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KELLY15 hurt it Sports huh That figures


Bedtime stories with Kelly 15

Hello again, lover! No, don't get up; I heard about your ankle.
Quite a nasty sprain, I understand. I came over to cheer you up and
to see if there's anything that I can do for you... I said do *for*
you, not *to* you! Though I'm sure that we'll get to that in no time
as well...

So tell me, how did you hurt it? Sports huh? That figures. I twisted
up my ankle back when I was playing volleyball in high school. You
didn't know that I played volleyball? Oh yes, I was quite good at it
too: running around the court, setting, spiking all that stuff.
Getting pretty sweaty too. You like that, don't you? The thought of
me running around a gym in a uniform getting all sweaty.

Did Gretchen ever play sports? Actually, she spent her high school
days as a cheerleader. Oh, you definitely like that, don't you? The
image of a young Gretchen in a cheerleader's uniform? I can do you
one better; I brought along a picture. See? Yes, wow! She was such a
cutie back then--all of fifteen years old, with a face and a body
just to die for. You just know that she was breaking the hearts of
all the guys who wanted to fuck her even back then. Too bad I didn't
know her then, or I probably would have gotten turned on to girls that much sooner.

Oh yes, Gretchen was into girls back in high school. In fact, her
first sexual experience was with one of the other girls on the
cheerleader squad. Amy I think her name was. How it happened was
that one afternoon after practice Gretchen and Amy were the last two
left in the locker room. Amy was a couple of years older than
Gretchen, and Amy started to put the moves on Gretchen. At least
that's how Gretchen tells it. Amy started telling Gretchen how
pretty she was and how much she envied Gretchen's naturally blonde hair. That moved into a conversation about shaving down in the
bikini area, and before you knew it they were kissing! Amy offered
Gretchen a ride home, but then they ended up going instead to Amy's
house where they went up to Amy's room and started making out. They
started rubbing breasts, then pussies, and before too long Amy had
Gretchen's panties off and was licking Gretchen's pussy. And if
Gretchen's pussy was even half as sweet then as it is now, Amy was
having a wonderful treat! Gretchen says that Amy made her come that
very first time she licked her, and then they traded places.
Gretchen says that she was mesmerized by Amy's smoothly shaved
pussy. The two of them kept it up until Amy's mom got home from
work, but after that the two of them got together after almost every
practice until Amy graduated.

What's that? Yes, I guess I do have a lot to be thankful to Amy for,
for introducing Gretchen to the wonderful world of girl-love. Maybe
I should send Amy a little thank you note or something?

Anyway, back to you. Let's have a look at that ankle of yours. Oooh,
it does look pretty bad. How long are you going to be sidelined for?
That sucks. Well, how about a little story to lift your spirits? I
figured that you'd be up for that! In fact, this situation reminds
me of the perfect story. Are you comfortable? At least relatively?

It was during our sophomore year in college, in the early spring.
There was this guy, Ted, who lived a floor above us in the dorm who
was on the baseball team. He must have been pretty good, because
even though he was just a freshman he was the starting catcher. And
he was kind of cute as well, in that aw-shucks-ma'am young jock sort
of way. Gretchen and I went to a couple of the home games to cheer
him on, and I think that he appreciated it. Pardon? Oh sure, we were
probably a bit of a distraction to him, but I don't think that we
were the cause of his injury. Yup, Ted tore his knee right up trying
to slide into third base. He was out for the rest of the season,
poor guy!

Now most of the jocks on campus lived in one of the dorms down close
to the athletic facilities, but for some reason Ted was stuck away
from them in our dorm. So not only was he out of the game with his
injury, but none of his teammates were around to keep his sprits up.
So Gretchen and I, kind humanitarians souls that we were, decided to
drop in on him early one evening to see if we could brighten his day
a little.

We went by Ted's room after dinner. His roommate was off at the
library studying, leaving Ted sitting on his bed with his big ol'
cast on his leg and his sociology textbook in his lap. After hellos
were exchanged and some appropriate fawning over his injury,
Gretchen and I asked if we could sign his cast. Now the way that Ted
was sitting his cast was on the far sided of the bed, so that we had
to kind of climb over him to sign it. I signed his cast first,
purposely letting my tits rub against the thigh of his other leg; I
could see by the lump in his shorts that I was having the desired
effect. Gretchen did me one better, leaning over Ted in such a way
that, as she signed, her ass was just inches away from Ted's face;
and believe me, the short shorts that she had on left very little to
the imagination.

Yeah, shorts just about as short as the ones that I have on now. You
like these, huh? I do too. I especially like the way that they
barely cover my ass cheeks. Here, let me stand up and bend over so
that you can get a better look. Don't be shy, go ahead and rub my
ass. Mmmmmmm. And look how tightly the crotch presses up against my
pussy. Feel it. Mmmmm yeah, baby, run your finger along there. God,
you're getting me wet already! We'd better stop for the moment, or
I'll never get around to my story...

