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Kathy Learns The Next Day



This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property of the
author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly prohibited without
the express written permission of the author. ©2003 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity to
persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex between
family members. It is intended for adults only. If you are offended
by material of this nature, are under the legal age in your location
to read this material, or it is illegal for you to possess this
material, go no further.

The author may be contacted at

Kathy Learns - The Next Day
By: Dark Vision
Chapter 1

Kathy woke up Sunday morning and glanced across the room at her
little sister Mandy, who was still sound asleep. Kathy got out of
bed, went out of her room and down the hall to the bathroom. After
she was finished, she started downstairs, but decided to look in on
her brother.

Mike was lying on his back with the covers kicked off his body.
Kathy looked down at his crotch and noticed his penis was erect and
poking out of the fly of the boxers he had worn to sleep in. Slowly,
she slipped into his room, moved next to the bed and stared down at
her sleeping brother. As she watched him sleep, she put her hand
between her legs and began to rub herself, noting she was a little
tender from the night before.

Kathy thought about the experiences of the previous day and began to
grin. Moving as carefully as she could, she leaned over and touched
Mike's erection with the tip of her tongue. When his penis jumped,
she pulled back slightly and looked at his face to be sure he was
still sleeping. Once she was confident she hadn't wakened him, she
again licked his member. Getting braver, she took the bulbous head
between her lips and coated the end with her saliva. She took a
couple of inches of his hard shaft into her mouth and then pulled
back until only the head was against her lips.

Mike let out a groan as his sister lowered her mouth again and
rubbed the underside with her tongue. Glancing up, Kathy saw her
brother open his eyes and look down at the source of the pleasure.
When she winked at him, he grinned and lowered his head back to the
pillow. Kathy climbed onto his bed, moved between his legs and began
to move her mouth over the length of his rigid shaft.

Rising up on his elbows, he stared down at his sister and watched
his cock being covered and then exposed by her mouth. From his angle
he could gaze into her gaping pajama top and see her firm breasts.

"If you keep that up I'm going to cum Kathy."

"Mmmm," she moaned around his cock and began to increase the speed
of her head as she moved her lips further down on him. She reached
between his legs, cupped his testicles, and gently rolled the orbs in
the palm of her hand.

Mike started to push up into her mouth and groan. Kathy felt his
cock swell in her mouth and his hot cum splatter against the roof of
her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could as jet after jet of
semen surged through her brother's cock and into her sucking mouth.
When his ejaculation reduced to a dribble, she held him in her mouth
and stroked him with her tongue.

Lifting her head, Mike's still firm penis pulled free of her lips
with a "pop." She wrapped her fingers around his slick member and
stroked it as she smiled at him.

"Good morning," she giggled as she licked her lips.

"Wow sis, that was great. What made you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Suck my cock silly, what do you think?"

"Oh I don't know Mike. I just stopped in here to see if you were up
yet and when I saw your hard cock I just couldn't resist. You didn't
mind did you?"

"Hell no!" He said, sitting up and reaching for his sister. "You
can wake me up like that anytime you want to."

Mike pulled Kathy next to him and slipped his hand under her pajama
top. He covered one of her breasts and massaged it, flicking at her
nipple with his fingertip. He felt the small nipple respond to his
finger and began to roll it firmly. Kathy gripped the hem of her top
and pulled it over her head, exposing her breasts to him. Mike
pulled her down, took one of the orange size mounds into his mouth,
and sucked it.

When Mike heard his youngest sister say, "What are you guys doing?"
He let Kathy's breast out of his mouth and looked around her.

"We're just fooling around Mandy," Kathy said as she looked over her
shoulder at her sister standing in the doorway.

Mandy walked across the room, crawled onto the bed and took Mike's
penis into her hand. She began to pump her fist up and down the
hardening shaft and giggled.

"Do you care if I fool around too?" Mandy asked.

"The more the merrier," Mike said. "I don't mind if Kathy doesn't."

Kathy threw her leg over her brother's lap, pushed him onto his back
and pushed her breast towards his mouth. He took the firm globe back
into his mouth and poked at her nipple with his tongue. Mike moaned
around Kathy's breast as Mandy took his penis into her mouth and
began to bob her head over the length.

Kneeling over her brother with her breast in his mouth, Kathy also
groaned when she felt her little sister slid her hand into the leg
opening of her short pajama bottoms and touch her labia. Mandy slid
her finger between the wet folds and into her opening as Kathy
wiggled her bottom at her. Lifting her body, Kathy glanced between
her and her brother's bodies to see the top of Mandy's head moving up
and down as she sucked his cock. She gripped Mike's hair with both
hands and pressed her other breast into his mouth.

Mandy moved her finger from the depths of Kathy's vagina to her
clitoris and back as she continued to move her mouth over her
brother's penis. Kathy pushed back at her probing finger each time
she felt it enter her and groaned as she felt her stomach muscles
begin to quiver. Just when Kathy was at the brink of her climax, she
felt Mandy's fingers leave her pussy and press against her anus.

"Don't!" Kathy protested, but it was too late. She felt the
younger girl's finger enter her tight bottom and slide past her
sphincter into her rectum. Kathy cried out at the intrusion, but
Mandy did not remove the digit from her bowels. She felt her
sister's thumb against her clit and began to relax, deciding the
discomfort wasn't as unbearable as she first thought it was.

"Mike, rub my pussy," Kathy said as she began to rock her body
against her sister's finger.

Mike moved one hand between her legs, slipped it into her pajama
bottoms and down to her opening. He pushed two fingers into her and
felt Mandy's digit through the thin membrane that separated Kathy's
bowels from her vagina. Mike soon developed a rhythm, pulling back
as Mandy pushed in. His youngest sister still had his throbbing
penis firmly between her lips and was beginning to increase the speed
of her movements.

Kathy moved her breasts over Mike's face and screamed out in lust as
her orgasm began to rip though her body. Mike also was at the peak
of his pleasure and bounced his hips off the bed, driving his hard-on
into Mandy's mouth. His testicles tightened and his penis erupted
into his sister's mouth as Kathy's vagina began to spasm around his
fingers. She gripped her sister's finger with her anus and collapsed
forward, pulling away from the fingers that were embedded in her two
lower openings.

Rolling off Mike and onto her side, Kathy watched Mandy's throat as
she swallowed her brother's cum. When Mike was spent, Mandy let his
flaccid penis fall out of her mouth onto his thigh and sat back on
her haunches. Without saying a word, Mandy stood up on the bed,
pulled her nightgown over her head and removed her white cotton
panties. She walked forward, one foot on either side of her
exhausted brother, and lowered her crotch onto his upturned face.

Kathy looked into her sister's wide-open eyes and saw they were
glassy. She watched the naked teen begin to slowly rock her vulva
over Mike's open mouth and rub her own breasts, much like the girl in
the video she watched the day before. Wanting to help her sister attain the wonderful pleasure she had just encountered, Kathy rose to
her knees, took one of Mandy's small breasts into her mouth and began
to suckle it.

"Finger me," Mandy instructed her brother. "Put your finger in my
kitty and suck it at the same time."

Mike inserted a finger into Mandy's vagina and pushed it in until he
felt the resistance of her hymen. Mandy let out a yelp as his finger
bumped into the membrane that guarded her virginity and ground her
hips into his face. Mike pulled back slightly and moved in and out
of her tight tunnel, avoiding her cherry.

"Push your finger in deeper Mike," Mandy begged. "Break my cherry!"

Kathy removed her mouth from Mandy's breast and reached for her
brother's hand. "Don't Mike," she said. "Don't do it with your
finger. Someday a guy will break it with his cock."

Mandy leaned forward and Kathy replaced Mikes finger with her own.
Being careful not to go too deep, she pumped her finger in and out of
Mandy's vagina as Mike sucked her hardened clit. Remembering the
sensation, Kathy pulled her finger out of Mandy's vagina and pushed
it against her anus. Mandy moaned as her sister's finger slid into
her bottom and began to move in and out of the tight cavity.

Suddenly, Mandy's body tightened and her juices flowed onto her
brother's chin. She yelled out and wiggled her bottom against
Kathy's finger and her clit against her brother's mouth. After
several minutes of bliss, Mandy moved away from her brother and
reached for Kathy's wrist to pull her hand away. Totally exhausted,
Mandy stretched out on Mike's bed and gasped for breath.

Kathy lay on the other side of her brother and draped her arm over
his chest. The three sweat covered siblings remained quiet as they
lay together until the tranquil setting was disrupted by the

Scrambling over her brother, Kathy ran downstairs to answer the
ringing telephone. She picked up the handset just before the
answering machine answered and said, "Hello."

Kathy talked with her mom for a few minutes and assured her that
everything was okay. Her mom said that her grandmother was still not
feeling well and that her and her dad would have to stay for most of
the day. After telling Kathy not to fight with her brother and make
sure the house stayed clean, she hung up.

Kathy went back up to her brother's room and told the two what their
mother had said. When she saw that Mike was staring at her, Kathy
realized she was still topless.

