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KELLY17 movies video etc But dont


Bedtime stories with Kelly 17
by Kelly Adams

Hello lover, happy to see me? I can tell by that bulge in your
sweatpants that you are! Hmmm, not so fast--first pretend that
you're a gentleman and take my coat for me. Thanks hun!

Aren't we a pair this evening: you in your sweats, all casual,
and I'm still dressed up for the office in my nice skirt and
blouse. I know, you're probably disappointed that it's a rather
long skirt, but I can't rightly wear short skirts to work can I,
especially in winter! Still, even if I wear a skirt past my
knees, there's no reason why I can't wear one that's nice and
tight in the hips and butt, is there? Go ahead, feel how tight
and smooth this skirt is on my ass... That's right--no panty lines. Gee, I wonder why that could be?

Oooh, baby, that feels so good when you rub my ass. Jeez, I'm not
two feet inside the door and already you've got me so horny I
could just fuck you right here. How about you--are you horny
enough to fuck? Let me see... that's what I like about guys wearing sweat pants: easy access! I see you're not wearing any
underwear either. Good. You're very hard and I need you to fuck
me right now. Yes, right here in front of the door. Pull down
your pants, hike up my skirt, and push yourself into me hard.
Yeah, I know I just got here and I normally tell a story first. But I'm still cold from being outside and I can't think
of any better way to warm up than to have your hot, hard cock up
inside of me.

What? Am I wet? Honey, I started getting wet the minute I took my
panties off in the rest room at work! All the way over here I
couldn't think of anything but fucking you silly. So get to
work--get that cock going and fuck me good. Ooooh yeah! Oh that
feels great! Don't hold back, baby, fuck me hard! Harder! Harder!
Oh fuck yeah, that's good.

Oh god, you're fucking me soo good! Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!
Unnnnhhh!! Unnnnhhh!! Unnnnhhh!! Unnnnhhh!! That's it, baby,
that's it. You're going to make me come, yes you are--oh yes!
Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm coming! OooohhHHH! OooohhHHH! Yes! Yes!

Oh baby, that was amazing. You sure know how to give a lady a
proper greeting! I'm a little light-headed--I suppose I should
sit down for a spell, huh? Just let me smooth my skirt back in
place and you can take me back to sit down on your bed.

Here we go. Woah! Almost fell there. No, I'm okay, I just need a
minute or two to rest up and let the blood flow back to the
proper places. Maybe you could go get me a glass of water? Yes,
ice would be nice, thanks.


Thanks, you're a dear. Mmmm. <gulp> <gulp> <gulp>. Ahhh. That
sure hit the spot. I think I'll live now! Damn, I haven't had a
good hard fuck like that in some time. I know that I haven't been
able to come and visit as often as you'd like lately--I just hope
that you're putting that tool of your to good use when I'm not

So, I think it's time for a story, don't you? What kind of a
story would you like to hear. Another lesbian three-way? Jeez,
what is it with you guys and your fascination with girl-on-girl
action? Didn't I tell you that kind of story the last time I was
here? Sure I did. You remember, it was about how Gretchen and I
went to the mall and wound up picking up that cute girl and
bringing her back to our place for some first-class lesbian fucking. Sure, I suppose I could tell you about another such
encounter--after all, we did manage to do those sorts of things
quite often. But really they're all pretty much the same. Hmmm...
except... there was one time that was different. A similar theme,
but with the tables turned. Oh yes, I remember it quite well.
Okay, sit back and make yourself comfortable, cause here we go:

Let's see, it must have been during my sophomore year in college.
It was a Friday evening in mid-January, snow on the ground but
none falling at the time. I was sitting in my dorm room, bored.
Bored and horny. Gretchen was away for the weekend visiting her
parents, and no one else seemed to be around. Yeah, sure, I
suppose I could have gotten out some of the toys and taken care
of maters myself, but, while masturbation is fine in a pinch,
toys are much better when you've got someone to share them with.
And besides, when I finished with the toys, I'd still be bored
and alone. I needed to be with someone. I needed a real breast to
fondle, a real nipple to suck, a real pussy to lick. Yeah, not
only was I horny, I was girl horny. I wanted to be with another
woman in the worst way.

It didn't take too long of feeling sorry for myself until I
formed a plan and put it into action. Admittedly it wasn't a
great plan, but as you'll see it paid off with quite nice
dividends. Now I had been out trolling before, but always with
Gretchen, and, quite frankly, she was the expert. Still, I had
learned enough in the past year and a half that I was quite
confident that I could go out and get laid on my own.

