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KELLY16 sucking and licking bit before


Bedtime stories with Kelly 16
by Kelly Adams

Hey there, sweetie--long time no see! I know that it's been a long time
since I've come over for a visit, and I'm really sorry about that. I
have missed you, really. And I've missed that wonderful cock of yours
too. Maybe you'd like to take it out so that I can have a look at what
I've been missing? Oh, I know that I usually don't like to rush into
things, but it's been so long since I've been over and I don't really
want to beat around the bush. Of course, maybe beating around *my* bush
is something you'll want to get to at some point? I certainly hope so!

All right now, get that cock of yours out so that I can get a good look
at it. Mmmm yes, it's just as fantastic as I remember it being. Nice and
hard, sticking straight up in the air. I bet it's been hard since I
called earlier asking if I could come over this evening, am I right? I
thought so! Might I come over and touch it a bit? Oh goody--touching is
even better than looking, wouldn't you agree?

Oooh! I like how your cock jerks a bit when I first touch it. There's
nothing more satisfying to a woman than seeing how a guy's cock responds
to her. Especially a cock as nice as yours!

So, how do you like this outfit that I have on? Shows off my body pretty
well, don't you think? I'm so glad that the very short denim shorts look
is in again. That's right, Daisy Dukes--or, as Gretchen would say, Daisy
Dykes! Why does she call them that? I was hoping you'd ask, because
therein lies a great story that I'm sure you'll want to hear.

Well of course you're going to get a story--the evening wouldn't be
complete without one! But first, before I get started, why don't you
work on getting me in the mood with a little finger action of your own?

Okay, first things first: I'm going to stand back up here and turn
around so you can take my shorts off me. Yeah, I know they're so tight
it seems that they're painted on, but trust me, they'll peel off nicely.
Yup, I'm wearing button-flies--sure, zippers make for quick and easy
access, but buttons are much more fun. Ooh, like how your fingers have
to dig into my pussy a little every time you unfasten one. That's good,
now peel them down off my thighs. Do you like my thong? What a silly
question, of course you do! I don't wear them too often, but it's always
a special treat when I do. Go ahead, take it off as well--just grab
ahold at the top and pull down. Aaahhh, that's a great feeling when it
pulls out of my ass crack.

Mmmm, baby, not so fast--let me lay down here on the bed and get
comfortable. I'll just lay on my back, spread my legs apart for you, and
then you can let your fingers do their walking! Oooh yeah, baby, that's
good--real good. You are so good with your hands. I just bet that all
the girls are begging you to slip your hand down into their pants! Oh
yes, yes, rub my clit... faster, faster... oh yeah... oh... oh... OOHHH!

Hey, is that your tongue? Of course I don't mind--but it is a pleasant
surprise. Go ahead, baby, lick up my hot pussy juices. Ooohhh...
Ooohhh... you're just as good with your mouth and you are with your
fingers. Oooh yes, yes, yes, slide your tongue up deep inside my slit.
Oh fuck, oh FUCK! Oh god, I'm coming already! Oh Baby yes! Fuck yes!
Yes! Yes! Uunnnnnh! Uunnnnnh! Uunnnnnh! Uunnnnnh! OOOohhhhh! YESSSS!
Oh... oh... oh... oooohhhhhhhh........

Oh baby, that was great! I'm still a little dizzy you made me come so
hard! Just give me a minute here to get my bearings, then I'll get
started on my story. Tell you what, let's both get completely naked for
this one. You've got such an excellent body on you that I just hate to
see it covered up. Your pants are already unfastened, so I'll just pull
them down all the way off. Good. Now your shirt... Mmm baby, you are
*hot*! Come over here are help me off with my shirt... and my bra...
there we go. Now we're both bare naked, just the way nature intended. So
let's get comfy now, and I'll get to the story.

Okay then, Daisy Dykes. You ready? Good. The phrase came about due to an
exceptionally hot incident that happened near the beginning of our
senior year in college. It was early September and still rather warm
outside. But, of course, the stores were already bringing out their
winter clothes. I've never quote understood the logic that goes into
that, but the upside meant that all the summer clothes would be on sale.
Now my roomie Gretchen, in addition to being a hot sexy blonde, was also
an economics major, which, I've learned, tends to make her a bit more
frugal than the average girl. Not that she's a penny pincher by any
means, but she does seek out bargains and whatnot.

So, the upshot of all this was that we ended up at the mall in the
evening in the middle of the week hunting for clothes bargains. And, I
must say, we were doing a pretty good job too! One thing I found was
tight knit minidress which, when I tried it on, made Gretchen purr and
threaten to fuck me right there in the dressing room!

It was near closing time and we were on our way out of one of the
department stores when Gretchen saw a bin filled with shorts. Just like
the ones I was wearing when I arrived: faded denim, cut so short that
they barely hold in your ass cheeks. Gretchen held a pair up in front of
me and licked her lips, telling me how hot she thought I'd look in them.
I figured she'd look darn hot in them herself, so I found an identical
pair for her and we went back to the cash register to purchase them.