"I need a shower," Kathy said as she reached across her brother's
bed and picked up her top.

"Me too," Mike giggled and jumped to his feet, remembering the
shower he and Kathy shared the day before.

When Mandy realized what was going on, she jumped up, grabbed her
nightgown and panties, and then followed her brother and sister into
the bathroom. All three of them climbed into the tub and showered
together, playing in the spray until the water turned cold. They got
out, dried off, and went to their rooms to get dressed.

"You two did it, didn't you," Mandy said as she pulled a pair of
flowered panties out of her drawer.

"Did what?" Kathy replied cutting the tags off the new black
panties and bra her mom had bought her.

"You and Mike fucked last night didn't you? You let him take your
cherry after I fell asleep."

Kathy shrugged her naked shoulders as she stepped into the bikini
panties and pulled them over her hips. She put her arms through the
straps of her new bra, hooked it and adjusted the tiny slide buckles
to snug the shoulder straps.

"What was it like Kathy" Did it hurt? Did you like it? Are you
going to do it again? Are you going to let Eddy fuck you?"

"Whoa," Kathy said, sitting on her bed in her new underwear. "Slow
down a little. It was okay Mandy, and yes, it did hurt…at first.
Then if felt really good. I don't know if I will do it with Mike
again, after all, he's our brother and that's incest. As far as Eddy
goes, I don't know."

Mandy went over to Kathy's dresser and pulled one of her old training bras out of the drawer. She held it up and said, "Can I
have this?"

Kathy smiled and nodded. "Sure Mandy, there are several more in
there you can have too."

Mandy pulled the white training bra over her head, twisted it into
place and looked at herself in the mirror. She put her hands under
her budding breasts and pushed them up noting how they looked cloaked
in the thin Lycra material. Removing her hands, she pushed her
shoulders back and her chest out, trying to make her boobs look

"Aren't you afraid of getting pregnant?"

"No Mandy, we used a condom so I wouldn't."

"Where did you get condoms?"

"Mike got them from somewhere, I'm not really sure. You don't need
to think about things like that though, you're way too young."

"What do you mean too young? You're only fifteen."

"I'll be sixteen in a few weeks, you're only thirteen, and that's
too young."

Mandy pulled a tee shirt over her head and stepped into a pair of
shorts. She thought for a moment and then said, "I have a pussy and
my period, and I'm not too young!"

Kathy stood up, took her sister into her arms, and hugged her.
"Mandy, don't rush it. You have already done more than I have and
you've actually taught me a few things. I know that you want to know
what it feels like, but I think you should wait."

"I don't want to wait," Mandy said, her eyes filling with tears. "I
want to known what it's like to have a cock in my pussy and really

"I know," Kathy said as she stroked the back of her sister's head.
"Please promise me you'll wait though. You have a lot of time and
there's no sense in rushing into anything as important as this."

Mandy circled her sister's waist with her arms and held her tight.
"I don't know if I can wait, at least not as long as you did."

"To tell you the truth, I wish I would have waited," Kathy lied. "I
wish I didn't do it last night."

"Really? Why?"

"I thought it would have been something special, but it just
happened and it was over too fast."

Mandy looked into her sister's eyes and smiled. "Maybe you're right
Kathy, maybe I should wait."

After a long pause, Mandy continued. "When I'm ready, I'll tell you
and maybe you can give me some pointers…okay."

"Sure sis, not that I know that much about it."

The two sisters broke their embrace. Kathy put on a miniskirt and a
tank top and then the two of them went downstairs to the kitchen.
Mike was sitting at the table eating a bowl of cereal and drinking
orange juice. The girls fixed their breakfast, joined him, and began
to talk about what they were going to do that day.

"I'm going to go over to Suzie's house," Mandy announced, getting up
and taking her bowl and glass to the sink. "Her brother had to go
somewhere with her dad so we're going to play together."

"What are you going to do Mike?" Kathy asked.

"I'm meeting Ted at the park, we're going to play some ball," he
replied. "Do you have any plans? What time will mom and dad be

"I'm going to give Megan a call and see if she wants to hang out,"
Kathy said. "I don't know what time mom and dad will be home, I'm
supposed to call them and let them know what's going on."

"I'll be across the street at Suzie's house if you want me," Mandy
said as she headed for the door, adding. "Don't do anything I
wouldn't do."

Mike glanced at Kathy as their younger sister left for her friends.
"What the hell did that mean?"

"She knows what we did last night Mike. She asked me when we were
getting dresses and I told her."

"Are you nuts Kathy? What if she tells mom and dad? They'll kill
us if they know we fucked."

"She isn't going to say anything Mike. Think about it. She has
been playing with you and giving you blowjobs. The thing that
worries me is that she wants to do it too."

"Mandy wants to fuck! She's way too young."

"That's what I told her, but the day before yesterday I thought I
was too young."

"Do you still think that you're too young?" Mike said with a big

Kathy smiled at her brother and shook her head no. She got up, went
over to him and sat on his lap facing him, her legs on the sides of
his. Placing her hand behind his head, she pulled his mouth to hers
and kissed him, parting her lips and extending her tongue. Mike put
his hands on her thighs, slid them under her skirt, and gripped her
bottom. He rubbed his hands over the silky material of her new black
panties as he returned her kiss.

After breaking the passionate kiss, Kathy looked into his eyes and
said, "Does that answer your question?"

Mike grinned and nodded his head.

"I can't wait until we can do it again. I want your cock in me and
to feel you cum. I just wish we didn't have to use those condoms, it
feels so much better with out one."

"I wish we didn't have to use rubbers either, but we can't run the
risk of you getting knocked up."

"I need to figure out a way to get on the pill, then we wouldn't
have to worry. Then we could fuck whenever we wanted to."

They kissed again and then Kathy slid off his lap. She glanced
down, saw the lump in shorts and giggled. Reaching into his lap, she
rubbed the bulge and asked, "Are you always hard?"

"Only when I'm around a hot girl like you sis."

Kathy giggled again and went to the telephone to call her mom at the
hospital. After telling her everyone's plans for the day and finding
out when they expected to be home, she hung up.

"Mom said that she isn't sure when they will be home Mike, we're
supposed to call her at four o'clock."

Mike said, "Okay, I'll meet you back here at three thirty and we can
call them. I'm going to head over to Ted's and then to the park."

Chapter 2

Mike left and Kathy called Megan. She talked with her for a few
minutes and they agreed to meet at the ice-cream store, about half
way between them. Megan asked Kathy what she was wearing and she
told her friend that she had a miniskirt and a tank top on. Megan
said goodbye and they hung up.

Kathy took her key and some money from her purse and slipped it into
the pocket of her denim skirt. She closed up the house, left and
went over to Suzie's to tell Mandy about the phone call to their mom.
She talked with Suzie's mom and explained what was going on and she
said it would be okay for Mandy to spend the day there. Kathy left
and headed out to meet her friend, bouncing along in the warm spring

When Kathy arrived at the ice-cream store, Megan was sitting outside
on one of the benches drinking a soda. She picked up a paper cup
that was next to her and held it out to Kathy.

"I bought you a Coke Kath," Megan said.

"Thanks Megan, I'm thirsty."

Kathy sat down next to her friend and sucked some of the cold liquid
through the straw that was stuck in the plastic lid of the drink.
She glanced at Megan's outfit and put her cup on the bench beside
her. The two girls talked about several different things until Kathy
finally asked Megan about the night in the car after the dance.

"Was that the first time you gave a boy a blowjob Megan?" Kathy
said shocking her friend and causing her to choke on her soda.

"That was the first time I gave Phil one," Megan said with a grin.

"So it wasn't your first."

Megan shook her head no and continued to smile.

"Who was the first boy you did it to then? How many times have you
done it?"

"I've only done it a few times Kath, as for the other boy, I can't
really tell you."

"Why not Megan, I'll never tell anyone. It was only one other boy?"

"Yes, up until Phil there was only one other guy, but I promised
that I would never tell a soul."

The two girls got up and began to walk down the street not going to
anyplace in particular. Kathy relentlessly questioned Megan about
her first experience with oral sex and who her partner was.

Megan stopped walking and turned to Kathy. She looked her in the
eyes and said, "You have to promise that you will never tell anyone

"I won't, I promise. Who was it?"

"It was Danny."

Kathy broke out in laughter and put her arm around Megan's shoulders
to steady herself. When she was finally able to regain control, she
said, "Your brother? You gave your brother a blowjob?"

Megan nodded her head and looked down at her feet.

"Don't laugh at me Kath, I know it's sick."

"No, I don't think it's sick at all. I'm laughing because I did the
same thing."

Megan looked up at her and said, "You gave Danny a blowjob?"

"Not Danny, Mike! I gave Mike one yesterday, my first, but not my

"No shit, you sucked your brother's cock too, that's so cool."

"Tell me what happened Megan."

"Well, as you know I have been going out with Phil for a while now
and things were starting to get pretty hot between us. When I told
you I only rubbed him through his pants, I wasn't telling the truth.
I played with him a couple of times and made him cum with my hand."

