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Archived Sex Stories

K9 hurt when bites like that


Our K-9 Master by B.P.

Life is full of surprises, back when Annie and I were married we thought
that we were going to be another typical family. Several kids, house and
the rest. boy where we wrong. This is a story about how things have
turned out.

Let me introduce Annie. She's my little Pixie. At just five feet tall
and one hundred pounds. She looks like a girl in her early teens, instead
of a woman in her mid twenties. She loves to wear clothes that show off
her firm little girl body.

Her favorite type of outfit is short hip hugger shorts and halter tops
that just contain her firm boobs. With an impish grin she tells me of all
the guys that stare at her exposed tummy and pierced navel.

I admit it is a bit unusual to see a diamond ring adorning someone's
navel. When we were first married, I would get jealous about her flirting.
Now I enjoy seeing the reactions of men she teases.

I'm just your average guy about six feet tall, not fat, not skinny but
somehow we make a good pair.

For several years we tried to make a baby in Annie's belly but the
doctors told us it would never happen. Annie was really down, so I
promised her a puppy.

A friend called to tell me his dog just had a litter but she was having
problems nursing. Annie and I went over to see them and right away Annie
fell in love with a ball of fur with big feet. My Friend told her that the
puppy would have to be fed just like a baby every several hours around the
clock. Annie cuddled the puppy and said that wouldn't be a problem.

With a sparkle in her eyes she would take good care of Mike. We laughed
at Annie and the puppy. Ten minutes later they were already fast friends.

On the way home I asked Annie if she needed to stop at the store to get
food for Mike. She grinned and cupped her boob. I've got everything he
needs right here. For several years I've been wondering why I was blessed
with milk filled boobs and couldn't have a baby now I know.

I chuckled at her new found happiness and quipped, "Gee that means I'll
have to share." Annie playfully punched me telling me not to be greedy.
There would be enough for both of us.

No sooner than I closed the front door Annie stripped off her blouse and
bra. She settled into her favorite chair and cuddled Mike to her big milky
nipples. It didn't take him long to figure out where his dinner was coming
from and he went to work.

At bed time she made a diaper out of a towel and brought him into bed
with us. I started to fuss but Annie reminded me that Mike needed to be
fed every couple hours. Proudly she said this way I don't have to get up.

Several times during the night I heard Mike suckling. At least once
Annie didn't even wake.

For next month life revolved around Mike. Several times I wondered how
something so small could make such a big change in our lives. Then I
didn't realize just how big a change it would be and what the effect it
would have on us.

The dog was always with us even when we had sex he was there watching.
That Annie became more interested in having sex doggy style didn't hit me
until one night Mike began sucking as I was pumping my cock in Annie's
pussy. She went nuts, her passion soared as she babbled on about having
two lovers.

Slowly Mike became more a part of our sexual activities. One night he
surprised me by getting between our legs and licking my cock and balls. He
really like our juices and when I pulled out and laid next to Annie he
licked us both until we were clean.

I was a bit nervous with his sharp teeth so close to my cock and balls
but he was gentle. Annie was in heaven when he started licking her clit.
This soon became a regular occurrence. Once I made a mild protest but
Annie told me that if I wanted to have sex with her I would have to let
Mike in too. Realizing I had lost I gave in.

Annie had me put up a tall fence in the back yard so she could play with
Mike outdoors without having to get dressed. While I was doing that I came
up with the idea of an outdoors potty so we wouldn't have to worry about
piles of dog crap.

Seeing Annie so happy in her role as mother to Mike made me happy and I
was willing to do anything to continue her happiness. Especially since I
was spending so much time at work.

About six months later Annie and I were sitting watching tv when Mike
hopped up on the sofa and started sucking. This was nothing unusual except
that Mike was now almost as big as Annie. After watching them for a few
minutes I asked Annie when she was going to stop nursing.

She smiled and said I'm not, you still like to drink my milk so I see no
reason to stop Mike. Besides I love to feel him on my nipples. The way
she said it, there was no room for argument.

Every time I would raise a question about the way she was raising Mike
Annie would always come up with an answer that sounded logical. As Mike
became more a part in our sexual play, I began to get the feeling I was
losing control.

Everything was for Mike. When we had, sex Annie would position herself
to allow Mike access to her body. One of her favorites was to ride my cock
sitting up while Mike licks our union.

In all fairness I have to say I like it too. Although I haven't said
anything to Annie, I get a thrill seeing Mike play with her sexually.
Numerous times I had seen Mike humping her leg or mine and dismissed it as
some thing all male dogs do. However a part of me was wondering what it
would be like to actually see Mike fucking my little Pixie.

