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Title: Just One Example
Keywords: Mf, mdom, fF, inc, teen, mom, daughter Author: Caesar

A young man of Llanfairpwllgwyngyll
While bent over plucking a dingle
Had the whole of Eisteddfod
Taking turns at his pod
While they sang some impossible jingle.

Just One Example

by Caesar, copyright 1999-2002

$Revision: 1.8 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:24 $

You may have visited my web site. Or you may have come across it in
one of your browsing hours. Its rather popular but unpretentious. I
don't need to spam, advertise or announce my site in any way. I don't
need too, its more popular than I could ever hope for.

The site is an adult site, to be specific, it only has pictures and
stories of mature women. Clear, graphic pictures with everyday women
doing all sorts of nasty things.

Nothing new right? Well at my site you will find an abundant amount
of mature ladies but you will never find them at any other. You see,
I only have exclusive pictures and stories. Fully copyrighted by me
of course. There has been much speculation in a few conversation
threads about where these ladies come from.

I keep getting email asking where I find the models. Varying ages,
none younger than thirty, any race, sexy or plain, thin to plump. All
this can be found at my site. I've been asked so many times, and used
my standard form email replies so often that I have started to
consider explaining just where my ladies come from. I don't have
enough time to do all that, each ladies story is similar but
different. So the suggestion from one of my members was to give just
one example, a memorable example, of a model that I found.

So here its is, just one example for you to enjoy.

All you find within is true.


I noticed her months before, just after moving into the yuppy condos,
but never found a reason to say a word to her. Our building was only
half a dozen floors with only four suites per floor, each suite was
finished how the owner wished. Her suite, which she shared with her
working husband, was styled in a more contemporary manner. It had
normal sized windows, carpeting throughout and an abundance of
furniture. I've noticed this all without stepping an inch into their

Barbara Dawson was her name, her husband was Marc.

As my schedule is flexible, I've said the customary nod and
acknowledgement to Marc on occasion. Pleasant enough man; mid
fifties, expensive clothing which is mostly suits, nearly completely
bald and a bit of a waistline.

As for Barbara I've often smiled and made a point to be courteous to
her. She was a mature woman in her mid forties, usually wears frumpy
clothing, oversized round glasses and has a hair style that is years
out of date. She was polite but reserved on all occasions.

I'm not a predator, at least I don't mean to be, so I never actively
pursued Barbara. Oh certainly I saw potential within her, change of
hair, complimentary clothing and a bit of well applied make up would
do wonders. She also possessed that which I find most attractive in a
woman, her shapely legs and round ass. Yes indeed, a potential sexy
woman as my very own neighbour.

Let me make something straight, I don't look for women to become
models on my site. Far from it, my adult site is simply the residue
of my erotic adventures. I don't believe I would like the type of
woman that would apply for such a nefarious job, that my site should
have the woman next door type. Just like Mrs. Barbara Dawson.

Barbara was not innocent of my interest in her, as I openly gazed deep
into her eyes as we talked. Or been caught watching her walk away,
perhaps even with her husband arm in arm. She never once let on
though, and I had to respect that.

It was one afternoon that she finally knocked upon my door. I saw her
oversized humorous glasses and flower print dress through my peek
hole. Of course I immediately opened it, "Oh Mr. Gardner may I use
your phone, the workers...?"

Smiling pleasantly I interrupted, "Please come in Barb," she raised an
eyebrow at the shortened use of her first name, "the phone is over
there." I simply pointed.

She came in tentatively and looked around at my Spartan furnished
condo. I had known she and her husband were getting work done on
their home, as I've heard the obvious sounds for the last day and a
half. "Wow, this looks great!"

"Thanks. I like to keep it simple." I had hardwood floors that made
a noise as she walked the few feet to my phone in the hallway near the
foyer. It sat upon a rough stone out cropping from the wall, very
classy, and expensive.

Standing near the door I leaned against the wall and watched her make
her call. Barb had her back to me but often turned her head to see if
I was still watching her. I was. I found her attractive and I had no
problem if she knew it.

Finally she replaced the phone and turned around, "All done." I
simply smiled and looked into her eyes. I could tell she was
uncomfortable at my gaze.

It was several seconds of this awkward moment before she came towards
me and the front door. "If its okay, I may need to make another call

"No problem, my pleasure." I gazed down to the thrust of her breasts beneath her flowered dress, she followed my gaze and seemed rather
embarrassed at my obvious visual advances.

"I can use Marc's cell phone after he gets home..."

Backing away from the door to give her a path out of my apartment, I
interrupted, "Please feel free to come by any time Barb." I wanted to
say more but thought better of it.

With my door half open she turned her head to face me again and said,
"I love what you did with your apartment but if I came over I'd hate
to mess it up!" It was Barb's attempt at a (lame) joke, as there
wasn't a thing in site except the phone upon that stone out cropping
in my foyer.

She was smiling as if her comment was witty and waiting for my verbal
come back. I guessed this to be her method of flirting. Well this
was mine, "If you do that, I would have to spank you."

I wasn't smiling and hers disappeared rather quickly.

With her face turning red she quickly exited my apartment.

I knew I could possess her as my own.
Barb returned once more that day and twice the next to use the phone.
I was the perfect gentleman, courteous, polite while leering at her
with a devouring gaze.

The third day when she came to my door to use the phone I knew that
she was playing games. On that first day she had come to the door
looking matronly, dowdy and rather plain looking. Now she had put
some face paint on, wore a more attractive dress (to her) and also
wore perfume. To me she still looked rather plain, but I enjoyed her
attempts. She simply needed a real man to help her, me of course.

And there was the knowledge that her phone had been working since late
yesterday afternoon. I had spoken to the phone technician on his way
out of the building.

Barb was making this easy. I could practically smell her desire for
my continued interest.

On her way out of my apartment this time she 'accidently' dropped her
personal phone book and bent to retrieve it. This gave me a great
view down the front of her orange (yes 'orange'!) blouse to her
moderate cleavage. Nice but it wasn't enough to satisfy me.

"Oh Barb?"

Turning back to me with that personable smile and fluttering eyelids,
"Yes Mr. Gardner?" (I had never politely asked her to use my first

"Would you like to have lunch tomorrow at the Chateau?" (a popular,
and expensive, place a block away) "I will meet you there at one."

She seemed startled, "Lunch?" She shuffled caught unaware, her small
flirting had gone a step beyond.

I was about to take it several steps further.

"I... sure, lunch would be delightful Mr. Gardner." Her smile tried
to return but she looked nervous as a teenage girl. I could tell she
desperately wanted to leave.

Nearly out the door I caught her attention again and said in a no
nonsense voice, "And Barb... no panties or bra!" I pushed the door
closed just as her face looked incredible at my instruction.
I wasn't surprised when Barb arrived on time, I stood and rather
gentlemanly helped her sit in her chair. She wore a long black skirt,
nearly to her ankles, and a tan thick sweater. I would say, of all
her outfits this one looked the best on her. Simple and a little

Of course, with the sweater I could not tell if she had followed my
instructions or not. Regardless, I was the perfect gentleman that
time together. I ordered expensive wine, which caused her to loosen
up enough to smile (she was rather nervous up to that time). She told
me what she wanted from the menu and I ordered for her. I asked many
questions about her family and her until it seemed she was doing all
the talking.

Walking the block back to our building, she was moderately drunk and a
little unsteady on her feet. I had to reach out to steady her twice
in that block and a half and she giggled at our first touch.

We reached our floor and stood in the hallway between our two front
doors. She again started to look nervous. Finally she spoke up, "I'm
married Mr. Gardner, it would never work." I simply smiled. "Happily
married. I have three children, the oldest not much younger than
you!" Barb shuffled on her heels nervously. "I'm old enough to be
your mother!" She shuffled one inch to close to the wall and her heel
caught on the ornate molding and she stumbled forwards.

Into my arms.

Barb lifted her face and pressed her lips to mine. I could taste the
liqueur and garlic from lunch upon her moist lips as she fumbled in
her haste to enjoy a kiss. When she realized that I wasn't responding
she pulled back and stood up on her own, "I think I better go."

