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KELLY2 thick but was very long


Bedtime stories with Kelly 2
by Kelly Adams (

Hello again. I'm back, but only long enough to tell you another
story. Don't frown; you remember what happened after the last story,
don't you? Okay then, get into bed and we'll get started. But first
I think you should get undressed. Here, let me help you... Look at
you, you naughty boy--you're already getting hard and I haven't even
started my story yet!

Now turn down the bed and get under the covers. No arguing--I'm not
starting until you get ready. That's better.

Do you like what I'm wearing tonight? I thought you might like it if
I wore something that showed a little cleavage. Now then, I'll just
sit here next to you on the bed and begin my story. That's okay, you
can look down my blouse; why do you think I'm wearing something like

How about another story about me and my friend Gretchen? You
remember Gretchen don't you, my roommate from college? She had long
blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and the most wonderful huge ripe
tits. God, how I loved to rub those tits, suck on her nipples, lose
myself in her wonderful breasts... Oh yes, sorry. I just get carried
away sometimes!

Okay, let me think here for a minute... Oh yes, this is a good one!
Now just lay back and relax...

This happened during the summer after our sophomore year. Gretchen
and I decided to stay in the town instead of going home for the
summer. We subletted an apartment together. Boy, did we ever have
some hot times in that place; there wasn't any air conditioning, so
we were constantly stripping down to our underwear or walking around
nude in that place. Remind me someday to tell you about some of the
other hot encounters we had that summer.

But this story doesn't take place in the apartment. One weekend,
Gretchen and I were invited to a pool party in the next town over.
One of the guys from our dorm, Jake, was staying there with his
parents over the summer, but his folks were out of town that weekend
and we would have the run of the place. Well, as I told you, we were
always so hot in our apartment that we welcomed the chance to go
someplace and take a cool dip. And besides, Gretchen had told me
that Jake was a great lay, and even if the party turned out to be a
bust we could at least spend the day taking turns on a nice big

So that Friday after we both got off work... What? What jobs did we
both have? Well, I was working as a shelver in the college library.
Yeah, it does sound boring, but one of the other shelvers had a huge
cock and we ended up having a lot of hot sex in the stacks that
summer! Gretchen? She was working as an assistant to one of the
anchor women on the local news. You know, the cute one with the
bleach blonde hair? Yes, she is pretty hot, isn't she? Did you know
that she's a lesbian? Well, she wasn't really until Gretchen started
working for her, but by the end of the summer the two of them were
into each other's pussies like you wouldn't believe. Was I jealous?
Well, I would have been, but sometimes Gretchen would invite me to
hang out with them and we'd have a threesome. Can you imagine that?
Gretchen, that hot anchor woman and me eating each other's pussies
and sucking each other's tits? I've got videos--professional
quality, since we used some of the equipment at the tv station!
Sure, I can bring them over for you; it'll give you something to
watch when I can't come over.

Anyway, as I was saying, after we got off of work on Friday Gretchen
and I went down to the mall to pick out swimsuits. We took our own
sweet time in the store, trying on different suits until we found
ones that we liked. That Gretchen, always an exhibitionist at heart;
she would put on a suit that was too tight and just walk right out
of the changing rooms and ask if anyone thought that it was too
small. Boy, did heads ever turn! You know how changing rooms often
have two-way mirrors so the security people can look in to see if
anyone's trying to shoplift? It's true! And since we knew that this
place had them, we put on quite a strip-show for whoever was looking
in! I ended up buying a hot little pink strapless two-piece, cut
high up on the thigh. Gretchen, that minx, got a tiger-print string
bikini whose cloth pieces just barely covered up the fronts of her
tits and the vee between her thighs.

I can see that you're having problems paying attention here. Let me
guess, you're picturing Gretchen in that bikini, aren't you? Here,
why don't you take your hand and rub my thigh for a bit--that'll
give you something to concentrate on. That's good, nice and soft.
But don't let me catch your hand wandering, at least not yet...

The next day we slept in til noon--yes, we were up pretty late that
night with each other; we helped each other shave our pussy hair
down to a bikini cut and one thing led to another... After lunch we
packed our things and headed off to Jake's place. Turns out his
folks were loaded, and the house was huge! It would take you days to
have sex in every room of that house!