"How far did you let him get with you?"

"I let him finger me a couple of times, but he wanted to fuck and I
wouldn't let him. I asked my brother how to keep Phil happy without
going all the way and he told me to just jack him off. When I told
Danny I already did that he said that a blowjob was almost as good as

The two girls turned a corner and continued to walk along as Megan
told her story.

"So anyway," Megan said. "I told my brother that I didn't know how
to do it and he offered to teach me. We went out behind the garage
and I learned how."

"Wow that's hot. Do you like it?"

"I didn't at first, but Danny told me that it would take some
getting use to. So for the next couple of weeks, we did it every
chance we got. Now I like the taste and the feeling of having a cock
in my mouth. What happened with you and Mike?"

Kathy related the story about what happened after the dance and the
next morning. She told her about playing with her sister and her
brother, but left out the part about making love to him. Just as she
finished, the girls walked into the park. They went over to a picnic
table and sat on the top with their feet on the bench.

"Kathy, I can't believe you licked another girl's pussy or let your
sister lick yours. Are you turning into a lesbian or something?"

"Have you ever had your pussy licked Megan?"

"No, but I have heard about it. Maybe I should ask Phil to do it to
me, or Danny."

"It is the most wonderful thing I have ever felt, when Mike ate me,
I came so hard I thought I was going to faint. I not gay or anything
Megan, I still like guys better, but it wasn't all that bad doing it
to Mandy, or having her do it to me."

Kathy noticed that Megan was pressing her thighs together and then
slightly apart. She smiled and said, "Is talking about it turning
you on?"

Megan nodded and turned red. She glanced around the park to be sure
no one was near them and listening to their conversation.

Kathy finished her soda and got up from the table. She walked over
to a trashcan and tossed the empty cup in.

"I have to take a pee Megan, let's go to the restrooms"

Megan tossed her cup into the trash and walked next to Kathy as they
made their way across the park to the small brick building that
contained the bathrooms. They went it to the ladies room and Kathy
went into one of the two stalls. When she was finished, she washed
her hands and pushed the button on the dryer.

"Don't you have to go?" Kathy asked as she rubbed her hands under
the warm air.

"Maybe I should," Megan replied and went into a stall.

Kathy waited until she heard the toilet flush and opened the door of
the stall. Megan was in the process of pulling her panties up when
Kathy stepped in.

"What are you doing?" Megan said a little startled.

Kathy looked into her eyes and grinned. She put her hands on
Megan's breasts and began to massage them through her tee shirt.
Megan froze and looked dumbfounded as her friend gently rubbed her
breasts. Part of her wanted to put a stop to it, part of her wanted
to let it continue.

"Does that feel good Megan? Do you like to have your boobs rubbed?
You have really nice ones, bigger than mine."

Megan could feel her crotch begin to tingle as Kathy moved her hands
over her mounds. It was much nicer than when Phil played with her
breasts, much gentler. When Kathy rubbed her thumbs over her
nipples, Megan let out a soft moan. Even through the material of her
lightly padded bra, she could feel the pressure of Kathy's thumbs.
Kathy used one hand to pull the tee shirt out of the waistband of
Megan's skirt as she kept her other hand on her breast. Once the
shirt was free, Kathy lifted it up and over her friend's breasts.

"I know you like this Megan," Kathy said softly. "I can tell by how
hard your nipples are getting. Do you want me to stop?"

Megan stood with her hands hanging limply at her sides and shook her
head no. Kathy reached behind her, unfastened her bra and pushed it
up to expose her excited flesh. She took both of Megan's nipples
between her thumbs and forefingers and rolled the rigid nubs. Megan
closed her eyes and began to waver as her knees weakened.

Leaning down, Kathy ran her tongue over one of her nipples and then
sucked it between her lips. She tapped at the nipple with the tip of
her tongue and moved her free hand down to the hem of Megan's skirt.
She rubbed along the inside of the girl's thigh, coming closer and
closer to her sex. Kathy could feel the heat between Megan's legs
and the dampness when her fingers touched the gusset of her panties.

Megan pushed her legs together and kept Kathy's hand from moving.
Kathy increased the suction on her breast and toyed with the other
one with her fingers. After a few seconds, Megan relaxed her legs
and Kathy began to rub her vulva. She hooked her finger into the leg
opening of her panties and found Megan's clitoris. The moment Kathy
touched the hooded nub, Megan grabbed the back of her head and pulled
it into her chest.

"Oh Kathy, you're going to make me cum," Megan groaned as Kathy
continued to play with her.

Kathy moved her mouth from one breast to the other, sucking on
Megan's nipples. Megan had both of her hands on Kathy's head,
guiding her back and forth between the two mounds. When Kathy
slipped her finger into Megan and began to wiggle it, she felt her
friends heated vagina begin to spasm. Feeling Megan begin to waver,
Kathy put her hand behind her back to hold her up. Megan groaned and
humped her hips into Kathy's hand as her orgasm rippled through her.

Once Megan's spasms stopped, Kathy released her breast and removed
her hand from her crotch. She put her arms around Megan and held her
until she was steady again. When she straightened up, Kathy fastened
Megan's bra and helped her tuck her shirt back into her skirt. While
Megan was fixing her clothing, she watched Kathy bring the finger
that was in her vagina to her nose and breath in. Megan gasped in
shock when Kathy put the finger into her mouth and sucked it.

"Mmmm, you're tasty Megan, I would love to lick you pussy."

Megan shook her head from side to side as she watched Kathy put her
finger back into her mouth. She remained motionless when Kathy
pulled up her skirt, pushed her hand intro her own panties and moved
her finger into her opening. After a few seconds, Kathy pulled her
hand out of her panties, let her skirt fall and offered her finger to
Megan. The girl turned her head away and Kathy waved the slick
finger near her nose, but slowly looked back.

"Go ahead Megan, try it. I promise it won't hurt you, you may even
like it."

Still in a state of shock from the things that had just happened,
Megan took Kathy's wrist and pulled her hand to her face. She
breathed in through her nose, smelling the musky fragrance of Kathy's
vaginal fluids. Opening her mouth, Megan allowed Kathy to put the
finger on her tongue. She closed her lips around it and swirled her
tongue over the digit, tasting Kathy's sexual secretions.

"You see," Kathy said as Megan sucked her finger. "It isn't all
that bad."

Megan opened her mouth and said, "No, it isn't."

Flushed and still tingling, the girls left the bathroom and walked
back to the picnic bench. They sat down, this time a little closer
to one another and looked out across the grassy field towards the
baseball diamonds.

"Well," Kathy said, fighting the urge to giggle. "Do you feel like
a lesbian?"

Megan shook her head no.

"Good, next time you get to do me."

Megan giggled, nodded her head, and said, "Okay."

Kathy pointed across the park and said, "That looks like Mike and
his friends, want to go over and see them?"

"Sure," Megan said.

The girls got up and started to walk over to the baseball diamonds.
Megan glanced behind them to be sure no one was watching, slipped her
hand under Kathy's skirt and patted her bottom.

"You have a really nice ass," Megan said. "For a girl."

Kathy bumped her shoulder into Megan's and said, "Why, you want my

"Maybe, if you'll let me."

The two girls laughed and walked up to the bleachers along the first
base line. They climbed up to the forth tier and sat down to watch
the boys play. When Mike saw his sister, he waved at her. Kathy and
Megan waved back and watched the game.

"You know," Kathy said. "If we aren't careful, the boys could see
up our skirts."

Megan nodded and began to giggle when she saw Kathy part her knees
slightly. She watched as the boys glanced over at them, doing double
takes when they noticed Kathy.

"You are so bad Kathy, you're going to give those poor guys hard-
ons, and they won't be able to play ball."

"So, I don't care. Do you think Ted is cute?"

Megan looked across the field at the boy Kathy was referring to and
nodded. "Yeah, he's kind of cute, but I think your bother is really
hot. He has such a great bod."

"What about Phil? Aren't you going with him?"

"Kind of, but it doesn't mean I can't look. He stares at every girl that walks by. Besides, I thought you liked Eddy. Why are you
looking at Ted?"

"Oh, you mean quick draw. I'm still mad at him for leaving me high
and dry after the dance. He got off and then didn't have the
courtesy to return the favor. Maybe Ted isn't so selfish."

Megan giggled and said, "Even if he didn't get you off, you can
always go home to your brother. I bet he would be willing to help

"You brat," Kathy said as she smacked Megan on the arm. "Look who's

The girls watched the boys finish their game and begin to pick up
their things. Ted and Mike walked over to where the two girls were
sitting, jumped up on the bleachers and leaned back against the rail
along the first row.

"Did you win or lose Mike?" Kathy asked her brother.

"We won, ten to seven, it was a pretty good game. What are you two
up to?" Mike said.

"Not too much, just sort of hanging around. You know Megan don't
you guys?"

"I've seen her around school," Ted said. "Hi Megan, I'm Ted."

