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Title: Just One Kiss
Keywords: ff, teen
Author: Caesar

An old man at the Folies Bergere
Had a jock, a most wondrous affair:
It snipped off a twat-curl
From each new chorus girl,
And he had a wig made of the hair.

Just One Kiss

By Caesar, copyright 2000-2002

$Revision: 1.3 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:25 $

I regretted it numerous times but none so vehemently until I met Gory,
our photographer.

My best friend June's smile was wide and her anxious pleasure obvious
as she held my hand, to stop me from running away I should think.
June introduced us, and Gory simply grunted and looked me slowly up
and down before returning to a tripod with a large light upon it.

My friend turned to me and giggled behind her hand. God was this

I had to confirm, "Five hundred right Gory?"

He grunted yet again, it seems to be his prime form of communication.

Let me explain just what Gory looked like - probably in his middle
forties, older than my dad, two hundred fifty pounds and over six feet
tall with greasy brown hair that was tied in a tiny knot behind his
head. Not just that but he wore this tight faded Harley Davidson
shirt and well-worn jeans.

Combine that with the locale - Gory lived in the basement of a old worn down house. It still had dirt floors! There were beer bottles
everywhere, a couple of wine bottles and cartons of take out food
boxes laying about.

There was one thing that did stand out from all of that - it was the
photography equipment. It looked new and and the area in the corner
of the basement that was where our 'location' is, was clean and had
large white reflectors about. In fact the couch at the centre of the
cameras and lighting equipment was the only clean looking piece of
furniture in the whole room.

That was where it was supposed to happen.

June pulled me toward the couch, brown leather I now notice, and we
sit down still holding hands. Gory just looks up and then returns to
his equipment.

She was more anxious to do this than I - and I'm the one that needed
the money. Five hundred bucks.

It all started three weeks ago when I crashed my boyfriends brother's
car into the fence. Now the car was a huge old clunker that could
take a beating - but the fence would need work. Lots of work. My
boyfriend, thankfully, bartered with the old guy who owned it to have
it fixed without the insurance or police being involved. All it came
down to was four hundred and fifty dollars.

June heard my tale, as a good friend does, and vowed to help me find a
way to earn it. Gees, I never even guessed it would lead us here.

When she first suggested this I thought she was joking - but that look
in her eyes told me she wasn't. I still disagreed with her
suggestion. But she was persistent, and asked again and again. Until
I began to wonder if there was an ulterior motives for her suggesting
this - but I couldn't bring myself to that conclusion just yet.

Then I got a phone call at home from the old guy who owned the fence -
one more week or he calls the cops. Seems he would like the get his
fence fixed as soon as possible - something about his fucking poodle
sneaking out of the yard or something.

The next time June asked, I reluctantly nodded my acceptance.

It seemed Gory was ready and started a video camera on another tripod
over near the side and hefted up a large camera in his beefy hands.
"I'm ready girls. An extra five bills each if you guys pet?"

I could feel my blood drain from my face and just stared in shock.
God I knew this was a mistake!

June answered pleasantly, "Not this time Gory." This time! Her hands
squeezed mine reassuringly - it didn't work.

"OK than. Your money in on the table over there." He nodded with his
chin and I saw two stacks of old bills piled cautiously between a
pizza box and a beer can pyramid.

"Tell me your names for the camera girls?" The camera came up and the
first picture was taken - all the lights blinded me.

My friend started, "I'm June and I'm sixteen years old." I looked at
her and wondered how she could be calm about this?

I mumbled, "I'm Candice."

"And how old are you Candy?"

"Candice. I'm sixteen too."

"Candice and June - wonderful!" A couple more pictures of us just
sitting, when I realized June still held my hand. I yanked it from
hers and she didn't even blink toward me - she was all eyes on Gory
and the camera.

Looking at her I could see that her slender face had more makeup than
was normal and her short brown hair was done to perfection.

"Look this way Candice." I did, the flash blinded me yet again.

"What cup size are your boobs girls?"

What? "I'm an 'A' cup and Candice is a 'C'." Now why did she have to
go and tell that pig how big my breasts are?

"Very nice. Tell me why you are here girls?"

June nudged me but I sat round shouldered and embarrassed. "Candice
needs the money."

"Then why are you here June?"

"Because I'd do anything for my friend." When I again looked at her,
sitting straight and proudly, pressing out her small chest I noticed,
I saw that her smile was white with teeth.

"Tell me what you are going to do for the money June?"

My friend stumbled briefly, "We are supposed to kiss each other."

