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KELLY13 thick rub it how


Bedtime stories with Kelly 13

Good afternoon, lover! Surprised to see me? I thought I'd
drop by early so that we'll be able to spend some extra time
together. I didn't think you'd mind!

Sit back and close your eyes for a minute; I want to give
you a little surprise. Now stop with the complaining. When
have I ever given you a surprise that you haven't enjoyed?
That's right, never. So just sit tight for a minute and I
promise it'll be worth it...

Okay, I'm all set. You can open your eyes back up. Ta-da! A
string bikini! Do you like it? I just knew that you would!
There's something about wearing a bikini that makes me feel
so hot and sexy, especially one like this with so little
fabric. You know, this thing covers so little that it's
practically like wearing nothing at all! Except that if I
wear this at the beach it's considered fine, but if I go au
natural I'd be arrested. Funny world, isn't it?

So you're probably curious as to why I decided to wear this
skimpy bikini today. Or perhaps not; perhaps you're just
enjoying the view! Well, in any event, I'm wearing this
because it ties in with the story I'm going to tell you, a
story so hot that it'll make your balls squirm! So drop your
pants, take your cock out, and start to stroke away baby
because I guarantee that this is one story you're definitely
going to enjoy:

In the summer before our senior year of college Gretchen and
I found that things were very hectic and it seemed like we
hardly had any time together. Sure we were living together
in the apartment, but she was working nearly sixty hours a
week at her intern job and I was busy working at the library
on some special projects. Add into the mix that we both had
more-or-less steady girlfriends that we were trying to spend
time with and it was a rare occasion that Gretchen and I
ever got a couple of hours to rub together.

But as it happened one sunny day in late July we both ended
up with the same day off. So we ended up doing what any two
healthy twenty-one-year-old college women would do with a
day off in the middle of summer: we headed off to the beach!
We got up in the morning (after sleeping in), put on our
bikinis with shorts and t-shirts over them, packed up our
towels and lotion and other beach accessories into
Gretchen's car and we were off. We drove about forty-five
minutes to a great little beach on a lake inland. Sure, we
could have gone out to a beach on the coast, but those were
always crowded and we liked the peacefulness that this
out-of-the-way place provided. After all, we wanted to spend
some time together and get a good tan, not cruise the beach
to pick up guys!

It was a beautiful day for sunbathing. Not an overly hot and
humid day but there was barely a cloud in the sky and the
Weather Channel was predicting a high in the upper eighties.
We got to the beach at about noon, so we stopped to get a
hot dog and a Coke before finding a spot to stretch out in
the sun. As it turned out, we weren't the only ones who
decided that today was a good beach day. Even though it was
the middle of the week there were quite a few people at the
beach, a lot of kids running around and having fun. Now I
don't begrudge the kids the opportunity to have a good time,
but Gretchen and I had been hoping for something a little
less hectic and more relaxing. It seemed that our secret
quiet beach spot was no longer secret nor quiet.

So, we decided to wander off the beach proper and explore
around the lake to see if we could find a more suitable
place to spend our afternoon. After about twenty minutes of
walking we found it, the perfect spot! It was a hidden little beach area, about the size of a basketball court,
surrounded by high rocks and touching on a little offshoot
of the lake. It was quiet, private, and had a beautiful

We began by laying out our blankets on the sand and
stripping down to our bathing suits. What were we wearing? I
knew you'd ask that! I had on a black and white
zebra-striped bikini with a strapless top and bottoms cut
high up on the thigh. Gretchen had on a simple bright blue
bikini with white trim that showed off her luscious curves
to full advantage. We decided that, since there was no one
else around, we could take off our tops and sunbathe topless
so as to minimize any tan lines.

Of course, before we could get started, we had to apply
suntan lotion. Now sure, we could have each put it on
ourselves, but I'm sure you would agree that it is much more
fun to have the lotion put on by someone else! I put
Gretchen's lotion on first. She has such fair skin that she
has to use a lotion with a high SPF, and I had to be sure to
cover all of her or else the uncovered part would turn beet
red in just a matter of minutes. It's a testament to her
sunbathing skill that during the summer she manages to keep
a nice light copper tan on herself. As you can imagine, I
spent an extra good deal of time covering Gretchen's
breasts; not just for selfish reasons, after all probably
the worst thing in the world is a sunburned nipple (that's a
mistake you only make once, believe me!) But I'd be lying if
I said that I didn't enjoy rubbing the lotion into her
lovely large globes. Covering her legs in lotion was great
too, massaging her finely sculpted thighs. Sure, I took
longer than I really had to, wouldn't you? When I was done
covering Gretchen it was her turn to attend to me, and she
gave me the same, overdone attention that I had given her,
but I didn't mind. I loved the feeling of Gretchen's hands
roaming over my tits as she covered them with lotion.

