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KELLY14 panties underneath either baby what


Bedtime stories with Kelly 14

Hey there lover! Sorry that it's been so long since I've
dropped by. You know how it is: busy busy busy. I hope that
you found ways to keep yourself occupied without me!

You know who I ran into on the way over here? Your neighbor.
You know, the one with the hot bod and the big... yeah, I
figured you would know who I'm talking about! She's pretty
hard not to notice, isn't she? Or in your case, I guess
that'd be that you're pretty hard when you notice her, huh?
What was her name again? Oh yeah. A cute name for a cute
girl. Look at you, you're getting hard just thinking about
her, aren't you? So, have you done her yet? You know what I
mean: Got hot between the sheets? Done the horizontal mambo?
Fucked her pretty little brains out? No? Well, what's
holding you back, stud? She's not wearing a ring, so it's
not like she's married or engaged or anything. When I talked
with her--and she is very nice as well as pretty, by the
way--I mentioned that I was coming by to see you, and her
eyes kind of lit up. I think she's taken a little bit of a
shine to you, if you know what I mean. In fact, I think
maybe she was taking a bit of a shine to me too. What do you
think, do you think that she'd hop into bed with the both of
us? That would be great, wouldn't it? The three of us naked
together, sweating as we fucked each other into orgasmic

God, she is so fucking hot! Did you see what she's wearing
today? No? Well then, I'll tell you. Close your eyes and get
this mental picture in your head: A white, tight tank top
with no bra, so you can quite plainly see her dark nipples
and areolae through the fabric; the shortest pair of faded
denim shorts I think I've ever seen on a woman, making the
most of her tight little ass and showing off her long smooth
tan legs to great effect; and a pair of leather strap
sandals showing off her toenails freshly painted in a pale
sky blue. And you know, I bet that she wasn't wearing any
panties underneath either. Oh baby, what we could do with

So, how's this little fantasy grabbing you so far? Hmmm,
grabbing, now there's an idea! Drop you pants there and let
me stroke your hard cock while I continue. Oh yeah, baby,
you're nice and hard. Let me stroke you... You like that,
don't you? You like it when I wrap my hard around the width
of your cock and slowly move it up and down like this? Yeah,
baby, you just lay back and relax...

Now then, where was I? Oh yes, your lovely, fuckable
neighbor. I bet that the three of us would have a great time
together. Do you think that she's ever been with another
woman before? No? Well, she certainly seems interested. I
bet that it wouldn't take too much convincing to get her to
join us. She might feel more comfortable with a woman if a
good looking stud like yourself was around as well, don't
you think? We'd get her inside of your place here and into
the bedroom; she'd be a bit nervous, having never been in a
threesome before, but also excited as well. She'd kick off
her sandals and then get up on the bed, kneeling. You'd
begin by giving her a deep kiss with lots of tongue, causing
her to both tense up and relax at the same time. Then you'd
move down to her shorts, unbuttoning the fly and moving them
down off her hips and exposing her pussy.

Do you think that she shaves down there? No, you're right,
she's probably not bare, but I bet that she keeps her pussy hair nice and trim, a little fuzzy rug covering her pretty
little pussy. You'd lick your finger to get it wet and then
slip it up inside of her, feeling her warmth as it welcomes
your finger inside of you. And you are good with your hand,
do you know that? I love it when you finger my pussy; it
get's me sooo hot! What's that? Oh yes, that's a good idea,
I'd love to have your finger up inside me right now. Let me
just resituate myself here... There we go... Hmm, the zipper
on my skirt seems to be stuck; can you get it for me?
Thanks, baby. Pull it off me and just toss it anywhere; I
don't think we'll be needing it for the rest of the
afternoon, do you? No, there's no need to take off my
panties just yet; just pull them aside and slip your finger
up inside my pussy. Here, let me suck your finger to get it
wet first... Mmmm... Now go for it... Ooooh yeah...
Ooohhh... That feels really good, your finger squirming up
inside of me. Gently now, not too much, I have to be able to
continue with our little fantasy about your neighbor. Just
enough to give me that wonderful warm feeling down there...
Mmmm yes, baby, that's it.