So after signing Ted's cast, with the appropriately embarrassing
cute little hearts and flowers and such, we sat up on the bed with
him, Gretchen on one side and me on the other. We asked Ted if since
he could play baseball with the team right now if he wanted to play
with us instead. He asked us what we meant. "You know, baseball,"
Gretchen said. "First base is kissing..." and she planted a big wet
kiss on Ted's lips. She kissed him for over a minute before I had to
pry her off of him. I chastised Gretchen for hogging the player to
herself and gave Ted a kiss of my own. He was not shy at all about
sticking his tongue in my mouth.

Next we moved on to doubles. Gretchen and I pulled off our shirts,
presenting Ted with our double set of tits. Poor guy didn't know
where to begin! He placed his right hand on Gretchen's chest and his
left hand on mine and began to rub and squeeze. I grabbed Ted's head
with both hands and moved his face down into my cleavage. He got the
hint and began to lick and suck on my nipples. Then he did the same
for Gretchen, getting her pair of nipples rock hard with excitement.

On to triples: Gretchen leaned over and pulled down Ted's shorts
enough to pull his cock out and immediately began to suck it. He was
already pretty hard, so it didn't take much sucking until his cock
was completely filling Gretchen's wonderful mouth. For my part, I
pulled off my own shorts and stood up over Ted's face, lowering my
pussy down to Ted's mouth so that he could eat me. His tongue, so
recently bringing my nipples to erection, was now doing the same to
my clit. With Gretchen sucking on Ted's cock and he in turn sticking
his tongue deep up into my pussy, it was as if Ted's strong athletic
body was a conduit for Gretchen fucking me!

Finally it was time for Ted to hit a home run! Since Ted had just
made me come with his tongue in my pussy, Gretchen got to be the one
to ride his big hard cock first. He moaned with pleasure as Gretchen
lowered her pussy onto his shaft, spreading her wide until she took
him completely up inside of her. She rocked back and forth and up
and down, her tits bouncing as she fucked him. After she came I
immediately took her place, feeling the wonderful sensation of his
cock deep inside of me.

Gretchen and I took turns fucking Ted until he announced that he
could hold his jism in no longer. So we knelt over either side of
him, wrapping our tits around his cock so that our nipples were
rubbing together. He stuck the fingers of each hand up inside our
pussies and fingered us while we rubbed our tits up and down on his
cock until the head started to spew his come all over our fleshy
globes. Needless to say, we all enjoyed the game so much that
Gretchen and I made several more trips up to Ted's ballpark that
spring for a little baseballing action!

Speaking of balls, how are yours doing? Getting a little blue, like
the color of your ankle? I think that we can take care of that with
a little baseball action of our own, don't you think? Just let me
take these shorts off... Oh, you want to take them off for me? Be my
guest! How about I stand up over you here on the bed while you slide
them down my legs? That's right. Just toss them over there; we won't
be needing them for a while! Slip your finger up my pussy and feel
how wet I already am!

How about we skip over those base hits and move right into a home
run? Yeah, me too, I'm so fucking hot and horny I can't wait to get
your cock up inside of me! Here we go... OOohhhhh! Your cock feels
so wonderful filling up my pussy! Don't worry, I'll take it easy so
as not to injure your ankle any further, though I bet that pain is
the absolute furthest thing from your mind right now. Nothing like a
little sex to take your mind off what ails you, huh?

Oh yes, I love fucking myself on your cock! Get your hand over here
and rub my clit for me. OOohhhH! Yeah! Oh god does that ever feel
good. Oh fuck! Yeah! Oh fuck, I'm going to come! Oh yes, baby, Yes!
Yes! Yes! Rub my clit! Yes! Yes! Oh god I'm coming! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Yes! Yes!

How are you doing down there? Having fun? Me too! This is the kind
of ballgame I just love to play! Let me lean down and give you a
kiss... Mmmmmmm... Oh baby, yeah! Take off my shirt and play with my
tits while I fuck you some more... Oh yeah, suck my nipples! Oh god
this is great! Oh, I think I'm going to come again... Come with me
baby! Let your balls explode in my pussy! Yes! Oh god yes! Oh yes! I
can feel your come squirting up inside of me! Oh god yes yes yes yes

Oh baby, that was better than a home run; that was a grand fucking
slam! Thank you so much!

Oh dear, look at the time; I'm going to be late for my softball
game. Sure, I'd much rather stay here and play hardball with you,
but the rest of the team is counting on me to be there. You know how
it is. I hope that your ankle gets better soon, so that we can have
fun playing even more ball games. Wish me luck... Thanks. Bye!


The Fine Print: "Bedtime stories with Kelly" are copyright
1999 Kelly Adams. Permission is granted to distribute as
long as my name and this notice are attached, and no financial
gains are made. Come visit my Website at


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