"Have you ever kissed your girlfriend before Candice?"

Half a whisper, "No." Which wasn't true, but small kisses on the
cheek randomly didn't seem to count. Did they?

"You don't want to kiss June do you Candice?"

I felt my friends gaze turn toward me for the answer. What else could
I say but the truth, "No." I heard June's breath inhale in surprise
and perhaps anger.

"But you are going to do it right... for the money?"

Oh course, "yes", I had no other choice.

"How does that make you feel June?" Why was he asking all these
fucking questions? Can't we just get this over with?

June shrugged next to me, "A little sad I guess... I am only trying to
help my friend."

"OK girls, can you turn on the couch and sit facing each
other... knees touching June." I couldn't meet June's eyes.
"Candice, look into your friends eyes." I had no choice.

Plenty of flashes, but I was getting good at ignoring them.

"Now with eyes open move slowly in... closer... stop right there."
Our lips were a centimetre apart and I could feel my friends breath
upon my face.

I could see that she was excited, anxious to do what we came here to
do. I too wanted to get started, but so we could finish quicker.

I had to ask, "How long is this going take?"

"Twenty minutes maybe?"

My best friend since elementary school whispered for me only, "In a
rush?" I would have to come to some stark facts about June soon I

"Lips wider June... now both of you turn your heads, the other way
Candice... just a little more closer."

Plenty of flashes.

"Now move in... don't move your mouth or head just hold it...", the
flash went off many times as I held my breath feeling June's lips
against my own. We were still barely touching thankfully.

"Pull back a little Candice...", we were apart again, "... now stick
out your tongue June ... lean in...". I sensed more than felt the tip
of her tongue between my open frozen lips, actually within my mouth.

Oh god, please make this be over.

"OK Candice, your turn... slip your tongue past June's and into her
mouth...!" My god, my tongue would have to slide along hers to
accomplish this - our eyes were locked and she looked anxious, daring.
"If you want your cash Candy, you will do what I ask."

I felt her tongue against my own and a shiver of revulsion slipped up
my spin. It continued as I slipped it along hers until I felt it
touch the edge of her lips.

"Good girl... hold it." Plenty of flashes. Then the pig moved very
close in and I swore his lens was less than ten centimetres from our
lips before more flashes. "OK girls... you can sit back."

My tongue returned to my mouth faster than it takes to tell, June on
the other hand suddenly licked around my lips leaving a trail of her
saliva before her own mouth closed and she sat back.

Gory went over to the corner to replace the film in the large
expensive looking camera.

This gave June a few seconds to whisper, "This isn't so bad is it?" I
could tell that she was enjoying it, her nipples practically redefined
her chest by pressing against the tee-shirt.

I whispered back, "This was a mistake June."

She shrugged and attempted to reassure me, "Only a few more minutes
and it will be over honey." Honey - she never called me that before?

"OK girls, ready." The pig returned. "I got some good French
pictures but I want some neck and ear stuff OK?"

June was bubbly with excitement, "Sure!" I just slumped there.

"Okay... Candice, can you close your eyes and let your head fall back
a little?" I thought with my eyes closed this would be easier, I was
wrong. "Perfect... June lean in and slowly kiss up and down your
friends neck... yea, pucker just like that."

June's lips touched ever so lightly up and down my neck, as Gory took
his photos. "Wrap your arms about her June... hold her hair in that
hand... yep, now grasp a handful of her sweater around the waist with
the other... perfect!" June was fiercely holding my hair back and to
the side, exposing my neck but it was her other hand that seemed to
practically be laying upon my ass cheek.

"Now press your chest into hers...", I felt her tiny soft mounds press
into my own larger boobs and felt another shiver, "... now stick your
tongue out and lick her ear... hold that pose!" Her tongue was
holding up my earlobe as the flashes went off numerous times.

"Great... you can sit back June. OK Candice", I turned to look at
this pig of a photographer, "your turn. June can you lie back on the
couch... Candice came round to this end of the couch...", I was
standing at the end while June lay back with her head just below me,
"... now lean down and kiss your friend."

I did as asked while the flashes went off - June kissed back and I
realized, with disgust, that we were kissing rather aggressively.

"That's great girls... now June... stick out your tongue... now
Candice, suck on it baby."

Isn't it twenty minutes yet?

They both noticed my hesitation, "No different that a couple minutes
ago Candy." I hated his shortening my name - pig.

Beneath me, "Come on Candice, we are almost done." I looked down to
see that my friend was clenching her thighs together anxiously.

