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KEITH sucked it but this visual display


A note to the reader: This story was written originally by me in 1988.
It is published here in for the first time in December 1997.
It's a light happy sex story, without a lot of buildup or character
development. I've written better, but some have said they like it so I've
resisted the urge to revise in favor of spending time writing new stories.
Enjoy! And please, send me some feedback. My email address is at the end of
the story.

Keith's Letter

by David L

Hi! I'm Keith, a college freshman who's just experiencing the joys and
troubles of living away from home for the first time. I'd like to share one
of my newest and most exciting adventures with you.

I've been living with my current roommate, Jim, for several months
now and we get along great. Jim is several years older than me, and I've
been learning a lot from him, not all of which is related to my studies. I'm
currently unattached, but Jim has a wild new girlfriend, Marsha, and they
have sex nearly constantly. Since we have a small apartment with thin
walls, the sounds of their sexual ecstasy nearly drove me crazy at first,
until I learned to share in their joy at least vicariously.

Each night after they came in from their date they would head for the
bedroom in an excited mood, sometimes pausing for some conversation, but
sometimes with hardly a nod in my direction. At first I thought this was
rude, but after a few trysts myself (when I got lucky) I understood when I
saw that special glint of lust in their eyes as they walked hand-in-hand to
Jim's room.

Gradually, I realized that listening to their lovemaking and using my
imagination was better, and cheaper, than reading the sex magazines I had
always jerked off to. If I was still up when they came in, usually pretty
late, I would retire to my room and get ready for bed as I listened to the
sound of their stripping and the many pauses when silence or maybe a low
moan was all there was to hear. In my mind I could imagine the kisses,
carresses, and lascivious touches that must be going on as they took their
already aroused bodies to new heights. I would settle in and grab my hard
cock, stoking slowly as I heard the creaking bedsprings, sighs, and finally
the rythmic thrusting as they fucked one another's brains out. Marsha
almost always would cry out when she climaxed, and I would try to time
my own release with hers. I could tell, as I'm sure Jim could also, about
how close she was by the pitch and urgency of the little cries she made as
they worked their genitals together in the sweet urgency of lust.

But after I came, the sex sounds would continue unabated as Jim, with
self control I could only marvel at, would continue to fuck his lover to
several more climaxes until at last, with a groan of triumph, he would
release his pent up sperm and they would collapse (I could hear the final
groan of the abused bedsprings) in a sweaty, exhausted heap of satisfied
flesh. Often during this last phase they would change positions and my
imagination went wild trying to guess their configurations as I too got hard
again and continued to masturbate. After an hour or more, we all three
would be spent and sleep soundly through the night.

This went on for a while, and as time went by I got to know Marsha
better and we became close enough to discuss personal matters. One day over
a few beers while Jim was working late, Marsha mentioned that she was sorry
that they had to bother me with their sexual activity at night, but they had
no other place to go and she hoped it wasn't too offensive for me. I
surprized myself by confessing that it was no bother at all, in fact I
enjoyed listening to their extraordinary lovemaking and that it kind of
turned me on (an understatement if there ever was one). She then surprized
me by saying that she liked that, and that it was always one of her favorite
fantasies to be making uninhibited love while being watched by people she
trusted. I was too stunned to reply, so she asked me if I would like to
watch her and Jim make love one night. After only a moments hesitation I
said "Sure!". She promised to try and talk Jim into it, and if he gave the
green light, which she thought he would, she'd let me know.

The next several days were a fever of anticipation, as I awaited the
verdict without daring to mention anything to Jim directly. One night,
after a few beers and some good conversation, Jim and Marsha drifted back
to the bedroom as usual, and I prepared to go to bed, but then Marsha
re-emerged, smiled a delightful, lewd smile and said "Would you like to
come in?".

In my bathrobe and nothing more, I hastily grabbed a hankerchief and
followed Marsha through the door into Jim's small room. Marsha still had
on her shorts and halter top, but Jim lay sprawled on the bed, hands behind
his head, totally naked and sporting his hard meat laying back across his
belly in the dim red light they must have been using for their romantic
activities all this time. With a smile he invited me to have a seat in the
only chair in the room, at the foot of the bed, saying somewhat arrogantly
that Marsha had said I needed a little extra sex education, and he was only
too happy to provide. I was too excited and horny to take offense, and sat
down in numb anticipation.

"Enjoy the Show!" said Marsha, casting kind of a knowing look in my
direction, as she turned down the light and lit two candles on either side
of the bed. Jim's eyes and mine followed her as she stood at the foot of
the bed between us, moving her petite and sexily rounded body suggestively
as she reached to undo her halter top. I enjoy looking at centerfold models
and other "perfect" girl's bodies, but I know what real girls look like too,
and, believe me, I'll take the real girls any day. Marsha is a very real
girl, with her round sexy ass and just-true sized tits, and as she revealed
them to us I felt my cock stiffen at the sight of the sweet firm globes with
their silver-dollar sized areolas and pointy-tipped nipples.

