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KELLY1 cum cause she started make


Bedtime stories with Kelly
by Kelly Adams (

Okay, time for bed. No arguing, you know you have a big day tomorrow and
you need your rest.

What? A story? Well sure, I suppose I could tell you one. What kind of
story would you like to hear? Oooh, you wicked boy, that would be
*naughty*. I'm sure I can think of a good one...

Are you looking at my breasts? Why yes, they are rather big, aren't
they? Would you like to get a better look? Here, let me take off my
bra... There, is that better? Thank you, I'm glad you approve! Would you
like to feel them? Just for a minute, then we have to get on with your
story. That's it, rub them gently. Ooh, yes, squeeze my nipples! Feel
how hard they're getting? You're really getting me worked up; in the
perfect mood to tell you a hot story.

Okay, that's enough, now just sit back and relax. This is a true story that really happ... Huh? Oh yes, by all means you can take off your
pants. Here, let me help you... Wow, that's a nice big cock you have
there! And already hard, too! Don't be ashamed to stroke it while I tell
my story; it turns me on to watch a guy masturbate.

Like I was saying, this is a true story of my days back in college. It's
a story of what happened one day to me and my roommate Gretchen. You
would have liked Gretchen; she was a real fox. She had long, naturally
blonde hair and blue eyes, and huge tits, bigger than mine! God how I
loved to rub her tits--I'd come up behind her when she was sitting at
her desk doing her homework and start to rub her breasts through her
shirt, all the while pressing my own tits against her back. Gretchen
never wore a bra, so I could always feel her nipples get hard under the
fabric. While I rubbed her tits Gretchen would put her hand down to her
crotch, close her thighs and rhythmically squeeze them together. She'd
keep it up until she came. Sometimes she'd then go back to work, but
other times... well, most of the time we'd just do what comes naturally
between two girls.

But one evening, after I gave Gretchen one of my patented study breaks,
she decided that she really needed to have some cock. I would have felt
insulted, as if my tongue wasn't good enough for her, but I had to admit
that I was feeling horny for some cock as well. Gretchen got this
mischevious look in her eyes; then she picked up the phone and called
our Resident Advisor, telling him that we had a problem that only he
could help with, and would he please come over right away. I asked her
what she was up to, but Gretchen wouldn't tell me, other than to say
that I should play along.

A few minutes later Bruce, our RA, came down to our room. Needless to
say, Bruce was quite a hunk. Both Gretchen and I had flirted with him,
but he never seemed to pick up on it. That night, there would be no
mistaking what we wanted! When Bruce came into our room Gretchen told
him to close the door. It hadn't been too long since Gretchen had
cummed, and the scent of fresh sex in the room was unmistakable.

When Bruce asked what was up, Gretchen told him that she and I had been
in an argument, and only he could mediate. She then went on to tell him
that we had been arguing over how big his cock was; that I had said that
it was seven inches while she insisted that it must be eight, and would
he kindly drop his pants so we could see who was right!

I half expected Bruce to storm right out of there, but he just smiled
and asked what was in it for him. I told him that he got to screw the
winner, and *bam* down went his pants right away!

Bruce was immediately stiff as a board with his cock standing out at
full mast; my but he was a biggie! I got out a ruler from my desk and
held it up next to Bruce's member: he was over nine inches long! At that
point in my life I had never seen one that long before. Bruce was a bit
crestfallen, as it appeared that we both had lost. Gretchen told him
that since there was no clear cut winner, he had two choices: he could
either screw neither of us, or as a consolation prize he could screw
both of us. Guess which option he chose?

Gretchen had been closest to the guess, so she got to go first. She
stripped off her jeans and wet panties and invited Bruce up onto her bed
with her. Since her pussy was already wet he just slid right into her.
While Bruce was slowly fucking my roommate, I took of my clothes and sat
on my own bed watching them, playing with my pussy to get myself wet...

