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Just One Wish

By Katie McN <>

(c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
"Thank you mistress. After 11 hundred years I'm free and
will grant you any desire as you're reward."
Sarah couldn't believe her luck. She'd been searching the
beach all afternoon for something nice to take home and
just when she was ready to give up, she saw it.

A black bottle.

A globe was attached to the long stem that rose to a sealed
end. The bottom of the globe was flat and the end of the
stem was sealed with some hardened substance. The bottle
was opaque and very shiny. It demanded attention.
Sarah searched for the perfect place to mount her new
treasure and finally settled on the dresser in her bedroom.
The perfect place where she would see it each evening
before she went to bed.

She saw herself in the mirror that rose from her dresser
almost to the ceiling. Her new bottle was in the mirror
standing next to the naked woman. The woman who was Sarah.

She saw herself.

Warmth flowed from her loins to a secret place in her mind.
The warmth said it was time. Time for pleasure and time
for release.

Her hands moved to her breasts and softly touched the two
firm globes. The fully erect nipples rose to touch her
hands. She felt their hardness as her palms bushed over
her tits. Her fingers squeezed and pulled the rigid
landmarks and she watched their enjoyment in the pink
circles they called their homes.

Sarah loved her body and it never failed to excite her. It
wasn't failing now as her hands moved slowly down from her
breasts to her flat tummy. One hand returned to minister
to her now lonely boobs while the other continued it's slow
journey to the tiny patch of hair that highlighted the
start of her pussy. Her hand moved between her legs and a
finger found the track the formed between her labia.

She was already wet. She was ready for more.

Her hand wandered from one breast to the other. She
touched and held and fondled and squeezed. She knew her
breasts and gave them what they cried out for and she gave
them more than that. She wet her fingers and captured a
nipple between the two moist digits. She pulled and
tortured the fully aroused center of her tit. She felt the
sensation as a bolt of electricity racing to the hidden
place in her mind. Her areola puffed and swelled to
announce its happiness.

Her hand grabbed the prominence between her vee. She let
her finger glide up and down the slit between her legs.
The wet covering this secret place made movement so easy
and so much fun. Her hand pressed down on her clit and the
knuckle moved across the sensitive flesh raising her lust
to a higher level.

She saw the bottle in her mirror.

Now she was on the bed. She rolled the cold smooth of the
bottle across her breasts. She let it trail down her tummy
and wander into the patch of hair marking her pussy. The
bottle seemed to guide her hands.

The stem moved between her legs and touched her pussy lips.
She found the door to her cavern of passion and tried to
get in. Her wet juices made it easy and soon the long stem
of the bottle went slowly into her pussy. And then out.
And then in. And then out.

Two hands on the bottle now. Faster, faster, faster.
Something is ready to sweep over her body. More, more,

It came in waves and started with a scream. Her orgasm
flooded her mind with an explosion of orange that blinded
her from anything except what controlled her body and
senses. An orgasm that lasted forever, but one that ended
much too soon.
The Bookstore.

The clerk sat behind the counter. A prisoner of time and
circumstances. She had no place to go. The clerk sat
behind the counter and dreamed of many things.

"Miss, can you help me. I can't reach this book."

Her dreams ended and now to work.

"Let me pull the ladder over and I'll get it for you."

She climbed and wished she'd worn a longer skirt. She
wished she'd worn pants and most of all she wished the
woman wasn't at the foot of the ladder looking up at her
exposure. She couldn't bring herself to speak.

"Is this the book you want?"

"Yes, yes. Bring it down for me."

How did it happen? The woman tried to help her down the
ladder. Somehow her hands touched her legs and then they
moved higher. Somehow she found herself on the ground with
the woman's hands on her hips, her skirt pushed up around
her waist. She blushed and her mouth wouldn't open.

"Oh excuse me, dear. I tried to help and don't know how
that happened."

Somehow she got her skirt back in place. Somehow she
didn't die of embarrassment. She wanted to say something,
but her mouth wouldn't open.

"You're flushed my dear." The woman touched her cheek very
lightly. She seemed concerned. "You need to cool down.
Why don't you undo a few buttons on your blouse?"

Her hands move to the buttons that secured her simple
blouse. They seemed to belong to someone else. One
button. Two. Three. What was she doing?

"I can see your bra so you better take it off."

She thought for a moment. She soon found a way to unhook
the snaps and pull the flimsy garment through the sleeve of
her blouse. Nothing was seen. What was she doing? Why was
she doing this?

