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Archived Sex Stories



The following is a work of fiction regarding sexual relationships. If you
feel that it is illegal, immoral, or otherwise improper for you to read
this, then *Don't Read It.*

* * *


Copyright (c) 1991, 1998, 2001 by Morgan. All rights reserved.

Please note the original copyright date. This story was basically
written ten years ago and was originally posted in 1988. As a result, you
will likely find obsolete references. I'm afraid you'll just have to live
with it; it's too tedious trying to keep up with the latest and greatest.
It was previously posted on ASSM in 1998, but not since then.

Incidentally, you will find occasional entries, _word_. The reason for
this is that MS Word's Auto Format function puts a word preceded and
followed by an underscore in italics; that's my intent. Similarly, *word*
results in the word appearing in bold face. If you use Word's Auto Format,
it will take care of things; if you don't, you at least know why it's

More of my works are posted on my site <> If you
like it -- or if you don't -- please let me know at

* * *

*Book I*

*Chapter 1*

Kathy Smith was doing something different tonight, having just quit her
job. She visited Charley's, a bar she owned in town. Normally, she would
sit at a table but tonight she wanted to talk to Charley. She was sitting
at the corner of the bar nursing a club soda with a lime. It was nearly
eleven o'clock on a Friday night in Norfolk, Virginia. The crowd was, as
usual, almost entirely Navy personnel. Located across from the main gate
of the Naval Base, it was a primary hangout for sailors. After all,
Norfolk was the headquarters facility of the entire U.S. Atlantic Fleet.

Charley, the manager and ostensible owner, was protective of Kathy. He
was tending bar while looking over the crowd. Although he made a point of
keeping the stool next to hers free, while he was at the other end of the
bar a naval officer in uniform sat on the stool next to hers. Although he
wore the rank of commander, he looked like a wreck. His uniform looked
like it had been slept in despite the man looking like he hadn't slept in
days. Charley didn't like it, but there wasn't much he could do about it.
The officer looked dead tired, but he was still about six feet three, and
appeared to weigh something better than two hundred pounds. He was more
than Charley cared to take on.

Kathy looked at the officer and felt a unique sensation surge through
her. Without conscious thought, she turned and said, "You look like you
lost your last friend."

Charley saw what was happening and was astonished. This was the first
time Kathy had ever spoken to anyone in the place except for himself and a
few of the staff. For that matter, she seldom came in at all.

Kathy Smith was a built like a dream: five feet seven, with a figure and
movements like an athletic model. Although not apparent from her present
conservative dress, Charley knew she had a perfect figure. Tonight she was
wearing a camel's hair skirt, cashmere sweaters, and a simple gold chain.
_As usual,_ Charley thought, _she looks like a million bucks._

Kathy continued looking at the stranger and feeling the strange
sensation. The officer tried to focus on her. "I don't like women!"

"Why not?" she asked quietly.

"They're all bitches!"

"All of them?"

"I guess so... at least my ex-wife is. She's a real bitch."

"Have you eaten?" Kathy asked. _My God! What am I *doing?*_ she

"I guess so, but I can't remember exactly when."


"I'm not sure."

"Would you like to take a ride?"

"Let's go."

Kathy got up off her stool and gave Charley a private wink on the way
out. Charley just shook his head in amazement. She and the officer went
around the corner of the building to her car, a new BMW 635 CSi. She
unlocked it and said, "Hop in."

"Is this _yours?"_


"The B-girl business must be better than I thought. I had better warn
you, though: I don't have any money. What little my ex-wife didn't get, my
lawyer did."

Kathy gave him an icy look. "Thanks a lot."

Kathy started the BMW up and drove off, smoothly shifting up through the
gears. After leaving the Expressway, she drove in a circuitous route to an
office-apartment complex in Virginia Beach. At a gate, she reached for an
electronic controller, pressed the button and the gate swung open. Beyond
the courtyard a garage door was automatically rising. She drove into the
garage and shut off the engine.

"Hop out. We're here."

"Where is here?" he asked.

"My place. Come on up." She took a key from her purse and put it into a
wall switch. The steel door in front of them slid open revealing a
wood-paneled elevator car. They got in and Kathy pushed an unmarked
button. As she did, she turned to her companion and held out her hand.
"Let me introduce myself. My name is Kathy Smith."

"Hi. I'm Ken Stark." He shook hands and was surprised at the firmness
of her grip.

The elevator door smoothly slid open revealing a quietly decorated
entrance hall. To their right was the main entrance to the apartment.
They went on through the living room to the kitchen with Kathy turning on
lights as she went.

"What would you like? I could whip up a couple of steaks and a salad,
if that's okay."

"That sounds great," Ken replied.

Kathy noticed that Ken was starting to relax. She noticed laugh lines
now appearing when he smiled. It was obvious that his depressed attitude
was not his normal condition. "Why don't you make yourself comfortable?
Would you like to fix yourself a drink?"

"Sure. What do you have and where do you keep it?"

"Just about everything, and it's in the bar over there."

Ken looked and saw a fully-equipped wet bar located between the living
room and another room he guessed to be the library. "I think I'll just
have a beer. What can I get you?"

"I'll join you. There's Sam Adams in the refrigerator."

He opened the refrigerator and found at least six brands of beer. Most
were imported. He found the Sam Adams and opened two bottles. "Do you
want a glass?"

"Please. They're in the cabinet right above you."

Ken found the beer glasses in a chiller paneled to appear to be a piece
of furniture. He poured the beers and returned to the kitchen. "All the
comforts. I've never seen a place with so many. The B-girl business is
_much_ better than I thought.

"That's the second time you've said that, and I didn't appreciate it the
first time. Actually, I'm a lawyer."

"Business must be pretty good. How old are you, anyway?"

"Not that it's any of your business, but I'm twenty-six. How old are

"How old am I, or how old do I feel?"


"Well, I guess my driver's license says I'm thirty-one; I just feel like
I'm 110."

While they talking Kathy was preparing two gorgeous steaks. "Do you
like spicy food?"

"I guess so. Why?"

"I'll try something different, then. Tell me about your problems."

"I would rather not. It would just bore you and infuriate me."

"Would you like to clean up a bit? You look like you've been going for
days. Come on, I'll show you where."

Ken allowed himself to be led to the master bedroom and then into a
bathroom off it.

"Good grief! I've never seen anything quite like this."

He stopped and stared like a bumpkin. The bathroom was larger than most
bedrooms. It had two sinks, a shower, a tub the size of a small swimming
pool and opened out through glass doors to a private swimming pool area
beyond. The area was beautifully landscaped and surrounded with a
palisade-type fence about ten feet high providing complete privacy in all
directions except from directly overhead. Ken turned to Kathy, "What floor
are we on?"

She grinned. "The sixth. Why?"

"Just asking. I thought it was impossible to put a swimming pool up
this high."

"It can be done. It just takes money."


Kathy left Ken alone in the bathroom after showing him where a full
array of men's toiletries were kept. Ken continued to look around in
amazement. His wife had been a world-class slob, particularly in the
bathroom. There were always undies, makeup, tissues and other debris lying
around. Ken thought about taking a shower, but didn't feel like getting
back into his dirty clothes. He realized he looked terrible. Taking off
his tunic -- he was wearing his officer's whites -- Ken decided to settle
on a wash and a shave. A whore's bath would have to do. He noticed that
all the men's toiletries were Polo by Ralph Lauren. Since every container
was the same shade of green, it took a few moments to figure out which was
which. He washed, shaved, splashed on some cologne and started to feel
human again. After dressing again he returned to the kitchen.

"Feel better?" Kathy asked. "You certainly look and smell better, at
least if you like the fragrance of Polo. I do."

"Who's stuff is that? Isn't your boyfriend going to be pissed when he
finds a stranger has been using his things?"

"I don't have a boyfriend."

"Then what is it there for?"

"For you to use. And you just did. Let's eat. I didn't think I was
hungry until I started cooking. Now I'm famished."

"Good grief! It's almost two o'clock."

"As I said, let's eat," Kathy repeated with a smile.

They sat down at a counter built as a part of the kitchen cabinets. The
two steaks looked beautiful; they had been Cajun blackened. Along with
baked potatoes, there was a beautiful salad. Ken went to the bar and
returned with two more beers. The dinner passed without conversation.
When they finished, Kathy told Ken to go into the living room and sit down
while she cleaned up.

He sat down on the sofa and that was the last thing he
remembered. *Chapter 2*

Kathy sat on the sofa in the living room with her legs tucked under her,
trying to read a book. She was wearing a man's pajama top with only one of
its buttons fastened. She could see Ken still asleep in the bedroom. She
tried to analyze her motives, but could not. She had picked up a man in a
bar! She had never done anything like it in her life!

She remembered with a small smile how she had returned to the living
room early in the morning to find Ken out like a light, the poor guy. He
had just collapsed. She remembered struggling to get him into bed, and she
shivered as she recalled stripping off his clothes piece by piece. The
effect must be similar to men watching a stripper perform with the
excitement coming more from the anticipation than the realization. When he
was fully naked she admired his body. He had broad shoulders and narrow
hips; in spite of its hard use his body was that of a trained athlete.
Just then Kathy saw Ken stirring on the bed.

Ken looked around and found that he was in the king-sized bed he had
seen in the bedroom the previous night. He was naked. Looking around,
there was no sign of his clothes. Looking through the doorway he saw Kathy
sitting on the sofa with her legs tucked under her wearing a man's pajama
top. The bed showed the marks of shared occupancy. He tried to remember
what had happened. He had the vaguest recollection of making love -- of
achieving a marvelous physical release. But was it all a dream?

Kathy looked up and saw him. "Hi, sleepyhead. Have you rejoined the
ranks of the living?"

"I think so. I would get up, but I'm not dressed. What do I do?"

"You get up. How do you think you got into bed in the first place?"

"You did it?" Ken asked incredulously. "How?"

"I'm practiced," she said enigmatically. "You'll find a robe that fits
in the closet.

Ken got out of bed, ignoring his nakedness. Going to the closet he
found a navy-blue flannel bathrobe. It was a perfect fit and seemed to be
brand new. He put it on and went out to the kitchen. Kathy was bending
over the stove as he came up behind her. Her pajama top was hiked up in
the rear exposing a gorgeous little ass. Ken couldn't resist. He put his
hands over her asscheeks and squeezed.

Kathy gave a little yelp and then seemed to melt. He continued to
gently squeeze, while she had her hands on the range, making soft mewing
sounds. His right hand continued around her body. He put it on her
prominent mound and received a surprise. Her mound of Venus was bare --
there was no pubic hair. He slowly moved his hand and entered her cunt.

Kathy straightened up slowly. She didn't turn nor did she try to move
his hand. She just leaned back against him. By now both of his hands were
around her body gently exploring it. He found that her belly was flat
while her breasts were perfectly proportioned and beautifully sized. Ken
loved nice boobs, but didn't like cows. He unbuttoned the only fastened
button on the pajama top Kathy was wearing and let it drop to the floor,
then gently turned her around to face him. "You're beautiful. You know
that, don't you?"

"Thank you, kind sir. Can we go to bed now?"

"That's supposed to be my line."

"You're too slow. I'm tired of waiting."

Ken picked her up in his arms and carried her into the bedroom.
Curiously, she seemed to be as light as a feather. Her hair was medium
length and tawny, gold in color rather than blond. Her eyes were a
brilliant blue and were focused on him.

When he slipped out of the robe and got into bed beside her, she rolled
over on top of him. Ken's phallus was powerfully erect and had been ever
since the kitchen. She got astride him and slowly worked it into her
vagina, moving her pelvis with slow motions to help. As he entered her she
continued to move her hips as his cock went in to its full length. She
gave a soft sigh, and slowly started to rotate her hips. She began making
small mewing noises as her pleasure mounted. In the meantime, her loins
were vibrating on his cock. It was almost as if there was another pair of
hands inside her, slowly squeezing him. Her body barely moved. There was
just the slow pelvic motion and that wonderful internal movement.

Then she started to move slowly up and down on his raging member. To
Ken it was exquisitely tormenting. He wanted to move quickly but Kathy
wouldn't let him. "Just lie back. I know what I'm doing," she said.

Her movements increased in tempo. As Ken was about to release, she
slowed her movements just enough to bring him down from his peak only to
bring him back up again moments later. He lost count of how many times he
had been up and down. His whole being started to scream for release. But
still Kathy maintained the tempo, nearly to climax then retreat. Each time
it seemed that the peak was higher than the time before, but still she
wouldn't let him cum. Her moans, increasing in intensity, showed she was
reaching her own peak.

Finally, he could contain it no longer and his phallus exploded. It
seemed that he would never stop cuming. His release triggered an eruption
at the heart of Kathy's being. It had never ever been like this before for
her or for him. She screamed. Her climax was so powerful she lost
consciousness and collapsed on top of him.

* * *

Kathy awoke and found herself entwined on the bed with Ken. She
stretched her arms and legs languorously. It had been so long since she
had been with a man. And it had never been like this. She looked over
Ken's body. It was beautiful, but scarred. She continued the exploration
of his body that she had begun the night before but the light was better
this time. She looked again at the dimpled bullet scars on his upper arm
and shoulder. Feeling playful, she tweaked her nipples to make them turgid
and then found that her stiff pink nipple just fit into the depressions on
Ken's body. She looked down and found him looking at her with his grey
eyes. His hair was brown, she thought, but it had been bleached by the sun
to a color similar to her own. He grinned up at her and she grinned back.
Slowly, she slid down his body, kissing it and running her nipples over it.
It was exciting to feel his body hair on her smooth skin. Ken started to
run his hands over her body. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"It's figure study by the braille method. You're beautiful."

Kathy moved up and kissed him. _Good grief,_ she thought. _That's the
first time I've ever kissed him._ The kiss lasted. She heard bells and
felt her body start to go limp. It was as if her bones and muscles were
turning to jelly.

"Do you hear them too?" Ken asked.

"Mmm, Mmm. I guess you mean the bells?"

"Have you ever heard them before?"

"Nope. Have you?" Kathy slid down Ken's body again. When she got down
to his sex, she stopped and studied it. "You have a beautiful cock," she

"And you have a beautiful body."

She took his member into her mouth. Because of their earlier exertions,
it was now flaccid. She ran her tongue slowly over its head, and took the
tip inside her mouth. Ken lay back. "What _are_ you doing?" he asked.

"Just finding out what you taste like. You taste of cum and, I guess,
my cunt juices. It's wonderful."

As she continued to run her tongue over his prick, it started to stiffen
to attention. Just then, with his prick in her mouth, Ken pivoted on the
bed. His face was opposite her cunt. "It's beautiful. I don't think I've
ever seen a hairless cunt before. Why did you do it?"

Kathy didn't answer. Instead, her head started moving up and down over
what was now a full erection. Ken watched in amazement as, without
apparent effort, she took it all the way into her mouth. The feeling was
wonderful. She was doing with her mouth and tongue what earlier she had
done with her vagina: slowly squeezing and massaging his vibrant sex.

In the meantime Ken had spread Kathy's legs. He noticed that they were
like dancer's legs, smoothly muscled and firm, not soft. He put his face
near her cunt and extended his tongue causing Kathy to moan softly and
spread her legs wider to give him easier access. His tongue entered her
and found her magic button. He got it between his teeth and gently bit on
it. He ran his tongue in and out, slowly sucking in the accumulation of
fluids. It _did_ taste good. As his tongue went in and out, her hips were
undulating. Ken was beside himself. While his mouth was encountering
exquisite tastes, he could feel his prick being massaged and his balls
gently kneaded. Again, he could feel himself taken to a peak where he felt
he had to explode.

Each time Kathy eased back a trifle just before he had to come.
Finally, the excitement was too great for them. Kathy's mouth closed over
his cock swollen to its extreme size but nevertheless, she had taken it all
in. Then he exploded. He could feel her swallowing quickly as she took
his discharge.

At the same time, her hips moved violently; it was all he could do to
hold her beautifully muscled body as her fluids gushed. He licked and
swallowed; they tasted great. After licking out the final drops, he
flipped Kathy's body around so it was lying beside his own. Then they
dropped off to sleep together.

* * *

Ken was the first to awaken this time. He looked at the lovely girl he
was holding in his arms. He saw a girl with skin as smooth as satin and he
wondered at his luck. Being invited to her apartment by a beautiful girl wasn't the way his world worked. He thought about his ex-wife, Sylvia.
She was different from Kathy in every way. At its best their sex life
together had been barely adequate. Ken recalled that it was never as good
after the wedding as it had been before. She used to complain that his
phallus was too big. He couldn't recall ever getting it all the way in.
As far as going down on him was concerned, she said the idea was repulsive.

He realized that Sylvia didn't really like sex but knew he did. In
fact, he felt he had to have it so she used sex as a weapon to get what she
wanted from him. Now he wondered why he had ever bothered. Ken guessed
that it must have been his lack of experience with women going back to his
Naval Academy days. But while Sylvia was reluctant, Kathy was joyous. She
seemed to love sex and seemed to need it as much as he did.

As he studied her, Kathy's eyes opened. She murmured, "Hi."

He just grinned at her. Although he thought that his grin must look
dumb, she just grinned back. She looked at him and said, "Let's eat. I'm
starving to death, particularly with all of the exercise we've been having.
Do you want me to melt away from starvation?"

She got out of bed while Ken admired her sleek nakedness as she moved
gracefully with apparent total unconcern for her nudity. She went to the
kitchen and Ken heard a few noises. A moment later she reappeared and went
into the bathroom. After he heard the toilet flush and the water running,
she reappeared, still nude.

Stopping at the bed she looked down at him with her hands folded into
small fists on her hips. "And what are you looking at?" she asked.

"Just you. Do you _really_ know how beautiful you are?"

"No, and neither do you. You're just showing how little you know about

"And you're just fishing for compliments. You _are_ beautiful, you

Kathy pertly stuck out her tongue and then went out to the kitchen. Ken
got up, went into the bathroom and started to clean himself up. He found a
toothbrush, and then jumped into the shower. When he came out, he put on
the bathrobe and went out to the kitchen. He stopped and laughed.

There was Kathy, nude, wearing only a small apron, with a hurt look on
her face. "What's so funny?" she asked with a wry little grin. "How would
you like it if bacon fat spattered on your tit?"

"I wouldn't know; I don't have boobs." Ken went up to her, knelt down,
and started running his tongue over her breasts and nipples. He stood up
and took her into his arms. "I kissed it to make it better." He kissed her
gently on the mouth. She tasted delicious. And the bells sounded again.

"Please, Ken, I really am starving. I know your spend is protein, but
I've never heard of it being tested for food value. Besides, the bacon and
eggs will burn."

She took them off the stove. Ken was dazzled to find in addition to the
bacon and eggs, orange juice -- freshly squeezed -- along with hash browns
and toast. The aroma of the coffee smelled delicious to a sailor who lives
on it. They sat down again at the counter side by side where they had
eaten the previous night. The food rapidly disappeared and he realized
that Kathy wasn't just picking at hers. She was eating like a person with
a real appetite who wasn't afraid to show it. When he asked her about it,
she said, "I _do_ like food, and I told you I was hungry."

As they had another cup of coffee, Ken asked Kathy, "By any chance, do
you have a cigarette in the house?"

"What brand do you smoke?"

"Winston Lights, why?"

Kathy got down off the stool and went off to the other room. Ken loved
the way her firm little ass wiggled slightly as she went off. A few
moments later she was back with a pack of Winston Lights and a lighter. He
opened the pack, took out a cigarette and lighted up. "May I have one too,
please?" she asked.

"I'm sorry. I didn't think you smoked."

"I shouldn't, and I guess I don't really, but..."

"But what?"

"It just seems to be the right thing to do after the lovemaking, the
breakfast, and the second cup of coffee."

They smoked in silence for a few moments. Kathy rested her head on
Ken's shoulder.

"Feel good?" she asked.

"I don't know how I could possibly feel any better."

"I do. Come with me." Jim followed Kathy out of the kitchen and then
into the bathroom. As she left the kitchen Kathy dropped the little apron
on the floor. In the bathroom, she turned and took off Ken's bathrobe.
Standing up on tiptoe she kissed him gently on the lips. "Come on."

She went into the shower and beckoned Ken to follow her. Although he
had taken a quick shower earlier, he hadn't realized how large the shower
enclosure really was. There was plenty of room for both of them. Again,
Kathy manipulated a set of controls that Ken hadn't noticed earlier. Warm
water poured over them coming from every conceivable angle. Kathy pressed
a button and suddenly the flow of water stopped.

Kathy picked up soap on a rope -- again it was Polo -- and started to
soap Ken's body. She delighted in the way his body hair caused the soap to
lather. She ran her hands all over his body paying particular attention to
his prick and balls which she fondled tenderly. Then she moved her fingers
between his ass cheeks soaping all the while. Finally, she went to her
knees and soaped his long legs and feet.

Ken just luxuriated in the feeling. At that point, Kathy stood up, gave
him her own soap and said acidly, "You can do this, too, you know."

She stood there as he caressed her entire body, paying particular
attention to her gorgeous breasts. Again, as he soaped them, her nipples
started to harden. He continued, lathering her loins and her ass cheeks.
Then he bent over and soaped her legs and her feet. At this point with her
back to him Kathy pressed a button and again they were flooded with warm
water from every direction. She wriggled her hips and moved her ass
against his prick.