Eventually we finished groping each other and got down to
sunbathing. Gretchen set her little travel alarm to go off
every twenty minutes to remind us to turn over. I was
reading a Sue Grafton mystery and, interesting though it
was, the warm sun and the rhythmic sloshing of the lake on
the shore caused me do drift off into that
not-quite-awake-but-not-quite-asleep state. But before I
could fully drift off to sleep I was startled back to full
alert by the melodic sound of a woman's voice: "You do
realize that this is a private beach?"

Gretchen and I both sat up suddenly and saw a pair of new
arrivals climbing down to the beach over the rocks. The
voice belonged to a very attractive young woman, blonde and
petite, no taller than 5'3" and certainly under 100 pounds.
Next to her her companion looked to be much taller than his
actual height, a little less than six feet. The woman, who
introduced herself as Heather, was wearing a
yellow-with-flower-print two-piece bathing suit. Heather's
athletic boyfriend, Kirk, had on a tank top and nondescript
red swim trunks. Heather told us that this little beach we
had found was on her parents' property, but she didn't mind
if we stayed there and sunbathed along with us. Gretchen
asked Heather if she minded if we stayed topless and Heather
said that she didn't mind as long as she could too. Heather
unhooked her top and dropped it to the ground on her towel,
exposing a perfect pair of perky tits hovering somewhere
between an A and B cup. Kirk followed suit, taking off his
tank top in order to tan his muscular pecs.

We chatted a bit while Heather and Kirk got prepared to sun
themselves, learning that Heather was nineteen and soon to
be a sophomore at a college down south, and that Kirk was
twenty-three and had just started working in his father's
real estate office. While we talked there seemed to be a
wicked little spark behind Heather's sweet exterior, and I
could tell from the telltale gleam in Gretchen's eye that
she was hoping we'd be able to find a way to exploit that

Heather and Kirk put on their own suntan lotion, though
Heather asked Kirk to help her with the hard to reach spot
on her back, and then she reciprocated by covering his back.
Gretchen and I were getting ready to go back to our
sunbathing when Heather did something completely unexpected:
she pulled down Kirk's swim trunks and began rubbing suntan
oil on his cock. She looked over briefly at us and smiled
before returning her attention to Kirk's growing member. I
think that the sexy little exhibitionist was attempting to
shock us with such a brazen act in front of complete
strangers, but she knew not with whom she was dealing!

Now hand jobs are an art all to their own, and Heather was
quite an expert. With her hands all slippery from the suntan
oil she was able to do a good number on Kirk, using both
hands and paying equal attention to his shaft and his balls.
I know that most guys would rather have their cock in a
girl's mouth or pussy than just in her hands, but from
Kirk's expression a hand job from Heather was a thing of
ecstasy. Her technique was incredible. Show you? Well,
there's no way that I could duplicate what Heather was able
to do, but I'm certainly willing to give your cock a little
hand attention if you want!

Let's see, I know that you have some oil around here
somewhere... In your nightstand? Thanks, I knew you'd keep
it handy! I'll just rub a bit onto my hands, and then I'll
rub it into your cock. How that feel? Good? I love how your
cock grows long and thick as I rub it, how it gets larger in
my hands. And your balls are really sensitive, aren't they?
I can tell by how your cock jerks when I start to massage
your hanging sack. Your cock looks so good I'd love to just
suck it, but with all this oil it probably wouldn't taste
too good. I know, I've got a better idea. Why don't you take
off my bikini top--that's right, just untie it in the back
and toss it aside--and then... you've got it, put that big
well-oiled cock of your between my tits. Oh yes, that's
good. Rub it across my nipples, they're really sensitive
today. Ooooh! That's nice! Here, let's get a little more oil
and rub it into my breasts. Mmmmm, that's good, now they're
really slippery. Grab hold of my shoulders and thrust away,
while I press my tits together around you cock. Oooh yeah,
thats good! Oooh yes. Fuck my tits! Fuck 'em! Thrust your
cock between my large, heaving breasts! Oh yeah, yeah baby!
You like it, don't you? You love fucking my tits! You're
gonna come soon, aren't you? Yes, don't hold back, come on
my tits. Yes baby, yes! Come on them. That's right, every
last drop. Oh yeah, baby, that's great. Look at all this
jism on my chest; I'll just rub it on in here along with the

Well, so much for the hand job I was going to give you! Oh
well, it's just as well, as I could never really duplicate
what Heather was able to do anyway. And speaking of Heather,
I suppose I should get back to my story. Oh yes, I've still
got plenty more to tell. I'm just getting started. I'll have
your cock there back up to full attention before too long!