You know what? Just telling you about this is making my pussy wet right
now. Do you mind if I take off my skirt and panties, since they're
starting to get uncomfortable? I didn't think you would! I'll just stand
up for a second here... there we go; that feels so much better! Now
let's see, where was I... huh? Oh sure, I can spread my legs to give you
a better look. How's that? Why thank you, I do have a nice pussy, don't
I? No no, keep your hands to yourself! No touching, at least until I
finish my story. You just keep stroking your cock for the time being.

So anyway, there I was watching Bruce fuck Gretchen right in front of
me. I had never watched a guy and another girl fucking before, and I was
really getting turned on! They were in the missionary position, and
every time Bruce would thrust his cock up into her, Gretchen's big tits would bounce and jiggle. Gretchen had her eyes closed and was sucking on
two of her fingers while she moaned with pleasure. I knew when she was
going to cum cause she started to make the same soft sharp cries that
she would make when I used my tongue on her clit.

Whoa! Careful there stud, slow down. I know that this story is hot, but
if you keep rubbing yourself like that you're going to cum before the
story is over, and believe me you don't want that! Here, move your hand
away and let me take over. There, see, just nice and easy like this.
Now, I'll continue...

When Gretchen was through cumming Bruce got off of her and came over to
me. His big hard cock was covered with Gretchen's pussy juices, and it
looked so good that I needed to have it in me sooo bad. I got up on my
bed on my hands and knees and asked Bruce to do me doggie style. I had
never felt a cock so good in me in all my life. It stretched me
seemingly to the limit and I thought I might explode! But of course I
didn't. Bruce reached around to squeeze and rub my dangling boobs while
he thrust his cock in and out of my pussy from behind. Faster and
faster, harder and harder until I felt that great warm feeling come over
me as I had a powerful orgasm.

So there Bruce was, after having his big nine inch cock in both of our
pussies and he was still hard as a rock. He stood between our beds and
Gretchen and I knelt down in front of him and started to suck his cock,
passing it back and forth between us until he came, covering the
Gretchen and my faces with his warm sticky goo.

After that, Gretchen and I had lots of fun seducing guys together. There
was the time when... but no, one story is enough for a night, and I can
sense that you're getting restless. Let's see what we can do about that,
okay? You just lean back here, that's it, and I'll get on top. I'll just
put your cockhead right up next to my pussy and slowly lower myself...
oooohhhhhhh... yeeeaaaaahhhhh... Oh, it feels good to have a big cock up
inside my pussy again, especially when it's your cock. Doesn't my pussy feel good around your cock? You just lay back and enjoy and let me do
all the work. Go ahead and cum whenever you want to.

Oh yes, Oh yes, Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh... You like this, don't you? Oh yes, you
like it when I fuck you.

Oh yes, you're getting ready to cum. I can tell--I can feel your cock
swelling up inside of me. cum in me! Come in my pussy! Oh yes! I want to
feel your hot cum bursting up inside of me. Oh yes! Oh, that feels good!
Cum in me! Oh yes, yes, keep cumming, oh yes, now I'm going to cum. Oh
yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh God! Yes! I'm Cumming! Ohhhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!
Ohhhh! Yes! Oh God! Oh yes! yes... yes... yes... oh yes...

That was good. Did you like it? I knew you would. I'd like to lay here
for a bit, but I really do have to get going. No, no need for you to get
up, I'll just put my clothes on and leave. I like to walk around after
just getting fucked. I feel so sexy, when people look at me and know
that I've just had incredible hot sex. I won't put my wet panties back
on though, I'll just put them here in my purse.

Yes, I'm sorry, I really do have to go. Sure, I'll give you a goodnight
kiss. There. Now be sure to get some sleep. And if you're good, I'll
come back again soon and tell you another hot bedtime story!


The Fine Print: "Bedtime stories with Kelly" are copyright 1998 Kelly
Adams. Permission is granted to distribute as long as my name and this
notice are attached, and no financial gains are made.

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