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KELLY19 thick was really filled


Bedtime stories with Kelly 19
by Kelly Adams (

Hey babe, surprised to see me? I didn't think you'd mind if I
dropped by for a little visit. The weather is so nice out today,
especially after those several days of cold and rain that we had.
Since it's autumn now I figured that it might be my last chance to
wear a short skirt like this, and then I figured that you would
enjoy my short skirt too so I decided to come by.

So, do you like my skirt? Thanks! Yes, I'm wearing panties underneath, but I can take them off if you'd like. You would, huh?
Okay, just let me pull them down... There. No more panties! Ah ah
ah, no touching quite yet. You'll just have to suffer for a bit
knowing that I'm going bare under there, at least until I finish my

So, shall we get comfortable? How about on the couch; that seems to
work well for us. Who knows--maybe I'll even sit so that you can get
a peek or two at my bare pussy...

Let's see... This story begins late in my freshman year, around
early April. It was early on a Wednesday afternoon and I was getting
ready to take a shower. I was lucky enough in my class schedule that
I didn't have classes on Wednesday afternoons, but unlucky bough
that I had an 8am physics lab that day. What that meant was that I
often didn't wake up in time on Wednesday mornings to both shower
and make it to class on time, so I usually ended up just throwing on
sweats and putting my hair in a ponytail in the morning, saving the
shower for later in the day.

So I had my robe on and was carrying my towel and toiletries bag
down the hall to the bathroom when I ran into Phil, one of the guys from the floor below ours. The dorm was usually close to deserted at
that time of the day, with most people off at class or jobs, so I
was a bit surprised to run into anyone, let alone a guy form a
different floor. But I knew that Phil sometimes hung out with Terri
and Lisa who lived down at the end of the hall, so it wasn't that
out of the ordinary to see him on our floor.

Terri and Lisa? Oh, they were a couple of very hot babes. You would
have liked them--Gretchen and I sure did! Terri was a long-haired
redhead with a very sweet pussy, while her roommate Lisa was a tall,
athletic brunette with legs to die for. We spent more than one night
with those girls having some fantastic four-way lesbian orgies! But
that's a story for another time...

Anyway, when Phil saw me, we greeted each other, and he asked me
what I was up to--even though it should have been pretty obvious. I
told him I was off to take a shower, and Phil responded in a way I
wasn't expecting: he asked if he could watch.

Now I would have expected a guy to ask if he could join me in the
shower, and if Phil had done that I probably would have laughed and
told him to fuck off. But instead he said that he wanted to watch
me, which I found intriguing.

I dismissed the notion anyway, telling Phil that it wouldn't be fair
to the other girls on our hall if I invited him into the women's
shower. Phil countered by saying that I would use the men's shower
on his floor, as he was sure that none of the guys would mind!

On an impulse, I agreed. I'm not sure why, but the thought of a good
looking guy watching me as I showered really turned me on. I
followed Phil down to his floor, and after he checked that the
bathroom was clear of people, we went in.

Outside of the shower room was a little antechamber, with a wooden
bench and pegs in the walls. I took off my robe and hung it on one
of the pegs, then turned around slowly a couple of times to give
Phil a good look at my naked body. He whistled appreciatively, and I
reminded him that he was only allowed to look, not touch. Not that I
would have terribly minded Phil touching me, but I was really
enjoying the bit of control that I had over him at that point.

There was no curtain or door to the shower area, just an opening
strategically placed so that people walking by couldn't see into it
from the hallway. I grabbed my soap, shampoo and washcloth and went
in. There were seven shower stations placed around on the walls, two
to each wall but just one on the same wall as the entrance. I had
Phil stand in the opening and took my place at one of the shower
stations along the opposite wall.

With Phil's eyes glued on me, I turned on the shower, got it to the
desired temperature, then stepped under it. The wet steamy water
falling on my naked body felt great, the feeling heightened and
eroticised by knowing that Phil was watching.

I began by lathering up my hair. I was wearing my hair longer then
than I do now, so it took a good bit of time to get the suds worked
in. I was very deliberate with my motions, wanting to give Phil a
good show.

I could see that Phil was developing quite a tent in his sweat
pants, so I told him to take his cock out and stroke it for me. He
pulled his sweats down to reveal a nice large erect cock. He wrapped
his fist around it and began to slowly stroke himself, which was a
big turn-on for me. You're surprised at that? I really like to watch
guys masturbate. Hey, I know you guys like to watch us girls play
with ourselves, so why shouldn't the reverse be true?

