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KELLY7 sucking until became


Bedtime stories with Kelly 7
by Kelly Adams (

Evening lover. Sorry I'm so late. Today at the office was
just hell. I didn't even have time to go home and change; I
came right over here. And still, traffic was such a bitch.

God, look at me, I must look like shit. No? Well, that's
sweet of you to say so. I've just got to get out of these
work clothes; they're so uncomfortable. No, that's all
right, I can handle it fine by myself, thanks. First my
shoes; I swear, women's footwear was designed by a sadist!
Now my blouse... Next my skirt... Yup, I was wearing garters
and stockings today! I was supposed to meet up with Gretchen
for an extended lunch break, but things got so hectic I had
to cancel. So as you might imagine I'm feeling pretty worked
up right now... Instead of spending the lunch hour with my
honey, I instead ended up wearing this uncomfortable
lingerie throughout an extra long day. I just can't win!

Now then, I must get my tits out of this tight bra... Ahhhh,
that feels so much better; you have no idea what it's like.
You know what would make them feel better? If you could come
over here and rub them for me. Not too hard, gently. Mmmm,
that's nice. Your hands are so strong, but I really like it
when you play gentle with me!

These panties must go too; my pussy needs to breathe! After
a long hard day, nothing feels better than the air on my
bare pussy. Except maybe a finger or two... Ooohh, yes! I
see you can take a hint, especially when it's dropped like
an anvil! Slowly... carefully... Mmmmm...

Okay, that's good for now. I'm feeling relaxed already.
Let's move over onto the bed so I can take my stockings off.
There we go. Oh look, I'm completely naked! Why thank you; a
girl always likes to hear about how beautiful she is. I take
pride in my body, especially since I know the effect that it
can have on people. Like you, for instance. Look at that
bulge in your pants. No, don't take them off; let me just
feel the outline of your cock through the fabric. Very nice.
Don't worry, we'll let it out to play later. But right now
it's time for your story.

I swear, I love my job dearly. But some days it can just be
too much to take. The best job I ever had? Probably that
summer between my sophomore and junior years in college,
when I worked as a clerk at the college library. Granted, it
wasn't terribly stimulating intellectually, just checking
out books to people and putting books back on the shelf, but
it was definitely stimulating in other ways!

The main reason I liked the job so much was Jason. He was
one of the other clerks, and oh my was he ever well hung!
Whenever it would get slow in the afternoons, Jason would
come by the front desk and ask if I could come help him
shelve books. Our supervisor, Lindsay, almost always agreed,
as she could easily handle the slow trickle of students by

Jason and I had our own little spot picked out where we
would rendezvous: an out-of-the-way corner of the stacks in
the foreign history section where no one rarely came. Except
for us that is! I almost always began by giving Jason a blow
job. I just loved taking his big dick into my mouth and
sucking on it until it became long and hard.

Since it was summer, I always wore either shorts or short
skirts to work. When I wore shorts we would do it on the
floor. I would lie down on my back and let Jason pull off my
shorts while I lifted up my legs. Then he would kneel
between my outstretched legs as I guided his shaft up to and
into my pussy with my hands. When I wore a skirt, Jason
would take me from behind. I would turn and face the books,
holding on to the shelves. Jason would pull my panties down
to my ankles, flip up my skirt, then thrust his long thick cock up into my cunt.

Oh yes, I looove getting fucked from behind. I'd almost say
that it is my favorite position, but there are so many to
choose from! Show you how much I love it? Sure, that sounds
like a great idea! Oh look, you've even got a bookcase.
Perfect! It'll be just like being in the library again.

First we'll have to get those pants off of you. There we go.
Now I'll suck on your cock for a bit, just like I always did
with Jason. Mmmmmmm. You like that, don't you? Well I really
like sucking your cock!