I knew how she was feeling, it was how I wanted her to feel. Foolish,
like a elder woman whom realized she had been acting immature. She as
also feeling embarrassed. I had not made one overt advance towards
her, in word or action and imagined her confusion between my
instruction and my actions.

Just as she was fumbling with her pass card in her door I reached out
and pulled her arm firmly towards me. Barb again stumbled and fell
into my arms. Roughly I asked, "Are you wearing panties Barb?" Gone
was the polite gentleman.

She looked up in surprise and spoke in nearly a whisper, "No."

"Are you wearing a brassier?"

"No. You asked me...".

I silenced her with a kiss. A kiss that she had never felt before. A
kiss of a man who knows the woman wants the kiss, a dominant kiss, a
masters kiss.

It was a feather touch upon her lips which became firmer, our mouths
opening and my tongue gently finding hers. Barb began to moan into my
mouth, her hips already pressing forwards. She needed to feel loved,
to feel desirable, like a woman.

Roughly I spun her about and pushed her flat against the wall of the
hallway. Quickly, expertly, I pushed her feet apart with my own, and
raised her hands flat upon the wall high above her head. I darted
forwards and pressed my still moist lips to her exposed neck, she
arched her neck to me and groaned deep down, "Oh yes!"

My hands slid down her flanks to either side of her thighs, and slowly
began to bundle her long skirt up. "Yes!", Barb hissed.

I squatted behind her and with the skirt in my hands, raised it enough
for me to gaze upon her nylon clad legs and bottom. As I had
presumed, the sight was intoxicating and rather delicious. I was
annoyed at the waist high nylons but saw my instructions had been
followed as Barb wore no panties beneath.

I groaned with desire, which caused her to echo my own, and tucked her
skirt into her waist belt. I grabbed a handful of nylon over each of
her wide round ass check and tore it apart. Barb squealed when she
felt the cool air kiss her naked skin.

Firmly I grasped each white smooth ass check in a hand and pulled them
apart. I looked to see the abundant amount of moisture that was
secreting from her sex, enough to lube up her ass cheeks and soak her
nylons half way down to her knees. She had dark brown kinky pubic
hairs thickly protruding from between her thighs and a few sparse ones
up the crack of her ass. I could see the dark pink skin of about the
wrinkled ring of her anus and saw it twitch as I drank in the intimate
sight of her.

To be honest, I was simply appraising her. Knowing how to manipulate
her enough to get this 'proper' middle aged woman in such a submissive
position. I've done it before, many times.

And I liked what I saw. I usually do.

I stood back up and slipped my hand, palm up, between her thighs. As
I whispered in her ear, "Your wet!", my two middle fingers found and
caught her protruding clitoris.

Barb reacted immediately, she squealed out yet again and lowered her
body in a near squatting position to press her sex harder against my
hand. I allowed her to do this.

"I like you wet!" She moaned as a reply.

Knowing she was near, already, to an orgasm, I lifted my free hand to
her waist and slipped it beneath her sweater. It moved upwards till
it came to her hanging warm soft breast. Tweaking the nipple quickly
I held it firmly as I doubled my efforts upon her clitoris, nearly
lifting her body up the wall as I did.

In seconds Barb, my forty something year old neighbour, began an
orgasm that I had little doubt was a rarity in her life. She groaned
and cried out as her muscles spasmed and flexed before me. It was a
delight giving her this gift and she enjoyed it for nearly a minute
before pressing her sweaty tired body against the wall of our hallway.

Barb was gasping for air but smiling contently as my teeth nibbled
upon her ear. My hands withdrew from her body and I spun her about
and pressed her back to the wall. One hand (her hands having dropped
in exhaustion during her orgasm) came forwards and grasped my hard
cock in my pants. She groaned out with the knowledge of my excitement
for her. Yet I doubt my response was anticipated.

I pulled her hand away from me and lifted it just above her head, then
did the same with the other. I held both hands in one of my own above
her as I pressed my lips against hers in a rough possessive kiss. She
groaned in desire.

"If you don't do what I say I will punish you." Gently spoken but
with a rough spark behind my words, she looked up into my eyes in

It was one of those moments that our lives balance upon. If her
answer had been one thing I would have reacted differently and we may
have a pleasant and pleasurable relationship. Yet Barb whispered her
answer, one that caused my cock to twitch painfully in response. "Yes
Mr. Gardner."

I simply smiled and corrected her, "Master!"

She seemed embarrassed, tiny, out of her environment, "Yes... Master."
Barb also seemed to love that moment nearly as much as I.

I slid my hand again between her legs and coated my fingers with her
abundant juices. Thinking I was going to bring her to another orgasm
with my hand she began to groan out and lower her crotch into my palm.
It was not to be.

Lifting my dripping hand I brought it to her mouth and without a word
slipped a finger between her lips. Barb closed her eyes, fastened her
lips about my digit and groaned out in delight as she cleaned her own
juices. She, in fact, cleaned every finger and licked my hand clean.

Still standing in our hallway, her skirt tucked into her waist and one
of her breasts exposed beneath her sweater, I let go of her hands and
smiled sweetly at her.

"Open my pants."

Her hands trembled, "Yes Master." Barb seemed to quiver each time she
said that word.

It took an impressive amount of time to get my pants open and my cock
out. She nearly fell to her knees when she looked down at my eight
inch hard cock, leaking with desire for her. In fact she could barely
stand and was visibly shivering as if cold, I knew for a fact she was
not cold.

"May I suck you Master?" She sounded humbled, like a little naughty
girl. Wasn't she? I doubted she had ever tasted a man upon her
tongue the way she acted.

Ignoring her question, I moved forwards and without ceremony or
preparation, squatted down enough to get my cock between her thighs
and shoved forwards.

Barb screamed so loud it echoed down the hallway (luckily I knew my
neighbours schedule) and she flung her arms about me as I stood up
straight. Her feet left the floor and she wrapped her sexy legs about
me, one high heel falling to the floor already forgotten.

My neighbour was in her mid forties but I was in my mid twenties and I
was in good shape. I had also had sex the day before (another older woman whom enjoyed being at my 'disposal') so I grit my teeth and
began a fast and furious pounding that felt as if the cement floor was
moving in response.

Within a moment Barb began crying out in another orgasm, a few minutes
later another. I fucked her until both our muscles trembled in
exhaustion, our skin breaking out in a sweat and our sexes echoed with
sloppy sounds. A third time she orgasmed and I felt that she was not
capable of holding herself up any longer and grasped each ass cheek
and slowed my assault. My cock slipped, now, easily and slowly in and
out of a delightfully hot wet woman. And the different tempo seemed
to revive Barb enough that she was again clawing at my back and
locking her heels to help hold herself up.

Not wanting her to have another release I suddenly pulled myself from
her sexy hole and lowered Barb to her knees before me. Without asking
or ordering I pressed my dripping wet cock between her lips until her
nose pressed against my stomach. She was soon pressed against the
wall, her head immobile by her position as I again started to pound my
cock into her.

I fucked her mouth for a long while, listening to Barb scream and moan
about my manhood, until I felt my release soon approach. Slowing the
tempo, I eased it back and forth between her battered lips and felt
her own desire at our coupling also rise. Without notice I pulled my
cock from her mouth and the first blast of life giving fluids shot out
and hit her on the side of her nose and on her cheek. The next jerk
of my cock I lunged forwards and half of it dripped down her chin.
The remainder shot down her throat.

Coated in my orgasm I helped her stand upon wobbly knees and one high
heel. Barb tried to smile but only looked as she was, a freshly
fucked woman. "Thank you Master."

I lead her gently to her doorway and helped her trembling hands open
it. Pressing her forwards into her apartment, I smiled gently and
said, "Still feel like your too old for me Barb?"
We had sex twice more (once in my bed and the next in my old fashioned
iron tub) that same week when I found a note beneath my door.

Dear Master

I am dearly sorry but I am unable to meet you any longer. I
don't know how it happened but our affair is wrong and I

I ignored the rest and wrote in a large black marker.

Come to me tonight! (and wear stockings)

Slipping it beneath her door, and knowing her husband was home I knew
the risk I took, I relaxed the rest of my Saturday at the Nouveau Club
downtown. It was time for our relationship to change.

One in the morning a light knock echoed from my front door. I let
Barb in and she looked nervous and scared, her husband was mere feet
away from us.


