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KELLY9 cum out her mouth with


Bedtime stories with Kelly 9
by Kelly Adams (

Happy Halloween, lover! This is one of my favorite nights of
the year, don't you agree? I love being able to dress up in
costume and go out in public. What's this I'm wearing? It's
my costume of course. I'm on my way to a Halloween party.
I'm supposed to be a harem girl; can't you tell from all the
veils? If you're good tonight, maybe I'll do a dance for

I don't know what it is about Halloween, but it always makes
me so horny! You too, I see... You'd better get that cock of
yours out of your pants before it bursts! Here, let me help
you with that. I'll just pull down the zipper, reach on
in... god, just look at that. I just love your hard cock. It
makes me wet just holding it.. Maybe I should give it a few
licks before we get started? Mmmm. Mmmm. Yeah. Mmmm. How's
that? Here, you'd better hold it for now, or I'll never be
able to get through my story. I'll tell you what: if you can
make it through the story I'm about to tell you without
jacking yourself off and coming, I'll do my veil dance for
you, then I'll fuck you so hard you'll being seeing spots!
Agreed? Good. Now you have to keep your hand on your cock
all the time; no fair sitting on your hands. Are you all
ready? Good.

This story really begins about two weeks before Halloween,
when Gretchen and I went to pick out our Halloween costumes.
We had learned the hard way from the previous year not to
wait until the last minute to get our outfits, so that year
we took a Wednesday afternoon and made our way to a costume
shop in town. Since it was the middle of the day we were
alone in the costume shop, except of course for the clerk
minding the store. He was cute but kind of young looking. He
didn't appear to be older than sixteen, though I suppose he
could have been eighteen or nineteen; we never bothered to
ask his name, let along his age...

As we were trying on various outfits, we noticed that the
clerk was paying us close attention, and not because we were
potential shoplifters! The counter he was standing behind
was right next to the changing rooms, and a simple red curtain was all that stood in the way of his being able to
see us. So the next time that we went in to try on outfits,
Gretchen purposely left the curtain open a good eight inches
or so. Sure enough, as we were stripping down to our
skivvies we could see the clerk peeking through the opening
to get a look at us. Better yet, he was massaging his cock
through the front of his jeans.

We put on a good show putting the costumes on and off,
acting as though we didn't know that he was watching us.
Then, before we put our street clothes back on, Gretchen
bounded up and yanked the curtain all the way open. The
clerk just stood there like a deer caught in the headlights,
his hand still grasping the outline of his cock through his
jeans. Gretchen smiled and walked over to the guy, replacing
his hand with hers and stroking his cock while it grew even
larger inside his pants. At that point I went over to the
door and flipped the sign over to 'closed', then went over
to join in the fun. I took off the clerk's belt and then
pulled his pants down to the floor, freeing his erect member
from confinement.

Gretchen and I kneeled down in front of the guy, our boobs in danger of overflowing our bras and our cotton panties starting to become damp with juices from our pussies. We
both began to go to work on the guy's cock, sometimes
licking it simultaneously, other times passing it back and
forth between us. The whole time the clerk didn't say a
word, other than uttering grunts of pleasure. Gretchen was
the lucky one, as it was her lips that were wrapped around
his cock when he spewed out his jism, filling her mouth with
hot sticky fluid. But Gretchen, such a good friend as
always, leaned over and kissed me so that I could scoop some
of his cum out of her mouth with my tongue.

Needless to say, we ended up getting a good deal on our

What? No, I'm not going to do my dance for you now! My story isn't over; I'm just getting started. So we blew some guy in
a costume shop. Big deal. That's not a story, it's just an
appetizer. The real fun began a couple of weeks later at the
Halloween party. So keep your hand on your cock there while
I continue:

The costumes that Gretchen and I ended up getting were
really hot. Gretchen wore a very sexy nurse's outfit, which
was really just a white stretch mini-dress with red buttons
up the front and a white pillbox hat with a red cross. The
only thing she had on under the dress was a white thong,
which I just knew would end up coming off before the night
was over! She wore her long silky blonde hair up and tucked
under the hat, with just a few wisps of hair escaping and
falling down around her bare neck. She topped off the outfit
with red heart-shaped earrings, bright red lipstick, and a
pair of white patent leather heels. She looked sooo yummy!

Not that I was a slouch that night either. I was wearing a
pirate outfit, but nothing like you'd ever find in that
Disney ride. The top was a lace-up bodice-like top which was
red, white and black with gold laces and a frilly white
material to hold my breasts. I wore really short black
shorts over a black satin thong, matching black pumps, a red and white striped bandana in my hair, gold hoop earrings,
and an eye patch over my left eye to complete the ensemble.
Between the two of us we could have stopped traffic; who
knows, we probably did on the way to the party!

