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KIMNURS split her open plunged



My name is Mark and I'm a 21 year old, average, 6' , 175 #,

healthy male. I'm not a Mr. Universe by any stretch of the

imagination, but I have kept myself in good shape. I just spent 3

years in the Army and was home on leave while deciding whether to

re-up. I had fun in the army, but I wasn't sure that was what I

wanted for a career. Anyway, I was home having fun with my old

buddies. We had been out fishing (and drinking, of course) and

when we got back to the dock, I slipped and fell breaking an arm

and a leg. Some way to spend a leave, I thought! Was I in for a

surprise! After a couple days in the hospital, the doctors sent

me home to recover. Now with a cast on my leg and another on my

arm, I wasn't able to do much. And the only one there to help me

was my younger neighbor, Kim, since Dad & mom were away on a

business trip.

Actually, Kim is my sister's best friend. Kim is only

three years younger than me and we grew up very close like any

other neighbors. But when I left for the army, she was

just a scrawny young kid that just got in my way.

Now, Kim had blossomed into a gorgeous, long legged, eurasian

beauty that had every guy in town drooling with the thought of

her. She's only 5'4", but her legs make her look taller,

especially in these short skirts and high heels that are popular

now. She has an hour-glass figure with a wasp-like waist, great

looking boobs and a sweet tight little ass. Anyway, she turned me on!

Feeling sorry for myself, I was laying in bed sweating like crazy

because the temperature had gone into the 90's. When Kim came

into my room to see if I needed anything, I jokingly said that I

wished I could take a nice cool shower. Without another word, Kim

went to the bathroom and came back with a small bowl of water and

a washcloth. "After all that sweating, you need a bath," she

said. "This'll cool you down, too. But I don't want to get my

clothes wet." And she proceeded to strip right in front of my


When the nurse at the hospital had given me a sponge bath, it seemed so

antiseptic, and so.... well medical, that I never thought

anything of it. But this was my little neighbor.....and she wasn't

so little anymore. Kim was now one sexy chick. Her long silky

black hair fell down over the shoulders and was parted by two

beautiful large, but firm breasts topped with small dark nipples.

Her waist is unbelievably narrow and her belly flat as a board.

She had her bush trimmed in a perfect triangle at the juncture of

her long legs.

She quickly removed the last bit of modesty I had by pulling down

the sheets and taking the hospital gown off me. She smiled at me

and gave me a quick neighborly kiss on the forehead as she began

washing me around the head and shoulders. I smiled back and tried

to think brotherly thoughts, but my eyes kept drifting down to

her breasts as she leaned over me. I'd close my eyes, but every

time I opened them, those gorgeous breasts seemed to be right

where I looked. Kim appeared not to notice the effect she was

having on me, but it wasn't going to be long before it became

obvious. As her hands worked over my chest and then down my

belly, my cock began to get hard. Pointedly ignoring it, she

washed my legs and feet, all the time being gentle so as not to

hurt me. It wouldn't have mattered, I was so turned on it was a

better anethesia than pain pills.

Finally unable to stand it any longer, I caressed her saucy

little butt with my good hand and then ran my hand up to cup one

of those beautiful breasts. Without taking my hand off, she

smiled at me and began washing my cock. My thick, seven inch cock

swelled and stood straight up as she leaned over me completely

naked and tonguing my ear, whispered "I have always wanted to

make love to you, Mark!"

Our lips met, parting to allow her tongue to probe my mouth, as

she reached down caressing my balls and cock. I was rolling her

hardened nipple between my fingers and then I pulled her up so

that I could suck on her nipples while I slid my finger between

her pussy lips into her hot, wet cunt. She moaned, "Oh God that

feels so good! You have the prettiest cock......I used to peek at

you when you jacked off in the shower and when you came, I

fantasized that you were shooting into my mouth. I want to taste

your cream now."

Kim's head moved down my chest kissing and licking me as she

headed towards my hard cock. As I watched, my rock-hard cock

spread her lips and she took me all the way into her mouth. My

eyes couldn't believe it as I watched her lips, now stretched

tight, begin to work their way down to the base of my cock,

swallowing every inch of me. The suction on my cock was fantastic

as she sucked me hard and then she pulled her mouth up off my

cock, then licked it lovingly with her tongue before plunging

down to swallow me again. I've had a blowjob before, but NOTHING

like this! Her eyes sparkled as she smiled at me. She really

enjoyed eating me! It was the most beautiful sight in the whole

world, watching her pretty head bobbing up and down as her long

dark hair spread around my crotch!