At night when I would get home from work, Annie would always be glowing
and when I asked her how her day was she would get a dreamy smile and say
"Great." I began to notice that her nipples were always swollen as from
sexual activity and occasionally I would see faint teeth marks on her
boobs. Annie was also placing fewer demands on me sexually.

It occurred to me that she and Mike might be playing something other
than "fetch the stick." Visions of Mike mounting her and driving his doggy
cock into Annie, flashed before my eyes and my cock twitched. I was also
feeling a little jealousy that Mike was getting all the attention.

Several times when I wanted to just have regular sex, Annie begged off
but she did give me one of her fantastic blow jobs. Over the next several
months the fucking became less and the blow jobs increased.

One afternoon I came home early to pack for an unexpected business trip.
Since I had to go to the airport, I didn't put my car in the garage.
Walking in the house I could smell sex but no one was in the house.

I went in the bedroom and everything was neat and orderly, even the bed
was made. A movement outside the window caught my attention. Looking out
I was stunned to see Annie laying on a pool pad with Mike standing over
her. His head was right over her pussy and Annie was playing with his red pointy cock. This was the wildest sight I had ever seen. I stood
mesmerized by the raw sexuality. It appeared that Mike was nibbling on her
pussy lips and clit as I could clearly see his bared teeth. Annie was
moaning encouragement to him as she used her boobs to jerk him off.

This explained Annie's reluctance to fuck lately. I expected one of
them to climax and then it would be over. boy was I wrong. Annie
shuddered and squealed, a sure sign of one of her climaxes, all Mike did,
was stop nibbling and lick her crotch with long strokes of his tongue.

My eyes almost popped out of my head as Annie lifted her head and took
the tip of Mike's cock in her mouth! Mike fucked her mouth with short jabs
until he let out a howl as his cock spued its load into her mouth.

I knew that Mike came in Annie's mouth because some of leaked out of the
corner of her mouth before she swallowed it.

I started to back away from the window in anticipation that they would
be finished. Mike bared his teeth and went back at Annie's pussy lips.
Again she encouraged him. A glance at the clock told me to hurry up and
get back to my original reason for being here now.

As I quickly packed, I stole quick peeks at the two of them. I couldn't
believe how long Mike was nibbling on Annie's delicate pussy, and she was
loving it!

I closed my suitcase and went into the kitchen debating if I should let
them know I was home or just leave a note. I decided for the note.

Dear Annie

I had to go out of town to see a client. Sorry you weren't home

I'll be back Friday

I love you.


I stole one more peek at them and incredibly Mike was still nibbling on
her pussy. All the way to the airport, I was getting flashbacks of the
incredible scene I had just witnessed.

When I got to the hotel room, I called Annie. She was out of breath
when she answered the phone and several times during our conversation she
put her hand over the mouth piece and moaned. Neither of us mentioned
anything about sex and just in passing I asked how Mike was. To which
Annie replied Oh he's just being his usual self.

After I hung up, I jacked off so I could get some sleep. It was
difficult for me to focus on my work as my thoughts kept drifting back to
Annie and Mike. Knowing that they were probably having an orgy, made me a
little homesick.

The night before I was coming home, I called. The answering machine
picked up before Annie, then when she heard my voice, breathlessly she
picked up. She was giggling and said. Mike, stop it while I talk to

I told her when I would be home and that I was thinking about her and
missed her. She said I love you too (then she covered the mouthpiece as
she moaned "OH Mike, already I'm too sore to wipe myself." ) I'm sorry.
Mike is being playful tonight. (Again she covered the mouthpiece and
moaned and said something to Mike.) I'm sorry to keep interrupting you. I
miss you and am glad you'll be home tomorrow.

We blew each other kisses and said a goodnight. I kept thinking about
Mike nibbling on her pussy and how she gave him control over her body. I
had a strong feeling that there was a lot I didn't know about between them.
To my surprise I wasn't upset, I was turned on. The more I thought about
it the hornier I got. I made mental note to get a good look at her pussy when I got home.

In the morning I met with my client and we finished our business in a
few minutes. I called the airport and caught an earlier fight. My cock
was throbbing in my pants as I thought about Annie's throughly chewed
pussy. Judging by what I had seen they had only stopped for food and sleep.

I drove home from the airport in record time, parking several houses
away. I peeked in the windows checking to see where the sex addicts were.
Since it was a nice day, I suspected that they probably were out by the

My suspicions were confirmed by a playful bark, coming from the back
yard. Quietly I slipped into the house, heading to our bedroom. To my
surprise it didn't reek of sex and everything was neat.

