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KELLY10 camera that Santa seemed have


Bedtime stories with Kelly 10
by Kelly Adams (

Merry Christmas, baby! Don't look so surprised; I told you
I'd come by to pay you a little visit. And you'd better
believe I'm going to give you something better than some old toys...

Brrr, is it ever cold out there! Yes, I've still got my coat
on; you need to close your eyes first before I take it off.
No arguments, or I'll just turn around and walk right back
out the door... That's better. Now keep them closed for just
a minute while I get ready...

Okay, you can open your eyes now... Ta-da! How do you like
my Santa suit? Okay, it's not exactly a Santa suit. I doubt
that Santa wears a short skirt and white stockings, and this
outfit is made to fit my luscious curves, not Santa's 'bowl
full of jelly' belly. But it does have the red and white
furry hat, see? There's one other special feature to this
outfit as well. What is it? Well, let me come over there and
I'll show you. Take you hand and run it up under my skirt...
That's right, no panties! Granted, it's really a lack of a
feature, but I didn't think you'd complain! Why don't you
sneak a finger or two up inside my snatch. Mmmm yeah, that's
good. Not too much now, just enough to get my juices flowing
a little... Oh yes, that's great. Now I'm in the perfect
mood to tell you a Christmas story!

Christmas really is my favorite time of the year. Sure
there's all the peace and goodwill and pretty decorations
and all that, but it's also a great time for sex! Yes, I
know that's not how the holiday is traditionally viewed, but
something about the sharing and giving spirit in the air
makes me want to share and give my body to others. Some of
the best sex I've ever had has come in e waning days of

The story I'm going to tell you tonight took place in the
December of my Junior year of college, just a few days
before Christmas. Gretchen had already gone back to her
folks' place for the holidays, so I was left alone in our
dorm room. Alone and horny, with no one around to help. I
was done with my exams but my flight back home wasn't going
to leave for another two days. The dorm was pretty much
deserted, and all looked bleak...

Don't look sad, things will get better. After all, what kind
of story would it be if I just sat around moping in my room
for two days? Well sure, I could do that, but after while
playing with yourself gets a bit old.

As it so happened, Jenni was coming home from college.
That's right, Jenni, the cute little thing who that summer I
had initiated into the joys and wonders of sex with another
woman, namely me! She was coming back from her first
semester of college upstate, and I was determined to make
the most of those two days. I called her up and told her to
be ready early the next morning, as I'd be coming over to
pick her up and go shopping. For the next two days, Jenni
was mine!

The next morning, I showed up at Jenni's parents' house in
my tight faded jeans and a creamy while sweater. Jenni was
also dressed in jeans and a sweater, though hers was done as
a wintery pattern. What was surprising was that Jenni had
bleached her hair blonde! I hadn't thought it possible, but
now she looked even cuter than she had before. Jenni
introduced me to her parents, nice people who I'm sure had
no idea what I had planned for their daughter!

When we got out into the car I immediately planted a big wet
kiss on Jenni. I told her she looked really cute and that
I'd missed her, and she told me that she had missed me as
well. As we drove to the mall I asked her about her life at
college, especially her sex life. She told me that she had a
boyfriend, kind of, named Brad who was nice and handsome and
they had sex once or twice a week. But she hadn't had sex
with any other girls and couldn't wait to get back in bed
with me. I actually blushed at the compliment but told Jenni
that we'd have to wait until after we finished at the mall.
She looked disappointed, but I told her not to worry, that
we'd have plenty of time for fucking in the evening.

We had a lot of fun at the mall. We had both already
finished our Christmas shopping, so we just wandered around
the stores and did some serious people watching. Yes, I know
that you guys find shopping at the mall to be miserable,
especially at Christmas, but we girls just love it.

One of the first things that we did was to go to the makeup
counter at the department store so that Jenni could get some
new lipstick. I told her that now that she was a blonde she
needed to get some new shades. She settled on a very nice
rosy red which made her lips look sooo kissable. When she
wasn't looking I also picked up some special green lipstick
for later. Hey, it was Christmas, and I had special plans!

Next we went to the lingerie store so that we could pick out
Jenni's present from me. I loved watching as Jenni tried on
one sexy outfit after another. The attractive sales clerk
also seemed to be taking more than a passing interest in
Jenni's trying on and modeling the various lingerie, so I
made a mental note to come back after the new year to see if
I could interest her in coming over to give Gretchen and me
a private show...

What? Hey, even though I was out with Jenni doesn't mean
that I couldn't plan for the future, right? And yes, she did
indeed end up coming over that January, but that story will
have to wait for another night...

