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Kama's Training



Title: Kama's Training Author: XS Gravity (



Kama pulled away from me as I reached into my bureau for the Astroglide.
I had just licked her smooth shaved pussy into a sweet orgasm. I loved the
way she writhed against me, kicking her legs up in the air, as I gently
circled closer and closer to her clit peeking out from beneath its hood.
For such a small girl, she had an unusually large clit, and it was easy for
me to find my mark and suck it right into the tip of my mouth, flicking my
tongue back and forth until she came, lifting her bum off the bed despite
the downward pressure from my face.

I was about twice Kama's 20 years and it was agreed when we started
going out that she would obey me in bed. I outlined this in no uncertain
terms. "I need to be obeyed, completely Kama, and I promise you the
pleasure that you want." She agreed wholeheartedly and assented to the
painful punishment that would await a violation of my will.

After she came and dropped back onto the bed in bliss, I rapidly put my
plan for the evening into action. I took firm hold of her arms and flipped
her over onto her belly. Her quivering bum, cream colored, perfectly
shaped, with just enough fullness, was presented before my eyes. Kama had
been resistant to the idea of anal sex when I first brought up the subject
a few weeks back, so I had let it drop until now. She obeyed me in
post-orgasmic bliss when I told her to spread her legs, giving me an
unimpeded view of her delicious pink bung-hole and her now glistening pussy as she lifted her ass in the air, believing I would play with her from
behind. When she realized I was reaching for the lubricant, she reacted
with alarm, and pulled away. This raised my ire quite a bit, as I was
looking forward to thrusting into that virgin orifice that very evening.

I sat back on the bed, my raging hard-on sticking out in front, which
she now stared at. "Kama, love, look at me." She slowly looked up into my
eyes with that submissive look that first attracted her to me in the coffee
shop. She knew when my voice got quiet that it was time to obey without
question, but she was still early on her training and her mouth still

"No, please, I'll try."

"Trying is not good enough love. You promised to obey and you have lost
your chance to try."

I took hold of her arm and dragged her off the bed. I sat down in her
place and held her in front of me. She was quite beautiful. She stood
five foot four, with lovely Eurasian features, large almond eyes, firm,
petite body, and pretty B cup breasts that stood straight out with slightly
upturned pink nipples. A similar scene had unfolded when I first
instructed her to shave herself bare for me. It had taken only one session
across my knee with the paddle to bring her into compliance. After she
actually let me shave her for the first time, she immediately saw the
advantages of keeping herself bare, and became an enthusiastic proponent of
"keeping it clean" as she puts it, and even convinced some of her friends
of her new beliefs. This time though, I knew it would take quite a bit
more convincing . "Kama, please fetch me the paddle. I'll explain what
will happen this week." With my final words, she burst into tears. "Now
Kama, You know that resisting punishment will only make it worse. Fetch
the Corrector IMMEDIATELY!" She was stunned by the raising of my voice and
stared at me while her sobs died away. She then donned a face of
acceptance, smiled wanly, and turned to the closet where the paddle was
hung. The Corrector was a leather embossed wooden paddle, about 12 inches
long, with evenly spaced holes. It was 1/4 inch thick and left a deep red blush on exposed flesh. I liked it because though it could bruise with
repeated applications, no blood was dawn, and at worst the targeted
posterior would mostly heal by the next day. She walked over to me
quietly, cradling the instrument, while biting her lower lip.

"Now hand me the paddle," and sit on my lap while I explain your
punishment. She did as she was directed and I placed the paddle on the bed
next to us. "Kama, for disobeying my will in the bedroom, you will receive
25 swats every day for the rest of the week." Her jaw dropped open, but she
remained silent. It was now Sunday, and I planned to extend her punishment
through Friday, with her chance for redemption on Saturday. "After each
punishment session, we will thoroughly lubricate your asshole, then you
will stand in the corner until I fetch for you. Afterward, you will
relieve me with your mouth. You will not be allowed to come until next
weekend. If I even think you have played with yourself, you will get a
good dose of the riding crop. Each day you are to have the Corrector and
the Astroglide waiting for me at a location of my choosing."