Looking out the window Mike was licking Annie. She let his cock swing
free of her mouth and said "Mike stop mommy has to go potty." He lifted his
massive head and watched her as he let her up. My heart was in my throat
if she came in to use our bathroom she would see me. For the time being I
wanted to remain the voyeur.

Instead of coming in she went over to the poop hole I had made for Mike.
She got down just like a female dog. Mike had his snout very near her sexy
ass as she began to pee. What came next blew me away. I saw her ass-hole
open as she took a crap. Mike waited patiently, watching and sniffing.

Annie held her position as if waiting. Mike moved in and licked her
crotch. Annie let him lick for a couple minutes then stood up. Mike was
nuzzling her crotch and barking softly but insistently at her. I couldn't
hear what she said to Mike it must have been about sex as Mike's cock was
coming back out of its sheath. She led Mike over to one to the benches for
the picnic table and laid on it face up. Without any hesitation Mike
mounted she as her hand guided his cock to her pussy. It was then I saw
she had put booties on his front paws.

He was going to fuck my wife. A wave of emotions washed over me. I
felt everything from jealousy to intense arousal.

Mike's muscled hips powered his cock deep inside Annie's horny pussy.
Annie's legs went up stroking his flanks as she guided his mouth to her
milk dripping nipples. The way Annie's body was jerking. I'm sure she was
having multiple orgasms.

Just watching the hot action, I came in my pants. For a few minutes,
Mike pistoned his cock in her. Annie howled as his hips jammed had against
her. Her legs caressed his flanks as his hips slowed. Mike stood there as
Annie's held him. She was saying something to him as they stayed locked

They remained like that for the longest time, then Mike slowly backed
off. His cock made mine look tiny. While I stared at his cock he began
licking Annie's freshly fucked pussy. Annie lay there motionless except
the quivering of her tummy.

It was then that I decided I wanted to be a part of Annie's sexual
adventures even if it meant just being able to watch up close.

I snuck out of the house and went to my car. I drove around trying to
calm down and thinking about Annie. I stopped by my office and dropped off
my report then went home.

Annie met me at the door. She was nude but freshly showered. She
hugged and kissed me passionately, telling me that she missed me. Her mood
became somber as she peeked up at me.

I've a confession to make. I hope you understand and aren't too hurt.
Mike and I have been having sex. He also likes to have oral sex with me.
(I started to speak but Annie put a finger to my mouth.) Please let me
finish before I chicken out. The reason I didn't let you have regular sex
with me frequently, is that he gets kind of rough with me and makes my
pussy very sore. I have to tell you he has me addicted to his style of
sex. I've become his sex slave and I will do anything he wants.

I hugged her and said It's ok I'm not going to make a fuss. I've never
seen you as happy as you've been since Mike came to us. If this is what
you want it's fine with me I just want to know where I fit in.

Annie was crying and kissing me wildly telling me how much she loves me.
Then she looks down at my cock trying to bust out of my pants. I can see
you're not turned off by this she gleefully said.

She turned and said (over her shoulder) as far as where you fit in that
is something you and Mike will have to work out. I better let him before
he tears the door down.

Mike came running in barking at Annie then he came over to me. He
sniffed me all over and gave my face a lick. I scratched behind his ears
and ruffled his fur then he went back to Annie's side.

I went and got undressed and took a shower while Annie fixed dinner.
Over dinner Annie asked about my trip then she told me about her orgy with

Listening to her tell about having sex with Mike made my cock hard as a
rock and drooling pre come. Mike noticed this and several times licked my
cock but most of the time he had his nose into Annie's pussy.

Annie blushed as she got up and went to the refrigerator. She took out
a package of small hotdogs and tossed one to Mike. He caught it then
dropped it. Without a word she spread her legs and stuffed them in her
pussy. Mike watched her intently his tail wagging wildly. She came over
and sat slouched with her legs spread. Like a flash Mike had his nose
pushing her legs wider apart and his tongue searching.

Annie looked up and said he'll only eat food that has my pussy juice on
it or a few drops of my urine. Oh would you mind shaving my pussy tonight.

I was over whelmed by all of this but I managed to nod yes. With dinner
over I stood and moved close to watch Mike fish the last hot dog out of
Annie. She let him lick for a couple minutes then looking at my straining
cock stood up and took my hand.

Come let me do something about that. We went into the bedroom with Mike
following closely. Annie fell on the bed with her legs open. I took that
as an invitation to sink my cock in her pussy.

Kneeling between her legs I started to lower myself when Mike jumped up
on the bed and growled softly at me. When I let my cock head, touch Annie
he bared his teeth. Annie said I think he doesn't want you fucking me.
I'll gladly suck you off.

I said you mean I can't fuck my own wife. My dog is now in control.
Annie, looking worried said. I promise I suck it all you want and even
suck your balls but please don't make a fuss, I love you.

