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KELLY8 panties are just cotton nothing too


Bedtime stories with Kelly 8
by Kelly Adams (

Hello again lover. Man, is it ever a scorcher out there
today or what? It must be our third day in a row over 100
degrees! Look at me, I just walked over here from my car and
I'm dripping with sweat. Do you mind if I strip down to my
underwear? I know that I don't usually get naked right away
but I don't think I can stand being in these clothes one
minute longer.

There we go, this is much better. Yes, I know, my bra and
panties are just cotton; nothing too exciting. But this
fabric really breathes well, and that's important on days
like today.

You're lucky that you have air conditioning in this place.
It makes the summer much more bearable. Do you remember me
telling you about the apartment that Gretchen and I shared
the summer between our sophomore and junior years? Well,
that place didn't have any AC. Most of the time it was
tolerable, but when a heat wave hit it got really hot. How
did we stay cool? Well, we found ways... In fact, one of
those ways is what tonight's story is going to be about. Are
you comfortable? Good, then we can begin:

By sheer coincidence the hottest week of the summer was the
same week that the anchor woman for whom Gretchen was an
assistant was on vacation. So while they still had some work
for Gretchen to do down at the station, there wasn't that
much so she was able to get home early. Normally that would
have been a plus, but with the weather being so hot Gretchen
probably wished she could hang out in the air conditioned
station building.

So that Tuesday Gretchen got home in the late afternoon. I
myself had only gotten back to the apartment a few minutes
earlier, and had just finished changing into a t-shirt and
shorts. I figured that the two of us could drive out to the
mall and hang out, soaking in the air conditioning and maybe
finding a guy or two to spend a little summer recreation
time with.

When I heard Gretchen enter the apartment I came out of the
bedroom just as I was zipping up the fly on my shorts. She
went right over to the refrigerator and opened up the door.
Instead of grabbing something and closing it back up, she
just stood there with the door open, pretending to look for
something but really just soaking in the coolness. I told
her that she was going to send our electric bill up into the
stratosphere but she just turned her head briefly and
smiled. Then she turned her attention back to the fridge,
and as she bent down to look in the skirt of her dress rode
up on her thigh, enough to show the silky fabric of her
panties cradling her luscious pussy. So that was her little

I went over next to Gretchen at the fridge. I must admit
that the cool air escaping felt really good. I gently placed
my hand on the inside of Gretchen's shapely thigh, slowly
moving my way up to her crotch. Gently I rubbed my finger
along the silk of her panties, eliciting a soft moan from my
horny friend.

Gretchen reached into the fridge and pulled out a big fresh
strawberry, offering it up to my lips. I eagerly took a
bite. It was sweet and juicy and delicious. A big drop of
berry juice escaped from the corner of my mouth, ran down my
chin, and dropped onto my shirt, right on top of my right
breast. I went to wipe it off but Gretchen stopped me.
Instead she used her tongue and licked the sweet juice off
of me. Then she started to gently suck at the spot, which
was just an inch or so above my nipple. I wished to God that
she would move her lips down just a bit, but she didn't.

I took another strawberry from the fridge and placed it
between my teeth. Gretchen removed her mouth from my breast and bit on to the strawberry as well. The two of us bit down
simultaneously into the fruit, our lips meeting as the sweet
taste of the berry exploded into our mouths.

After we swallowed we shared a deep, sweet and juicy kiss.
Then Gretchen opened up the freezer and pulled out an ice
cube. She began to rub it over my breasts through the
t-shirt. The chill of the ice caused an instant reaction, my
nipples getting hard as the cold cube ran across them.

Don't tell me that you've never played with ice before...
Really? You do have some in the house don't you? Well then,
just you sit tight and behave, and when I'm through with my
story I'll show you just how much fun ice can be!

As I began to unbutton the front of Gretchen's dress she
suddenly pulled open the front of my shorts and quickly
dropped the ice cube down into my panties. An immediate
chill went zooming through my entire body. I went to reach
in and pull out the ice, but Gretchen grabbed my wrists and
pushed my arms up above my head. She kicked the refrigerator
door closed and pushed me back up against it. Before I could
say anything she aggressively moved in and kissed me. I
couldn't do anything but let the cold ice cube melt down in
my hot little snatch while Gretchen had me pinned with her
tongue in my mouth. I whimpered with lust until the ice cube
became nothing more than a cool wet spot on my panties.

Once the ice was gone, Gretchen released me and smiled that
dirty little smile of hers that turns me on to no end. With
my panties now damp with melted ice I decided that it was
time to strip. I pulled off my shorts and underwear and
asked Gretchen if she had any more surprises. She reached up
into the freezer behind the frozen Lean Cuisines and pulled
out one of her dildos. Apparently she had put it in there
before leaving this morning, and now it was ice cold. With
cold vapors streaming up off of the frozen shaft in her
hand, Gretchen told me to get up on the kitchen table.

Eagerly I hoisted myself up on the table, leaning back on my
arms and spreading my legs wide. Normally when we played
with toys Gretchen would tease me, rubbing the tip of the
dildo around the entrance of my pussy until I begged her to
thrust it inside of me. But this time there was no messing
around, as Gretchen immediately thrust the ice cold dildo up
into my cunt. Oh my God. To this day I can still remember
the sensation as the cold shaft completely filled me. A
chill overtook my entire body as I instantly started to
come. Gretchen left the dildo up inside of me, gently moving
it back and forth only an inch or so while with her free
hand she lifted up my shirt and then started to rub ice
cubes all over my bare skin. By the time she finished with
me I was completed cooled off, and completely sated.