I only had to use the crop once on her at the start of our relationship
when she balked at rear entry after whispering in my ear all night at a
club how much she wanted it from behind. After suspending her from an
eyelet in the ceiling with fur lined leather cuffs, and giving her a fairly
light working over her breasts, front, rear, back, and thighs, there were
never any more arguments about sexual positions and how "degrading" some
were. Doggie style became her most sought after form of fucking.

I continued, "On Saturday evening, after we enjoy a day together, you
will bathe, and present yourself for anal sex, after you have lubricated
your rear in my presence so I can instruct you properly. At that time, I
will decide if your punishment is over, and you will once again be allowed
orgasm Sunday morning. If you don't do a good job convincing me Saturday
night how enthusiastic you are about sodomy, you will receive another week
of this punishment. Now, get over my knee."

She was too shocked to do anything but comply. She got up, while I
moved to the sitting position on the edge of the bed. She draped herself
over my knees, in the position I preferred for maximal exposure. Her head
was hanging down with her hair in disarray, her bum over the crux of my
right thigh and her legs hanging down. I brought her right arm up behind
her with my left hand, which effectively locked her in position, reached
for the paddle with my right, and asked her the question I would repeat
many times over the week. "Kama why are you being punished?"

Her reply came in a trembling voice, "B...B...B...Because I said I would
obey you about sex, and now I don't want to be ass fucked." I brought the
paddle down hard right in the center of her bum. She yelped and yowled but
I kept her firmly in her place as she wriggled. I made a mental note to
work on her comportment during punishment, but for now I would let it
slide. "Thwack, Thwack, Thwack," the paddle sung as I brought a dozen hard
stinging ones peppering both of her lovely cheeks. I paused and admired
the deep crimson color of her posterior.

"Kama why are you being punished?" I repeated.

The answer now came meekly between sobs from her now prostrate and no
longer struggling form. "Because I disobeyed."

"Good love," I answered as I began to administer the last thirteen, this
time working on the tops of her thighs and the crease at the bottom of her
ass, which she found especially painful as judged by her kicking and trying
to climb off my lap. Yes, comportment would be our next little project
together, but not this week. I did not like to mix my messages.

I put down the paddle, and reached for the lubricant. Her cheeks
yielded easily to my parting fingers as I instructed her to spread her legs
wider. I slowly and deliberately worked the Astroglide around her puckered
pink hole, then eased my index finger inside, met at first by a little
resistance which gave way to acceptance of my incessant probing. After
about ten minutes of my onslaught, she began moaning gently. I released
her arm with my left hand, and reached over and tweaked her nipples a few
times which I found rock hard. She moaned even louder and began pushing
her smoothly shaved cunt against my thigh, but I brought my bare hand down
hard on her bum, and she froze in place. She was quite the sight, her pink
virgin asshole glistening and her bum and thighs a deep shade of punishment
red. I wanted to stare at her for a bit longer, but I pushed her up into a
standing position and had her face me once more, looking like an errant
child as her hands cupped her bottom.

"Kama why were you punished?"

"Because I disobeyed."

I smiled at her and she smiled back between the tears now freely
flowing. I got up, and marched her over to the dining room and I stood her
in the corner while her tears dripped on the hardwood floor. I let her
stay there for about an hour while I did some work. I then guided her into
the living room, where I pushed her over the arm of the leather chair, and
massaged aloe into her bum. She breathed a sigh of some relief. I stood
her up in front of me and I settled down in the leather chair. I looked up
at her and said "Do a good job!" She immediately sank to her knees and
preceded to devour my shaft, licking me hungrily up and down my now
restored hard-on. I was lucky that fellatio never seemed much of an issue
for her. She took to it right away without any painful encouragement. The
thought of her plight for the next week sent my mind reeling and I shot my
wad deep into her deep throat. After recovering my breath, we went into
the bedroom where she fell asleep snuggled up next to me. I told her to
have the straight backed punishment chair, paddle, and lubricant waiting
for me in the kitchen when I got home the next day.

The next day when I came home, Kama was already home from school. I
smelled chicken from the kitchen, and came in to see that she had been
cooking up a storm. She had worn her sexiest miniskirt and top which
really showed off her legs and cleavage. I also noted that none of my
other instructions had been carried out. She turned to me brightly when
she came in, "I wanted to apologize for my behavior yesterday. It won't
happen again." I came up to her and kissed her. We both sat down to eat
her delicious meal. I was enjoying myself doubly for the treat that would
come after. It broke my heart to have to be strict with her, but I knew in
the end it would be best for us all. I excused myself for a moment to set
up my office which doubled as the punishment room. I quickly screwed the
eyehooks and pulley system into the ceiling and returned to the table.
After the meal I complemented Kama on her cooking and brought her onto my

"Kama, didn't you forget something?"

