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KAY sucked first one then the other



My Niece Kay by Uncle Larz

My wife and I live a quiet life on our small ranch here in the
California dessert about 100 miles east of Los Angeles. She has Smokey,
her horse to keep her busy and I have my dirt bike and buggy. I love the
solitude while Betty, my wife, prefers a house full of people.

Our house is way too big for just us two but we love it that way.
Besides the bedroom we share, each of us has our own room to do with as we
please . Mine is full of computer stuff and hers is full of nick nacks.
Both also has a bed to accomidate guests. I don't particulary like to give
up my computer room for guests but Betty invites visitors all the time
anyway. It's a small price to pay for her putting up with me being online
so much of the time. I try not to grumble too much when we have a guest in
my computer room.

My sister lives about an hour away with her husband, two daughters and a
grand daughter in a tiny two bedroom house. As you can imagine this
arrangement puts quite a strain on all of them. Because of this we
occasionally invite one or two of them here for the weekend, usually the
older daughter and her daughter.

That's why it didn't seem unusual when my niece Kay called to ask if she
could spend a little time with us the summer before last. I agreed to a
weekend visit without consulting my wife as I thought she would be tickled
for the company. She came in from her flower garden in the back yard and
asked who had just called. I told her it was Kay and she was comming for
the weekend. She just smiled and asked" You haven't seen Kay since last

"Let's see, Christmas at their place. Yes that's the last time I saw
her,why?" I asked.

" No reason but I just saw her and your sister a couple of weeks ago.
You should prepare yourself for a little shock,thats all." She never lost
her sly grin as she spoke.

" What kind of shock?" I asked knowing by her grin that she wasn't going
to tell me anything I wanted to know.

" Kay has changed since Christmas dear." was all she came back with.

" I'm not sure I follow you. What kind of change?" I couldn't imagine
much of a change in just six or seven months.

" She's not a little girl anymore,for one thing." she was still

" She just turned fifteen in Febuary as I recall." I hoped my math was

" Yes she is fifteen but she isn't the little girl she was the last time
you saw her." she insisted.

" She is still a little girl at fifteen and I can handle any little
girl,thank you." I stated with confidence.

" I'm going to remind you that you said that." she gave me a peck on the
cheek before she went back to her flowers.

There was a black vw bug in my driveway when I got home Friday after
work. I had never seen it before so I was a little curious when I went in
the house. My wife was alone in the front room with a big grin on her
face. I asked who the bug belonged to as I stepped down into the sunken
living room.

She just smiled and said" It's a surprise."

" Who owns that bug out front?" I asked again.

" Thats mine Uncle Larz. Are you glad to see me?" a voice from behind
me answered my question.

As I turned my niece gave me a big hug. I felt her body pressing
against me and hugged back. After just a few seconds I pulled back to have
a good look at her. I almost didn't recognize her.

Large black sun glasses hid her beautiful green eyes. Kay had her hair
cut very short and about fifteen or twenty rings in her ears. She was
wearing a belly shirt that almost showed the bottom of her titties,
especially as she was still standing on the tiled floor about 12 inches
above the floor I was standing on. Her cutoff levi shorts were split up so
high on the sides that I could easly see her bright red silk panties. Her
knee high logger boots certainly didn't go with that outfit but then what
would ?

This wasn't my niece! My niece wore cute little dresses and acted like
a little girl.

I turned to look at my wife for some clue as to what was going on. She
just grinned even bigger and told us to have a seat on the couch.

"So tell us what brings you up here ? Just a weekend visit?" she asked
Kay as she headed to the kitchen.

" Yea, just thought I'd like to spend some time with you guys." She
answered as she bounced down to my level and headed to the couch.

I just sat there with my mouth open. Now that she had her arm drapped
over the back of the couch I could clearly see the bottom of her titties.
She didn't seem to care or even notice. After a few more moments of silent
starring she finaly spoke.

" What's wrong uncle Larz?" she questioned .

I fumbled for something to say when finally my wife spoke.

" I think he's trying to get used to the new Kay. He doesn't take on
new ideas very well ." she answered for me as she handed me a cold beer.

" You're so different . What happened?" I finally blurted out.

Both of the women laughed.