Okay, I think we're just about ready now. But wait a minute,
let me go grab my skirt and put it back on. There we go.
Now, over to the bookcase. Lift up my skirt. Good. I'll
spread my legs apart. See how my pussy is just begging for
you to stuff your cock up into it? Take your hand and spread
apart my pussy lips. Now put your cockhead up into my pussy.
Mmmmm yes. Now slowly, slowly, move up into me. Oh god yes.
Now place your hands on my hips for balance. Yes. Now
thrust. Ooohhhh! Thrust. Ooohhhh! Thrust. Ooohhhh! Thrust.
Ooohhhh! Thrust. Ooohhhh! Thrust. Ooohhhh! Thrust. Ooohhhh!
Thrust. Oh god, you're really good at this! Keep fucking me,
don't stop! Faster. Faster. Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh god, I'm
coming already! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Yes! YEs! YES!
YES!! YES!!! YES!!!! YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh no, don't stop. Keep fucking me until you cum too. I know
it won't be long; I can already feel your cock starting to
swell inside me... Oh yes, baby, pump me full of your cum.
That's good. Oh god yes. I love your jism up inside of me.

That was really great, love. Now let's go back over to the
bed; you can lay there and rest while I continue my story.
Oh yes, there's lots more to tell. So Jason and I fucked a
lot in the book stacks. Big deal, that's not a story. But
what happened one week in July is...

One afternoon after Jason had finished fucking me from
behind (a skirt day, obviously) we parted as always. I was
just standing there, leaning back against the books
recovering from the typically hot sex we had just had, my
panties still down at my ankles and Jason's jism slowly
dripping down the inside of my thigh. I thought I was alone,
but I was startled by the sound of a voice clearing.
Startled, I turned to see Lindsay, the supervising
librarian, standing there. I had been caught with my panties down, literally!

Quickly I bent down and pulled my panties up and started to
babble out an incoherent and hastily assembled excuse. But
Lindsay wasn't fooled. She knew exactly what Jason and I had
been doing, and told me so. I started to apologize and plead
for my job, but Lindsay stopped me. Suspecting that
something was going on between Jason and myself, she had
been spying on us that afternoon. She said that it had
really turned her on watching him fuck me with his big cock.
I told her that I didn't mind sharing, and we then began to
hatch a plan together...

Now Lindsay wasn't like the typical image you might have of
a librarian. She was thirty years old at the time and, while
by no means knockout gorgeous, she was definitely
attractive. Short blonde hair, light brown eyes, and a
slender body. She usually dressed pretty conservatively, but
that next day she wore a tight skirt and blouse, with no bra
on underneath. All morning I could tell that she was turned
on with anticipation, as I could see her hard nipples
pressing against the silky fabric.

Finally the afternoon rolled around, and with it Jason. As
usual he asked if I could come help him shelve books, but
instead of granting permission this time Lindsay said that I
was too busy to help him. But, Lindsay said, she was free at
the moment and if things were so backed up she could help
him out. Jason looked a little crestfallen that we wouldn't
be getting together for our afternoon fuck, but as he walked
away I gave him a wink and a smile.

After I figured that enough time had passed for Lindsay to
get things going with Jason, I put out the 'back in 15
minutes' sign at the desk and went out into the stacks to
find them. Sure enough, I found them going at it in our
usual spot. Lindsay's blouse was open and Jason was sucking on her tits while Lindsay had her hand wrapped around
Jason's hard cock, stroking it to full erection. Watching
silently, I reached under my skirt and fingered myself
through my panties while I watched Jason and Lindsay fuck.
She did a remarkable job at keeping quiet while Jason rammed
his big rod in and out of her pussy.

I was completely lost in watching them go at it that before
I knew it twenty minutes had passed. Reluctantly I walked
away back to the front desk, but when I was halfway down the
rows of shelves I heard Lindsay cry out loudly as she came.
I had definitely done my good deed for the day!

After that day, Lindsay and I had to flip a coin to
determine who would help Jason each afternoon. Sure, it
meant that I got fucked by Jason less often, but I had
plenty of other opportunities to get laid, and this way I
was definitely on the boss's good side for the rest of the
summer. I ended up keeping that job part time through the
school year as well, and Lindsay let me in on helping her
hire the new clerks. But that's a story for another time...

Sorry, but I really do have to get going. Gretchen is
waiting at home for me with a bubble bath, which is just
what I need after a hard day at the office. I'll tell you
what, why don't you get some nice bubble beads for the next
time I come over, and we'll share a bath together ourselves?
Super! Well, I definitely am looking forward to the next
time. Goodnight!


The Fine Print: This edition of "Bedtime stories with Kelly"
is copyright 1998 Kelly Adams.

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