"Shut up Barb and come with me." I closed the door and walked down
the hallway to my living room, not looking back. I had been exposed
to older ladies, like Barb for several years, and anticipated some of
their desires and actions rather easily. I knew she would follow.
Deep down Barb was a woman that need to be dominated, possessed by a
strong man. She wasn't peculiar, though you may be surprised to
learn, as many ladies I have encountered feel the same way. To have a
man, especially a younger successful man, dominate them and give them
that which they most desire was a primary point of desire for many

I walked up to one of my large windows and stood looking out over the
silent city and barked, "Strip down to you stockings!"


I could hear her breathing behind me, most probably confused and a
little scared. Perhaps even a little excited.

Then the telltale sounds of disrobing. It didn't take long, she had
only worn a quick robe and who knows what else on beneath.

When it became silent again I finally heard her whisper, "Master?"

Nothing. I certainly didn't turn about.

"Master please? I must...", my hand rose and silenced her.

Finally I answered her, "On your knees slave." Faint noise on the
hardwood floor that told me she had complied. "Now crawl over to the
couch", a black leather Roman couch that sat by itself over to the
side of the room, "and kneel upon it!"


"Thats five more slave." I finally turned about, my now holding the
black leather crop that had sat upon the wide brick window sill.
First thing I noticed was that she still wore here round over-sized
glasses. Of course she wore stockings, as ordered, sheer black with
an elastic band that held them up to mid-thigh. Barbara wore nothing

Behind those out of style glasses were some very wide intense eyes.
She knew not what she had gotten herself into but felt a rush of
adrenaline regardless. Barb saw my stern look and feel down upon her
hands and crawl over to the Roman couch.

I waited until she knelt down with her had at the raised end of the
couch before stepping forward. With the loose strip of leather of the
crop, I pushed her knees apart, forced her back to arch downwards,
pushed her forehead to the leather couch, put her hands above her
head. When finally she was in a position I preferred, I stood back to
enjoyed the view.

"Very sexy." I was speaking to no one in particular, but I did mean
it. Barbara looked very sexy, stocking clad, white skin, long brown
hair covering her face. I could see down between the cheeks of her
ass and the tiny hair ringed anus between. Below that her beaver arched out from her full thighs, her inner vaginal lips already
protruding with engorged excitement.

I stood back and quickly, firmly and with dominant intent, struck her
raised bottom five times the the hard leather crop.

Barbara screamed out in pain and jumped forwards. I growled, "Back
into position or you will get 5 more!" She jerked backwards, thick red welts already rising upon her white round ass.

Five more times my hand fell, the crop biting into her smooth soft
flesh. She had learned enough not to jerk forwards, but she screamed
out and knelt in one spot.

Barb was crying with great sobs onto the head of my leather couch.

"Take your glasses off." She fumbled with them and then I took them
from her hand.

Turning about to the gas fireplace, I swapped the crop with an
expensive camera. "Don't move slave!" She didn't as I took a dozen
photos of her in this submissive position, her punishment obvious upon
her pale skin.

Setting the camera back into its place, I knelt behind her and with no
preparation or warning plunged my hard cock into her cunt. It was as
simple as that, I fucked her as I would an inanimate object. She was
but a thing for my pleasure and she knew it.

Even while crying her body was responding to the unemotional fuck I
forced upon her, her sex was wet and soon the muscles in her sex were
clasping me in a pleasure hold. Minutes later when her cries of pain
and anguish turned to gasps of pleasure and enjoyment I simply sped up
knowing my own release was fast approaching.

I came with little notice, while she had yet to reach her sexual
pinnacle, my seed flooding her feminine depths until it even coated my
cock. I held her hips in place as I gasped and sighed with pleasure.

Pulling from her body, I closed my clothing and returned to my place
looking out of the window to the city.

"Get out slut."

I could almost feel her shame and disbelief. Hadn't she done what was
asked of her? Had she not undergone great pain and humiliation at my
command? What for? I could almost hear her thoughts.

Barbara dressed hurriedly, wanting to retreat from my domain as soon
as possible. When I finally heard her move towards the hallway I
turned and called out to her, "Slave?" She stopped and looked over
her shoulder, eyes blurry with tears. "Go back home, crawl beneath
the sheets of your bed and ...", I couldn't help but smile
maliciously, "... suck off your husband. Come back to me, here,
tomorrow at precociously ten in the morning."

She rushed from my presence.

Until I heard the knock upon my door, I had not thought Barbara would
return to me, that she had not done the final command that was given
to her. That the fantasy woman inside her, the submissive woman, had
been pushed too far. It would not be the first time, or the first
mature woman to react in such a way.

I had seen her face as I sent her away last night, Barb had gone
through an emotional roller coaster I'm sure. After leaving my
apartment, being ordered by an intruder to commit an act that she
herself admitted was never done in her marriage. To give her own
husband oral sex. Doesn't sound overly nasty does it, but then you
haven't been married for twenty plus years and had never put your
spouses genitals in your mouth, it may indeed be a big event. All the
while you do that, another man's sperm is leaking from your sex,
probably dripping down your sensitive thighs to drip upon your clean
private marriage bed.

Indeed, I had taken a bold step last night.

I could only guess at the returns if she complied, while assuming I
would never feel my dick within Mrs. Barbara Dawson ever again.

I was wrong. The knock on my door came at preciously ten. I opened
it and ushered Barb within my abode.

With a smile, I wrapped my arms about her and gave her a soft hug and
a kiss upon her cheek. It startled her, as this was a different man than the one that had punished her the night before. She wasn't sure
if she should smile or not, but I winked at her and said, "I've a big
day planed for us."


Spinning about I retrieved my day pack, "Yup. Drive down to the shore
and walk along the beaches, dinner at D'Janice," a vegetarian yuppy
place, "and back here for a long slow love session." I spun about and
retrieved my camera, the same from the night before.

Barb couldn't help but react when she saw the camera, "What's that

"I thought a few photos of you on the beach would look great. Your a
very beautiful woman Barb."

"Thank you." She smiled gently and stared down at the floor,
obviously nervous.

"Master!" It was the first sign that I was still the same man who had
punished and degraded her the night before.

Her smile gone she looked up into my eyes, "Yes, thank you Master."
Barb knew the trouble she would be in to cross me, at least she
thought she knew.

"Good girl." I couldn't help but smile mentally at that statement,
she was nearly twenty years older than I and I was treating her like a
little girl most of the time. "Now lift up the hem of your dress for
me Barb."

She slowed only a seconds surprise before complying. Barbara wore a
flowered print dress probably purchased twenty years earlier. She
looked pretty, in her middle-aged woman next door look. That would
all change sometime soon.

"Take those off." Though she wore panties I felt lenient and was not
prepared to punish her for her indiscretion. Barb immediately moved
to comply, quickly dropping her panties and stepping out of them. She
left them about her feet and returned to holding up the hem of her
dress so I could now see her naked loins.

"Hum... makes me want to skip dinner and get right to the lovin'!"
Barbara actually giggled and again acting like a teenage girl with her
fluttering eyelashes and fleeting looks at me.

"Now your top, show me your breasts." This took a bit longer to
comply and I was given an opportunity to ask, "Did you do as I asked
last night slave?"

Barb's smile again disappeared, "Yes Master." I do believe
Mrs. Dawson as blushing.

"Did Marc enjoy himself Barb?"

She nodded and whispered, "Yes Master."

"Were you a good slave and swallow?"

She froze, "No Master." A few days before she had confided in me that
she and her husband rarely ever have sex, let alone oral sex which had
never been enjoyed before in their relationship.

I laughed gently, "Well I suggest the next time you give a blow job,
you do it right." I could see enough that she had not worn a
brassier, "Excellent Barb. Button up and lets have a great day."

Her smile slowly returned, "Thank you Master."
Our relationship had changed, for the better if you ask me,
irrevocably. Barbara was starting to act like a woman half her age,
smiling laughing and being playful. She knew the boundaries of our
relationship, in such that when instructed to do something she had
better do it to the best of her ability.

Its been several weeks since I had to punish her, and since, I had not
a reason to repeat the punishment. I was her master and Barb
flourished as a submission.

