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KELLY18 jism cheek


Bedtime stories with Kelly 18
by Kelly Adams (

Well hello there! Aren't you looking mighty fine standing there in
only your boxers! I just love a man with a strong, bare chest,
something I can run my hands over--oh hell, I love running my hands
over just about any part of a man's anatomy!

You're in luck tonight: Gretchen's out of town for the weekend, so I
have plenty of time to spend with you. How about a nice long, hot
story? And then maybe you can give me something long and hot too!

Where's Gretchen? She's at some convention for work--sounds very
boring to me. But then, knowing her, she'll probably find some
handsome stud to hook up with who'll spend the night pounding his
meat away at her hot wet pussy. Either that or some gorgeous woman
to lick and suck her clit to multiple orgasms. Hell, knowing her
she'll probably find both! People have a very hard time saying 'no'
to that blonde vixen!

Am I jealous? No, not at all--I'd never want to keep my girlfriend
from having good sex. Besides, she never complains when I come over
here and visit you. In fact, she often has me tell her about our
little story sessions, which gets her incredibly turned on. And of
course when she gets turned on, I get turned on, which leads to some
fantastic sex. She's a very sexual person that Gretchen, as am I,
and we know better than to hold each other back. Yes, she's very
special, and I'm damn lucky to have found her!

Okay, enough of the mushy stuff--let's get back to you and me. Have I
ever got a good story for you this evening, one I've been putting
off telling you for a while. Why? Well, for a couple of reasons.
First, it's rather long, and one I don't want to abridge in the
telling. But since neither of us has anyplace else to go tonight, I
figure I can take the time to tell it right. And second, well, it's
rather a fantastic story, and I don't know if you'll believe it or
not. But I swear to you, as unbelievable as it will all seem, it's
absolutely true.

Come on now, let's get started. Where shall we sit? Yes, I know we
usually do these bedtime stories in your bed, but how about we get
this one started over on your couch? Don't worry, I'm sure we'll
move over to the bed later!

Hey, are you looking at my ass? Oh no, I don't mind--why do you
think I'm wearing these tight shorts? Don't you just love summer
clothes? I sure do! I get to wear sexy, skimpy clothing, like these
white denim shorts and this tight, powder blue cropped tank top. I
like how it shows off my taught tummy and cute little belly button,
don't you? I think that women showing off their bare midriffs is
very sexy. Sometimes during the summer Gretchen and I will head off
down tot he shopping district, sit on a bench, and just watch all
the sexy young women walking around in their hot summer clothing.
Usually we go unnoticed, but sometimes some pretty young thing will
catch us gazing at her and smile. Sometimes that smile leads to a
conversation, which leads to, well, you know...

Now you're looking at my tits, aren't you? I'm not surprised--this
tight top really shows them off well, especially since I'm not
wearing a bra underneath it! Yep, those are my nipples getting hard
and trying to poke through. Go ahead and give them a little squeeze.
Oooooooooo. That's nice. My nipples are very sensitive, even through
the cotton fabric. If I wasn't horny before, your rubbing my breasts is certainly getting me in the mood now! Yes, that's very nice. Hey!
Don't you go reaching underneath--at least not yet. We've got a long
evening ahead of us, so let's not rush things, okay? If you're a
good boy and listen attentively to my story, then I'll let you play
with my bare tits.

How about a drink before we get started? Oh, ice water will be just
fine. On a hot day like today, a girl has to keep her fluids up, you
know--especially considering all the sweat we'll probably be
generating later on! Thank you. Ah, that really hits the spot!

All right, let's get ourselves situated on the couch here. What?
Take my sandals off? Oops, sorry about that, I know how some people
are about shoes on the furniture. Or is it that you just want to see
my bare feet? Funny, I never figured you for much of a foot guy.
I'll tell you what, why don't you sit down there at the end of the
couch, I'll sit here at the other end and I'll swing my legs around
up onto the couch so that my feet are resting in your lap. Yes, like
this. Do you like that? I can tell, because my feet can feel how
hard your cock is getting in your boxers. Do you like it when I
stroke your cock with my feet, like this? Oh yes indeed! Do you want
to suck my toes? Go ahead. Ooooh, that's nice, how you suck them
nice and slow. Very nice indeed--very sexy. Ooh, hey, that tickles!
Hee hee! Hey! Watch it, buster, or I'll take those tootsies away
from you!