What else could be done, I've gone this far. I leaned down and
slipped my lips about June's tongue and sucked gently.

My best friend in the world groaned beneath me, sending tiny shivers
along her tongue to my mouth. One of her hands came up unbidden and I
mentally screamed for Gory to tell her to put it back down, but rather
it came up and caressed my check and jaw.

"Great... another break." I yanked back and saw the disappointment on
June's face. Gory was reloading again.

I again sat down next to June and whispered, "I can't do this any more

She sat up and pressed her hip and thighs against my own, her arm
coming up to pull me into her flank. Her lips moved next to ear and
she whispered back, "Gory is almost done."

"I don't care."

"Aren't you enjoying this?"

Enjoying this? Was she fucking crazy? I didn't bother answering.

Gory was back, "Hold that pose girls... perfect." More flashes, these
ones seemed to bother me much more than the last several dozen. "Now
I need some light photos, holding hands, hugging that sort of thing."

I didn't say another word as the both of us were like puppets on a
string for Gory to animate and position as he wanted. Each time only
one or two photos were taken, so this part of the session lasted much

The only one that truly bothered me was when Gory had me lie down upon
the couch and June lay between my legs, stomach to stomach and chest
to chest. We only looked into each others eyes and two photos were
taken but when he told us to move to the next position I felt a
definite press of June's loins into my own. The accompanying look in
her eye told me it hadn't been a mistake.

Soon it was over and I immediately stood and retrieved one pile of
cash and quickly counted it. June on the other hand stood around
Gory, as he cleaned up, and asked him questions about the lighting,
which poses looked better, etcetera. She looked up as I rushed up the
stairs toward the door to wait for her on the street.

Ten minutes she made me wait. It gave me the time to come to a
realization about my friend that I hadn't known, or I had purposely
ignored for all these years - that she liked girls. More immediate,
she liked me.

We have been friends of nearly ten years, why didn't I now this?

"Well that's all over?" June came from the house and actually glowed
with a light sheen of sweat and a large smile.

I just turned and walked next to my friend to walk the few blocks back
to our homes. June kept stealing looks at me as if she wanted to ask
something but I didn't even acknowledge her and so we just kept

Finally, we stood outside her house, mine only two doors down. "Its
OK Candice - you got the money and its all over." She wore that sweet
'I understand' smile that had always worked on me in the past. "Mom
and dad will be back in a couple of hours, would you like to come in?"

We met eyes and I saw the expectant anxious look and knew she was
asking more than just a simple visit. My god June was a lesbian - a
girl lusting bitch that I didn't even realize till today. As innocent
as I'm sure she may want me to come in I could see the feverish,
hungry, look in her eyes and knew wanted more than a simple visit.

I turned and left her standing there and returned home. I had a bill
to pay.
Things were cold between June and I for nearly a month - I went out of
my way to stay away from her. We had to share a couple of classes,
but other than a nod in her direction I never even acknowledged her.
June, on the other hand seemed devastated.

I can be such a bitch - that is my best friend of many years that I've
hurt. Yet, can't she just understand that I'm not a lesbian - that it
can't ever be that way between us?

I paid off my bill of course, which left me again broke.

Then George my boyfriend called me up in the middle of the night
crying - he had been beaten up for owing some of the rougher kids some
money. The dummy I was, I never even asked why he owned money to
these guys. Then he asked me - for nine hundred dollars to save him
from another, worse, beating!

I never told anyone where I got the last money, but George guessed it
was from a rich relative or something else equally stupid.

Didn't Gory say it would be worth a thousand dollars if June and I
kissed and petted a little?

I felt disgust and sick when I hung up the phone - I loved George and
at that point in my life, I would do anything for him. Even... well,
even that.

The next call was to June, "Don't say a word, call and see if Gory
wants to take some pictures of us petting? A thousand bucks." I hung

Perhaps they are right, the first time is the worst.

Gory was actually smiling two days later when I sat on that brown
leather couch in the middle of the lights as he adjusted his camera equipment. June arrived minutes later, late as usual, and looked
nervous - much to my surprise. I had thought her to be pleased with
this little session.

I remembered George's bruised face and broken fingers and resolved to
simply do what I needed to help him. Hadn't I sucked June's tongue
once before? Was it really that bad - fuck yes, I'm no lesbian. But
this time could not be any worse could it, a little fondling with
hands right?