Megan smiled at Ted, but her real interest was in Mike. When Mike
smiled at her she felt her cheeks warm.

"Hi Megan," Mike said. "I haven't seen you over at the house in
quite a while. What have you been doing?

Megan shrugged her shoulders and said, "Not much, how about you?"

The four teens made small talk, chatting about school and what they
were going to do during the summer. Kathy noticed that the two boys eyes' were darting from their skirts to their faces and back. She
whispered into Megan's ear and the two giggled.

"Why don't you guys go and buy us sodas and we can go sit it the
shade?" Kathy said.

Ted started to say something about going home and Kathy parted her
knees a bit. Ted quickly agreed to buy sodas and he and Mike jogged
over to the concession stand. The girls got up and followed the
boys, walking slowly behind them.

"You're such a tease Kath," Megan said. "You're going to give that
poor boy ideas."

"Yeah right Megan, like you're not all hot and bothered by Mike. I
saw the way you were looking at him…and his crotch. I'll bet they're
both hard."

Megan laughed, stopped, and looked at Kathy. She grinned and asked,
"How big is Mike anyway?"

Kathy looked at her friend, formed an O with her mouth, and then
began to laugh. Megan slapped her on the arm and began to laugh
also. The girls resumed walking towards the boys and were still
giggling when the walked back to meet them with the Cokes.

"Where would you like to go and sit?" Ted asked.

Megan and Kathy looked around and Megan pointed to a small cluster
of trees.

"How about over there?" Megan said. "It looks like there's some

The group walked over to the clump of trees and sat on the grass in
the shade. They drank from the cans of cold soda and picked up their
conversation where they had left off. Kathy stretched out on her
stomach and rose up on her elbows. From his vantage point, Ted could
see down the front of her top. His eyes locked on the black bra and
the flesh that was exposed at the top of the cups. Kathy noticed his
gaze and when his eyes met hers, she smiled.

Ted's face turned red when he knew he had been caught looking at
Kathy's boobs. He shifted around and looked away, but his eyes kept
glancing back. Kathy was enjoying teasing the boy and pushed her
arms against her sides, causing the opening at the neck of her tank
top to gap wider and her breasts to appear larger. When Ted's eyes
glanced back at her, he gasped.

Megan was also trying to catch Mike's attention. She sat with her
legs straight out in front of her, her thighs pressed tightly
together. She then pulled her knees up and wrapped her arms around
her legs, about midway between her ankles and her bent knees. From
where he was sitting, Mike could see the thin strip of white panties that hid her sex. The two boys began to fidget as they tried to
avoid staring at the girls.

"This is uncomfortable," Kathy said. "I need a pillow. Can I put
my head on your leg Ted?"

"Well, um, ah…I guess," Ted stammered.

Kathy giggled, moved over to him on her hands and knees and rolled
onto her back, resting her head on Ted's thigh.

"Thanks Ted, this is much better," Kathy said as she smiled up at him.

Mike looked over at his sister and friend. He saw her wink at him
and he smiled back at her. Stretching out on his back, Mike turned
his head towards Megan and said, "Would you like a pillow too?"

Megan nodded and turned around. She placed her head on Mike's
stomach and looked up towards his head. She could see the bottom of
his chin and his chest rise and fall with his breathing. When she
put her hand on his chest, Mike reached down and began to run his
fingers through her hair. Megan started to make small circles on his
chest with her fingertips as he stroked her head.

Ted saw what his friend was doing, put his hand on Kathy's head and
began to play with her ponytail. He twirled it around his fingers
and felt its silky softness. Kathy looked up into his eyes and moved
her head closer to his stomach, feeling his penis against her cheek.
The four teens lay on the grass in the heat of the afternoon. Kathy
looked at her watch and noticed it was just a few minutes past one.

"I have to pee," Kathy said. "Do you want to come with me Megan?"

"Sure Kath," she replied and got up.

The girls walked away from the boys, heading to the restrooms.

"I wish there was someplace a little more private we could go,"
Megan said. "I don't like being out in the open like that."

"We could go to my house," Kathy said. "My parents are gone and my
sister is at her friend's house."

"You know the guys are going to think we want to make out if we ask
them to go to the house, don't you?" Megan said.

Kathy shrugged her shoulders and said, "Well, don't we?"

"I do, if you don't mind me kissing your brother."

"I don't mind."

"We need a plan," Megan said. "Something other than just asking
them right out."

"We can say that the bathrooms are dirty and we don't want to use

"Okay, that's a great idea."

The girls walked into the restroom they were in earlier and quickly
turned around and headed back to the boys. Mike saw them go in and
come right back out of the restroom and nudged Ted.

"I'll bet they won't go in there Ted. They probably think it is too
dirty. Maybe they'll want to go home and we can fool around with
them at my house."

"You aren't going to kick my ass if I try to make out with your
sister are you Mike?" Ted asked.

"As long as you don't do anything she doesn't want you to do we're
cool Ted. Just remember if she says no, it's no."

"No problem, I wouldn't do anything to piss either of you off."

"Those bathrooms are nasty," Kathy said. "We're going to my house."

"Okay Kathy," Mike said. "Ted and I are going to get our bikes.
Maybe we'll see you there."

Megan moved next to Mike and whispered, "I hope so Mike."

Chapter 3

The girls began walking back to Kathy's house and the boys ran for
their bikes. They jumped on them and raced for the house, knowing
they would get there well before the girls. Once they had their
bicycles parked in the back yard the boys went into the house to wait
for the girls.

"I'm going to jump into the shower Ted, I'm all sweaty from playing

"Do you mind if I take a quick shower too?"

"Not at all, you can use the bathroom in the hallway, I'll use my
parents. I have clean shorts and shirts in my room if you want to
borrow them."

The two boys dashed into the bathrooms, showered and dried
themselves. They went to Mike's bedroom, put on clean shorts and tee
shirts and went to the living room to wait for Kathy and Megan.

The two girls bounded in the front door and made a beeline for the
bathroom. When Kathy was finished, she went to the living room to
wait for Megan and see Ted and her brother.

"Why is your hair wet?" Kathy asked.

"We were all sweaty and stinky from playing ball so we took a
shower," Mike replied.

Kathy smiled and when she heard the toilet flush she excused herself
and went to find Megan.

"Follow me," Kathy said as she grabbed Megan's arm and pulled her
towards the stairs.

The girls went up to Kathy's bedroom and closed the door once they
were inside.

"Mike and Ted took showers," Kathy said.

"Really, that was nice of them. They were kind of sweaty."

Kathy pulled her tank top over her head and removed her bra as Megan
watched her. She put on a sleeveless crop-top that revealed her flat
stomach and buttoned it.

"There, that's better," Kathy quipped. "Do you want to change too?"

Megan pulled her tee shirt out of her skirt and over her head.
"What do you have that I can wear?"

"Anything you want," Kathy said, opening her dresser drawer that
held a large assortment of tops. "How sexy do you want to be?"

Megan searched through the drawer and found a red top with thin
shoulder straps. She put on the knit garment and smoothed it over
her body. Looking in the mirror, she noticed that her bra straps
were exposed and the shoulder straps of the top were insufficient to
conceal them. She also noticed that her bra made her breasts look
crinkled and removed the top.

"The material is too thin," Megan said. "It makes my tits look

"Just take off your bra Megan, then the top will be fine."

Megan reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She let it slide
down her arms, catching it before it hit the floor. She tossed the
bra onto Kathy's bed and pulled the top back on. Megan pulled the
red top down over her breasts and adjusted the scoop neck so it was
centered. Looking in the mirror, she fixed the hem and saw that the
top exposed her navel.

"What do you think Kathy, do I look okay now?"

"You look great Megan," Kathy said as she stared her top.

The two girls left Kathy's room and went down to the living room.
Mike and Ted were watching television when the girls walked in and
did a double take when they noticed they had changed their tops.

The two boys slowly surveyed the girls, moving their eyes from their
sandaled feet to their breasts and back. Mike looked at Megan first
and then at his sister, while Ted did the same in reverse order.

Kathy sat down on the couch next to Ted and Megan sat at the
opposite end. Mike was sitting in the recliner and got up to join
the others on the couch. He sat next to Megan and put his arms on
the back of the couch.

After several moments of silence, Kathy finally spoke up, breaking
the ice.

"So, do you guys like our tops? We wanted to be a little more

"Yes," Ted muttered, unable to take his eyes off Kathy.

Kathy put her hands on her top just below her breasts and pulled the
garment tight against her body.

"Which one of has the better boobs?" Kathy asked. "Me or Megan?"

Mike grinned at his sister and said, "I don't know, it's hard to
tell. I guess you two are about the same."

Kathy got up from the couch, turned to face the others and pulled
her top up over her breasts. The two boys mouths fell open as they
stared at her naked flesh.

"Does this make it easier to tell?" Kathy said.

"It does on you sis," Mike replied. "I still don't know about Megan."

Megan took the queue, got up and stood next to Kathy. She slowly
pulled her top up and let the boys compare them.