I moved up the bed and knelt next to her head. She eagerly sucked my
cock into her magic mouth. I looked over and Mike had moved between her
legs and started nibbling on her pussy.

I bent over slightly to get a closer look and Annie took her mouth off
my cock, telling me to move so I could watch him better.

I asked if it hurt when he bites like that. Annie moaned in response to
Mike nipping her clit then said a little bit. Nevertheless, he makes me
come so hard I love it. After these last few days I'm so sore I can't even
wipe myself but I'm getting used to it.. She swallowed my cock right to my
pubic hair ending further talking.

I watched fascinated with the way Mike would grab her clit in his teeth
and tug on it then let go and do it again. He then would do the same to
her labia. I was shocked at what her pussy looked like. Her clit and
labia had grown almost twice the size they were before Mike began playing
with them. Even her pussy mound was swollen from the nonstop sex.

I must be nuts, but I had never seen or done anything that turned me on
like I was now. My nuts gathered up and fired a huge load straight down
Annie's sucking throat. She didn't miss a stroke as she cupped my balls
coaxing out every drop of sperm.

Thru all of this Mike watched me, never stopping his ministrations to
Annie's pussy. When I started to ease my cock out of Annie's mouth, she
grabbed my ass holding me in place. I lost track of the climaxes we had
before Mike stopped and began pushing his nose under her ass.

Annie said he wants to fuck me now. Watch how his cock knot gets locked
in me. She got in the doggy position and Mike mounted her. With one
thrust he shoved his magnificent cock in her until the knot was hard
against her pussy mouth. He pumped her several times until the knot popped
in. Annie howled then said Oh god he's so fucking big. It hurts so good.
I love it!

In a few minutes he stopped humping. Annie said hold him in place.
He's coming! She paused then said. When you called last night, he was
fucking me. He wants sex all the time. He won't even let me go to the
bathroom alone.

At this point I confessed to watching her earlier. Annie kissed my cock
and said it looks like you can watch all you want and as long as you are
satisfied with my mouth, Mike doesn't mind. Annie moaned then said Oh god
he's made my pussy so sensitive I'm going nuts! I can feel his cock
pulsing and spraying his sperm. Feel how hot my pussy is. Pinch my clit,
pinch my nipples.

I reached up to touch her and saw how much his cock was stretching her
pussy mouth. Annie yelled DO IT!!! Her clit was on fire, it radiated heat
as it visibly throbbed. Watching this incredible sight made my cock get
hard yet again. The sight of Mike's magnificent cock stretching my wife's
pussy was beyond anything I had imagined. His cock had whipped their
juices into a white froth.

Annie was in another world, moaning and babbling as her body was
wracking with climax after climax. Clearly I was no match for Mike as a
lover. Her climax must have aroused Mike's cock as he began fucking her
with rapid fire strokes.

Annie was sweating up a storm from her exertions and something I had
never seen before. Milk would squirt from her nipples in spurts timed to
the grunts she was emitting. By the time Mike stopped and pulled his cock
out of Annie she was spent.

Mike laid down on the foot of the bed gently licking his softening cock.
Annie's voice sounded more like a croak as she asked me to get my shaving
stuff and shave her pussy bald.

I set to my assigned task with delight, totally fascinated with the
changes Mike had made to the appearance of her pussy. Annie appeared to
take a nap as I shaved.

As I was gently wiping the last of the shaving cream off, Annie sat up
and inspected my handy work. Thank you. Now I'll feel Mike's tongue even
better. Sometimes he would be bothered by some of my pubic hair on his

I bent down and kissed her pussy. What started as a brief impulsive
kiss turned into me licking her smooth flesh. My lips felt like they would
melt from the incredible heat that was still there. Somehow, Annie wound
up on top of me in a sixty-nine, Mike's doggy sperm draining into my mouth.

It wasn't long before Mike came over to check us out. To my relief he
didn't fuss about me sucking Annie's pussy. He did lick my face several
times then he started licking Annie's ass.

Annie quivered and yelled at me to do it like Mike does. At first I was
very tentative, afraid of hurting her. As I got the hang of it, Annie
rewarded me by deep throating my cock. I was ecstatic there was a place
for me in this crazy relationship.

Annie soon climaxed and as she did a burst of pee shot into my mouth.
Instead of sputtering and spitting it out I drank it! My balls had long
since been drained but my cock didn't care as it twitched with a climax
deep in Annie's throat.

We collapsed and just laid as we were for a while. I couldn't believe I
had just drank her piss and mike's sperm.

Annie stirred asking me to help her to the bathroom so she could shower.
Mike followed us into the bathroom but didn't try to come in the shower.