June and I had gone through some tough times together as we went from
prepubescent girls to sexy young ladies, and as such we were not
unfamiliar with each other. Yes, that means we have also touched each

Once, late at night as we had a sleep over at my house, we somehow
ended up topless showing each other our different breasts. It was
obvious that she was interested in my much larger fuller boobs - and
so, after I touched and caressed hers briefly, she fondled mine for
nearly twenty minutes. I'll admit, it felt good - but I simply closed
my nightgown and turned off the light. That was as close to sexual
touches that we had come to, before out last photo session.

Other than that we have kissed, like sisters, or so we thought. We
hugged frequently and we have often held hands. As I said we are, or
should I say, were very close.

"Hi Candice."

"June." I didn't even look at her but could feel her disappointment
at acknowledging her so coldly.

"OK girls - can you two stand and face each other?"

"The money?" My voice was very cold.

"On the table, thousand each." Gory was facing us behind a tripod. I
saw that each pile as held with a dirty old elastic band.

I stood and faced my friend. When our eyes met, I saw such depth of
pain and hurt that it caused my own heart to swell with empathy.

"June stroke Candy's long hair with your hand." The flashes started.

"Now lean in and kiss her... gently. Close your eyes Candy." I had
given up in correcting the pig about my proper name - I was here only
for the money.

"Pull apart a little... mouths open... Candy lick June's lips...", he
caught some very close photos.

"Great! OK girls, June can you start removing Candy's jeans?"

I froze, "Jeans? I thought we were just going to pet a little?" I
felt my face freeze in a frown - June, next to me froze and waited.
She was quiet and submissive, not the girl that I've known all my

Gory smiled and showed his rotting teeth, "You can leave your panties and bras on... and I plan on taking a lot of photos of you guys stripping each other."

I didn't like it, and quickly glancing at June, I knew she would go
along with anything I wished. I'm doing this for George, I retold

Glaring at my friend, "Go ahead June."

She only caught my eye briefly before moving forwards. Gory's camera came up and caught as she knelt before me.

My eyes watched everything as my best friend of so many years fumbled
with the buttons on my jeans. I could see that her hands trembled,
from I'm not sure what, but I never said a word.

The two flaps of my denim parted and June's thumbs hooked into my
waistband as she started to tug the snug jeans down my hips.

"Slower babe! That's it... make sure you leave the panties on... yea,
very hot June baby!"

Finally I stepped out of my jeans and Gory motioned for June to thrown
them out of sight of the set and the camera. "Leave those socks on
honey, looks sexy... kiss her thighs and look at her panties ... Candy, hold up your tee-shirt over your belly button... that's

June barely touched me with her lips, but I could see that her eyes
were glued to my white cotton briefs. I knew she would see the hint
of my sparse jungle beneath the fabric, and I could not help but feel

"Higher up June baby."

Her lips were barely a centimetre from my covered crotch when Gory
finally spoke, seconds before I was about to speak up in contention,
"That's it June... can you stand up and pull off Candy's
tee-shirt... great... lift your arms Candice, perfect..."

I now stood motionless with only my sports bra and panties, both white
and made of cotton. I didn't think they were overly sexy, but I
hadn't though I would have to strip down to them either, though by the
look in June's eyes I knew I must look OK.

"Kiss around her chest, just above... yea, that's it baby."

The flashes were going off so much in my eyes that I closed them,
feeling a little dizzy.

"Now kiss up to Candy's lips and kiss her... suck on her lower lip a
little darling!" I simply stood and underwent this torture.

"Great... your turn Candy. June stand up and turn away from your
friend and stay still." June was wearing a short skirt and blouse, it
showed her athletic figure and long strong legs to perfection. "On
your knees Candy... kiss up the back of your friends left
leg... slower..."

I kissed firmly and roughly, trying to make sure June understood that
this was only for the camera.

"Perfect Candy... June lift your skirt in the back to your
waist...hold it there, Candice stare at her bottom."

Fuck, June had worn a thong and it hid nothing from my eyes as the
camera clicked again and again.

She did have a lovely firm ass though.

"Perfect... OK, take a breather as I reload."

I sat back on my heels and closed my eyes, trying to still my beating
heart. God, I hope George understands how much he means to me.

"Candice?" June was kneeling before me, whispering. She never
touched me, I noticed with grim satisfaction. "I'll do anything you
want OK? I don't want to loose you as my friend." Her eyes were
watering up and I knew she was in torment.

"OK girls... same position June... June?"

She only knelt there before me as if waiting for my command to
continue - I needed this money damn it.

"Lets just get this over and then we can talk. I don't want to loose
you either." I knew it was true when I said it - she and I were more
than simply discardible friends, we were soul mates. My eyes watered
up as well and the weeks of treating her like shit hit me with extreme guilt. I did love her... as a friend of course.