I think it's time I got to telling my story, don't you? Okay, sit
back and get comfortable then.

This story takes place during the fall of my junior year in college.
It was the last year that Gretchen and I spent in the dorms; we had
really enjoyed living in the apartment over the summer, but had
already signed up for a dorm room together the year before and were
kind of stuck. Still, since we were upperclassmen (or, rather,
upperclasswomen) we were able to get one of the larger rooms: a
suite with a separate bedroom and living room, and a bathroom all
our own--no communal showering for us anymore! Not that it was huge,
or even as big as the apartment we'd shared over the summer, but it
was bigger than the rooms we'd had our first two years there.

Also still living in the dorms that year was our friend Jake. I
think you remember me telling you about him before in a couple of my
stories, right? He was a senior that year and had managed to get
himself selected as president of the dorm resident council. He tried
to tell us that he did it to buff up his resume, but Gretchen and I
both knew that the real reason he did it was to help him get into
the pants of the freshman girls!

That year, Jake had taken to palling around with Kurt, who happened
to be the RA for our floor. Of course, any friend of Jake's was a
friend of ours--a very good friend! Kurt was a nice guy, good
looking, and probably had the greatest stamina of any guy I've ever
been with. His cock could stay hard for what seemed like ages, which
was especially handy if Jake wasn't around and he had to handle both
Gretchen and I on his own. Which, as you know, has always been a
favorite hobby of ours, the both of us bedding some hot stud. But
said stud would come sooner or later, while Gretchen and I were
still horny, so we'd have to keep each other entertained until our
boy-toy regained his strength. No so with Kurt--he was usually the
one wearing us out!

As I remember it, things got set into motion during one evening in
early November. Gretchen and I had been having one of our midweek
fuck-and-suck session with the guys. I probably had a good-sized gob
of Kurt's jism on my cheek, as he just loved getting blow-jobs and
coming on the girl's face. Most guys prefer to come in my mouth, but
Kurt preferred giving facials. I gave him a lot of blow-jobs that
year, as it was his preferred method of finishing off. That boy loved getting his cock sucked, nearly as much as you do!

Gretchen and Jake had finished up a couple of minutes earlier, and
had been watching as I completed Kurt's blow-job. Jake, ever the
gentleman, handed me a washcloth so I could clean my face off (after
I had wiped up the biggest gob with my finger and licked it clean,
of course!)

Besides being good fucks, Jake and Kurt were also good friends, so
they usually hung around after we had finished to chat. Heck, many
times we were all so hungry after fucking our brains out that we'd
order up a pizza!

That particular evening Jake was complaining about his work on the
resident council. As president, he was expected to head up our
dorm's annual pre-Thanksgiving canned food drive. Participation had
been steadily declining over the last few years, and Jake was
determined to stop the downward trend the year that he was in
charge. Say what you will about Jake's motives in seeking out the
job, he still took it quite seriously.

So the four of us sat around trying to brainstorm ideas to get
people to donate more food that year. Kurt suggested maybe getting
local business to donate prizes that could be raffled off to people
who brought in food, but Jake didn't think that the prospect of a
t-shirt or a $10 book store gift certificate would be that big of a

We hadn't really come up with any great ideas by the time the guys got ready to leave. Gretchen and I told them that we'd be willing to
help out in whatever way we could, and then Kurt made a crack about
how it was too bad we couldn't figure out some way to use Gretchen's
and my hot bodies to get people to donate more food. He meant it as
a joke, but then we all kind of stopped and it started to dawn on

Inspired by Kurt's off-the-cuff comment, the four of us sat back
down on the floor and, over the next hour or so, developed the plan
that would lead to the greatest canned food drive the college had
ever seen: we'd hold a raffle, but instead of gift certificates and
trinkets with store logos, the prizes would be Gretchen and myself!