Ken, just following his instinct, bent her body forward. By this time
his prick was again fully erect and he moved it against her ass. Kathy
bent over, grabbed a rail, and, with the water flowing over them, spread
her legs. He put his phallus against her anus and it slowly went in.

Again, Kathy moved, this time using her ass, with body movements that
Ken couldn't even imagine. His hand went around her body and was welcomed
into her cunt. Kathy put his finger on her tiny bud, while she continued
to move her hips. Again, Ken could feel the pressure mounting in his
balls. With so much sexual activity in such a short time, he did not
believe he could possibly get hard again so soon, but he had. He moved in
and out slowly while her sphincter held his weapon like a tender vise,
slowly massaging it as it went in and out.

Once again he came and Kathy screamed her release. It seemed to be even
more violent than the times before but that was impossible. They sagged
slowly together to the floor of the shower as the warm water continued to
flow over their bodies.

* * *

Kathy got up with a groan, activated another switch and the water
stopped. She pulled Ken up and they got out of the shower. Then Kathy
picked up a huge terry cloth towel and started drying him off. She again
stood up on tiptoe and tenderly kissed his lips. She gave him a towel and
he carefully dried off her beautiful body. "Come on, we need to get you
cleaned off."

"Cleaned off! What was the shower for?"

"That just takes off the surface dirt and sweat. I've got something

They went through a door in the bathroom, and entered a sauna. As soon
as he entered, Ken could feel the dry heat strike his body. It was hot!
Meanwhile Kathy took a small dipper and poured water over hot rocks which
caused it instantly to flash into steam. Then she sat beside Ken on the
wooden bench and leaned her head on his shoulder. "You know, this sauna is
much more fun with someone to share it. I've had it for a year or so, but
this is the first time I've had the chance to use it with a man."

The steam rose and Ken could feel his pores opening. Then Kathy picked
up a flat wooden stick and started scraping his skin. Although he thought
his body was clean, what Kathy was scraping off looked black. When she was
finished, Ken took another stick and started to scrape her flesh. What
came off appeared to be just the outer layer of skin with no dirt visible.

About the time he was wondering if he was going to die of suffocation,
Kathy took his hand and pulled him to his feet. Opening the door, they
went outside. The swimming pool he had seen the night before was there but
now he noticed a smaller circular pool near the sauna's door. Kathy let go
of his hand and jumped into it feet first.

Ken realized that the pool was much deeper than it seemed. Kathy's head
disappeared below the water's surface before her feet touched the bottom.
She bobbed to the surface and floated vertically. It was much too deep for
her to stand on the bottom. She ducked her head for a moment and then
surfaced. She flipped her hair back off her face, and grinned up at him.
She looked as sleek as a seal. "Come on in! You saw how it's done."

Ken dropped into the pool next to Kathy. And he almost died. The water
was like ice. Instantly, with a smooth, almost effortless motion, Kathy
pulled herself from the pool. As she got out, she put a foot on Ken's head
and pushed him under water again. When his head popped up to the surface,
Ken was sputtering and shivering. He was freezing! Meanwhile Kathy was
laughing so hard she couldn't even stand. Finally, she controlled herself
and gave Ken a hand, pulling him out. Although Ken didn't think Kathy
weighed more than 120, she seemed to pull him out without effort. She
grabbed a dry towel and, still giggling, wrapped it around him.

Ken took her in his arms, gave her a kiss which almost caused her knees
to buckle, and then suddenly picked her up. Dropping to one knee, he laid
her over his leg and proceeded to spank her bottom. The spanks were just
hard enough to redden her ass cheeks. Kathy struggled in his grip, but she
might as well have been held by steel bands.

The spanking continued as she continued to struggle. She realized her
clit was contacting his leg and was being stimulated by it. Suddenly, she
came in a flood that ran down Ken's leg. At that point he stopped and
released her, helping her to her feet. Again he gave her a melting kiss,
tasting the salt from the tears rolling down her cheeks.

Mournfully, she backed away a step, rubbing her tender ass. "You're a
brute! You attacked a helpless woman!"

"You tricked me! I almost froze to death in there. And then you tried
to drown me!"

Kathy's grin broke through her tears. "You know, I thought about doing
that when I had the sauna and pool put in. It's refrigerated water:
thirty-eight degrees Fahrenheit. I use it almost every day, but I wasn't
sure I could keep from giving it away. Usually, my teeth start chattering
and I get goose-bumps all over. I thought I handled it pretty well."

At that, Ken grinned. "You did, you stinker! You were perfect. I'll
have to add actress to the list of your talents." He started to laugh, then
paused. "I hope I didn't hurt you. I didn't mean to."

Kathy grinned back. "You injured my pride. Now my bottom is tender, in
a warm sort of way." She glared at him and said, "But you made me cum, you
brute! On the other hand, my loins are sore, my asshole can still feel you
and my mouth and throat may never be the same. I still can't believe I was
able to take in your full length. You are a woman's dream. But if we keep
up like this much longer, I'll be a physical wreck."

They went back into the apartment and checked the time. It was nearly
five o'clock. "What would you like to do this evening?" Kathy asked. "Do
you have any plans?"

Ken, standing naked looking like a Greek god, grinned at her. "No, I
have no plans... and I don't have any clothes, either."

Kathy gave a little yelp and left the room, returning in a few moments
with what looked to be his uniform and a box. She hung up the uniform and
gave him the box. "I hope it all fits."

Ken opened the box and found new underwear, socks, and everything else
he needed. "How did you know my sizes?"

"I guessed. Did I guess right?"

"You certainly did. You make me a little nervous sometimes. How did
you know I like Polo toiletries?"

"I didn't. I bought them because I like them. The fragrance really
turns me on."

"Oh. And I thought it was just me."

Kathy cocked her head and grinned. "Well, maybe it's a little bit of
you, along with the Polo."

She squealed and jumped away, covering her reddened ass with her hands
as Ken made a move towards her. When he stopped and held out his arms, she
came up to him and he kissed her. Again, her knees seemed to buckle. "Do
you want to go out tonight?"

Ken smiled at her. "If you're willing, I would like to show you off at
the Officers' Club at the Base. Would you like to go? I think they have a
band playing on Saturday night. I could try to make a reservation."

"I would love to," she said. "Let's do it!" Arm in arm they went into
the bedroom. *Chapter 3*

The Officers' Club at the Naval Base in Norfolk is one of the largest
clubs of its kind in the world. Since Norfolk is the headquarters of the
U.S. Atlantic Fleet, as well as the home of countless other military
installations, the size of the club is no surprise. Ken and Kathy drove
onto the base with Ken wearing his uniform and driving Kathy's car. He
received a snappy salute from the guard on the gate after showing his ID
and then drove up to the entrance of the club.

"Why don't you get out here?" Ken asked. "I'll go park the car."

Kathy said she would rather stay with him.

He put the car in gear and found a parking spot. Opening Kathy's door,
he handed her out of the car. Again, he was startled at how beautiful she
looked. Tonight, she was wearing a white cocktail dress with a full skirt.
With her even tan and golden hair, she was exquisite. Ken realized that
she must use her private pool area to tan in the nude because he now knew
she had a mark-free tan. Her only jewelry was a large sapphire hanging
from a golden chain around her neck. The gem was the color of her eyes.

Ken was pleased that they were the focus of all eyes as they entered the
club, and it was Kathy's astonishing beauty that was attracting the
attention. Looking at her closely, he realized she was blushing.

"It's just your beauty, Hon. I keep telling you, but you don't listen."

The headwaiter nearly fell over himself to seat Kathy at a very
prominent table. Ken took his seat and groaned.

Kathy looked at him with concern in her eyes. "What's the trouble?"

"I'm an idiot. Here we are at the club and _now_ I remember I don't
have any money!"

Kathy smiled at him an asked, "Have you checked?"

"What do you mean, have I checked? I left the ship last night with less
than five bucks, and I spent most of that before I met you. Good grief! I
don't even remember paying the bill last night at Charley's."

"Don't worry about it," she said, "I own the place." He gaped in
amazement. Then she said, "Why don't you check your wallet anyway. You
never can tell."

Ken unbuttoned the flap on his hip pocket and took out his wallet.
Thinking about it, it had felt a little different when he had taken out his
ID at the gate. He looked in the bill compartment and received a shock.
He counted. There were twenty $100 bills in it. No wonder it had felt a
little thick -- Ken had never had $2,000 in cash in his life.

Kathy looked at him with concern on her face. "What's wrong? Isn't it

_"Enough?_ You've got to be joking. This is the Navy, not Tokyo. Of
course it's enough. But where did it come from?"

"It's mine, it's honest money, and I love you. Do you need to know any
more than that?"

"I guess that's enough. By the way, I love you, too."

Very daintily, Kathy stuck the pink tip of her tongue out at him. "The
way you said that wasn't very romantic." Then she held out her hand and
said, "Let's dance."

As they went towards the dance floor, Ken tried to conceal his
reluctance. With Sylvia he always felt like he had two left feet. As a
matter of fact he had felt that away about dancing ever since he was a
plebe at Annapolis, but he took Kathy in his arms and moved out on the
floor. He couldn't believe it! He was moving with a feather in his arms.
In bed she had moved like a dancer. On the dance floor she moved like a
dream. He grinned at her and she grinned back.

"You didn't like to dance before, did you?"

"How did you know?"

"Call it another good guess. Can we open up a little?"

Kathy moved away from him in time with the music. It appeared that Ken
was controlling her feet, when in actuality she was somehow controlling
his. Other dancers on the floor moved away to give them more room. Ken
felt like he was lost on a cloud. The music stopped. Suddenly, there was
applause from the dancers around them as well as the band members all of
whom had been admiring their dancing. Kathy made a quick curtsy and fled
back to their table.

After seating Kathy and taking his seat Ken looked around for the
waiter. "What would you like, Hon?"

"I think I'll have my usual, club soda with a lime."

"Do you mind if I have something stronger?"

"Of course not!"

The waiter came over and Ken gave him the drink order, ordering a
Beefeater martini for himself. Ken looked at Kathy. "What happened out

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean. I can't dance like that! What happened?"

"Obviously you can, because you did." Then she added with a note of
alarm in her voice, "Some people are coming over. Do you know them?"

Ken looked over in the direction of Kathy's eyes and grinned. "It's my
parents. I wonder what they're doing here tonight. They live on the
Peninsula and almost never come down to Norfolk."

As he got to his feet, Kathy saw a man almost as tall as Ken approach
accompanied by a matronly woman at his side. He was wearing the uniform of
a full admiral and appeared to be about forty-five years old. When the
couple reached the table and joined them, Ken reached out his hand to grip
his father's and then gave his mother a quick kiss.

"Mother and Dad, I would like you to meet Katherine Smith. Kathy, this
is my father, Admiral Samuel Stark, and my mother, Betty."

Admiral Stark gave a courtly bow, smiled and bent to kiss Kathy's hand.
She blushed. Then she rose to greet Ken's mother, an overweight woman who
looked much older than her husband. "I am delighted to meet you both.
Would you care to join Ken and me?"

"Why thank you," Sam Stark replied, "Betty and I would be delighted. We
haven't seen Ken to talk to in nearly a year. After his marriage he seemed
to disappear. However, a nice thing about carrying rank is that I've been
able to keep track of him through the Navy -- but no thanks to him. How
have you been, son? You're looking very well."

"Kathy gets the credit for that one, Dad."

As the evening progressed, Kathy studied Sam and Betty Stark. She was
an expert. Sam showed all the marks of an attractive man with a roving
eye. In fact, she saw a female lieutenant commander looking at him from
time to time with a possessive look that Kathy thought she recognized.
Kathy was certain that Betty was displaying the telltale symptoms of a
woman who is afraid of losing something of great value to her: her husband.

After a very pleasant evening, Ken and Kathy returned to Kathy's
apartment. It was nearly two o'clock and they were both tired. After
taking off her dress Kathy went into the bathroom. Ken could hear the
noises as he undressed and entered the bathroom. _What a joy to have
facilities large enough for two to use at the same time!_ Ken thought. He
looked at Kathy lovingly. As usual, she was nude and was brushing her
teeth at the sink. He washed, brushed his teeth, and took her in his arms.

Again, like the morning -- could it have been only a single day? -- he
carried her to the bed. This time, though, he laid her gently on the bed
and lay beside her. As he gently took her in his arms and held her, he
could feel his arousal from their close contact. While he felt for her
moist spot, she spread her legs to make his access easier. She was wet
already. Slowly, he straddled her and moved his phallus towards her moist
cunt and entered it.

The previous times had been a near-frenzy. This time it was slow and
lovely. She arched her back and hooked her ankles around his neck to get
the greatest possible penetration. As he moved in her, she started to moan
softly. Deliberately, he moved in and out while her hips moved slowly in
the tempo. He could feel that he was close to release and slowed his
movements as Kathy had done earlier. He looked into her face and saw a
beautiful smile.

"You're wonderful," she whispered.

The movements continued. He could feel her movements speeding up while
the flow of her internal juices increased. Suddenly, he let go in a flood.
Her pelvis was bucking in a frenzy as she, too, let loose a flood of fluid
that nearly drowned his cock. She lowered her legs and they lay side by
side. Almost immediately, they fell asleep in each other's arms.

Ken awakened in the morning to find Kathy standing next to him fully
dressed. "Come on, lazybones, we're going to church."

Ken was surprised, but said nothing. He took a shower, shaved, and got
dressed. Going out to the kitchen, he found Kathy had breakfast on the
counter waiting for him. After eating, Kathy led him down to the garage
and then backed the car out.

Driving back towards the apartment after church, Ken looked around and
sighed. It was a magnificent early spring day in Tidewater without a cloud
in the sky.

While stopped at a traffic light, Kathy looked over at him. "Okay,
where are we going to play?"

Ken, looking like the little kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar,
grinned sheepishly. "Play what? What are you talking about?"

"Golf, silly. You have all the symptoms of a junkie deprived of his
regular fix. Where are we going to play?"

"What do you mean, play? You can't play golf like that. You're dressed
for church."

"Hah! My clothes and clubs are in the trunk. For the third time, where
are we playing?"

Ken gave up the act and grinned. "How would the course at the Officers'
Club be? But with the weather so nice, though, we might have quite a

Kathy smiled. "I have another idea. Why don't we swing by your club,
pick up your things and play at mine? I belong to a private club nearby."

"Do you think we can get out?"

"Since our tee-time reservation is for an hour from now, I'm sure we
can," Kathy replied.

Ken, still trying to salvage something from the exchange, asked her,
"How did you know I play golf, or would want to play?"

"Because, silly, it's as nice a day for golf as we will ever find. Any
golfer would want to be out, and you look like a golfer to me."

Driving up to Kathy's club, an attendant came rushing out to greet her.
"Good afternoon, Miss Smith. May I take your clubs? Will you be walking
or riding today?"

"Thank you, Jack. Commander Stark and I will be walking. Could you see
that he is set up in the men's locker room?"

They met a few minutes later on the practice tee. Kathy was already
hitting balls with a very fluid swing. After loosening up, Ken started
hitting balls starting with his wedge and working up through his bag. When
he got to his driver he was pounding the ball almost off the range. Kathy
stepped back and admired his shots which were ripping off the club head
with a small draw adding to the distance.

The caddies were waiting for them on the first tee. Kathy turned to
him, "Since this is my home course I won't even ask you to give me strokes,
but what are we going to play for?" The idea of an even match with a girl had never occurred to Ken. He didn't know what to say.

Kathy looked at him. "I'll tell you what. If you win, the $2,000 in
your wallet is doubled. If I win, you give me one wish. It will easily be
in your power to grant. Fair?"

"Sounds fine to me. You're on."

Before they had finished the match word of it had spread to the
clubhouse and they had attracted a gallery. Ken's drives were straight and
more than 250 yards off the tee. Although Kathy's were shorter, she was
still hitting hers over two hundred yards. But what she was losing off the
tee she was making up around the greens. She was deadly. After seventeen
holes the match was even with both golfers at one under par.

The eighteenth hole was a 460-yard par five played to an elevated green.
Ken led off and hit his best drive of the day. It was over 300 yards,
leaving him only 150 yards to the pin. Kathy also crashed one nearly 250
yards. After studying her position on the fairway she took her three wood.
Her swing was straight from a golf video. The ball cleared the lip in
front of the green and disappeared from sight in the direction of the pin.

Ken approached his ball, selected a six iron, swung -- and pulled his
shot. It reached the green, but was well to the left of the pin. They
walked up the hill together. "Where on earth did you learn to play golf
like this? Do you realize I'm playing the best round of my life against a
girl I outweigh by about 100 pounds, and we're still even?"

Kathy smiled up at him. "It's a simple game. After all, the ball just
sits there on the ground looking at you. It's not even moving. Besides,
you got me warmed up yesterday." Her eyes glistened with love.

"Thanks a lot," Ken grinned resisting the temptation to take her into
his arms. "My regular partners who have trouble breaking ninety on their
best days would kill you if they heard you say that. But I love you

Ken's ball was on the left edge of the green. He had a forty-five-foot
putt with a sharp left-to-right break on the green. After carefully lining
it up, he stroked the ball firmly. Although his line looked good at first,
the green broke more than he expected. His ball passed below the cup and
stopped about three feet away.

Kathy's ball was about twelve feet beyond the pin. It was a very
difficult putt, downhill, with a right-to-left break. She lined it up
carefully and stroked the ball firmly. The ball, following the contours of
the green that she had read perfectly, dropped solidly into the center of
the cup for an eagle three. Ken, although he had already lost the match,
stepped up to his ball and sank his putt for a four.

Ignoring the cheering spectators surrounding the green, he took Kathy in
his arms and kissed her. Her back was wet from sweat and her face
glistened. She put her arms around his neck as their kiss lingered.
Meanwhile, the cheering increased in volume.

Finally he let her go and whispered, "That was great. It was the best
round of golf I ever played: two under par. And I lose to a girl! I'll
never live it down." He faked a grimace. Kathy, with her face hidden by
Ken's bulk, stuck out her tongue.

After showering at the club, they returned to the apartment. Ken
sprawled on the couch. "Not so fast," Kathy said. "There's a small matter
of our wager. You lost!"

"I remember. One wish. You mean you want it now?"

"I sure do," Kathy replied archly. "You are going to be my slave for
the rest of the day. Take off your clothes."

Ken stripped off his clothes, looking at her. "Are you serious? I'm
afraid you are. You want to get even for the spanking."

"Slave Ken, bring me a Sam Adams." she commanded imperiously.

Ken returned with the cold beer. "You may have one, too, if you like.
But only one."

Ken returned with his beer and went to sit beside her. "Remain
standing, slave. Better yet, kneel on the floor." Ken knelt and drank his
beer. "Slave, undress me." Kathy rose gracefully from the sofa and stood
in front of him. With trembling hands he carefully undressed her.

As the clothing came off, once again her glistening beauty was revealed.
Kathy had an idea in mind. When she was as naked as he was, she left the
room and came back a few moments later with a feather quill. She ordered
Ken, "Spread your legs slightly, stand up straight, and don't move."

She took the feather and started to run it over his chest, then his
back. She played with it over his buttocks as he continued to stand. Kathy
watched as his erection grew as large as it could possibly get. Yet it
continued to increase in size! Finally, using both the feather and its
tip, Kathy turned her attention to his genitals while kneeling in front of
him. Ken's body was starting to shake from his sexual tension.

"You're not standing still," she said sharply.

She continued to tease his organ, while the strain was showing on his
face. His body was crying for release but all she was doing was further
exciting him. He longed for release between her thighs, but failing that,
release through masturbation. She continued to torment him. Finally, his
system couldn't take it any longer. He erupted in spurts.

Kathy, still on her knees caught it in her mouth. He came in torrents,
with most of it going into her mouth but also spraying her face, her hair,
and her breasts. When his orgasm finally subsided, Ken realized that Kathy
was shaking. He looked down and could see moisture running down her legs.
Orders or not, he collapsed on the floor. "Please, Kathy. Never again. I
don't think I could survive."

That night was like the previous night, one of the most tender
lovemaking. Ken was on a voyage of exploration on the body of this
glorious girl he had found, or who had found him. When Kathy fell asleep,
her head was on his shoulder so he reached his hand around her body and
gently cupped her breast. She made a small mewing sound and snuggled her
body even closer to his. Ken fell asleep that way.

* * *

On Monday morning, Ken awakened in Kathy's bed. Having the facility of
being able to set his mind like an alarm clock, he awakened at five-thirty,
since he had to take a cab back to the base in time to be back on board by
0800. Beside him the bed was empty. He went into the bathroom, shaved,
showered, dressed, and went into the kitchen to find Kathy with another
beautiful breakfast ready for him to eat. She was wearing a flannel

After eating, Ken looked at her. "May I see you again, Kathy? Soon?"

Kathy opened her bathrobe and held it spread wide like the curtains on a
stage, revealing her gorgeous body. "Is this soon enough?" she grinned.
Ken moved towards the telephone. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"Calling a taxi to get back to the base."

"Don't bother. I'll be ready in a second."

