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The following is a work of fiction regarding sexual relationships. If you
feel that it is illegal, immoral, or otherwise improper for you to read
this, then *Don't Read It.*

* * *


Copyright (c) 1991, 1998, 2001 by Morgan. All rights reserved.

Please note the original copyright date. This story was basically
written ten years ago and was originally posted in 1988. As a result, you
will likely find obsolete references. I'm afraid you'll just have to live
with it; it's too tedious trying to keep up with the latest and greatest.
It was previously posted on ASSM in 1998, but not since then.

Incidentally, you will find occasional entries, _word_. The reason for
this is that MS Word's Auto Format function puts a word preceded and
followed by an underscore in italics; that's my intent. Similarly, *word*
results in the word appearing in bold face. If you use Word's Auto Format,
it will take care of things; if you don't, you at least know why it's

More of my works are posted on my site <> If you
like it -- or if you don't -- please let me know at

* * *

*Chapter 25*

Kathy had spent a miserable night tossing in an agony of sexual
frustration. Her cunt ached for Ken's cock. She thought about it, but
came to no conclusion. She hadn't had a man for years before she met him
and it hadn't bothered her at all. Why was she so tormented now?

She was thinking along those lines when the phone rang. It was Tony
Donetti. Hearing his voice startled her: He had never called her before.
"Angel, there's a problem I'm sure you'll be interested in. It's in family Court, downtown. There's a young girl named Susan Smith. She's a runaway
from her legal guardian, Sylvia Black. Anyway, this kid isn't represented.
I can help, but I need someone to say some words. Can you do it? She
needs you, Angel."

Kathy was instantly awake when she heard Tony's voice. "Tony, how much
time do I have? You caught me in bed. Do I have time to take a shower?"

Tony laughed. "I should have known! I called the kids first. They
loved your wedding, by the way, as did my wife and me. You should never
have invited us and we should never have come, but we did. My wife cried,
Angel. She said you were the most beautiful bride she's ever seen. All
she could talk about was your white gown and golden hair. You were

"Anyway, it's only seven o'clock! You know the courts better than I do,
but I've never heard of anything happening before ten. And Angel? Please
let me know what happens. The poor kid is being held in jail pending the
hearing. Will you let me know?"

"Of course, Tony. I'll get right down there."

As soon as she hung up the phone, she got out of bed, showered, dressed
in her lawyer suit, had a cup of coffee and drove down to family Court.
She went to the jail where she was well known and asked to see Susan Smith.

The sergeant on duty looked embarrassed. "I can't do that, Miss
Smith... I mean, Mrs. Stark. Orders."

"Orders from whom, Sergeant?" she inquired.

"Up high, Kathy. It's some political influence thing," he said in a

Kathy left and went to a restaurant close by where she used to eat when
she was in the District Attorney's office. She had breakfast and was back
in the courthouse before the court was called into session. The bailiff
announced the judge's entrance and the court was called to order. The
first case called was Susan Smith's.

A young girl was being dragged into the courtroom from the holding area.
She was handcuffed and was being dragged by the two matrons who were
escorting her. Then Kathy saw Sylvia Black again. She had seen Sylvia for
the first time when she attended her trial on conspiracy. While she had
detested her then, she hated her now.

The judge looked around the courtroom as if he was looking for
something. "Is this girl represented by counsel?" he inquired.

Sylvia started to say that it was a juvenile case and no counsel was
required, when Kathy came forward. "I am Kathy Stark, your Honor, and I am
representing Susan Smith," she asserted, smiling venomously at Sylvia. She
continued, "I have been prevented from meeting with my client. Therefore,
I respectfully request a ten-minute recess to speak with her now."

Sylvia was about to protest, when the judge's gavel came down hard.
"The court will be in recess for ten minutes. We will reconvene at twenty
minutes after the hour." Looking at the deputies, he said pointedly,
"Matrons will assure that Mrs. Stark meets with her client _in private!"_

Susan Smith was brought in to an attorneys' conference room. The
matrons were about to withdraw when Kathy said to them sharply, "Take those
handcuffs off my client's wrists."

"But Mrs. Stark, I can't. This girl is violent!" one of the matrons
replied plaintively.