It wasn't an easy thing to get set up; the endeavor was both risque
and risky. (Hey, stop that groaning--aren't I allowed an occasional
bad pun?) We had to make sure that: one, we made things fair; two,
we made sure people knew about it; and three, we didn't get caught.
That last part was the trickiest, as we were pretty sure that the
school administration would frown on students raffling off sex, even
if it was for a good cause! It wouldn't do for Kurt to lose his RA
job or for the rest of us to get kicked out of school.

So here's how we worked things: first, no mention of sex was made at
all. We just called it a date, with a bit of a 'wink-wink', hoping
that our reputations would carry the rest of the meaning. We also
had a regular raffle along Kurt's original idea, for those who
didn't want to participate in our unique twist.

The food drive was the week leading up to Thanksgiving break. Each
evening between seven and eight Jake had people bring their food
donations to the common area closest to our hall. Gretchen and I
wanted to be there along with him--you know, to show off the
merchandise--but Jake said no, that our extra raffle had to be by
word-of-mouth only.

So when students brought by their donations, they received one
raffle ticket for each can or box of dry-goods they brought. (Jake
set a limit of five tickets per person, to keep things from getting
too out of hand.) They could choose to enter either the regular
raffle, or the 'special' raffle. Students had to write their first
names on their ticket stubs, to cut down on the possibility of any
after-the-fact auctions, and only students living in our dorm were
allowed to participate.

For the 'special' raffle, there were five prizes in all: two 'dates'
with Gretchen, two 'dates' with myself, and as the grand prize, one
'date' with the two of us. The 'dates' would take place the week
after we returned from break.

The food drive, of course, was wildly successful. We had to help
Jake make several trips down to the community center with his SUV
full of boxes and canned goods. I think we ended up tripling the
take from the previous year, so that was good.

So on Wednesday, the day before break, Jake & Kurt held a drawing for the winners. Jake posted the winning ticket numbers (for both
raffles) on a sheet outside of his door. Even though many people had
already left to go home, there was quite a crowd gathered around. Or
so I heard. Jake wouldn't let Gretchen or I anywhere near there. He
wouldn't even give us a list of the winners--the bastard told us
that we'd have to wait until the next week when we got back. He knew
that it would drive us nuts, and it worked!

All I could think about that long weekend at my folks' house was
what was coming the next week when I got back. Part of the
excitement was knowing that there were guys out there who I was
destined to fuck--had to fuck--though I didn't know who they would
be! Every night I laid in bed and masturbated, thinking about some
stranger's hard cock pressing into me.

You're surprised that I masturbate? Why? Everyone does it, don't
you? Of course you do. I know that you'll see some hot young thing
out during the day, and then come back home in the evening and
stroke yourself off. It's only natural. Sure, sex is more fun when
you have someone to share it with, but one's own hand, coupled with
an appropriate fantasy, can be plenty satisfying.

Here, I'll show you what I mean. Just let me slide out of these
shorts... there we go, now the panties... Ah ah, I know you like my
pussy, but I'm supposed to be showing you some solo action,
remember? So just sit back there and relax. I'll dangle one leg here
down to the floor, and lift my other up on the back of the couch
like this... There, now you have a perfect view!

As you can see, I'm already fairly moist. I'll just grab a little
ice cube out of my glass here and rub it along my shaved pussy lips... Ooooh! That's a little chilly against my hot pussy!

There we go. Now, I usually begin by just rubbing my fingers gently
along my slit, like this... Mmmmm... then I start to rub my little
clit as it starts to swell... Ahhhh... Now sometimes I'll use a
dildo or another toy to get off, but seeing as there aren't any
handy, I'll just go ahead and use my fingers. I just slide one,
maybe two inside, like this... Oooohhh... Nice and slow at first...
just like this... oh yes... and then... oooo... I'll go a bit
faster... yesss... and fasssster... Ohhhh... Ohhhh...
Ohhh... ... ... Ahhhhhhhh...

Gee, you've got a big ol' grin on your face! You liked watching me
get myself off, didn't you? I know--women are so sexy when they're
touching and rubbing themselves!

Whew! All that rubbing and touching had made me hot & thirsty! Could
you please be a dear and refill my water glass? Thanks!