As good as her word, she was back in the kitchen, struggling to button a
pair of Levi's that fit like a second skin. She had on a windbreaker and
held her car keys. Ken couldn't resist. He had to give that lovely little
ass a spank, and was rewarded with the little pink tongue being stuck out
at him.

When they arrived on the pier, Ken looked solemnly at Kathy. "Kathy
Smith, who are you, anyway?" *Book II*

-Chapter 4*

Kathy Smith stretched catlike on her bed. As she did, she appeared
older than her eighteen years. She had been at Julie's for as long as she
could remember. Looking around the small room, she didn't much care for
what she saw. Although the room was as clean as she could get it, in an
over-100-year-old house in Norfolk, that wasn't very clean.

She got up and inspected her nude body in a mirror which was showing its
age. The silvering was smoked so her reflection appeared fuzzy. Other
girls in the house admired her figure which, they said, was like a
dancer's. That surprised Kathy because she didn't get much exercise except
in bed with the johns. She looked herself over and could find no
blemishes. Her breasts were beautifully shaped with small tip-tilted pink

She looked down at her loins. Her mound was hairless. _God, pulling
out her pubic hairs one by one had been tedious and painful._ One of the
girls had said that it was a good way to prevent crabs and reduce the
chance of venereal disease. She had done it slowly. She could still
remember the pain, sitting cross-legged on her bed, fighting the poor
light, pulling the hairs out by the roots. Her mound was still smooth and
hairless. The men loved her cunt. They said it was made to be fucked.

Kathy didn't have a bad life. Julie liked her and gave her special
treatment. She never worked the parlor downstairs. She didn't fully
understand her own attitude. It wasn't that she felt superior to the other
girls. _I guess it's the meat-market aspect that gets to me,_ she thought.
Girls sitting around in attire ranging from diaphanous shorty tops, to
negligees, to being naked from the waist up, or, with the redhead, Shirley,
from the waist down. Shirley often appeared in a tight red sweater and red mules. Her red pubic hair was combed and brushed with as much care as she
devoted to her tresses.

Still, Kathy didn't like to see the johns handling the tits of the
girls, tweaking their nipples, jamming a finger -- or a fist -- up their
cunts. "Just trying you on, sister," one said. Worst of all in Kathy's
view was the girls had to pretend to like it. But maybe they did. Most of
the girls would grab at the john's crotch to build up his ego. They said
they got better tips. At any rate, Kathy never had to do that.

Perhaps it was because she looked so virginal in spite of having been a
prostitute for years. Her body didn't show the wear and tear that she saw
every day on most of the other girls.

Kathy played a special rôle in the house. She was the house "virgin."
Once in a while Julie would dress her up in a little-girl's dress for a
special customer. Usually it was an older man. He would come into the
room and Kathy would pretend to be terrified as he slowly stripped off her
clothes. Then she would squeal as he placed his hand on her breast and
fondled a nipple. She would pretend to draw away as he felt her cunt and
her firm bottom. Before he finally entered her, she often had to help
while appearing to be trying to fight him off. Kathy laughed to herself
remembering how difficult entry was for some of them. Their biggest
problem was getting and maintaining an erection. She couldn't go down on
them which always worked because it would give the game away. After they
spent inside her she would break a small vial of chicken blood in her
crotch to make it appear the john had taken her maidenhead. Although Julie
never gave her any money, she used to say that she had earned a bonus for
her work.

At least there was one thing she didn't need to worry about. The doctor
who came regularly to inspect the girls had told her that she didn't need
to bother with birth control devices. She could not become pregnant.
Kathy couldn't remember the explanation he gave her but he had seemed
certain and, unlike many of the other girls, she had never been pregnant.

Kathy didn't know who owned the house. At first she thought it was
Julie's, but one of the other girls said she just managed it "for a man downtown." Once a month Julie would put on her best dress and take a taxi
downtown to report the month's results.

Kathy smiled to herself, thinking of some of the lines about whores she
had heard. "The only profession where you start at the top and work down."
"Spread your legs and let the johns put money in your twat."

Julie took special care with Kathy. She wore no makeup in contrast to
the pounds of it that some of the other girls wore. Occasionally, she put
on a little lipstick, and occasionally lightly rouged her nipples and her
pubic lips. When she did, she was very careful to be sure that it wasn't

Kathy paced back and forth across her tiny room. There was only room
for her bed, a washstand and a tiny space that served as her closet. She
had hung a curtain to hide the hooks and her negligible wardrobe. Finally,
there was her dressing table and a chair. It looked like what it was: a
room in a mid-level Norfolk whore house.

She stretched again. _Today will be an easy one. It's Wednesday, and
Sam Jenkins will be here soon._ She glanced at the clock and saw it was
almost eleven. Nevertheless, the house was still quiet as the girls slept
off their exertions of the night before.

Kathy left her room and went down the back stairs looking for Ginny, the
black maid. She found her and got clean sheets for her bed. Ginny used to
give her a hard time about her foibles. Changing the sheets once a week or
so should be plenty, Ginny said. Julie had told her that because Kathy was
a great producer she was to give her whatever she wanted. Returning to her
room, she stripped the bed and remade it with the clean sheets. The rest
of the room was as neat and clean as Kathy could get it.

She went down the hall to the bathroom. As usual, it smelled of urine,
cheap perfume and body fluids. It was an odor and a sight Kathy was now
used to but still didn't like. She climbed into the bathtub and tried to
maneuver what passed for a shower curtain to keep most of the water off the
floor. When she turned on the faucet the water started by running brown.
After letting it run for a while and adjusting the temperature, she climbed
in and showered. She carefully washed her hair -- shoulder length, golden
and wavy -- which was her pride.

Stepping out of the tub, she dried her body and her hair and returned to
her room. Still naked, she sat in front of her dressing table and brushed
her hair. Next she took a pale rouge and delicately tinted her nipples and
her nether lips. She didn't put on any lipstick. Finally, she reached
under the dressing table top and retrieved a small bottle that she kept
taped there for safekeeping. It was a bottle of Chanel No. 5 that Sam had
given her last Christmas. She wore it only for him. Now all ready, she
just sat in the chair waiting.

Sam Jenkins was strange, but in a nice sort of way. He was the oldest
customer who ever came to the house. She guessed his age at around
seventy. He had taken an interest in Kathy a long time ago. For quite
awhile now, he had had a standing reservation for Wednesday afternoon.
Normally he arrived at noon and stayed all afternoon.

The odd thing was that they never had sex. He treated her like a
granddaughter, sort of. She grinned, thinking about it. Grandfathers
don't usually spend their time with stark-naked granddaughters.

Usually they just talked. Kathy gathered that Sam was a bachelor and a
Navy veteran of World War II. She didn't have the slightest idea where his
money came from but he seemed to have enough. He lived very simply, Kathy
gathered. Probably most of his money came to her. She didn't know how
much Sam paid Julie for the Wednesday afternoons, but it wasn't cheap.
Julie handled all of Kathy's arrangements and handled all the money. Sam
always arrived wearing a rather worn blue suit and a blue tie. He was
about the only customer who ever wore a tie in the house except for the
occasional officer in uniform who would sneak in. Mostly the officers came
in civilian clothes.

Sometimes there were other things. Once, Sam had asked her to sit on
her haunches at the foot of the bed with her hands forward on her knees.
Then he took a long feather from his jacket and slowly ran it over her
nipples. He delighted in the way they hardened up. He then asked her to
come closer, still kneeling, and spread her legs wide. He took the
feather, and working with both the feather and the quill, started to play
with her slit. He searched for and found her tiny sentinel and teased it
into life. Kathy's juices started to run but Sam wouldn't let her move.

It was exquisite torture as her young body screamed for release of some
kind. She just continued kneeling with the juices flowing slowly from her
cunt, moaning softly. He caught a drop on a finger tip and licked it
slowly and smiled. Another time he asked her sheepishly if he could touch
her nipple. He said she had the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen.
It felt strange to have his work-hardened finger touch her nipple in the
gentlest possible way.

But mostly, they just talked. Sam asked about her education. She
didn't go to school, but Sam would bring her books to read. Although she
didn't know it, they were all classics. It was as if she was being
tutored, but with the tutor paying her.

She always read the books he brought her because he would want to talk
about them with her the next time he came. The discussions were
fascinating because the books ranged from Herman Melville, to Adam Smith,
to The Federalist. The most recent book was a copy of Shakespeare's

Promptly at noon, there was a knock on her door and Sam let himself in.
Kathy was lying on her back on the bed with her hair carefully arranged on
the pillow. Her right leg was raised to display its shapeliness, while her
slit was in full view the way she knew Sam liked it.

He smiled at her and closed the door. Today he looked tired as he took
off his coat and carefully hung it on a hook in her closet. Smiling at
her, he held out his arms. This time was very different. "Kathy, would
you please give me a kiss?" he asked.

Kathy hopped out of bed, ran to his arms and was surprised to find that
she was almost as tall as he was. It was the first time she could remember
standing beside him. Taking her into his arms, he gave her a tender kiss
on her lips. As he kissed her she could feel the rough material of his
suit on her smooth skin.

Kathy was surprised. Johns didn't kiss whores, but this kiss was
lovely. It was exactly like a kiss one would share with a beloved
grandfather, utterly devoid of passion but full of love. Sam sat down on
the chair while Kathy returned to her bed, knelt on it, sat back on her
heels with her back up straight and just looked at him.

"Kathy, I want you to know I love you." Sam said very softly.

Hearing the words, Kathy felt a twinge of fear. There had never been
anything like this before! She didn't know what to say, so she just said
what she thought. "I love you too, Sam."

"Kathy, what are you going to do when I'm gone?"

Kathy was scared. Tears started to form in her eyes. She didn't know
what to say.

"You seldom leave the house, do you?"

"There's no place to go, and Julie doesn't like it very much when I do
go out."

"But the other girls do. You don't have any clothes of your own,
either, do you?"

"The house is always warm, and I don't need clothes in my work. I work
on my back, Sam. I'm a prostitute. All of my bodily openings are for sale
at different prices. I have what I need. Julie is good to me. She keeps
me away from the rough stuff."

Kathy shuddered as she remembered how red-haired Shirley had been out of
action for days. It was after that ape had paid to have her tied up and
suspended by her wrists so he could beat her with a dog whip. In her mind
Kathy could still hear Shirley's screams as her body slowly rotated,
suspended by her wrists from the hook in the ceiling. He beat her on the
thighs, on her ass cheeks and across her breasts, but she really screamed
when the john pulled out a handful of her glorious red pubic hair. It was
expensive for him because he had to pay Julie a lot extra for the loss of
Shirley's services. Her pubic hair had only just returned to normal.

Kathy could vaguely understand the sadists. The ones who really threw
her were the masochists. There weren't many, but there were some. They
would pay to be bound in leather with their genitals tied tightly. During
her recovery, Shirley had the chance partially to get even by beating one
of them who was hanging suspended from the same ring to which she had been
tied during her torture.

"You spend all of your time here naked, don't you?"

Kathy looked at Sam puzzled. She tried to grin and said it was her
working uniform. "I don't work downstairs, you know, and there isn't
anything to bother getting dressed for."

They continued to talk. Then the conversation swung around to
_Macbeth._ As they talked, Sam would occasionally ask her to change her
position so he could look at her nude body from some other angle. She
wished he had the feather with him again. It had felt wonderful: sexy but
passionless. It was like masturbating alone.

About four o'clock, Sam got up to leave. After putting on his coat he
turned to Kathy and asked plaintively, "Could you give me one more kiss?

She went to his arms and he gathered her to him. His coat was even
rougher on her tender skin than his suit had been. Instead of kissing her
on the lips, though, he just hugged her closely. Kathy was surprised at
how strong he was. She felt a tear rolling from his eye onto her cheek.
When she looked up, he kissed her quickly but softly full on the lips, then
let her go and fled out the door. Kathy heard him talking with Julie
downstairs and then heard the front door open and close again.

A few minutes later Julie came into the room and told her she wouldn't
be working the rest of the day. "It's all paid for," she said, handing
Kathy a package. "Sam asked me to give you this."

It was a book still in its bookstore wrapping. Because she had no
storage space, she was able to keep only one or two books around her room.
The others Sam took away when he gave her a new title. She unwrapped it
and found that it was a copy of the Bible.

Lying on her bed she started to read. Awhile later, she fell
asleep. *Chapter 5*

Kathy was awakened by the sound of her door opening suddenly as Julie
rushed into the room. "Honey, I just received terrible news! I got a call
from a man at the hospital. Sam Jenkins has been admitted in critical
condition. They don't expect him to live, and he's asking for you."

Kathy leaped out of bed. g "But that's impossible! He was here just a
couple of hours ago!"

"Kathy, Sam knew he was in trouble. He told me a little about it before
he left. He paid me to keep you off duty. Do you want to go see him? You
don't have to, you know. He's just another john."

Kathy frowned. _Sam, another john? Not in a million years!_ She
suddenly realized she had meant what she said a few hours ago. She _did_
love him and had to go to him. She headed for the door.

"Not so fast, Hon. You can't go out on the street like that!"

Only then did Kathy realize that she was headed out the door stark
naked. "But I don't have anything to wear! Sam asked me about clothes
earlier today. I really don't have any."

"I'll see what I can find. I'm sure we can get you something." Julie
moved quickly. She was a very large woman, about five feet ten inches
tall, weighing almost two hundred pounds. A few minutes later she came
back with a dress over her arm. "It's not much, but I think it will do.
You have a pair of shoes, and we found a raincoat that you can wear."

Kathy quickly put on the dress. It was long enough, but was made for a
woman at least twenty pounds heavier than she was. On her it hung like a

Julie looked her over. "I think we can make do with a belt and some
safety pins. Let's try."

A few minutes later, Kathy left the house and got into a taxi waiting at
the curb. Arriving at the hospital she asked at the reception desk for Sam
Jenkins and received a very strange look from the woman behind the desk.
After finding a note on her desk she asked, "Are you Katherine Smith?"

"Yes, I am."

"Mr. Jenkins is in a private room on the fifth floor. His doctor left
word that you are to go to him as soon as you arrive. The nurse on duty
will show you to his room."

A few minutes later Kathy was shown into Sam's room. It was dark with
only the night light burning along with a little light that spilled in from
the hall.

Quietly, she made her way to the bed and found Sam lying on his back
peering in her direction. "Kathy, is that you?"

"It's me, Sam." she whispered. "What's happened?"

"I'm sorry to bother you like this, Kathy. I guess you knew something
wasn't right when I saw you this afternoon. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to
go all gushy on you the way I did. The doctor told me I'm very sick, and
won't be around much longer, but I didn't realize it would be this fast."
He looked at her with love in his eyes. "Kathy, would you do me a
tremendous favor?" he asked.

"Of course, Sam. Anything."

"Would you get in bed with me and just hold me? The staff won't know.
I'm supposed to be left alone if you came. The doctor left word that you
would keep an eye on me."

Kathy hung up the shabby coat, slipped off her shoes and the dress and
went towards the bed. Since she was wearing no underwear, she was again
completely nude. Parting the covers she slipped into the bed beside him.
His body felt cold. Sam was wearing only the standard short hospital gown
that opened in the back. She nestled up to him and pulled him close to her
body to warm him. His arms closed around her, and he kissed her lips and
her hair. Reaching down she found his genitals and gently caressed them
with her fingers.

Sam sighed and murmured, "Kathy, you're wonderful. Can you just hold me
where you're holding me now?"

There was no sexual reaction from him, but his body seemed to warm from
the close contact with hers. After she kissed him softly on the lips his
eyes closed, and he slept. Awhile later, she was awakened by Sam's hand
gripping hers tightly.

He gasped, "Kathy, I love you!"

His grip loosened, and she felt his body go limp. When he did, she
pushed the emergency call button and leaped out of bed.

As she quickly slipped into the old black dress, she heard staff rushing
down the hallway towards them.

A doctor came in and quickly examined the old man. "I'm afraid he's
gone," he said, raising the sheet over Sam's head. Turning to Kathy he
said, "I'm terribly sorry, Miss Smith. He was a wonderful gentleman. I
don't know where we would be today if it hadn't been for all his support. I
understand that you are his only living relative, so I imagine you will be
making the necessary arrangements. Please accept our deepest sympathy in
your loss."

Kathy was stunned. She now realized why it had been so easy to see Sam
after hours in his private room and why she had been allowed to stay. They
thought she was his only relative!

Just then another nurse came into the room. "Miss Smith, following Mr.
Jenkins' instructions, we've contacted Attorney Ferguson at his home. We
told him that you were here during Mr. Jenkins last hours. He asked if
you could please wait for him here at the hospital. He is on his way."

Kathy didn't know what to do.

Just then a man entered the room and introduced himself as the senior
duty hospital administrator. "Would you care to wait for Mr. Ferguson in
the Administrator's office? You look very pale, Miss Smith. Could I send
down to the cafeteria for some food for you while you're waiting?"

"Thank you so much. That would be very nice," she replied.

They went down in the elevator to the Administrator's office and a few
minutes later an orderly appeared carrying a tray that he put on the desk.
Kathy suddenly realized she was starving. She hadn't eaten all day. It
was all she could do to keep from appearing ravenous to the duty
administrator who continued talking about the way the hospital had just
lost its greatest benefactor.

Kathy was bewildered. They couldn't be talking about the Sam she knew.
He just existed on his pension and Kathy had always felt guilty. She
thought he was spending more money with Julie for her time than he was
spending on himself. _What is going on?_ she wondered.

Minutes later, there was a knock on the door. A well-dressed man came
into the office and approached Kathy with his arms outstretched. When she
rose from her chair, he folded her into them. "Kathy, it's so good to see
you again. My deepest sympathies on your uncle's passing. I'm so glad you
were able to be here during his last moments. How are you?"

_My uncle?_ thought Kathy. _I don't have an uncle. In fact I don't
think I have any relatives at all. Who *is* this man?_

"Kathy, I think the staff has everything under control as far as your
late uncle is concerned. Since you just got into town and have no place to
stay, why don't you come out to my house for the rest of the night. I know
my wife, Belle, will be delighted to see you again, and she asked me
specifically to extend the invitation. Will you come?"

Kathy allowed herself to be led away.

At the main entrance a big limousine was parked with its motor idling.
When the driver saw them approach, he jumped out of the car and rushed
around to open the door for them. She got in followed by Attorney

As the limousine slowly moved away, Ferguson turned to face her. "Do
you drink? No? Well, I think you need one anyway." He opened a
compartment behind the front seat and poured a drink for Kathy and one for
himself. "It's fine cognac. I think we both need it."

Kathy took a sip. She had never had cognac before. In fact, she could
count the number of drinks of liquor she had ever had on the fingers of one
hand. Julie felt that drinking was very bad for Kathy's image. Some of
the other girls drank heavily, and at least a few were alcoholics.
Nevertheless, she found that the cognac warmed her insides.

The lawyer continued, "I'm sorry about the charade in there. Sam said
you could do it, and you pulled it off magnificently in spite of wearing a
dress that looks like a Salvation Army reject. Sam loved you deeply. He
said you would pass for a queen wearing rags. You know what? You just
did! By the way, my name is Bob Ferguson, Kathy. As you've undoubtedly
gathered, I'm Sam Jenkins' attorney. As far as we can find out, you are
not related to Sam in any way. For that matter, neither is anyone else, so
you are his sole beneficiary. But we'll discuss all that after the

The car rolled up a winding driveway to a majestic home. The door
opened and a matronly woman rushed out. Folding Kathy into her arms she
said, "Welcome, Kathy. I've heard so much about you from Sam. I'm Belle
Ferguson, Bob's wife. Bob, have Saunders bring Kathy's baggage up to the
guest bedroom while we get acquainted for a few minutes. Good Heavens!
It's nearly six o'clock. Kathy, would you like some breakfast while we
talk." Turning back to her husband she said, "Bob, the poor dear hasn't
even been to bed yet!"

Bob Ferguson looked at Kathy and then looked at his wife in amused
exasperation. "Honey, Kathy has no luggage. What she has, she's wearing,
and it isn't much. Kathy, our daughter, Sandy, is about your size.
Although most of her clothes are with her at school, I think there may
still be a few things around. Belle, would you mind taking a look?"

Kathy followed Bob up the stairway into a beautiful bedroom with its own
private bath. A few moments later, Belle entered the room. "All I could
find were some tennis outfits. Would you mind, Kathy?"

"Of course not," said Kathy, hugging the old raincoat around her, "I'm
sure whatever you found will be just fine."

Kathy took the garments from the woman and the couple left the room
closing the door after them. Since Belle had suggested that Kathy might
want to freshen up a bit first, she went into the bathroom and found the
Fergusons were equipped for unexpected guests. In the medicine cabinet
Kathy found a new toothbrush, toothpaste and all of the other cleansing

Stripping off the coat and dress she flung them back into the bedroom.
After brushing her teeth she luxuriated in the shower. She hadn't felt so
good in years in spite of her lack of sleep. Returning to the bedroom she
hung the coat and dress in the closet and picked up the tennis outfit.
_Uh, oh,_ she thought. _I have no underwear. But I guess it's better than
walking around the house naked. This isn't that kind of house._ She
slipped on a pair of shorts and put on the tennis top.