Jenni ended up getting a simple but very sexy green silk
chemise with matching panties. I couldn't wait until that
evening when I'd have her wear it for me!

Next stop was Santa Claus. Yes, that's right, Santa Claus. I
knew that Santa was being played by the TA from my chemistry
class trying to pick up a few extra dollars over the
holidays, so Jenni and I decided to give him a little
thrill. We waited until there was no line, so that we
wouldn't be imposing on any of the kiddies. Jenni went
first, climbing up into Santa's lap, wiggling her little
butt and whispering something in his ear which made him
blush. Then it was my turn. I reached down into Santa's lap
to see that Jenni had already given him quite a boner. I
told him that I had been a naughty girl that year, but I
could see that Santa had been a naughty boy as well. On the
way out I told the young woman dressed as an elf and manning
the camera that Santa seemed to have a little problem that
only she could help with. I do hope that she ended up taking
the challenge...

After our little Santa escapade We found a candy store and
bought one of those long thick peppermint sticks. I know
what you're thinking, and it's true! We found a spot to sit
on a bench near the water fountain and passed the peppermint
stick back and forth between us, sucking it as though it was
a cock. Jenni expressed some dismay at the fact that she
hadn't had much experience giving head. Brad seemed to enjoy
her blowjobs well enough, she said, but she had no idea if
she was actually good enough. I told her that at some point
I would be more than happy to give her a few pointers and
perhaps even watch her so that I could see where she could
improve. Yes, I am a good friend, aren't I?

After spending all day at the mall we went back to my dorm
room. That year the dorm that Gretchen and I were living in
had suites, so that we actually had different rooms
separated by a bathroom which we shared. It was a great
set-up, allowing us to maintain decorum yet at the same time
have easy access to each other. In fact, we probably spent
more nights sleeping in the same bed than we did staying in
our own rooms. But it also allowed us to bring dates back
and not have to worry about privacy. All in all, it was
mostly perfect.

Jenni called her parents to let them know that she would be
staying with me, and then we got down to business. I got
down on my knees in front of Jenni and started to unfasten
her jeans. She was wearing button flys which I just love to
undo with my teeth. Then I pulled down her pants and her
panties, exposing her lovely little pussy. She had shaved
most of her hair off, but a tuft of fine brown curls
remained in a triangle above her sex. I told her that that
just wouldn't do, that she had to be completely bare

I took Jenni into the bathroom, got a washcloth wet with
warm water and had her hold it over her crotch. Then I
lathered up her remaining pussy hair and carefully shaved it
away with a safety razor. Finally my lovely young Jenni was
completely bare, and I showed my joy by eagerly licking her
newly smooth skin. Of course it wasn't too long before my
tongue snaked its way down into the folds of her pussy and
started to fuck her with my tongue. I had almost forgotten
how wonderfully sweet Jenni's juices tasted, and I found
myself nearly intoxicated by her scent.

But before we got too far into things I stopped and stood
back up. I told Jenni that I wanted to see her in her
Christmas gift. While Jenni changed in the bathroom I
stripped myself naked and put on the green lipstick I had
bought earlier.

When Jenni emerged wearing the lingerie I had bought her she
looked absolutely radiant, a vision of loveliness. She was
quite amused by my green lipstick. She came over to me on
the bed and our lips met for a kiss, hers rosy red and mine
emerald green, matching her outfit.

Jenni went down on me, licking away at my pussy which was as
bare as hers. Her tongue felt wonderful licking away at me,
teasing my clit and pussy lips. After she got my juices
flowing we got up on our knees and I pulled off her chemise.
Her hard nipples on top of her perky tits were just calling
out to me, so I began to suck on them.

Soon I had Jenni's panties off and we had moved into a
sixty-nine with Jenni on top. There was no rush, so we
lazily lapped at each other's pussies. We took turn having
orgasms, first Jenni and then me. After an evening of
wonderful sex we finally fell asleep, spooning with Jenni in
my arms.

Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here? It's probably
this outfit I'm wearing. This furry fabric is great for
imitating Santa, but it sure makes things warm indoors. You
won't mind if I take this off, will you? I didn't think so!
There we go. My, but this is so much cooler. I suppose I
might as well take off this bra as well, but I'll leave my
white stockings on, okay?