As we washed each other Annie said even with all the great sex we had in
the past I always felt there was something more for me. When Mike began
nibbling on my pussy, I was scared as hell that he would take a hunk out
with his powerful jaws. At first it was just my long floppy labia then he
discovered my clit.

Several times I tried to stop him but he just growled and went on. From
there he quickly made it clear who was in charge. He became more
insistent, wanting me frequently.

I was scared you would catch us and get rid of him but I was already
addicted to his chewing on my pussy. I know this whole thing isn't normal
but I want to be Mike's bitch. I only wish I could give him puppies.

I hugged and kissed her my heart overflowing with my love for my kinky
wife, the lover of our dog.

We dried off and fell on the bed and in minutes the three of us were
sound asleep.

Chapter 2 The Orgy

In the morning I woke when Mike got up and went outside for his morning
piss. I laid there wondering if last night had been a dream as cuddled up
to Annie.

She looked so innocent as she slept. Only when you looked closely did
you notice the fading teeth marks on her breast. Her breasts where full of
milk again and a drop was forming on each nipple. As I had done often
before I slid down and fastened my mouth over her nipple. I delighted in
the sweet warm life-sustaining fluid filling my mouth.

Annie moaned softly and ran her fingers lovingly thru my hair. I began
to think of switching to her other nipple, those thoughts evaporated when I
felt the bed jiggle. Mike didn't waste any time, in a flash he was
feasting on her other nipple.

The nipple I was sucking on began to run out of milk. I switched from
the demanding sucking to more of a caress. Annie stroked my head as a
mother strokes her baby.

After several minutes, Annie began squirming. I kissed her hard nipple
and asked what was the matter. Annie said I have to pee but I don't want
to disturb Mike.

Without a word I began kissing my way down her body. Annie said I have
to pee before any sex or we'll have a very wet bed. I slid between her
legs cupping her pussy with my mouth.

Annie softly said did you hear me when I said I have to pee, before any
sex? I looked into her eyes and gently sucked. Annie let a few droops
into my mouth then asked. Do you mean it?

I sucked harder and she shot a few spurts then her full flow gushed out
filling my mouth. I gulped her mildly tangy pee.

Annie was ecstatic, all ready the fires of lust had been relit in her
eyes. Her voice thickening with her building lust she asked if I would
like to see all the things she and Mike did while I was away.

I nodded yes as my tongue probed her pussy. The caress of my tongue was
making her pussy lips and clit swell with arousal. Not having the hair
made it feel a lot different and added to her youthful appearance.

Annie began moving to her building lust. Mike had now drained her boob
and was toying with the nipple. He would grab it with his teeth and nip it
then pull on it as he shook his head. Annie moaned and arched her chest up
to him not trying to stop him. She not only wasn't trying to stop him.
She was rubbing his cock sheath!

I couldn't understand why Annie was so willing to let Mike abuse her
flesh like this. When my teeth had scraped her nipple or labia she had
always told me to take it easy, that I was hurting her. While I was
contemplating this, my bladder informed me that it was full. I tried to
ignore it but you can't ignore mother nature.

Returning from the bathroom, Annie was holding on to her raised legs
presenting her crotch to Mike. As before, he was nibbling on her pussy flesh causing Annie to whimper with her building sexual heat.

Annie felt me rejoin them on the bed and with her voice slurred with
lust said He's fantastic. Look at him go at my lips. I love it.

Doesn't it hurt? How come you complained when my teeth would touch you?
With a dreamy look on her face Annie replied. He does it just right, not
hard enough to really hurt but hard enough to really make me tingle. What
really makes me swell up is, he does it so long.

When you were out of town, the only time he didn't keep me stimulated
was when we were asleep. What would really make this weekend perfect is
for you to let me love your cock and balls while he does it to my pussy. I
don't think he will ever let you put your cock in my pussy again but if you
want you can try for my ass.

I was stunned, never before had she let me near her ass. I started to
ask why the sudden change but Annie went into a big climax. Watching her
and Mike, I think I knew the answer. I didn't know whether to be jealous
or aroused. I was now second string to a dog.

Although Annie hadn't come out and said I could leave if I didn't like
it, I had the feeling that if I pushed I would be the loser.

Annie had hardly calmed down when Mike was nudging at her side with his
nose. Annie said all-right Mike I know your balls need to be drained.
I'll get up.

With that she assumed the traditional doggy position and Mike was on her
in a flash. When they got settled into a rhythm, Annie beckoned to me to
move my cock to where she could suck it. After gently sucking my cock into
her hot mouth she stopped and said his first fuck of the day tends to take
a while so enjoy. For the next half hour I watched Mike fuck Annie like a
true stud. He set a pace that had Annie in a sexual delirium. Her sucking of my cock was a reflection of Mike's fucking, at times gentle then
building in intensity.