During her hand job on Kirk, Heather looked over at Gretchen
and me a few times, probably expecting to get more of a
reaction from us than the bemused interest she was
eliciting. After all, over the previous nearly three years
Gretchen and I had seen and participated in a whole host of
things, and it was going to take more than a cock-stroking
on a beach to shock us. Sensing that she was going to have
to go further to sate her exhibitionist needs, Heather went
further. She stopped pumping Kirk's shaft and laid back on
her beach towel, taking off her bikini bottoms and inviting
Kirk to mount her. We only got a brief glimpse of Heather's
well-trimmed pussy before Kirk thrust his cock down into it.
He grunted with pleasure as he thrust his rod in and out of
his horny girlfriend, and Heather started to moan as well.
Her voice was quite melodic, and hearing her cry out and
encourage Kirk to keep fucking her made me start to get wet.
I've seen couples fuck many times before, and it's always a
turn on, but this was even better. The sound of Heather and
Kirk going at it, their voices like a passionate duet, was
really hot. I closed my eyes to enjoy it even more, blocking
out the visual stimulus to focus on the aural. I wish that
I'd had a tape recorder with me, as I would have loved to
have preserved those sounds to listen to over and over.
Heather came twice while Kirk was in her, and each time it
was like a wonderful aria. I opened my eyes to see if
Gretchen was being affected in the same way that I was, and
saw that she was almost unconsciously rubbing her pussy through her bikini while she looked on. But all good things
must end, and before too long Kirk had pulled his cock out
of Heather and he shot his jism onto her belly.

Gretchen and I gave a brief round of applause to show our
admiration for the performance the pair had given. Heather
and Kirk smiled back, grateful for the attention. But now it
was our turn.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the fascinated
expressions on Heather's and Kirk's faces as Gretchen stood
up, pulled down her bikini, and presented her pussy to my
mouth. Eagerly I used my fingers to spread Gretchen's pussy lips apart and started to lick at her sweet spot, already
dripping wet with juices generated by the show we had just
seen. I licked up inside her hole while my thumb danced on
her clit, then I switched off, sucking on Gretchen's
love-button while my fingers danced up inside her. Gretchen
ran her fingers through my long dark hair, encouraging me to
keep licking her in between her cries on pleasure.

After I made Gretchen come, I pulled off my own bikini and
we got into a sixty-nine on Gretchen's towel. I was on top,
and every once and a while I would pause from my pussy eating and turn my head to look at our audience, still
bug-eyed with fascination. I assumed, rightly, that they had
never seen two women go at it. Gretchen and I kept licking
at each other until we each came, me first and then Gretchen
almost immediately after.

When we were finished we sat back up and looked over at our
audience. Heather and Kirk were suitable impressed with the
little show we had given them. Heather especially. She said
that she had never thought that the sight of two women
having sex would turn her on so much. Gretchen asked Heather
if she wanted to try it for herself, and Heather eagerly
said yes.

Gretchen and I moved over to Heather, each of us grabbing a
leg and gently spreading her to expose her freshly-fucked
pussy. The sweet smell of Heather's sex was nearly
intoxicating, and Gretchen and I both started to gently lick
around the outside of Heather's pussy. Working as a team,
Gretchen and I slowly turned up the intensity, sometimes
taking turns, other times both of us licking and sucking in
and around Heather's tight whole. If I had thought that
Heather's voice sounded sweet with Kirk fucking her, that
was nothing compared to the joyous cries of pleasure that
she was making with my roommate's and my tongues dancing in
her pussy.

Once we had gotten Heather to come once, I left Gretchen to
work alone on Heather's pussy while I turned my attention
elsewhere. Heather's tits were stretched out nearly flat
across her chest as she lied there, and I rubbed my hands
over them and tenderly licked and sucked on her sensitive
nipples. Heather came again, but we weren't through with her
yet! I swung my leg over Heather's face and lowered my
crotch to her mouth, inviting her to take her first taste of
another woman's pussy. Gently at first, Heather's tongue
started to explore my sex, but as my juices began to flow
she started to lap at me more eagerly. I looked down to
Gretchen, still attending to Heather's pussy with two
fingers thrusting inside of her and her tongue dancing on
Heather's clit.