We flew into each others arms, and hugged fiercely.

Gory, that pig, took advantage of the private moment and I saw and
heard the camera go off.

June whispered in my ear just before retreating from my grasp, "I love
you Candice." I could not help but wonder if she loved me as a friend
or as something else?

Then she again stood away from me, her skirt to her waist and her
near-naked bottom facing me, feet together.

I whipped off my tears and leaned in to kiss the middle of her thighs,
on her left leg. They were warm, smooth and strong - just like I knew
they would be. Yet I could smell her favourite scent - passion
something or another. Then I smelt something else, what could only be
her sexual musk and it intrigued me.

"Higher up Candy baby..."

I swear that that pig is going to get it when this was all over, he
can't even get my fucking name right.

My lips were more softly applied, leaving a thin trail of my saliva as
I moved upwards. Soon I was at the edge of June's buttocks and I
stopped and looked at Gory, my silent question obvious.

"Kiss her ass baby."

I frowned at him but didn't move.

"Thousand bucks bitch."

That fucking pig. I closed my eyes and turned back to my friends
white ass and puckered. I kissed all around her left buttock.

"Now lick her ass Candy." Gory sounded firmer, less patient in his

I did, I'm embarrassed to admit. My tongue came within a centimetre
of my friends ass hole and I had seen it clench and relax furiously as
I licked so near it.

"Lean forwards June... feet further apart... lick inside her thighs
Candy... that's it..."

There was a heat radiating from that junction of her crotch that I
could feel on my forehead and cheek, as I kissed inside of her upper

"Now sit back... June baby, reach back and grasp your ass and pull
your cheeks apart... check out what's there Candy..."

The black panty was of a flowered lace pattern and I could see that
June's brown curls escaping through generously. And with her firm
strong ass cheeks pulled apart, that single thong thread could not
hide her wrinkled puckered ass hole. I'm embarrassed to admit that it
intrigued me.

I've never seen anyone's ass hole before and had thought it a more
disgusting sight that what I could see now. June had complained,
dozens of times in our shared past, that she was hairy - and it looked
like she trimmed even the hairs between the cheeks of her ass. It was
hairless and clean.

"Great baby. OK June, can you take your skirt and blouse
off... perfect... very sexy June baby... both of you kneel facing the
other... now lean in and start kissing..."

Somehow it was easier to press my lips against her this time, of
course I was still disgusted I told myself, but it was just easier

"Give me some tongue action girls..."

We did. Our tongues sliding and slipping around... and when her long
tongue slipped into my mouth I wrapped my lips about it and sucked firmly.

I have to admit that we knew how to kiss the other, our lips molding
to perfection, our tongues simpatico. The thought startled me.

"Great Candy... June reach up and give Candy's right boob a

I felt her hesitate so I tugged on her tongue by sucking harder and
then opened my eyes to look into hers - silently I told her to go
ahead. I knew she wanted too.

I felt her grasp my full breast, above my bra of course, and squeeze
tentatively. Against my will a groan escaped from me - it wasn't very
loud of course and Gory did not hear it but I saw from the startled
look in June's eyes that she had.

To hide my embarrassment I let go of her tongue and slipped mine past
her lips. As she squeezed and molded, with more resolve now, my tit I
explored her teeth, tongue and inside of her lips.

"That's it girls... Candy put the palm of your left hand on June's
stomach... OK hold it... now move it between her legs and grab her

I paused for only a second, I knew this was coming didn't I?

In seconds I was cupping her lace covered pussy. It was hot, somehow
I knew it would be, and damp in my hand.

I opened my eyes to see that she was looking at me, and blushing. As
we stared I did something, that I think was unconscious, I dug the
heel of my hand into the top of her mound, into her clitoris. This
time she groaned, loudly, and Gory was grinning as his camera snapped

"Your turn June baby... let go of Candy's titty and slip your hand
between her legs... lower... that's it...!"

I felt her hand between my thighs, barely touching my cotton covered
sex. She was tentative and probably fearful of scaring me away again.
Though Gory could not see that far between my legs to tell how much
she touched me, I wanted her too. Of course that realization
surprised me, I wanted June to squeeze my cunt just like I was doing
to hers - her pleasure evident upon her face.

Pulling my tongue and lips from hers I sat back and I mouthed,
"harder". June's eyes widened and then I felt the whole of her hand
grasp me firmly between the legs.