"Hers are bigger than mine, aren't they." Kathy said as she lowered
her top.

"Just a little," Ted choked out. "You both have real nice tits."

Megan giggled, covered herself and sat back down near Mike. Her
nipples were a little harder than they were before and poked out
against the thin top.

Kathy glanced down at Ted's crotch and noticed that he was excited.
She looked over at her brother and saw he too was erect. Kathy began
to feel her vagina tingle as she leaned against Ted and she crossed
her legs.

Twisting around, Kathy lay across Ted's legs, rested her head on the
arm of the couch and pulled her legs up so her feet were under her
bottom. She tugged her skirt down in a half-hearted attempt to cover
herself, but knew that Mike had a clear view of her butt and black

The teens fidgeted around on the couch for several minutes, trying
to find a comfortable position. Mike moved his arm off the back of
the couch and let his hand rest on Megan's shoulder. He took her
chin in his other hand, turned her face to his and kissed her briefly
on the lips. When he released her chin, Megan put her arm around his
waist and kissed him, opening her mouth and pushing her tongue
against his lips. Mike parted his lips and received her hot tongue,
as the two began to make out in earnest.

Ted and Kathy watched the other two as they began to move their
hands over the other's body. Kathy looked up at Ted, put her hand
behind his head and pulled his mouth to hers. When she reached up,
the action caused her top to rise and expose the bottoms of her

As Ted mashed his closed mouth against Kathy's, she realized he
didn't know how to kiss. She scooted up, sat on his lap so her mouth
was near his ear, and whispered to him.

"Have you ever done this before?"

Ted shook his head no, and his cheeks began to turn red. Kathy
could feel the heat in the boys face and she wiggled against him.

"Just relax Ted," she cooed into his ear. "It's really easy. Next
time don't hold your mouth closed so tight."

Kathy pressed her lips back to his and let her tongue trace his
lips. When he opened his mouth slightly, she swiped her tongue
across his clinched teeth. After a couple of minutes, Ted relaxed
and let Kathy's tongue into his mouth. They held the kiss and
breathed through their noses as Kathy probed Ted's tongue with hers.
When he pushed his tongue into her mouth, she gently sucked it.

Glancing over to her brother and friend, Kathy could see Mike's hand
on Megan's breast. He was massaging the firm mound as Megan moaned
into his mouth. Kathy wiggled her butt on Ted's lap, feeling his
hard penis pressing against her. As she wiggled around and kissed
him, her short skirt pulled up, leaving her panties and his shorts
the only insulation between them.

Kathy took Ted's hand and placed it on her bare tummy. When he
began to rub her warm flesh, she pulled it under her top to her
breast. Ted began to maul her roughly and Kathy grabbed his wrist.
She whispered into his ear, telling him to be gentle. When she
released his wrist, Ted began to massage her breast. His movements
were much more gentle and Kathy moaned into his ear.

"Just like that Ted. If you squeeze my tits too hard it hurts.
Play with both of my boobs and the nipples too," Kathy instructed.

Ted moved his hand from one breast to the other, spending only a few
seconds at either one. When he ran his fingertips over her nipple,
Kathy arched her back and pushed into his hand. She could feel his
penis straining against her butt as it throbbed. She began to kiss
him again, slowly grinding her bottom against the firm member.

Suddenly, Ted's body stiffened and he held his breath. Kathy could
feel his penis jumping against her and knew he was ejaculating. He
gripped her breast firmly and threw his head back as his penis pulsed
uncontrollably. When his body relaxed and he opened his eyes, Kathy
smiled at him.

"It's okay Ted, please don't be embarrassed. I think it's really
sexy that I could do that to you by only kissing you."

Ted's face was bright red and his mouth open. He tried to speak,
but nothing came out. Hanging his head, he was finally able to say,

Kathy slid off his lap and sat next to him. She looked down at the
large stain in his shorts and said, "Why don't you go to the
bathroom, I'll wait here for you."

Nodding, Ted got up and slowly walked out of the room. While he was
gone, Kathy watched her brother and Megan at the other end of the
couch. Megan was rubbing Mike's penis through his shorts and he had
his hand under her skirt. Kathy could see his finger moving in and
out of her vagina, her panties pulled to one side. Megan began to
tug on the tab of his zipper, lowering it. She fumbled with the
button on his shorts and was finally able to release it. Reaching
into his shorts, she pulled his erect penis out into the open and
began to stroke it slowly.

When Ted came back, he noticed what Mike and Megan were doing and
quickly diverted his eyes. He took his seat next to Kathy and sat
with his hands folded in his lap. He was wearing a pair of clean
nylon running shorts and Kathy could make out the outline of his
still firm penis in the thin material. Kathy snuggled up to Ted,
pulled his face to hers and began to kiss him again.

Ted began to relax and respond to her kissing. Kathy once again
guided his hand to her breasts and relished in the feeling of his
inexperienced fingers as they caressed her. When she moved around on
the couch and felt her feet touch Megan, Kathy pulled Ted down to the
floor. They stretched out next to one another and resumed their
kissing and touching. Kathy was becoming frustrated with Ted's lack
of aggression and moved his hand to her thigh. Ted slowly stroked
her leg, moving between her knee and the hem of her skirt.

"Higher Ted," she panted into his ear, her body tingling desire to
be touched. "Rub higher."

Ted moved his hand up her thigh and under her skirt. When his
fingers touched the material of her panties, he quickly pulled it
back, but ventured back to the side of her underwear. He slowly ran
his fingers over the side of her panties and when his fingers were
high enough, Kathy rolled so his hand was covering her mons. She
pushed up against his hand and rotated her hips, causing his fingers
to come in contact with the damp crotch of her panties.

"Right there, rub me right there," Kathy said as she moved her hand
to his crotch and gripped his penis through his shorts.

Ted stroked her vulva, feeling the heat and wetness between her
legs. He had never touched a girl before and the sensation was
almost overwhelming. He was concentrating so hard on what he was
doing that he had stopped kissing Kathy. He glanced over to Mike and
watched as Megan took his penis into her mouth and slowly engulfed
half of it. Kathy saw what he was looking at and giggled softly.
She worked his penis out of the leg opening of his shorts and moved
her hand over the length of it.

Looking down at the hard shaft in her hand, she surmised that Ted
was a little smaller than her brother. She rubbed her thumb over the
tip, smearing the fluid that leaked out over the velvety head. Ted
flinched as she continued to stroke him, lifting his hips into her

Kathy moved around on the floor, knelt with her back to Ted's head
and used both hands to work his shorts down over his hips. He lifted
his bottom off the floor and felt the cool air bathe his exposed
genitals. Kathy took his penis into her hand, pumped her fist up and
down it and then bent over and licked the head.

Looking back at Ted she said, "I'll suck your cock, but you have to
touch my pussy."

Ted's hand shot under her skirt and he resumed rubbing the gusset of
her panties. Kathy leaned back down, opened her mouth and took his
member in. She closed her lips around him and slowly began to bob
her head up and down. After several minutes, she sat up, reached
under her skirt and worked her panties down and off. She stuffed
them under the cushion of the couch and parted her knees.

Kathy looked up at her brother and watched as Megan slid her mouth
over his penis. She took Ted's rigid shaft back into her mouth and
moaned around it as his fingers touched her bare crotch. When Ted's
finger found her opening and slipped inside, she moaned again.

Rocking her hips against Ted's finger, she lowered her head until
she felt his penis at the opening to her throat. She began to gag
and backed off slightly, waiting for the reflex to subside. Once
again she pushed down and the same thing happened. She wrapper her
fingers around his shaft to control the depth and began to move her
mouth up and down, picking up speed as Ted fingered her hole.

Kathy felt Ted's penis swell in her mouth and knew he was about to
cum. She pulled her head back until only about a third of his member
was in her mouth and jacked him with her hand. She waited for what
she knew was going to happen and began to swallow as soon as the
first jet slammed into the roof of her mouth. She sucked and
swallowed as fast as she could, but was unable to capture all of the
boy's semen. Ted had stopped moving his fingers in her as soon as he
started to cum, but Kathy still moved her hips.

When the last of his cum dribbled onto her tongue, Kathy removed her
mouth from Ted's still firm member. Her body was close to reaching a
climax and she decided not to be denied. In a bold move, she moved
her leg over his head and lowered her crotch to his upturned mouth.
Ted had no idea what he was supposed to do, but instinctively began
to move his mouth as she rubbed against his face.

"Use your tongue," Kathy said loud enough for her brother and Megan
to hear. "Stick your tongue into my pussy!"

Kathy placed her hands on Ted's hips and rocked her clit against his
chin as he flicked his tongue into the folds of her swollen labia.
He sucked her vaginal lips and moved his mouth as she groaned above
him. Kathy glanced up and watched Megan's cheeks swell as her
brother filled her mouth with his seed. She caught his eye and
smiled as she felt her stomach clinch up and her climax rumble
through her body. She sat up, slid her hands under her top and
pulled at her nipples as she coated Ted's face with her discharge.
She could hear him trying to swallow as her sweet fluids leaked from
her quivering vagina into his mouth.