Finally, she closed her eyes as she gave my cock full attention

as she fucked me with her throat, sucking on it as hard as she

could. She was literally milking me! My cum shot up my cock to

spurt into her eager mouth. She never missed a stroke as she

eagerly swallowed my load, gulping it down quickly.

Kim continued sucking me until my cock went soft. Smiling, she

said, "Mark, you taste so good! I'm going to drink your cum every

chance I get." She kissed me deeply and I could taste my own cum

in her mouth. I said to her, "Kim, you're so beautiful! I want to

make you happy too, but with a cast on my leg and my arm, I'm

afraid I can't make love to you right now but if you come up here

on the bed, you can let me eat your pussy out. You probably taste

as good as you look!"

Being careful not to hurt me, she straddled my face with her

pussy and in a '69' position, she kissed my balls and licked my

cock. When I parted her pussy lips with my tongue, I was treated

to the best tasting pussy I had ever eaten. My cock began to come

back to life as I ate her out. Her hips moved with her passion as

she quickly approached her climax. sucking my cock furiously, she

brought me and herself to simultaneous climaxes and I could hear

her muffled moans as she swallowed my second load down her sweet


I never did re-up with the Army. Once I got better, I found a job

here at home and Kim and I continue to get together. I really

care for her, but I realize she has a lot of males to choose from. Someday

she might find a guy she really likes and I'll have to play second

fiddle to him. But I know our secret trysts will always be better

for the two of us than with anyone else.

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Any and all comments, including constructive criticisms, would be appreciated.

This work is copyrighted by the author. You may download and keep a personal copy for your
own use as long as my byline and email address and this paragraph remain on the copy.
Any posting or reposting on any website or to a newsgroup requires my permission first (I'll
probably say yes). This story should not, under any circumstances be used to make a profit by
anyone other than the author.


By Dave 437

Recently, I married a beautiful Korean girl, and I soon found

out that taking care of her family was part of the deal. However,

in this case it was a pleasure. Kim is a striking beauty, soft

creamy skin, long shiny black hair, her facial features like

those of a perfect 'china doll', and her body.....Wow! And like

most oriental women, she honestly desires to please and care for me.

Before we were married, she had explained that her parents

had died in an accident some years ago, and that she took care of

her younger sister. I had never met her sister, but Kim explained

she was away at school. In my mind I had pictured a little girl

at some church boarding school, and I felt good about taking care

of her. Boy, was I in for a surprise!

After a couple of months, my not-so-blushing bride and I had

settled into a very active and regular sex life. I never tired of

making love to her absolutely stunning body and fortunately, she

was just as eager to make love with me. We were exploring each

other in new ways every day. We discarded our clothes the minute

we got inside our apartment and even ate our meals in the nude.

Then Kim announced one day that we would have to be more discreet

for awhile, as her sister would be visiting us for the summer

during school vacation.
When the doorbell rang a few days later, I was shocked to

open it and find a slightly smaller and younger carbon copy of my

lovely bride, but only a couple of years younger, about 18 years

old and dressed in tight fitting pants that molded themselves around

her perfect legs and cute little butt, and a short tight halter top

that exposed the creamy smooth skin of her flat tummy. Her bra-less

breasts were heaving against the tight halter material after having

climbed the stairs carrying her heavy suitcase. She smiled at me and

in a very soft voice said, "You must be Dave. I'm Mei." Dumbly, I nodded

and took her offered delicate hand. Recovering my wits, I mumbled,

"Nice to meet you finally, Mei. Please, come on in." My eyes never left

her body as she ran in to hug her sister. They chatted happily in

Korean as I brought her suit case inside. Kim explained part of their

conversation to me, "Dave! Mei just told me I was lucky to have found

such a handsome man!" I blushed embarrassed at the remark, but said,

"Mei, as pretty as you are, you must have lots of good looking

boyfriends." But Mei explained that sometimes being pretty made boys

afraid to ask her out because they thought she would turn them down,

so consequently, she had few boyfriends. I said the boys in her school

must really be dumb, because it would be worth the risk of being

turned down to get even a chance a date with someone as pretty and

sexy as her.