I started by donning my killer winter outfit: faded blue jeans
and a soft, tight sweater. Yeah, I know, it doesn't sound like
much, but believe me it works like a charm. It says, 'I'm cute
and I'm soft and I'm feminine and wouldn't you like to see what's
underneath?' I grabbed the book I was in the middle of
reading--probably a Sue Grafton mystery--put on my coat, and
headed off down a few blocks to one of the many coffee houses
surrounding the campus.

Yeah, I know, a coffee house is so cliche. But hey, if it works,
it works. I was still technicly underage for a bar--besides, even
if I could've flirted my way in, I would just end up being hit on
by a bunch of drunk guys with cocky attitudes. Gretchen and I had
long before figured out the holy trifecta: bookstores, museums,
and coffee houses. If you wanted to find a quality lay, those
were the places to go.

I hit success immediately--well, almost. I hadn't even made it to
a chair with my espresso when I was approached by a guy. And oh,
what a gorgeous specimen of manhood he was too: a little over six
feet tall, sandy brown hair, well built but not overly muscular.
If I hadn't been jonesing so bad for a woman, I would have been
hard tempted to run off with him and fuck him silly. But damnit I
was on a mission and I wasn't going to get distracted by a guy,
no matter how cute he was. So I just flirted with him for a
bit--enough to figure out that he wasn't an instant creep--and
then gave him my phone number, urging him to call me sometime
soon. Did he? Oh yes, we ended going out the next weekend, and
let me tell you it was very wonderful and erotic. You should've
seen how he... ooops, sorry, I'm getting off track here. Next
time I come by, you'll have to remind me to continue on with this
thread. But let's get back to where I was.

Let's see, where was I? Oh yes, I had just gotten to the coffee
house. I found a comfortable chair out of the way near the back
with a view so that I could scope out most of the place. With all
the gorgeous women coming in, I was sure that I would spy someone
who could satisfy my needs in no time.

Alas, I was to finally learn just how pathetic my 'gaydar' is.
Unlike Gretchen, who seems to be able to tell a woman's leanings
just by looking at her, I have no such gift. Sure, there were
plenty of attractive girls in the joint, but I didn't have a clue
as to who would be willing to go off and have a little fun with
me, and I was mortified to approach anyone. It seemed that my
little excursion was going to end in failure.

So I figured, what the hell, I could at least salvage something
from the evening by finishing up my novel. Turning my attention
away from people-watching, I got involved in the book--so much so
that I didn't notice when two women sat down in the couch
kitty-corner to the chair I was sitting in. But as I was reading,
I felt something pulling me, some sort of urge, so strong that I
was compelled to look up.

When I finally laid my eyes on the two women, I noticed right
away that they were gorgeous! Despite the fact that they were
very different, both were stunningly beautiful: The woman closest
to me was short, 5'3" at the tallest, and petite with a pixie-ish
quality that I find extremely attractive in a woman. She had very
short, very dark black hair, and warm brown eyes that shimmered
when she laughed. A pale, earthy lipstick helped to highlight
lips that were a bit on the thin side, but not anemicly so. Her
small tits were visible lumps under her tight long-sleeved white
turtleneck, and her shapely legs were covered by her tight faded
black jeans. She sat on the couch with her legs tucked up
underneath her, sipping from her latte as she conversed with her

The second woman was about as opposite of a beauty as could be:
While it's hard to gauge heights when sitting down, she was
definitely taller than me--about 5'10" or so. Her most noticable
feature was her head of hair: piles of curly waves of light
auburn cascading down to her shoulders and upper back. Without
nary a trace of makeup her face was smooth and full-featured with
high cheekbones and a cute nose. Despite her bulky pink sweater I
could still make out her sizable breasts underneath. She had
kicked off her shoes and stretched her jeans-clad legs out on the
coffee table in front of the couch, holding her coffee cup in
both hands, savoring the warmth it provided.