As her orgasm reached its summit, her moans and groans turned to
screams. She felt her entire body tighten and then she began to come
down from the feeling she was becoming addicted to. Once the spasms
began to diminish, she lifted her crotch off Ted's face, but still
hovered above him. She leaned over, took his penis into her mouth
again and began to rub it with her tongue. As she gave Ted the
second blowjob of his life, she felt him pushing her skirt up and
onto her back.

Ted stared between her legs, looking at her crotch. He had seen
pictures of naked women, but decided that they just didn't compare to
the real thing. As Kathy slowly worked her mouth over his penis, Ted
began to use his fingers to explore her. He parted her dark red lips
and gazed into the pink depths of her vagina. When he spotted her
hooded clitoris, he touched it, causing her to groan and send
vibrations through the length of his cock. As he rubbed the
sensitive nub, Kathy increased her movements and took more of his
shaft into her mouth. When he pulled back the protective shroud and
touched her clit, Kathy pushed her head down and felt his penis enter
her throat.

With Ted's penis still in her mouth, Kathy glanced up to see what
her brother and Megan were doing. Mike was kneeling on the floor
between her wide spread legs with his face buried in her crotch.
Megan's panties were around ankle and her hands were on the back of
Mike's head as she humped herself against his face. Kathy giggled,
knowing it was the first time Megan had been eaten. She looked up at
her friends face and saw that her eyes were closed and her mouth wide

Kathy felt Ted slip a finger into her tight opening and returned her
attention to his penis. Ted pushed a second finger into her vagina and rubbed her clit with his thumb. Kathy felt the rumble of another
orgasm building in her belly and increased the speed of her hand on
Ted's penis.

Ted could feel her vaginal walls begin to squeeze his fingers and he
pushed into her as far as he could. At the same time, he felt his
buttocks tighten and his penis begin to empty into Kathy's mouth.
Wiggling her bottom against his hand, Kathy sucked the last drops of
his semen from his shrinking shaft and removed her mouth. She moved
her tongue around, picking up every little trace of the salty cum.
savoring the flavor. Her orgasm was not as intense as earlier, but
satisfying none the less. When her vagina stopped shuddering, she
rolled onto her side away from Ted.

Megan began to scream, announcing the arrival of her first ever oral
orgasm. Ted and Kathy watched as she flailed her legs, pulled Mike's
head into her crotch with one hand and rubbed her breast with the
other. Her animal like noises filled the room as she wiggled and
bucked on the couch.

Kathy turned to Ted, smiled and said, "Did you like me sucking your
cock? I really liked it when you ate my pussy."

"It was the best ever Kathy. I really don't have any experience
with girls, well at least I didn't."

Kathy giggled and watched as Ted pulled his shorts up and covered
his flaccid penis. She searched between the cushions, found her
panties and put them on.

Mike stood up, offered his hand to Megan and helped her to her feet.
She put her arms around his neck and began to kiss and hug him. Mike
whispered something into her ear and Megan shrugged her shoulders.
She bent over untangled her panties, put her leg through the opening
and pulled them up.

Ted kissed Kathy and told everyone he had to go home. He asked
Kathy if he could see her again and she nodded. After Ted left, Mike
went to his room to get changed.

"Isn't getting your pussy licked the best ever?" Kathy asked Megan.

"It sure is, I never came like that before."

"Did Mike cum in your mouth when you sucked his cock?"

"Yeah, he tastes really good. Did Ted cum in yours?"

"Twice," Kathy giggled. "He came in his pants first and had to go
and change. That was the first time he was ever with a girl. I even
had to teach him how to kiss."

"Are you going to start going with Ted?"

"I don't know Megan, I'm not really sure I want to go with just one
guy right now. There is so much to learn and so many boys…I don't
think I want to be tied down. What did Mike ask you at the end?"

"He wanted to know if I would have sex with him, you know fuck him."

"Are you going to?"

"I don't know if I'm ready for that yet Kathy. I heard it hurts."

The two girls sat on the couch and looked to see what was on the
television. It had been on all afternoon, but on one paid any
attention to it.

"It does hurt a little," Kathy said quietly. "Only for a few
minutes though."

Megan spun around and looked at Kathy, her mouth wide open. "You
did it! You fucked!"

Kathy nodded her head and grinned.

"Mike? Did you and Mike do it together?"

Again Kathy nodded.

"Oh my god! I can't believe you really felt a cock in you pussy.
Was it good? Did you like it?"

"Like I said, it hurt at first, but after I got use to it, it was
great. It makes you feel so full and stretched out, but it was

"Were you sore the next day? Are you going to do it again?"

"I was a little tender this morning, but it went away. I want to do
it again, but I want to go on the pill so we don't have to use a
condom. I sure as hell don't want to get knocked up."

Megan sat back and thought about what Kathy had told her. She shook
her head several times and then said, "Maybe I'll ask Danny to fuck
me the first time Kathy. That way it won't hurt when I do it with

Kathy giggled and said, "That sounds like a plan Megan, but if
you're going to fuck my brother, I want to fuck yours."

"Deal," Megan said and extended her hand. Kathy shook it and both
of the girls began to laugh.

"I better get going Kathy. My mom is going to start wondering where
I've been all day. Let's go to your room so I can put my clothes
back on."

In Kathy's bedroom, Megan removed the top she borrowed and put her
bra back on. She pulled her tee shirt over her head and tucked it
into her skirt.

"I think I'm going to start wearing skirts to school more often,"
Kathy said. "It really turns me on when boys look at me. I'm going
to try and get my mom to let me buy more nice panties and bras too,
they make me feel so sexy when I wear them."

"Maybe my mom will buy me some too, or maybe she will give me money
and I can buy my own. We could go to the mall together, get
different ones and share," Megan said.

Kathy thought for a moment and said, "What we really need is a way
to make our own money."

"You mean get jobs? I think we're too young for that."

"We're not too young. We'll both be sixteen in a few weeks, that's
old enough to work."

"Whatever," Megan said. "I just don't like the idea of working in
some fast food restaurant for minimum wages. Maybe we can get jobs
at one of the stores at the mall, or Wal-Mart."

"Those jobs won't pay much either Megan."

"I know, but at least we could get a discount on the stuff they sell."

"That's true."

"I have to go Kathy. I'll see you at school tomorrow."

The two girls headed for the stairs, stopping at Mikes room. Megan
stuck her head in his door and said, "See you later Mike. Thanks for
the fun."

Mike put down the magazine he was reading, got off his bed and
walked to the door. He hugged Megan, kissed her, and said, "The
pleasure was all mine. Think about what I asked you."

Megan nodded her head and giggled. "The pleasure wasn't all yours
Mike. I'll see you tomorrow."

Megan and Kathy went downstairs and to the front door. Kathy
watched as her friend bounded down the steeps and up the street.
Looking across the street, Kathy saw Mandy heading for the house.

Chapter 4

After her sister was in the house, Kathy closed the door and went to
call her mom. She talked for a few minutes, hung up and went to tell
her brother and sister what she said.

When Kathy reached the top of the stairs, she saw Mandy coming out
of the bathroom. She told her sister to follow her and went to
Mike's room.

"I just talked to mom," Kathy told them. "She said that grandma was
going to be fine and they were taking her home. After they get her
settled, they will be home. We're supposed to fix something for

"Okay," Mike said. "What are you going to fix?"

"How about soup and sandwiches?"

"That's fine for me," Mike replied. "How about you Mandy? Soup and
sandwiches okay?"

Mandy nodded and left the room without saying a word. Kathy
followed her to their bedroom and asked what was wrong.

"I got my period today," Mandy said. "I just have cramps and don't
feel good."

"Did you take anything?"

"No, not yet."

"I'll get you some Advil and a glass of water. They make me feel
better when I have cramps."

Kathy went down the hall and returned with a glass of water and the
pills. She gave them to her sister and took the glass after she was
finished. Mandy curled up on her bed and clutched her stomach.

"Why don't you put your PJs on, you'll be more comfortable."

Mandy stood up and Kathy helped her pull her top over her head.
When Mandy took off the training bra Kathy gave her and tossed it on
the foot of her bed, Kathy smiled.

"You're getting some pretty nice boobs sis. You'll be as big as me

Mandy giggled and put her hands under her budding breasts. "I'll be
bigger than you someday, like mom."

Kathy lifted her top and said, "Well, I'm not done growing yet.
Maybe my boobs will be as big as mom's too."

Mandy took off her shorts and put on a pair of pajamas. Kathy
decided that she would be more comfortable without her skirt and
began to undress. She went to her dresser, took out a short
nightshirt and put it on. Before leaving the room, she looked at
herself in the full-length mirror.

Kathy pulled the scrunchy out of her long blonde hair and gathered
her locks into a ponytail. While she was fixing her hair and her
arms were over her head, she noticed that her panties were exposed.