Looking at herself in the mirror -- a good one, for a change -- she
examined herself critically. The shorts looked great with her long legs.
The top fit all right but her nipples protruded. _Oh, well, they feature
underwear that isn't supposed to show lines. Mine is just extra good._

She found the Fergusons in the breakfast room. In spite of the early
hour, the cook was about to serve. Belle commented on how beautiful Kathy
looked, making no comment about her underwear or lack of it.

Following breakfast, Bob asked her to join him in his study. "Please
sit down, Kathy. There are some things I have to talk to you about.
First, you are now a very rich young woman. Sam had a great deal of money.
Over the last few years I think he saw the end was near, so he liquefied
his estate. Now it's composed almost entirely of cash and marketable
securities. I don't expect any problems with its valuation or the probate
of it."

Ferguson smiled warmly and continued, "Kathy, Sam asked me to look after
you. I hope you will allow me to. Incidentally, I am more than amply
taken care of. Sam also made some specific bequests. For example, the
hospital where we were tonight will receive a very pleasant surprise.

"I know a bit about your background, but I'm the only one who does.
Belle thinks you are Sam's niece and she knows you are his only heir. It
might be a good idea if you let her take you clothes shopping later today.

"Incidentally, I have one very confidential telephone call to make to a
woman named Julie, who I believe you know. I'll be making the call very
soon. I would like to drive you over there to clean out your room, if its
all right with you. And I think it would be much better to go in my car
rather than having Saunders drive us, don't you?"

Kathy's head was spinning. She didn't know what to say and wasn't in
any condition to say anything. She just nodded at his comments. "I think
I need some sleep," Kathy said finally. She went up the stairs and into
her room. Stripping off her clothes, she crawled into bed and was almost
immediately asleep.

She was awakened in the late afternoon by a knock on her door. "It's
me," Bob Ferguson said. "Do you feel like taking a ride?"

"Give me five minutes, please, Mr. Ferguson, and I'll be right with

Kathy raced into the bathroom, took a quick shower and put on the tennis
outfit again. Taking the old coat out of the closet, she carried it over
her arm. Ferguson was in the hallway waiting for her as she descended the

"Good thinking. Tennis shorts would be a little out of place where
we're going." They went out and got into Ferguson's car, an inconspicuous
Chevrolet Cavalier. "I thought that this car would be a bit less
obtrusive," he said.

They arrived at Julie's. Kathy had noted that Ferguson needed no
directions to get there. It was just as well because she left the house so
seldom she wasn't sure she could have found it herself. He waited in the
car while Kathy went into the house.

The first person she saw was Julie who gathered her into her arms. "I
heard about Sam, Hon. I'm very sorry. Mr. Ferguson tells me we're losing
you, and I feel badly. Badly for me, not for you. You're much too good
for this business. Kathy, I truly love you. I don't know how you do it.
It's a dirty business, but somehow you always stayed clean. We'll miss
you. Now, is there anything you want to take with you?"

"I would like to check my room, please, Julie."

She went upstairs and entered the room in which she had spent so much
time. She took the little bottle of Chanel and the new Bible that Sam had
given her the day he died. There was nothing else worth taking.

When she went back downstairs, Julie was waiting with a fat brown
envelope. "This money is for you, Kathy. You may not want it or need it,
but you certainly earned it. I'll miss you."

A couple of the other girls came in and said goodbye. Then Kathy opened
the door and went back to the car. With the closing of the car door, Kathy
closed a chapter in her life. *Chapter 6*

A short time after Sam's funeral, Kathy met with Ferguson in his law
office downtown. The girl his secretary showed into his office appeared to
be typical of the upscale clientele he cultivated. She was exquisitely
groomed and dressed, obviously a younger member of the Junior League of
Norfolk, she thought. The secretary couldn't tell she was wearing almost
nothing under her tailored suit.

Ferguson greeted her warmly. "Kathy, we're here this morning for the
reading of Sam's will. We have already taken care of the mechanics. The
will has been filed in probate with all of the usual witness affidavits, so
we're ready to go. Would you please be seated?"

Kathy sat down. Although she appeared composed, she was scared and
nervous as a cat. The Fergusons had been very nice to her, but she wanted
to be by herself. She was amused at the thought, really. She had "lived
alone" in the whorehouse, but at the Ferguson's she felt like she was on
stage. She couldn't really relax.

Ferguson put on a pair of reading glasses and unfolded a will,
recognizable by its characteristic blue wrapper. Kathy noticed that it was
quite thin. He looked at the document and then looked over his glasses at
Kathy. "Kathy, there's no sense in my wasting your time. There are only
three important elements to the will. First, you are the primary
beneficiary. Except for some specific bequests that I mentioned, it all
goes to you. Second, there is some identification material to be sure that
the money goes to the right person. As trustee of the estate and as an
officer of the court I have satisfied that requirement. Finally, Sam
wanted you to know that he loved you very deeply. If you were his own
flesh and blood he could not have loved you more. Finally, there are a
couple of special contingent provisions which are not operative at this
time, but the net of all this is, Kathy, that you now have $55 million."

Kathy sat in the chair, stunned. She already felt wealthy with the more
than $20,000 she had received from Julie. She had used some of her money
to buy clthes and was now looking for an apartment. But _millions_ --
fifty-five _million!_ Her brain tripped out like a circuit breaker that had
been overloaded.

"Kathy, the fact is that you can expect a spendable income, after taxes
of four to five million dollars a year. That's in the neighborhood of
$400,000 a month. I think you are set for life financially. Now what are
you going to do? Sam gave me a letter to pass on to you. In it he urges
you to get a formal education. Are you interested?"

"Of course I'm interested, but I'm too old. I don't have any of the
things you need to go to school. I don't have a school record, and I don't
know who my parents are. I don't even know where I was born."

Kathy started to cry. Deep down, even as her tears flowed, she was
struck by the irony of her position. She had just learned that she was
wealthy -- so wealthy she could never spend the money she already had in
her lifetime -- but she was crying about the lack of a birth certificate.

Ferguson, who like so many men became totally helpless in the presence
of a woman in tears, did nothing. As Kathy started to fumble in her new
purse, he handed her a tissue. _My God,_ he thought, _even though she's
crying, she's beautiful!_ He studied her face and realized there was no
makeup to run. The women he knew spent hours to achieve the appearance of
no makeup but when on the face it would still run under tears.

Kathy composed herself, and gave him a small smile. "I'm sorry. I
realize how ridiculous I must look. You must think I've lost my mind."

"Don't worry, Kathy. Perhaps money can't buy happiness, but there isn't
very much else it can't buy. I have your birth certificate here. At
least, a birth certificate that will serve. It says here that you were
born in a small town in western Virginia eighteen years ago.
Unfortunately, the courthouse records were lost in a fire about ten years
ago. You will find the record of birth of Katherine Smith in the
reconstructed files today. She is you."

He grinned and continued, "As for the school record, it is all set to go
pending your approval. You see, Sam was personally taking care of your
education. Arrangements have been made for the proper representations to
be made by an accredited tutor who will vouch for your prior education.
You will be admitted as a junior at Hillsdale Academy in New Hampshire.
It's a coed boarding school with an excellent reputation. Believe it or
not, I have a special admissions test in the office ready to administer to
you. Are you interested? Would you like to try it?"

By this time, Kathy had fully regained control. She was very impressed
by Ferguson's competence and was awed by the amount of thought that Sam had
devoted to her future. "Sure," she replied with a grin. "They can only
say no. Let's do it. Can I take the test now?"

Bob Ferguson picked up his phone and buzzed his secretary. "Mrs.
Wilson, could you come into my office, please." Moments later his secretary
appeared and Ferguson gave her a folder containing the test materials.
"According to the instructions, you have two hours for the test. Mrs.
Wilson, could you supervise Kathy's test without ruining any lunch plans?"

Jane Wilson said that would be no problem, and asked Kathy to follow her
to the office law library.

For a moment, Kathy started to get nervous. She hadn't thought about a
test, let alone prepared to take one. Then she realized that any
preparation would be futile; she either knew it or she didn't. "Let's go.
I'm ready."

Less than two hours later she turned in the last of the test sections.
_It had gone quickly,_ she thought, _and was very easy._ Mrs. Wilson took
the test back to her desk, and Kathy went back into Ferguson's office.

"Let's wait a few minutes, Kathy. There's a scoring sheet that came
with the test. The official grading is done at the school, but you can get
some idea of how well you've done."

Moments later Mrs. Wilson returned with a big smile. "Kathy, you're
in! Mr. Ferguson, I can't grade the essay questions, but Kathy had no
mistakes on the short answers. Not even one!"

Ferguson looked at Kathy. "Kathy, that seems to take care of Hillsdale
admissions. Now the question is, do you want to go up there? We never
even talked about it before."

"Mr. Ferguson, obviously I've never been there. I'll take your word
that it's a good school. Did Sam know about Hillsdale?"

"Yes, he did, Kathy. He thought it would be a good school for you, but
as in everything else, he absolutely insisted that the final decision be
yours. What about it?"

"Mr. Ferguson, I think you're looking at the newest member of next
year's Junior class at Hillsdale Academy!" *Chapter 7*

Kathy Smith was settling into her apartment close to the Yale University
campus in New Haven. She smiled to herself as she thought back over the
last three years. She had liked it at Hillsdale which was located in a
small town in rural New Hampshire.

She had taken the opportunity to learn to ski. Kathy couldn't quite
understand why sports came so easily to her, but really, it was so simple.
You put on the skis and let gravity take you down the hill. Yet she knew
it couldn't be quite that simple for most people, or the spills wouldn't be
so frequent. She had made the Hillsdale ski team skiing the slalom in her
senior year.

The academic work had been fun. Although she had been a little scared
at first, she had had no problems. Undoubtedly her confidence had been
helped by the fact that the headmaster congratulated her on having the
highest admissions test scores in the history of the school. As a result
of the advanced placement courses she could take, coupled with her combined
SAT scores of sixteen hundred, she was admitted to Yale with advanced
standing. Although she was still a little older than her average classmate
she was catching up fast.

Kathy was glad to be back in an apartment of her own after a year in the
dormitory. It wasn't that she minded the other girls so much, but the
communal living was a drag. She smiled to herself thinking how similar
were the living styles of her dormmates and her fellow prostitutes at
Julie's. The only apparent difference was the social position of the
families the two groups of girls came from. The more she dwelled on the
idea, the funnier it seemed. Comparing the pampered darlings to
prostitutes was a joke. But like all good jokes it contained more than an
element of truth. One difference was the cost of the clothing thrown into
corners of the rooms. The clothes cost more, but they were treated the
same and stank the same. The odors around the dorm and the house were
about the same, too, except her dormmates' perfumes were more expensive.

She finished putting her clothes away and again she smiled to herself.
It had been so much simpler at Julie's when she never wore any. There was
nothing to buy or store or clean. Now she had to be careful that they
didn't overflow her room. She looked around and liked what she saw.
Perhaps it was the years spent wearing no clothes and having no
possessions, but Kathy hated a cluttered room.

If anything, her apartment was somewhat under furnished and the decor
was quiet and understated. _Old habits die hard,_ she thought, as she
moved around nude. It made her feel freer, and was something she had
missed in the dorm.

Kathy sat on the edge of her bed and picked up a pair of tweezers.
Swinging around toward the light, she studied her mound of Venus for any
sign of hair growing on its smooth surface. There had been a reason for
keeping it bare when she was at Julie's. Now there was none. But it was
fun keeping the secret from the other girls at Hillsdale, and now here at

She really didn't know why she kept her pubic area hairless. Perhaps it
was a form of egotism, constantly reminding her of where she had come from.
_At any rate,_ she thought, _I don't have to worry about a bikini -- any
size bikini; there's nothing to show except my slit._ Kathy went into the
bathroom and took a cold shower. After getting dressed, she put on a
jacket and walked over to the campus.

Walking across the old Campus she met Jennifer Crown, one of her
dormmates from the previous year. "Hi, Kathy! Good to see you. When did
you get back? Where are you living now? I didn't see you at the College."

Kathy and Jennifer were both assigned to Calhoun College, but Kathy had
her own apartment. It was a fact she wasn't anxious to advertise to
Jennifer. Telling Jennifer was as good as taking out a full-page ad in
_The Yale Daily News_ and Kathy wanted to maintain her privacy as much as

"What are you doing this weekend? Do you know Bill Johnson? Bill, this
is Kathy Smith, my roommate last year."

Johnson shook hands and stripped Kathy naked with his eyes. Obviously,
he liked what he saw, but Kathy didn't like him. "Kathy, I'm delighted to
meet you. We're having a party at my fraternity house on Saturday.
Jennifer has already agreed to come, and I hope you'll come, too."

"Thanks for the invitation, Bill. I'm not sure of my plans yet, but
could we leave the invitation open?"

"Of course! I'm at the Alpha house on York Street. You know where it
is, don't you? If you can make it, just tell the guys at the door that
you're my guest. They'll let you right in. Sure hope you can make it.
Jennifer, let's go! We're going to be late." With that the couple strolled
off across the campus and Kathy watched them go.

Kathy thought about the chance meeting. Jennifer was friendly enough,
but her behavior worried Kathy. Jennifer was a redhead who reminded Kathy
of poor Shirley back at Julie's. Shirley's figure was slimmer, though;
Jennifer showed signs of running to fat. Kathy smiled to herself as she
realized what really reminded her of Shirley. Like Shirley, Jennifer had a
full bush of red pubic hair.

She worried about the girl. By reputation, she was a careless drinker.
The word was that she regularly drank far more than was good for her. She
seemed to be the type who could easily lose control. Bill Johnson was good
looking and knew it. He was also a lecher. Kathy chuckled to herself.
_Give him another twenty years or so and he will be a dirty old man. If
that is so, what does that make him now?_ she wondered. The combination of
Bill and Jennifer was potentially explosive: She could easily lose control,
and he would just as quickly take advantage of the situation. Kathy walked
on over to the Sterling Library.

On Saturday, Kathy remembered the invitation to the party at the Alpha
house. She worried about Jennifer. _It's curious,_ she thought, _Jennifer
is about my age, but I think of her as a kid. I feel like I'm her mother.
I just don't think she could handle the aftermath of a bad scene._ With
that thought, Kathy resolved to go to the Alpha's party that night.

That evening, Kathy showered and carefully dressed. It was a warm day
as it can still be in New Haven in September. She put on a skirt and
sweater. For some reason she couldn't explain -- a premonition, perhaps --
she put on her most serviceable bra and briefs. After eating her dinner
and studying for a while, she set out for the Alpha house, planning to
arrive about midnight. There was a reason for her arrival time.
Reflecting on it, she had realized subconsciously if there was going to be
any trouble, it would likely start about then.

As she walked up to the door of the fraternity house she could hear the
party noises spilling out through the opened windows. It sounded like the
party had already passed its peak. As she walked up to the door she passed
a few couples already leaving. Since the two members on duty at the door
showed more interest in their beer than in her, she was happy to leave it
that way. From their appearance the beers were not their first of the
evening, more likely their tenth.

She told them that she was Bill Johnson's guest and one of them waved in
the general direction of the door leading down to the basement where the
remains of the party seemed to be concentrated. Kathy descended the stairs
and watched the action from a darkened corner. At the other end of the
room there were a bunch of young men with Jennifer who was standing topless
on a strong table holding a glass of beer in her hand. Her breasts were
large and, because of her youth, still firm. Her nipples were large and
flaccid. While a tape deck played _The Stripper,_ she bent at the hips and
tried to rotate her tits. Kathy didn't think she had the coordination to
do it under the best of circumstances and these were not the best.
Jennifer gave up and sat down hard on the tabletop. Bill Johnson was
standing near the table egging her on.

Jennifer had sat down on a table puddled with beer and splashed the
liquid under her. "Oh, the hell with it," she cried, stripping off her
skirt and panties. Kathy didn't think that the knee-high stockings she was
wearing enhanced her sexiness. Struggling back to her feet, she stood on
the table with her body swaying. She stuck out her hips and, drunkenly
proud of her figure, swung her head back and ran her hands up and down her
body. Finally, she drew a finger up her slit. Swaying a bit, she sat down
on the edge of the table and spread her legs as wide as she could. "You're
all a bunch of wimps," Jennifer slurred. "There's not a man in this house.
I'm all woman, and I'll take you all on, one at a time or in bunches!"

The inchoate fear that had been bothering Kathy all week jumped into
sharp focus. This was exactly what she had been fearing even though she
hadn't been able to put it into words. In her drunken state Jennifer was
asking for a gang-bang. In spite of her talk, Kathy doubted that she had
nearly the experience with men that she was advertising. Jennifer could be
badly hurt physically and at the very least there would be serious
emotional scars. Nevertheless, some men, led by Bill Johnson, were
starting to shed their clothes. Kathy had no clear idea what to do but if
she did not do something now it would be too late.

Pushing through the group of men Kathy reached Jennifer. Her chin had
lolled down on her chest and she was only moments away from passing out.
Kathy was sure that at least a few of the guys weren't above fucking
Jennifer even if she were unconscious.

Grabbing the girl by the hair, she lifted her head up. The girl's eyes
were glassy; she was about to pass out. The men, taken by surprise, stood
motionless. Facing the group Kathy sneered, "What do you want to fool
around with a drunken slut for? Aren't you afraid of getting something
contagious?" She allowed Jennifer's head to drop to the table. Although
her movements were apparently disdainful, she took care that Jennifer's
head didn't hit the table hard.

The men looked at Kathy and for the first time realized what a gorgeous
woman had entered the room. If they were willing to fuck Jennifer, they
dreamed of a girl like Kathy. She took advantage of their inaction. "Do
any of you guys shoot pool? I see a pool table here."

The guys looked at one another in amazement. _Is this girl crazy? What
is she thinking about?_

"Jennifer challenged your manhood. I'll challenge your skill. I'll
take on the house champion or anyone else in a game of rotation. Every
time a ball is sunk the other player has to take off an item of clothing.
When we run out of clothing, we do what the other player wants. Is anyone

They all looked at Bill Johnson. He leered at Kathy and said, "I'll
take you on. I'm the house champ. Since you challenged, I get to break."

Drinks were cleared off the pool table that was standing in the middle
of the room. The cover was removed and tossed towards the corner while
another member brought over the balls and racked them up. Kathy went over
to the wall to select a cue. As she examined the bedraggled collection,
she could see Johnson putting together what was obviously his personal cue
stick. It looked like it cost more than the rest of the cues combined. It
appeared to be very well-made and to have beautiful balance.

Kathy was worried. She had issued her challenge without any prior
thought. It was just the first thing that came into her head as a possible
way out of a dangerous situation. She looked at the boys who had all
undressed her with their eyes. _Oh, well,_ she thought, _I can physically
handle them all if it comes to that._ Kathy found one cue that was
reasonably straight and still had a tip on it. It was the only one that
appeared even close to being usable.

Bill stood at the end of the table crouched over his cue. He lined up
his shot and let fly. The cue ball crashed into the point ball at the head
of the rack. The balls flew around the table, and she heard one drop,
followed by another. Calmly she stripped off her sweater and stepped out
of her skirt. Carefully she hung them over a stool where it appeared they
wouldn't get soaked. The boys cheered. They stared at her gorgeous body
now clad only in a bra and briefs.

Kathy relaxed as she realized she had an advantage. She was used to
being naked around men who were dressed, but they weren't used to being
close to a nude woman.

Bill stared at Kathy and then looked back at the table for his next
shot. He found the one-ball at the opposite end of the table from the cue
ball. He had a shot. After carefully lining it up, he stroked. Kathy
could see his hand trembling slightly as he did. The ball dropped into the
corner pocket.

Kathy calmly removed her bra and put it on the stool with the rest of
her clothes. Now all she was wearing was a pair of loafers and her
panties. To heighten the impact of her body on Johnson, she reached out her
arms and stretched.

The boys audibly groaned as she just stood waiting with her back
straight and her breasts with their small nipples erect. Bill Johnson was
just watching with his mouth agape. His blood pressure had been rising as
he watched Kathy's performance. He looked back at the pool table in an
effort to regain his concentration. When he had taken his previous shot,
he had been so busy trying to control his shaking hands, he had not really
paid attention to the location of the two-ball. In rotation, the balls
must be hit in order, starting with the one. A player gets credit for any
ball sunk as long as the cue ball hits the correct target ball first.
Johnson didn't have a shot. The two-ball was in a nearly unreachable
position. His only hope was a shot off the cushion and then to the
two-ball. His shot missed. His miss caused the one-ball to come back on
the table to be spotted on the mark.

Now it was Kathy's turn, and she had a clear line to the spotted
one-ball. Calmly she lined up her shot and stroked the cue. The cue ball
struck the one-ball perfectly; it sank in the corner pocket, while the cue
ball caromed off and sank the fifteen-ball in the other corner. She looked
at Bill who took off his jacket and tie. The other men booed. Their
sympathies were already starting to shift towards Kathy.

Johnson just shrugged off their jeers with the comment, "You said two
pieces of clothing. You didn't say we had to start with the same number of
articles on."