My tits have been so sensitive lately. Would you like to
come over here and feel them. Don't be shy, just grab them
up and give them a good squeeze. Oooh yeah, that feels good.
You know what would be even better? If you would put that
nice big cock of your between them. Here, let me suck on
your cock a bit to get it nice and lubricated. Mmmmm yeah.
Oh baby, I want your cock between my tits so bad. Oh yes,
that's good. Ohhh, yeah, now fuck my tits, baby. Oh yeah!
Thrust your cock between my tits. Oh, I love a good
tit-fuck. Fuck my tits, baby! Fuck them! Oh yes! Yes. Come
on my tits! Oh yeah baby! Come on me! Yes, yes! Let your
jism fly. That's good baby, squirt it all out. Cover my tits with your sticky goo. Ooohh yeah.

Was that good for you, baby? I know how much you guys like
to thrust your cock between a nice pair of breasts like
these. I guess I'd better clean up before we continue. You
just rest for a minute while I go find a washcloth.

There we go, all cleaned up. Now then, shall I continue with
my story? Good.

The next morning I awoke before Jenni did. We both ended up
crashing out on my bed, and believe me those twin beds in
the dorms are not meant to sleep two! I was stuck between
Jenni's sleeping body and the wall, so there was no way for
me to get up without waking Jenni. So I just laid there for
a while, looking at Jenni's naked, sleeping form. Damn, but
she was so cute! Eventually I couldn't keep myself from
touching her and began to lightly rub my index finger up and
down the curves of her body. As she started to stir, I gave
her a kiss on her forehead to wake her up.

One of the unique features of the dorm we were living in
that year was the bath room. No, not a bathroom, a bath
room. Two words, as in a room with a bath tub. Yes, I can
see where your mind is going already! Now the dorm rules
expressly forbade more than one person using the bath at the
same time, else it would be a constant hot spot for
fornication. Yes, I know, that is a drag. But, as I
mentioned before, the term was officially over and there
were very few people haunting the halls. So I figured it was
probably safe for Jenni and me to do some extracurricular

I threw on a robe, grabbed some bubble bath, towels and
other acoutraments, and told Jenni to give me about five
minutes before joining me in the bath. The tub in the room
was oversized, a perfect fit for two. I really don't know
what they were thinking by barring multiple bath partners!
By the time Jenni joined me the tub was full and I was
immersed in the bubbles. Jenni was wearing one of Gretchen's
robes; too big for her, really, but it added to the charm.
She locked the door behind her, dropped the robe to the
floor, and slid into the suds with me. We kissed for a bit,
then I turned Jenni around so that she was sitting between
my legs, her back facing me. I first washed her hair, then
made sure to wash every inch of her body with soap, paying
special attention to her perky tits and bare pussy. Then we
changed positions and Jenni gave me the same caring
attention I had given her. Finally we emerged from the tub
and dried each other off.

After we finished in the bath, Jenni and I put our robes
back on and started to walk hand-in-hand down the hall to my
room. We were rather surprised when someone suddenly came
around the corner, almost running into us. It was Jerry, one
of the guys who lived down at the end of the hall. He seemed
as surprised to see us as we were to see him. Jerry was one
of those guys who, truthfully, you don't think much about. I
know that's a horrible thing to say, but it's true. He was
quite unremarkable: not handsome but not ugly either; not a
loud mouth but not a recluse, not very smart but not a
blithering idiot. He was just very average.

I introduced Jerry to Jenni, but Jerry wasn't saying much.
Instead, I noticed that he was staring dawn at me. Looking
down, I realized that my robe was open in the front, and I
was showing off my freshly washed pussy. I looked back up at
Jerry and smiled, then asked if he'd like Jenni to give him
a blowjob.

I don't know who was more shocked, Jerry or Jenni. Jerry
obviously didn't need much convincing, but Jenni at first
was dubious, and for a second I feared that she wouldn't go
along with it. But then I reminded her that I had promised
to critique her oral sex technique, and that this was as
good of a time as any.

So the three of us went back into my dorm room and
immediately got down to business. Jerry quickly dropped his
pants and sat down on the edge of the bed, spreading his
legs to display his cock. That was yet another thing about
Jerry that was average, not very large but nothing really to
be ashamed of. Oh well, at least we wouldn't have to worry
about poor little Jenni choking due to size (so to speak).

Jenni dropped her robe and knelt down in front of Jerry as I
found myself a seat in the chair by the desk. Jenni grabbed
Jerry's cock by the base and then turned around to look at
me, as if asking permission to begin. It was so cute! I
nodded, and then Jenni turned back to Jerry's cock to begin.
She started by slowly licking from the base up to the tip
and then back down again, two or three times before taking
his entire head into her mouth.

