, surprising me with her reaction, and said,
"Wouldn't Doug love that!" She turned her attention back to the

Mrs. Abbey never even made a comment as my hand slipped down from her
hard nipple to the jungle between her legs. I found it warm and wet -
and I began to tease the enlarged clitoris about the same time as Mary
found the 'blow job' graphic section.

Her eyes were riveted to each graphic picture of a middle aged woman
with her mouth crammed full of cock. Yet her lower body was rotating
in the chair and her breathing had deepened noticeably.

I knew then that I was going to bring her off with my hand, even as
she stared at the bawdy pictures of my adult site.

Welcome to my world Mary Abbey.


I sat across from Doug at the same damn cafe and ordered a second cup
of coffee from the waiter. Mary's husband went slowly through the
ninety six Polaroid pictures he had before him - his eyes devouring
each slowly.

"She is trained then?" He looked hungry for the right answer.

"No actually."

"No?" Surprised and a little disbelieving. In each of the photos his
wife was shown in a erotic pose that showed that his wife of old was
not present. I saw he was staring at one picture in particular - her
bound ankle to wrist upon one hip, smiling up at the camera. It had
been taken on a day that we spent in bonding - tying her up in many
different posses and positions.

It has been three weeks since he had seen his wife, since he
humiliated her with her inexperienced attempt at pleasing him I
remembered, he had to wonder what else had to be going on.

"I'm a little sorry to say but I think your wife does not have a
submissive bone in her body." My coffee came and I found it desirable
to focus on the blackness within the cup. I had made this
determination only days before - reluctantly.

"But", he held up the photos right before my face, "what about these -
Mary would never have done these things till she met you."

I shrugged, "She does these things to make me happy."

"But does she get off on doing them?"

"Yes." Often.

Doug shook his head in disgust, "Sounds as if wife is a proper slut,
thanks to you." He didn't look too displeased, I noticed.

He slowly went through the stack of photos yet again, the fourth time
I believe.

I broke the silence, "She loves me you know."

He looked up amused, "Does she now?"

I nodded, "I do not think she would give herself to me otherwise."

He looked like he was about to break up laughing, "Have you set her up
with the Cougar Group yet?"

Another reminder that Doug had been a member of my site for over a
year, the 'Cougar Group' was a group of local swingers that had no
problems with my taking photos. I had given a slave or two to them in
the last couple of years - simply to allow the slave the chance at a
whirlwind of sex for an evening. I've written a few accounts of
submissive initiates given to their group for a day. As a mob, they
were quite merciless.


I had no intentions of placing Mary Abbey within that hungry group of
perverts actually.

"What about another woman?"

I shrugged, I've been strangely monogamous these last few weeks.

He looked disgusted with me, "So let me get this right, you are
fucking my wife... are you going to give her back?"

My first reaction to this question was 'never in a million fucking
years', but I held my tongue and drank my coffee.


Mary looked less than pleased, but I knew she understood this was part
of who I am.

I came out of the bathroom, rubbing my cheeks to see how well I did
shaving. She was seated on the end of my bed looking rather sour -
even in the white chemise and white stockings. The brown leather
collar contrasting with her lingerie and pale skin delightfully.

"What is her name?"


"Will you fuck her tonight."

I smiled softly at Mary, though she was not looking up at me. "Yes."

"Is she your slave too?" I almost snickered at that 'too', since I
did not see Mary Abbey as a submissive.

"She does all that I ask - yes."

You have to understand that this was the first time I've ever opened
my home for one of my 'conquests' to live. For the last five weeks,
Mary had lived with me, escaping from her former life, and though it
had been very pleasurable, it was time to cut bait, so to speak.

In fact I was being a little indisposed, though I overlooked it this
time, since I was not going to bring Joyce back to my condo.

Mary never asked the obvious question, why I needed to fornicate with
another when I had her. That was good - since I took it to mean she
was learning and accepting. Truthfully Mary had been a good little
sex toy, no holes bared, nothing forbidden - but I felt it was a
little vanilla for my varied tastes. She had to have known this as

"Do you want me to be here when you return?"

I strode the few steps before Mary Abbey and fingered her collar
gently. With my other hand I pulled her chin upwards so that she
looked up into my eyes.