"Hold that spot girls...", Gory was snapping away as June and I sat
facing each other, looking into the others eyes and squeezing the
others sex. "Fuck. OK, break time girls..." Gory turned away to
reload his camera.

I barely heard him - I know June didn't.

I felt the lower elastic edge of my cotton panty expertly pulled aside
and a finger slip beneath. June watched my face closely so as to read
this bold action of hers I only watched and enjoyed as the finger
began to slip up and down the length of my labia.

My sex was slick with juices, much to my dismay, and June's movement
only made it worse. She toyed with my anal ring before sliding back
and teasing my vaginal opening, only pressing into both to the edge of
her first knuckle before retracting. I'll say one thing, June knew
just how to touch a pussy - I found myself becoming liquid in cunt and

"Yea girls... keep going!"

I didn't want to look into her eyes, but wanted to hold her and just
enjoy. Leaning forwards I placed my head upon her shoulder and
widened my knees to give her better access. Half forgotten my own was
firmly squeezing her sex, the juices had soaked through her thong and
I felt her hot thick liquid drip down the back of my hand.

The sound of the camera echoed in my mind somewhere behind the
pleasure I was feeling from my best friend.

A hand slipped over mine, June grabbed my hand gently and I felt her
pull aside the crotch of her black lace panty and press one of my
hands into her. She sighed heavily as my finger sunk within her body
to the third knuckle.

When her hand moved higher and started to torture my clitoris with
delightfully gentle movements I knew something was going to happen
that has never happened in the company of another before. I was about
to orgasm.

My finger moved in and out faster and faster, as if in time to my own
accelerating pleasure. June expertly brought me close to that summit
and I felt her tense up and that knowledge caused me to topple down
that mountain, over the top. Joining her in delicious delight.

I hid my face in her warm smooth neck and squealed with pleasure -
June gasped and groaned as she froze. We both underwent our own form
of release, as each of our fingers drew out our pleasure from the

This time I opened my lips willingly as she slipped hers over my own -
our open gapping mouths locked together as our tongues fondled

When June and I eventually sat back and finally opened our eyes, we
were both surprised to find that Gory was turning off the lights and
unloading his camera.

How long had we... you know?

I felt my cheeks flush with embarrassment and crawled over to retrieve
my clothing.
George is a fucking jerk.

I pay off his debt - and the next day he tells me he needs more. I
thought June wouldn't mind a repeat of our last photo session - but
before that could happen, I find out the reason George needs the money
- for his fucking drug habit! On top of that he has been fucking some
junior in our school - a slut from across town.

And to think I had actually blown that jerks cock, let him play with
my titties and let him paw my ass and pussy, above my clothes of

I'm such a fucking stupid bitch, not to see this coming.

June allowed me to cry on her shoulder, telling her all of my sordid
tale between sobs. I felt so humiliated and disgusted with myself -
how could I have trusted and been intimate with that jerk?

June wisely said nothing.

Its been two months since our second photo session, and we returned to
being the best of friends. We never spoke about our experience that
last time together but we often became quiet and just shared a look.

I knew, of course, that June would agree to anything I wished
regarding our relationship - and had, I tried to return it to where we
had been before all this mess started. Yet I could see the desire in
her eyes, the want for more than a simple friend.

After that last session with Gory and the pleasure I had felt, it
opened my eyes to realize that my friend had always looked upon me as
more of a friend. Perhaps she was a lesbian, I thought, but that does
not mean we can not be friends does it?

Then again, what happened between us, does that make me a lesbian? I
had found more joy and pleasure in that fond memory than any intimate
moment with that jerk George. Which, by the way, had a four inch cock
that never took more than two minutes to come - tell everyone!

Though I was a virgin, I've done plenty with my hands and mouth -
enough to make me feel disgust.

When I finally calmed down and stopped blubbering on June's shoulder
she sat back and said, "You are not the only one that has things to be
embarrassed about." She looked embarrassed, but we were as close as
two girls can be - perhaps closer I privately thought - and this would
be the time to share. "Remember when you were mad at me?" She
needn't explain when - between our first and second session when I was
scared of her being a lesbian. "I did something stupid."

"Tell me June... please?" I whipped away some tears.

Instead of answering she leaned over the edge of her bed and slid her
hand between the mattress and box spring. An envelope was retrieved.

June gave it to me without a word, and waited.

I opened it slowly and emptied the contents between us.

Photos, dozens. I saw that they were of June, alone, and naked.

"Gory took these too."

I lifted one, it was with her naked with both legs wide and a black
shiny dildo inside her cunt. That explained why she didn't have her
cherry - but was too afraid to ask when I discovered no hindrance to
my plunging finger that last photo session. I had been so careful
with my own since puberty had hit.