A few things had changed in a way that another noticed, her husband
Marc. You see, Barbara now never wore under garments unless it was of
a sexy sheer or lacy kind. (she had to purchase everything and threw
out all her old under clothing) And after I gave her a present to a
day at a spa and another at a salon, she returned practically glowing
with a new hair style and different more conservative makeup style.
She looked years younger. Barb looked great.

Along with the new look as a more adventurous attitude. That day on
the beach she had been shy in front of the camera, barely showing
thigh or cleavage without being instructed. A few days later, she was
like a little girl pretending to be a model as she struck poses and
loved to be photographed in all sorts of positions and actions. Just
yesterday, Barb had started out wearing a full body white stocking,
with flowered lingerie beneath, and ended up with nothing but
thigh-high stockings. When the film ran out, she had stuck out her
bottom lip and pouted like a little girl. (a mostly naked and
sexually excited little girl)

Never did she ask me what I did with the photos, nor did I volunteer.

Marc noticed all this of course, how could he not. But it was last
night that was the final straw and he finally confronted his wife.

You see, he had returned home from the office at his regular time when
he found his newly clad wife setting a place for one at the dinner
table. She had worn a new skirt and blouse that I had purchased for
her and looked great. (though her nipples showed through in a certain

He had sat silently, puzzled, and watched as Barb dished out the food.
As he started to eat, his wife of several years started to dance
about, wiggling and shaking her body to an imaginary music while her
hands fumbled with her clothing. It was a dance she has now practised
with me several times, and she looks incredible. When the skirt fell
to the floor, Marc was amazed to see his wife's loins devoid of hair.
(I have various pictures as I shaved her)

Marc jumped up screaming and threatening while she stopped her erotic
dance and faced his onslaught.

I had known this would happen sometime soon, how could it not? He now
knew his wife of many years was having an affair, why else would she
act this way?

As instructed she dropped to her knees and promised to make it better,
to suck him off yet again. He declined and stormed out of the house.

Hours latter, after Barb chatted with me, he returned, drunk and
calmed down. The kids had returned but were in bed for the night, so
Barb led her husband to their room and helped him disrobe.

Now you may find this a little strange, but I find it rather exciting.
To have the control over another couples private life. In other
words, they didn't fuck unless I gave Barbara permission. I even
limited how and where they were allowed to couple. Up to now, the old guy was getting more sex than ever before, but it still had produced
one argument when he wanted sex and she had not gotten permission.

This time however, as instructed, she turned on the auto focus camera,
stripped and climbed upon the bed. Barb performed, for the first
time, before a camera. I know, I developed the pictures.

Barbara had started by sucking her husbands tiny soft cock till it
hardened, then she climbed upon and rode him for a long while. Half
conscious now, Marc agreed to his wife's request to get it "from
behind" and screwed her until he came over her ass cheeks. Then he
dropped down and immediately fell asleep, she put a robe on and
brought over the camera, tripod and remote control switch to me.

That was when she confided in me, "Master," she looked embarrassed,
though I doubt it was from her husbands come coating her ass cheeks
and dripping down her legs, "I don't enjoy sex with Marc any longer."

That stopped me, "You mean you don't like it? At all?"

"Well no... just that I am not able to... you know Master, finish with

Oh, she was wondering if my instructions for her to fuck her own
husband included her enjoying it. I nodded, "Well I never gave you
permission to come did I slave?"

She beamed with pleasure, "Yes, of course Master." An understanding
was met between us.

"Go take a shower slave and get into my bed, lets see if I can't get
you to finish." She squealed as I slapped her generous ass and she
ran off to my wash room to do as I asked.

I replaced the film in the camera and set it up near the foot of my
bed, I was going to get a few pictures of my own.

Barbara barely got out of bed in time to see her kids off to school,
but late enough that her husband had watched her slip back into their
apartment in the same condition as she had left mine. Meaning, she
had teeth marks on her nipples, come stains upon her face and breasts and hair in a wild disarray.

Marc asked only one thing, "Its Gardner isn't it?"

My slave, his wife, nodded without embarrassment and went off to fix
her kids lunches for school.
I met Marc in the hallway one evening soon after his discovery. He
held his paper with quivering hands and glared at me. I thought the
old man was going to just stand there until I passed him, but he
finally spoke up, "What have you done to my wife?"

Smiling maliciously, "Your wife?"

"Your fucking her!" It sounded odd to hear him use the "f" word.


He simply shuddered, so obviously surprised at my response.

"Listen Marc, when I am done with her I'll always send her home to

Marc was practically vibrating with anger.

"And besides, I think your getting something out of the deal too."

He was beat red when the elevator closed, leaving him shaking in the
Barb was laying on her elbows upon my bed, her feet waving about in
the air playfully. She wore white stockings, my favourite lingerie
and colour for her, and nothing else. With her new hair, a diet
regime and our constant fucking, she was slimmer, sexier and
practically radiating with pleasure since that first time she came to
my door to use the phone.

Right then she was looking at me in amazement, "Your joking?"


She hung her head, knowing the consequences of forgetting something,
"I'm sorry. Master."

"No I'm not joking."

"Someone might see us Master? I think my daughter and her friends are
going to this concert!"

I shrugged, "Don't worry, you will be too busy to notice them."

She blushed slightly, as she always does when her own sexuality is
bluntly thrown at her. We had sex nearly two hours ago. Her thighs
having the tell-tale trails of both of our mingled juices. With all
our time together, she was turning into the perfect submissive. Ready
to do anything her master desired. Yet, surprising or perhaps
exciting to her, I kept pushing that envelope. Kept pushing her
sexuality to a new depraved and exciting height.

Barb had confided in me several times how excited she was about her
knew life, how she found every request of mine, more exciting than the
last. I knew it was also pride in the fact that she was still a
sexual beast, that a "young stud" thought her sexy enough to dominant
and use. In fact, she was multiple organismic when we fucked, she
easily reached orgasm when I did but the slightest sexual thing to
her. This, in itself, was very exciting to her and she didn't ever
want our relationship to change.

Yet it was going too.

She resigned herself to my wishes, as she must do. "Is there anything
special you wish me to wear master?"

I smiled and gave her my instructions, the more I told her the less
her smile became.

Three hours latter we stood on the floor of the stadium amongst
several thousand other people. Mostly my age or younger. The band
had just come on and started to rock. The crowd was going wild and we
were practically pressed against those before and those behind us by
bouncing young bodies.

Barb looked at me, for once truly feeling out of place. Wearing a
sheer black blouse (nipples visible), short black mini skirt, black
heels and nothing else. She looked like a middle aged woman trying to
act like a teenager - unsuccessfully. Just the look I wanted.

Many of the young men checked out Barbara, much to her embarrassment,
and even a few of the ladies. She couldn't bend over else her bare
ass and hairless pubic would be visible to all. She also folded her
arms about her chest, in an attempt to cover her exposed nipples. It
was the perfect "fish out of water" environment I wanted for her.

My hands lifted the hem of her tight leather dress and left it bundled
about her waist. Barb looked at me, her cheeks deep red and I could
almost read the pleading in her eyes for me to forgo this adventure.
Of course, I would not.

Two teenage boys next to us saw her bare skin from the waist down and
openly stared. I winked at one and then whispered in Barb's ear, "On
your knees slut, suck me."

Closing her eyes before turning about, perhaps to hide the images of
those eyes watching her, she sunk to her knees and quickly fished out
my cock and swallowed it expertly. In the months of our relationship,
she had learned to give my cock its well deserved respect. Several
others were now watching, one young girl with disgust, most with avid

The woman before me was old enough to be most of these youngsters
mother, pumped her face before me allowing my cock to hit the back of
her throat before disengaging. I knew my slave wouldn't stop till I
finished or I told her to stop. I also knew my slaves cunt was
practically flowing with her juices right now, embarrassed or not.

Roughly I grabbed at her shortened curly hair and pumped her face
while a few young men and their dates started to cheer Barb on.

It was humiliating but my slave need to learn her place.

With my hands still entwined in her hair, I lifted her face from my
cock and pulled her to a standing position. She looked into my eyes
and smiled frailty, I was right she was enjoying this the submissive
slut. I turned her about and bent her over a few inches.