The party was a Jake's place, which you'll undoubtedly
remember from when I told you about the pool party we had
attended that summer which ended up turning into a wet and
wild orgy. We timed our arrival at the party just about
perfectly: late enough so that there were enough people
there to allow us to make an entrance, but not so late as to
miss out on the fun. But just a few minutes after we arrived
and had started to mingle we were upstaged by the next
couple that arrived. They were dressed as Tarzan and Jane,
and man did they ever pull it off! He was wearing a leopard
print half-tunic draped across one shoulder and a leopard
print loincloth. She had on a matching leopard print jungle bikini. He was six-four, broad shouldered and
barrel-chested, while she was nearly a foot shorter and with
a body that filled out that bikini in all the right places.
They made such a cute couple, and I would gladly have fucked
either or both of them. Thus I had my mission for the night!

After about twenty minutes or so I was able to get
more-or-less alone with Tarzan by the punch table. I only
had one chance, so I decided to go for the gusto. I asked
him if he was wearing anything under his loincloth. He just
smiled and said that was for him to know and for me to find
out. I'm sure he didn't expect what I did next: I reached my
hand right between his thighs under the loincloth to take a
feel. He did indeed have something on underneath, but it was
a pair of wonderfully silky bikini briefs holding his balls
in place. I didn't remove my hand right away, taking time
instead to gently grope at his balls so lovingly cupped in
the silky fabric.

The ice broken (okay, smashed!) he then asked me if I had
anything on under my shorts. I told him that he could find
out, but that we'd have to go someplace a bit more private.
We set our punch cups down and hastily made our way to the
second level of the house where we found an empty bedroom
halfway down the hall.

Once inside, Tarzan picked me up in his arms, gave me a big
deep kiss, and carried me over to the bed and set me down. I
took off my shorts, showing Tarzan that I was wearing a
thong. He seemed disappointed, but I told him not to worry,
that it would come off easily. I took his hand and brought
it up to my mouth, sucking on two of his fingers to get them
wet, then I moved his hand down to my crotch. He got the
hint. He pulled aside the thong and put his fingers up
inside of my pussy, which was already growing wet with

After he got my pussy good and hot we proceeded to undress
each other. He undid the laces on my top, pulling it open to
expose my bare breasts. While he began to suck on my tits, I
took off his loincloth and yanked down his underwear as far
as I could. He finished taking them off, then I lifted my
legs straight up in the air so that he could pull my thong
up and off. Finally we were ready to fuck!

I spread my legs wide open, inviting him to insert his thick cock inside of me. I moaned with pleasure as he pushed into
me, spreading the walls of my pussy with his cock. Slowly he
moved in and out, in and out while he rubbed my tits and
squeezed my nipples.

I was just about ready to come when suddenly the door to the
bedroom opened. I then realized that in our haste we had
forgotten to lock the door! To make matters worse, the woman
entering the room was none other than Jane! I felt for
certain that Tarzan and I were screwed, figuratively now as
well as literally. But instead of whatever sort of reaction
one would expect from a woman who has found her man screwing
another woman at a party, Jane just closed the door behind
her and came over next to us at the bed. She complemented
Tarzan on the sexy first mate he had found. With his cock
still inside me, fucking away, Tarzan put his arm up under
Jane's arm and around her backside, running his finger
through her short black hair. He pulled her tight up next to
him and kissed her deeply. I was now getting incredibly
turned on!

Once their embrace had ended, Jane came around the bed so
that she was near my head. She unhooked her bikini top from
behind, pulling it off and offering her perfectly shaped
breasts to my mouth. I began to suck on her nipple, flicking
it with my tongue until it was nice and hard, then I
repeated the process with her other breast.

Jane was just starting to pull down her bikini bottoms,
presumably so that she could mount my face, when the door
opened again! This time it was Gretchen, along with some guy
dressed-up as a vampire. Needless to say it didn't take much
effort at all to get Gretchen and the vamp into the action!
Although he was dressed as Dracula, the vampire guy instead
said that he was supposed to be Vlad the Impaler. When he
dropped his pants, we saw why: he had the longest cock that
I have ever seen! Believe me, any woman would love to get
impaled by that wonderful shaft!

Since Gretchen was the one who found him, she got to be
impaled first. Vlad got up on the bed and laid down on his
back next to me, where Tarzan continued to pound away at my
pussy. Gretchen pulled off her thong from under her dress
and then climbed on top of Vlad, still wearing the rest of
her nurse costume. As she spread her legs apart in
preparation of mounting Vlad, the tight short hem of her
dress rode up to her waist, giving us all a perfect view of
her pussy as it settled down on Vlad's shaft.