Turns out that Jenni was quite a natural at giving head.
Every once in a while I'd give her a little hint, like 'more
tongue' or 'suck harder', but she was sucking off Jerry like
she was far beyond her tender eighteen years. Meanwhile, I
had my robe wide open and was fingering my bare pussy, to
the obvious delight of Jerry, who was obviously getting one
of the great sexual experiences of his life.

Jenni kept going at Jerry for a good fifteen minutes before
he finally blew his load. I wondered if Jenni would have him
come in her mouth, but instead at the last minute she pulled
his cock out of her mouth and jacked him off so that his
jism splashed all over her perky tits. Jerry fell back on
the bed, and then rolled off onto the floor.

Jenni turned around and smiled and asked what I thought. I
told her that she did a very good job, and now it was time
for her reward. We got up on the bed and I started to lick
Jerry's salty come off of Jenni's tits. Jenni started to
finger my wet pussy while I licked and sucked at her
nipples. After I finished cleaning the jism up I worked my
way down to Jenni's pussy, which tasted just as sweet as it
had the night before. Jenni rested her legs up on my
shoulders and I started to lick her slit with a furious

As Jenni was coming down from her first orgasm I felt
something start to rub against my pussy from behind. Looking
over my shoulder, I saw that Jerry was hard again and
getting ready to slide his shaft up inside of me. Finally,
something about Jerry that wasn't average: his recovery time
was first rate. This was something I'd have to remember for
the future!

I told Jerry to fuck me hard, and he eagerly slammed his
cock up inside my pussy. Once he got into a good rhythm I
turned my attention back to Jenni's pussy and started to
lick again. I completely lost myself in the sex, my face
buried in Jenni's snatch and Jerry's cock ramming me hard
from behind. I was in a state of perpetual bliss as I
floated in and out of orgasm. The session finally ended when
Jerry pulled his cock out of me and let his jism spurt onto
my ass, covering my cheeks with sticky goo.

Speaking of recovery time, I see that your own cock has
regained it's full stature. Mmmm, good. I think that it's
time to get that big boy up inside my pussy. How do you want
to do me this time? From behind? Yeah, that'll be great. Let
me get situated here. Stick your finger up my pussy... see
how wet I am? I'm just aching for your cock. So go ahead
and... ooohhhh yeah! Slide it up inside me! God, you fuck me
so wonderfully! Oh baby, fuck me, fuck me hard! Unh! Unh!
Unh! Unh! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder!
Faster! Ooohhh! Ohhhh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!

Let's switch positions; roll me over on my back... That's
good. Now stick your cock back in me. Ooohhh yeah! Thrust it
in me deep! Don't hold back; fuck me good or Santa won't
bring you any toys this year... That's good. Oh, god, Yes!
Yes! Yes! Ohhh! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh god I'm coming! Yeah,
fuck me! Don't stop! Fuck me! Come in me! Come in my pussy!
Yes baby! Oh yes, fill me up good! That's right. Oh yeah, I
can feel your come flowing up inside me, baby.

Oh my, that was just wonderful. I'm going to have to rest a
minute before I finish my story. Could you be a dear and go
get me a glass of water? Thanks so much.

Mmmm, that really hits the spot, thanks! Now then, after
Jerry left I opened up the curtains to see that it had
snowed overnight. In fact, there was a good three to four
inches of soft virgin snow covering the ground. Jenni
suggested that we go out and play in the snow, and I thought
that was a great idea. So out we went into the snow... What?
Of course we put our clothes and jackets on! Do you think we
went out in the snow naked? We'd've gotten frostbit in all
the wrong places! Anyway, we made a snowman and made snow
angels and generally frolicked into the afternoon. Finally
we wore out and went back to Jenni's place, where her mother made us cocoa. Yes, it was very sweet. Before long it was
mid afternoon and I had to get going to catch my flight.
Jenni and I snuck outside so I could kiss her goodbye out of
the view of her folks. I asked Jenni if she would be my
girlfriend and she said yes. We ended up being able to spend
one more day together after New Years before she had to go
back to college. And then there was spring break, but that's
another story...

Sorry babe, but I do have to get going. Gretchen and I have
a little Christmas party of our own planned for tonight. I'd
best get my outfit back on and get going... Hey look,
mistletoe. I didn't see that before, you sly devil! Well,
come here and I'll give you a Christmas kiss you'll never
forget. Mmmmmmm. All right, I really must get going.

Merry Christmas!


The Fine Print: This edition of "Bedtime stories with Kelly"
is copyright 1998 Kelly Adams.

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