" I don't suppose you've notice over the last year or so but Kay has
grown up." Betty said.

" Don't ya like the way I turned out Unk?" Kay joked.

"I'm sorry Kay, I didn't mean to be rude. Of course I like the way you
turned out, you're beautiful. It's just such a change from the last time I
saw you that's all." I finally regained a little of my composure.

" Talk about changes,how do you like the bug?" she asked.

" That's your bug? Who drove it here? Is someone here with you?" I

" That's the bug mom and dad gave me. I just painted it thats all. I
drove it here by myself." she said in a very confident voice.

" Wow! I must really be out of it. I didn't even realise that you were
old enough to get a license. So how old are you exactly?" I was trying to
get a handle on everything going on. It seemed like only last christmas
she was fourteen and now she was all grown up and driving .

" Sixteen." came a quiet reply.

" Could you speak up a little dear. I didn't hear how old you are." my
wifes voice had a little edge to it.

" Almost a couple of months." she said .

" A little more like eight months ." Betty corrected .

" So how did you get a license at fifteen ?" I asked like a dummy.

She just smiled.

" Honey,are you driving that car without a license?" Betty asked.

" Well sort of." Kay offered.

" Kay,do your parents know you have that car out?" I stared her right in
the eyes to get a straight answer.

She looked at her watch and said " They do now."

I thought before I spoke next" I'm sorry but one of us has to call your
house. Either they are worried sick or they have the police looking for
you. In either event they deserve to know that you and the car are here
and safe. Do you want to make the call of shall I?"

" Could you Uncle Larz? I don't want to talk to either of them." her
voice trembled just a little.

" Excuse me. I've got a call to make." I said as I walked down the hall
to my den.

I dialed the phone and waited for my little sister to answer.

" Hello?" I heard.

" Belinda, this is Larz. Kay is here with the car. She is fine." I
informed her.

" Thank God!" she breathed a sigh of relief. I could hear her telling
John the news. I heard him ask if she was ok. They chatted for a second
then John got on the extension.

" Hello Larz." his tone told me he was mad as hell.

" Hi John. Whats up?" I cautiously asked.

" Is my little troubble maker there bothering you? Do you want me to
come get her?" he asked with some hesitation in his voice.

" If you two are fighting I don't want to get in the middle of it. You
do what you think is right." I told him honestly.

" Keep her!" John said and hung up his phone .

" Now what?" I asked.

" Larz could you let her stay there for a couple of days while John
cools off?" Belinda asked.

" You know you don't even have to ask. Of course she can stay." I
assured her.

" Thanks a million big brother. They both need a little time to cool
off, thats all." Belinda promised.

" She will be fine here for the next couple of days." I hoped I was
telling the truth.

We said good bye and hung up.

I went back to the front room.

" Your mom and dad think you should spend a couple of days here and I
agree." I offered.

" Cute Unk but I gotta get going before they get here to take the car
back. I'll bet you're just trying to keep me here long enough for them to
get here." she said as she got up to leave.

" No I swear that's not true. Your mom said she wanted to keep you and
your dad apart for at least a couple of days. Call Toni and check if you
don't believe me." I said as I pointed to the phone .

" Not just yet. I'll give them a couple of minutes." she said flatly.

We chatted for about fifteen minutes before she dialed her sisters cell
phone and waited for an answer. I pushed the speaker phone button so we
would all hear what was going on.

" Hi Kay, how ya doing?" Toni said without waiting for Kay to identify

" OK. Are they coming after me?" Kay asked .

" Comming after you? Hell, Dad says you can live there permantly if
Uncle Larz and Aunt Betty can put up with you! He told mom not to come
after you. You have to come home on your own or just stay away this time."
Toni explaned.

"Thanks Toni. I'll call in a couple of days!" she seemed relieved as
she hung up the phone.

" Toni would never lie to me. So, can I stay a couple of days ?" she

I looked to my wife.

" Don't put me in the middle of your family squabbles. I'd love to have
company but this is all your decision." Betty shot at me as she went back
to the kitchen.

" How many places do I set for dinner?" she called from the kitchen.

I winked at Kay and she called out" Three, if you don't mind."