Kathy just smiled and looked back at the table. She had a good shot on
the two-ball at the far corner. She delicately rolled the cue ball down
the table. It struck the two which caromed into the nine which dropped
while leaving the two-ball sitting at the edge of the pocket. Bill took
off his shirt. Kathy sank the two with sufficient spin on the cue ball to
take it back up the table to give her a shot on the three. She sank the
three-ball in the corner; the cue ball ran back on the opposite side of the
table and sank the twelve in the side pocket.

Bill let his pants drop and took off a shoe. The boys cheered. "Go get
him, Kathy." They had learned her name from Bill as they set up the table.

Kathy lined up her shot on the four-ball. With six balls off the table
it was getting easier to set up clear shots. Calmly she dropped the
four-ball into the side pocket with the cue ball rolling to a stop, set up
on the five. She watched as Bill took off his other shoe. The five-ball
sank; off came a sock. The six-ball rolled into the corner; off came the
other sock.

Now there were just six balls left on the table. Johnson was down to
his shorts and was starting to shiver. It was a combination of the chill
in the air, but even more it reflected his increasing embarrassment. By
this time everyone still in the house had gathered downstairs with their
attention divided between Kathy's body and the pool table.

Calmly, she stroked the cue ball. It struck the seven-ball sharply
driving it into a corner pocket; the cue ball came back setting up on the
number eight. Kathy stood up from the table and watched Bill. He dropped
his shorts, and stood up. Kathy had thought that he was well built when he
took off his pants. With nothing on it was obvious that he was.
Surrounded by now-jeering fraternity brothers, he didn't know what to do.
He was blushing crimson in embarrassment.

Kathy turned back to the table and sank the eight; the cue ball caromed
off it and sank the fourteen as well. "I'm sorry guys, but it looks like
the game's over. Bill, my first wish is for you to pick up Jennifer, get
her dressed and get her back home... without doing anything else to her.
My second wish is to get dressed again and go home myself."

"That's not fair, Kathy! Those weren't two wishes; those were five,"
Johnson protested.

Kathy glared at him and picked up her cue stick again. In a matter of
moments the last three balls were off the table, leaving only Kathy's cue
stick where she had placed it down beside the cue ball that was still
slowly spinning. "Okay. Now I have five wishes. Go to it, Buster!"

Calmly, Kathy walked over to where she had left her clothes; the boys moved back to give her room. She picked up her bra and secured it, then
stepped into her skirt and slipped on her sweater. "Is there a mirror
around somewhere? I need to fix my hair. And by the way, can a girl get a
beer in this place?"

The men cheered. One rushed up with a bottle of beer and a clean glass
he had found somewhere. In spite of being nearly naked in front of them
she now had their respect. Someone wiped off a stool carefully with a
towel to be sure it was dry and offered her a seat which she accepted
gratefully. She was delighted at the way things had finally worked out.
When she had arrived the situation was turning ugly. Now, a more-normal
collegiate good humor was restored.

Kathy looked towards the end of the room where Bill and a friend were
struggling to get Jennifer dressed. Getting off her stool she went and
joined them. Jennifer couldn't stand up. The two boys were ignoring her
nakedness but were not making any progress in dressing her.

Again, Kathy grabbed Jennifer by her hair and raised her head. "Wake
up, Jennifer. It's time to go home." Her head felt like it was unattached
to her body. Kathy could tell that if she released her hold on the girl's
hair her head would just drop. Firmly, she slapped her face, once, twice,
three times. Jennifer's eyes blinked. Kathy slapped her twice more. Her
eyes opened as she started to come to. "Come on Jennifer. It's time to
get dressed and go home." By this time the girl had revived enough to be
able to stand with support from the two men. Kathy got her panties on and
got her skirt up to her waist. _At least she's back to the topless
condition I found her in,_ she thought.

"Where is her bra and top?" Kathy asked.

Someone produced the girl's bra. It was the lacy sort of thing that
provided no support but was the kind she thought Jennifer would be wearing
tonight. She fastened the clasp and then got the girl's blouse back on.
Fortunately, it buttoned. Kathy didn't have to try to get it on over her

"She's all yours, guys. Be sure she gets home safely. Does anyone know
where her shoes are?" She was only wearing short stockings. The shoes were
found and two boys led Jennifer up the stairs.

Kathy returned to her beer. "Thanks for keeping it for me. Can I buy a

Two hours later Kathy left the Alpha House. Two of the brothers
insisted on walking her home pointing out that downtown New Haven wasn't
the safest place in the world at three in the morning. The night at the
fraternity house had ended with drinking songs and football fight songs.
The finale was Cole Porter's _Boola Boola._ *Chapter 8*

Thinking it had been a good year, Kathy stretched on her bed like a cat.
It was Thursday and it was spring. Pulling aside the covers, she hopped
out of bed and went to the bathroom where she spent a few minutes studying
her body in the mirror. She felt her flat belly. Was there fat creeping
in? She turned slowly, looking at her reflection critically from every
angle. Was she starting to age? She knew that women reached their
physical peak in their late teens. Was she over the hill? As she
reflected critically, she decided that she had a few good years left.

It was just as well because she had a lot to do. After talking with her
advisor, she was now confirmed in her desire to go to law school. Although
she thought about calling Bob Ferguson to ask for his help, she decided not
to. Bob had not been the same since his wife, Belle, and daughter, Sandy,
had been killed in that tragic plane crash. She was sure that Bob would
help her, though, since she wanted to go to University of Virginia Law
School, which was his school. In addition to his alumni connections Bob
was very well connected around the state.

After dressing she went out to get the mail even though she didn't get
very much. Most of her bills were paid directly from Norfolk. Mrs.
Wilson, Bob's secretary, took care of them. Most of her personal mail came
to her Yale Station post office box because she didn't normally give out
her home address to fellow students. Even her telephone was listed with
Yale as the address.

She walked over to the Yale Station post office, opened her box, and
took out a single letter. The paper was Crane's and there was no return
address. As she walked out onto the old Campus still looking at it, Kathy
laughed at herself. _There is one easy way of solving the mystery. Open
it!_ She finally did. It was written in calligraphy. _Someone is a
beautiful penman or paid someone else who is._ It was formally addressed to
Miss Katherine J. Smith. While still in prep school she had adopted
Jenkins as her middle name.

She skimmed the letter and then started over and read it again slowly.
The president, officers and members of the Alpha Fraternity earnestly
requested that she accept the nomination as queen of their fraternity, and
to represent them in the campus-wide _Queen of Yale College_ contest. She
thought for a moment and grinned. _It will drive the lesbians at Yale
absolutely crazy. And it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of guys._

Instead of writing, she decided to walk over to the house and accept the
invitation personally. At the same time she could find out what was
expected of a fraternity queen. It was almost five o'clock when she
reached the Alpha house. After ringing the bell she walked into the
entrance hall. Knowing the usual disarray around the house, she stopped
and yelled, "Anybody home?"

Moments later, male bodies started to appear from every direction.
"Hey, guys, it's Kathy," someone yelled. In no time there was a crowd in
the hall. For some reason, she felt like Snow White with the seven dwarfs.
"Did you get our invitation?" asked one. "Will you do it for us, Kathy?"
asked another.

The president of the house, a senior named John Robinson, came up to
her. John was one of the two members who had walked her home after the
September party. She was shocked as he took her in his arms and gave her a
big kiss. When she started to blush under her tan, John's face fell and he
suddenly looked like a little boy who had done something wrong. "I'm
sorry, Kathy. I was just so glad to see you! I didn't mean to insult

"Don't be silly, John. You just took me by surprise. I came over after
receiving your wonderful invitation to find out what it's all about."

"That's great, Kathy. Say, could you stay for dinner? Tonight the
members have to wear jackets and ties, so they're less likely to act like
the slobs they really are. Will you join us, please?"

There was a loud chorus of pleas from the group around her. "Sure, I
would love to," she replied. "When do we eat?"

"Well, dinner will be served at six-fifteen. As you can see, most of
these guys have a lot of cleaning up to do before they come down to
dinner." John verbally underscored his last words to make sure his
fraternity brothers got the message. "Would you like to join those few of
us who are dressed for a drink before dinner?" John led the way downstairs
to the bar. When Kathy stopped at the foot of the stairway and inspected
the scene, John reddened. "I'm sorry, Kathy. I shouldn't have brought you
down here... not after that night."

Kathy brightened and grinned at him, "Maybe I earned the invitation to
be your queen that night. Most of your members know what I _really_ look
like. Don't worry about it. You saw only a few square inches more of me
than you would at the beach. I really don't mind."

John smiled and seated her on a stool while he went behind the bar.
There were only two other members with them. John looked at them quickly,
then at Kathy. He swallowed hard and said, "Kathy, thank you for what you
did. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. The next day, when the guys sobered up, we realized what might have happened. We could all be headed
for prison right now, convicted of rape. The other girl -- Jennifer,
wasn't it? -- was in no condition to consent to anything. I guess she's
probably legal age, but it still would have been rape.

"Kathy, something has been bothering us for months. You did the bravest
thing we've ever seen. It may have been too late, but the next day we
realized that you did it deliberately. We were convinced that had it
worked out differently you would have been lying on that pool table with
your legs spread wide. You _were_ going through with it, weren't you."

Kathy blushed. "I didn't really think that far ahead," she lied. "But
I just couldn't allow Jennifer to wreck her life and a lot of other lives
as well. Anyway, it all worked out and I didn't even catch a cold! By the
way, are you reneging? I only let you lure me down here with the promise
of a drink. Where is it?"

John smiled at her. "Anything in the house is yours, mademoiselle. The
finest champagne, the best imported liquors, the... Anyway, the beer's
cold. And Kathy, we want you to know that we know we can never thank you
enough. I hope you understand that we really do love you. You are the
sweetheart of the Alpha house. Now how about a beer?"

Kathy was looking down at the bar counter after hearing the heartfelt
statement. When she looked up, there were tears rolling down her cheeks.
"Thank you." She grinned through her tears and added, "But what's a girl gotta do to get a drink around here?"

The beer and a clean handkerchief were both quickly produced. The
members found all sorts of fascinating things around the room to absorb
their attention as Kathy dried her eyes.

At dinner she was seated on John's right as the guest of honor. She
looked up in surprise to see Bill Johnson sitting across from her. "Kathy,
I don't want to embarrass you but I'm sitting here because I'm
vice-president of the house... and because I want to. Kathy, you saved my
life that night. It cost me a little embarrassment -- and I'm afraid it
cost you a great deal -- but it saved me twenty years in the Connecticut
State Penitentiary. Thank you, Kathy."

She looked at him and saw tears forming at the corners of his eyes.
Impulsively, she reached across the table and took his hand. "Bill, I had
an unfair advantage. My body is reasonably attractive. When I had almost
all of my clothes off, it wrecked your concentration. With our clothes on,
Bill, you would beat me ten times out of ten."

She turned towards John and said, "Before this evening gets completely
out of hand, could you tell me what this queen business is all about. What
is the queen supposed to do?"

Bill and John both visibly relaxed. John said, "It's brand new, Kathy.
Bill and I will try to fill you in. There is a competition in three parts:
brains, looks, and athletic ability." He looked straight at Kathy. "Please
don't take this the wrong way -- none of the brothers know you very well --
but you are pretty smart, aren't you?"

Kathy blushed again. "This isn't my night. I'm starting to resemble a
lobster, I've been blushing so much. But yes, I guess I am reasonably
intelligent." They both continued to look at her. "Okay, I'll admit it. I
was just informed that I have been elected to Phi Beta Kappa."

"Aren't you only a junior, though?" Bill asked. Kathy just nodded.
Bill stood up and tapped on his glass for attention. "Gentlemen, it gives
me great pleasure to announce to you that Miss Katherine J. Smith has
consented to be our queen this spring."

The dining room exploded with the members' cheers and whistles. When
order was partially restored, Bill tapped his glass again, and they quieted
down. "I have also just learned that our queen, Miss Smith, a junior here
at Yale, has just been elected to Phi Beta Kappa." Before he was drowned
out by the shouting he yelled, "We've got the brains side locked!"

All the brothers crowded around Kathy's chair. She finally stood up and
set up an impromptu receiving line. After shaking hands, kissing or
hugging each member, they all sat down.

"Kathy," John said, "I hope it's obvious to you that the brothers love
you. By the way, you aren't in a fraternity or sorority, are you?"

"No. Why?" she replied, puzzled.

John didn't reply. Instead, he stood up and tapped his glass again.
"Gentlemen, I have an announcement to make. As you know, our national
bylaws have recently been revised to permit the induction of women into
Alpha. I hope you will all join me in extending a bid to Miss Katherine J.
Smith to become the first female member of Alpha fraternity here at Yale!"

Again, the dining room exploded. This time, a line formed snaking
around the room, singing the fraternity's song. Kathy just sat in her
chair, stunned.

John motioned for her to go into the next room with him. He turned and
looked into her eyes. "Kathy, I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking. As you know,
the Alpha's are champion non-thinkers. I just want you to know that we may
be inept but we are sincere. There are a thousand reasons why we would
like you to be a member. I wish I could think of even one reason why you
might say yes. I can't. But please say 'yes' anyway, Kathy?"

"Yes, John. I would be proud to pledge the Alpha fraternity. What
happens now?"

"Just a minute. I'll be right back." John tore out of the living room
and went up stairs. Moments later he was back with a small box in his
hand. "Kathy, this is your pledge pin for Alpha. Will you put it on?"

"Would you pin it on please, John?"

He opened the pin and came up to her. He was so nervous, his hands were
shaking so the point of the pin went into her left breast.

"Ouch!" she yelped. "Maybe it would be safer if I did it." She attached
the pin to her sweater and then, going up on her toes, kissed John soundly
on the cheek. John's face reddened with embarrassment as he slowly rubbed
the spot she had kissed.

"Kathy, you know us well enough to know that we aren't the most suave
fraternity on campus. We mean well most of the time but we don't often get
it right. I don't think I want to mess with a lot of pledge garbage with
you. I'll give you a book to read with all the stuff you are supposed to
know. Maybe we could have the initiation tonight?"

She agreed immediately and said, "Come on, John. The cook will kill us
both if his dinner gets any colder. He must wonder what's going on out

They returned to the dining room where the members were returning to
their seats. "Gentleman, Kathy has consented to pledge Alpha. Her pledge
period has begun. It will end at the initiation following dinner."

With food now on the table, the members settled for a loud cheer.

When dinner was over, John took Kathy into the living room while the
other members changed. "What happens now?" she asked.

John looked pensive. "I really don't know. Things are moving too fast.
Just about an hour ago we were wondering if you would consent to be our
queen. Thanks again for saying yes. Most of the brothers were certain you
would say no. One of the guys was pretty graphic in his description of
what you would say we could do with our invitation. But the house decided
to invite you anyway because you are the only girl we really wanted.

"As far as the initiation goes, I just don't know. We're a pretty rowdy
crowd with the reputation of being drunken jocks. Unfortunately, the
description is too often accurate. It extends to our initiations. Things
come close to getting out of hand. No one had even _thought_ of inviting a
woman to join the house. It's never even been discussed. When we got word
of the National's action, the guys just had a big laugh."

He looked at her and added, "Kathy, I can't promise you won't be
embarrassed a little, but you won't be hurt. You are the most courageous
girl any of us has ever met, so it should be okay." As they were talking,
the members were trooping back downstairs wearing older clothes. "Come on,
Kathy. I guess it's time. We're going downstairs again."

When the members assembled in the basement room, it was strangely quiet.
The members were looking at each other wondering what to do next.

"What about the initiation uniform?" a member called out. John blushed.

"What's the initiation uniform, John?" Kathy asked.

"It's a fraternity tradition here at Alpha. Pledges are only allowed to
wear their underwear."

Kathy went over to the bar and stepped out of her loafers. After
stripping off her sweater, she stepped out of her skirt. Now she was
wearing only a bra and a pair of bikini briefs. There was a gasp from the
members. "Okay, John, I'm in my initiation uniform. What's next?"

"How about the honey?" a member suggested from the back of the room.
Again John reddened.

"It doesn't sound like that could hurt," Kathy said, "I don't know what
he means, but let's do it."

A couple of the members slid small square tables together. Three tables
formed a surface about two feet wide and six feet long. Kathy went towards

"Kathy, you have to lie on your back on the table." Members steadied the
tables while Kathy sat on one and gracefully swung her legs around and lay
down. "Reach down and back and hold on to the legs with your hands." With
her arms reaching down, her breasts jutted out. There was another gasp
from the members.

A member produced a large jar of honey. He uncapped it and passed it to
John. "This will be an eating contest. We pour the honey over you, and
members lick it off. Are you ready?"

Kathy remembered some of the strange requests at Julie's. At Julie's
though, the substances were usually put on the girl's breasts and cunt.
Although it had never been done to her, the girls reported that it was sort
of kinky but nice.

She gripped the table legs as John let the honey run in a stream. He
began at the bottom edge of her bra and started pouring. He went over her
navel and down her right leg to her foot. Righting the jar, he returned to
her navel and followed a line down her left leg. Then he went back to her
belly and let the honey form large circles as he went around and around her
abdomen, belly and up to her breasts again. Then he moved back a step to
examine his handiwork and decided to pour more on her chest and shoulders.
Finally, he poured it on her face, chin, forehead and ended with honey on
her lips.

Kathy felt that it had been like a chinese water torture, as the honey
slowly flowed across her body. Although she couldn't see anything, she
could feel her body heat thin the honey and allow it to flow across her
bodily curves.

Just then she heard John call out, "I guess it's time, guys." With that,
he bent over and started to lick the honey around her lips, ending with a
kiss. She could feel other tongues all over her body licking up the sweet
sticky substance.

_Thank God,_ Kathy thought. It was the end of her period and she was
still wearing a super-absorbent tampon. As she felt her sexual juices
start to flow she fought to keep from writhing on the table tops. She
could sense members changing places as they took turns on her body and she
could hear the sounds of their licking the full length of her body. One
spread her legs slightly so he could chase the honey that was flowing
between her thighs. When he did she could feel his tongue rasping on her
sensitive inner flesh.

"Have you ever seen skin like this?" she heard one member ask. "She is
flawless. I don't know what to do. I could run my tongue over her body
all day long, but I can handle only so much honey."

Meanwhile, her juices continued to flow. It was an exquisite form of
torture as she fought to keep from moaning and crying out. She wanted to
writhe on the table top but, with an effort of will, managed to remain
still. After what seemed like hours it was over and they helped her up to
a sitting position on a table. Kathy stretched and massaged her aching
shoulder muscles to work out the kinks from having her arms outstretched
below her. She could still see some honey on her bikini. The fabric at
the hips was so narrow that John hadn't stopped pouring as he went across.
_I should be flattered,_ she thought. _The guys would rather lick the
honey from me than from fabric._

A member gave her a glass of beer. She took it gratefully and drank it,
suddenly realizing how thirsty she was. Again the members were looking
around at one another obviously trying to figure out what to do next.

"I think that's about enough, guys, don't you?" John said in a voice
loud enough to carry across the room, "What do you say?"

A voice called out, "No one has ever been initiated into Alpha without
being paddled. It's tradition!"

John blushed again.

"I guess you have to do it, John. This is Yale and tradition must be
observed. Let's do it!" Kathy said, making a little face and touching her

A few moments later some members appeared carrying a strange object
draped with a sheet. Kathy was puzzled as others put the tables back
against the wall and positioned the object where the tables had been. One
stripped off the sheet and threw it towards the corner. The object was a
strange-shaped leather-covered piece of furniture. It had a sloping top
covered with a leather pad and it seemed that the height of its legs was

"Come with me, Kathy," John said softly.

She followed him over to the object and studied it. She thought she
knew what was coming next as members looked at her long legs and made
tentative adjustments to its legs. She realized how it worked. To save
John from further embarrassment she went over and lay over the higher end.
"Is this the right way?" she asked.

"You got it, but the height isn't quite right." he replied.

She straightened up and stepped away to give them room to work. Final
adjustments were made on the object's legs and then they were solidly

When Kathy bent over it again, her toes just touched the floor and there
were hand grips that she could just reach. She realized there were
handcuffs which could be secured. As she lay on it she could feel the
stickiness of the vestigial honey against the object's leather. Because of
its stickiness, her body couldn't easily slide. She could feel the contact
from her abdomen to her shoulders.

"Do you want the handcuffs, Kathy?" she heard John say. "If you move,
we have to wait and start over, so they're there to help you if you want."

"Thanks, John. I think I can hold on. Let's go."

Kathy realized that in her present position her ass was her body's
highest point. It was up in the air and exposed to anything. She just lay
there with her hair cascading over her head towards the floor, waiting.
She didn't know what would happen, but she knew about fraternity paddles
and assumed that one would be used on her. Then a stroke hit her
almost-bare cheeks lightly. Was he just trying the range? There was
another and another. Kathy was surprised. They weren't at all hard, but
they kept coming. She could feel her ass cheeks reddening as the light
blows continued.

Then she felt something else. _My God,_ she thought, _I'm a masochist!
This spanking is turning me on!_

Still it continued, not hard, but with increasing frequency. She
gripped the handholds and gritted her teeth to silence the moans that she
was sure would come. She knew that, were it not for the tampon, her cuntal
juices would be running down her legs in a river. Faster and faster the
paddle came down on her small bottom. She realized that she was being
struck harder but it didn't really hurt. _My bottom must be cherry red by
now,_ she thought. _Now aren't you sorry you don't have a well-padded ass?
It may not be pretty, but it sure would be useful right about now!_ Still
the beating continued. She had no idea of the passage of time. It seemed
like she had been in this position for hours, but it couldn't have been
more than a matter of a few minutes.