Speaking of which, I think that it's time for you to get your cock
out now, don't you think? Yeah, that's it, get those pants down and
let's take a look at your big staff. Oh yeah, it's just as nice as I
remember it. Go ahead and stroke it for me... Oh, that's so hot.

Oh, I just can't stand it--I want to stroke it too! Do you mind? I
didn't think you would! Oh yes, as much as I like watching guys rub
themselves, I like even more to stroke their cocks myself.
Especially yours--you have such a nice cock. Just the right size for
stroking, not to mention sucking and fucking. But there will be
plenty enough time for that later. Right now I just want to hold it
and rub it while I continue my story.

As I watched Phil stroke himself, I took my bar of soap and began to
rub it all over my body. I paid special attention to my breasts and
especially my nipples, rubbing the bar over them several times. Then
I turned around to face the shower, rinsing the shampoo out of my
hair and the soap off of my body.

When I turned back around, I was surprised to see that Phil was no
longer alone. Standing with him were two other guys who were also
enjoying the show I was putting on. One of the guys I knew: Alan,
who was shorter than Phil--about my height--but more muscular. The
other guy I had seen around once or twice but didn't really know: he
was rather tall--at least 6'4"--and wore a close-shaved beard.

I told the newcomers that they were welcome to stay and watch, but
they had to take out their cocks and play with them like Phil was
doing. They did so, quickly dropping their pants and taking their
cocks into their hands. The guys had penises that matched their body
types: Alan's was somewhat short but thick, while the other guy's
was long and thin.

With three guys masturbating in front of me I was really getting
turned on. But I continued with my shower, soaping up my washcloth
and washing my legs. I bent over more than I really had to, in order
to give the guys a good view of my ass and my pussy peeking through
beneath. The guys were relatively silent during all of this, with
just an occasional word or two of admiration.

By this point my pussy was really aching for attention, so I decided
to turn up the show another notch. Stepping out from under the
shower, I leaned back against the wall, spread my legs and began to
finger myself. I briefly ran my fingers along my slit, then plunged
two of them deep into my pussy. I fucked myself with my fingers
while my thumb pressed against my clit, and with my other hand I
rubbed and squeezed my tits.

I started to moan, softly at first, but when I noticed how well the
sound echoed in the shower chamber I got purposely louder. By the
time I came the screams were so loud I was surprised that the whole
dorm didn't hear me!

The guys were grinning big and I smiled back at them. I turned off
the shower and grabbed my acoutrements to leave. I went back out
through the opening, squeezing between Phil and Alan, letting their
hard cocks rub against me.

Back out in the antechamber I told the guys that they deserved a
reward for being so good. I put my towel on the floor and kneeled
down on it, then had the guys get in a semicircle in front of me:
Alan in the middle and the other two on either side. I was now
surrounded by three hard cocks, all eager for my attention.

I began by going to each of them individually, giving each guy about
a minute of individual stroking and sucking. Then I got down to
serious business, sucking off Alan in front of me and using each of
my hands to stroke the other guys on either side of me. Alan's cock,
being as thick as it was, really filled my mouth well. I moved my
head back and forth on his cock, giving him a good mouth fucking,
and occasionally dipped down to give him some tongue action on his
shaft and balls.

Alan warned me he was going to come, and then just a couple of
seconds later started to shoot his wad in my mouth. Most of his jism came out in a huge initial burst which I eagerly swallowed. A couple
of further dribs seeped out onto my tongue and then he was done.

With one down and two more to go I decided to change tactics. We
relocated over to the bench where I had the tall guy sit down and I
kneeled in front of him. As I began to suck tall guy's long shaft, I
spread my thighs apart and invited Phil to fuck me from behind. Phil
kneeled behind me and rubbed his cock along my pussy, then pushed
himself into my wet slick hole.

I would have liked to have enjoyed tall guy's long cock more than I
was able to, but it was hard to concentrate with Phil's large shaft
filling me up so well and fucking me hard. Still, tall guy didn't
seem to mind, as he came quite nicely, shooting several sticky gobs
onto my face. I then grabbed on to the bench and told Phil to fuck
me even faster, which he did, until both of us came hard, nearly
simultaneously. His hard cock throbbed up inside of me, realising
its sticky fluid up inside of my pussy.