" I don't mind at all honey. I welcome the company." She called back
over the clatter of dishes and silverware being set out.

"I really appreciate this uncle Larz" she seemed sincere.

"Hey,no problem. We love company, especially you little Kay." I
replied. We had called her little Kay since she was a baby.

" Little Kay ?" she asked as she arched her back thrusting her titties
fully out and showing them almost to the nipples.

" I guess now would be a good time to stop calling you that?" I asked as
I stared at her exposed flesh.

" Thanks Uncle Larz" Kay responded with genuine enthusiam.

I noticed something shiny in her mouth as she talked but I couldn't
quite make out what it was.

Betty called us to dinner before I could ask about it.

She pulled her half shirt back over her titties before we went in to
eat. I followed her closely, watching the sexy sway of her cute butt as she
walked. I noticed many things about her that I never noticed before. I
also noticed my wife watching me as I watched her. She just smiled that
cute little "I told you so" grin.

Betty joined us as we all sat down at the table.

" Before we get started I just want to clear the air. Kay, I feel like
you put me in kind of a tough spot with your parents. If you're going to
stay I don't want any more lies about anything! When I ask a question
either I get the truth or don't even answer, ok?" I said in a stern voice.

" I'm sorry uncle Larz. I swear that from now on it's the truth or
nothing." she promised.

I just looked at my wife and said nothing. She knew what I was
thinking. After thirty years together, most of our communication was
automatic. She smiled and nodded her" yes dear" gesture. She wouldn't be
hiding anymore secrets about Kay for the next couple of days anyway.

We had a very nice dinner and sat around chatting for the next couple of
hours. I tried to bring up the subject of her fight with her dad but she
carefully avoided it or just changed the subject. It was ten thirty when
Kay yawned and stretched about three times in three minutes, exposing her
titties each time, so Betty suggested that we let her get some sleep.

Betty headed to our bedroom while I led Kay to my den. I saw when we
got there that she was already set up. Her suitcase was on the dresser in
the walk-in closet and the bed was turned down. I asked if she needed
anything else. She assured me that she had everything she needed so I
turned to leave.

" Goodnite Uncle Larz." she said as I walked out.

I turned to say goodnite and saw that she had taken her shirt off and
was unzipping her shorts. As she had her back to me I figured she didn't
know that I had seen her so I just walked out without speaking.

When I climbed into bed Betty slid her hand softly against my raging
hardon. She ran her fingernails over my thigh,across my balls and up the
underside of my cock. I thought she was going to get mad.

" I figured this would be as hard as a nail tonight" she whispered in my

" You're not mad are you?" I wispered back.

" How could I be mad at you for this? After all, Kay has been flashing
her tits and ass all nite for you. I would have been surprised if this
wasn't hard." she wispered as she squeezed my cock." Now let's put it to
some good use."

She got up and closed the bedroom door. When she crawled back into bed
she slid down to cover my dick with her mouth while leaving her pussy near
my face. We hadn't done this for quite some time but I didn't hesitate. I
really like eating her pussy. I licked her snatch for several minutes
before I went for her clit. Being together for all these years has one
great reward. I know exactly how to get her to cum quickly. After her
first orgasm she relaxed enough to let my cock free from her grasp.

I layed beside her casually licking her clit and sliding my hand up and
down her ass. In a couple of minutes and she was ready for round two.

I turned to get in position to mount her but she gently pushed me onto
my back. She swung her leg over me and took just the tip of my cock into
her hungry pussy. I could feel the heat from her hot cunt as she lowered
her tities onto my face. Eagerly I sucked first one then the other nipple
into my mouth. As I sucked she lowered onto my shaft . Her pussy ,being
wet and slippery, slipped easily over my throbbing cock. When she was
completely impaled she began to rock forward and back at a furrious pace. I
could feel her juices flowing down my balls and into the crack of my ass.
This is my favorite position even if I can't last very long at it. She
began to come in just a few strokes and kept cumming untill I joined her a
minute or so later. This was a short fast fuck,taking no more than five or
six minutes total.

When we were both spent she leaned foward and wispered" I'll expect one
of these every night that you come to bed hard,ok?"