Now she realized that her clit was being stimulated from contact with
the sharp curve on the leather top. With a supreme effort of will she
tried to keep herself from writhing in ecstasy. The spanking continued and
now her insides were in agony from the sexual stimulation. Kathy realized
she was suffering not from physical pain but from the sexual pleasure she
was trying so desperately to control. Her sweat was running down her back
and into her hair and she was in agony.

It was no use. She felt her pelvis shake as her release came. Although
she kept from crying out, she knew that her juices had overwhelmed the
tampon and were flowing down her legs. As she clung to the hand grips she
hoped that the light in the cellar wasn't good enough for the members to
see what had happened to her. Suddenly, it was over. The assault of the
paddle on her nether cheeks stopped and Kathy collapsed on the device.

"Kathy, you were great," she heard John say, "I hope I didn't hurt you."
He helped her straighten up and then held her as a wave of dizziness passed
over her.

She pulled her damp hair back from her face with one hand and looked at
him. His eyes were bright. _He knows what happened,_ Kathy thought. She
touched her bottom which was stinging now and was hot to the touch. "Ouch,
I'll be crippled for life," she said as she ruefully rubbed her tender

"I think you might like to clean up now, wouldn't you... sister Kathy?"
John said softly.

"I certainly would. Where can I go?" Kathy asked.

"Hey, guys," John called out, "Kathy wants to get cleaned up. Make sure
no one is wandering around on the main floor and get most of the junk out
of the good bathroom. Let's go!"

The members rushed for the stairway. When they heard the coast was
clear, John and Kathy followed them up with another member carrying Kathy's
clothing. She smiled her thanks as she was shown into a typical fraternity
bathroom that showed signs of a hurried attempt at cleanup.

_Oh, well,_ Kathy thought, _I'm used to places like this._

The boy hung her clothes on a hook where they wouldn't get wet and
carefully closed the door as he left.

Kathy took off her bra and looked down at her bikini. Turning on the
shower she adjusted the water temperature and then stepped in. Using the
soap she washed the bikini she was still wearing. She shrugged, reached
out for her bra, put it back on and washed it as well. Then she stepped
out of the shower, stripped her underwear off again and hung them over a
towel to dry.

Stepping back into the shower she soaped her body. Between the honey,
her sweat and her sexual juices she felt grubby. One of the boys had
supplied a bottle of shampoo which she used to soap her hair. Strands
still stuck together as she worked the lather in. She repeated the process
until it was as clean as usual. _There is no conditioner, but a girl can't
have everything,_ she thought. Finally she pulled out the tampon and
soaped her cleft. She worked her fingers in and let the water pour on it.
Gently, she massaged her bottom which was sore, but didn't really hurt.
She was reasonably sure that it hadn't been bruised. Shifting the water to
cold, she let it run over her body, then stood shivering as it flowed over
her nipples causing them to harden.

Finally, after running her hands over her body be sure she hadn't missed
anything, she shut off the water and stepped out. Picking up a clean bath
towel, she rubbed her body vigorously. There was no sign of a hair dryer
so she used the towel. Since her golden hair had a natural wave to it, all
she had to do was comb it. It would be almost back to normal when it
finally dried.

When she picked up her undies, she found the bikini was wearable because
there was so little to it. Her bra was still too wet to put back on so she
put it in her purse. Then she slipped on her skirt and sweater and combed
her hair. She felt good as she ran a comb through her thick hair. Leaving
the bathroom she received a warm smile from the two brothers who had been
guarding the door.

When she went down the stairs, she found the members waiting for her.
As she appeared on the steps, one of the brothers yelled, "Three cheers for
Sister Kathy! Hip, Hip..." There was a thunderous roar as the cheer

Kathy stood on the steps and watched. When the cheer ended, she said,
"Thank you so much. I was just thinking that I never had any brothers.
Now I have dozens. I'm honored that you asked me. Normally, brothers and
sisters just appear. We don't have a choice. I'm flattered to be chosen
as your sister."

She continued down the stairs and was met at the bottom by John.
"Kathy, the last time I did this, I stuck you with the pin. I have a
fraternity pin for you. The brothers voted to buy you a jeweled pin as our
gift to you. Will you wear this for us in the meantime?"

"Of course I will, John. After all, I earned it... or at least my
bottom did. Thank you all so very much." Carefully, she took off the
hours-old pledge pin and replaced it with her new member's pin.

She had pitched her voice loud enough to be heard by the members. Now
she spoke quietly to John, "Can we go somewhere and talk? I have a very
sore bottom, thanks to you. I'm now a brother -- sister? -- in the house,
after possibly the shortest pledge period in history, but I still haven't
found out what I came for. What is this queen business all about?"

"Let's go to the dining room. We can talk there. I'll get Bill to join
us. He knows more about it than anyone else in the house." John located
Bill and the three went back to the now-empty dining room. The boys grinned as Kathy very gingerly seated herself on the chair. John looked
concerned. "I hope I didn't hurt you."

She smiled at him, "No, you didn't. But I'll remember it for a long
time. Now, what's the story?"

"It's a new event, Kathy," Bill said, "And it's still evolving. At
dinner I indicated the three parts of the competition. The brains and
beauty you have in spades. But what about the athletic part? Excuse me
for saying so, but the guys were creaming in their jeans watching you
tonight. You have an athlete's muscles and an athlete's way of moving.
Have you had dance training? You look like you have. There's one other
thing that I almost hate to bring up. You know there are a lot of lesbians at this school?"

Kathy made a face. "Are there ever! Around here a girl would be afraid
of being accosted in an all-girl dorm. This must be the only school in the
country with multiple lesbian organizations. There are three different
ones, aren't there?"

"I think that's about right," Bill responded. "As you know, the
lesbians don't like us very much. First, we're men... Well, most of us
are. Second, we sexually exploit girls; we hold them up as sex objects. I
have to say it, Kathy: you are the most gorgeous sex object I've ever seen"

Kathy gave a mock bow, and grinned. "Thank you, kind sir. I am only
here to serve my lords and masters."

John winked at her and grinned at Bill. "She's got that right. I
wonder who's been training her?"

"At any rate, Kathy," Bill continued, "we have reason to believe there
will be demonstrations, disruptions, and possibly an all-around mess.
Frankly, this house is in enough trouble with the administration. We don't
want any more. On the other hand, we would like to do it. But look,
Kathy, maybe it would be better if you withdrew?"

"Not on your life! I'm in it whether you like it or not. I'm now a
brother in the house. Our honor is at stake. Look, let me know as soon as
you get more details. By the way, I don't think you have my telephone
number. Let me give it to you. But I would appreciate it if it wasn't
broadcast around. I normally keep pretty much to myself."

She gave them the number and John wrote it down on a slip of paper that
he then stuck in his wallet. Kathy looked up at a clock. "Good heavens,
is that time right? The clock says it's almost three! If it is, I have to
dash. I have a nine o'clock class."

Once again John walked her home, this time alone. As they walked along
the darkened streets, John looked at her. "Kathy, I know what happened
tonight. I was swinging the paddle. I didn't know anyone could have the
physical control you did. You came, didn't you?"

Kathy stopped and faced him, looking up at the tall young man, "Of
course. I could feel my cum running down my legs. Could you see it?" John
nodded. She stepped into his arms, kissed him lingeringly on the lips, and
then stepped back. John looked like he had been hit by a truck.

"I just wanted you to know, John, I _do_ like men." She looked at him
with concern, "Are you okay?"

John ran his hand slowly across his lips. "If being hit by a truck is
okay, then I'm okay. My God, what a kiss! Kathy, there's a volcano inside
you. What I saw tonight was like a lava flow. When there's an eruption --
and there will be, sooner or later -- the poor guy that makes it happen
won't have a chance. You know that, don't you? I'm sorry it isn't me.
But that was the hottest sisterly kiss I could imagine."

He visibly brightened and added, "You are my sister, now, anyway. Come
on, Sis, let's get you home." *Chapter 9*

Kathy was sitting in her easy chair reading a history book. Although
several weeks had passed since her initiation, she still couldn't quite
categorize the evening. It had reddened her bottom but hadn't hurt her.
She had come to orgasm in front of the members, but John had assured her
that he was the only one who knew. She had been repeatedly cheered to the
rafters by her new brothers and they had all had a taste of her
honey-covered body.

Every time one of the brothers saw her, if he felt he was unobserved, he
would lick his lips and murmur, "Yum!"

Yet all in all, the net of it was pleasant.

Then the phone rang. It was Bill calling: "Kathy, I have more
information on the queen contest. The group running it called around today
and said the date is being moved up to this weekend. It was supposed to be
in four weeks, but the word is out that the lesbians are planning a
gathering of the sisterhood from around the whole Northeast to protest. We
hear the group even chartered a bunch of busses to bring lezzies down from
Boston. The organizers are trying to derail the protest by changing the
timing. Can you handle the change in date, Kathy? I've got to get right
back to them."

"Of course, Bill. I wouldn't miss this for the world! What am I
supposed to bring?"

"There are three parts, you know. I guess you wear whatever you want to
for the 'brains' part. You'll need a bathing suit for the beauty part.
You have a choice of type. I'm not really sure about the athletics. I
guess you ought to have a sweat suit, good all-purpose athletic shoes,
shorts and a top. Does that sounds like it covers it?

"By the way, there is something you should know. Before they got word
of the date change, the lesbians, citing the campus-wide nature of the
contest, entered contestants, too. Each organization has only a single
nominee. The rumor is that they got a bunch of radical organizations to
sign blank nominating papers. Personally, I don't think they care about
winning; I think they just want to wreck the competition."

"Thanks for the warning, Bill. The clothes sound about right. Let me
know if you hear anything more."

Saturday was a brilliant spring day in April that comes to New Haven
every ten years or so. Kathy dressed, picked up the small bag that held
her clothing changes and walked to Strathcona Hall in time to be there at
nine o'clock. As she walked down the hall towards the designated room, she
met Bill and John.

"Kathy, it's apparently working the way we thought," Bill said. "The
test is the GRE that they got from the folks in Princeton. There are a
couple of girls down there we recognize as Phi Bete's. They're ugly as sin
but they're smart as hell. The regular contestants are mostly looking

Kathy entered the hall which was normally used for large lectures.
There appeared to be nearly one-hundred girls present and it was obvious at
a glance which were which. The minority appeared to be very attractive
girls who were real contestants. She saw the brains that Bill had spoken
of, but there were other girls there who puzzled her. A few were built
like men. Then she remembered the athletic competition. Although she
didn't know what events would be contested, she figured that was what they
were there for.

The girls took alternate seats as if it was a normal exam. But because
of the competition, there would be no cheating on this one. The answer
sheets were passed out followed by the test booklets and then the
contestants were instructed to open their books and begin.

Kathy started through the examination. Although she did not realize it,
her brain worked like a computer on tests of this nature. She went through
the sections, marking her machine-readable answer sheet. Finishing the
two-hour test with time to spare, she turned it in and left the room.

Bill and John, joined by some of the other brothers, were sitting
against the wall waiting for her. "How did it go, Kathy?" John asked

"I think I did all right." She smiled at them. "I understand that the
grades will be posted at one o'clock. The athletic contests, whatever they
turn out to be, will start at two-thirty out at the Bowl. The beauty
contest is this evening. Tell you what! How about if sister buys her
brothers a lunch at Mory's? Anybody interested?"

They gathered up their gear and went over to Mory's on York Street. At
eleven-thirty, it was just opening for lunch so they were able to get a
large table. When they were all seated, the brothers looked at her
sheepishly. One of Mory's famous surly waiters appeared to take their
orders. Kathy ordered steak sandwiches, medium rare, for everyone along
with pitchers of beer. The boys looked startled.

"What did you expect me to order? Watercress tea sandwiches? Mory's
doesn't make them. I asked before."

The immediate laughter broke the ice. When the meals came, they enjoyed
the lunch thoroughly. Kathy signed the check and they went back towards

It was nearly one o'clock when they got back to the examination room.
There were obvious signs of excitement as the people who were running the
testing scurried around. John cornered one of the men and asked what was
going on. There was some irregularity with the scoring but he didn't
really know what it was. He did know that some people were trying to reach
the Princeton examination people even though it was a Saturday.

The Alphas looked at each other, puzzled by the explanation.

A few minutes later the man in charge spoke up. "Ladies and gentlemen,
the results are final and will be posted in a moment. We apologize for the
delay, but we had to check with Princeton. As you know, the test
administered today is a variant of the Graduate Records Examination -- the
GRE. Of course, we are not scaling scores. We had been told that raw test
scores run in a specified range. One of our contestant's scores was
significantly above this range. Princeton confirmed that, although it is
rare, it does occur. We were able to provide assurances to them about
testing security, both before and during the test. I will post the
official results in a moment. However, I am pleased to announce the winner
of the Scholarship Competition is Katherine Smith of the Alphas!"

"My God, Kathy, you blew out the exam! Guys, I ask you. Can I pick 'em
or can I pick 'em!?" Bill grinned at Kathy who faked a punch at his jaw.

They heard some ugly noises down the hall and turned to look. The man who had just posted the standings was surrounded by a group of angry women.
"The lesbians look unhappy. I can see that at least one of their brain
types looks like she's about to cry. Let's get out to the Bowl and avoid
any trouble here."

Although there was shuttle bus service to the Yale Bowl from
Payne-Whitney Gym, they chose to take their own cars. They arrived at the
athletic area and found a group gathering around a practice track.

They walked over, took a schedule of events and then went over to a row
of trees to look it over. John read it out to them. "Good heavens,
there's a sadist loose! Kathy, the first event is the 100-meter dash.
Then comes riflery at the Armory, then back to the track for the 1,500
meter run, followed by what's called a strength competition, whatever that
is. Can you handle it? Have you ever fired a rifle?"

"I never have, Bill. But I've seen enough shooting in old war movies that I think I know how it's done. You just look through the sights,
squeeze the trigger and the bullet does the rest. I'm so proud of myself.
I even remembered that you don't pull the trigger, you squeeze it. Any

Another member of the group, Chris, spoke up. "I used to do a lot of
shooting at camp, Kathy. You have the procedure right, but a lot depends
on the type of sights on the weapon you'll use. I suspect they will give
you closed sights, but I'll tell you about the various sight patterns."
Chris proceeded to run through ring sights, post sights, and open sights.
He ended with a final tip. "Kathy, one more thing. When you have the
target fixed in your sights, take a breath, release a little of it and hold
the rest as you squeeze. You'll do just fine!"

Kathy went off to the dressing room to put on her shorts and then joined
the other girls assembling for the 100 yard dash. The event organizer was
looking around in dismay at the size of the group. With over ninety girls and only eight running lanes they would have to have twelve heats, followed
by two semifinals of six, followed by the finals. They would never get
through the first event.

He explained the problem to them and asked if any girls wanted to drop
out. Kathy looked around. The rather small number of real contestants all
chose to stay but a bunch of others dropped out. The field was cut to
forty girls who were divided into five heats. Kathy was placed in the

The Yale track had a runway, so 100 meters was run on a straightaway.
Without turns, lane position was not a factor. When the first group of
runners approached the starting line, she paid particular attention to one
of the girls who seemed to know what she was doing.

The girl backed into the starting blocks, got out and adjusted the block
position slightly, then tried again. When the blocks were adjusted to her
satisfaction, she stood up and awaited the call. Although the competition
was supposed to be for fun, it was obvious that great care was being taken
in running the events. Obviously, someone was paying attention to the
lesbian threats and wanted to be sure that the competitions were fairly

The runners were called to the line, took their positions and were off
at the starter's gun. As Kathy expected, the girl she had been watching
moved quickly ahead of the pack and just pulled away. Kathy could see her
continuing to drive at the far end of the course as she crossed the finish
line. She was the winner by more than ten yards.

Then it was Kathy's turn. Although she had watched the experienced
girl, she wasn't sure what the blocks should feel like. She concluded that
the idea was to get a powerful drive off the blocks, accelerate out and
slowly straighten up as the race progressed. She went to the blocks and
tried her stance. The blocks provided the support for the leg drive that
she expected they would. She adjusted the spacing, tried them again and
was satisfied.

The starter called. "Take your marks... Set..." The gun fired. Kathy
drove off down the track trying to keep her back straight. Her arms were
driving as she burned down the track looking straight ahead. Her legs were
driving as she passed the halfway mark and she maintained the pace until
her breasts broke the finish tape. Then she turned off the track and
slowed down. When she looked up, the guys were all around her.

"Kathy, you did it! You had the next girl by a good ten yards! Why, in
God's name, didn't you tell us you were a sprinter? It should have been
obvious, I guess, with your muscles, but... but you haven't been in
training. How did you remember your block positions? You didn't even look
at the scale!" Bill was ecstatic.

Kathy was standing with her hands on her knees catching her breath.
Someone handed her a towel which she used to wipe her face. She wrapped it
around her neck and put on her sweat suit. She looked up at Bill,
grinning. "That was the first race I ever ran in my life! I'm glad you
liked my maiden performance." She sat down on the grass and looked at their
incredulity. "Honest, guys. It really was."

Bill looked at John. "Is there no end to this girl's talents? I want
to believe her, but I can't. You can't get a start like that the first
time out of the box. My God, Kathy, sprinters work on their starts
constantly. They rehearse their drive off the boards over and over. How
did you do it?"

"I just watched the girl who won the first heat. She seemed to know
what she was doing. Watching her movements, I guess I figured out the
physics of the start. After that, I just had to keep the wheels turning."

"All she did was figure out the physics of a sprint start from a single
observation. Good Heavens! By the way, Kathy, that girl is the best
female sprinter at Yale. She burns every other sprinter in the Ivy League.
I think she's one of the lesbians."

Kathy lay down and closed her eyes. She could hear the sounds of the
other heats being run as she fell asleep. It seemed like only a second
later when someone shook her shoulder. She opened her eyes and looked into
John's face.

He said, "That's what worries me about you, Kathy. You can't seem to
relax." He grinned and added, "You've been asleep for about half an hour.
They're about to call the finals in the 100, and you're in second place.
Your time is only fractionally off Mary Snyder's. She's the sprinter who
provided your coaching on the starts. Let's go!"

He pulled Kathy to her feet and they walked over towards the starting
line. Kathy took off her sweats and a brother Alpha took them. Then she
started her stretching exercises to warm up again.

The race was called. Kathy was in the second lane, next to Mary Snyder
in lane one. After setting her blocks she stood up. Mary had finished her
preparations and was standing beside her. Kathy had an inspiration.
Turning to Mary she said, "That was a great race you ran in the first heat.
Congratulations and good luck in the finals!" She stuck out her hand to
shake. Mary, in the process of getting mentally prepared to run, was taken
aback. She mumbled something, looked at Kathy and then at Kathy's hand
still outstretched. She took her hand in a weak grip and turned away.

Just then the starter called the field. Kathy took her crouch and
rolled her weight forward with her back straight. The gun sounded and she
was off. It was an even better start than the first time. It could have
been filmed and shown as a demonstration of a perfect sprint start. Her
weight was just where it should be as she came out of the crouch and dashed
up the track with her legs driving like pistons. As she approached the
finish line, Kathy called up her last bit of energy to try to force her
legs to drive even faster. The finish line came up in a blur and she could
feel her breasts breaking the tape. Coasting down, she jogged off the
track and collapsed on the grass.

The guys who had been waiting at the finish line came running up to her,
with Bill in the lead. "My God, Kathy, you won! You beat Mary Snyder! I
don't think she's lost a race in New England in years. You left her at the
post. Your start was absolutely perfect and she blew hers. She was
gaining on you at the end but there was too much distance to make up. She
couldn't do it. What do you suppose happened to her start?"

Kathy was sitting on the grass laughing. "My God, it worked!"

"What worked?" Bill asked.

"When we were getting ready to get into the blocks, I saw Mary putting
on her game face. I realized that she was mentally preparing, so I just
stuck out my hand and wished her good luck. It must have broken her
concentration." They heard the announcement of Kathy's victory. Her time
had equaled Mary's in the first heat and had beaten her own. It was one of
the fastest female times Yale had ever recorded.

Then it was time for the shooting competition, so they went over to the
rifle range in a group. Once again many of the competitors took advantage
of the offer not to compete. This time some of the real candidates passed,

"I guess they're afraid of guns," Kathy remarked.

The field was only nineteen girls. They were shooting small-caliber
rifles on an indoor range at fifty feet. The competition was based on the
total score on five targets, five bullets at each target, fired from the
prone position. The maximum possible score would be 250.

Kathy was in the last group to shoot and elected to go outside to wait.
As they sat under a tree, Chris reviewed the sight patterns with her. Each
rifle was fitted with a rear peep sight and a hooded post sight on the
front. "Just remember, Kathy, you put the bulls-eye right on top of the
post and squeeze. Don't forget to take a breath, release a bit and hold
the rest as you squeeze." Again, Kathy lay down and was instantly asleep.

Chris tugged at her shoulder to awaken her. "Come on, champ, you're up.
Let's go!"