She was not embarrased at all, revealing herself so intimately in front
of her lover and a friend -- in fact, it was obvious she was enjoying it and
savoring our reaction to her charms. I reached beneath my rode and rubbed
my tool as she slipped off her tight shorts, freeing her beautiful ass for
all to see. As she bent over to remove the shorts and panties from around
her ankles, my rearward position allowed a delightful glimpse down her
spread crack and in between the luscious legs, where I could just detect
the glint of candlelight on the shiny folds of her obviously aroused pussy lips in their hairy hideaway.

She spun slowly around, giving us a full look at her youthful sexy
body, and noticed me furtively masturbating in contrast to Jim's uninhibited
display on the bed, where he still coolly surveyed his lover's lusty body
with his hands behind his head and his dick stiff as a rod. "Don't be shy!"
she admonished playfully, "We won't tell anybody!". I let the robe fall
away and my rather large cock stand up free and proud. She smiled sweetly,
but showed no other reaction as she turned to Jim and crawled up the bed
towards him. I stared unashamedly at the beautiful sight of her raised ass
facing me with it's wet slit surrounded by light brown pubic hair,
signalling the aroused state her little show had put her in.

Approaching his hard cock, still untouched by human hands, she bent
her head and simply licked it, from his balls to the swollen purple head,
like an ice cream cone, with her long tongue fully extended. As she coated
his genitals with saliva, it struck me that normally she probably would
just have taken it in her mouth and sucked it, but this visual display was
for my benefit -- and hers. Knowing from past experience listening that I
was in for a long session, I refrained from mastubating furiously like I
wanted to do, but kept up a slow pace on my burning dick as she stroked
his tool lovingly, sending sweet thrills through his body I'm sure. After
several minutes of licking and sucking, during which she varied her
activity to include special licks on the underside of the head and long deep
sucks, she finished her tongue lashing and crawled further up his body.

The sensations on his aroused and waiting cock had closed his eyes and
drawn his head back in overflowing pleasure, and as she stopped he held that
attitude and awaited her next move. I expected her to impale herself on his
rigid stake, but was a little surprized to see her straddle his chest
instead, placing her hot cunt lips directly on his navel where his cock head
lay. With agonizing slowness she moved her hips down and then up his red lewd dick, spreading her lubrication where her saliva still shone, then with
a riding motion slowly moved up his body leaving a trail of slick wet pussy juice behind her. I had never see anything like this, and realized how much
I still had to learn. I felt close to coming and tried to slow down, but it
was hard, let me tell you.

Finally she reached her goal, and raising herself up slightly she
positioned her slick pussy directly above his mouth and lowered her ass to
kiss his waiting lips with her most sensitive ones. Since the candles were
towards the bottom of the bed, they cast enough light into the shadowy
crack for me to see his sensual tongue working rythmically in her folds as
his hands moved around to caress her firm ass cheeks. His poor neglected
dick once again lay hard and shiny across his belly, but he coolly continued
to lick up and down her genital area as she pulled her head back and let go
with that low, deeply aroused moan I had so often heard during what I had
thought was a fairly standard kissing-and-feeling foreplay session. How
could they STAND it without cumming like crazy? I was so close and they
hadn't even good and started yet.

After a few minutes of this tongue work, complete with more moans and
some squirming on his face, she could take no more and lifted off his
juice-covered lips and backed down to his still waiting member, showing me
in the process her fully aroused labia fairly pouting through the matted
pubic hair between her legs. She squatted above his dick, taking it in her
hand and applying the big shiny head to the right spot where her empty slit
waited to be filled. But even in the lust-frenzy she must have been in she
remembered her audience like a true performer, and paused with his dickhead
just nestled, still not out of sight, in the very entrance of her joy hole.
There she held for a moment, letting my bulging eyes feast and his
anticipation build before lowering just an inch, squeezing the bulging head
out of sight into the soft tight cavern of love. I looked up briefly,
seeing his glazed eyes locked with hers as they increased their mutual
pleasure by increasing their mutual contact. Inch by inch her ass decended,
his eyes closing with ecstasy, her face transformed into slack-jawed
slit-eyed drooling lust. I sensed the overwhelming pleasure the teasing
build-up had brought them to, and this vicariously-felt sensual drowning
coupled with my own now-furious hand job brought me over the edge and I
squirted copiously, the hankerchief I had so prudently brought with me