For the next week, we got to know each other, and I found her

a very friendly, pleasant, modern and intelligent girl. I also

never tired of looking at her, especially when she wore her

'string' bikini in the pool. If such a thing were possible, she

was even more sexy than Kim.

The next week was my birthday, and the two girls giggled and

laughed all day conspiring to surprise me with some gift. I was

very relaxed after dinner, and Kim took me by the hand into our

bedroom where she quickly undressed us both and then told me to

lie down on the bed so that she could give me a massage first. My

cock was already hard just looking at her firm, high breasts and

silky pussy hair, but she ignored it as she made me lie down on

my stomach and close my eyes. She began the rub down gently, but

firm, easing all the tension out of every muscle but one. She

slapped my butt, when I peeked at her beautiful body, "No peeking

yet, close your eyes!" She began concentrating on long soft

strokes up my legs and over my butt, lightly brushing against my

full balls each time. I opened my legs so she could reach them to

play with them as she liked to do, but then I felt a second pair

of soft hands curl around my balls and begin to caress my hard

cock with light strokes. I turned over and looked up to find both

my wife and her lovely sister standing nude on each side of the

bed. They said, "Happy Birthday, Dave." in unison and then,

smiling, began to fondle my balls and stroke my cock. Kim

whispered, "We couldn't help notice how you enjoyed looking at

Mei, and thought you might like to see more of her." I gasped as

Mei bent down to take my huge cock into her small delicate mouth

and begin sucking on me as she fondled my balls. Her pretty head

bobbed up and down as swallowed me deep into her throat. Kim kissed me

on the mouth, probing my tongue with hers and then reached down to cup

her sister's pretty hanging breasts in her hands, kneading them softly

and eliciting soft moans from Mei. Then I watched amazed as she

squatted between Mei's legs and began eating Mei's delicate pussy as

Mei continued to suck on my man-tool harder and taking me all the way

into her sweet throat. My balls tightened and then shot a huge load of

cum into her eagerly sucking mouth, and she gulped it down as quickly

as she could, not missing a stroke of her sucking. I felt as thought

she was trying to suck my balls into her as she pumped every last drop

of my cum out of me, my balls becoming painful from the effort. Then

she shuddered as Kim brought her to her own climax as I softened

inside her warm mouth. Kim came back up and after licking me clean of

the few drops of cum that Mei had dribbled, the two girls kissed and

exchanged my cum between their mouths.

I watched in fascination as they began fondling each other's

firm breasts, and probing each other's cunts with their fingers.

The scene, with two of the prettiest oriental girls I had ever

known kissing, fondling and sucking on each other's breasts, was

totally erotic. I began stroking my own cock as I watched them

turn around on the bed to get into a 69 position each probing

their tongues into each other's delicate pussy lips. I became

hard quickly and kneeling behind Kim, slowly pushed my hard cock

up her ass. Kim shuddered as I unloaded my cum into her hot tight

asshole and Mei sucked on my balls until I had finished spurting

into her sister.

They took me into the shower and after washing ourselves all

over, Kim gave me the final gift.....Mei was a virgin and she wanted me

to be the first to pierce her maidenhead. Mei spread her leggs wide,

and moaning softly, she guided my 7" hard tool to her tiny cunt lips. I

was swelling larger than I had ever been....she was even smaller than

her sister! My huge cock barely fit between her pussy lips as I

struggled to enter her, she was wet enough, but I couldn't get into

her without forcing. Finally, she looked into my eyes and said "DO IT!!

NOW!!!" She closed her eyes in pain as I shoved hard, and my thick cock

split her open as I plunged deep into her. For a moment I just lay on

top of her soft body, my cock held tightly by her cunt. Then she

whispered, "Fuck me....don't stop!" and I stroked my tool slowly in and

out of her. But she was so tight that I could move only slightly or

she would cry out in pain. Even though her cunt was juiced up, I was

just too big for her. Suddenly I felt my wife's mouth sucking on one

of my heavy balls and her finger plunged into my anus as I stroked in

and out of her sister. She sucked hard on my other ball and I

exploded inside of Mei. My cum filled her full and began dripping out

of her as my wife happily licked it up.

I fucked and sucked both sisters all weekend long. And they made

love to each other while I rested. Both seemed to have an insatiable

capacity for sex. I could hardly walk by Sunday evening.


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