If it was, possible Annie was sucking my cock with more love and passion
than last night. Maybe this crazy relationship would work. Annie was sure
trying to show me that she still loved me. I began to decide that not
being able to fuck her wasn't so bad. Then I remembered what she had said
about fucking her ass. Then I stopped thinking. Annie was sucking my
balls thru my piss hole.

Mike finally got enough pussy. He gently backed off Annie, licked her
pussy a few times then laid down licking his cock.

Annie, whispered lick my pussy it's swimming with Mike's sperm. I
crawled under her in a sixty-nine and locked my sucking mouth over her
drooling pussy. My tongue began searching out Mike's globs of stringy
sperm. As Annie flexed her pussy muscles, forcing Mike's sperm into to my
mouth. I gathered a mouth full then stirred it around savoring the taste
and the perversity of having a mouth full of my wife's lovers sperm. I was
getting hooked on this.

At the table eating breakfast Mike was back and forth between my cock
and Annie's pussy. Finished eating Annie went to the refrigerator and took
out a piece of sausage and slipped in her pussy then beckoned me to follow.

I wouldn't have missed this for a million dollars. Out on the pool deck
I noticed she hadn't put the booties on Mike's paws. I asked Annie about
the booties and she answered. Now you know about us I don't need to worry
about a few scratches.

Annie laid on the bench as I had seen her yesterday and Mike went after
the sausage in her. Time lost all meaning as I watched them. Annie was
climaxing repeatedly from Mike's treatment of her pussy.

Mike stopped licking then hopped up on Annie as she guided his cock into
her pussy. Watching them fuck I noticed Mike was looking for some place
for his front paws as he tried to hold onto Annie. The way Annie was
holding him I knew they were in no danger of getting separated until she
was ready.

I got an idea and quietly went into my workshop and began creating a
surprise for them. I was pleased that I found everything I needed. After
an hour I wondered what they were doing and went to see.

Annie walked over to the dog potty and squatted. Just then she saw me
and called me over. I kissed her and said Mike won't let you go inside.
Her eyes sparkled as she nodded yes then in a strange voice said watch me

This was the first time since we were married that she pissed so openly.
I stared as she spread her pussy lips then let her stream gush out. Annie
put her hand in her stream then rubbed it on her body. Her eyes were
closed but she had a dreamy look on her face. Mike moved in and his tongue
reached out tasting the last of her flow and licking her.

Strangely I wished that it was my tongue licking her. She remained
squatting her face a study of concentration then a grunt. To my total
shock my wife was taking a dump outdoors and in front of me! I would have
never believed she could be so totally uninhibited.

The act wasn't sexy, nor was it a turn off. What hit me, was how my
wife let it all hang out. Finished, she calmly went over to the garden
hose and washed herself.

Annie came over to me wearing nothing but a grin. It looks like junior,
needs some relief. At that she sank to her knees and inhaled my cock.
After a couple minutes she urged me to my knees as she got to her hands and

In a flash Mike had his snout in her pussy. After a few licks he
mounted her. Judging by the action my cock was getting she was really
getting fucked my Mike. Her moans and grunts were sending vibration right
to my balls. She had really meant it when she told me, If I would accept
her fucking Mike she would do her best to make me happy with her mouth.

My cock was in heaven. She had the head of it in her throat and was
doing something with her throat muscles and her tongue that was absolutely
incredible. My pleasure was heightened by watching Mike's well-muscled
body drive his cock into my wife's pussy with such power and skill.

Annie brought me off quickly then let my cock go. Mike had just stopped
humping and I thought he was done.

Annie asked me to hold Mike in her for a while. I was puzzled but did
as she asked. Annie looked over her shoulder and said. He is still coming
and his cock knot is huge, if I let him pull out now it really hurts. I
want to train him to stay in me until he goes down or fucks me again.
Right now his cock is throbbing and every time it does, he shoots another
hot jet of sperm into me. Wait until you see now much juice he pumps in

We stayed like the for a while, calmly talking. At one point Annie
looked over her shoulder at me and said please don't feel hurt but you
could never give me the kind of sex I'm getting now. It feels like there
is a quart of come in me and he's still shooting more.

I was fascinated with the whole thing and said. Relax, this is turning
me on too. I have never seen you happier and sexier, so it's O K with me.
I was just wondering what your girl friends would say if they saw you now.

Annie laughed then said they would probably faint, but every morning
when Mike and I go for a walk, several doors down the street, a woman comes
out to greet us. At first it was only occasionally but lately she comes
out when she sees us coming.