As my body stiffened I had to close my eyes, but as the ecstasy of the
uninhibited orgasm subsided I opened them again to see once again the
fully coupled bodies of the lovers resting in suspended lust, the rude
stump of his shining juice-covered cock just visible in a jungle of
mutually entwined hair between their sweaty legs. She was bent forward,
and my dick, never very soft, stiffened anew as I saw his puckered lips
licking and sucking her pointed stiff sensitive nipples. How much more
could they take? I knew they were holding off the moment of release as
long as possible to get the maximum intensity of climax, and to prolong
the exquisite joy of mutual stimulation. I begin stroking again, slowly
and lovingly, as she at last began to pump her hips up and down on his
prick. She began with a slow rhythm, about five steady humps and a pause,
and as she paused he would swing into motion and thrust upwards several
times as she held her ass steady to take it.

Once as she held ready, taking his fucking in her pussy, she turned to
look back at me. Her eyes were filled with lust, and she looked at my hard
dick and smiled. I stroked harder, and she responded by fucking back with
her ass in time with my hand. I stopped, and she stopped, and smiled again.
How could she know? But she was clearly inviting me to time my orgasm with
her own impending one, unaware of my previous and somewhat premature cum.
But this unspoken, lewd communication suddenly aroused me to a peak again,
and incredibly within only a few minutes of unloading I was ready once more.

Satisfied that we understood one another, she turned again to face her
oblivous lover, who was also probably on the verge of releasing his load
too. She groaned, and began a faster paced fucking, which he responded to
with little thrusts of his own, out of control now. His juice-covered dick
sluiced in and out of the frothing pussy, as they drove to climax. The bed
springs creaked in a familiar pattern as her moans and squeals rose higher
in pitch. I groaned too, to let her know I was close, and I stroked my
burning dick in time to their pumping loins.

In a short, burning, ecstatic time the inevitable moment arrived on
golden wings as her hips slowed, she groaned one last time and said "Oh yes
yes yes", thrust down hard to take him as deep as possible, and panted as
her hips pounded short little come-hunches, her head thrust back in a
soundless scream.

He held still, incredibly, but I had no such control and fell to my
knees off the chair, thrusting my hips wantonly and squirting a hard load
right at the spot where her spasming pussy sucked his dick. It was too much
even for Mr. Control, who pushed his own ass up and pumped his sperm where I
had so longed to shoot mine. When at last the tension of our three bodies
began to relax, they pulled slightly apart, and as I felt backward for the
chair I could see a small white flood of mixed female juice and male seed
seep from the crack where their genitals were still joined.

We all lay gasping for breath for a while, then as they lay still
together I got up to go to my own room, looking back to see to my surprize
that cute, satisfied, and inviting smile on Marsha's face directed at me
while her exhaused lover lay seemingly passed out beneath her. That smile
said worlds of things, all good, and I smiled back, waved, and closed the
door behind me.

I fell asleep to the sound of their movements as they started another
round. Later that night, I awoke to find Marsha on her knees by my bed,
alone in the dark, fumbling under the covers. I knew what she was looking
for, and instinctively without thinking I turned on my side and slid over to

Staring into the darkness and silence, I could hear only the rustle of
the bed covers and see the dark shape of her head as she moved it towards
me. Then a wave of pleasure as her soft wet lips closed over my dick head,
bringing it suddenly to full attention. She slowly worked her lips and
tongue just over the head and beneath it, sending sharp slings of ecstasy
from my loins throughout my body. What an experience! So surprizing, yet
so natural feeling. Nothing this good could possibly be wrong, I thought,
as the orgasm swiftly approached.

She was giving no mercy, now, sucking up and down swiftly to finish
me off in her mouth. Prehaps she was afraid Jim would awaken and catch
us, something neither of us wanted as he tended to be possessive in
contrast to his liberal attitude towards letting me watch. But there was
no stopping my impending come, no matter what happened, as the
sensations peaked and what remained of my hot seed flowed in spurts into
her sweet mouth, where she held still with a strong suction to get it all.

The orgasm drained me. I lay gasping, in love I realized, perhaps,
with the sexy girl that thought enough of me to give me such pleasure. She
drew back her head, and signalled with a finger to her lips for us to be
quiet, then bent down to tenderly kiss me on the lips. Our tongues tangled
briefly, and I could taste my own salty come in her mouth. But the kiss was
too short, she broke away and glided back to sleep with Jim.

I lay staring into the darkness, not knowing what to think, except that
this was probably going to get a lot more complicated than any of us
imagined when we met...but what the hell? Marsha was the sweetest thing to
happen to me in my short life so far, and I'm not about to walk away from
that sweet beauty no matter what happens. We'll see.


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