More photos, different lingerie, most with her legs or ass cheeks
spread - often with one of six toys I saw in group of pictures.

Looked at coldly, they were rather graphic and revealing.

Looked at with a more intimate eye, she looked lovely in many. I knew
that June was extremely embarrassed at her revelation and perhaps
humiliated at what she had done. And as a friend I needed to reassure
her that it was OK - most certainly not much more than what we had
done together before Gory's camera.

I lifted one picture with her kneeling on Gory's familiar leather
couch, wearing white stockings, garters, heels and a smile. Her thin
sexy ass looked very sexy as she had one hand upon it gently pulling
the cheek apart from the other. Her small breasts hung down and I
could see that the nipples were hard. June was looking over her
shoulder at the camera and her eyes sparkled but I could also see that
lost soul look that she had worn continuously at that time. Sexy and
very sexy. I took this and handed it to her, she looked surprised but
took it, "This is my favourite."

June looked into my compassionate eyes before leaning over and
bringing her lips to my own. I didn't move at first as she kissed
me... but then something caused me to begin to kiss back. It was love
I realized.

She pressed the photos off her bed to tumble into a mess onto the
floor below and we both straightened our legs and lay down. June's
parents and brother would be gone for another couple of hours ... and
I realized I wanted her in ways I never wanted anyone else in my life.

As our passionate kiss continued I slipped my hand under June's
sweater and grasped her small breast, the nipple poking into my palm
already. My crotch pressed forwards till I felt her hip, and began to

Then her lips came off mine and she pulled her hip away, "No
June... not now, not like this." She looked incredibly sad. I let my
hand slip from her breast and lay my head upon her bosom.

"I love you June."

"I love you too Candice."
That familiar label didn't matter to me any more, I have no idea if I
am a lesbian or not, but it didn't matter - I was in love.

I was also in lust.

June continued to surprise me; she never denied me any touch, and I
loved to touch her strong thin ass and long legs, but she never
pursued more with me.

I was getting downright confused. It was obvious that June felt the
same as I did toward her - stronger probably.

It came to a head only a couple of weeks after my breakup with George.
I screamed at her and cried - then June cried and tried to explain
that she didn't know what to do - didn't want to ever loose me.

She tried to kiss and hug me but I pushed her away, still screaming.
But before I could escape through her door way I felt her hands come
around me and grab my breasts firmly, a whispered voice in my ear, "I
love your breasts Candice." I knew the ice was melting as did my

I spun around and her hands moved to my big round ass and pulled me
back into her room, kicking the door shut with one foot. Her lips
found mine and though I didn't resist, though I didn't help either.

My jeans landed about my ankles quickly and my best friend in the
whole world was kneeling before me. I gasped as she pulled my panties to the side and slide her tongue between the crevice of my outer

It was enough to still any remaining anger within me and I grasped her
head and arched my hips out - I've never felt something so wonderful
as a tongue upon my clitoris. We were both virgins, when it comes to
other women - but somehow she knew exactly how to lick my clitoris to
best please me. I suppose its how she would like to be licked, I
noted for future reference.

My orgasm was within a minute, I am sure. It exploded and I screamed
out in pleasure this time - feeling more joy in that one minute than
in my whole lifetime.

June stood back up and brought her mouth to my own, I opened my eyes
and saw that her lower face was wet with my juices. Greedily I leaned
forwards and began to lick her face clean - tasting my intimate
flavour for the first time. It was wonderful.

When I could find not a drop more I glued my lips to hers, and our
tongues duelled. My hands dropped again to her waist and I was was
undoing her jeans and pushing them down with the panties. I was
hungry to taste her for the first time - to give her the pleasure she
has given me.

Just as she had done I knelt before her and looked at her naked loins
for the first time - she was indeed hairy, but well trimmed. I didn't
care, I stuck out my tongue and rapidly slid it into the top of that
groove and was rewarded with an initial response much as I had done
moments earlier.

In fact I thought she was going to pull my long blonde hair out from
the roots the way she was pulling me hard into her body. I licked and
licked - flicking the hard button back and forth, tasting the river of
juices that came from her. I loved her and lusted after her. I
wanted to live with my face against this pussy forever to lick and
pleasure her for all time.

June lasted less time than I did, and my first pussy lick was less
than a minute long before she began to orgasm upon my tongue and open
lips. I loved it, I loved her.

I didn't ever want it to end.