By the time we got there, the party was already in swing. Jake met
us at the door, and I could see by the bulge in his swimtrunks that
he was pretty well hung--about your size, I believe. Let me take a
look--yeah, that's about right. When he turned to lead us in I
licked my lips and Gretchen giggled. Jake pointed out the changing
room to us and told us to come out to the pool when we were ready.

We didn't take too long getting into our suits; after all, it would
have been uncouth for someone to barge in on us, at least at that
point. When we got out to the pool, there were ten other people
there besides Jake; four other guys and six girls. All eyes were on
us as we made our entrance, what with our hot bods in our equally
hot swimsuits. Jake got us each a beer and introduced us around to
the rest of the guests. We made small talk for a while, though for
the most part Gretchen and I stayed close to each other as we didn't
know anyone there besides Jake.

There was this one guy, Tom, who was good looking and very friendly,
but he was there with his girlfriend, Maggie, and she very obviously
had him on a tight leash. I've never been able to figure out why
guys stay with bitchy, possessive women like that--I figure that the
girl must be one hell of a lay for a guy to put up with shit like
that all the time!

Now don't get impatient, I'll get to the good parts soon. Pretty
quick as a matter of fact. Good things come to those who wait, you

So, after about half an hour or so of making the rounds, we noticed
that everyone was just standing around the pool, drinking beer and
talking. Gretchen thought that that was just wrong, as pool parties
were supposed to be about swimming, not talking. She told me that
she knew just the way to get everybody into the swing of things, and
for me to follow her lead.

Gretchen walked over to the edge of the pool and took off her
bikini. Completely. Gretchen is so fucking beautiful when she is
naked--it's a shame that she ever has to wear clothes at all! Her
breasts are large but don't sag a bit, they sit high and proud on
her chest. Her waist is thin and her stomach is taught, and her ass
is to die for. And you could plainly see golden hairs of her bush,
cut tight into a vee to fit beneath the fabric of her bikini
bottoms. She stood there long enough until everyone had stopped what
they were doing and were looking at her, then she gracefully dove
into the water, surfacing on the far side.

Well, I knew what to do next! I stripped out of my suit as well and
dove in after her. I swam over to the shallow end of the pool where
Gretchen was waiting and, taking her into my arms, gave her a big
juicy kiss. After about a minute of kissing and groping each other
we stopped and looked up out of the pool at everybody. As you can
well guess, they were all staring at us, speechless. Gretchen smiled
and announced that anyone who wanted to join us was welcome to do
so, and then we started making out again. I told Gretchen that
whatever happened, Tom was mine...

Hey! What did I tell you about your hand wandering? Yes, my panties are getting wet, but that's no excuse. You'll just have to keep your
hands to yourself for a while now. Of course you can stroke
yourself; that's what I meant! Let's pull back the covers here so I
can get a good look at you while I continue with my story. That's
good, stroke your cock--the story's just about to get really hot!

It wasn't too long until I felt someone come up behind me. I don't
remember his name--I don't even know if I had remembered it then!
But I could feel his cock pressing up against the back of my thigh
as he pulled me away from Gretchen, and at that point I didn't care
what his name was! He turned me so that I was facing the wall of the
pool. I spread my legs and floated up just a bit so that my pussy was right at the tip of his cock. I had never fucked a guy in the
water before, and I was amazed at how fluidly his cock just slid
right in.

I could see out of the corner of my eye that Jake had also come into
the pool and was starting to get it on with Gretchen, but before too
long my entire attention was turned to the hard cock that was
sloshing its way in and out of my pussy. He wasn't really all that
big, but the unique experience of water-fucking more than made up
for it. Now I understood why so many people liked hot tubs! After he
came in me, I turned around and gave my lover a big thank you kiss
and then pulled myself up out of the pool to see what other action
was going on.

To my disappointment, Tom was nowhere to be found, nor was his
girlfriend. I figured that had either gone into the house to be
alone or, more likely, Maggie was righteously disgusted by what was
happened and made them both leave. Dripping wet, I stood at the edge
of the pool and surveyed the action around me. Everyone was engaged
in one form of sex or another except for one girl who was standing
off by herself next to the house. She was still in her swimsuit, a
turquoise one-piece, and looked a little scared. But at the same
time she watching intently all of the activity in front of her. I
decided that it was my duty to bring her into the action!