My answer was silent and swift. I just lifted my hips and ramed back
into her. My cock almost never stays hard after a good fuck but this time
was different. Her cum lubricated pussy allowed me to sink into her up to
my balls. I rolled her onto her back,never breaking contact and began a
slow steady rythem. With her legs hooked over my arms ,held high and
spread wide, I pushed in deeper and faster as I pulled her to me. I could
feel my cum being forced from her pussy with each deep thrust. The sound
being made each time my cock slapped into her cum soaked pussy only served
to excite me more. I began to feel a tingling sensation deep in my balls.
As it grew in intensity I pumped faster, harder and deeper.

" I'm going to cum." I breathed as I pushed deep into her and held it

" Yes, I'm ready. cum in me now!"she grunted back.

Besides the throbbing of my ejaculation I could feel the contractions of
her orgasm. Her cunt muscles milked every drop of cum from my dick as I
held her legs tight and pushed into her.

I leaned forward and kissed her,first on the lips then on each nipple.
Sometime durring this final kiss my shrinking cock slipped from her snatch with a loud sucking noise. Rather than jumping up and running to the
bathroom as she usually did she reached out to hold me. I curled up next
to her, our arms and legs interlaced and fell asleep almost instantly.

I was having the most erotic dream about Betty and Kay when my alarm
went off. I take quite a while to wake up sometimes. Thats why I have my
alarm set so early, so I can hit the snooze button three or four times
before I have to wake up.

I hit the snooze button but it didn't shut off this time. After a few
seconds I felt Betty shaking me awake.

"What?" I mumbled as she shook me.

" That's not your alarm clock. It's the burgular alarm. I think Kay
opened a window. You better check!" she wispered.

" Kay!" I yelled" did you open a window?"

A soft voice came from the other side of our bedroom door" Sorry to wake
you guys. I just wanted some air. It's hot in there" she apologized.

" You take care of it." my wife mumbled as she rolled over to go back to

" OK." I agreed as I climbed out of bed.

" Don't forget your robe. You don't want to scare her to death." she
was probably back to sleep before I found my robe.

I slipped my robe on and opened the door. A blast of hot air hit me as
I went thru the door to the little hallway just outside. We had forgotten
to open our bedroom door after our lovemaking. The cooler in our room can
drop the temp of the house thirty or forty degrees in just a few minutes so
I turned it on high and blocked our door open. I went to the alarm control
panel by the front door and hit the kill button. Kay went in to open the
window and make sure I had turned the right one off. As her window is
right next to the front door I just stepped outside to make sure she got
the window opened ok.

I stood there in the dark and felt the hot air gently blowing out from
her room. I asked thru the window if it was geting cooler. She answered
that it was so I went back inside to bed. I was sitting on the edge of the
bed trying to remember if I had shut the front door. I couldn't remember
so I went to check it. As I arrived at the front door I saw that it was
standing wide open and the alarm light wasn't on. I stepped thru the door
gently shutting it behind me. This time in front of her window I could
feel the hot air rushing out with great force. As I stood there a faint
memory was triggered deep in my brain. It took a couple of seconds to
register but suddenly I realized she was smoking pot.

" Well?" a very quiet soft voice said.

" Well what?" I answered.

" You just going to stand there and watch or what?" she spoke again.

" Sorry, I wasn't watching I was smelling." I said back.

" Yea! Right!" she obviously didn't believe me.

" I forgot to reset the alarm . Then I smelled the pot." I accused.

" Oh Shit! Your'e not going to tell aunt Betty, are you?" I could hear
the fear in her voice.

My wife had a lot of quirks but one she would never bend on was drugs.
She hated them and would definately call the cops or at least kick her out
in the middle of the night.

" Put it out and go to sleep.That's where I'm going." I told her as I
turned to go back to bed once again.

I went back into the house, shut the door and reset the alarm. When I
turned to go back to bed I felt someone near me. She didn't touch me but I
could still feel her presence. I stood still untill my eyes adjusted to
the darkness. I wasn't sure but it looked like she was naked. Maybe it
was just a combination of me being half asleep and wishfull thinking.

" Kay?" I wispered.

"Yes." she wispered back.

"Are you going to tell on me?" she asked.