Ahhh, that's good. Go ahead and sit back down--as you can tell, the
story is just beginning. No, I don't think I'll put my shorts back
on--you don't mind if I sit here bare-bottomed, do you? I didn't
think so!

So when we got back to the dorm Sunday night, Jake finally gave us
the list of winners. Of course, all we had were first names & ticket
numbers, and with no really unusual names in the list, we still had
no idea who we would be fucking that week!

We flipped a coin and Gretchen won, meaning she would have the
Monday and Wednesday winners, I'd take Tuesday and Thursday, and we
would both take on the grand prize winner on Saturday.

So Monday evening came, and by seven o'clock I had to make myself
scarce so that Gretchen could entertain her first date. I went to
the library to try to study, but quite frankly I had a hard time
concentrating. There I was, my head buried in a physics book, while
my roommate was back in our room have hot, wild sex. How did I know
it was hot and wild? Honey, this is Gretchen we're talking
about--with her, there is no other kind of sex!

There was a two hour limit, so by nine o'clock I headed back to the
dorm, anxious to hear Gretchen tell me about her evening. On the way
down the hall, I passed a rather attractive though disheveled guy,
wearing nothing but a pair of sweat pants and a shit-eating grin. He
said nothing as he walked past me, giving only a knowing wink. I
made the not-terribly-hard leap of logic that that must be Paul,
Gretchen's lucky 'date' for the evening.

Upon entering our room, I was struck first my the unmistakable odor
of sweat and sex. Looking into the bedroom, I saw Gretchen sprawled
out naked on top of her bed, her skin glistening with sweat, her
chest covered with a copious amount of Paul's jism. She was tired
but still awake, and very happy.

As I helped Gretchen get cleaned up in the bathroom, she related the
story of her evening to me. Gretchen had greeted him at the door
naked, and they got right down to it. The evening was pure sex: no
extraneous chit chat, just hot sucking and fucking. He pounded her
six ways to Tuesday, then finished off the evening by fucking her
tits and spewing his come all over her chest.

After hearing about Gretchen's night, I couldn't wait for Tuesday,
when it would be my turn.

Now, seeing as I had been distracted during the day before, you can
only imagine what I was like during the day on Tuesday! I screwed
things up three or four times during my chemistry lab in the
morning, and could barely pay attention in my linear algebra class
after lunch. All I could think about was my pending 'date' with
'Matt'. I knew of at least four or five different Matts who lived in
our dorm, and there were probably more. Which one could it be? I

I spent the late afternoon primping, showering, shaving my legs and
pussy--I didn't want to be skanky for my big evening! After dinner I
changed into my outfit for the night: a lacy white babydoll with
matching panties. Yes, I know that Gretchen greeted her 'date' in
the nude, but she can pull that sort of thing off very well. I, on
the other hand, while no slouch in the naked body department, think
that I work better when wearing something sexy. Besides, I really
like the whole 'undressing' part of sex--when done right, it makes
for excellent foreplay!

Speaking of undressing, how about you help me take this tank top?
I'll just lift my arms up, and you can pull it off over my head...
That's good, thanks? Don't be shy now, I know that you like my
breasts, so go ahead and rub and squeeze them a little bit. Oooo,
yes. Oooo, rub my nipples... Oh yes, that's good... Okay, that's
enough now--I need to get back to my story. Don't worry, you'll have
plenty of chances to play with my tits later on!

A few minutes after seven there was a knock on my door. This was it.
I tensed up with excitement and answered the door. But instead of
Matt, my 'date' for the evening, the person at the door was Matt, my
chem lab partner.

Okay, I know what you're thinking--'duh, Kelly!' But I swear to God
I had such a momentary spot of ditziness that I did not put two and
two together. I asked Matt if he was there to borrow my lab
notes--really! He said no, that he was there for me, and then it
finally dawned on me: Matt my lab partner *was* my 'date'!

Thankfully I recovered quickly and invited Matt in. I'm sure he said
something about how great I looked, but frankly I wasn't paying
attention, as I was too busy unzipping his jeans and sliding my hand
down inside his briefs! I hadn't had sex in nearly a week, and was
horny as hell! I had been prepared to fuck the brains out of whoever
came to my door, and Matt was in for the night of his life!