"I said, take them off. Now!" The matron responded instantly to the
steel in Kathy's voice, took off the cuffs, and quickly retreated.

For the first time, Kathy had an opportunity to get a good look at Susan
Smith and almost fell off her chair. The girl was Kathy's identical twin
but about ten years younger.

"Hi, Susan. I'm Kathy Stark, and I'm an attorney in Norfolk. I lied in
there when I said I was your attorney. I'm not. I can't be your counsel
unless you ask me to be, and you haven't had a chance. May I represent
you, Susan?"

Kathy almost melted as Susan's beautiful blue eyes regarded her. Then
Susan did a double take as well. "But... but... you look like me!"

"I know, honey. But we don't have much time. May I represent you?"

"Of course! Anything to get away from that horrible woman! Miss Stark,
please help me! I only wanted to go to school."

"It's Mrs. Stark," Kathy corrected gently. "Why are you moving so
stiffly?" Instead of answering, the girl lifted her shirttail and turned
her back. Kathy was horrified to see streaks of blood crisscrossing the
girl's back. "Who hit you?" she asked quietly.

"One of the guards, ma'am. She's a sadist, I think. After stripping me
bare, she tied my hands to a hook that came down on a pulley from the
ceiling. They pulled me up until my toes were barely touching the floor.
She took off this leather belt and whipped me with it. I was spinning on
the hook, and she just kept beating me."

Kathy was appalled. There was a phone in the room for attorneys' use.
She used it to call Peter Mahoney on his private line, and he answered at
once. "Pete, it's Kathy. I'm at family Court. Can you get down here
right away? And get a squad of police over here, too? I'm supposed to go
back into court within three minutes. It's Courtroom Three. Just stand in
the back of the room and have the police in the corridor waiting. It won't
be a long wait. Can you come?"

"I'll be there as soon as I get my shoes back on. It'll take about five
minutes. See you!"

Kathy turned her attention back to the girl. "Susan, I'm dreadfully
sorry! Would you please take your shirt off?" The girl was wearing a man's
shirt that fit her like a tent, along with a pair of dungarees tied with
rope at the waist. She took off the shirt and faced Kathy.

Kathy almost became ill. The girl's beautiful, but still-immature
breasts had been cut by the belt. Marks crisscrossed her body and went
below the belt line. "How far down do they go?" she asked.

"To just above my knees," was the quiet reply.

"How many times did she hit you?"

"I don't know," Susan replied softly. "I passed out after about thirty.
It really hurt, Mrs. Stark."

Kathy's voice was so full of menace she didn't recognize it herself when
she spoke, "Never again, Susan. I swear to you this will _never_ happen
again. Come on, it's time to return to the courtroom."

When they stepped outside the room, the same matron was waiting. She
looked at Susan with a question in her eyes. The girl shook her head and
Kathy turned back to the matron. "Do you know who I am?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am. You're Kathy Smith. Or you used to be."

"That's right. Now, who beat this girl? I want to know _now!"_

"I can't tell you! Mabel would kill me!" the woman replied, terrified.

"So we know her name is Mabel. Is she in court today?" Kathy asked.
Both the matron and Susan nodded. "Fine!" said Kathy. "Let's go!"

They reentered the courtroom. Kathy escorted Susan to the defendant's
table as the judge returned. The court was called to order and the judge
announced that the plaintiff, Mrs. Black, the child's legal guardian,
could proceed.

Sylvia Black came forward. "It's a simple matter, Your Honor. I have
the papers here appointing me the legal guardian of Susan Smith. She ran
away and got caught. I want her back. Thank you." Sylvia returned to the
plaintiff's table and sat down.

"Mrs. Stark, do you have anything to say on behalf of the minor, Susan
Smith? However, before you speak, Mrs. Stark, I have a question to ask
the girl. Susan, would you please stand?" Susan stood up. The judge
continued, "Susan, Mrs. Stark has claimed to be your counsel. Did you ask
her to represent you?"

"Yes, Your Honor. I certainly did."

"Thank you, Susan, you may sit down. Mrs. Stark, you may proceed."