"Mary...?" Her eyes started to water - this was difficult for her,
and I realized that her husband had done the same thing, found another
woman. With a sigh, I asked a question I thought I would never voice,
"What would make you happy - do you want me to stay home?"

She just looked up at me with wide sad eyes, like a cute innocent
child. It was what she wanted of course, the words did not need to be
spoken. I was her protector, her lover and her confidant - she had
given me all that she could give, more than she even thought she had.
And now I was getting ready to go off and enjoy another.

I softened my look, "Would you like another 'lesson' this evening
Mary?" Her eyes changed to reflect her spark of hope and she nodded
quickly. "I shall bring Joyce here after supper...!"

Mary jerked her head from my hand and looked away, I pulled it back by
her collar. Reluctantly her eyes returned to mine, "Joyce and I will
be here around eight o'clock," I looked down at her lingerie-clad
body, "I think I want you to add only one thing to your ensemble."


Joyce was a woman that emailed me pictures of herself to my site - at
first they were fairly innocent pictures of a silver haired woman
wearing lingerie and smiling up at the camera. It intrigued me so I
wrote her an email and our little affair went from there.

She is forty six years old, with the hips and breasts of a tall thin
woman. Joyce has been divorced for nearly four years, has three
children and since she has been one of my infrequent slaves, a pure
slut at heart.

She was one of the ladies I had given to the Cougar Group over a year
before - and Joyce loved every demented second of it.

As well, she was anticipating the meeting with Mary Abbey.

While I, in truth, wondered if Mrs. Abbey would even be at my
apartment when we arrived.


"Hi Mary, I'm Joyce." The white haired tall distinguished woman held
out her hand in greetings, as I hung up her coat.

Mary knelt before the door, her face very red, wearing the same outfit
as earlier except for the leash attached to her collar. Instead of
shaking hands, Mary placed the end of the leash in the older womans

Joyce laughed lightly, "Oh darling, why thank you!" She looked over
her shoulder at me as if to ask permission to play with my little toy
- I gave a nod. She turned back to Mary, "Here darling, please stand
up." She leaned down and helped Mary stand.

Mary looked confused and a little scared, looking to me as if pleading
silently to have this strange woman leave.

Joyce leaned in and just before her lips made contact whispered, "Now
this is the way I like to be greeted."

I could tell Joyce was the aggressor, her tongue forcing itself into
Mary's mouth as the two shared saliva. Over Joyce's cheek, Mary
watched me.

Finally they parted and Joyce nodded an instruction to the young woman, Mary came toward me to welcome me home. Her head tilted and
her mouth opened much more willingly than she had with our guest. I
kissed her and felt the hunger in her lips, her eyes held open in a
pleading gaze but that hunger told another tale.

I was not taking as large a risk as you may think with Mary, in over
the month she has been here, she has enjoyed surfing my adult site.
Particularly the 'lesbian' graphic, story and chat sections. After
each, she was particularly randy. I had taken that as an indication
that another woman may be something she could find pleasure in.

A jerk of the lease and Mary was torn from me - and I gave a hard look
at the older lady. I had warned Joyce that Mary was not like her, did
not need pain or forced domination to enjoy herself. But the look was

Knowing my condo rather intimately, Joyce half dragged half lead Mary
to the living room. I followed quietly, a part of me wondering where
Joyce would lead the younger woman. My excitement already building.

Roughly Joyce yanked Mary toward her by the leash, she smashed her
lips against the others in another forced kiss. This time though, a
hand slipped behind the younger shorter woman and shoved itself into
the rear crack. I saw Mary stiffen and knew Joyce was pressing one of
her long nailed fingers into the younger womans anus.

I sat down and watched the show.

Joyce pulled her lips from the other woman, saliva coating both lips
and chins, "This slut loves a finger in her ass - I guess you've
buggered her Master?"

I nodded, indeed I have! Mary looked back and forth between both of
us, almost panting.

The silver haired fox turned back to Mary and ordered, "Get on your
knees slut and do not move till I tell you."

Still out of her element, though the look of desertion was gone but
not the fear, Mary knelt down as I had taught her.