It did of course, she came down from her high and pulled me back up to
her - and she sampled herself from my face, as I had with her. Then
we were kissing our tongues duelling rapidly.

Though we had orgasmed deliciously only minutes before, it hardly
quelled that fire within us. She spoke between tongue lashes, "I love
you Candice."

I pulled away and stared her directly in the eye, "I love you June."

Before she could respond, I gently pushed her toward her bed and she
comically fell onto her stomach. Both of us were hindered by the
clothing about our ankles but neither of us seemed to notice. I
jumped forwards and grabbed at her naked firm ass.

June squealed as I leaned down and bit it playfully - she then gasped
when I pulled her cheeks apart and kissed her rosebud. The playing
was forgotten suddenly and I again leaned in and pressed my tongue
against that wrinkled clenching muscle.

June gasped out, "Oh god Candice!" She reached behind back and
grasped her own ass cheeks, pulling them apart.

My eyes were closed and my tongue busy, as I teased and fucked that
tight hole till June was again gasping and moaning. She came,
clenching my tongue firmly in her ass hole five minutes later. Five
minutes that I was in heaven - doing something I've never even
considered before. And loving it.

I climbed up her body and hugged her from behind, allowing her to
again catch her breath. In time her breathing came back and she
turned in my arms, her lips naturally finding my own. "That was the
most incredible thing I've ever felt Candice! I never would think I
could come just by someone licking my bum."

"Anytime lover." She giggled along with me - and we both knew I was

Then I heard the unmistakable sound of the household garage door open
and the sound of a motor car. June's parents were home.

"Oh god."

I jumped up and we both frantically pulled on our panties and jeans.
"Twenty five hundred each right Gory?"

He didn't look too pleased but nodded his acceptance anyway.

Gone was the familiar couch and a futon was in its place. I removed
my clothing as June finished negotiating with the fat pig. The money
was counted out and June stuck both bundles in her bag before coming
over and undressing.

I grunted at Gory, "And no instructions from you."

He looked up from loading his camera, "Pardon?" He wasn't the type to
be polite, so you can guess what his voice held.

June followed up, knowing I had no patience for the fat slob, "Just
let us alone and I promise you the photos will be great."

He thought for a second, the rolls on his chin twitching, before
nodding his reluctant acceptance.

I shared a quick look to thank my lover before glancing down and
taking in her sexy lingerie.

We had both agreed to wear lingerie, something that we picked out and
purchased, and to surprise the other.

I knew that June loved my big breasts and my dirty blonde pussy - so I
purchased a push up bra, stockings and heels, all red. I knew I
looked delicious.

June had worn what she knew I enjoyed; white stockings, garter belt
and heels. She had also removed every hair from between her legs,
much to my delight. She saw my open mouthed hungry stare and winked
at me - before returning to look down at my body, obviously enjoying
what she saw.

Gory and June had already worked out some of the props we could use,
and they were strategically placed on the table beside the futon. I
saw a scary assortment of pleasure instruments - dildos, vibrators,
ben wa balls, oils and other odder objects. June had told me that she
would pick out a wide assortment but to use any one of them was up to
me. At that moment, nothing looked as delicious as June did wearing
that lingerie. Then again, I wondered what it would be like to
tongue-fuck June's ass hole as I slipped a fat dildo in and out of her

June and I wanted something special between us - something that would
mark our new relationship together. To her surprise I had suggested
another session with that fat pig of a photographer - this time, he
could capture the both of us as we took each others cherries. Yes,
the very same cherry that I had saved for so long - I was going to
willingly give it to this beauty.

June's only request, was that we do it together, at the same time.
She had come up with the idea of using a double dildo at the same time
- and there it lay, on the table waiting for us to use it. A shiver
of delight and lust run down my spin.

"Ready girls? June... Candy?"

I growled, "Candice!"


June snickered and leaned over to whisper in my ear, "Your my candy
darling." That lightened the mood for me enough so I giggled at her
lewd joke. I knew like a candy, I would be getting plenty of licking.

June crawled up onto the bed, slowly so as to give me a generous sexy
look of her ass and legs that she knew I liked so much. Then she
rolled onto her back and wiggled her finger at me, her eyes blazing.

I followed, also crawling onto the futon, my breasts swaying beneath
me. I saw her lick her lips unconsciously as she glued her look at my
hanging boobs. My lover June was a tit woman - while I, to my
delight, was a leg and ass woman.

June spread her legs and I lay down upon her, our groins in contact.

Our lips came together and we started just as we began those couple of
months before, with just one kiss.



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