I cleaned the jism off of my face with my washcloth, and the guys thanked me for giving them a pleasant diversion on a weekday
afternoon. They asked if they could watch me shower again the next
day, but I laughed them off, telling them I'd probably give another
show sometime in the future, but wouldn't tell them when; they'd
just have to be on the alert!

I put my robe back on, grabbed my things, said goodbye to the boys,
and went back down to my room. Gretchen was waiting for me there and
asked where I had been. She said that she had thought that I'd be
showering, but hadn't seen me in the bathroom. I explained that I
had used the men's shower, and then proceeded to tell her about how
I had entertained the guys downstairs. Well as you might expect this
got Gretchen all hot and wet, and before long she was naked on her
bed and I was licking away at her delicious pussy, carrying her
through two orgasms.

Gee, all this sex talk is making me feel a bit dirty. What do you
say we make use of your shower and clean ourselves off? You probably
figured that's where all of this was leading, huh? Well let's not
wait any longer. Let's go into your bathroom and have a nice wet
shower fuck!

Oh, I see that you have one of those shower stalls. It's a bit
small, but I don't think that we'll have a problem with both of us
fitting in there, do you? So it'll be a little cozy--that's fine
with me! Okay, let's strip!

Okay, turn the shower on. Not too hot--we don't want to scald
ourselves! Besides, we'll be generating plenty of heat on our own!

All right, let's get in--we don't want to waste any hot water. You
first... okay, now me... I'll close the door... Oh, this is nice and
cozy. I like feeling your hard cock rest up against my belly like

Now let's lather up. I think it would be best if we washed each
other, don't you agree? Use you hands and rub the soap all over my
body. Yes, that's good. I love to feel your hands touching me. Spend
all the time you want on my tits. Squeeze my nipples--oooh! Yes!

Your turn now. You have such a nice strong body, I want to rub my
hands over every inch of it! Turn around, let me get your back.
That's good. And your cock too--we want to make sure that that part
is really clean, don't we?

Okay, now that we're clean, what do you say we get dirty again?
Let's see, what's the best way to do this? I know. I'll turn around
here and hold on to the bar, and you can fuck me from behind. Here
we go. Careful now, you don't want to slip and fall. Grab onto my
hips... That's good... Yes, now fuck me. Put your big cock inside of
me. OOooohhhhhhh!!! Yes, that's good. Real good. your cock feels
great inside of my pussy.

Keep fucking me, baby, Don't stop. Fuck me hard. Unh! Yes, that's
it. hard. Yes! Oh yes! Unnh! Unnh! Unnh! Unnh! Oh, you fuck me so
good! Oh yes, make me come, baby! Fuck me hard! I want to come! Fuck
me! Unh! Unh! Unh! Yes! Oh god yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck
me! Fuck me! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm coming! I'm coming! FUCK!
OOooooOOOOOOHHHH... .!. .!. .!. ... OOOO ... .!. ... .!. ... UNNH
... UNNH ... UNNH ... OOOOOOOOOooooooooooo...........

Oh baby, you fuck sooo good. Oh god. And with the hot water
splashing down on us, oh it was heavenly. Okay now, I'm going to
soap my hands up really good, then jack you off. Here we go... Oh
yes, how does that feel, with both of my soapy hands stroking your
shaft? Nice, huh? I'll just keep stroking, a little bit faster and
faster, until you come. I want you to come all over my belly. Yes
baby, come for me. Come for me. Shoot your jism on me. Yes, yes,
you're going to come soon--I can feel your cock starting to swell...
There you go, yes... Oooh, that was a shooter! Look at that, you
came all the way up onto my tit! Damn, that was a lot of come. Good
thing we're in the shower so it'll wash off easily!
That was nice, hun. I'd like to stay around a little while longer,
But I'm afraid that I have to get dried off and dressed so that I
can get going. Gretchen's waiting for me, and I certainly don't want
to keep my sexy blonde girlfriend waiting too long!

Hmmm, now where did my panties get to? Oh well, I don't need them,
I'll just go home without them. It'll feel good to have the breeze
swirling up under my skirt and around my bare pussy. If you find my
panties, just hang onto them--a little souvenir of our shower

Okay, give me a good-bye kiss... Mmmmm... Thanks babe. See you soon!

The Fine Print: This edition of "Bedtime stories with Kelly"
is copyright 2001 Kelly Adams. Permission is granted to distribute
via and archive in and ASSTR in accordance
with a.s.s.m. guidelines and policies.

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