While the judge had been addressing Susan, Kathy looked around the room.
She saw Peter Mahoney with a policeman sitting in the back of the
courtroom. "Your Honor," Kathy began, "there is a great deal about this
case I do not yet understand. First, I do not know how Sylvia Black came
to be this child's guardian in the first place. Your Honor may not be
aware of the fact that Sylvia Black was sentenced to three-to-five years
imprisonment less than six months ago after being convicted of larceny,
conspiracy and bigamy. Her sentence was suspended. I do not understand
how a convicted felon could obtain guardianship of a minor."

"Mrs. Stark, can you support this charge?" the judge asked.

At that point Pete spoke up from the back of the courtroom. "Your
Honor, I am Peter Mahoney, District Attorney of Norfolk County. I can
attest to the truth of Mrs. Stark's statements. Copies of the relevant
documents could be delivered in a matter of minutes from Criminal Court, if
you wish." Peter sat down again.

"That won't be necessary, Mr. Mahoney. Please proceed, Mrs. Stark."

"Your Honor, I request a continuance of this case for ten days. In the
meantime, I request that the defendant, Susan Smith be remanded to my
custody. Further, Your Honor, I demand that the matron standing over there
be placed under arrest immediately." Kathy pointed to a beefy matron
standing back in the corner of the room. "The charge is felony assault and
battery! Susan, please show the judge your back."

Susan approached the bench, turned her back to the judge, and lifted the
back of her shirt. When she exposed her back to him, Kathy saw the judge
turn white as a sheet. Kathy spoke up sharply, "That was done to the child
by the matron I indicated. Perhaps I should ask you to look over this
child in your chambers where she could be fully unclothed. I saw more,
your Honor, and it's sickening! She has been beaten from her shoulders to
her knees as she was suspended naked from the ceiling revolving helplessly.
Your Honor, that woman is a brutal sadist!"

Just then a shot rang out, followed quickly by three others. Kathy felt
the breath of a bullet passing by her head. She turned quickly to see the
matron, Mabel, crumpling to the floor while the officer who had accompanied
Peter was standing holding a smoking revolver.

Kathy ran to the fallen woman and reached her the same time the officer
did. A glance at the still-drawn weapon in the officer's hand told Kathy
all she needed to know. It was a Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum, a hand cannon.
Mabel was dead. At least one of its bullets had blown her apart.

During the instant that the courtroom remained in a stunned silence, the
judge spoke quickly. "This case is continued for ten days. Miss Smith is
remanded into the custody of Mrs. Stark until that time. This court is
now adjourned!" His gavel pounded down as chaos erupted.

Kathy spoke quickly to Susan, "Let's get out of here. Move!"

On the way out, she spoke quickly to Mahoney. "Thanks, Chief. This is
a lot more melodrama than I had in mind. This kid is in terrible shape and
I really have to get her home fast. May I call you later? And please
thank the officer for saving my life!"

They quickly left the courthouse before the press and tv crews could
arrive. Ducking into a luncheonette Kathy used a pay phone to call the
hospital. When she got through she asked for Dr. Miller and was told he
was off duty. She identified herself and asked for his home telephone
number. Calling his home, his wife answered. "Cindy, this is Kathy Stark.
I need help desperately. Is Charley home?"

Charley was on the phone immediately. "Charley, I need your help, and
Cindy's, too, if it's possible. I have a young girl with me who's been
viciously beaten. She recalls about thirty lashes before she passed out,
but God only knows how many there were. I could bring her to the hospital,
but I think another institution is the last thing she needs to see right
now. Can you help?"

"Of course, Kathy! What's your address?" She gave it to him. "We can
be there in thirty minutes. Is that soon enough?" he asked.

"That's great, Charley. In fact, the girl and I are in downtown Norfolk
now. I'm not sure we can be there in thirty minutes."

"It's okay, Kathy. If Cindy and I beat you, we'll just wait for you
there." The connection clicked off before she could speak.

"Come on, Susan. We're off." They went to her car and got in. Then she
noticed the cellular telephone that she had just had installed. "Damn!"
she muttered under her breath. Being so new, she had forgotten she had it.
She picked it up and dialed "O."

When the operator came on the line she asked for the State Police
barracks closest to Norfolk and said it was an emergency. She was
connected and asked to speak to the watch commander. He came on the line
and identified himself as Lieutenant Pinkney.