Jane began to suck on my tits while Tarzan fucked me even
harder and Gretchen enjoyed the pleasure of slowly moving up
and down Vlad's long cock. Gretchen reached down and took my
hand in hers; we squeezed each other's grip tight as we
started to come simultaneously.

Now it was Jane's turn to give Vlad's cock a spin. She took
over Gretchen's place, and Gretchen moved to sit on the edge
of the bed in front of Tarzan. Tarzan pulled Gretchen's
dress off over her head and then placed his cock, fresh with
my pussy juices, between Gretchen's luscious globes.
Gretchen squeezed her tits around his cock as he fucked the
cleavage between her wondrous breasts.

Tarzan must have been close to the brink already, because
before too long he was spewing his jism all over Gretchen's
chest. As Jane was still pleasuring herself on Vlad's long
cock, I turned my attention to Gretchen, licking Tarzan's
sticky cum off of her tits.

Even after I finished licking off Gretchen, Jane was still
fucking Vlad. So Gretchen and I took it upon ourselves to
speed matters up. Gretchen got behind Jane and started to
massage Jane's tits, while I put my hand down to Jane's
lightly furry crotch and began to aggressively rub her clit.
That did it. Between Vlad's long cock and Gretchen's and my
helpful hands, Jane proceeded to have a powerful orgasm so
intense that her whole body shook with pleasure.

I figured that Vlad might be ready for a change of position,
so I had him get up from the bed. I then stood at the edge
of the bed, leaning over on my hands and spreading my legs,
inviting Vlad to fuck me from behind. God, did it ever feel
so good as he inserted his long cock inside of my pussy; I
thought that it was never going to end! Slowly and
deliberately he moved the entire length of his shaft in and
out of my pussy. Most guys with large cocks think that their
length alone is enough, but Vlad really knew how to use his
to its full advantage.

Meanwhile, Gretchen, seeing that Tarzan's cock was rapidly
returning to its hardened state, assumed a position
identical to mine, inviting Tarzan to give her own pussy a
good fucking. When Jane recovered, she came over to join us
as well. She leaned over on the bed between Gretchen and I.
Although there were no more cocks to be had in the room,
Vlad and Tarzan took turns finger-fucking the beautiful
young lady while Jane alternately turned her head to
Gretchen or I to give us deep wet kisses.

At last it was time for the big finale. Jane, Gretchen and I
kneeled on the floor in front of Vlad and Tarzan. The guys took their sex-soaked cocks in hand and stroked them until
they began to spray their cum on the three of us. Then we
three girls began the wonderful task of licking each other
clean. But we didn't stop there. After we finished with
faces, necks and chests we turned our attentions to pussies,
and each of us had one more good orgasm before we were
finally worn out.

We never did end up seeing Jake that night, even though it
was his party! But we ended up thanking him for throwing
such a great bash the next weekend at a little private party
of our own...

Speaking of getting worn out, I can see that you've managed
to refrain from spewing your cock-juice all over the place;
not a small accomplishment! But, unless I miss my guess, it
would appear that you're darn close to getting your rocks
off. What do you say we skip the veil-dance and get on with
the fucking? I thought you'd agree!

Start by taking off my skirt... That's good... Throw it
anywhere, I don't care! Pull off my panties next, that's
right, now stick a finger up inside my pussy... Mmmm yeah!
See, you're not the only one here who's ready to fuck! Keep
moving your finger up in my pussy while I take off my bra...
there! Tell me again how much you love my tits; a girl can
never get enough of that kind of compliment!

No, I think I'll keep the veil on over my face; even though
it's see-through I think it adds a level of mystery and
excitement, don't you agree?

Now you just lay back while I climb on top of you. Perfect.
Now let's get that cock of yours up inside my pussy. Ohhhhh
yeeeaaaahh. God but I love your cock up inside of me. I know
that you want to come right away, but try to hold off as
long as you can. Let me do all the fucking, you just relax
and enjoy! Oh yes, yes! Your cock is so big and good inside
of me. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! It feels so good fucking

Uh, oh, you're getting ready to come, aren't you? That's all
right, I'm gonna come right along with you... Yeah baby, oh
yeah! Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Yes!!!! YESSSS!!!! Oh god we're
coming! Come in my baby! Yes! Yes! Oh god yes!!!! Oh fuck,
that's soooo goooood. Keep coming baby, don't stop. Yes...
yes... yes... yesssssssss......

Well, was it worth the wait? I thought it would be! Oh boy,
look at the time, I've got to get going or I'll be late for
the party. I wouldn't want to miss out on the fun. I'm sorry
that you can't come along. Don't worry, you'll be with me in
spirit, or at least your cum will be there up inside of me.
Maybe I can find some cute young devilette to lick your jism out of my pussy... Have a good night!


The Fine Print: This edition of "Bedtime stories with Kelly"
is copyright 1998 Kelly Adams.

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