She was petit, maybe 5'3" with small round breasts and short wavy
brown hair. I approached as non-threateningly as I could and asked
her if she liked what she was seeing. She nodded yes, so I pressed
on, asking if she liked what my friend Gretchen and I had been doing
earlier. Again a yes, so I made my move. I took her small body into
my wet body and leaned in for a kiss. She was hesitant at first, but
soon started to respond in kind. It wasn't too long before I had
that swimsuit off of her and had her laid back in a chaise lounge,
spread-eagled so I could get in and lick her pussy. And oh, what a
pussy it was! I tell you, there is nothing like the sweet taste of
virgin pussy! I can still remember the first time that Gretchen had
licked me; there are some guys that can eat good pussy, but girls are always better. You don't agree? Well, I'll have to give you the
chance then someday to prove me wrong!

After she came we switched places, giving her her first taste of
another girl's pussy, mine! I felt so wonderful that I was her
first, and helped to direct her, telling her what felt good and what
I liked, just the way that Gretchen had done the first time I ate
her. It wasn't long before I was coming. She looked up from between
my thighs and grinned with pride, my own little baby-lez! She
climbed up onto the lounge chair with me and we kissed and cuddled
for a while. I slipped two fingers up into her twat and
finger-fucked her gently while we kissed and necked. I felt her clit
emerge and played with that too until she came again.

Having done my duty, I left my new friend to doze off under the Sun,
and looked around to see what Gretchen was up to. She was over on
the other side of the pool, giving a blow-job to none other to Tom!
That's right, I was a bit miffed. I marched right over there ready
to yell at her, but Gretchen stopped me before I could say a word,
telling me that she was just keeping him warm for me. That Gretchen,
what a girl!

Gretchen got up and went looking for another partner and I took my
place over Tom, straddling him and sinking my pussy quickly down on
his long shaft, still wet with Gretchen's saliva. I told him that I
had thought that he had gone home with Maggie; he said that he had
but then he ditched her and came back. He said that he was afraid it
might be his only chance to fuck me, and wasn't going to miss that
for the world. I told him that he was so sweet and began to fuck him
in earnest. He wasn't thick but he was very long, and I got quite a
workout moving up and down his shaft. And man, did he ever cum! Gobs
and gobs of the stuff, flowing into my pussy; after I got off him it
was dripping out of my cunt and down my leg there was so much of the

Afternoon turned into evening, and before the night was through I
had fucked every guy there and all but one of the girls. Why? Well,
she said that she wasn't into lezzie stuff, but I could tell by the
way she was looking at some of us gals going at it that it was only
a matter of time before one day she would succumb...

Oh dear, look at the time! I've gone on too long and it's time for
me to leave... What? Oh, I'm sorry honey, but I really don't have
the time for that tonight. I'll tell you what, why don't I give you
a quick blowjob, would that be okay? I thought it might!

Okay, let's get comfortable here. Are you good? Okay, just lay back,
relax and enjoy! You have just the kind of cock that I love to suck
on, just the right size for my mouth. Which do you like better,
licking or sucking? Both? That's good, I like to do both.

Mmmmmppphhh. Mmmmmmm. MMmmmmmm. Oh baby, I love sucking your cock.
Mmmmmmppphhh. Mmmmmmmmppphhh. MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Mmmmmmoooooogggghhhhppphhh. How's that, you like it so far? Now when
the time comes, I want you to be sure to cum in my mouth; it
wouldn't do for you to get you jism all over my new blouse. I didn't
think you'd mind!

Mmmmmmmm. MMmmmmmm. Mmmmmmmm. Mmmmmmmppphhhh. Mmmmmmmmmpppphhh. Oh,
you're going to cum, aren't you? I can feel you swelling... cum in
my mouth, baby! MMmmmmmmmm. Mmmmmmppphhh. MMMMMMPPHHHHHH.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Baby, your cum tastes delicious; I'm going to
have to do that more often! Did you like that? Really? Why thanks,
I'm glad you think so. I know that it was quick, so the next time
I'll have to give you a nice slow blowjob, then you'll really be in

I really do have to get going. You're welcome. I can't wait until
next time. Bye!


The Fine Print: This "Bedtime stories with Kelly" is copyright 1998 Kelly
Adams. Permission is granted to distribute as long as my name and this
notice are attached, and no financial gains are made.

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