At first I tried to keep Mike from sniffing her crotch but after several
times she said she didn't mind. Then I noticed she would spread her legs
slightly. Just this last week she stopped wearing tight shorts and
switched to loose skirts. e Yesterday Mike stuck his nose under her skirt
and gave her several licks before she stopped him. She blushed and said
someone might see us and get the wrong idea.

I invited her to stop over and then we could talk freely. She said she
would but didn't say when.

Annie said he's done you can let him off. Mike didn't move at first
when I took me hands off his rump, then he slowly backed off.

I knelt next to them watching Annie's pussy as Mike's cock came out.
Even now the knot in Mike's cock stretched Annie's pussy lips until they
looked like they would snap. When the knot popped out a huge gush of dog cum, came out.

Annie giggled and said. boy he sure came a lot. Thanks for helping.
It feels so hot when he fills me like that.

I asked Annie a bunch of questions about how Mike cums. She answered
then said when he has a chance to reload I'll show you. I looked over to
see Mike licking his retracting cock. He looked like he would be out of it
for a while.

Annie took my hand and said lets get something to drink and give my
knees a break. Speaking of which maybe, you can make some sort of pad. I
grinned and guided her to my workshop where I showed her the bench I had
started. Annie's face lit up with delight and she hugged me telling me how
much she loves me for putting up with her.

We had just stepped into the kitchen when we heard a knock at the front
door. Annie hollered "Just a minute " as she ran in the bedroom and
returned wearing a robe. I ducked into the bedroom as she answered the

I heard a female voice then Annie invited her in. Annie called out to
me telling me that Joan was here. I threw on a pair of shorts and a tee
shirt then joined them.

Joan acted nervous about my presence so after a minute of idle chat I
excused myself and went out to my shop. Joan wasn't much to get excited
about. The shorts and halter top showed me nice legs and ass but not much
in the boob department. In a way she looked like Annie except stretched
another six inches.

As I went to work on Annie's bench, I remembered the intercom and that I
could listen to them talk in the kitchen without them knowing. I listened
as I worked, making just enough noise to let them know I was busy but not
so much I couldn't hear.

After a couple minutes it was obvious to me that Joan was interested in
Mike, and not just because he is a good-looking dog. Their conversation
got bolder and sex became the main subject.

Several times I heard my name mentioned but didn't catch the rest.
Wanting to give things a chance to get going. I stuck my head the kitchen
door and said. I had some errands to run and my brother had asked me to
stop by and help him for a while. Annie blew me a kiss and asked me to
call if I would be late for dinner.

Got in the car and drove it around the corner, where Joan wouldn't see
it if she happened to be walking home before I got to it. Quietly I
slipped back into my workshop and turned the intercom back on.

I was just in time to hear Annie say I know you didn't come over to talk
about sewing and cooking, let's go see Mike. I didn't hear Joan answer but
I did hear them open the sliding door and go into the pool area.

Thru the open shop window I heard nervous giggling then Joan said are
you sure he won't be back for a while.

Annie said when he and his brother get together it could be midnight
before he gets back. Come on, lets see Mike I'm sure he'll be glad to see

Joan giggled and said you mean lick me. I should have worn a skirt.
He'll slobber all over my shorts.

Annie laughed and said. If you are worried about him messing your
shorts, take them off. Joan gave Annie a funny look. You're serious,
aren't you, do you really let him lick you?

Annie looked her straight in the eyes and said isn't that what you came
over here for. The way you have been acting every time you see Mike. I
was sure that's what you wanted. If I'm wrong, I hope you'll have the
decency to not mention anything that was said here to anyone.

Joan blushed so much I could see it. I'm sorry this is all so new and
forbidden I'm not sure what I'm doing. When he licked me yesterday, I just
knew I couldn't stop there. With my husband out of town this weekend I
thought it would be a good time to find out if I really want to try a dog.
It was stupid for me to come here with your husband around. He'll think
I'm some kind of pervert.

Joan clasped her hands over her mouth, realizing what she had just said.
Blushing dark red she stammered I-I-I'm sorry. I guess I'm making a mess
of this. Everything is coming out wrong.

Annie touched Joan's arm, she spoke so softly I couldn't hear what she
said. Annie unfastened her robe and let it fall as she reached out to
Joan's halter top. Joan did not try to help but didn't stop Annie.

Joan's breasts popped into view. They were nothing to brag about not
only were they small, they sagged. In spite of that I couldn't take my
eyes off them. The whole ends of her boobs were areola supporting very
large nipples.

Tentatively Annie reached out and grasped something attached to Joan's
nipple. My eyes bulged as I tried to figure out what I was seeing.