Joyce, still holding the end of the leash, stepped over to stand
before me. Without any preamble, the older woman started to pull her
outer clothing off - what lay beneath was minimal at best. All she
had worn was black thigh-high stockings - and these she left on, the
remainder of her clothing forgotten upon my hard wood floor.

The thin woman suddenly knelt down between my knees smiling up to me,
her hands expertly unzipping my pants. My half hard cock slipped out
and Joyce licked her already wet lips and dived down to devour me.

I looked over at Doug's wife kneeling only two meters from me,
watching wide eyed as Joyce bobbed her head up and down the length of
my cock. It was a mouth I as well familiar with - and I knew Joyce
loved to suck cock, it was her prime pleasure.

Up and down, again and again, my cock hitting the back of her throat,
the woman sucked me. She didn't do it with love as Mary Abbey would
have done, trying to be patient and to give pleasure, no, Joyce sucked me like she needed it - like a food group.

Just when I started to wonder if I should come in her mouth or on her
face - Joyce suddenly released me from that wonderful wet prison.

"May I ride you Master?" I simply nodded.

Joyce jumped up and quickly straddled my hips with her long slim legs,
her hand aiming me up to the junction of her thighs. Then, without
any prelude, I found myself in her wet hot body.

The older woman's sex, as I already knew, was very loose and give
little friction. It also allowed air to slip into her body as we
moved together and rather quickly her cunt was making loud gulps burps
and sloshing sounds. It was actually the silver-haired lasses
weakness - when I first met her I had laughed suddenly at the lewd
noises, it had humiliated her greatly. I had taught her to find
pleasure in that music, it was the sound of her excitement - a mirror
to her pleasure. I believed she now looked forwards to that noise to
truly enjoy a vigorous fuck.

Mary was wide eyed, looking right at the junction where Joyce and I
joined. I doubt she has even seen two people fuck from such an
intimate location.

Suddenly, again just when I was feeling high with excitement, Joyce
slipped off me and sat upon the floor at my feet. She jerked upon the
leash and barked, "Get over here slut."


Mary crawled on all fours, her fear almost a physical touch as it
radiated from her. "Clean our Master." The younger woman looked at
my well greased prick with something between distaste and lust.

Joyce grabbed the back of Mary's head, grasping the straight auburn
hair in her fist, and shoved it down. "I said clean him!" I almost
spoke up to protect Mary Abbey when I felt the dainty licks as Doug's
wife began to clean my wet cock.

Mary's eyes were closed and she took her time, as she always did with
this part of me, but I swear she was savouring the new tastes that
were upon my dick. Finally she took half of my hard prick into her
mouth and started to suck me as she had been taught, her face lifting
and dropping in a perfect rhythm to my pulsating cock.

The silver fox jerked the leash and my bliss was suddenly over, and I
gave a rather hard look at the older woman which she caught and looked
suddenly worried. I've had to punish this slut on more than one
occasion, and knew a heavy hand was both needed and then received with
excitement and fear. Her face slipped down between my legs, her cheek
against Mary's, and my cock slipped into her mouth.

What happened next is that the two ladies alternated getting their
face fucked. It was a pleasurable sight, to be sure. Both had
different techniques and their method for giving pleasure varied.
Either lady watched the other work as she waited for her turn to again

Well, seconds passed quickly and the minutes accelerated and I felt
that familiar feeling between my legs. My climax was fast
approaching, and I saw the twinkle in Joyce's eyes, as she read all
the signs. I grasped the back of both heads and pressed them together
before my thrusting member aimed, with Joyce's helping hand, directly
between both open mouths.

Only after their faces were pressed together, did Mary understand what
was about to happen. Her eyes alternated between my cock, my face and
Joyce's mouth.

Then it happened, with me watching on, as the spurt shot out of my
cannon and splat just below Mary's eye. The next between the two
cheeks, sticking them together with my life-giving glue.


My breathing returned, slowly, to normal. I watched the two mature ladies kissing and licking at each others faces. Mary had to be,
initially, coaxed into doing this but was now as enthusiastic in her
work as was Joyce.

The two shiny faces looked up at me and smiled, the elder questioning
me silently. What was next, she was asking silently?