"Lieutenant, this is Kathy Stark. You may know me better as Kathy
Smith. I need help. I'm in Norfolk and need to get to my apartment in
Virginia Beach as fast as possible. Could I get an escort, please? It's
an emergency."

"Just a moment, ma'am." A few seconds later he was back on the line.
"Ma'am, Trooper Stockdale is in that general area. He knows you and your
car. He will meet you at the Expressway entrance near the Omni. He'll be
there in two minutes or less. Is that satisfactory, ma'am?"

"That's perfect, Lieutenant, and many thanks. I have to come out to see
you folks at the barracks some day soon. Thank you, sir. I'm rolling."

She glanced at Susan sitting in the passenger seat. "Honey, the way
you've been beaten, that seatbelt harness won't feel too great, but I think
you'll feel better with it fastened. This ride is going to be a fast one."

The girl buckled her belt. Kathy felt her heart tug as the girl winced
just once as the belt slid across her tortured shoulder. When she reached
the Expressway, Will's cruiser was pulled off the road, waiting. When he
saw her in his mirror, he waved and started to roll. He cut in his siren
and flashers and made for the high-speed lane. Kathy was on his tail as
they were soon up to 100 mph speeding east. In her rear view mirror, she
saw another police car closing in the middle lane. He passed them both and
moved far ahead to provide more warning to other vehicles. In no time they
were at the exit and off the highway. Again, Stockdale escorted her to her
driveway with his siren screaming. She had made it in less than fifteen

Will jumped out of his car and ran up to her, saluting. "I hope that
was fast enough, Kathy," he asked. When he peered into the car he did a
double take. "Is this the... Good grief! Kathy, she's... she's a
younger twin sister! Woweee! Ma'am, I don't think this poor old town can
take two o' you. It surely cain't."

Kathy looked at the beautiful girl sitting beside her. "Will, I would
like to introduce you to a girl you've just helped a great deal, Miss Susan
Smith. Susan, this is Trooper William Stockdale of the Virginia State

"How do you do, Trooper Stockdale?" Susan said in a soft, melodic voice.
"Thank you so much for your assistance."

"It's a real pleasure to meet you, Miss. A real pleasure, indeed! I
surely hope you're feeling better, soon."

"Will," Kathy said, "I spoke with your Lieutenant. Susan and I would
like to visit your barracks soon. We hope to see you there when we do."

Will blushed. "I'll surely be there, ma'am, unless of course, I'm on
patrol. Have a good day!" He went back to his cruiser just as the Millers
drove up.

After Kathy parked her car, the four went up in the elevator together.
Kathy led them into the guest room.

"Charley and Cindy, I would like you to meet Susan Smith, your patient.
Susan, this is Dr. and Mrs. Miller. Mrs. Miller is a nurse. They are a
trauma team, and I think you need their help."

Both Millers had done a double-take similar to Will Stockdale's, but
Charley recovered quickly. "Susan," Charley said, "would you please tell
me what happened to you?"

Susan told the story of the matron, Mabel, and what the woman had done
to her. Dr. Miller asked Susan to undress and she did so quickly. She
was standing before them completely unselfconscious and completely nude.
Kathy glanced at Cindy who had turned pale at what she was seeing. The
girl had been unmercifully beaten with special attention to her breasts,
thighs and pubic area. Kathy noticed that Susan had a small patch of
rather dense pubic hair, a darker shade of gold than the hair on her head.

Charley turned to his wife, "Honey, could you start cleaning up Susan,
please? I would like to speak with Kathy for a few moments."

Cindy started opening the treatment bags and removing needed materials
as Kathy and Charley left the room. Miller was shaken as he said, "Kathy
I've been in trauma treatment for over five years, as has Cindy. I know
you saw her go pale when she saw the girl, and we see some terribly beat-up
people. Of course, I suppose the difference is that the others are victims
of accidents while this was deliberate."

"Charley, there's one consolation. The woman who did that to her is
dead." Kathy said, recounting the events in the courtroom. Then she asked,
"What do you think, Doctor? Will she be all right?"

"I honestly can't say yet, Kathy. Let's go back and take a look."