While we were walking through the mall to the end where Gretchen had
parked her car, she suggested that we wear our new clothes home--I guess
she just couldn't wait to see me in my new shorts! So we detoured into
the ladies room to change. I had a pocketknife in my purse, so we cut
off the tags and slipped into our new duds. The shorts were prewashed
and actually rather soft fabric, so we both took off our panties so that
the crotches could press right up against our pussies. We shed our bras
as well, electing to go au natural under our tops too. I put on a pink
blouse that I had just bought, tying it the front up in a knot so that
it cradled my tits nicely and my belly button was on display. Gretchen
had a simple white cotton half-tee, through which her erect nipples were
clearly visible.

Before heading back out into the mall, we stopped to check ourselves out
in the mirror. "We're quite the couple of hotties in our Daisy Dukes,
aren't we?" I remarked. "Yup," Gretchen agreed. "A couple of Daisy
Dykes!" We giggled and I slipped my arm around Gretchen's waist, giving
her a quick kiss before leaving the restroom.

We elicited quite a few looks as we made our way through the rest of the
mall, and I must say that I loved the attention we were getting. Every
guy we passed I imagined wanted to rip our tiny shorts off of us and
pound his hot cock into us. In fact, if one of them had had the guts to
make the offer, we just might have taken him up on it! However, as it
turned out, something a bit different happened.

We were almost to exit when we passed a group of 'townies', local kids
who looked to be seniors in high school or perhaps a bit older. There
were six of them, four guys and two girls, and the guys, with the lack
of tact possessed only by teenage boys and construction workers, started
to hoot and whistle at us. I rolled my eyes, but Gretchen suggested that
we give them a little show. So she stopped walking and planted a big wet
kiss on me. I dropped my shopping bags and responded to her kiss,
eagerly roaming my hands up and down her sexy body.

The kiss lasted for only about half a minute, but by the time we broke
it and turned to look at the group they were all bug-eyed staring at us.
Gretchen gave them a smile and a little wave. We started to walk on, but
noticed that a brief but intense discussion was going on in the group.
We looked on with interest as one of the girls was pushed forward and
began walking towards us. She started only about fifteen yards away, but
traversing the distance seemed to take forever. She was a bit shorter
than the two of us, 5'4" about, with curly auburn hair, wearing a
mid-thigh denim skirt and a tight yellow top that perfectly showcased
her trim figure and b-cup breasts--quite the little hottie, wouldn't you
agree? Despite the typical mall hubbub going on around us, we could hear
the clopping of her sandals on the hard floor as she approached, first
with some trepidation, but with each step she gained confidence. By the
time she reached us, the girl's wide brown eyes were almost completely
filled with lust, with just a hint of apprehension still hiding in the

Without saying a word, the girl gave Gretchen a kiss. And not a
half-assed tentative kiss either--it was deep and lingering, and just as
intense as the one that Gretchen and I had shared a moment earlier.
Gretchen, for her part, quickly got over the initial shock of the
situation and really got into the kiss--any chance to taste a new woman
and Gee was always all over it! Yes, I suppose she was a bit of a slut
back then, but no girl who ever fucked her ever felt slutty about it.
She always had a way of making sex with her seem special and almost
magical--whether one-on-one in a quiet room filed with candles or in the
midst of a seven girl orgy!

Oops, sorry, I'm starting to digress, aren't I? Well anyway, while the
kiss was going on, the girl's friends started hootin' and hollerin' up a
storm, obviously amused by their friend's daring. I decided that I
didn't want to be left out of the fun, so I gently pulled the girl away
from Gretchen and over to me, hungrily placing my mouth against her
puckered lips. My tongue slid into her mouth and danced around a bit,
tasting every nook and cranny before we had to come up for air.

When I asked what had brought on her actions, the girl explained that
she was acting on a dare from her friends, who didn't think she'd have
the nerve to go through with it. I guess she showed them, huh? She said
that she had only ever kissed another girl once before, when she had
gotten a bit tipsy at a party, but that kissing the two of us had
definitely been fun. Gretchen told her that the two of us were getting
ready to go back to our apartment to have some more fun, and that she
was welcome to join us if she wanted. The girl thought about the
proposition for a moment, and I was silently hoping that she'd say yes.
Sure, sex with Gretchen would have been fabulous as always, but a
threesome with her and a new girl, well that would be excellent!

Thankfully, the girl agreed, and the three of us quickly headed towards
the exit. The girl gave her friends a wave of goodbye, and their
catcalling quickly turned to shocked silence. Gretchen turned back
briefly and blew the stunned onlookers a kiss, which sent the three of
us onto a giggling fit as we exited out into the parking lot.