So, you'd be bent down in front of your hot sexy neighbor
kneeling on your bed here, her shorts bunched up down at her
knees and your finger moving in and out of her pussy. Then
you'd get your face right up next to her crotch, smelling
the sweet aroma of her growing excitement before starting in
on her with your tongue. She'd gasp when your tongue's first
touch, very lightly, running along the outside of the upper
part of her pussy while you gently finger fuck her. She'd
say something about how good you'd be making her feel, but
it'd only be the first taste of what we had planned for her.

While you'd be working on her pussy, I would come up behind
her, taking her tank top by the bottom and lifting it up
over her head and off. As I'd touch her for the first time
she would really get nervous, but I would tell her to relax,
that it's going to feel really good. I would be right up
next to her from behind, her back leaning into me. I would
start by placing my hands around her stomach and slowly move
them up to her tits. I'd cup one breast in each hand, gently
squeezing and rubbing. I'd whisper sweetly into her ear,
telling her how hot and sexy she is. She'd turn her head
around to meet my mouth with hers and we'd start to kiss
deep and sweet. While I would be kissing her and rubbing her
tits, you'd start to intensify your attentions on her
crotch. She'd start to writhe with pleasure, grinding her
ass against my own crotch as I hold her tight. Soon she'd be
coming, and you would be able to feel her pussy contract
around your finger while her body would be shaking.

You love making a woman come with your fingers inside of
her, don't you? Yeah, I know you do. I don't think I'll be
able to continue until you make me come... Oh baby, fuck me
with your fingers... Oh god but I love it! Oh yeah, baby oh
fuck! That's it! That's the spot! Oh god that feels so good!
Can you feel how hot and wet I'm getting? Oh yes, now suck
on my clit... OOOHHH GOD!!! OHHHH FUCK!!! YESSS!! OH GOD I'M
YYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSsssssssssssssss...... Oh god but that
was good. I'd almost forgotten how much I love coming over
here to see you.

Where were we, before that wonderful little interlude? Ah
yes, you would've just finished making your neighbor come,
writhing on your finger while I played with her tits. Next
it would be my turn to get a taste of tat sweet pussy of
hers. We'd roll her back on the bed as she'd be recovering
from her first orgasm. I'd pull her shorts the rest of the
way off and spread her legs open while I'd crawl up into her
crotch. She would be so wet and juicy after just coming and
I'd eagerly lick deep inside of her pussy. All her
inhibitions would be gone by that point as she would succumb
to the joys of my pussy eating. I'm afraid that that is one
pleasure I can give that you'll never be able to experience,
seeing as you're lacking in the requisite equipment! You'll
just have to imagine what it might be like to be a woman and
have another woman use her mouth on you.

Watching me eat your neighbor's pussy would get you so
turned on that you would have to get in on the action. You'd
take off your pants and undershorts and stroke your cock for
a bit until it'd be nice and hard. Then you'd move over to
your neighbor's face, presenting your cock to her waiting
lips. Believe me, she'd eagerly take your cock into her
mouth and start sucking. I bet she's a great cocksucker,
don't you? She'd play with your balls and stroke the base of
your cock while she'd suck on it, and all the while I'd be
eating her hot dripping pussy. In no time I'd have her
coming again, her sweet pussy juices flowing into my mouth.
Your cock would probably pop out of her mouth at that point,
and dripping with her saliva it would bounce around on her
face, contorted with the pleasure of orgasm while she'd cry
out with delight.