"Mary, over on the table!" She looked over her shoulder, as if she
did not know exactly where the table lay, then scurried over on hands
and knees. The younger woman lay down upon its low hard wood surface
and then spread her legs, her ass hanging off the end.


With a quick thankful smile, the older woman also crawled over and
knelt between the white stocking legs. As was Joyce's character, she
did not attempt any preliminaries before pressing her face between
those smooth soft thighs.

"I see Master keeps you smooth?"

Mary turned bright red and closed her eyes in embarrassment - I've had
her keep her pussy shaved since her second week with me. It was bald,
and kept it that way by spending time each day in keeping with my

I liked my cunts hairless.

Mary suddenly groaned loudly and I saw that Joyce had dived right in,
as she likes to do.

The sight was a joy to watch, the virgin lesbian getting eaten by her
new lover. They were alike and oh so different. One the consummate
submissive and slut. The other acting the part so as to make her
lover happy, while finding pleasure in things she would otherwise find
disgust in. The former wearing black stockings the latter, white. So
opposite, but with the pleasure between their legs, the same.

It took surprisingly little amount of time before Doug's wife was
panting, clawing at the head between her legs and thrashing her body
about on that hard flat surface. When Joyce pressed the shapely legs
back so that the knees hit her averaged sized boobs and then pressed
her hardened tongue into the aperture of Mary's anus, all hell broke
loose. Mary went crazy as the orgasm slammed into her, screaming like
a mad woman. It was a delightful sight to see.

When it was Mary's turn to return the favour, she all of a sudden
became shy and fearful again. Joyce seemed to anticipate and enjoy
this response and used the collar to yank the younger woman between
her spread thin thighs.

Joyce had to hold her lesbian friends' head into her crotch - but only
for a moment. After her face was smothered in the long thin wet labia
of the older woman, Mary seemed to lost all reserve and began to
aggressively eat the cunt before her.

As crazy as it seems, though she had to concentrate and work on
sucking my cock - watching her lick that cunt, I knew she was doing it
on instinct. And what she was doing was working - Joyce was going


Both ladies were on hands and knees upon my hardwood floor. They were
kissing passionately and aggressively - all propriety gone from the
younger. I fucked furiously in and out of the tight cunt belonging to
Mary - she groaning and gasping with pleasure.

Just when I guessed her orgasm to begin, I pulled out and quickly
moved around behind Joyce.

The elders cunt gulped my cock with a sloppy loud sucking sound even
as Joyce hissed in pleasure.


Mary was wide-eyed watching the drama unfold above her. She wore a
toy that I had had in my collection for years, a thick leather belt
with a thrusting six inch hard-rubber cock jutting from it. This was
one toy she had not yet seen or used till this evening.

Joyce sat above her, the rubber cock invading her rear passage.

Me, I knelt above the latter, my cock in her sloppy cunt.

Joyce was going nuts, loosing all self-control - as I knew she would -
as she got double fucked.

Mary simply looked on, amazement and lust written upon her features.


I moved slowly in and out of Mary's cunt, my hands holding her hips in
place with one of my thumbs sunk to the depths of her ass hole.

Beneath her, Joyce lay inverted and from the pleasurable sounds
escaping the runaway-wife, it was obvious she was getting licked as
well as a good hard fuck.

I felt my balls tightening and knew this to be the final chapter in
our long evening of pleasure.


It was after midnight and I lay cuddled between two sexy naked ladies,
their lingerie discarded before the shared Jacuzzi. They were asleep,
Joyce snoring lightly, and I lay awake and sexually content.

My time with Mary Abbey has been very good - and different than what I
demand of my ladies - but it had to end eventually.

Didn't it?

I had taken a lonely middle-aged middle-class woman and turned her
into a passionate woman whom was strong enough to take risks. Oh
certainly much of this can be the strength of her character, but I had
something to do with bringing it out.

I felt Joyce stir next to me and her snoring stopped, I turned my head
slightly and looked down into her weary eyes.

"I have to go to work tomorrow." It was a strange comment but I had
already known that she had another life she had to keep up.

Then she added, "I can see why you like her." She looked down toward
the slumbering Mary Abbey and the messy red-brown head of hair. "She
is delicious."