Once the two women had come to my attention, I couldn't turn
away. I observed them discretely and, despite my ineptitude at
deciphering the sexual proclivities of single women, very quickly
became reasonable sure that the two were lovers. How? It was in
the way they interacted: the looks, the laughs, the touches that
the two shared--it wasn't hard for even me to pick up on the

Obviously I had found my marks, as I now wanted to fuck these two
women in the worst way. I decided not to take the forward
approach; after all, despite my extreme horniness I didn't want
to butt in if I wasn't wanted. Instead, I would arrange things so
that the two of them would initiate things, and I'd play the
innocent one, the seducee. Hey, don't laugh--I can play innocent
very well when I put my mind to it. You just have a problem
viewing me that way since it wasn't but a few minutes ago that
you were ramming your cock up inside of me. A girl can only be
innocent until you've fucked her!

Having decided what I wanted, I quickly developed a plan and put
it in motion. Okay, so it wasn't a great plan, but the point
wasn't to be subtle and cleaver, the point was to get laid! It
was really simple: I got up to go to the bathroom, and asked the
two women if they could watch my book and purse for me. Just that
easily, the ice was broken. As an extra bonus, when I returned
from the loo, my chair had been taken by another person, meaning
I had to join them on their couch. In no time we struck up a
conversation and were engaged in small talk. Both girls were
older than me: Ivy, the short one, was a senior biology major,
while Erica, the tall redhead, was a graduate student in history.
('Why history?' 'It was my undergrad major.' 'What can you do
with a degree in history?' 'Go to grad school.' 'What can you do
then?' 'Become a history professor and teach other history

We continued our conversation for about half an hour. Not only
were the two women beautiful, but they were also very warm and
quite fun. Ivy was the shier of the two, though I could tell that
behind her quietness was a bubbly, sexy woman, as she had a
mischievous twinkle in her eye and a cute, sexy laugh. Sitting
this close, I could smell Ivy's perfume, not too strong but just
enough that it heightened my nascent arousal. During the time I
managed to squeeze in an 'accidental' touch or two, and at one
point discovered Erica's hand casually but deliberately laying on
my thigh. When I looked at her without protesting, our eyes
locked and we shared a brief moment of unspoken understanding. We
had made a Lust Connection--now we just had to act on it.

Erica announced that she and Ivy were going to get a couple of
slices of cheesecake and go back to their apartment, and would I
care to join them? Well duh! The three of us gathered up our
belongings, put our shoes and coats on, and headed for the door.
Erica stopped off at the counter to get us each a piece of
cheesecake, then we were out the door into the chill of the

Thankfully, the girls just a few blocks away--the opposite
direction from my dorm, but easy walking distance. We climbed up
the stairs to their second-floor apartment and waited a bit
impatiently as Ivy fumbled through her purse for the keys to let
us in.

Their apartment wasn't huge, but still a quite spacious
one-bedroom affair. One of the girls obviously had a flair for
low cost decorating, as simple objects were turned into
inexpensive yet attractive decor.

Once inside, Ivy took my coat and hung it on a coatrack, while
Erica took the dessert containers into the kitchen to get them
put out on plates. I excused myself to the bathroom, on the way
peeking through the slightly ajar bedroom door to confirm that
indeed there was just one bed.

When I got back from the bathroom, Erica handed me a plate with
my slice of cheesecake and invited me to sit on the couch. Ivy
poured us each a glass of white wine and then came over to join
us. No one seemed to be in a big hurry to make a move--after all,
we had cheesecake, and a good slice of chocolate chip cheesecake
is almost as good as actual sex! The wine was a bit on the dry
side, with a fruity aroma and rather tasty. It complemented the
thick, rich taste and texture of the cheesecake rather well.

Erica finished her dessert first. Saying that her bulky sweater
was getting a bit warm, she excused herself to go back into the
bedroom to change.

With Erica out of the room, Ivy (finally!) made the first move.
And what a smooth move it was! She made mention that I had a
crumb of cheesecake on the corner of my mouth, then quickly
leaned over me to wipe it away with a napkin. She was now very
close to me. She looked me directly in the eyes, then placed a
soft, brief kiss on my lips. She pulled back a bit and looked at
me again. Sensing encouragement, she kissed me again, this time
longer. I moaned just a bit, sending the signal that I enjoyed
her attentions. She then kissed me a third time, and I felt her
tongue pressing against my mouth, asking to be invited in. I
parted my lips, letting her thin tongue slide between them into
my mouth. Before I knew it, Ivy had swung her legs around to
straddle me, sitting in my lap while we made out. Our bodies
pressed together as our hands roamed and our lips and tongues
played out an erotic dance.