"You have such perfect tits. Take off your blouse so I can
enjoy them."

She was helpless to do anything else. Her hands moved to
the few remaining buttons and her blouse dropped to the
floor. She was naked from the waist up and couldn't raise
her hands to cover herself. She felt her nipples harden
and her boobs tingle with excitement. What was happening?

"Why don't you take of the rest of your clothes so I can
get a good look at your body."

"All right." Was that her talking? She knew she was going
to strip off the rest of her clothes here in the bookstore
in front of a stranger. The door was open and anyone could
come in.

The woman became very stern and said, "I'm your mistress.
Learn to address me properly or learn to regret your

"Yes, mistress. I'm sorry, mistress."

Her skirt joined the blouse on the floor. She tried to
stop her hands from moving, but they relentlessly pushed
her panties down her legs. When they reached her ankles,
she stepped out of them and kicked off her shoes with the
same motions.

She was naked and the woman was looking at her body. The
woman walked around her and looked at her front, back,
sides, everything. She couldn't stop her. She couldn't

She felt the woman's hands on her breast while her own arms
remained at her sides unable to move. Hands on her ass.
Between her legs. Exploring everywhere. Touch, feel,
squeeze, pull.

Why was she getting turned on? She shouldn't be standing in
the bookstore naked. She should stop, but instead she felt
a warmth continue through her body and wanted the woman to
do more. A moan sneaked from her mouth. Where did that
come from?

The woman smiled and said, "Why I think you like this.
You're wet between your legs and I can slip my finger into
your pussy without any problem."

Yes, she felt the woman's finger inside her cunt as it
slowly frigged her. She could do nothing, nothing at all
to stop the assault. A second finger then three. Her
juices flowed like a river.

"Yes, you do like it. Why don't you finish yourself off so
I can watch?"

She froze in place. She couldn't do that in front of
another person, but her fingers betrayed her. Her hands
betrayed her and then her whole body seemed to be acting on
its own.

She felt her finger inside her pussy moving faster, faster.
Her hand on her clit, press, push. Her other hand found
her breasts and touched, pulled, squeezed. More, more,
faster, faster, yes, yes, yes.

The woman watched and waited.

It came from somewhere deep within her mind. An orgasm so
powerful that she almost exploded. Instead, just her mind
was lost to the sensation. Lust, passion, sex, frig, now,
now, now.

The woman watched till the end and said, "You certainly
liked that didn't you? Did you hear the customer come in?
He saw you and ran out the door."

She imagined the worst. A good customer telling her boss
what he saw. She would lose her job and the small little
apartment she was allowed to use in the back of the store.
Why did she do it?

"You got me horney, sweetie." The woman was laughing at the
naked store clerk. "Is there someplace private we can go.
I wouldn't want anyone to see me."

As soon as they went into the apartment, the woman pulled
her skirt around her waist to reveal her nakedness. She
wore no panties and only a tiny patch of hair to mark her

"Get on your knees, girl, and take care of me. You know
what to do now."

She did. She was on her knees and her hands were drifting
slowly up the woman's legs were they soon found her ripe,
firm ass. While she explored the wonders of the woman's
butt, she lowered her body so her mouth could cover the
woman's wet pussy.

She sucked the woman's clit into her mouth and looked up to
see the look of pleasure on the woman's face. Somehow this
made her want to do more. She wanted to please. She had
never done this before and yet she seemed to know how. She
wanted to do it.

Her tongue slid into the woman's cunt and twirled around in
the river of lust that flowed freely from that secret
place. She tasted the woman and savored each drop of lust
that poured into her mouth.

Sucking, kissing, licking, tasting. She continued to watch
the woman and could feel her body tense. Then it started.
A moan first and then a scream. A primal sound that said
she was an animal first and then something else later. The
woman came in a furry of sensations.

The two spent the afternoon in bed. They learned new
things about each other and liked everything they learned.
They wore each other out, and tried to do even more. They
overcame the pain and made it into pleasure. They found
energy and used it to sate their lust.

"You belong to me now."

"Yes, mistress. I belong to you."

"You are coming with me now and you'll never return."

"Yes, mistress. Shall I take my things."

"No, you'll be dressing differently now. I'll give you
what you need."

They were dressed and walking out the door when the woman
saw it. She picked it up and held it in her hands and
said, "This is beautiful. Do you want to take you bottle
with you, Sarah?"

"No, mistress. I've already gotten my wish. I don't need
it any more."
The End
Let me know what you think of my story . . .

By Katie McN <>
Read more of my stories here . . .


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