" No, I don't think so." I answered flatly. This was something not to
be decided half asleep and in the dark.

" Please don't Uncle Larz ." she came closer and pleaded.

Now I was sure that she was naked or nearly so. I wasn't positive about
her bottom but I could plainly see her nipples standing out from her

She slid her arms inside of my robe and hugged me close to her.

" Please don't...I'll do anything if you don't tell." she said into my
ear. Now I could definately tell that she was naked. I felt warm skin
touching me in all the best places. She trapped my cock between her legs
as it began to get hard. The sensation of it growing between her thighs
brought it to full attention immediately.

" Kay" I wispered" we can't do this"

I started to pull back from her. My brain said to move but my body
stood still enjoying the feeling.

" Why not?" she wanted to know.

"It's wrong 'cause you're my little niece that's why. " I managed to

" There's that 'little' crap again Unk." she had a slight edge to her

She prssed her firm titties against my chest and shook a little. I
could feel every inch of her body pressed against me. Her thighs felt like
fire on my cock . I don't know which felt better, my chest against her
tits or my trapped dick.

I know I should have said something or maybe I should have just gone to
bed but I didn't do either. The longer I stood there the more I wanted to
stay. In less than a minute I had lost all desire to leave.

She took my inaction as consent, I'm not sure that it wasn't.

I felt her tender lips pressing against mine . I kissed her back. This
she took as a signal to my complete abandonment of all morals and
judgement. She began a hot trail of kisses down my chin to my neck and
chest. As she suckeled on my nipples, first one then the other, I made a
feble attempt to stop her. I placed my hands on the back of her head
thinking to pull her away from me. With out conscious thought my hands
eased her down toward my engorged shaft instead of pushing her away. She
wrapped her hands around my ass as she moved back toward the drop to the
living room. This put her at just the right height to suck my cock. All
my actions from then on seemed distant and out of body.

As I felt her sweet lips engulf my hardon I remembered that I hadn't
washed it since fucking Betty. She didn't seem to notice and continued
sucking it with enthusiam. I felt her finger rubbing my asshole while she
sucked me. She spread my ass cheeks and worked a finger into me. When she
penetrated my ass I shoved my whole cock as deep into her throat as I
could. I held onto the back of her head and thrust into her mouth. She
began a rythem with her finger that matched her lips. The sensation of her
sucking and probing had me ready to cum for the third time that nite.

In a few minutes I felt that familiar feeling deep in my balls signaling
I was going to cum. I pulled her head back to warn her.She just went back
to sucking faster and harder. I could feel my balls constricting, sending
a load of cum racing thru my cock. She felt it as well and began to
swallow as I came in her mouth. I got weak in the knees and almost lost my
balance. With both hands on my ass she pulled me deeply into her while
swallowing every drop I gave her. After I had cum and was going soft she
continued to suck me clean. Finally she released my cock and began to lick
my balls. She was definately the best cock sucker I have ever met.

As she finished me up I pulled her back up to my level. She pressed her
body against mine and kissed me again.

" That little pot thing is going to be our secret, right?" she wispered.

" Definately!" I wispered back.

" Look." I said" I'm really sorry about my dirty dick. Aunt Betty and I
made love earlier and I didn't get a chance to clean up. I am so sorry"

" No shit. I could hear you guys going at it for hours. I just layed
there rubbing my pussy while I listened to you. I got off three times and
I still needed a good fucking. " she confessed.

" Is that why you opened the window?" I asked.

" No. I opened the window so you wouldn't smell the pot. I forgot
about the alarm, I swear." I believed her.

" But I did hope that you would still have some cum that I would get to
lick off." she wispered with a giggle." I love the taste of cum especially
when it's on a cock."

" I have to confess though, I really like it fresh from the source." she
gripped my soft cock as she said this.

" Honey,that's about it for this old dick tonite. I couldn't get it
hard again if we put it in the freezer." I said.

" There's always tomorrow!' she said as she disappeared down the hall to
her room.

My wife was snorring softly as I got back into bed. She rolled against
me and drapped her arm over my ribs as she always did in her sleep.

I drifted off to sleep thinking of the promises made tonite by both
horny women. I was going to need a good breakfast tomorrow!


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