They went back in the room. Cindy was continuing to clean out the cuts
while Charley examined the girl carefully. She was beaten and cut, but no
wounds were deep enough to require sutures. They were both relieved and
amazed to see that the girl was sound asleep. As gently as they could they
completed the process by putting an anaesthetic ointment on the cuts. When
they finished, Kathy drew the drapes to darken the room, carefully covered
the young girl and withdrew.

The Millers were waiting for her. Cindy had collapsed in a chair.
"Kathy," Cindy said, "I'm getting too old for this. That is a beautiful
girl in there, as beautiful as you are. She's a younger identical twin,
except there is no such thing. Who would do a thing like that to such a
beautiful child? She's very brave, too. I'm sure that some of the things
I had to do were agonizing to her, but the most she ever did was wince a

"Charley, you've had a chance to examine her now. What do you think?"
Kathy asked.

"I think she may be incredibly lucky. We can't be sure for a while yet,
but I don't see anything that will cause lasting scars. I would like to
leave some anaesthetic ointment for you to use on her body three times a
day. If you give me the name of your pharmacy, I'll call them and order
out a supply. With her condition you will need a lot."

She gave him the name and he placed the call. When he hung up the phone
he said, "They're sending out their entire in-stock supply right now and
are reordering from their wholesaler. They expect to deliver more before
the end of the day. Between what I'm leaving and what they're sending over
you should be okay. I guess that about takes care of it. Could you bring
her in to the hospital to see me in a week?"

"Of course, Doctor. Now, would you and Cindy care to stay for lunch? I
could fix something very quickly."

"Thank you, Kathy, but we want to get home. It's our day off and Cindy
likes to spend it in bed." Charley grinned while Cindy blushed.

"Then can I at least pay you now before you leave? It would save you a
lot of time and paperwork," Kathy said.

They were genuinely insulted. "Kathy, you're our friend. We don't
charge our friends, particularly when our friends are playing Good
Samaritan. We're glad we could help. I certainly hope things work out for
the poor kid! If there are any developments you don't like the looks of,
holler? Promise?"

"I promise. And thank you both so very much!"

The Millers left and Kathy went into Susan's room. The girl was
sleeping soundly as she gently closed the door again.

* * *

It was evening when Susan's door opened. Kathy was curled up on the
sofa with a book as she came into the room. When Kathy looked up, her
heart was wrenched by the juxtaposition of the beautiful face on an equally
beautiful, but now brutally battered body. Kathy put down her book, went
over to the girl, and put out her hand.

"Susan, after the events of today, I think we should start over. I am
Kathy Stark."

The girl smiled tentatively, but took Kathy's hand in a firm grip.
Kathy looked down at the girl's hand. It was the same size as her own with
the same long slender fingers. It was as if she were shaking hands with
herself. Kathy noticed that the girl seemed totally unconcerned about her
nakedness, but she asked her anyway. "Susan, would you feel more
comfortable wearing something?"

The girl smiled and shook her head, but suddenly her face showed
concern. "It doesn't bother me a bit, but if I'm embarrassing you...?"

Kathy grinned and shed her own clothes. She had been wearing jeans and
a T-shirt. It was May, and the weather in Tidewater was hot. "Susan, you
certainly don't embarrass me. I seldom wear clothes around the apartment.
I was only trying not to embarrass _you!"_

The girl looked at Kathy's body with its all-over tan. "You're very
beautiful, Mrs. Stark," she said matter-of-factly, But what's that?" She
was looking at the "Property" stamp across her mound.

Kathy explained it, and the girl laughed. Then Kathy heard a digestive
growl, "Good heavens! Susan, you must be starving!"

"I guess I am a little hungry, Mrs. Stark," she said shyly.

"When did you eat last?"

"Yesterday, I think, ma'am," was the quiet reply.

"What would you like?" asked Kathy as they entered the kitchen, "How
about a hamburger?"

The girl's face lighted up. "That would be wonderful! Could I?"

In no time Kathy had the grill working, and two hamburgers starting to
sizzle. Trying to remember her own likes as a teenager, she sliced onions
and tomatoes and took out a head of lettuce. Hamburger rolls were soon

Kathy put the plates on the counter and watched as Susan's hamburger
evaporated. Before touching her own, she put two more on the grill. By
now the deep fryer had reached cooking temperature, and she dropped in
potatoes to french fry. Finally, she brought the drink mixer in from the
bar and blended a milk shake.