I would ask her how she liked having her pussy eaten by
another woman, and she'd say how much she enjoyed it. I'd
then tell her that she'd need to experience being on the
giving end of a pussy licking. I think she would get the
hint, don't you? I'd be wearing a really tight miniskirt,
the kind that looks as though it's painted on and shows off
my ass to maximum effect. She would eagerly pull it down off
of me, and then push me back on the bed and dive into my
pussy. Even though she would never have had any experience
eating a woman's pussy, I'm sure she'd know what to do; I'd
tell her to simply do to me what she likes to have done to
her. Her face would be buried in my crotch, and her arms
would snake up under my short so that she could rub my tits while she eats me out. I tell you, the only thing better
than eating the pussy of a woman when it's her first time is
being on the receiving end when it's her first time doing
it. They're always so eager to please and have a fresh
intensity that's just wonderful.

While she'd be licking away at my pussy, your neighbor would
have her ass waving in the air, her legs slightly parted so
that her pussy lips would be just begging for your cock.
You'd come up behind her and start to rub your hard cock
along the outside of her dripping wet pussy, covering it
with her juices. You'd place your cockhead at the entrance
to her hole and she'd push herself back onto you. I bet
she'd be really tight and wet, just the way you like it!
She'd look up briefly from my crotch to give you a smile of
encouragement before returning to my pussy. At that point
you'd grab her by the hips and start to fuck her slow and
hard, and with each thrust she'd moan with pleasure into my
wet pussy. I'd really get off on the sight of you fucking
her from behind while she licks my pussy, and I'd have a
powerful orgasm, squeezing my thighs around her head while
pleasure would explode throughout my body.

Then it would be time for the coup de grace of our
threesome. I'd roll the two of you back, still joined, so
that you would be laying on your back with your fucking hot
neighbor sitting on your cock with her back to you. You'd
then sit up, grabbing and rubbing her tits from behind while
you'd ram your cock into her with brief, short thrusts. I'd
kneel up on the bed in front of her, kissing her sweet lips,
still wet with my pussy juices, while I'd rub her clit with
my fingers. Then I'd bend down and start to suck on her
clit. With your cock inside of her and my mouth on her clit,
it would be more than she could take, and she'd have her
strongest and most powerful orgasm yet. And just as you'd be
getting ready to come yourself, your cock would pop out of
her pussy and end up between us, spewing your jism up onto
both of our bellies while I'd be back up kissing her again.
Then the three of us would roll over and collapse onto your
bed, hot and sweaty and incredibly sated.

God baby, are you as hot from hearing that as I am from
describing it? Yeah? Well I've just got to fuck you! Here,
I'll lay back on the bed, bend my legs up and back and fuck
me hard. Oh yeah, baby. Oh your cock feels so good filling
me! Oh fuck, fuck me hard! OOohh! OOohh! OOohh! OOohh!
OOohh! OOohh! Oh fuck, baby! Fuck my pussy! Oh fuck me! Oh,
I love it when you fuck me! I love feeling your hard cock
move in and out of me! Oh yes, baby! Oh fuck yes! Yes! Yes!
Yes! Oh god yes! Oh, I'm going to come! I can feel it
building inside me! Rub my clit! Rub my clit while you fuck
me and make me come! Oh yes! I'm coming! I'm Coming! OH
OHHHHHH!!!! Yesss! Come in me! Come in my pussy! Fill me
with your come. Ohhh yes, that's good. Fill me baby. Oh yes,
I love your hot sticky goo inside of me. Mmmmmmmm....

Oh baby, that was great. There's nothing like sharing a hot
fantasy and then getting fucked, don't you agree? I hope
that someday we get a chance to make our little fantasy
about your neighbor a reality, don't you?

Well, I've got to be going now. Thanks for a wonderful fuck!
I'll try not to wait so long until I come over again, but
you'd better keep an eye on your neighbor, or you might have
some competition soon... Give me a kiss goodbye? Mmmmmmm.
Thanks, baby. Bye!


The Fine Print: "Bedtime stories with Kelly" are copyright
1999 Kelly Adams. Permission is granted to distribute as
long as my name and this notice are attached, and no financial
gains are made.


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