You're probably wondering what Kirk was up to during all
this. He was obviously getting quite aroused at the sight of
two hot women making his girlfriend come, as his cock was
once again standing at attention. Gretchen rearranged
herself so that her tushie was wiggling in the air, inviting
Kirk to fuck her. Not missing such on obvious invitation,
Kirk knelt behind Gretchen and thrust his cock inside of her
steaming juicy pussy. As I saw Kirk enter my roommate, I
started to come, shuddering as my juices flowed into
Heather's mouth.

Between the four of us we tried out quite a few variations
that afternoon. My favorite was when I sat myself down on
Kirk's cock with my back facing him and his hands groping my
large tits. Then Heather got her face down into out crotched
and started to lick, both on the base of Kirk's cock when I
rose up to expose it, and on my clit when Kirk's cock was
buried deep inside me.

In between the rounds of fucking we all did manage to get
some sunbathing in too, just not as much as we had
originally planned. Finally dinner time approached and
Heather and Kirk had to leave. They thanked us for showing
them a wonderful time, and Heather especially thanked us for
introducing her to the wonderful joy of having sex with
women. She said that she had long fantasized it, but that
reality had turned out to be better than she had hoped.
Heather told Gretchen and I that we were welcome to come to
their private beach any time we liked. I knew that I would
need to hear Heather's lovely voice again, and was sure that
we'd be taking her up on her offer to drop by again.

Ha, see? What did I tell you about getting your cock back up
to full strength again? Was I right? I bet you wish that it
was you there with Gretchen, Heather and me, right? Well,
I'm afraid that all you have right now is little ol' me.
What do you say we get that hard tool of yours to work here
and fuck me from behind. You know how much I love it that
way! No, don't bother taking my bikini bottoms off, just
full the fabric to the side and slide on in there... Oooh!
What's that, your tongue? You randy little devil! What do
you think you're doing back there? Okay, you can tongue fuck
me for a bit, but then you have to promise to fuck me with
your cock too, okay? Ooohhh yeah, baby. You are getting to
be quite a good pussy licker. Oooh yeah, oooh yeah. Stick
your tongue up in me. Lick me clit. Oh god, yes. Yes yes yes
yes yes. Oh god yes. Oh fuck yes. Lick my pussy. Lick me. Oh
god, I'm gonna come. Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Oh god I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm... Oh god, what are
you...? Oh yes, your cock! Shove it up inside... Oh
YESSSSSS!! YESSSSS! Fuck me baby! Fuck me hard! Oh, sooo
good! Oh, I'm gonna come again! Oh god, so soon! I'm coming!
I'm coming! Oh yes! Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Yes! Yes!

Oh, this is great! Roll me over, take off my bikini and fuck
me some more. That's right. Oh yes, I still need to be
fucked! Just drape my legs over your shoulders and get that
cock of your back inside me. OOohhhhh yes! I'm so hot and
wet, and your cock feels sooooo good. Oh baby! Fuck me! Fuck
me! Are you getting ready to come? Hold on just a second and
I'll come right along with you. Oh yeah, baby. Feels sooo
gooood. Oh yes, yes yes yes yes yes. Come, baby. Come inside
me. I'm coming too! Oh yes! Coming! Coming! We're coming! Oh
yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh Fuck YESSSSSSSS! OOOhhhhhh!

Oh man, lover, that was the best fuck I've had in quite a
while! Just for that, I'm going to continue with my little
story. That's right, there's even more. Think you can handle
it? Maybe you've got a third shot hiding away inside that
cock of yours? Well, we'll see...

That next Friday night I had a date with my girlfriend
Jenni. Yup, still cute and still dying her hair blonde. We
were always looking for places to be alone together, and it
occurred to me that the hidden beach up by the lake was the
perfect romantic place to bring Jenni. But I didn't tell her
what I had planned, just to dress casual for a surprise

I picked Jenni up at her folks' place at about seven, making
nice with her mother while I waited for Jenni to finish
getting ready. At that point her parents still had no idea
what the two of us got up to when we went out. They knew
that Jenni had a boyfriend up at school and thus figured
that Jenni and I were always just going out for a girls'
night on the town. Well that was usually true, but what they
didn't know was that our evenings usually ended with the two
of us fucking ourselves silly!

That evening Jenni had on a pair of rather short shorts and
a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt. At the urging of her mother she
also took along a pair of jeans and a jacket, just in case
it turned cold when the Sun went down. Ah mothers, where
would we be without them? As usual we waited until we got
out to the car before sharing our hello hug and kiss, and
then we were off to the lake. All the way there Jenni kept
bugging me about where we were going, but I kept silent,
telling her that she just had to trust me.