"I...I...I...thought if I apologized it would be OK."

"I appreciate the apology," I answered, "but your punishment has already
been outlined, and you've disobeyed me once again by not having everything
ready. A nice dinner won't get you out of it. I'm afraid we'll have to
make a strong point with you tonight. Now get the wrist cuffs." Her eyes
widened when I uttered those final words because she knew it meant she
would get cropped.

"Noooo. Pleeeeeeeeese." She whined and ran into the bedroom and locked
the door. I knew this was going to be a test of wills. I ran after her.

"Kama. You will submit, or you can leave this house now and go back to
the dorms."

A silence ensued and I heard my closet opening, and then she unlocked
the door. I walked in and saw her holding the wrist cuffs out in front of
her crying. "There, there." I went and hugged her. "By tomorrow this will
have been a bad memory, and you will have learned your lesson very well
indeed." With that I quickly pulled her skirt off and then her top, and
fastened her wrists securely in the padded cuffs. I pulled her into the
punishment room where she saw the apparatus and the riding crop laid out.
She lost her nerve and tried to slip out from under my arms, but I was too
quick for her, and slapped her hard on her panty clad bottom, grabbed one
arm and then the next, fastening them to the thin nylon ropes and hooks. I
proceeded to pull on the ropes which lifted her and stretched her beautiful
body taught until she was standing on the balls of her feet. I found this
position perfect for the helplessness it engendered, but left part of her
weight distributed on the ground. I approached her and she was now sobbing

"Kama, you have misbehaved and disobeyed and tried to trick me into
forgetting your punishment." I held her chin so she was gazing into my

Her sobbing quieted and she repeated, "Please, I'll obey. Please!"

I then slowly pulled down her panties and let them lay in a heap at her
feet. "Kama, love. I'm going to put this ball gag in your mouth now,
because I have grown tired of your whining tonight." I fastened it in place
and made sure she could breath. I then went and retrieved the Corrector
from the bedroom closet. She blinked her eyes through her tears as I told
her that I hadn't forgotten about the original punishment.

"Kama, will you obey from now on?" She nodded her assent wildly, as I
stepped to her side and applied the paddle swiftly to her helpless bum.
THWACK, THWACK, THWACK, THWACK. She strained at her bonds and let out a
high pitched whimper as I continued administering the 25 without letup. I
concentrated on the meat of her bottom, but threw a few to the tops of her
thighs. When I stopped at 25, her once pink globes were now an angry red.

I put down the paddle, and asked again if she would obey. She nodded
enthusiastically as I retrieved the lubricant and began massaging it around
and into her anus. She moaned through her bonds. "You see Kama, if you
had obeyed me, it would have been over now except for standing in the
corner. Now onto the crop." She whimpered again in sadness as I withdrew
my finger, wiped it on her bum cheeks, and went around the front. I
tweaked and squeezed her nipples, then moved my hand to her glistening
slit. I could smell her sex, and dipped a finger in, feeling her sweet
wetness. "What a shame Kama. You are so wet, and you will not come until
Sunday, if you are good. Now you haven't played with yourself, have you?"
She shook her head in fear. I knew she didn't like masturbating, so I
decided to believe her.

"OK love, since this is only your second time with the crop, I'll let it
sting, but you won't be hurt too badly." I went and got the crop lying on
the guest bed, and I approached her now trembling form. I slowly ran the
leather end of the crop over her front, up to her nipples, then over her
shoulder, and down her back to her bum.

"Kama, will you behave from now on?" She shook her head up and down
emphatically. I brought the crop down hard on her posterior which made her
scream under the ball gag. I continued working over her bottom,
criss-crossing up her back, then down her thighs. I concentrated
especially on the tops of her thighs which I knew were tender. The crop
raised lovely red marks, almost, but not quite, welts. I stopped after I
was satisfied with my handiwork. I instructed her to look up at me and
asked her again about behaving and obeying. She nodded very
enthusiastically this time. I flicked the crop against her breasts and
nipples which caused her to scream through her ball gag again, and try to
twist away but I moved with her, cropping down her belly, over her shaved
slit, then over each thigh, which caused her to moan with pain.