"I guess this nightshirt is getting a little too small for me,"
Kathy said. "If I lift my arms my ass shows."

"That'll make Mike happy," Mandy giggled.

Kathy smiled and nodded. She left the room, went down to the
kitchen and began to prepare dinner. Once the soup was hot and the
sandwiches were made, she called up to her brother and sister.

The three teens sat at the kitchen table eating their dinner. When
Mandy asked Mike and Kathy what they did that day, they both grinned.

"I played ball at the park, and Kathy hung around with Megan," Mike
said. "What did you and Suzie do?"

"We just listened to CDs and played in her yard," Mandy replied.

Once they were finished with dinner and the dishes were done, they
went into the living room to watch television. Mandy took a pillow
off the couch and curled up on the floor. Mike headed for the
recliner, but went to the couch when he heard Kathy clear her throat
and saw her wink at him.

Mike found a movie and they all settled in to watch it. When the
movie was over, Kathy glanced down at her little sister and saw she
was sound asleep. She got up from the couch, found a blanket and put
it over Mandy. When she returned to the couch, she sat next to her

"So Mike, are you going to try to fuck Megan?" Kathy asked.

Mike turned and looked at her in disbelief. "What did you say?"

"I asked if you were going to try to do it with Megan, she said you
asked her to."

Mike shrugged his shoulders and grinned at his sister. "Do you
think she will?"

"Maybe, she's just scared that it will hurt. I told her that it's
really good and only hurts for a few minutes, but she's still scared.
She said the she might ask her brother Danny to do it first so it
wouldn't hurt if she does it with you. Then she asked if I minded if
she did it with you."

"What did you say?"

"I told her it was okay if I got to fuck her brother too," Kathy

"You'd better take it easy with all of this sex stuff Kathy. guys talk and you will get a reputation as a slut."

"All what sex stuff Mike? The first time I really did anything was
yesterday and I have only been with you and Ted…so far. I can't help
it if I like sex."

Mike laughed and said, "I think you're becoming an addict."

Kathy moved closer to her brother, put her hand on his leg and slid
it up to his crotch. She gently squeezed his package and moved her
hand in a circular motion over his growing bulge.

"Do you mine that I like it Mike, it feels like your cock doesn't
mind at all."

Mike squirmed on the couch as his penis expanded down the leg of his
tight shorts. Kathy traced the outline of his member with her
fingertips, toying with the end.

"Why don't you go and put a pair of your nylon shorts on Mike? I
really think you'd be more comfortable."

Mike jumped up, went to his room and returned wearing a pair of
loose fitting nylon shorts. When he sat back down, Kathy immediately
put her hand back on his crotch. She rubbed his penis through the
silky material and then slipped her hand into the leg opening.

"Isn't that better?" She said as she fondled his hard-on.

"Yeah, much better."

Kathy continued to stroke him as they watched television. She
snuggled against his side, pulled his arm around her shoulders and
moved his hand to her breast. His fingers closed around her firm
mound and she sighed as he massaged her.

"This is so nice Mike, I wish mom and dad would go out more often."

"Yeah it is sis, it's lot better than fighting all the time."

Kathy turned her head to her brother, pressed her mouth against his
and began to kiss him. Mike responded by pushing his tongue into her
mouth and dancing with hers. After a few minutes of passionate
kissing, Kathy slid down and rested her head on his leg. When she
did, her nightshirt rose up and exposed her panties to him.

Rolling onto her side facing him, she studied his cock. She lifted
it and ran her finger along the thick vein that ran its length. With
her other hand she cupped his testicles and felt their weight. She
rolled the orbs in the palm of her hand and watched as they moved in
his sack. Lifting his scrotum, she noted how he looked beneath his
balls. She released him and touched his glans, feeling the velvety

Mike looked down and watched his sister gaze at his genitals. He
put his hand back on her breast and rubbed it against her chest as
she continued to inspect every nook and cranny of his manhood. When
a small drop of fluid formed at the slit, she collected it with her

"Mmmm, that's so good, I just love your cum Mike," she said, her hot
breath bathing his genitals.

Kathy ran the tip of her tongue along the ridge his penis head
formed where it met his shaft. She wrapped her fingers around him
and moved his skin over the rigid member, watching how it gathered
under the helmet. Kathy giggled as she watched his balls move as she
stroked him and moved her mouth to his scrotum. She lifted his balls
with her tongue and pulled one into her mouth.

Mike groaned as his sister moved the sensitive orb around her mouth
with her tongue. He pulled at her nightshirt and when she lifted her
bottom he drew it up to her breasts. Mike slipped his hand under the
cotton garment and began to rub her breast, teasing her nipple with
his fingertip. He looked down at her panty-covered crotch and moved
his hand from her breast to the V between her legs.

Kathy released her brother's penis, stood up and removed her
panties. She took a small throw pillow from the other end of the
couch and held it against her chest.

"Lay down on your side Mike," she said. "I want to stretch out with

Mike lay on his side and propped his head in his hand. He watched
as his sister placed the pillow near his crotch, pulled up her
nightshirt and lay down next to him. She adjusted the pillow so her
head was at the right height and took his cock into her mouth.

Kathy reached over her brother and put her hand on his bottom,
rubbing the silky material of his shorts as she let his penis rest in
her mouth. She put one foot on her leg, at the knee, opening her sex
to him. Mike took the hint and rested his head on her thigh, staring
between her legs. As his sister softly mouthed his member, Mike
examined her pussy.

Placing his fingers on either side of her soft folds, her parted her
labia and gazed into the moist pink flesh. He studied her clitoris
and the opening to her vagina. When he touched her hooded nub, he
felt the muscle in her thigh flinch against his cheek. Moving his
finger above her clit, he pulled up on her skin and watched the hard
pink bud peek out from under its protective shroud. Extending his
tongue, he touched her clit and she moaned around his penis.

The two siblings lay side by side on the couch, Kathy slowly rubbing
her tongue over Mike's cock as he explored her sex. He put a finger
into her opening and watched it slowly disappear into her vagina.
Moving it in and out of her, he noticed her juices coating his
finger. Mike inserted a second finger and pried her open as far as
he could. He stared into her vagina and observed the bright pink
walls and the droplets of fluid that formed. Relaxing his fingers,
he slowly stroked in and out of her and licked her clitoris.

Kathy removed his penis from her mouth and rubbed it over her cheek
as her brother fingered her. She licked the underside along the
thick vein, took it back into her mouth and clamped her lips around
it. Arching her back, she pushed her crotch against Mike's hand and
mouth, groaning.

Mike began to move his hips, sliding his cock in and out of her
mouth as she gently sucked him and stroked him with her tongue. He
nibbled at her clit as he pushed his fingers into her as far as he
could and then wiggled them against the elastic walls of her vagina.

While Mandy lay sleeping on the floor, only a few feet from them,
Mike and Kathy pleasured each other with their mouths. Their oral
lovemaking was slow and concentrated as opposed the feverous sessions
of yesterday, and earlier today. Kathy studied his texture with her
tongue as her brother discovered her sensitive spots with his
fingers. He found that if he curled his fingers towards her mons she
would react with moans and by wiggling her hips. She noticed that
when her tongue touched him where the underside his shaft met the
head of his penis, it would jump in her mouth.

Together, they worked on each other's sex until their bodies began
to respond. Their orgasms built like the crescendo of a moving piece
of music and simultaneously they reached the pinnacle of their
pleasure. Mike's penis began to send his cum onto her mouth as her
juices flowed over his fingers. He pulled them out of her
contracting vagina, covered her with his lips and pushed his tongue
into her slightly stretched opening. Kathy and her brother swallowed
one another's cum as their bodies quivered.

When they were both spent and out of breath, they rested. Kathy
held her brother's wilting penis between her lips and breathed
through the corners of her mouth, while he gently lapped at her puffy
vaginal lips. The two siblings didn't make any attempt to separate
and fell asleep.

Kathy and her brother were sound asleep with their mouths near the
other's sex when their parents walked in the living room from the
kitchen. Joanne gasped, covering her mouth with her hand, when she
saw her two older children sleeping together on the couch. Her
husband, Richard stood in shock for a moment and then put his arm
around his wife's waist.

"What are we going to do Rich?" Joanne asked her husband.

"Lets go to bed and fuck our brains out, we'll talk to them
tomorrow," he whispered to her.

Joanne began to protest, but he slid his hand under her heavy breast and squeezed it. She turned to him, smiled and asked, "What about
Mandy? We can't just leave her here."

Rich nodded, released his wife's breast and scooped their youngest
child into his arms. Holding the young girl, he looked over to his
other two children, gazing at Kathy's naked bottom. He carried Mandy
to her bedroom, as his wife followed, placed her on her bed and
covered her.

Joanne and Rich went to their bedroom and began removing their
clothing the moment they walked through the door. She pulled her
blouse over her head without unbuttoning it and removed her bra.
After unzipping her slacks, she pushed them and her panties down her
legs. When she bent over to pull them off her feet, her husband came
up behind her and pushed his hard penis between her legs.