By the time we got to the lake and hiked back to Heather's
hidden beach the Sun was hanging low in the sky, only a few
minutes from disappearing below the trees. The color was a
magnificent shade of dark orange, reflecting off the calm
surface of the lake. It was very romantic and Jenni just
about melted when we saw the sight.

I suggested to Jenni that we take a swim, but she protested
that she hadn't brought a swim suit. I pointed out to her
that swim suits weren't necessary and started to take off my
clothes. Jenni might still have been naive but she was quick
on the uptake and started to undress as well. I watched with
interest as she pulled her shirt off over her head and slid
her shorts down her shapely legs. She stood there for a few
seconds wearing only her silk bra and panties in the waning
daylight, and then took her undergarments off as well. Both
of us now naked as the day we were born, I took her by the
hand and we walked into the water together.

I love skinny dipping, don't you? The feeling of the water
sliding over bare skin is one of the most wonderful feelings
in the world. Jenni and I walked into the lake until the
water came up to just under Jenni's neck, then we started to
kiss. My tongue slid into Jenni's mouth as she opened to
accept me, then I felt Jenni's fingers move down to my
crotch. This was a surprise, because usually Jenni never
made a first move, but something in the air that night was
bringing out the vixen in her. I moved my legs apart so that
Jenni's fingers could find their way to the folds of my
pussy. As the Sun set over the horizon we continued to make
out until the darkness had poured in and left us with only
the illumination of the stars and the Moon, three-quarters
full hanging in the sky.

We swam around the water a bit, kissed some more, then went
back to the shore. I pulled a couple of towels out of the
bag I had brought along so we could dry off, then we sat
down next to each other in the sand and enjoyed the night
around us. There were fireflies off a little bit in the
distance and we watched them blink on and off, their
mysterious mating patterns shining through the night.

Taking the initiative again, Jenni pushed me back into the
sand and got on top of me. She placed her pussy on top of
mine and started to grind them together as she ran her
fingers through my long hair and gave me soft, tender
kisses. Enjoying her rare forwardness, I laid back and
enjoyed Jenni's attention for a while. Then she moved down
my body and began to lick my pussy, softly at first but
picking up intensity as I started to moan with pleasure. I
had a soft but intense orgasm, the kind that is more
relaxing than earth-shattering.

I pulled Jenni back up to me and gave her a long, deep kiss
of thanks. Then I rolled us over and moved my head down
between Jenni's thighs. I wiped the sand off her skin and
started to nibble at the inside of her thighs near and
around her crotch until she pleaded with me to lick her
pussy. I tasted the wonder nectar of Jenni's sweet pussy as
I licked up and down her slit. I rubbed her little clit with
my thumb while I tongue fucked my lovely girlfriend to

By the time we finished a chill was starting to set into the
air so we put our clothes back on and headed through the
woods to my car. When we got back to the main beach we saw
that there was a bonfire going, so we paused for a while to
roast some marshmallows and scope out some of the other
people hanging out at the fire before heading back home.

Okay, I know that that second part was a little on the
romantic and soppy side, but what can I say? As always, it
was great hanging out with you, telling you stories and
having great sex. I should really get going... now where did
my bikini top get to? Oh, there it is, right by your head.
No, don't bother, I'll just climb over you and grab it...
Whoa, what have we here? It looks like there's still some
life left in your little soldier there yet! I bet he just
needs a little more attention to get up to fighting form
again. Do you want me to take care of that for you? Okay
then, spread your legs apart and let me get down there to
suck it. Mmmmmm yeah. Oh, that's good baby, play with my
tits while I suck your cock. Mmmmmmm. Mmmmmmm. Yup, I was
right, your cocks getting hard again. Mmmmm yeah.
Mmmmmppphhh. Mmmmmppphhh. Mmmmmppphhh. Mmmmmppphhh. Oh es,
your cock is getting big and hard. Mmmmmppphhh. Mmmmmppphhh.
Oh, I can feel the come building in your balls. Are you
gonna come again? Come in my mouth, baby, I want to taste
your jism flood my mouth. Mmmmmppphhh. Mmmmmppphhh.
Mmmmmppphhh. Mmmmmppphhh. Mmmmmppphhh! Oh yes! Mmmmmppphhh!
Mmmmmppphhh! Mmmmmppphhh! Mmmmmmmmmm..... Mmmm...

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm plum near petered out.
I should really get going. But I'll be back soon, I promise.
Sweet dreams, lover!


The Fine Print: "Bedtime stories with Kelly" are copyright
1999 Kelly Adams. Permission is granted to distribute as
long as my name and this notice are attached, and no financial
gains are made.


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