Ivy complemented me on my kissing technique. She asked me if I
had been with another woman before, and I confessed that I had,
though I didn't let on as to how experienced I actually was. She
pulled off her shirt with one smooth notion, and with no bra
underneath I was treated to the sight of her wonderful perky
breasts. Her nipples were small and hard, just begging to be
sucked. As I massaged her tits and sucked her nipples she stated
to moan--actually, it was more of a growl than a moan, low in
tone and coming from deep within, almost like an animal in heat.

As I broke away from her chest, I could see that Ivy was wearing
a big, sexy grin on her face--she was definitely enjoying
herself! She asked be to take off my sweater, so I obliged
her--my bra too, leaving both of us now topless. She gently
fondled my tits, squeezing them every so slightly, and I could
tell that she enjoyed them. She grabbed her half-empty glass and
started to dribble the remaining wine on my chest. Little rivers
flowed down my breasts and onto my nipples. The quickly
evaporating liquid caused a slight chill, but was immediately
replaced by the heat of Ivy's warm mouth. This girl had the
greatest tongue; already she had plied it in my mouth and on my
tits--I was really looking forward to her using it in my pussy!

Oh, I'm sorry, it's not really fair for me to be going on and on
about my tits, all the while not showing them to you, is it? Just
let me undo a few buttons here... There we go. Now I'll unclasp
my bra... There. Is that better? Go ahead, you can touch them--I
like to feel your strong hands on my breasts. Oh, and my nipples
are quite sensitive today--give them a little squeeze... Ooooh!
Oh boy, you better hold up a bit, or I'll never get to finishing
my story! Don't worry, I'll let you return to my tits when the
story is over.

So, after a bit of titty play, we decided to get down to some
more serious business. Ivy got up off my lap long enough to get
out of her jeans and pull off her thong, then resumed her
position straddling me. I had managed to get my jeans off as
well, but my panties still remained. It didn't matter much to Ivy
though, as she moved a hand down to my crotch and began to rub my
pussy through the thin fabric. She pressed her thumb down into my
slit, with the fabric serving as a dam to keep her from going in
more than just a smidge--it was very teasing and was having quite
an effect on me.

It was then that Erica came back from the bedroom. She had
changed out of her sweater outfit and into an adorable oversized
nightshirt with a picture of a teddy bear on the front. Erica
smiled when she saw what Ivy and I were up to, and said that she
was glad that we had gotten things going. Ivy asked her if she
wanted to join us, but Erica said that she had to clean up in the
kitchen first and would join us in a little bit.

Before gathering up the dirty dishes, Erica handed me a dildo,
telling me that it was one of Ivy's favorites. It was a hard,
shiny black plastic, no more than 3/4 of an inch wide and about
eight inches long. Dainty was the best word to describe it. I
reached the dildo around behind Ivy as she lifted herself up a
bit to give me easy access to her pussy. I slowly moved the tip
of the dildo along Ivy's slit, teasing her with it before sliding
it into her pussy. It slipped right in as Ivy let out a satisfied
moan. With my right hand I began to move the dildo in and out of
her while my left had rubbed and squeezed her tight ass cheek.
Ivy leaned into me, pressing her small tits into my upper chest
as she resumed her moaning and growling. The odor that her sex
was generating mixed with her perfume and sweat, creating a sexy,
near intoxicating smell.

Sensing that she was close to an orgasm, I shifted my free hand
around to the front of her crotch, finding her clit and rubbing
it, pressing just a bit harder and harder until she came. Erupted
was more like it, shaking and moaning in my lap. I pulled the
dildo out of Ivy's pussy, then she rolled off of me onto the
couch next to me. Curled up in a half-ball, she moaned softly to
herself with pleasure, quickly drifting off to sleep.

Erica then returned from the kitchen. She told me that Ivy would
need to rest for a bit, but would be able to join us again in a
little while. She asked me to come with her back to the bedroom,
and I eagerly followed. Once there, she asked me to remove my
panties and sit on the edge of the bed, which I did. Erica then
removed her nightshirt, revealing her naked body with a set of
one of the most glorious pairs of breasts I have ever seen.
Besides being large--larger than mine but full and barely a bit
of sag--almost the entire fronts of her tits were taken up by
huge areolae. I had never seen anything like them before! She
stood directly in front of me, so I reached up and took her
breasts in my hands.

And still, despite her quite impressive chest, I was in awe of
her hair. It seemed to flow off her head and down to her
shoulders, a cascade of curls through white I ran my hands. Her
bush down lower was the same color but with tighter curls,
trimmed neatly but not too closely--I guess you could say that it
was a winter cut, not a short, summer bikini cut.