With my hand on his cock I pulled Matt back into the bedroom. Matt
seemed a bit stunned, not entirely sure what to do, so I took the
lead. I told him to strip down out of his pants, then pulled down my
panties, bent over on the bed, and told Matt to fuck me from behind.

Matt slid himself into me as I let out a satisfying moan of
pleasure. Finally, the cock I had been waiting for all week was
inside of me, thrusting away and giving me pleasure. Harder, harder,
I implored Matt and he obliged, hammering his cock into me. With
each thrust I felt my orgasm building until I came, crying a loud
howl of ecstacy.

Yes, I do love getting fucked from behind by guys. It's so carnal,
so animalistic. The feeling of a guy grabbing my hips and thrusting
his cock into my pussy, well, I just love it! Oh hell, why tell you
about it when I can show you. Here, let's get those boxers off of
you... there we go! Look at that cock of yours, so nice and big and
hard. I've got a wet pussy here just dying for your cock to pay it a

Let's use the couch here--should be sturdy enough for a good
fucking, don't you think? I'll kneel up on it like so, facing the
back so I can get a good grip. Now come on and give me that cock of
yours... Oh yes! There you go. Oohhhh baby, it feels so good to have
your cock up inside me! Now grab hold of my hips and fuck me hard...
Oh yes! Yes! Oh god fuck me! Harder! Harder! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh you're so good baby, so good at fucking me!
Yes! Yes! Oh yes! Fuck me good! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!
Fuck me! Now rub my clit, baby--rub it! Yesss! Oh yes! Rub my clit
and fuck me hard! Oh yeah, make me come! I'm going to come, baby! Oh
yes! Yes! Oh god I'm coming! Oh fuuuck! FUUUUCCCCKKKK! AH... AH...

Don't stop now--don't stop until you've come in my pussy. Yes,
that's it, keep fucking me. Let it go, baby--come inside of me... Oh
yes, yes, that's it, that's it.. oooooo I can feel your warm, sticky
sperm shoot up in me. Pump it out, baby, every last drop.

Oh. Whew! That was something! See what I mean? That fuck was so
primal, so hot! I'm still hot, and sweaty too! How about you? Yeah,
I can see that. You sit there and rest for a minute, I'll go get us
both some more water.

Here you go. Oh, I found this robe in your closet--I hope you don't
mind. I was starting to get a little chilly, running around your
apartment all naked and sweaty while the a/c was going.

So where was I, before we were wonderfully interrupted? Oh yes,
fucking Matt.

After I came, we stopped fucking momentarily, long enough for me to
lay back on the bed, my legs spread wide open and dangling over the
edge. Matt, bless his heart, didn't need much prompting at that
point; he slid his cock back into me and took up fucking where he
left off. He thrust himself into me over and over until finally he
came, sending his jism inside of my awaiting pussy.

Matt was spent for the time being, so he joined me sitting on the
bed and we got to talking. Now Matt wasn't a hunk, but he was
boyishly handsome. He was smart and slyly funny, but most
importantly a great lab partner, which explains why I hadn't made
any sort of play for him: good fucks will come and go, but good lab
partners are worth their weight in gold. I didn't want to mess
things up between the two of us.

As it turned out, Matt had been secretly lusting after me all
semester, but had been too shy to do anything about it. He had
entered the raffle as a lark, never figuring on winning, but when he
won he decided to go for it. I was glad that he did!

As we talked some more, I learned, not surprisingly, that while not
a virgin, Matt hadn't had a lot of experience with sex. Poor guy
hadn't even ever had a blow job before--his previous girlfriend
wouldn't do him, claimed it was too icky. What hogwash--sucking on a
guy's cock until he comes in your mouth or on your face is a lot of

So did I blow him? Well of course I did! He really enjoyed it too,
as I licked and slurped on his shaft and balls until he came,
sending his jism into my awaiting mouth--I sucked the poor guy dry.