Joan said they aren't much to look at but Harry likes to play with them
and is always doing something to them. His favorite is hanging weights on
them and seeing how far they stretch. When he isn't around, I take the
rings out and put the plastic line in to keep the holes open. Their
conversation was interrupted by Mike waking from his nap and wanting to
join in.

Mike sniffed at Annie then stuck his shout between Joan's legs. Joan
moaned then said all right you made your point. She pushed her shorts off
and stood there with her legs slightly spread. Yes I did come over to see
if you really do play with Mike. I just didn't believe someone who lived
so close to me would. Joan kept moving her feet further apart giving
Mike's tongue better access.

After a few minutes, Annie suggested Joan lay on the bench. Mike
growled softly at being interrupted. He had his nose right in Joan's ass
crack as she moved to the bench. Annie asked Joan if she wanted some titty
licking or just pussy licking for the time being. Joan said, Anything!

When Mike bared his teeth and began nibbling on her pussy lips Joan
sounded startled as she asked. What is he doing? Will he bite me? Annie
spoke softly and reassured her.

It must have been a half hour or more that Mike worked Joan's pussy over
and judging from the sounds she came several times.

Annie told Mike to mount her. As Mike aimed for Joan's pussy Annie
wrapped her hand around it so he wouldn't get his knot in her. Mike didn't
last very long but Joan didn't mind. Annie pulled him off and laid down
sucking Mike's cock into her mouth. Joan watched speechlessly as Annie
gave him a super blow job.

They sat around talking and petting Mike. I figured I had seen enough
and left to do some errands. Returning several hours later something made
me park out in the street and quietly enter the house.

When I peeked out back Joan was on the bench with her legs wrapped
around Mike. Annie had one hand on Mike's rump and the other was massaging
his balls as Joan moaned and whimpered. Annie asked if he was still

Joan said oh yes, this is fantastic. How often do you let him do this
to you? Annie answered whenever her wants. I don't have to ask him. He
lets me know when he's ready.

Joan asked a bunch of questions about how I reacted to this. They
talked for a good fifteen minutes as Mike kept squirting more cum in Joan's
belly as Annie explained our new relationship.

Joan said she thought Mike was done. Annie helped Mike off and as
Mike's cock popped free, dog cum gushed out. Joan and Annie giggled about
her pussy pissing dog cum.

It was close to dinner time so I thought I would go and put the car in
the garage to let them know that I was back. I fiddled around in the
workshop for a few minutes then peeked out the window. I was surprised to
see Joan laying on the bench again with Mike licking away.

I even started the table saw thinking they surely would hear it. As I
stepped out the backdoor onto the pool deck Annie came over and said Mike
had seduced her too. We heard you come in but Joan said she doesn't care
if you see her, she's hooked on sex with Mike.

Grinning I said. Wait until her husband finds out he has been replaced
by a dog. Annie hugged me and said maybe you'll have to help her to get
him, to see it your way.

I kissed her and said anything for a fellow displaced husband. How does
she like having her pussy nibbled on?

Annie laughed and said I haven't been able to a lick from him since she
came here. You should see how big her clit is. Come on over and get a
close look.

Annie knelt at Joan's side watching Mike drive her wild. After she came
down from an orgasm, she opened her eyes and looked at me. She said Mike
seduced me then your wife let him fuck me silly, now I'm hooked on him.

I chuckled and said maybe I should charge for his stud service. Do you
think there are other ladies in the neighborhood who would want his

Joan laughed and said they would if they tried him. I love the way he
just keeps on squirting his cum in me. Harry just gets out one little
squirt. The best part is when he locks that huge knot in me and keeps
trying to shove his cock in my womb.

Mike stopped licking and mounted her. She smiled and said does he ever
get enough? Annie asked if she wanted him to stop. Joan wrapped her legs
around Mike and asked if she had to. Annie tickled one of Joan's nipples
and said when he's finished we can stop and have dinner.

I joined Annie in playing with Joan's nipples and that inflamed her lust
even more. I asked Annie if she had shown Joan where the potty was.

She's kinkier than I thought, she likes to be showered and drink it.
Annie laughed at my surprise. She said when I started to pee she stopped
me and had me straddle her. When I was finished, we swapped places. You
are right. It is fun and kind of sexy, especially seeing it come out of
her little pee hole.

Joan popped out of her lust trance and said you can pee on me too.
Harry does it all the time. She then lapsed back to her moans and

Annie said, pinch her nipple it makes her cum hard. We did and Joan's
body went wild, as strange sounds came from deep within her.

I looked at Annie and said. It looks like Mike has a new playmate


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