Lifting one foot and then the other, she removed her clothing,
reached up and held Rich's cock against her crotch. He held her hips
and sawed his rigid shaft along her slit, feeling her already wet
pussy coat the top of it. Joanne moved her legs apart and Rich slid
into her opening, pushing himself in all the way.

"Fuck me Rich," she moaned as she reached out and placed her hands
on the bed.

Rich slid his hands from her hips, along her sides, to her dangling
breasts. He grabbed her flesh and squeezed it as he hammered his
hard-on into her vagina. Joanne pushed back against him and grunted
each time he drove into her.

After about fifteen minutes of vigorous fucking, Joanne pulled away
from him and knelt on the floor. She wrapped her hand around his
slick penis and pointed it at her mouth.

"Fuck my mouth, shove this big hard prick down my throat and fuck me."

Opening wide, she guided Rich's penis into her mouth. When she felt
him at the opening of her throat, she swallowed several times and
took his entire member in. She began to move her head and felt his
bulbous head slip in and out of her throat as she kept her lips
closed around his shaft. Joanne put her hands on her husband's
thighs and pulled him into her, feeling his balls slap against her
chin. Rich gripped her by the hair and humped his hips as she
slobbered over his cock.

When Rich felt like he was going to cum, he stopped moving and
pulled his penis out of her mouth. He reached under her arms, pulled
her to her feet and pushed her onto the bed. She landed on her back,
spread her legs and grabbed them behind her knees. Rich leaned over
and shoved his face into her crotch. He extended his tongue, pushed
into her vagina and used his head to begin moving it in and out of
her hole.

"That's it baby," she groaned. "Fuck my cunt with your tongue."

Rich continued to drill his tongue into her and pressed his nose
against her clitoris. Joanne pulled back on her legs, tilting her
crotch to him as he licked, probed and sucked her. After several
minutes he lifted his wet face from her crotch, climbed onto the bed
and slipped his cock onto her gaping pussy. Holding his body up off
hers, he watched her big breasts giggle as he pounded his member into
her. He looked into her eyes and smiled as they slammed their hips
into one another.

Joanne wrapped her legs around his waist, reached between their
bodies and rubbed her clit with her fingertips. She felt her orgasm
begin and her vagina grip the throbbing shaft that was sliding in
her. She arched her back, her toes curled and she let out a low
growl as she came. The tightness of her vagina and the animal like
groans that came from his wife's throat sent Rich over the edge. His
balls tightened and his penis began sending spurts of cum into her
quivering vagina. After the first of jet semen exploded from his
cock, he pushed himself all the way into her and pressed his pubic
bone against hers. His penis surged several more times before his
seed began to dribble into Joanne's still contracting tunnel.

Rich lowered himself onto her body and gasped for breath as her
vagina milked the last few drops of cum out of his softening member.
When he was completely spent, his muscles relaxed and he was barely
able to keep his weight off his wife's sweat covered body. They two
lay panting for a few minutes and then he rolled off of her onto the
bed. She squirmed around until her face was over his crotch, pulled
his penis into her mouth and sucked him clean.

After she had released his flaccid manhood from her sucking mouth,
she crawled up next to him. She put her arm over his chest and felt
it rise and fall with his still labored breathing.

"Do you think they're fucking yet?"

"I don't know Jo. I didn't even notice that they were showing any
interest in each other. I wonder how long they have been messing

Joanne sat up quickly, stared into her husband's eyes and said, "Do
you think Mandy is involved with them?"

"Naw, she's way too young to be thinking about that Jo. My guess is
it's just Kathy and Mike."

Joanne could feel Rich's cum start to seep from her vagina. She put
her hand between her legs, held her palm over her opening and got
onto her knees.

"I can tell you one thing for sure, that girl's going on the pill
tomorrow. I'm calling the doctor and taking her in right after
school. When we get back, we can talk to them."

Joanne slowly pulled her hand out from between her legs, dragging
two fingers through her slit. She licked the thick cum from her palm
and then cleaned each finger as if she had been eating ribs. Running
her tongue over her lips she grinned and said, "I can never get
enough of your cum Rich."

Rich smiled at her and said, "You never have been able to get enough

They pulled back the covers of the bed and slipped under the sheets.
Joanne reached for the nightstand, turned off the lamp and rolled
over to face Rich. They kissed and snuggled up to one another,
discussing how they were going to deal with their children the next

After talking about several options, they decided that it would be
best if they both got up early and took off before the kids woke up
for school. They would leave a note explaining they had errands to
run and would see the kids right after school. Once their plan was
in place, they fell asleep in each other's arms.

Kathy rolled over, slipped off the couch and landed on the floor.
She sprang up, looked around and then shook her brother.

"Wake up Mike, we have to get to bed before mom and dad come home,"
she said.

Mike sat up, rubbed his eyes and followed his sister up stairs. He
grunted "goodnight" as he walked past her on the way to his room.
Kathy realized she had left her panties on the floor by the couch and
ran back downstairs to get them. She noticed her sister was gone and
went back up to her room.

When Kathy saw Mandy sleeping in her bed, she shrugged her
shoulders, figuring she must have gotten up and went to bed earlier.
She climbed into her bed, pulled the covers over her and quickly fell
back to sleep.

Mandy woke Kathy up the next morning, telling her it was time to get
ready for school. Kathy climbed out of bed, went to the bathroom and
showered quickly. When she was finished, she went to Mike's room and
woke him up.

The there siblings went downstairs to see their parents, but found a
note instead. Kathy read the note and passed it to her brother.
After he was finished reading it, he told Mandy that their parents were out and they would see them after school.

After eating breakfast, the kids left for school. All three of them
walked together until Mandy's friend Suzie caught up to them and the
two younger girls headed off towards their school.

"I wish I could hold your hand," Kathy said.

"I know, but people would think we were strange or something," Mike

They turned onto the street their school was on and heard Megan
calling to them. They waited until she caught up and all three
walked the rest of the way to school together.

Megan walked on one side of Mike and Kathy on the other. When they
got to the front door and went in, they saw Ted.

"Hi Kathy," Ted said, grinning from ear to ear. "Hi Megan, hi Mike.
What's up today? Want to get together after school?"

"Sorry dude," Mike said. "Kathy and I have to go right home after
school today. Our parents have been gone all weekend and they want
to see us."

Both Ted and Megan looked disappointed when they heard their friends
couldn't hang around after school. The four of them chatted in the
hallway until the bell rang and then headed for their classes.

After school, Kathy and Mike's parents were waiting outside of the
building in the car. Kathy and her brother ran over to them and
climbed into the back seat.

"Hi mom, hi dad," Kathy said. "How's grandma doing?"

"She'll be fine Kathy," Joanne said. "She's just getting old. The
doctors thought it was her heart at first, but it turned out to be
something far less serious."

"That's cool," Mike said. "I'm glad to hear she's okay."

Rich pulled away from the school and drove home. He parked the car
in the driveway and opened his door.

"I checked the garage Mike, it looks great. Thanks for taking care
of it for me," Rich said as they walked into the house.

"No problem dad, it wasn't that hard," Mike replied.

The family went into the house and the two teens headed for the
stairs. Before they could reach first step, their mother stopped

"Where are you guys going, we'd like to talk to you?" Joanne said.

"I was just going to change," Kathy said as she turned around. "It
can wait until later though."

The two teens followed their parents into the living room. Their
father sat in his recliner, their mom in her rocking chair.

"Why don't you two sit on the couch?" Their mom said.

"That's a good idea," their father said. "You two looked so
comfortable there last night when we got home."

Kathy and her brother both froze in their tracks. Their faces
turned pail and Kathy's eyes filled with tears. They both knew what
their parents had seen last night and they just knew that they were
in big trouble. Slowly, the two teens walked over to the couch and
sat down. They stared at the floor and waited for their parents to
start in on them.

Rich and Joanne sat quietly for several minutes, letting their
children think. Joanne was the first to speak, startling the two

"Well," she said. "I guess it's time we all had a little talk."

When Kathy started to try to explain what had happened, or at least
create some kind of story that would justify what her parents had
seen, he father stopped her.

"Kathy, don't start talking. You'll only make things worse when you
start making things up. I think you and your brother should just
keep your mouths shut and listen to us," Rich said.

Kathy noticed that her parents didn't sound mad or upset and their
voices were calm.

"First of all," Joanne began. "We want you two to know that we're
not mad at you. Second, we have to explain some things to you two
that we were waiting to tell you until you were older, but after last
night…well let's just say it's time. Mandy is over at Suzie's house
and will be having dinner there so we have almost all night to talk."

Kathy and Mike began to relax a little as they listened to their
mom's comforting voice. They sat back and looked up from the floor
they had been staring at and looked at their mom and then their dad.

"You two were very young when we moved away from the farm and came
here," their father said. "Mike was just four and you were two
Kathy. Your grandfather passed away and we felt it was time to get
away from the farm and start our lives over here in Florida. Before
you two were born…"


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