After that night we only had two more lab sessions together, but we
made the most of them, skipping lunch and going back to his dorm
room for some post-chemistry fun and frolicking. We didn't have a
class together the next semester, but we managed to schedule our own
private lab time where I tutored him in the fine art of fucking a
woman. I'm sure that he's out there somewhere today, making some
girl very happy!

But hey, I'm getting way ahead of myself here. You want to hear
about the rest of our 'dates', don't you? Well Gretchen's Wednesday
night turned out to be quite interesting. Some poor, unsuspecting
freshman had won, and the kid thought that we was supposed to
go out on an actual date with Gretchen. Came to the room with
flowers and everything! Gretchen thought it was really sweet, and
helped him overcome his embarrassment by giving him the fuck of his
young life. That Gretchen, what a trooper, huh? Not that she didn't
enjoy herself--the guy was fresh meat, and very eager to please.

Then it was Thursday, and time for my next 'date'. With another
generic name--'Sam'--I was as much in the dark as I had been the
previous time. I ran into a few 'Sam's that day, but got no vibes
whatsoever from any of them.

So I went into Thursday evening just as clueless as to who my visitor
would be as I had been on Tuesday. Which was all right with me--the
mystery factor was part of the fun. I borrowed one of Gretchen's
robes, a wonderful kimono-style satin pink affair with a sash tie
and a rather high hem-line. Nothing on underneath it of course--easy
to unwrap for quick access!

I was all ready to go at seven o'clock when the expected knock came
at the door; knowing it must be Sam, I bounded up to the door to
meet him. Imagine my surprise when Sam turned out to be a she!

Yup, 'Sam' was short for Samantha. Once again I had made an
assumption and was pleasantly surprised when I turned out to be
wrong. Sam was dressed simply in a long-sleeved white t-shirt and
tight faded blue jeans, with her slightly-damp long dark brown hair
combed back straight, just touching her shoulder blades. She asked
if I minded that she was a girl, and I told her no, not at all!

Sam came into the room, closed the door behind her, and immediately
made her move on me. She quickly untied my sash as she kissed me,
then opened up my robe and started to lick her way down my body. She
went over my breasts, down past my stomach to between my legs.
Expressing delight at my shaved pussy, she began to lick me. She was
good--damn good! I leaned against the wall by the doorway, spread my
legs further, and enjoyed Sam's expert attention. She slid two
fingers up inside of me and began to fuck me with them while her
tongue played games with my clit. I came hard, making Sam smile with

Dispensing with my robe altogether, I took Sam by the hand and led
her into the bedroom. I told her how sexy I thought she was while I
unzipped her jeans. The unmistakable odor of arousal was evident as
I pushed her pants down, stopping to bury my face in her panties. I
pulled Sam's panties down a ways and motioned for her to sit on
the bed. After she had done so, she lifted her legs so that I could
take her panties the rest of the way off. I pushed her thighs open
and went to work, spreading her lips apart and licking away.

While I was eating her out, Sam removed her top, revealing a lovely
pair of c-cup breasts. Entranced, I left her crotch, moving up on
the bed with her to play with her gorgeous tits. She wrapped her
legs around mine and humped my thigh while I sucked on her hard

I pulled my leg out from between her's and replaced it with my hand,
moving my fingers in and out of her pussy while I treated myself to
her deep, probing kisses. With our naked bodies fused together in
lust, I brought her to a powerful orgasm.

We spent the next hour and a half fucking each other silly until
finally we were both too tired to continue. In the time that
remained, we got to talking and knowing each other a little better.
Sam had broken up with her last girlfriend a couple of months
before and had been dying for some good sex. I told her she was
welcome to drop by anytime she had an urge that needed to be

Gretchen of course was quite jealous when I told her about my
encounter with Sam. No problem--I invited Sam to come by the next
week and join Gretchen and me in a hot threesome! It was the start
of a beautiful and fruitful friendship.

No no, not real fruit. Okay, maybe once or twice. But let's not get
sidetracked here. I've still got one more 'date' to tell you
about--the one with both Gretchen and me--and it was quite an

We had an extra day off, thankfully, but we managed to use it to our
advantage. Gretchen and I went to the mall and picked out a couple
of hot matching outfits for our 'date' the following night: tight,
long-sleeved white turtlenecks, short black skirts, and white
knee-high socks; outfits that managed to make us look simultaneously
innocent and slutty.