Gretchen had gotten a new SUV over the summer, which meant that there
was plenty of room in the backseat for the girl and I to get to know
each other a bit better during the short drive back home. In between the
groping and the smooching, we learned that her name was Melody. She had
been living in town all her life, but in a couple of weeks she was
leaving to attend her first semester at a private all-women's college.
Her dad, a history professor at our college, decided--wisely I
suppose--that she'd have a better experience if she went away for
school. Me, all I could think about was the all the wonderful
opportunities for girl on girl sex at such an institution!

By the time we got to our apartment, I was so horny I thought my pussy would explode if it didn't get some attention soon! But I knew I'd have
to wait a bit longer, as our first order of business would be to get
Melody naked and coming. We were barely in the door long enough to toss
our bags and purses in the corner and we practicly pounced on the poor
girl, pressing her back up against the door that slammed closed behind
her. With a synchronized motion that was nearly instinctive, I went high
while Gretchen went low. I pushed Melody's top up over her braless tits,
cupping her cone-shaped breasts in my hands while my mouth went quickly
to her hard, erect nipples. Gretchen unfastened Melody's skirt and
helped her step out of it, then pulled her panties down to her knees and
attacked her pussy, licking along Melody's slit and sliding her index
finger up into the girl's wet pussy.

Melody, it turns out, was aptly named. Her moans were indeed melodic,
every whimper and cry of pleasure sounding like a musical note. Gretchen
and I played her like a sweet symphony until she came in a grand finale.
Melody's knees went week and I had to hold her up under her arms lest
she crash to the floor.

A dreamy smile on her face, Melody thanked us for giving her a wonderful
orgasm. With Melody still standing with her back against the door, I
moved so that I was standing in front of her, my legs inside of hers.
Gretchen moved to stand behind me. She untied my blouse, freeing my
breasts and offering them up to Melody's mouth. Melody wrapped her sweet
lips around my left nipple, sucking and licking a bit before moving over
to the right. As Melody played with my tits, I turned my head to share a
wicked smile with my roommate--once again, we'd found another sexy

Gretchen led Melody's hands down to my crotch and the two of them
unfastened my shorts. They dropped down to the floor and I kicked them
away, spreading my thighs apart so that Melody's fingers could slide
into my wet pussy. Gretchen massaged my tits while Melody finger-fucked
my pussy. With two sexy women fondling me, it wasn't very long before I
started to come, my thighs clamping tight around Melody's hand in my
snatch while I moaned loudly in her ear in sexual ecstacy.

With my first orgasm out of the way, Gretchen asked Melody if she wanted
to lick her pussy; Melody immediately said yes. Gretchen quickly got out
of her shorts and went over to the couch, sitting down and spreading her
legs open wide. Melody eagerly went over with her, kneeling down in
front of Gretchen to lap at my roomie's sweet sex juices. I got down on
the floor behind Melody, squeezing her ass cheeks and licking her yummy
slit. I gently rubbed Melody's clit while I stuck my tongue in and out
of the girl's hole. She tasted as sweet as she sounded. Gretchen and
Melody were moaning together, a wonderful erotic duet.

Well, I could go on and on about that evening, but I can see that you're
getting anxious. Well, baby, I'm getting pretty damn hot and ready
myself. I need a good hard fuck, and I just know that you're the guy to
give it to me! I'm going to get up on my hands and knees here, and I
want you to give me the fuck of my life! Yeah baby, get that cock of
yours over here and ram it into me. Ooohhh! Yes! That's it baby, harder!
Harder! Grab hold of my thighs and pound me long and hard! Fuck! Oh
yeah, Fuck! Ohhhh! Unnnnh! Ohhhh! Unnnnh! Ohhhh! Unnnnh! Oh yes! Slam it
into me! Oh Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh Fuck Yes! Oh fuck I'm coming!
Oooohhhhhhh! Oooohhhhhhh! Oooohhhhhhh! Oooohhhhhhh!

Oh no, baby, don't stop now. Roll me over on my back and give it to me
good. Oh yes, fuck me baby. Oh yes, keep fucking me hard until we both
come. I want you to come inside me, baby. I want o feel your hot, sticky
juices squirting up in my pussy, filling me with you lust. Oh yes, suck
my tits while you fuck me baby. Oh yes, yes, I'm going to come again.
Come with me, baby. Come in my pussy. Oh yes! Yes! Ooohhhhh!

You are soooo good baby. It's been too damn long since I've been fucked
good and hard by a man. Thank you so much. There's no way I'm going to
wait as long again before coming over to tell you another story. So you
be a good boy now until I return--well, okay, maybe not too good.

Have pleasant dreams baby--I sure know that I will!


The Fine Print: "Bedtime stories with Kelly" are copyright 2000 Kelly
Adams. Permission is granted to distribute via and archive in and ASSTR in accordance with a.s.s.m. guidelines
and policies.


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