"Kama, your punishment is not quite over yet." She looked at me tears
with dismay through her as I rummaged through the closet for the extra
hardware. She breathed more rapidly as I approached her with the ankle
bracelets and attached them. She still did not realize what would happen
to her. I ran more rope through other eyehooks I had attached to the
ceiling, then attached them to the ankle cuffs. I then pulled on the ropes
which lifted her legs straight out and up, nearly to her head, as well as
spread them quite far apart, providing me with a lovely view of her bare
cunt, perineum, and glistening anus. She must have thought up until then
she would get fucked in this position, because she started screaming in
surprise when I reached for the crop and stood before her. She tried to
escape her restraints, but she was quite helpless. I brought the crop down
hard on the inside of one thigh then the other. "Kama, that is only a
taste of what will happen if you disobey again." She looked pleadingly at
me as I brought the crop down hard right on her cunt, and she made more
painful moaning sounds. "Kama, will you obey from now on with your
punishment?" She nodded her head in assent wildly, and I knew she had
learned her lesson well. I untied her from her restraints, and walked her
now defeated body over to the corner, where I made her stand for about 30
minutes. I then took her over to the chair in the kitchen. I sat down,
while she kneeled before me and devoured my cock once again into a
mind-blowing orgasm. I then had her fetch the aloe which I smoothed into
all her punishment areas. She fell asleep on the guest bed in my arms.

For the next 4 days, the punishment chair, paddle, and lubricant were
waiting in the specified places when I got home. After dinner she would
appear in panties only and lead me to the expected punishment location.
Instead of tensing her buttocks like she usually does during a spanking or
paddling, I noted her posterior was quite relaxed, accepting of my
ministrations. While fingering her anus to now louder moans, I told her
how pleased I was with her compliance and that I would expect her bum to
remain just as soft and yielding when I would be fucking her that way on
Saturday. She moaned and said that she was mine to do as I pleased.

On Saturday, we enjoyed a beautiful day walking around downtown, window
shopping and playing in the park. We ate lunch and dinner out. Kama was
repeatedly nuzzling up against me and looking lovingly at me. When we
finally got home, I had her run a bath. While she was in the bathroom, I
prepared the bedroom, then joined her in the bath. We soaped each others
bodies, and I spent much time soaping and slipping a finger in her rectum,
which yielded quite readily to me. We toweled each other off, and I led
her out of the master bathroom into the bedroom.

She looked to the right and saw a straight backed wooden chair with The
Corrector sitting on it. To the left was the bed with the Astroglide.
"The choice is your darling," I said. She did not even hesitate as she
walked over to the bed, and opened the lubricant, squeezing a generous
amount on her fingers, then bending over the bed, and slowly working it
into her bung hole as I had instructed her over so many punishment sessions
this week.

"Let me know if I am doing it right," she said.

"You are doing very well," I answered.

When she finished she looked at me with a sparkle in her eye.

"How do you want me?"

"That is just fine, like that." I approached her with my rock hard
member now ensheathed in a condom. I adjusted her position to my liking as
my cock head gently pressed on her pink anal opening, which I knew would
now be mine completely. As I slowly pushed my way in, I encountered a
little resistance, which gave way in sweet tightness as I entered her
completely and she let out a long low squeal. I gently, then with
increasing force moved in and out of her. After about 5 minutes she began
to wriggle her pink bottom in response and though I had admonished her not
to come, she became totally lost in a wild anal orgasm. By then, I was too
pleased with her to care about this minor failing. I exploded in her with
a load roar with shook the walls and we both collapsed in exhaustion. We
fell asleep curled against each other.

The next morning, we cleaned ourselves off, and she led me back to bed.
First I gave her a hard hand spanking for coming before I had given her
permission. "Your punishment is now over, Kama. I hope you have learned
well." She nodded in enthusiastic surrender. "You may now have you fun," I

After our all morning lovemaking in which she reviewed essentially
everything she had learned in the last months, she sucked me hard one more
time. With a mischievous look, she reached for the Astroglide. "My poor
bung hole hasn't gotten any attention since last night," she said with a


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