When we greeted Phil, the grand prize winner, in the outfits
Saturday evening, he seemed quite pleased. We were quite pleased
too, as Phil was six feet tall and handsomely athletic. We told Phil
to take his pants off and meet us in the bedroom. When he did so, he
found us laying across Gretchen's bed, front down and heads up,
ready to please. He presented us with his nice long shaft, which
Gretchen and I immediately got to work on. We passed his stiffening
cock between the two of us, licking and sucking--sometimes both of
us at the same time! Over the past couple of years Gretchen and I
had worked up quite a system for double-teaming a guy's cock, and we
worked Phil like pros.

Eventually we rearranged so that Phil was laying back on the bed
with his legs dangling over the edge. Gretchen got down and kneeled
between his legs, while I climbed on top of him in a 69. As I took
Phil's cock back between my lips, I felt his tongue slide up inside
of my pussy. I had a hard time concentrating as he licked me, but
managed to keep sucking on his cockhead while Gretchen worked on his
lower shaft and balls.

Given our past experience with joint cocksucking, Phil should have
been coming by that point, but he exhibited amazing control.
Instead, I was the one coming, enjoying a screaming loud orgasm with
Phil's tongue lapping away at my pussy juices.

I moved from my position and Gretchen joined Phil up on the bed.
Kneeling, he got behind her, lifted up her skirt, and slid his long
hard cock up into her moist pussy. I sat on the other bed and
watched as he fucked my roommate, alternating long and short strokes
as he rubbed her tits through her shirt. Watching them fuck was
delightful, as Gretchen seemed to be enjoying herself even more than

After a while they switched tactics slightly, with Phil sitting back
on his heels and Gretchen bouncing herself up and down on his shaft.
He continued to play with her tits while they fucked, until finally
Gretchen stopped her bouncing, tossed her head back, and had one of
her fantastic orgasms that I've been privy to experience so often.
Phil came at the same time, grunting as he emptied his load up
inside of Gretchen's hot bod.

Gretchen turned around and gave Phil a deep kiss. She thanked him,
saying that it had been about time that he finally fucked her. I
realized then that Phil and Gretchen knew each other. When I asked,
they explained that they had gone to high school together. I was a
bit mad that Gretchen had never introduced me to this wonderful man (and his wonderful cock!), but she said that she had been working on
getting him off and on for four years, but that this was the first
time they'd finally gotten together. Phil explained that he'd always
lusted after Gretchen, but hadn't acted on it due to his
girlfriend/fiancee. But when he ended up winning the grand prize in
our raffle--never expecting to actually win--he decided to go
through with it, one last hot fling before getting married.

That's just about the end of my story. All around we had a great
time, made a few new friends, and used our bodies for a good cause.
It turned out to be such a success that they repeated the raffle the
next year--with two different girls seeing as Gretchen and I had
moved out of the dorm. In fact, they've been carrying on the
tradition ever since.

So, how's that cock of your doing? Ready for another fuck before I
have to go? Good! Let me lose this robe... Here we go. Now, how do
you want me? How about you sit up on the couch here, and I'll sit in
you lap? Here we go... Yes. Now I'll lower myself onto your cock...
Oooohhhh... God baby, your cock fits up inside of me so good. Oh
yes. Rub my tits while I fuck you. Yes, that's it. Squeeze my
nipples... Oooh! Yes! Oh fuck! Oh, that's good. Are you gonna come
baby? Are you gonna come in my pussy again? Let it go, baby! Come in
me! Yes baby yes! Oh, that's great. Keep pumping baby--pump me full
of your sweet hot come. Oh yes. Yessssss...

Well, I can see now that you're all tired out. Guess you're ready
for bed now, huh? Don't worry, I'll gather up my clothes and let
myself out. Hope that you enjoyed my story. How about a goodbye kiss
before I leave? Mmmmmmmmm. Thanks baby, you're the best. See you soon!


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