Erica put her index finer beneath my chin, lifted it up just a
bit, then bent down to kiss me. As out lips met, her hair
cascaded down over us. I reached my hands up to run my fingers
through her mane, twisting and playing with it as our tongues
entwined. Then Erica went down on me, her hair laying out in my
lap while her tongue entered my pussy. I laid back and enjoyed
it, moaning with pleasure to let her know how much I enjoyed her

When she looked up, I beaconed Erica to come up on the bed with
me. She crawled up next to me, and I devoted myself to truly
enjoying her tits. They were like works of art, and I was intent
on defiling them. I squeezed and sucked, rolling her hard nipples
in my fingers while her own fingers made their way into my pussy.
I began to rhythmicly squeeze my thighs around her hand. I
started up the hill to an orgasm, but Erica pulled her hand away,
telling me that I would have to wait a bit.

I looked up at the doorway to see Ivy standing there, back from
her little catnap and ready for more action. She jumped into bed
with Erica and me, quickly going for my pussy, spreading my legs
apart and diving right in. I was right about her tongue--it was
fabulous! She used it to flick at my clit, run along my slit, and
place slow, penetrating licks inside of me. She brought me to a
quick orgasm, only lasting a brief second or two. Then another,
and another after that. I'd never felt anything like it before,
nor have I since. It was like I was riding up just near the
surface, and Ivy could bring me over and under the line at will.
She was so fucking amazing!

Erica then got above my head, straddling my face and presenting
me with her pussy. I spread her lips apart with my fingers and
began to lick at her hole. When Ivy would let up on me I could
give Erica my full attention, but when Ivy applied her full
technique all I could do was to pretty much moan. I can't way
that I gave Erica even close to my best pussy licking, but she
seemed to enjoy watching me get eaten out by Ivy.

I finally had to ask Ivy to let up--I was getting too worn out! I
got off the bed and moved over to a chair to rest up a bit. I
asked Ivy and Erica if I could watch the two of them together,
and they were delighted to have me as an audience.

Watching the two of them together was amazing. These were two
women who had obviously been together for a while. Their
lovemaking wasn't stale at all, but rather like a well rehearsed
symphony. I watched in awe as Ivy employed a different technique
on her lover, driving Erica up slowly to a powerful orgasm that
seemed to last forever. Up to that point, while I had had a good
deal of experience having sex with women, I had never really
observed two other women going at it. I made several mental notes,
intending to bring back a few tricks to try with Gretchen.

I ended up spending the entire weekend with my two new friends.
It wasn't entirely filled with debauchery--we went out shopping
and to dinner, hung out listening to music and talking, watching
movies on video, etc. But don't worry, we also managed to squeeze
in plenty of sex too! If you're a good boy, maybe someday I'll
tell you about some of the other stuff we did.

Well now, you've been so patient with me, and I can see that
you're still plenty turned on. Let's see if I can take care of
that stiffness between your legs before I go, shall we? How about
a nice blow job for my favorite guy? Okay then, get that cock of
yours over here so I can suck it. Your cock is so good and hard,
I just love sucking you off!

UUmmmmppphhhh. Mmmmmmmm. UUmmmmppphhhh. Mmmmmmmm. UUmmmmppphhhh.
Mmmmmmmm. Do you like this baby? Do you like it when I fondle
your balls as I suck you off? Oh yeah, I know you like it!
Mmmmmmmm. Oohhhh. Mmmmmmmm. Oohhhh. Mmmmmmmm. Oohhhh.

Hang on, baby, don't come yet! I want you to come while inside of
me. Fuck me slowly now until you come. Ooooohhh.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Oh baby, that's just right. Nice and easy.
Oooooo... Oooooo... Oooooo... Oooooo... Anytime you're ready now,
baby, just come in me. Oh yeah--oh, that's great. Oh yeah, that
feels soooo goooood. Mmmmmmmm........

Well dear, this was a lot of fun, but I have to get going. Give
me a goodbye kiss? Mmmmmmm... Thanks baby, you're a wonderful
audience. Take care!


The Fine Print: "Bedtime stories with Kelly" are copyright 2001
Kelly Adams. Permission is granted to distribute via and archive
in and ASSTR in accordance with a.s.s.m.
guidelines and policies.


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