Spreading my feet wide apart allowed me to level ourselves out at just
the right height to sink my cock fully into her cunt. She was indeed
wet, it felt like a boiling river that my cock dove into.

With her hands on her knees to steady her, and mine on her hips I
began to pump her with long steady strokes. The band was going to
play for a long while yet. I watched the people around us, most now
watching silently in amazement at our exhibitionist show. I couldn't
hear her, but felt Barb's body react in a way that I knew she had just

I knew that was my cue and slipped one hand down between the cheeks of
her ass. My index finger quickly found her ass hole and slipped into
the tight virgin muscle to the third muscle. Barb, on my instruction,
had applied the appropriate lubricant before we had left just in case
I may wish for a new part of her body to enjoy.

Soon that one finger was joined with another and the two digits fucked
her roughly to loosen her anal ring and prepare it for my rock hard

Not long after I quickly pulled from her hot wet sex and roughly
thrust it forwards against her anus. Barb squealed loud enough for me
to hear her over the music as the head of my cock thrust into her ass
hole. I grabbed her shoulders and shoved hard, with quick tightening
of her muscles, Barb found a long hard cock inside her virgin ass.

I left it there of a long minute, to loosen up, and looked about into
the eyes of the youngsters around us. They were witness to this
woman's debauchery and submission. Barb was a slut and all in this
crowd were witness to that very fact.

Proudly I began to fuck Barb's tight virgin anus.

As I fucked her to the time of the harsh fast bass of the music, I
contemplated just what I wanted to do with this older woman. Indeed
she was sexier now than when I first met her, but that was mostly
cosmetic -- the sexy woman was inside and just needed to be forced
out. Which I did. I had taken many photos of her to date, some of
which I posted to my web site, and she never objected as she did not
know of my Internet adult site. So strong was my control of this
mature woman that she no longer submitted to her husbands sexual
advances unless permission was given by me, her young lover and
dominant. She was a submissive in every sense, she loved the feeling
of being dominated sexually. The more I controlled her the easier she
submitted, she found herself thinking more as my sexual possession
than Mrs. Marc Dawson.

I found several of the spectators fondling or kissing passionately
while trying to continue to watch Barb and I couple. I felt the
exhibitionist setting very erotic and felt the familiar tingling
between my legs indicating it would not be long for my pleasure to

A moment before I knew my own orgasm was due I felt the familiar
tightening of every muscle in Barb's body as she felt a wave of her
own pleasure wash through her. I doubled my efforts and slammed into
her now loosened anus making her scream silently into the air. None
could hear her with the boom of the music. Her head was whipping
about and her body was clenching and releasing me as I knew another
wave of pleasure hit her.

I only held my own release for the briefest time and forced Barb
against me. It felt as if a balloon was expanding the head of my dick
just before I exploded, flooding my sluts rectal passage with my come.
This explosion of mine set her off to one final wave of spasms as Barb
again orgasmed.

When again I opened my eyes and looked about me, I noticed the opened
eyes and mouths agape at what the young witnesses had just seen.
Amused at their naive lives and my own dominate position with a woman
old enough to be their mother, I pulled my rapidly softening cock from
the gaping hole of her anus and whipped myself on her bundled up
skirt. With my hands I forced her about and made motions for her to
'tuck me in'.

It was forty minutes later that Barb and I wadded with the crowd out
of the stadium, after getting some envious looks at the now familiar
faces of those youths that had watched us earlier. I heard Barb
utter, "Oh god, its Yvonne."

I looked where her eyes were glued to see a smiling young woman
amongst a crowd of, what was obviously, friends. She looked like her
mom, the same facial features but with long brown straight hair. Just
as I caught sight of her she looked over and an arm rose up in the air
to wave at her mother. We had been seen.

Barb wrapped both her hands about her chest to hid her partially
exposed breasts. I grabbed at the hem of the middle aged embarrassed
woman and slid my hand back between the crevice of her ass.

Yvonne, difficultly, made her way over to us with her friends in tow.
I could see one young man standing next to Yvonne devour Barb with his
gaze while Yvonne looked her mom up and own and looked shocked to see
her thus and there at the concert. She then turned towards me,
"Mr. Gardner. I didn't know you liked this band?"

I shrugged, "The concert was fine, I only really enjoyed one part of
it." Without looking I could almost feel Barb's furious blush at my

Again the eldest daughter looked her mom up and down. "Did you have
fun mom?" Barb merely nodded. I know she had fun.

Just about that time, I slipped two fingers between Barb's sweaty
thighs and up into her still slick cunt. She nearly collapsed right
then and there but my hand actually helped to steady her.

"Mom, what's wrong?"

Barb croaked, "Nothing dear." Nothing? I think someone may be
getting a spanking later on.

The young woman shrugged it off, "You coming home soon?"

Barb didn't know how to answer this and turned her head to look at me,
her master, for an answer. I did, "I think in a couple more hours,
I'm feeling hungry how about you Barb?"

I could feel that even the shortened version of Barb's name startled
the young lady, and I held back an amused smile. Barb nodded in

"Does dad know you came to this concert?"

I answered for her, "I think Marc was there when you got ready wasn't
he?" Barb looked panicky but kept silent and again nodded
affirmatively. She could not help but clench as I began to roughly
frig her sex with my two fingers, and she could not hide the fact that
her abundant juices were running down past my hand and sliding down
her thighs.

Nor could she hide the fact that she looked like a slut that was just
freshly fucked. And she was and is. Only her daughter didn't yet
know it. But it looked like a few of her friends now realized it by
the look in their eye. I'm sure one could see my hand up the back of
Yvonne's mother's short sexy skirt and the telltale movement beneath.

I cared not.

"Its time for us to go Barb." Using my two busy fingers I forced her
to turn and walk with me back towards an exit. With my body covering
my hand beneath Barb's skirt I could feel Yvonne's glare all the way
to the exit.
The knock on the door was firm and insistent. Yvonne stood glaring at
me even as I closed it behind her. "Hello Yvonne, I wasn't expecting

She blurted out, "Are you having an affair with mom?"

I didn't even try to defend our actions, but I did try to confuse the
issue. "Depends upon your definition of 'affair'?"

Yvonne's fists were clenched next to her and she was practically
trembling with anger. "Are you fucking my mother behind dad's back?"

I could answer honestly to that, "No, of course not." I knew my half
grin was confusing her and the memory of seeing her dishevelled and
nervous mother dressed like a middle-aged whore at an teenage event
with a much younger man. "Your dad knows all about me and Barb

That really hit Yvonne hard and she just stood there with mouth open
staring at me.

I continued, "Its not like he has a choice."

That finally got a reaction, "What?" It as nearly a scream. Since I
didn't answer her she continued, "You mean dad's okay with you and

"I never said he was okay with it, just that he didn't have a choice."
I'm sure that confused the hell out of her.

Yvonne stumbled a few feet to a couch and fell into it, a stunned look
on her face. I went to the kitchen and returned to hand her a glass
of water. She gulped it down.

Finally she asked, "What are you?"

That confused me. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, how did you get my mom to be such a...?"

"Slut?" She nodded. "I didn't, she was always a slut she just needed
someone to help her bring it out of her."

"I can't believe this."

"She is more than just a slut, she's my slave."

That hit her again and she stared dumbly at me.

"Barb loves to be dominated, its possibly the only thing that makes
her feel like a desirable woman..."

"And dad?"

"What about him?"

"What do you mean, he doesn't have a choice?"

"Two things; your mom can be my slave and still be married to your
father or she will leave him, also he enjoys the fringe benefits of
having his wife as my slave." I could see her confusion, "Your father enjoys sexual benefits Yvonne."

"I can't believe this!"

"Believe it." I stood and went to the phone and hit the speaker
button, then retrieved a voice mail from a few days before. Marc's
voice came out of the tiny speaker, "Hello... listen, I'd like to have
Barbara for tonight... nothing special, I'd just like to enjoy my wife at home alone for the evening... and if I could ask something else, a
favour, could I have my wife wear the teddy you bought for her a month
ago, the pink one?... well... I'd appreciate this favour, thanks." I
turned off the phone and speaker.

The blood was gone from Yvonne's face as she mumbled, "Its all true.
My own mother is your slave!"