The poor girl was famished. She devoured the food and the milk shake,
and finally looked up. "That was marvelous, Mrs. Stark! Thank you so

Kathy wanted to cry hearing the girl's thanks for a couple of

Kathy led the girl into the library. She let herself down gingerly on
the couch and then relaxed. "Susan, tell me about yourself. Let's start
at the courtroom and go backwards, okay? And Susan, please call me Kathy.
I'm not _that_ much older than you."

The girl gave her a warm smile. "Sure, Kathy. Kathy, I live in a
whorehouse, but... but... I'm still a virgin. My birthday is coming up
next month. I'll be sixteen, and I'm the prize in an auction that Sylvia's
running. She made a poster with a picture of me naked. There's a place
below for the johns to sign up with a bid. The highest bidder gets to take
my virginity.

"Things weren't so bad until Sylvia bought the house a few month's ago
from old Mrs. Watson. She brought in a lot of new girls, Kathy. A lot of
them are younger than I am. It feels kind of strange and terrible to kneel
on a bed and watch a girl fourteen taking a huge cock inside her. One
little girl gripped my hand as this guy ripped her insides. She was
screaming, but he loved it. He wouldn't let me do anything to make his
entry any easier for her. He wanted to rip her apart!

"I guess they're not considered as pretty as me or something. If a John
pays extra, I'll kneel on the bed and caress him while he plows the other
girl. For even more money, I go down on them and sometimes I take them in
my ass. Sylvia is always there, though, to make sure they don't get to my
cunt. She will let them carefully feel my hymen, sometimes, so they know
it's still intact."

The recital was the worst Kathy had heard. Clearly, underage girls were
being prostituted. She suspected that many were probably runaways who had
been trapped into prostitution.

"Susan, would you like a Coke, or something? I can see I'm going to
have to change my food-buying habits. Ken and I don't stock many things
that appeal to teenagers!" She grinned at the girl and added, "Why don't
you help yourself to whatever looks interesting in the kitchen? You
haven't had anything to eat in almost thirty minutes!" She smiled as the
girl bounded out of the library in the direction of the kitchen.

She picked up the phone and called Tony Donetti. He was almost
instantly on the line. "I'm sorry about what happened today, Kathy. I had
a guy in the courtroom. He never expected that creepy matron would go for
her gun. What do you think of the girl, Angel?"

"I don't know how to answer that, Tony. She's like my younger twin
sister, but there is no such thing. The reason I called, though, is I want
to smash Sylvia's little red wagon, and do it for good this time. But I
need a little help. Evidently, Sylvia took over a house a few months ago
and replaced a lot of the girls with underage talent. I'm going to call
Mahoney right now and see if a raid can be staged tonight before Sylvia has
a chance to temporarily clean up her act. But I need to have a full house
at her place. I assume you know where it is?"

"You're on, Angel! She's the kind who gives the trade a very bad name.
You want a mob of customers present who may get busted. Kathy, we need to
get the timing exactly right. It's one thing to be booked for patronizing
a house of prostitution, but a very different thing to be nailed for
statutory rape. guys can be found with the young kids, but not being too
friendly, if you know what I mean?"

"I understand perfectly!" she said. "I'll get right back to you. What
_is_ Sylvia's address, by the way? I don't even know."

He gave her the address and she called Peter Mahoney at home. "Pete,
it's Kathy. I haven't even thanked you for one favor, and I'm going to ask
you for another. First, though, I don't know what else to say, except that
officer saved my life. Thank you."

"It makes good headlines, Kathy. Thank _you._ The police are delighted.
One of their own saves Kathy Smith. The guy is a hero on the force.
Incidentally, I'm also making points because of you. The Women's House of
Detention turned out to be a horror show. Frankly, the officer did the
state a favor.

"That matron, Mabel Mason, was a piece of work! With her out of the
way, other inmates and matrons came forward. She had them all terrified.
However, Stark, as usual, you leave me with all the shit paperwork --
taking statements, preparing for the inquest -- all that garbage!" Kathy
could hear the grin in his voice.

"You're _so_ welcome, