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KIM camera record the moment for


The Grand MC Tradition (original Title: A quirky talent)
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Synopsis: A guy with a quirky power is able to make some girls do anything.

Finally I've been able to write the traditional MC story. I think of it as
"Guy zaps girl who falls down with her legs spread". I'm not trying to "dis"
FF, MM, FD, or their many variants, but MF/MD seems to be the root tradition.

Another twist will be appreciated by those who like "full-figured" women.


Boring Legal Stuff: Under the terms of the Byrne convention all works
by this author are copyrighted. Re-posting, redistribution, inclusion in
another work, or any other use of it is strictly prohibited without the
express, written permission of the copyright holder, except that it may be
posted as part of a review or posted to a free-access, noncommercial
archive sites.

DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction and any resemblance
between characters in this work and actual persons living or dead is entirely
coincidental. This work contains scenes of explicit sex between adults and
is intended for the entertainment of adults only. If you are offended by
depictions of adult intercourse or if you are less than the age of majority
in your jurisdiction then LEAVE NOW! Please do not read or download
this file. Because this is a fantasy, characters in this work may engage in
unprotected sex in a universe where AIDS and other sexually transmitted
diseases do not exist. In reality sex without protection is unwise and
nothing in this work should be taken as condoning such activity, or
any of the other activities depicted herein.


The Grand MC Tradition (original Title: A quirky talent)

I rammed my cock between Emily's enormous tits. She held them tightly
together, creating a warm, wonderful, fuck passage. On every forward
thrust Emily stuck out her tongue to lick the tip.

With three more powerful strokes and a triumphant yell I came shooting
ribbons of jism onto her face. Emily opened her mouth wide to try to
catch every drop she could.

She swallowed it all, licking her smiling lips, and saying, "Yummy."
Gathering the strands on her face using a finger, Emily popped each
into her mouth like it was cotton candy.

It was our "farewell" weekend together. We'd fucked in every possible way.
Many positions were impossible for a thinner girl who lacked Emily's
38DDD-40-42 figure.

I'd enjoyed every moment of the last 48 hours. I came 8 times while bringing
Emily to orgasm at least two dozen times. She was grand (literally:). Now it
was time to depart.

We still had great affection for each other, but by mutual agreement we were
breaking up. We both felt the need for a change. It had only been 4 months,
one of my shorter relationships, but it had been a wild ride.

I drove her home and we parted with a long lingering kiss that we'd both
remember for a long time. In two or three days I'd begin looking for Emily's


There was a light sheen of perspiration on my forehead even though I was
sitting in the shade under my favorite elm tree on a warm day in April. I'd
been concentrating for hours, projecting the same thought outward, "Raise
left hand high and hold."

Strange activity for someone who'd taken the day off from his moving
business. Of course, since I was the boss, I'd set my own schedule.

Before I graduated from the very college I was now at, I decided I didn't
want to work for anyone else. I wanted to be control of my own life, my own
schedule, and those of others, which brings us back to the tree.

My one "special" ability is very quirky. It let's me "push" my thoughts into
another mind. I can't tell you much more about how it works and even less
about why.

I first noticed it in my second semester as a college freshman. Who knows
how many years it was lying dormant.

I was late for a class, running hard, thinking, "Run. Dick Hall Go. Run.
Faster. Run." I stopped when I noticed another freshman running parallel to
me about 20 feet away. I knew this girl. Sheila was supposed to have a class
about now on the other side of campus.

What could explain her strange behavior. I had to try a few simple
experiments. They worked. Sheila stopped running and began
walking towards me.

I knew I was on to something important. SCIENCE called. Using my new
test subject I tried figuring out what was happening by trial and error.

It helped my dedication that despite the fact that she was overweight,
Sheila had a pretty face, a nice rack. Sheila usually dressed to look
thinner and minimize her big bust, but I could see plenty to interest me.

It didn't take long to realize there were no practical limits to what I
could do with this girl. That's when the "scientific method and detachment"
got tossed out the proverbial window. 30 minutes after Sheila walked over
we were rolling about naked on her bed and I had lost my virginity.

I rolled off Sheila's body. She went to the bathroom to clean up. Sheila
came out wearing a sexy green teddy and g-string. I watched the soft tits in constant motion, the body that I had so recently used. A few minutes
of this and I was ready for another go.

I threw Sheila on the bed, ripped off her panties, and plunged my cock
back into her. It was even better the second time around.

We screwed like rabbits for the next three days straight before I came up
for air. During our 5 months together, I always had Sheila wear clothes that
displayed her sexy body and bounteous boobs, rarely constrained by a bra.

The rest, as they say, is history.

My talent affects the unconscious thought process, not the conscious mind.
I can't read thoughts or even emotions, but I've been in this situation so
often that it's easy enough to know what a person is thinking and feeling.

My target responds without realizing what they are doing or knowing why.
At some point there is confusion, anger, and finally resistance. Resistance
however, even to an act that violates their most fundamental beliefs, will
crumble quickly if I "push" hard enough.

Such ability would let me become dictator of the world if not for the quirky
part. You see, my ability only seems to affect about one person in about a
thousand. Fortunately, there are over 20,000 students at this University,
plus a new freshman class entering every fall.

It's also necessary that I be within "line of sight" of the target. Once
implanted, the effects of my power seem to last indefinitely no matter where
the target goes.

Those affected seem to share certain characteristics. They are always
younger then me, female, with a repressed submissive streak and big tits,
a plus given my own preferences. In fact, it never worked on anyone
with less then a "D" cup.

Generally this means fat babes who's hold their weight "up front".
I've lost count of how many fat girls I've had.

I've grown to really appreciate fat girls. I've found them more giving, more
accepting, more appreciative, in fact all around more enjoyable then their
thinner sisters. Unfortunately, I always seem to reach a hard limit.

My maximum time with any one girl has never been less then 4 months.
Three girls ago there was beautiful Cheryl who lasted 8 months. I'm not
sure if it's because I get bored with them or they become more resistant
to my power.

About half the time, I'll just decide I don't want to keep the girl after
one or two fucks. These "fish" will be "tossed back".

8 months or 8 hours, when it's time, we always have an amicable
parting of the ways. Fortunately for me, the prohibitions I implant
about their thinking or communicating the unusual aspects of our
relationship seem to last forever.

Despite the obvious susceptibility of fat babes to my power, occasionally
thinner ones come to my attention. I thought today might be such a day,
as a hand popped up about 50 yards from me.

I projected "Left hand scratch right nipple." This confirmed my ability had
found its next target. Now, "Walk over to the man sitting alone under the
tree with the red T-shirt."

Coming towards me, the girl's thoughts came rapidly under my control. I
"pushed" these thoughts into her mind, "He's the most attractive man I've
ever seen. The closer I get the more aroused I become. I must make him like
me so he will want to touch me. guys like him have really large cocks." She
broke into a big smile and began to sway her hips in an exaggerated sexy

I looked over my prize; about 5'4" with big brown hair, and the largest
tits I'd ever seen on a girl that was not seriously overweight or surgically
enhanced. I estimated 40DD-28-38. Slightly overweight, but I didn't care.

"Hi, I'm Kim. May I sit under the tree with you?" she asked in a sultry
voice, batting her green eyes at me. "Only if you sit in my lap." I leered,
staring straight at those gigantic tits.

Trying to sound angry and insulted she sarcastically said, "My aren't we
forward. I don't know why I came over here. Only a jerk would think a lady
liked to be talked to that way. Perhaps I should just leave." All the time
her eyes were fixed on the huge hard-on that had sprang to life in my pants.

I replied giving Kim a silent mental push, "You like to be talked to this
way. You're attracted to a man who will dominate you. You want to do this
small thing for me."

Kim shrugged as if trying to shake off the command I'd just given, but I
kept pushing. In another 15 seconds she sighed as I broke through her
resistance and my suggestions took hold of her.

Sitting as directed, Kim wrapped her arms around me and inquired
coquetteishly, "Is this what you like?" With a smirk I said, "I like this

I pulled Kim against me, pressing those big tits against my chest and kissed
her deeply, forcing my tongue into her. There was only a slight hesitation
before the arousal I had fanned in her body made her respond. Our tongues
battled with ever increasing ferocity.

My right hand snaked under her top and found the rear-clasp to her bra which
was quickly undone freeing her enormous breasts. She tried to pull away, as
I began caressing her defenseless tits.

Couples frequently made out on campus, nothing unusual was generally thought
of it even if they weren't discrete. I think Kim was a bit of a prude who
thought herself above such crass treatment. Maybe Kim just didn't like being
groped out in public. Either way, her attitude was about to change.

I wanted to cement my control of Kim and I knew how to do it. Pushing hard
against her mind, I fanned her feelings of degradation and heat, "I just met
this guy two minutes ago and his hands are all over my naked tits. I'm
getting really turned on. I can't fight back. I must submit. I want this to

Kim's struggles lessened as I held her tightly while continuing my assault
on her mouth and tits. Her nipples were responding to my lewd caresses,
shooting bolts of electricity to her pussy, weakening Kim's resolve.

It was too much for her over-charged senses to resist. Kim's body
relaxed as I projected thoughts directly into her mind, "I love that he's
so aggressive, I want him take the lead, but only a slut acts this way.
My friends are watching me now. It's so embarrassing, but I'm so hot
I can't resist anything he does."

Kim's tits were smooth, soft, and heavy. The nipples were already diamond
hard points. I started teasing them between my fingers, making her squirm in
my lap.

I released her mouth to demand, "Tell me you like it, slut."

Her head fell back. Panting, she moaned "Ohhhhh, I don't even know your

"No questions!" I growled as I pinched her nipples hard. She moaned louder.
"Quiet, slut!" I demanded as I pressed her down onto the grass, crossed the
wrists above her head, and "pushed". "My hands are trapped, I can't move
them or resist or make sounds above a whisper."

To increase Kim's mortification, I lifted her dress and bra neck high. Only
thin panties hid her charms. I examined Kim's exposed tits. She had broad
pink areola at least 6" in diameter. I couldn't completely cover them with
the entire palm of my hand. Kim moaned as I touched them, lifted them, and
played with them.

Such large tits could not help but sag, especially when a girl is
overweight. Despite this, Kim's rack was unusually firm. It rose
voluptuously from her chest.

Her aroused nipples stood proudly at least 2" long. I always figured a girl with large areola and nipples was a natural slave, just waiting for the
right Master to force her submission. Kim was in luck. Her new Master
had found her.

I began sucking on a nipple, projecting "Everyone can see my breasts.
They're all staring at the hot slut who can't stop what's being done to her.
I love having my nipples sucked and my tits manhandled. Bolts of arousal
shoot through my body, making me weak, helpless to resist, and wanting more.
It makes me hot that I just met him a few minutes ago. I don't even know his
name, only that his touch is igniting the flames of my desire. I want him
to fuck me, but I'm too scared to say it."

Actually, I was shielding Kim's body with mine. It was unlikely anyone could
see anything besides two people necking. I didn't want campus security
hassling us.

I reached and plunged my hand down into her panties. When I touched Kim's
pussy lips, she jumped like an electric shock had hit her. Kim's eyes popped
open in shame as she saw I knew how wet she was.

Again I demanded, "Tell me you like it, slut." I pushed silently right
after, "He's driving me wild. I can't hide. I can't lie. He needs to know
that I want more." Moaning, Kim increased her arousal by echoing my
commands, "Like it. So hot. Love it. So wet. Don't stop."

I continued to enjoy the feeling of Kim's helpless body under my fingers for
more then half an hour. My teasing, triple attack, tits, pussy, and mind
continue to build Kim's arousal towards orgasm.

Several times I pushed back her orgasm just as it was about to break. It was
driving her increasingly crazy with need. I would not allow her to climax
until I broke her remaining resistance.

I projected "So easily has he turned me into his sex toy, in the middle of
the day on campus. He's playing my body like a violin, stroking my strings
up and down the scales. I need to come so bad, but I can't without
acknowledging his total domination."

I slipped one finger into her pussy, then two, then three. Kim's hips began
thrusting. She needed to drive my fingers deeper into her pussy. We locked
eyes and I saw that Kim's resistance had been destroyed. She was mine,
betrayed by her own body, a slave to her own lust.

I pushed, "This will be the greatest climax of my life". I was forcing Kim
to acknowledge her absolute submission. She believed she could not fool me
and that she must declare it out loud before she could climax.

The small part of Kim's mind still under her control hoped to retain a small
part of herself when released from the demands of her need.

Then her body stiffened like a board. Time was up. Kim climax was waiting to
be released. She hesitated a few seconds, the agony of her final struggle
obvious on her lovely face.

"Master, I'm coming!" she whispered. I covered Kim's mouth with mine to
muffle her scream at being taken by an overwhelming orgasm that blotted out
all conscious thought.

It was the moment I had been awaiting. In that instant I struck with the
fullness of my power. Experience told me that the overwhelming energy of
Kim's climax would virtually obliterate all natural resistance. She'd be
most malleable to fundamental changes in her personality at this point. I
altered her mind to make her submission complete and unbreakable.

Kim became my slave in fact, body and mind. She would have no desire more
powerful then to please me, her Master, in all ways.

The new Kim would bend every effort to becoming the perfect slave. She
craved sex, needed it. Submission and humiliation were her ultimate
turn-ons. All this was accomplished in the blink of an eye.

Her fluids gushed over my fingers, still deep in her pussy. Her body
relaxed, but I was not done with her.

Twisting my hand around I searched for her G-spot. When I found it I
projected renewed arousal into Kim. Her body responded helplessly.

In moments, she was thrashing about while moaning "Yes, Master. Ohhhhh,
Masterrrrrr. Rub my pussy. Use your slut."

Again I molded her pliant mind "My need grows faster after each time he
makes me cum. I'll cum stronger and stronger each time her uses me."

Now it was my turn. I pulled down Kim's clothes, picked her up, and moved
behind some thick bushes. As I put her down, her eyes fluttered open,
looking at me in amazement at what had happened.

"Now my hot little slave, it is time for you to suck my cock." I said taking
out my now painfully hard organ, "Get down on you knees and take out my
cock." I gave her another mental push to forestall any excuses.

Kim gasped when she saw she size of my fully erect tool. 10" and very thick,
it was enough to stretch the most well used cunt. She began to protest,
probably that it was too big to take down her throat, but I pushed again and
she quieted.

For a moment she stared at my tool. The look on her face was an interesting
mixture of emotions. Then silently, she took my cock into her mouth. It felt
fantastic, but I could tell this was her first time. With a few "pushes", I
had her deep throating me and sucking like a pro. It didn't take long before
I shot my load down her lovely throat.

"Good girl, you swallow cum like a real slut." I jeered and continued,
"You'll make a good little sex slave."

Kim blushed a deep crimson at the derision of my words, but the ignominy
turned her on, increasing the unfulfilled need still burning within her.
Kim's submissive act had turned her on to the point that she was again fully

It was easy to push her need into a roaring inferno, "You are a slut like
your Master says. A hot slut like me needs to cum or go insane. I must
behave like a slave, beg him to fuck me." cum still dripping from her mouth
she begged, "Master please help me. I need your touch so bad."

"Tell me what you need, use all those dirty words you hate, be specific." I
demanded, reaching again to begin a maddening caress of Kim's mammoth tits.

She reacted as if slapped, but her need rapidly overcame her modesty.
"Please Master," she begged, "Fuck your slave. Shove your hard cock into her
hot cunt."

"Right here slut, where everyone will hear your cries and know you're being
fucked?" Lowering her eyes, Kim begged "Anywhere Master, I need to cum."

"Very well, strip so anyone who comes by can see what a slut you really
are." Her eyes looked horrified, but she could not resist the betrayal of
her own body that I had provoked.

Her shoes, socks, jewelry, all her clothes went into a bag I provided. I saw
the moisture glistening on her naked thighs. I soaked my fingers in it then
shoved them into her mouth so she'd taste her own arousal. Kim sucked them
clean, anxious to do anything if I'd fuck her.

I commanded Kim to follow me. It was hard on her tender feet, but I showed
neither mercy nor patience. Hurry lazy girl lest I leave you here naked and
alone in the woods.

We walked deep into the woods behind the campus until I found the perfect
spot. Dumping Kim's clothes on the ground, I silently pointed to them. She
gratefully lay down on top of them. Another gesture and Kim spread her legs,
displaying her still wet sex.

My cock hadn't recovered yet, so I sat on my knees above Kim's stomach and
taking her hands wrapped her billowing tits around my cock.

I pumped while Kim held my cock between those wonderfully warm tits. Just
like Emily, I taught Kim to lick the head each time I thrust forward.

In minutes, I grew hard again. Kim grinned like a little girl at her
accomplishment, but I was about to wipe it from her lips.

The skin on Kim's breasts was deeply flushed with her own arousal. The way
Kim was being used was shooting energy from her tits directly to her cunt.
Kim was panting heavily, close to her own orgasm.

In one motion, I repositioned between Kim's well spread legs and rammed my
cock deep into her cunt. It was enough to push her over the edge. Kim
screamed as she came in a powerful orgasm that left her limp and gasping.

Kim was no virgin, but she was incredibly tight. It felt like a leather
glove gripping me. Her pussy was so wet that in three strokes I was in to
the hilt.

Curious about her capacity, I began sucking and pinching her nipples while
gently thrusting in and out of her cunt. She began moaning once again. The
constant sound rose and fell with my thrusts.

Kim's eyes were closed as she floated in a sea of passion. In a few minutes,
she was ready for more. Kim's knees rose and her thighs gripped me to
maximize the sensations. Her hips began thrusting back as she tried to match
my thrusts.

Kim's pace increased quickly. She became a wild animal writhing against me.
I held tightly onto her to avoid being thrown off by the force of her
passion. Kim impaled herself on my cock again and again until she cried out
in another orgasm.

Every few minutes it seemed she'd go insane, pounding her body against mine
until her cunt muscles clamping down on my cock as another orgasm shook her.
Each climax more powerful then the last.

Of all the women I'd fucked, never had I seen such and intense, all
consuming reaction to my power. Could I keep this one beyond my traditional
time limit? Did I want to?

I resolved to try. With each orgasm I burned another layer of submission,
dependence, humiliation, love, need, and slavery, into Kim's mind. I worked
more on her than any other woman in my life.

Finally, I could hold back no more, my own incredible orgasm was about to
break. I pushed into her mind, "I need to feel his seed in my womb. It will
give me an orgasm 100 times greater than any other I've ever had."

A slave to her passion, Kim responded helplessly. Her ankles locked behind
my back, to hold my cock inside her. Her cunt muscles began the most
incredible massage.

It was too much for me. I came like a fire hose, shooting a river of cum into her. When Kim felt my seed burn into her, it triggered her own
explosive orgasm. She wrapped her arms and legs around me as our
climaxes echoed together.

I collapsed on her limp body totally drained, my head resting between her
pillowy tits. My softening cock slipped out of Kim's cunt.

"You fucked like a slave. How did it feel?" I whispered in her ear. She did
not respond. It angered me until I realize Kim had passed out from the force
of her last climax.

I got up and dressed, leaving Kim naked on the ground, legs still spread
displaying her sex. Our mingled cum dripping from her cunt. A shudder
rippled across her body every few minutes as if she were reliving the
intensity of her multiple orgasms.

She was beautiful. I love the look of a well-fucked woman. I took out a
small camera to record the moment for my collection. Many more pictures
would follow. They would help in the days ahead to increase Kim's fear,
humiliation and submission.


Now it was time for Kim's new life to begin. I lightly slapped her face to
awaken her. "Ohhhh, Ohhhhh," she moaned with each love tap as if they
too were turning her on.

This wasn't working so I pinched the skin on Kim's thigh painfully.
"Ow!" she exclaimed, "What, What's happening?"

In a commanding voice, I replied, "You are my slave now. Slaves do not speak
unless asked a question. Listen carefully to your instructions that you will
repeat after me and follow perfectly. Failure to obey will bring punishment,
swift and harsh. Do you understand, slave?"

Kim stared at me standing regally above her naked, helpless body. She
blinked several time, trying to absorb and comprehend the meaning of my

I saw on her face that the memories of how she had just been used and how
totally she'd responded come flooding back. They made it difficult for her
to concentrate, but the commands I had implanted, the need to please me
helped her focus.

Suddenly realizing her exposure Kim automatically tried to cover her tits and pussy with her hands. A single stern look from me reminded her this was
forbidden. Kim's hands dropped away leaving her feeling vulnerable and
exposed as I had intended.

Finally, she whispered, "Master, your slave understands." I continued, "Very
well, now you will repeat after me to insure you fully understand your new
life as my slave."

Kim repeated each sentence as follows, "I have always dreamed of being a
man's sex slave. I want to be touched and used as often as possible. I exist
to please my Master. I should be punished for the slightest disobedience. I
will always dress in the sexiest clothes and move my body to incite my
Master's lust. This is normal for a sex slut like me, but I am too
humiliated to ever speak of it to another person."

I continued to instruct Kim, "Today I will go to the hirdresser to re-style
my hair. Then I'll shop for the sheerest gown I can find. I'll wear them
with heavy perfume and when you pick me up in front of my dorm tomorrow
night at 7 P.M. sharp. You will take me for dinner and dancing."

Last, Kim must be put in the proper frame of mind. While she spoke I
"pushed" additional commands into her unconscious mind, "I must always
consider ways to make my complete submission to you more profound. Every
hour I'm away from you my love for you and my body's need for your touch
grow greater. I can't stop thinking about our sex together."

Next I shifted to tonight's instructions, "At bedtime I must masturbate naked for one hour thinking of my need and desire for your total domination,
but I won't be able to cum. Exhausted, I'll fall into a restless sleep
filled with erotic images of my sexual slavery and submission to my new

I gave Kim the shoes and the slip she'd been wearing under the dress. I kept
the rest as "souvenirs". Kim would have to walk back half dressed. Men's
eyes, which were normally drawn to her bountiful breasts would now see them
bouncing freely with ever step.

I sniffed the air and sneered, "You stink of sex, be sure to wash it off
your clothes and your body." Ashamed, she lowered her eyes and replied,
"Yes, Master."

After, I got her full address and phone, I walked off leaving Kim to begin
her own, now willing metamorphosis into my personal sex slave.

The expected questions were probably rattling around Kim's mind, "How did
this happen so suddenly? Could she really be such a slut? Who was this man who suddenly dominated her life?" However, she'd quickly suppressed her own
questions and focus on the instructions she'd received.

I had transformed Kim. She loved the way I treated her; it turned her on
intensely. She only wanted to be a good slave who would be fucked often by
her Master.

I had allowed her to retain her modesty, in fact I'd strengthened it. The
extreme contrast between Kim's new slavery and former modesty would
be a constant embarrassment that Kim now found to be an irresistible
sexual stimulant.


Part 2 - Dinner and Dancing

I arrived 15 minutes late, intentionally. I wanted Kim to be subjected to
the humiliating stares of men and disapproval of women as she waited.

I pulled up in my van. When Kim recognized me she quickly jumped
into my van to escape her shame.

I looked her over frankly. She was obviously aroused. Kim's face was flushed
and her hard nipples were clearly visible. The degrading experienced while
waiting for me had its intended effect.

Kim wore a sheer, white, gown slit in the front, back, and both sides. It
was basically a nightgown never meant to be worn outside. Clinging tightly
to her curves, It would have shown everything if not for the matching bra
and panties.

In an irritated voice, I spoke "I am displeased with my slave's clothing."
Kim froze in fear, afraid to speak. Your gown acceptable. I did not think
you so stupid that you would not know that a bra, panties, panty hose, or
anything that covers your slave cunt are forbidden when you are with me."

Kim stammered her repentance, "I.. I.. Your stupid slave begs forgiveness,
Master. She'll go upstairs and change immediately."

Now angry, I declared, "Ignorant slave, do you think I should be forced to
wait here because of your stupidity?

You will go outside and remove your bra, panties, and panty hose. If you
are not back in your seat in two minutes, you'll be severely punished."

When Kim started to protest, I raised my voice to say, "Time begins now."
Shaking in fear and trepidation, she jumped out of the van to obey.

The crowd that had gathered when Kim had been waiting for me had
dispersed. Now a new crowd formed to watch her antics.

I saw everything in the passenger side mirror. Kim quickly kicked off her
shoes and pulled off the panty hose while leaning against the van for
support. The thong came next.

Hands touching the ground, Kim paused for a second. Perhaps she was
adjusting to the feeling of cool air caressing her wet slit. Then
remembering the time pressure she straightened and resumed.

Too rushed to be careful, Kim had flashed her ass to both the crowd and me.
Even her hairy bush had been briefly visible. The crowd applauded several
times between the catcalls.

Her bra was the most difficult. Contorting in a variety of entertaining
positions, somehow she managed to remove it without taking off her gown.

Kim was done with seconds to spare. Thoroughly humiliated and crying she
jumped back into my van and slammed the door. Thinking the show over, the
crowd dispersed.

Dressed as she was now, she was worse then naked. Kim's tits and aroused
nipples were clearly visible through the shear gown. Her gown had parted
again, exposing her thick bush that to my surprise already glistened with

It was a heady feeling of power to be able to control a beautiful woman in
this way. My cock was straining against my pants.

Growing tired of Kim's crying I reached over and lightly touched her left
nipple. Kim jumped as if struck, but did quiet down immediately.

You still stink of sex, slave. Didn't you wash as commanded? She broke down
in tears, "Please Master forgive me. I obeyed your commands, showering well
last night."

Kim continued, "I couldn't resist playing with myself. After an hour I
hadn't had an orgasm, but was so tired that I fell asleep. I slept poorly.
There were many strange dreams that I couldn't remember, but they left me
hot and horny."

"What then?" I prompted. "Ever since I woke up this morning I can think of
nothing but our sex together. There has been a constant flow of fluids
between my legs. I took 5 different cold showers to stop it, but it keeps

This had never happened before with any of my women. Yet, I thought it
promising. Reaching back for a crumbled up towel I kept it the back, I
handed it to Kim saying, "Put this under your ass so you don't stink up my

"Now your punishment for displeasing me." I judged, "You may only use a
single button to hold your gown together. Undo the rest now."

She looked hurt, but silently did as instructed. Kim left only the button
under the line of her pouting nipples. The tight gown had not been designed
for such a strain. The single button looked like it would pop open any

Next I showed Kim the plug. She was ignorant of its function. I had Kim get
on her hand and knees with legs spread and her butt facing me.

"This is going up your ass, little slave. If you cry out everyone will stop
to see what's happening. Now reach back and spread your ass cheeks as wide
as possible." I said.

I was using the smallest size plug. If necessary, I had several larger sizes
with me. Shudders rippled through her body as I lubricated the plug with the
juices dripping from Kim's cunt.

Shifting the plug back to her anus I slowly eased it up Kim's rear passage.
She whimpered as I gave little shoves to move the plug past the sphincter.
Kim was too tense to allow it.

I reached between her legs and began massaging Kim's clit while maintaining
pressure on the plug. In about two minutes, Kim's sphincter relaxed.

The plug slid about 3 inches farther up her dirt road. Kim's ass was too
tight to move it more without damaging her. She'd obviously never before
been ass-fucked.

While she softly cried from the pain and humiliation, I asked if she'd ever
been fuck up the ass. Unable to speak, she merely shook her head no. I told
Kim, "I'm looking forward to taking this last virginity from you."

I drove off. Exiting the campus. Kim readjusted the towel under her oozing
slit. I saw her squirming in her seat while she tried to adjust to the
feeling of the butt plug.

Now, it was time to take care of my raging hard-on. I ordered Kim to take my
cock out of my pants and suck me off. I had worn loose pants with a Velcro
closure, not trusting Kim's current skills to a zipper.

My cock proudly sprang free. Kim grasped it firmly near the base, looking at
it like a delicious lollypop. She adjusted her position then quickly lowered
her head to engulf me with her mouth.

Kim rubbed her engorged nipples against my thigh to increase her own
pleasure as her tongue danced around the head and shaft of my cock. She
reached down to cup by balls, squeezing them tenderly. Kim was becoming an
expert cocksucker.

It was too hard to drive now. I had to pull off the road or we'd have an
accident. I found a dark cul-de-sac and parked.

I lay back and began thrusting into Kim's warm wet mouth. Grabbing the back
of her head, I forced my cock deep down Kim's throat until it could go no
further. I needed to "push" only a little to help her throat muscles to
relax and accept me.

The single button holding Kim's gown together had broken free. I stopped
her from rebuttoning and slid the thin spaghetti straps off both shoulders.
I wanted to see that bountiful bosom jiggle as we drove.

We started driving and got on the highway. I had Kim push back her seat and
spread her long legs. Her gown naturally fell apart. Her tits and bush were
now fully exposed.

I drove next to some trucks and got on my CB radio to get their attention.
Kim was humiliated by the many lewd comments made by the truckers about the
big breasted slut with the hairy bush. "Yes," I told them, "she's a great
fuck, but I'm just breaking her in, so it's too soon to share."

After requesting her Master's permission to speak, Kim asked if I'd really
allow another man to use her. I replied, "You are now my property to do with
as I please and will be fully pleasing to any man I offer you to. If you
hold back in the slightest degree or embarrass me in any way you will be
severely punished. Do you understand, slave?" She whispered, "Yes, Master."

The humiliating sex talk kept Kim hot. As we'd leave one trucker to drive up
to the next. I'd reach between her legs and play with her wet pussy.

A few minutes of this and Kim's hips would start thrusting uncontrollably as
she neared orgasm. Each time I'd pull my hand away denying her release. In
this way I kept her on the edge, frustrated.

If she'd start to cry or beg for me to continue, I'd tap her painfully
sensitive clit, making her cry out in anguish. In this way Kim learned that
her body was under my control. I'd determine when and how she was
allowed to orgasm.

We reached our destination, a dimly lit Italian restaurant in which I was
part owner. It had great food, but had yet to be "discovered". I'd called
ahead so the staff was ready with my favorite table.

Kim needed a moment to recover. She gradually came down from the
sexual high I had forced on her for almost an hour.

I had Kim lick my fingers off then dry her dripping pussy as best she could
with the towel. She was allowed to rebutton her gown, one only. Of course,
this created a lewd display of her jiggling bosom whenever she moved.

As we entered the maitre 'de, my partner welcomed me warmly. He turned to
Kim and examined her well-displayed body from head to toe commenting to
me, "Congratulations sir on your acquisition of another beautiful slut. Her
breasts are especially large and lovely."

Being talked about in the third person in such a crude way turned Kim's
cheeks deep red in shame and embarrassment. "Perhaps you would like to
sample those breasts, my friend." I offered. "You are too gracious," he
said. Stepping up he unbuttoned Kim's gown and began mauling her soft,
defenseless breasts."

Despite the humiliation, Kim immediately began moaning. He began rolling
both nipples between his fingers. The fire from Kim's tits inflamed her
already aroused body. Kim began panting heavily. Bending forward her defiler
pressed both nipples into his mouth and began suckling them together. Kim's
eyes glazed over. She must submit to this man's caress, it was the will of
her Master.

My partner kept ravaging Kim, alternating between differing types of caress.
Kim endured 10 full minutes of this treatment, until her legs could no
longer support her. She collapsed into my waiting arms, close to orgasm,
but again unable to achieve it.

Supporting Kim's limp body, my friend and I winked at each other. "She's
exquisite. Let's get you to your table", he said.

I praised her, "You acted well, lovely slave. I am pleased." Kim smiled at
my compliment and straightened up to walk unsteadily on her own feet the
rest of the way.

We entered our private booth situated in the most isolated corner. We faced
a large one way mirror that enabled us to see the entire restaurant without
being seen. Kim would think everyone could see us.

"You'll sit on my lap," I said turning her around. Quickly I opened my fly
and freed my cock. Holding it in place between my thighs, I lower Kim slowly
into my lap.

When Kim felt my cock head against the entrance to her pussy she hesitated.
Having the leverage I easily pulled Kim down, impaling her on my cock.

Kim's pussy was so wet that in that one motion my cock was buried to the
hilt. "Yessssss," she sighed in relief. Finally, the cock she'd needed was
inside her.

I gave Kim a difficult command, "When you cum it must be without a sound
and you may NOT cum until you feel me shoot inside your pussy.
Do you understand, slave?" She gasped, "Yes Master, your slave will obey."

Next I reached into Kim's thin gown. Bursting open the one button holding it
together, I grabbing her huge, soft, knockers. "Now everyone can see your
slut tits," I lied.

The exposure was a turn on for Kim. She began rocking slowly, moving
my cock around inside her. I joined her, but neither of us was able to
move much in this position.

Kim needed to increase the pace. She began to use her cunt muscles to
squeeze and release my cock. It felt fantastic.

Turning half towards me she asked, "Master, please kiss your slave so she
may obey your command to not cry out when she cums. I am to weak
to be trusted on my own."

Taking one hand from Kim's tits, I used it to pull her lips to mine. Our
tongues battled gently as our bodies rocked together.

Kim's cunt was still milking my cock. I loved the sensation. Finally, it had
the effect she intended. Painfully tightening my grip on Kim, I climaxed.
Wave after wave of cum shot from by cock, burning deep within her body.

It was the signal she had been awaiting. Releasing the dam, her own orgasm
burst through, joining mine. Our screams would have brought the house down
if they had not been muffled by our deep kiss.

Our kiss broke. Kim's head fell on my shoulder, her naked tits heaving. I
took a napkin between our legs and wrapped it around my cock.

I praised her, "You came like a true slave. It is well you're body is
adjusting to your new life. Now lift up and sit next to me."

As Kim lifted up my cock slipped from her pussy releasing a flow of our
mingled cum onto the waiting napkin. I held it against her dripping cunt until she sat down. I cleaned off my cock with another napkin and tucked
the little soldier back in his barracks. Then I signaled the waiter to bring
the first course.

The waiter brought our salads. His eyes locked on Kim's tits that were still
well displayed. She'd never closed her gown. As he lay Kim's plate down she
look up and realized what was happening.

Simultaneously she tried to cover her exposed tits and close her gown. The
comical result accomplished neither. "Stop," I ordered, "Our gracious waiter
works hard all day and needs a pleasant diversion. You will leave yourself
exposed to his gaze as long as we sit at this table."

Kim dropped her hands to her sides. I saw that being commanded to expose
herself to our waiter had once again caused her nipples to harden. I was
sure that we would get excellent service from this waiter for the remainder
of our meal.

We worked through the salad, soup, and entrée. Any time there was a
break I'd reach out to play with Kim's tits or pussy.

I might rub my fingers up and down her labia while she tried to finish the
food on her plate. Between courses, I might pinch her nipples while she
moaned helplessly.

I'd continue until the waiter had cleared the table and left our next
course. Kim would look for the disdain in the waiter's eyes as he
observed what I was doing. She knew that if I'd not been there
our waiter would be on her in an instant fucking her senseless.

Between finishing the main course and desert, I wanted to dance.
I allowed Kim one button on her gown as I led her on the dance floor.

I know Kim felt all eyes on her well displayed body. The nipples clearly
visible through her gown jiggled lewdly with every step. I "pushed" to
increase the humiliation and arousal I was sure she was feeling.

I pulled Kim to me as we reached the center of the dance floor. She
crushed her tits into my chest and hid her face against the nape of
my neck in an attempt to hide from the disapproval of the crowd.

Already engorged nipples poked into my chest. "Why are you so hot, little
slave?" I asked. Knowing better then to lie, Kim answered, "They think I'm
a tramp. Feeling their eyes, their disapproval, the humiliation, turns me on.
I don't know why. I'm so ashamed."

"It is a slave's response. You are my slave. What will they think of this?"
I said grabbing her ass. I pulled Kim forward until her aroused pussy pressed against my hard cock through two thin layers of material.

Grinding my cock into Kim, I pushed lightly, "They'll know what a slut
I am to be used so in the middle of a restaurant, but I'm his slave I can't
resist his will. The humiliation is turning me on, making me respond to
his obscene caress."

Kim's hips began thrusting back. I no longer needed to hold her in place.
"Turn your head," I commanded, "Watch their faces."

The men looked with envy on this lusty, half naked beauty that was dry
humping me on the dance floor. The exposure to the naked condemnation
in their eyes of the women aroused Kim even more.

Slipping my hands under Kim's short shirt, I began kneading her naked ass.
I kept the pace of our dance slow. Kim's growing need was controlled by
painful pinches to her vulnerable ass cheeks.

After about 15 minutes, I guiding Kim back to our table still locked
together. We passed out of site of the other patrons.

I lifted Kim against one of the solid walls of our booth, opened my pants,
pulled out my cock, and rammed it up her sopping pussy.

Letting out a great sigh of relief, Kim wrapped her arms around my neck for
balance as I lowered her. Her wet, burning cunt was fully impaled on my hard
cock. Neither of us moved, savoring the moment.

Unable to restrain herself, Kim resumed thrusting as best she could. Her
movements became more frantic and erratic as she neared orgasm.

Kim was surprised and dismayed when I pulled out of her. "Master, please I
need your cock inside me," she begged, panting with lust. Here, now, in this
restaurant, you wish to confirm everyone's opinion of the indecent strumpet
I was dancing with?

"Whatever Master wished," Kim replied. It was the correct, indeed the only
answer for a slave.

I turned Kim around and bent her pliant body over the soft cushion of the
back of our seats, pushing her gown over the cushion. She was naked from
the waist down.

I pushed her legs apart roughly then reached between to collect the
lubricants flowing from her pussy. I spread them around the butt plug
to ease it removal.

Removing the plug from her anus, I immediately replaced it. My stiff cock
rammed into her rear passage before her sphincter had time to adjust. The
force of my entry drove the breath out of her lungs.

Gripping Kim's hips, I drove the invader deeper into Kim, forcing aside the
tender muscles lining her channel.

Reaching the deepest penetration, I paused to give Kim's body time to adjust
to this new violation. I reached up to grab those amazing tits that swung
without restraint having once more burst from their inadequate confinement.

Giving Kim's tits a licentious massage, I knew it would not be long before
her over-stimulated body betrayed her again.

For me, time stretched out. My cock wanted to begin thrusting into Kim's
incredibly tight, hot hole. I restrained myself by clenching and unclenching
the muscles in my ass. I distracted myself with Kim's soft, pliant tits.

When Kim began thrusting back at me, my long wait was over. Grabbing her
flanks, I withdrew my cock so only the head remained. I rammed it back into
her only to withdraw again.

Kim quickly picked up my rhythm. I felt her muscles try to hold me inside.
We picked up speed, slamming into each other.

I held back my orgasm as long as I could, but was too keyed up by my
conquest of Kim's virgin ass to last. The sperm boiled out of me deep within

That triggered Kim's own climax. Although she tried to muffle her cry, it
was loud enough to be clearly heard in every part of the establishment.

I withdrew my sated cock then slapped Kim's ass to rouse her. "Get under the
table, slave. Lick my cock clean. It will remind you to keep yourself clean
in the future. I enjoyed ass-fucking you and plan to do it many times in the

I sat down and spread my legs to allow Kim access. It took her a long time
to clean my cock. Under her tender ministrations, it hardened again, just as
she was finishing.

I was mildly surprised that I responded so quickly after cuming up Kim's
ass. The way my body responded to this girl was truly enjoyable. I decided
not to "throw this fish back".

I made Kim blow me until I shot down her throat. She had to clean my cock
again, but this time it was easier for her.

I allowed her to wipe the dripping fluids from both front and rear passages
before I walked her to the bathroom. We both needed a chance to clean up
and pee.

Finishing first, I went back to our table and ordered desert.

When she exited the bathroom it took her a minute to realize I had left. Kim
was forced to walk back unescorted under the disapproving stares of the

I watched Kim in the mirror at our table. I saw she was mortified. Kim knew
everyone had heard her climax after seeing us dry fuck on the dance floor.

After she sat down, I checked between Kim's legs. She was wet again. "What
a slut you are, lovely slave." I teased.

We finished our desert and I took her to my house near campus. I helped her
move in the next day.

It was easy since most of Kim's old conservative clothes including all the
underwear were thrown into storage way in the back of my attic. She wouldn't
need them for a long time.

I helped Kim get new sexy clothes, bustiers that left her nipples bare,
split crotch panties, and the like. She was required to come out into the
store to model them for me.

Pants and shorts were not allowed. The blouses, skirts and dresses that were
permitted left Kim's charms well displayed.

Not that much was required. In the house I kept Kim nude most of the time.
If it were cold she was allowed a sheer chemise or teddy.

I trained Kim's body to need my touch, to be fucked hard and often. She
learned to always dress and move in ways to incite my lust.

I have many techniques to help Kim's slavery grow deeper and more profound.
Sometimes we play a game. If Kim could provoke me to fuck her more then the
previous day then she won and I buy her a gift. Otherwise I win and Kim is
not allowed human speech for the next 24 hours.

We return to restaurant every few months. Kim dresses in the same clothes so
we can relieve that torrid encounter. My partner cheerfully reprises his

Now more then a year later, we're still together. No one is more surprised
then me. I'm very happy with my hot, big-breasted slave, but I'm not sure
why my prior pattern was broken.

Perhaps, It's the additional women I've acquired. Ashley and Samantha both
fell well within the traditional submissive fat-girl with big tits profile.

I've made Kim "first girl", requiring the others to obey her commands and
call her mistress. Of course my will must never be overridden regardless of
my physical presence.

Our sex varies between all the combination you could imagine from one on one
to all together. I make sure that each of my girls receives the training
required to unleash her natural "slave heat".

Once it is released, a slave needs to be serviced regularly to maintain her
health and mental well being. Considerately, I rotate through them
maintaining a schedule that the "first girl" manages.

Kim is allowed to sleep with me most often. Whoever I'm with will be woken
several times during the night. I may be caressing her nipples or pussy. She
might be taken with little warning from the front or rear or left wishing
that she was.

The other girls will sleep on the bedroom floor ready to obey any commands
either of us may give at a moment's notice.

Kim enjoys dominating them. She forced the girls to shave their vaginas
bare. It made them look much younger. They say it increased their already
exceptional sensitivity.

Kim works them so hard they are steadily losing weight. To make sure the
power I delegate is not abused I'll occasionally punish Kim by making one of
the other girls "mistress for a day". They do not hesitate to take a full
measure of revenge for any perceived mistreatment. Balance is maintained.

It seems a very pleasant and stable arrangement for everyone. The girls are
all excellent students who encourage each other's studies. One pre-med,
another pre-law, and our future accountant.

In a few years I might give up my business. I'm confident my girls will soon
be able to maintain and even improve our current life style.

I'm not sure how long it'll last, but for now I have no complaints.


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