I had a nasty idea, "Would you like to see just how true it is

That caught her attention, "What?"

"Would you like to see your mom kneel before me an do anything I

Yvonne just stared at me long enough for me to know she would, but it
would be unseemingly for her to say so. I hit the phone speaker and
the fast dial button, Marc answered, "Hey Marc."

"Oh, huh... hi."

"Can you send Barb over Marc."

Silence for a long few seconds, "Sure but can it wait until after
supper, she just started it?"

"No, I'd like her over here right away."

"Okay." He sound just as he was, resigned to his position.

"And Marc?"


"Have her wear the patterned white stockings and that nice tan skirt
and with a white blouse will yea?"

"Sure...", I cut him off by hitting the disconnection button on the

I turned back to Yvonne and saw her shock. Not so much at me but just
the full knowledge and the crash of the values that she was brought up
with, by the people who taught her those values.

"You have about ten minutes to decide if you wish to stay or leave,
after that it will be too late."

She croaked out, "Stay."

I nodded as if this was expected, it was, then I ordered, "Take your
clothes off Yvonne."


"Take your clothes off or get out of my place." It was spoken simply.
"I'm going to enjoy tonight if you are here or not."

She stood, her face a mask of anger, and stormed towards the door.
Then she stopped half ways there. "What are you going to do to her?"
She finally turned to look at me, all anger gone and she now looked
nervous and scared.

"I'm going to do anything I want."

"And to me?"

I shrugged, simply because I didn't know the answer to this question

"Do you want me to be like mom, your slave?"

"Normally I enjoy more mature ladies, but I may make an exception in
your case."

She looked shocked.

Then her face softened and her shoulders slumped. "I'd like to stay."
I didn't react in the least and she continued, "I would like to be
like mom."

I simply nodded and again ordered, "Take your clothes off."

This time Yvonne's hands came up and she immediately, and rather
quickly as if making it fast will make this easier, pulled her light
sweater over her head. It dropped to the floor next to her and she
reached behind to undo her bra, it joined the sweater.

As she started on her jeans, I took in her small firm breasts. The
puffy pink nipple topping th white cone-shaped boob. She never
inherited her mom's chest that was for sure.

The jeans, socks and boots joined the sweater and bra and then she
hooked two thumbs into her plain white panties. I enjoyed the sight
as she pushed the cotton under garment down to her ankles where she
stepped out of them.

Standing back up to face me, I saw her in all her naked glory. I
could not help but instruct her, "From now on no bra and you can only
wear panties if I give express permission." Yvonne nodded. "Now,
slowly, turn to see if your as sexy as your mom."

She was. Unlike her bosom, her hips and thighs were like Barb's,
thick-set but shapely and very sexy. Her ass was round and jutted out
just the right amount to cause my cock to jerk in anticipation of the
pleasures to come. As close as they were to her mom's, she still had
that youthful taunt skin and strong muscles. It was enough, comparing
both ladies, to again bring that bestial mental excitement. This
evening was starting to turn out rather well I would say.

"Am I as sexy as mom?" She seemed to want affirmation that she was
attractive, that she too could be a man's slut, his slave.

"Don't speak a word tonight unless your asked a direct question. Do
you understand slut?" I spoke this rather harshly.


"'Yes' what?"

She was puzzled, "Yes Sir!"

Only a single eyebrow rose to show my displeasure, she frowned in
thought than whispered, as her mom does, "Yes master."

The knock came at the door just at that moment. Perfect timing Barb.
I pointed towards the opening to the bathroom, "Yvonne, grab your
clothes and get into the bathroom. Don't make a sound."

She rushed to do as I asked as I stepped past her on my ways to the

Barb awaited with anticipation, as she always does, in her tan skirt
and white blouse. Her unencumbered breasts swung deliciously beneath.
She had not even worn heels, as I had not mentioned it in my
instructions to her husband.

"Master." She had a shy but sexy smile on her face, Barb knew that
when I phoned for her to come over it was always because of my desire
to enjoy her.

I couldn't help but smile myself, "Slave." She entered and I followed
her to the living room. When she reached it she looked over her
shoulder to see if I meant for her to go into the bedroom, I didn't.

Barb faced me and we wrapped our arms about each other in a intimate
embrace, her open mouth finding my own. We kissed, as only lovers can
kiss, for several moments. When we disengaged, she was breathing
heavily and felt anxious, "What can I do for you Master?"

A few steps over to the window sill, I returned with a black length of
cloth. "Put this over your eyes."

She looked startled but excited at this new 'game', "Yes Master."
Barb took it from me and wrapped it three times about her head and
tied it off at the back. I only gave it a curtsy look over but was
sure she could see no light beneath the blindfold.

"Stand right there slut." I retrieved a nervous but excited Yvonne
and half dragged her into the living room. She was very surprised to
see her mom standing calmly with her hands folded in her lap waiting
for my next order, half her face hidden behind the black cloth.

I pushed Yvonne down upon my large comfortable couch and took the
second length of black cloth. She looked worried that I would also
blind her eyes, but instead, I firmly tied her hands together at the

I bent over and barely spoke above my breath, "Say nothing, do

She looked into my eyes and nodded. I could see the barely concealed
excitement there, very much enjoying this strange new encounter.
Yvonne turned her eyes back to her standing blind mother a mere few
feet away.

So did I.

"Barb, tell me what we did at the concert?"

Barb bit her bottom lip and then smiled softly, "I sucked you master
and then you fucked my ass hole."

"Virgin ass hole."

"Sorry, my virgin ass hole, master."

"Did you realize all those other people were watching us? That they
liked to see a older sexy woman get fucked in the ass?"

She took a few seconds to answer, "At first I didn't, when I was
sucking you master, but when you held my head and used my face I
suddenly felt excited." She paused and wrung her hands, "I always am
excited for you master. You can do anything to me."

"Yes I know."

I looked over at Yvonne and saw her staring wide-eyed at her
submissive blind mother.

"May I ask a favour master?"


"Please fuck your slave in the ass?" She sounded like a naughty
little girl asking for her second ass fucking. Barb obviously enjoyed

"Perhaps later, if I don't I'll allow Marc to fuck your ass."

She hung her head down and said, "My husband thinks anal sex is
disgusting master." Barb said this as if his disgust of anal sex
equated to her being disgusting for enjoying it.

I laughed lightly, "You can tell him, from me, that he doesn't get
anything else from you until he fucks your ass hole, okay slave?"

Barb lightened a bit and smiled my benefit, I knew she had no sexual
desire left for her husband and only acted upon my command with
regards to her marriage bed. "Yes master, thank you."

Yvonne looked positively shocked at this little chat and I gave her a
wink before instructing, "Now dance for me Barb, slow and sexy. Get
down to those sexy stockings of yours."

The mother and wife of many years immediately brightened up and
replied, "Yes master!"

As if an invisible music began, Barb started by rotating her head upon
her shoulders as she began to do as her master instructed. It
continued down to her shoulders and then hips as she started to gyrate
to a soft slow chorus. Her hands began to move with the tempo of the
non music and slowly the clothing began to undo and be discarded.

It was not the first such dance Barb has done for me, but it is better
than the first, instead I watched her daughter as she watched her mom.

The dance was lewd, bawdy. This middle aged woman who wore revealing
clothing and had a bold black blindfold hiding much of her face could
not hid from the hungry look her own daughter gave her. She danced
for her master but in reality she danced solely for her own flesh and

Yvonne devoured her own mother. The generous 'C' cup breasts moved
violently as Barb's dancing accelerated towards some sexual high in
the silent music. Soon they were unencumbered by the white blouse and
bare to the two sets of eyes.

The skirt, a form fitting tan skirt that rose two inches above the
knee looked very professional on her, but also very sexy. The skirt
showed off the generous curves of the mature woman. Curves that
slowly revealed themselves.

Barb was sweating, her tempo alternating between a rapid violent swing
to a slow sexy sway, but from faint familiar smell in the air I knew
she was enjoying herself.

The skirt fell to the ground and my slave continued to dance with but
her sexy thigh-high flowered patterned stockings covering her skin.
Now her dance became even more lewd, her hands generously fondling her
own body. Her nipples, hard, barely tasted the free air as at least
one constantly had a hand upon it. The hairless crevice between her
legs was already glistening with expend and her fingers quickly spread
that moisture to other parts of her body.