The guys followed her into the range. Chris had borrowed a spotting
scope which he set up behind her position as the rangemaster called the
contestants to the line. They were given their targets and five bullets
each in a wooden block. They took their positions and Chris showed her how
to adjust the sling. Kathy was wearing a shooting jacket with padded
elbows and a padded shoulder. She put a pair of sound-absorbing ear
protectors over her ears and took her position. The targets had been run
down to their position on the range.

The range master gave his orders: "Five shots, prone position. Remain
in position until all weapons have been fired and placed down on the mats
with bolts open. Load and lock. Fire at will."

Kathy sighted through the eyepiece. It was the first time she had ever
sighted on a target and was surprised to see how small it looked. She
remembered what Chris had told her. Being careful to keep the weapon
upright, she positioned the post right under the bulls-eye. She took a
breath, let out a little and started to squeeze gently. The gun fired.
She hadn't known what to expect but was afraid that the recoil would smash
her shoulder. She was surprised and pleased at how little recoil there
was. She sighted and fired again. And again. And again. This was fun!
The last bullet flew down the range and she opened the bolt ejecting the
last shell. Putting down the weapon she carefully picked up her spent

Looking around, she saw the other girls were still firing. Only one
other girl in her group seemed to know how to shoot. When the firing
stopped, they retrieved their targets using a motor-driven wire that
carried the targets back and forth on the range. She unclipped her target
and looked at it.

Chris was looking over her shoulder. "Just keep doing that, Kathy, and
we have it locked! That's a fifty! You just shot out the center of the

A judge came by and picked up her target after putting her name on it.
The competition went on. Kathy was having fun. It seemed so easy to her.
Position. Breathe and hold. Squeeze. Finally the competition was over
and again Kathy was announced as the winner with a score of 248. The girl in second place had a 231.

They left the range and walked back towards the track with Kathy still
wearing her warmups. Chris spoke to the group as they walked. "Okay. I
give up. We recruited Wonder Woman. Kathy, talking to you earlier, I
would have sworn you had no experience with target shooting. Would you
please tell me how you do it? I've been shooting for years and I've never
had a 240! And you get a 248, for God's sake. By the way, why did you
pull those two 9's?"

Kathy grinned up at him. It was great. She was having a lot of fun!
She felt that she really did have a bunch of brothers looking out for her.
"It was easy, Chris. I just did what you said. Isn't that what I was
supposed to do?" She looked up at him in feigned innocence. The others
howled with laughter. "As for the nines the judge blew the scoring on one
and the bullet must have had a slight defect on the other." She stuck out
her tongue at Chris and raced away before he could hit her.

The other guys just howled. At the track, Kathy took off her sweats.
One of the boys kidded her about 'Kathy's strip show' so she rolled her
hips, gave a little bump, and stuck out her tongue. She did her stretching
exercises carefully. The 1,500 meters was the metric mile.

Kathy was massaging her calf muscles when Jack, another Alpha, came
hurrying up carrying a blanket. He spread the blanket and had her lie down
on her stomach. He opened a bottle, poured some liquid onto her legs and
started kneading her muscles gently but firmly. "You're tightening up,
aren't you, Kathy? I worked as a team trainer in high school and here at
Yale. You can't do the kind of job you need on yourself. The 1,500 is a
bitch. If you get a leg cramp in the middle of it, it's all over."

Jack continued to work on her leg muscles. "Watch your pace in the
race. There is a very good middle-distance runner in it. I'll point her
out to you. The trick is to maintain the right pace. If it's a fast pace,
try to stay close to the front and use the lead runners as a wind screen.
It'll save a lot of effort. Watch the girl I'll point out, Charlene Brown.
If she's close to the front, try to stay with her. I know you can sprint.
It's important to have a finishing kick, which is a sprint at the end of
the race. Look out for the start, though. There could be some accidental
rough stuff with everyone jockeying for position. You can start from
blocks, but a lot of runners go from a crouch. Now how do you feel?"

"Mmm," said Kathy who was now almost asleep.

The race was called and they went out on the track. The field had
increased in size again; there were about thirty girls standing around
preparing to run. Charlene Brown, a tall black girl with long legs, was
pointed out to her. Jack was certain that she was the competition in the
race. The race was nearly four full laps on the 400-meter track.

The girls lined up with Kathy taking a position midway across the track.
The starter gave his commands and the gun sounded. They were off. Kathy
broke quickly and moved to the inside. A couple of girls were ahead of her
as they reached the first turn. Coming out of it, she glanced back and saw
Charlene was on her shoulder. Kathy was pleased to find that she could
maintain a long stride without a great deal of effort. They went through
the second turn together, maintaining relative position.

As they passed the 400-meter mark, Kathy sensed that one of the girls ahead was starting to fade. She eased over to the right to pass, still
maintaining her pace. As she came up, she saw the second girl stumble into
the back of the first. They both went down on the track as Kathy swept by.
Once into the turn she looked over her left shoulder. There was a mass of
bodies down at the point where the two girls had fallen. Apparently others
had tripped over the girls sprawled on the track.

Kathy realized with a start that she was right where she didn't want to
be: in the lead. She could hear footsteps over her shoulder she assumed
were Charlene's. She was doing exactly what Kathy had been trying to do,
staying on the shoulder of the lead runner, using her as a wind screen.
_Unfortunately,_ Kathy thought, _the lead runner is me!_

Kathy concentrated on her posture and maintaining her stride. She swept
the next turn and came up to the 800-meter mark. With her head up and
striding with her long legs she could see girls spread out ahead of her.
There was a cluster of people on the infield gathered around the girls who
had gone down. Going into the turn she maintained the pace while the sound
of footsteps continued just over her right shoulder. Kathy guessed that
she and Charlene were moving stride for stride. She was being pursued by a
chocolate shadow. Coming out of the turn she was surprised to see that she
was closing on the stragglers. Entering the next turn she went out to her
right because she was about to lap some of them. Remembering what had
happened at the 400-meter mark she allowed plenty of room. They closed the
1,200-meter mark and started into the turn.

Now the race was getting dicey. As if her shadow wasn't enough, she had
to pick her way around struggling runners she was lapping. Obviously, the
idea of passing runners beginning at 1,000 meters hadn't occurred to Jack.
They entered the final turn. _It is now or never,_ she thought. _Charlene
has been running the ideal race. I've been breaking the wind for her and
finding our way around the other runners. All she's had to do is maintain
position. And she has, perfectly._

It was time. Kathy leaned forward, shortened her stride a little and
picked up the pace. She drove around in the middle of the track as she
passed runners. _Just a few more steps,_ she thought. _A few more steps._
Dimly she could hear cheering in the distance. She was going as fast as
she could. She looked out and saw the tape across the track. She broke it
and kept on going, slowing carefully. She slowed to a walk, looked to the
inside, stepped up onto the infield grass and collapsed.

She was lying there on her back panting when her brothers fell all over
her. They were hugging and kissing her and shouting. Kathy smiled and
stretched out an arm. "Help me up, someone. There's something I have to
do." A hand grabbed her and pulled her to her feet. Jack appeared with her
sweat suit and a towel. "Thanks, Jack. You know, a sweat suit is well
named. I'm dripping. I must have run off fifteen pounds. And it's all
your fault," she said with a grin. She went up, wrapped her arms around
him and gave him a big smack on the lips. He turned crimson, while Kathy
went off.

She looked around and found Charlene sitting on the grass still trying
to catch her breath. Kathy picked up a sweat suit and a towel lying on the
ground and went over to the girl. Reaching out her hands she helped her
stand up. Then she took her in her arms and gave her a big kiss. The
black girl looked startled. "I'm Kathy Smith. You're Charlene Brown,
aren't you?"

"Yes," came the soft reply.

"It was you on my shoulder through the whole race, wasn't it?"

Charlene smiled warmly. "It sure was. I've never run such a race and
lost. It was perfect. I was right on your shoulder. Then on the last
turn you kicked in the afterburner and you were flying. I've never seen
such a powerful finishing kick. But, hey, you're the girl that won the 100
meters, too, aren't you?" Kathy nodded. "How is it I haven't seen you
before, then? I pride myself on knowing all the other middle-distance
runners, but I don't know you. I knew you could run, but I was certain I
was going to burn your little pink ass at my distance."

She grinned and hugged Kathy, "Instead you fried my black ass like
Cajun-fried chicken. By the way, I surely admired the view! You were
really moving that little ass. It was beautiful to watch. That was a
great race!"

Kathy put the towel she was carrying around Charlene's neck and used it
to pull Charlene's head towards hers. She whispered in her ear, "It was
the first mile I ever ran in my life."

Charlene took her by the shoulders and held her at arms length. She
studied Kathy: the golden hair now caked with sweat, the brilliant
sapphire-blue eyes, the velvet complexion. "My God! I believe you. But
no one else will! That was a professional race you ran. And you had to
run it through an obstacle course of amateurs!"

She studied Kathy up and down. "I can tell you're straight and I know I
am. The lesbians talked to a black organization and I agreed to run for
them. Kathy, you're made to be loved by a man, not handled by some dike.
It looks like you're going to win today's competition in a walk. The word
around is that you will win the beauty contest, but could be beaten with
points picked up everywhere else with ringers. Kathy, I ran the best race
I could run. I don't know what my time was but I expect it's my personal
best. I couldn't have run a better race, so I'm not ashamed. In fact I'm
proud to have lost to a person like you." She wrapped Kathy in her arms and
hugged her.

Kathy hugged her back. The two bodies, one white and one black, were
locked in a womanly embrace.

When Charlene pushed back there was a single tear rolling down one
cheek. "I _am_ proud. Kathy, there's just one thing. Look out for a girl named Sophie Stotz in the strength event. It's supposed to be secret, but
our group found out it's going to be arm wrestling. Sophie can break your
arm in that event, she's so strong. She's a bull dike and she hates girls like you and me. If you like men, she _hates_ you. Now she's got
incentive. The people know you're going to win the crown, but they would
settle if you had to compete in the beauty contest with a broken arm in a
sling. Believe me! She's capable of doing it.

"Say, why don't you just take a pass on that one? It would blow their
minds! They'd be so mad they would spit bullets. Kathy, you have so many
points, you can't possibly lose. Do it!"

"Thanks, Charlene. I'll think about it. By the way, where are you

"Charlotte, North Carolina. Why?" the girl replied.

"Because I'm from Norfolk. I thought you were a good old Southern gal
like me. Charlene, Norfolk's a tough town. We'll see what happens. But
thanks for the thought... and for the great race."

Kathy went off to look for the Alphas. She found them huddled together
reading a paper. "What's up, guys?"

They turned to look at her. "Kathy, we got trouble. Guess what the
strength event is?"

"Arm wrestling?" she asked quizzically.

"My God, there is no end to this kid's talents. Guys, this girl is
scary! She's smart enough to put you in jail. If you come after her,
she'll put a bullet in your eye at twenty paces, or she can run your tails
off at short or long distance. Now she reads minds, for chrissakes!
Kathy, how _do_ you do it?"

Kathy looked at them. Then she pointed her toes sharply inward, put her
hands behind her back forcing her belly out and crossed her eyes. "Cause
Charlene told me. That's how!" she exclaimed in a little-girl voice,
making sure she sprayed spittle around with the last words to underscore
her little-girl act.

The guys cracked up with laughter. "Okay, Kathy. We give up. We
_really_ give up. Guys, they say if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. We went
one better. We got 'them' to join us! Kathy, I suppose it will just bore
you, but your 1,500-meter time was the best at Yale this year. And
Charlene Brown, the girl you beat, is the top middle-distance runner in the
school. But I guess you already knew that, too."

"Guys," said Kathy, now being serious, "Charlene did tell me. She says
that it's a setup. There's a girl named Sophie Stotz who Charlene warned
me about. Does anyone know her? No? Well, let's go see about the luck of
the draw."

The final athletic event was to be held back on campus at the
Payne-Whitney gym. They piled into the cars and returned to downtown New
Haven. After entering the gym they took the elevator up to the weight

They were in luck. Looking over the elimination pairings they found
that Sophie and Kathy were at opposite ends of the draw. If they met at
all, it could only be in the finals. Arm wrestling is a match of strength,
leverage and timing, but psychology can enter into it.

Kathy made it a point to try to see as many of Sophie's matches as she
could. The schedule permitted her to see Sophie in action before her own
first competition. Sophie was big. She appeared to stand nearly six feet
tall and weigh about two hundred pounds. She had broad shoulders and
biceps that would look normal on a longshoreman. She looked like one of
the Soviet or Bulgarian women shot-putters. _Like them,_ Kathy thought,
_Sophie would have trouble with both steroid and sex testing._ She smiled
to herself. _At least,_ she thought, _she won't be much trouble in the
beauty competition. If I'm still alive, that is._

Sophie's first match was called. She sat down across from a real
contestant who looked terrified. When the referee signaled the start,
Sophie just looked into the eyes of her terrified victim, and kept her arm
in the starting position. Then she grimaced and slammed her opponent's
hand down on the mat with a crash. The loser jumped up crying from the
competition table and fled from the room. Sophie slowly got up and
stretched. Her breasts were no more visible than a man's. She smiled like
the cat that swallowed the canary and was now looking for a new victim.

Kevin, another Alpha brother, came up to Kathy and smiled. "I've been
elected to be your strength coach. How do you feel?"

"Hi, Kevin. I feel fine. Look, I just watched Sophie's first match and
I'm planning to see as many more as my schedule permits. I want you to do
something for me, but first, what do you think of the competition on my
side of the draw?"

"A piece of cake, Kathy. You're a cinch to meet Sophie in the finals.
And I don't see anyone on her side who could possibly take her."

"That's what I thought, too. Now, here's what I want you to do..."

Kathy went off to get ready for her first match. When she sat down
across from her opponent she realized that it was timing and leverage as
much as strength that made a difference. She gripped her opponent's hand
and then appeared to relax. She looked away from the girl and allowed her
hand to relax in the other girl's grip. The signal to start was given and
Kathy suddenly and smoothly took her opponent's hand backward to the table.
It was a quick win.

Her opponent jumped up saying, "That wasn't fair! You weren't ready."

The referee looked at the girl in amazement. Was he hearing things? "I
beg your pardon, young lady, but did you say that you weren't ready when
the match began?"

"No. I said my opponent wasn't. She was relaxing and looking away on
the start signal."

Kathy was struggling to keep from rolling on the floor with laughter.
Valiantly, she tried to maintain a straight face as she listened to the
backwards protest.

"Well, then," the referee said, "if I understand your protest correctly,
the match should be redone because the winner wasn't ready. Is that
correct? Did you wonder how Miss Smith could have beaten you if she hadn't
been ready? The match is official: Kathy Smith is the winner."

Kathy saw John and Bill standing back from the table. They left the
competition room, went out into the hall and around a corner. Then they
cracked up. Kathy was laughing so hard she couldn't stand. Tears were
rolling down her cheeks while John and Bill were pounding on her back and
howling with laughter. Finally, side by side they sat down against the

John looked at Bill. "Now you have to add comedienne and actress to
Kathy's list of talents! Hold on! Kathy only gets the prize for actress.
The loser of the match wins the comedy prize."

It was late afternoon, getting close to six o'clock. They had heard the
beauty contest was scheduled for nine but might be pushed back if the arm
wrestling ran late. The people making up the schedule never dreamed there
could be nearly ninety competitors. Except for the written test, the large
numbers meant running more heats and more elapsed time.

Kathy commented to Bill, "Good grief. If there hadn't been dropouts
this afternoon, this competition would be running nonstop into tomorrow

She continued to win her matches and was able to see one more of
Sophie's. It was a replay of the first. Kathy won her semifinal match and
moved into the finals. Then she went off to find Kevin.

He was waiting for her outside the competition room where the finals
were going to be held. "You have it absolutely right, Kathy. Sophie is
the cat swallowing the canary! She likes to terrify her opponents before
whipping them; I think she's sick. I think she gets a sexual charge out of
her opponent's terror. I can't be certain, of course, but I don't think a
single opponent even tried to move! I think they were all scared shitless.
She is a monster and a real sadist. I would hate to meet her alone on a
dark night!"

The final match was called. Sophie was sitting in her assigned position
glowering. Kathy came up and gave Sophie her most dazzling smile and stuck
out her hand. "Hi! I'm Kathy Smith. You must be Sophie Stotz! I've
heard so much about you, and I've been simply _dying_ to meet you!" Kathy
thought that even the most hardened Junior Leaguer would have been sickened
by her gushing. It seemed to be having its effect, though, because Sophie
looked puzzled.

Kathy took her position at the table. Where she had been gushingly
friendly when she came in, she now appeared bored. While their hands were
being placed in position by the referee, Kathy appeared to concentrate on a
fascinating spot on the side wall.

The referee yelled, _"Go!"_

In a split second, Kathy came to life. Concentrating all her thoughts
and all her strength, she smashed Sophie's hand back against the table.
Then she leaped into the air with her arms upthrust.

Sophie jumped up and rushed at Kathy, determined to destroy her. She
screamed, "I'll kill you!" and charged with her arms outstretched,
intending to crush Kathy in a bear hug.

Kathy surprised her. She stepped inside the outstretched arms and
slammed the tips of the fingers of her right hand into Stotz's solar
plexus. Her hand was rigid so her fingers drove into the girl's belly like
a knife blade. Kathy thought she could feel Sophie's backbone with her
finger tips as the woman doubled over in agony. As her head came down it
exposed the back of her neck. Kathy had withdrawn her hand. Now it came
down on the back of Sophie's neck like an ax. The female giant just
continued over and crumpled in a heap on the floor.

The spectators were stunned. The whole fight -- both fights -- had only
taken seconds. Suddenly, there was a thunderous roar from the crowd.
Kathy was surrounded by screaming, cheering spectators. The Alphas,
screaming like lunatics, fought their way to Kathy, picked her up and
carried her out on their shoulders.

When they finally put her down, she looked around, found Kevin and gave
him a warm hug and a long kiss. "You did, it, Kevin! It worked. She
didn't know what to do! I think she's so used to terrifying opponents that
she's forgotten how to fight. She wasn't ready when I put her arm down."

"But Kathy, what happened then? Suddenly she was coming at you like a
bear. It looked like she was trying to kill you."

"She was! That's why I had to get a little rough. Sorry about that."

"But where did those moves come from?" Kevin asked.

"That's easy," Kathy replied. "It comes from a youth misspent watching
Kung Fu movies!" She ducked and wrapped her arms around her head as the
Alphas pummeled her.

Bill had the last word on the afternoon. "John, I hope you paid
attention to what happened to Sophie. She didn't touch Kathy and look what
Kathy did to her! You were spanking her with a wooden paddle for hours!"

Everyone howled with laughter as they headed back to prepare for the
beauty contest. Because she lived away from the campus, Kathy had brought
her things to the Alpha house. When they entered, her companions were
mobbed by other brothers trying to find out what had happened.

"Guys," John announced, "we've done it. _Kathy's_ done it. With ninety
competitors including a bunch of ringers for particular events, she won it
all. Everything! If she dissolved into a glob of protoplasm on the stage
tonight, she'd still win! Kathy is so far out in front, I don't think
there _is_ a second place. If there is, God knows who's in it or what her
score is. Fellows, it was like the Olympics but with one person winning
every event. It's unheard of."

The house shook with the cheers.

Meanwhile, as Kathy was standing in a corner she could feel her knees
start to sag. Seeing what was happening, Jack went up to John and
whispered in his ear. "Two more things, guys," John announced. "First,
the basement lounge is closed and off-limits for at least the next hour.
Second, Kathy is changing for the beauty contest here at the house. I want
some of you slobs to be sure the bathroom is as clean for Kathy as you can
get it."

Jack put an arm around Kathy and put hers over his shoulder. "Come on,
kid. I know the signs. You need help, don't you? I just realized that
John was absolutely right. You had a full Olympic schedule in one
afternoon. And you've done it on nothing but adrenaline and one steak
sandwich. Let's go."

Exhausted, Kathy smiled up at him. "Lead on. I'll try not to

They went down to the basement room. Kathy was startled to see three
tables -- probably the same three -- arranged together, covered with
towels. Jack helped her off with her sweat jacket and supported her while
she took off her pants. "Kathy, get up on the table and lie on your
stomach. I've got to get a few things. Just take off your clothes, and
I'll be right back."

Jack left, and Kathy slowly stripped off her top, then her shorts, and
finally kicked off her shoes. She didn't have the energy to bend over, so
she worked off her socks with her toes. She thought for a moment then
stripped off her bra. Carefully she positioned herself on the table and
was almost instantly asleep.

As Kathy drifted out of her sleep strong hands were working on the
muscles in her upper thighs. Whatever Jack was using was warm and
penetrating and she could feel her muscles respond. Hiking up her hips,
she allowed him to work off her bikini. _Oh, well,_ she thought, _I tell
myself I like to be in the nude. Jack has probably seen just about all of
me, anyway._

She could feel his strong fingers working on her buttocks. She
remembered what Charlene had said about moving her ass. The ache in those
muscles said that she had been moving it fast. Jack worked up her spine
and finally started working on her shoulders, neck, and upper arms. It
felt _so_ good. Then he gave her two towels and turned his back asking her
to roll over. She did, positioning the towels across her breasts and
loins. Jack started to work on her legs, and then her stomach muscles. He
devoted particular attention to her right arm and biceps.