Now it was time for my revenge.

I had Gretchen trade places with me on the table. I finished
unbuttoning her dress, pulling it open to expose her ample
bosom. Then I held her legs in the air while I pulled her
silky panties up her legs and off. I'm sure that she was
expecting me to start right in on her, but instead I went
back over to the fridge to gather up my weapons.

I began with a popsicle, a nice long orange sticky one.
Popsicles used to come in twos hooked together, you
remember, but by then they came individually; which, while
not as nostalgic, certainly make for better sex play! I
pulled off the wrapper and started to suck and lick it, just
enough to cover it completely with my saliva and get it
slick. Holding on to the stick, I spread apart Gretchen's
thighs and inserted the popsicle into her pussy. But I
didn't ram it up inside of her like she had done with the
dildo to me. Instead I just moved it around a bit, then
replaced it with my tongue, licking up the taste of her
yummy pussy juices mixed with the sweetness of the orange

After a few minutes of that I handed the remainder of the
popsicle up to Gretchen to suck on while I went back to the
fridge for round two: a can of whipped cream, chocolate
sauce, ice cream, and a jar of marichino cherries. That's
right, I was going to turn Gretchen into my own sensual ice
cream sundae. And oh what a delicious sundae she made! I
started by putting three scoops of ice cream on her chest
between her breasts. Then I dribbled on the chocolate,
covering not only the ice cream but her tits as well. Next
came the whipped cream; I sprayed it on the ice cream, then
down her belly and finished by making a nice little pile on
top of the small patch of hair above her pussy. Finally I
topped it off with two cherries, one on top of the ice
cream, the other on top of her pussy.

I stood back from the table to admire my creation, telling
Gretchen that she looked delicious. Then I started in on
her. I made a godawful mess, and in no time the two of us
had melted ice cream, chocolate and whipped cream all over
our bodies. We got into a sixty-nine position on the table
with me on top. I used my tongue to smear the whipped cream
all around Gretchen's pussy. Meanwhile Gretchen had her own
tongue buried in my snatch and was tonguing me furiously. We
continued to tongue fuck each other until we both had come.

When we were done we got up off of the table, both of us a
sticky, gooey mess. My face and nose was covered with
whipped cream. Gretchen whipped a bit off of my cheek with
her finger and licked it, then she pulled me in close for a
long deep kiss.

We finished off the evening's activities in the shower,
spending more time with our fingers in each other's pussies
than cleaning off with soap, but eventually we managed to
get clean. We spent the remainder of the evening sitting
around naked in the apartment with the windows open and the
fans blowing breeze over our bodies. As far as I was
concerned, I would be happy if the heat wave lasted all

Well now, looking at that tent that's growing in your
shorts, I'd say that you're ready for a little ice play
yourself. You strip out of your clothes while I go into your
kitchen to grab us some ice...

...Ohhh goody, you've got one of those ice makers that makes
the skinny half oval ice 'cubes'. These are just perfect.
How? Well, let me get out of my underwear here and I'll show

Now, I'm going to lay back here on the bed while you take an
ice cube and start to rub it over me. Start with my neck and
shoulders, then move down to my breasts. That's good, real
good. Oooh! See how my nipples respond as you rub the ice
over them? Suck on them, feel how hard and cold they are.
Oh, yes, that's good. Now rub the ice down along my belly,
past my belly button, down to my crotch. Oops, looks like
that one's mostly melted away, better grab a fresh one. Now
take it and push it up into my pussy... Ooooohhhh... That
chill feels so wonderful inside me. Now take a block of ice
and put it in your mouth. Good. Roll it around in there
until your mouth is nice and cold. Now with the ice still in
your mouth, I want you to eat my pussy. That's right. Nice,
very nice. I love the feeling of your cold tongue on my
clit... Yes! Yes! Lick me, suck me, make me come! Yes! Yes!
Yes! Oh God Yes!!!!

Now it's your turn. I'll put a chuck of ice in my own
mouth... That should be good... Now get up here with your
cock. Get ready for a shock... Oohhh, you jumped! Hold
still... Mmmmppphhh... Mmmmpppphhhh... How do you like that
ice rubbing along your cock inside my mouth? Yes, I imagine
that it is a unique sensation. The rule is, you aren't
allowed to come until the ice has completely melted. Think
you can handle that? Good. Mmmmm.... Mmmmppphhhh...

...All right now lover, time for you to come in my mouth...
Mmmppphhh... MMmppppphhh... Oh yes, give it to be baby...
Yessss..... MMmmmmmmmm....
Didn't I tell you that would be fun? I'm glad that you
enjoyed it. I'd love to stay, but I'm afraid that I must be
getting along. Gretchen made up some Jello this morning and
it looks like she has more food fun planned for us tonight.
I'll see you next time. Stay cool!


The Fine Print: This edition of "Bedtime stories with Kelly"
is copyright 1998 Kelly Adams.

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