Yvonne watched with barely a blink to interrupt her as own mother slipped two fingers between her legs and up inside her own sex. Barb
then lifted them up to her own breasts and coated her nipples by
teasing the points to full hardness. Finally she brought that hand up
to her face and coated her full lips with her spend before slipping
the two fingers into her own mouth, cleaning herself.


Barb immediately dropped her hands to her sides, but had to grasp her
own thighs to control herself, and stood straight facing towards her
masters voice. She was also breathing heavy, as was her daughter.

"You look incredible Barb, very sexy."

The blind woman smiled hugely, "Thank you master." Yvonne nodded in

"I've got a surprise for you slave."

She giggled like a little girl and cupped her hands beneath her chin
in anticipation. "Oh master! What is it?"

"We are not alone in here."

Barb's smile immediately dropped and she quickly covered her breasts with one arm and her vagina with the other.

"Drop you arms slut!" A rather firm command that brought immediate
results. But she looked less than comfortable with the knowledge we
were not alone.

"Seated on the couch is another woman, a younger woman who would like
to stay anonymous. For now." Yvonne looked nervous at my disclosure
and more so at my final statement.

"She has long brown hair, sexy puffy nipples a bright happy face and a
very hot wet cunt." Yvonne blushed, confirming my last statement.

"Your job Barb, is to teach this young woman a thing or two about
being a slut. My slut!"

Barb nearly nodded. From past questions I knew she had never been
with another woman and I doubted, but had not asked, if she had
fantasied about such an encounter. Yet she was a submissive, at heart
and soul, also in body.

"Tell the young slut your name dear."

"I am Master Slut."

"Good girl. Now tell her the last place my cock had ejaculated upon

"Master came on my face."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Oh yes!" Her head was bobbing affirming her statement.

"When was the last time Marc fucked you slut?"

"Master allowed my husband to fuck me two nights ago, after Marc asked

"What did he do to you?"

Barb was settling down, her body was calmer and she stood in the
middle of my living room answering detailed and very graphic questions
put to her. The scene was out of my fantasy, even with my generous
experience with mature ladies, never had I been in this situation.

"My husband was only allowed to fuck me vaginally and to orgasm upon
my tongue." Yvonne shifted nervously, from the view of her parents intimate privacy.

"Did you enjoy it?"

"No. I only orgasm with my master's cock. I only fuck Marc as my
Master wishes it."

"When did you last masturbate slut?"

"Master allowed me to masturbate this morning when in the tub. I used
a carrot and when finished, cleaned it with my tongue before returning
it to the fridge."

"Would you say your sex life is mine Barb?"

"Oh yes master, completely and without reservations!" She looked
suddenly sad.

"What's wrong Barb?"

"Are you going to replace me with this younger woman master?"

I let that question hang for a few seconds and Yvonne could not help
but look at me apprehensively. "Should I Barb?"

"Its as master wishes." Stock answer.

"Answer my question slut!"

"Please master! I will do anything you wish - just don't discard me
like this?"

A long minute later, "I have no intention of 'discarding' you. A man does not throw away his favourite pet."

The smile returned to Barb's mouth and her body stood straighter,

"You are a very sexy woman Barb and you have years of pleasure left in
that body. Now on your knees." She dropped immediately.

"Crawl slowly forwards on your hands until you come to two legs."

"Good slave. Now I want you to lick every inch of this sluts body
Barb, and when your done, return to her cunt and make her come."

Barb took a deep breath, turned her head towards the sound of my voice
and said, "Thank you master, I will do anything you wish." She then
lowered her face and licked the top of Yvonne's foot.

I watched with fascination as Barb began to commit lesbian incest with
her own daughter without even knowing it. At this point she was
simply doing as I asked, very determined also.

Barb held one foot high and used her tongue over every inch of its
surface, working upwards to the knee. Yvonne was gritting her teeth
while trying to force herself to keep her eyes upon her mothers work.
From her reactions, it was obvious she was already enjoying it

The next foot was next until even the smooth skin of her daughters
calf was shiny with saliva. Next Barb lifted the leg high in the air
and licked from the back of the knee to just about the start of her
buttock. And as instructed she was not missing an inch. The top of
the thigh was next until she rose right up to the hip.

When she was in that location Barb stopped slipped her nose into the
space between the young soft thighs and took a big sniff of the sex
between. Then with a small kiss to that sparse puff of pubic hair,
Barb continued licking every inch of the teenagers exposed skin.

I watched without a word. Yvonne was biting her bottom lip to stifle
her vocal pleasure while wiggling about upon the couch. Her stomach
and chest was licked, her shoulders down to her hands. And then
turning over, from her ass up to her neck. Finally Barb held her
daughters head in her hands and was licking the young woman's face.

It was a very erotic moment and I ran off for the camera. Thus began
several pictures that turned out to be the most popular erotic photo
series on my site, perhaps you remember them?

When Barb began to descend back towards that most private of places
upon her own daughter, I stopped the scene and instructed the players
into a new setting. Yvonne lay back on the black Roman couch that her
own mother was so intimate with, and to lift her knees up and wide
nearly to her chest. Barb was instructed to simply sit upon the floor
below the younger woman and to use nothing but her own mouth to
'finish her'.

With the exposed position Yvonne was in, Barb was able to start lower
down at her anus. Fifteen minutes of anal rimming and even vigilant
fucking caused Yvonne to be a mass of expectant pleasure. When Barb
finally lifted her face up and took a firm flick of the engorged
clitoris with her tongue, Yvonne exploded.

The young woman was actually crying with pleasure, tears rolling down
her face as every muscle in her body threw her about the couch. Barb
was eventually bounced off the girl and sat back to protect herself
from the flailing limbs. Luckily Yvonne had the sense to stay silent,
less our little play would have been over at that moment.

The only sound left in my living room was of Yvonne gasping for
breath. Barb asked, "Did I do well master?"

"Oh yes. Very well Barb."

I think the older woman actually blushed. "Are you wet Barb?" She
nodded positively. "Show me."

Barb turned away from me and went forwards onto her shoulder, her
buttocks raised towards me. Slipping a hand between her full stocking clad thighs, she didn't hesitate to slip two fingers into herself.

Yvonne opened her eyes about this time and slowly sat up to watch her
moms show.

Barb pumped her fingers briefly before withdrawing them and sitting
back up facing me. She held her two fingers towards me. They were
dripping with thicker than water clear substance.

I ordered Yvonne, "Clean her fingers for me."

The young woman looked startled, nervous, hesitant. To taste her own
mothers intimate juices was a big step in that lesbian incestuous
world. Barb moved her hand towards the couch and her daughter.

Yvonne slipped down to the hard wood floor and sat next to her own
blindfolded mother, she opened her mouth and took both digits in. For
several minutes she suckled either and both fingers until only saliva
was left. I could see that she rather enjoyed it.

I threw a thick double headed dildo into Yvonne's lap. It was sixteen
inches long, two inches wide and shiny black. She stared at it like I
had thrown a snake in her lap. The daughter of Barb simply looked up
into my face as if to ask, "What do you want me to do with this?"

"Fuck my slave with it." Barb perked up at my comment, unsure of what
was ensuing. She trusted me without reservation and knew a new
pleasure was approaching.

Yvonne looked at her mother, the dildo and then back at the couch then
she smiled mischievously. With her hands she guided her mom over to
the Roman couch, having her kneel upon it. Much as she had done that
first time I spanked her. Barb was instructed to lower her face down
to the leather, after a light lingering kiss on her lips, to hold the
couch in her hands, to arch her back downwards and to push her ass

After several minutes of manoeuvres, Barb felt a tongue behind her.
Her own daughter tasted her mothers anus and then down to her
clitoris. She tasted every fold of her own mothers sexy. This lasted
a few lengthy seconds before she sat back and aimed one end of the
dildo right at the flowered pink petal.

Barb's body swallowed nearly half of the length of that doubled ended
dildo without a pause. She did gasp out in pleasure.