Finally, he pulled over a chair and straddled it. He rested his chin on
his folded arms and just looked at Kathy's body. Feeling his eyes on her
she opened hers.

"Kathy, there's no one else like you. I'm convinced. Forget the
muscles and the pain. I could work on you for hours. There are no
blemishes -- no imperfections -- anywhere. Your body is perfect. Do you
feel better?"

She quietly smiled at him. "I'm fine. I thought I was just tired until
you started working on my body. I didn't realize I had so many muscles.
And they all ache! Thanks Jack. It felt great."

She lifted her head and studied his face. "Jack, there is just one
thing. Do you think I could get a hamburger? A big, red, juicy hamburger?
With everything, so it drips all over?"

"One big, red, juicy, dripping hamburger with everything coming right
up! Kathy, here's a robe you can put on. It's not much, but I don't think
you want to put your other things back on. I'll be right back."

When he left, Kathy carefully got off the tables, stood up and
stretched. _With a little food and a shower,_ she thought, _I'll probably
feel human again._

She ran her hands over her breasts and cupped them. Kathy decided that
they would do. They weren't as big as some, but were beautifully shaped
and needed no support. She picked up the bathrobe and put it on. It must
have been made for a man at least six inches taller and a hundred pounds
heavier than she was. It carried a masculine smell which she breathed in
hungrily. As she wrapped it around herself Jack reappeared with a tray.
Putting it on the counter he stripped the towels off the tables, pulling
one away from the others. Then he retrieved the tray and served with a

"Dripping sloppy red hamburgers for mademoiselle." He put them on the
table along with one for himself. They were followed by two bottles of
beer. To Kathy they looked beautiful. When she picked up one and started
to eat, the juices started running down her chin. Not having a napkin, she
wiped her chin with the back of her hand.

Jack just looked at her. "God, you're cute. I know that's a stupid
thing to say, but you really are. I've never met a girl as natural as you
are. You have a style and grace and beauty... even with juice dripping
down your chin."

Kathy grinned at him and pertly stuck out her tongue. "Thank you for
the compliment, kind sir. I think! Now eat your hamburger before it gets

They finished eating and Kathy went up to shower. On the first floor
she met John and Bill. "Do you know any details about this evening? I was
going to put on my bathing suit instead of underwear and then wear the
sweater and skirt I wore this morning over it. What do you guys think? I
was planning on wearing a bikini."

John looked at Bill, who nodded. "That sounds fine with us. How long
will it take you? It's nearly eight o'clock, and, as far as we know, the
contest is still scheduled to start at nine."

"I'll be ready," Kathy said. She grabbed the small bag with her things
in it and raced up the stairs into the bathroom.

"My God," Bill said to John, "Kathy says she'll be ready for a beauty
contest that starts in about an hour. The girls I go out with couldn't be
ready for a movie date, for chrissakes, in less than three. And then I
would be waiting for at least half an hour."

Unlike the first time, Kathy now had her own things with her. As the
water flowed over her body she started shampooing her hair and then
applying conditioner. She carefully soaped her body trying particularly to
remove the odor of whatever Jack had been massaging her with. After
letting the water rinse off the soap, she stepped out of the shower and
toweled herself dry. Then she plugged in her hair dryer and worked on her
hair, wiping the steam off the mirror first.

After studying her face for a moment, she decided that extreme measures
were in order. She carefully applied a small amount of lipstick. Going
into her bag, she extracted two small scraps of fabric that together made
up a white bikini. It was absolutely plain and pure white. Turning around
she viewed herself in the mirror. Then she put on the skirt she had worn
in the morning substituting a cardigan for the pullover to avoid mussing
her hair. After putting her things in the bag she went downstairs to where
the boys were sitting.

They stood up as she approached. Bill glanced at his watch. "Guys,
that was thirty-three minutes, 23.2 seconds. I think Kathy has set another
world's record."

He ducked away as Kathy swung her bag at him. She took up a model's
pose: hand behind her thrown-back head, breasts jutting and one leg
forward. "How do I look, guys?" The boys just looked at her in silence.
Kathy dropped the pose and looked at them with concern showing in her eyes.
"I _do_ look okay, don't I?"

John looked at the others and then at Kathy. "No, you don't look okay."
He frowned. "You look spectacular. Like a dream. Like an angel.
Definitely not just okay. Right, guys?" He grinned and the brothers

Kathy smiled her relief. "Thank you, kind sirs." She made a deep
curtsy. "On the other hand, it's a well-known fact that Alphas have their
taste in their feet," she grinned. "Come on! We're going to be late."

They arrived at Woolsey Hall where the competition was to be held.
While Kathy went in the back door, her brothers went around the front to
get the best seats they could.

She walked in and found a large group of girls primping. Many were
wearing dressing gowns over their bathing suits. Most of the suits were
one piece. Kathy noticed that several of them were the highly-engineered
models capable of concealing various bodily imperfections. She noticed
only a few other two-piece suits. While some were small, none were as
revealing as her own.

She went over to a board where the scheduled order of appearance was
posted. There were also instructions for the girls: The contestants were
to enter from the rear, stage left. They were to proceed to center-stage
front, go to the left, across to the right, back to the center, and exit
stage right in the rear. Kathy was surprised to find that she was
scheduled to be the last contestant.

Shortly after nine o'clock, the master of ceremonies walked out on the
stage. Musicians, who had been playing as the audience got settled, played
a fanfare. "Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the final event of today's
_Queen of Yale College_ competition, the beauty contest."

There was an immediate chorus of boos from parts of the audience where
the lesbians and their friends were seated. The lesbians consider beauty
contests to be sexually exploitative of females but their boos were quickly
drowned by cheers from the rest of the audience.

The MC went on to explain the procedure. Since there had been no
rehearsal, the band played music of its own choosing as the first
contestant was announced.

Kathy went to the back, slipped off her sweater and skirt and changed
shoes. In addition to the bikini she was wearing plain white pumps. She
went to see what was happening on stage.

After parading around the stage, as each contestant paused at center
stage, the MC called for applause. It was then measured by applause meters
rigged up by the electrical engineers. A large dial at each side of the
stage measured the applause and a group of judges seated in front recorded
the readings. As the contestants paraded one after the other, Kathy
noticed that the readings were mostly in the first quarter of the applause
scale although one girl reached the midpoint.

Kathy stood there, apparently oblivious to the looks of envy and
jealousy aimed her way. Since she had brought no wrap, she was grateful
for all of the time she had spent nude. Her exposure didn't bother her in
the slightest. One after the other the names were called. Finally it was
her turn.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the MC announced, "Representing Alpha
fraternity, Miss Katherine Smith!"

Kathy walked out to the center of the stage. There was an audible
intake of breath from the audience. She was holding her back straight and
her head up. At the center of the stage, she paused for a moment and posed
with her head back slightly. She turned in a complete circle and moved to
the left. She posed again and slowly walked across the stage. She saw a
concentration of Alphas and gave them a quick wink, turned, and returned to
the center of the stage. She struck the same model's pose she had at the
Alpha house as the MC said, "Miss Katherine Smith!"

The applause roared and increased in intensity. As men rose to their
feet and cheered the needles on the applause meters reached the stop at the
end of their scales and stuck there. The cheering continued and then
slowly subsided. Kathy quickly walked off the stage.

As a number of girls led by Charlene surrounded her with
congratulations, Kathy could hear the master of ceremonies making an
announcement. "Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to present the Dean
of Yale college who will announce the results. Ladies and gentlemen, Dean
Charles Mansfield."

Charlene folded Kathy in her arms. "You were spectacular. This
couldn't happen to a more deserving girl!" She patted Kathy on her bottom.
"Go get 'em, tiger!" Kathy moved closer to the stage to hear what was being

The Dean had taken a small mike out to center stage. He was speaking
without notes. "Ladies and gentlemen, I am here this evening to crown the
new Queen of Yale College. I'm supposed to talk for a while to allow time
for the judges to total the scores and try to determine a winner. It won't
be necessary.

"I know that some of you in the audience oppose this contest. You
consider it exploitative. You believe that a girl appearing in front of
you is presenting herself as a toy -- a sort of sexual plaything. Frankly,
up to this morning, I was bothered by the same thing.

"But there was more. I heard that efforts were made to disrupt the
competition. I heard that a number of contestants were entered, not with
an intention of competing in the full range of events, but rather to
dominate a particular one. If there was such a scheme, it didn't work.

"This morning the judges found it necessary to communicate directly with
Princeton. One of the contestants' scores on the GRE was so high it seemed
to be off the top of the scoring scale. It counted. In the 100-meter
dash, the winner had the fourth fastest women's time ever recorded on that
track. In the riflery competition, the winner achieved a score of 248 out
of a possible 250. For the ignorant -- and I include myself in that group
-- that is twenty-three bulls-eyes in twenty-five shots. The other two
shots were nines. I have it on good authority that a person believes there
was a slight defect in one of the bullets, otherwise it would have been a

There was laughter from the audience and Kathy could feel herself
blushing. She was amused at the thought of what a blush must look like
when wearing a tiny bikini.

The Dean continued. "The 1,500 meters -- the so-called metric mile --
was one of the best middle distance races our track experts have ever seen
run. Not only did the winner have to beat one of the finest runners who
has ever attended this school, but she had to do it while threading through
runners she was lapping on her way to the finish line. And still the time
was close to the record for the distance on our track. In wrist wrestling
the winner defeated a woman rated by the experts as unbeatable. She also
quelled a slight disturbance at the end of the final match before the
spectators were aware there was one."

Laughter rippled through the audience.

"That brings me to tonight. I'm not an engineer. However, it took only
a minimum of consultation with my distinguished colleague, the Dean of the
School of Engineering, to determine that when the needle on the applause
meter bends on its end stop, it's a high reading. I shouldn't say this I
suppose -- I'm supposed to be impartial -- but I was applauding so hard
myself I had a hard time focusing on the meter. Fortunately, I was able to
focus while the needle was still stuck on its stop.

"Another thing I'm not is a mathematician. However, it doesn't take a
degree in higher mathematics to compute an overall winner when the winner
of every event is the same person.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am truly delighted to present the Queen of Yale
College, Miss Katherine Smith!"

Kathy felt a gentle push in the small of her back. She joined Dean
Mansfield at center stage while the applause thundered from the audience.
Virtually everyone was on his feet applauding. As she stood there, someone
came up behind her and held up a blue academic gown. Kathy slipped her
arms in and turned to allow the girl to fasten it. As she turned back a
man came across the stage and presented her with an armful of roses.

Dean Mansfield, watching the proceedings, smiled at her warmly. She saw
him switch off his mike as he said to her softly, "At graduation I've
always wondered what some of the girls are wearing under the gowns,
particularly if it's a hot day. Kathy, what is under your gown is

He switched the mike on again as a man brought out a crown set on a blue
pillow. At the same time the other contestants were filing onto the stage
behind them. "Kathy, it is indeed an honor to crown you Queen of Yale
College. In one body you combine all of the things we want to have here at
Yale and which God so seldom combines in a single person.

The applause roared out again. Just then, the band played a fanfare
followed by Yale's alma mater, _Bright college Years._ The entire audience
stood and sang. Holding her head up proudly, Kathy could feel tears of joy
rolling down her cheeks as she joined in. Other girls crowded around to
offer congratulations as the audience filed out. She accepted them
gracefully and looked around for someone to take the crown. No one was
interested, so she gathered that it and the robe were hers to keep. _Oh,
well,_ she thought, _they can always add it to my Bursar's bill._ Finally,
she retrieved her skirt and sweater and put them on. After changing her
shoes for loafers, she carefully folded the gown and left the theater.

The Alphas were waiting for her at the door, and mobbed her when she
emerged. They all wanted to hug her, kiss her and tell her how proud they
were. Kathy was mauled. Finally they backed off and just smiled at her.

She shook her head like a terrier and ran her fingers through her hair
to get it back together. She grinned at the guys. "This calls for a
celebration. Let's go back to Mory's. I'm buying."

The celebrating group marched up to Mory's. One of the members was
carrying her crown, another had her gown, while a third carried her roses.
It was almost eleven o'clock when they entered. Kathy was immediately
recognized by people near the door who began to applaud. As word of who
had just arrived spread through the old building, Kathy could hear the
sound of applause flow around and fill the structure.

The headwaiter ushered them up to the Whiffenpoofs' room. Mory's unique
concoction known as a Green Cup passed from hand to hand until closing
time. As she took a sip, Kathy realized that she had left Mory's less than
twelve hours earlier. It seemed like years with so much happening between
trips. *Chapter 10*

"Bright college years with pleasures rife, the shortest, gladdest years
of life. How swiftly are ye gliding by..."

Kathy could feel tears forming in her eyes as the Yale Alma Mater was
played. She was standing, singing it with her graduating classmates,
"...In after years should troubles rise, to cloud those bright and sunny

She thought of her life's reversal. It wasn't "after years"; for her
they were prior years. Just a few short years earlier she had been a
prostitute with no future at all. Now, the President having formally
conferred degrees, she was a graduate, with highest honors, of one of the
world's most prestigious universities. She wondered what Julie would think
of her now.

The song continued towards its conclusion. Kathy shook out her
handkerchief in preparation for the last lines. She waved in time with the
rest as they sang "...for God, for Country, and for Yale!"

_This is my graduation,_ she thought, standing straight. _These were
good years. The diploma I receive back at Calhoun college reads, "artium
liberalium baccalaurei, summa cum laude." My final class standing is number
four. Maybe I should have majored in math or engineering. The liberal
arts faculty won't ever give grades as high as the engineering and math
guys do._ She smiled at the thought.

Finally the ceremony ended and the crowd scattered towards the
residential colleges. Kathy went to Calhoun college where diplomas would
be distributed. When the master called her name, she walked over to
receive her diploma. Calhoun is one of Yale's Gothic colleges. _A true
"ivy covered hall,"_ Kathy thought as she reached out her hand.

The master, after giving her the diploma, put out his arms and pulled
her into a powerful hug. "Kathy," he said softly, "having you here at
Calhoun has been one of my real pleasures at Yale. I'm only sorry you
didn't spend more time with us."

He kissed her on the cheek, and raised his voice, "Ladies and gentlemen,
could we have a round of applause for the Queen of Yale college and
Calhoun's top graduate this year, Katherine J. Smith!" Her classmates
stood and applauded as, red-faced, she walked back to her seat.

Bob Ferguson had come up for commencement and was seated next to her.
"Kathy, Sam would be so proud. I know I am. Everything he hoped you would
do, you have done... and far more besides. You're wonderful, hon. And I
think you have some visitors. There are a group of guys standing back
there waving at you."

She turned in her seat and looked back. There were John and Bill who
had graduated the previous year; Jack, Kevin and other classmates still
wearing their academic gowns; and other underclass fraternity brothers who
had stayed on for graduation.

When she went back to see them she kissed Bill and John and held their
hands, "I missed you big lugs! Thank you so much for coming." Again she
could feel tears starting to roll down her cheeks.

John took her into his arms, hugged her, and stroked her hair. "I
wouldn't miss it for the world! For our baby sister to be graduating
without Bill and me here to see it is ridiculous." He held her at arms
length. "You still look great, babe. But look out for that eruption," he
added in a whisper.

When John released her, Bill took her in his arms and hugged her
tightly. He whispered with his lips close to her ear, "Kathy, I still
remember that pool game. You were so beautiful. You stood there like an
Amazon defending your world. I guess you know it changed me. I've met a
wonderful girl who I want to introduce to you. We're planning on being
married in a couple of years when I finish business school."

Kathy gave him a warm kiss and then held him away, "Bill, I'm so happy
for you! That's wonderful news!" She lowered her voice to a whisper and
added, "But can she shoot pool?"

Bill grinned and faked a swing at her.

Then Bob Ferguson joined the happy group. Kathy proudly introduced the
men to Bob. Handshakes were exchanged all around. Bob said, "So you're
the guys I've heard so much about. It sounds trite, I know, but Kathy has
told me all about you." He saw some faces redden. "Well, maybe not quite
all. She was orphaned some years ago and has no brothers and sisters of
her own. I know, though, that she loves you as much as she could possibly
love real ones. I want to thank you all for everything you've done for
Kathy while she's been in New Haven."

The boys laughed. "I don't know what Kathy's been telling you," said
Jack, "but it couldn't be the truth. What we've done _for_ her? Or _to_
her? The reality is what she's done for us. Aside from winning every
award for us there was to win, she whipped us into shape."

His expression suddenly changed, "Good Heavens! I didn't realize. You
must be the Mr. Ferguson who..."

Ferguson smiled, "Guilty."

Jack looked at John. "Maybe you didn't hear. Last fall, we got the
word from the University about our house: Clean up or close up... and
fast. It was all the structural work: the fire safety stuff, and the
bathrooms. The cost was nearly a million dollars. Then we got a call from
a man named Ferguson -- Mr. Ferguson, here, obviously -- who is trustee of
a foundation in Norfolk. He said we won an award for capital projects of a

He stopped in the middle of his sentence and looked at Bob Ferguson,
whose head was bent as he studied something fascinating on the ground.
Then he looked at Kathy who was trying to disappear into the shrubbery.
"Of course, it was you! My God, how dumb can we be. Kathy's from Norfolk
and by a coincidence a Norfolk-based charitable foundation decides that an
impoverished fraternity in New Haven -- damnyankee territory, if you will
-- needs money to fix its joint up.

"Katherine Smith, don't you dare try to hide! Stand up straight in
front of the Alpha Council. What do you have to say for yourself?"

Kathy stood up straight in front of him. Tears started to form in her
eyes. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean... I didn't want... I don't know what I
mean." She continued to stand with her head up straight and her arms at her
sides as the tears started to pour down her cheeks.

Jack took her in his arms and held her. He could feel her body shaking
with sobs as she nestled into his shoulder. He stroked her hair which was
silken gold. "God, Kathy, I'm sorry. Look at you!" He held her out at
arms length. "You're sorry for getting us more money than we could ever
think about -- and on a single phone call, I'll bet! Right?" Kathy nodded
her head. "You lovely little idiot. You're standing there crying because
you saved our house, for chrissakes. That's really something to be ashamed

Then he took her into his arms and kissed her hard. When he released
her, the other brothers took her and kissed her, too. Soon Kathy's head
was swimming. Some of the kisses were decidedly unbrotherly.

Jack looked at Ferguson. "It was only a single call, wasn't it? It had
to be. The timing was too quick for anything else. I'll bet we got your
letter only a couple of days after Kathy knew. My God! What did she tell

Bob Ferguson looked a little sheepish. "Well, she said that you fellows
had a financial emergency, and... well... Oh hell, it's all her money

The boys spun on Kathy who was glaring at Bob Ferguson, "You promised!"

Ferguson looked miserable, "I'm sorry, hon. It slipped out."

"Katherine Smith, are we to understand that you made a gift to the house
of one million dollars _of your own money!_ Is that true?"

Kathy nodded once.

"She's done it to us again, guys! She really has. John, I think it was
your idea to pledge Kathy into the house, wasn't it? What a dumb move.
All we got out of that deal was a house full of trophies, a crown or two, a
jump in our academic standing, a few athletic records and a million

He took Kathy in his arms and kissed her again. He kept his arm around
her waist as he turned towards his friends. He started to laugh. "This
reminds me somehow of that old story about the shotgun marriage to the
beautiful nymphomaniac whose father owns a liquor store... but I'm not
sure why."

He looked at Kathy as he laughed harder. She started to laugh, too.
Everyone else joined in. Soon they were rolling on the grass, with
everyone piling on Kathy. Someone started to tickle her; another joined
in. Then her arms and legs were held as Jack tickled her ribs.

"I'm not ticklish," Kathy said in a voice that carried no conviction.

She was laughing harder and trying to roll into a ball to escape but her
arms and legs were trapped. Jack knew how to use his hands and was able to
control his fingertip pressure. It was just the right pace and pressure to
maximize Kathy's torment. Tears of laughter streamed down her cheeks.

Finally she yelled, "I give up! I'll be good! I'll never do it again,
I promise!"

The friends holding her limbs had to let go because they were laughing
too hard to hold on any longer. The laughter slowly subsided.

Kathy got to her feet and looked down at her academic gown, now covered
with dirt, leaves and grass clippings that she rather ineffectually tried
to brush off. There were leaves in her hair, a dirt smudge and tear stains
on her cheeks. While trying to wipe off a tear she left a grubby finger
mark. Jack thought she was the most beautiful girl alive.

She gave up the effort. "How many of you guys can join us for lunch?"

A group of seven including Jack, Bill, and John agreed. The others had
to get back to relatives and friends up for their own graduation

"Come on, guys, we're off to Mory's to celebrate!" She looked at herself
ruefully. "Provided they'll let us in looking like this. It's my treat."

"No it's not," said Jack. "You see, the fraternity has this mysterious
benefactor who gave us a million dollars and the repairs have all been paid
for and we still have a few bucks left, so..."

They walked arm in arm up Elm Street. Kathy thought about University of
Virginia Law School in Charlottesville, her next stop. Thomas Jefferson's

To be continued...

* * *

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