That was quite a confession for the slut to make - as she has had so
many lovers in recent years. She rarely made favourites.

"She loves you, did you know that?"

I simply whispered, "Yes." Not so odd really, many woman came to love
their dominants.

"But she is no slave."

I had to admit, "No she is not."

Mary Abbey does these things out of love, not from some internal
submissive drive within her. I wished it otherwise - but it was the

"She is a like a child that needs to be taken care of." Joyce reached
out and tenderly stroked Mary's messy hair. "She needs someone that
loves her to take care of her."

I starred hard at the old slut.


Mary was sobbing uncontrollably, rolled up on her knees on the floor,
her face hidden in her hands.

I sat at the foot of my bed and waited for her to calm down enough to

We were both naked, her mouth having taken my morning seed only
minutes before. A little nasty of me perhaps, but I've come to rather
enjoy Mary's sucking mouth first thing each morning.

"Mary...?" I placed my hand upon her shoulder but the middle-aged
woman shrugged it off.

"He wants you back Mary." She looked up at me through tear-filled
eyes, as if I was insane.


It has been a week and though I've had the self control not to call
Doug, I could hold back no longer. His voice sounded tired and I
suddenly had the mental image of his big fat balding body pounding
between the sexy soft thighs of his wife. "Yea?"

"How is she Doug?"

"Gardner? Do you know what time it is?" Seven in the morning, I
haven't been to bed yet. "Look, it just didn't work out."


"The bitch just didn't know who the boss was - I had to practically
rape her." My heart was pounding with anger and hope. "She took off
and stole my car a couple of days ago."

"She is gone?"

"Ran away!"

Thank god, a smile broke out uncontrollably on my face. "Listen
Gardner, if you see the cunt, tell her I'm getting a divorce... and if
she doesn't return the car I'm calling the cops...!"

I hung up on him.

What type of car did he have, I attempted to remember the vehicle from
our first meeting at that dive pub?"



The head lifted up from the back seat and looked toward the side
window with fear and surprise.

It was her.

"Go away!" She broke out in tears and hid her face back to the rear
seat of the Mercedes.

I took a chance and thought she would be watching me, that her disgust
and anger had not alienated her love for me. So I walked around my
neighbourhood looking for a similar car. That she was living in the
car, and educated guess - her options were limited.

"Open the door Mary."


Finally, with face hidden in a bundled up jacket, she reached out and
unlatched the door.

I immediately opened it and slipped into the seat next to her. Mary
would not reveal her face, probably looking horrid from sleeping in a
car for four nights and embarrassed and simply scared of her
future... of her options... of the men whom had denied her their love
and hurt her...!

I pulled her hands with the jacket from before her face and smiled
softly at her. I cared not how she looked.

"Mary... I'm sorry Mary."

Her eyes finally came up to look into mine. I saw pain and fear

My hand came up and stroked the side of her dirty cheek tenderly.
"Come with me back to my place." Mary just starred at me as if she
had not heard my words.

I slipped out of the door and got behind the wheel - but noticed the
gas gauge was on empty. I took a chance and turned the wheel, hoping
there was enough fuel to drive the couple of blocks to my building.

There was.


I set the tray of sandwiches next to the Jacuzzi and sat down and took
a sea sponge. Mary barely reacted when when I leaned in and washed
her back.

"He hurt me...!"

I froze. It was the dark side of what I enjoy - how many people do
not know the limits of their power, where pleasure is paramount rather
than pain. It was to be expected in Doug's attempt at domination, but
it made me furious nevertheless.

"... raped me...!"

"... made me do things...!"

I leaned over and to still her quivering voice, I kissed her with more
passion and compassion than I thought I had within me. Her eyes
looked at me in surprise before closing and kissing me back.


The mouth sucked me with love, the lips moving slowly up and down and
the tongue swirling about the fat head on each upswing.

Waking this way was exquisite, from a deep sleep to being sexually
aware - it is hard to put into words. It was possibly my favourite
thing in this world.

The mouth giving me this gift had learnt well - and now knew how best
to pleasure me.

And I knew this pleasure would not step, even after I awoke.



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