My camera took many pictures of the sexy daughter fucking her blind
folded mother's cunt with the black dildo. Again and again she
thrust, never taking her eyes off the junction of the dildo and flesh.
The juices were flowing down to darken the white stocking tops and
caused a graphic kinky noise to expend from the work Yvonne was doing.

I thought of joining in at that moment, to take Barb's ass hole while
her daughter fucked her cunt, but thought better of it. Time later to
enjoy that line of pleasure. Instead I barked, "Mount the slut."

Yvonne looked puzzled but then she saw my motion towards the other end
of that large dildo. A new twinkle appeared in her eye as she turned
about and bent slightly at the knee while standing and aimed the free
end of that fake cock right at her own hot sex hole.

With a sigh she closed the gap between her own body and her moms until
their round white asses slapped together. With the black phallus
inside both of their bodies. In this position, I could see that
Barb's ass was wide, more mature but still as comely as the young tight buttocks of her daughter.

Anxious, Yvonne began to fuck her own mother as well as herself. My
camera snapped away. I don't know how long they copulated like this
but did sure didn't feel like a long time before Barb began to orgasm,
I was intimate with the signs. Her own body vibrated the dildo and
Yvonne's own was close behind.

I watched with my hand upon my dick, stroking my, now, naked hard
cock. The desire within me was high and I felt the strong need for
those hot sexy ladies.

Taking a few steps over to the head of the couch, I roughly grabbed
and lifted Barb's head and shoved my dick forwards. She was forced to
open her mouth and had a dick hitting the back of her throat. Yvonne
looked, with weariness, over her shoulder at my actions upon her
mother and discarded her phallus for my own.

Yvonne knelt next to the couch and before me to open her mouth, stick
out her tongue and lick the underside of my shaft. I pumped away
vigorously while the two mouths worked upon me. Yvonne was looking up
with her wide bright hazel eyes while one hand was fondling her own
mothers soft ass. While Barb did what she did best, she sucked cock.

I felt the pressure building and never even bothered trying to hold it
back. The three of us had all night for our pleasure and I had
several holes that I wanted to fill. My first shot of come shot into
the loving mouth of the experienced and submissive slut, my slave
Barb. I pulled my cock from her mouth and shot the remainder of my
ejaculate upon the lower of both attractive faces.

Groaning as my cock stopped spasming I looked down into a sexy sight.
Mother and daughter, cheek to cheek, facing upwards with come all
about their mouth and cheeks. "Lick each other clean." The two sluts
turned towards each other and began to lap hungrily at the others
faces. It was like a duel with tongues, as they jousted to get at the
others face before a tongue and mouth got in the way.

While they did this I reached down and quickly pulled the black cloth
from about Barb's head. I watched as she slowly opened her eyes and
saw her daughter kneeling before her licking at her. At first it was
horror that I saw and Barb froze.

Not knowing that her mother could now see, since Yvonne had her eyes
closed while she worked. The young woman continued to hungrily lick
her own mother's face clean of my ejaculate while Barb knelt open
mouthed in horror.

I reached down and lifted my slaves face upwards still her own hazel
eyes looked into my own. "Lick your daughter clean Barb!" I growled
out rather roughly. She must have known that while she had been blind
throughout the experience, her daughter had not.

Yvonne suddenly stopped licking and snapped her eyes open to stare at
her mom. The two ladies shared a look. Both ladies knelt frozen for
a long minute until I grabbed the back of Barb's head and pushed her
towards her daughter.

Dutiful and submissive, with eyes open staring into Yvonne's, Barb
finished licking her daughters face clean of my spend. Yvonne could
not help herself and let out a moan of pleasure while startled Barb.

Our relationship had just gone further than either of us had ever

Grabbing both heads by the hair, I lifted the ladies faces towards me.
"Both of you are disgusting", with sweat, female spend, saliva and
even my own come. "Barb, go run a bubble bath. Yvonne you help her
take those dirty stockings off. Then you two sluts can wait for me to
join you."

After letting go of their heads, Barb just watched me and Yvonne
watched her mom. I had to bark, "Move!" Barb quickly ran to the
bathroom her daughter close behind.
No one else knew what transpired with our trio, Barb was my slave and
her daughter was a toy for us to play with. Meaning the young lady
was not my slave, which is what I had to assure Barb of, only a thing
for our mutual pleasure. When our foundries were assigned, nothing
was forbidden. No hole was not explored by any of us. I took
hundreds of photos during that time.

Yet, like all things, even this must come to an end.

Currently Barb was my slave and slut and to dispose of her I must turn
her into a common whore. Her daughter was not a problem, she would
follow her mothers lead.

For months we had been together and both ladies every sexual thought
and whim was at my enjoyment. They were not even allowed to
masturbate without my permission. Barb was acting twenty years
younger, anxious to please and to enjoy. She looked better too,
sexual slavery agreed with her.

Yvonne was a slut at heart while her mom was a submissive, two
problems that would lead in the same direction for the answer.

Marc never discovered that his daughter was a part of his wife's
clandestine affair, but I had toyed with the idea of having both
ladies surprise him one evening.

I came around the corner a few moments after I heard the knock at the
door to find, as instructed, Barb kneeling before the teenage pizza
delivery guy. His hard young cock was within her hungry mouth and she
sucked him without the passion she gave to my blow jobs but with
enough skill that the young man would never know. She did this since
I had ordered her to do it, tearfully she had agreed. I think she
understood our relationship was soon at a close.

Barb knew I had found another mature woman to kneel to me, one that
was as virgin as Barb was with regards to her submissiveness. I
thought to have the other woman join us, but that would confuse the
issue to Barbara. She had been like no other slave I had ever owned,
before or since.

"She is a good cock sucker isn't she?"

The teenage boy jumped in fright at the male voice.

"Oh god!" He tried to jump up and to hide his jutting cock, to no
avail Barb was not letting her suction go. "Sorry mister, I...!"

"Shut up kid." He did.

It was comical, he looking up at me sheepishly as my slave bobbed her
head over his lap.

"Well, answer my question." He just looked blankly at me. "I said,
she is a good cock sucker?"

"Oh god yes!" His head was bobbing comically as he agreed.

"Ever fuck a woman...", I had to look at his name tag, "Harry?"

"No ... sir."

"Would you like to fuck this slut Harry?" He just nodded.

"Barb here loves hard young cock. You don't mind that she is a bit
old do you?" He nodded negatively. "Might even be older than your
mom." He stole a look down at the hard-at-work woman between his legs
and than back at me. "Ever think about fucking your mom Harry?"

He just stared.

"Tell me the truth and you get an hour with Barb." No sound but the
slurping of the hungry mouth between his legs. I could see my slave
was having an effect upon him. "You could fuck her ass and her cunt Harry."

"Oh god!" He was close to finishing.

"Tell me!"

"Oh... yes sir, I do!" He clenched tightly and lifted his hips from
the couch and I could hear the throaty gulps as Barb swallowed every
drop of the young mans life giving juices.

I waited for a few moments until the lad had time to recover. Then
when he sat calmly and again looked up at me I instructed, "Barb go
get ready for this young stud."

"Yes Master." She went off to the bathroom to remove her clothing and
to prepare her ass for the teenagers young cock. I had little doubts
that he could again rise to the occasion.

Harry just watched the mature woman leave with mouth open.

"Was that true what you just said?"

He blushed and nodded, I knew it was.

"Is she hot Harry?" He shrugged, which I took for 'she is my mom,
what can I say'.

"She called you 'master', what does that mean?"

"That I own her and she will do anything I want."


"Indeed, very cool." We both laughed.

I became serious, "I'll give Barb to you for a month if you introduce
me with your mom?"

His eyebrows rose in astonishment but then looked towards the opening
of the bathroom when Barb finally returned. Naked, her bountiful
breasts bouncing, her hips and thigh jiggling and her hairless sex
already pouting with expectant pleasure.

"My... my mom?" Of course he knew what I wanted his mother for, to
have her submit as Barb does. Or at least to try and have her submit.

I tried the blunt approach, "If I turn your mom into a slut I'll give
her back to you when I'm done."

His eyes widened impossibly and he again looked at the waiting slave
just standing over my shoulder, then he licked his lips and smiled.
"Yes sir, I'll introduce you with my mom."

I think Harry was a little like me not so many years ago.



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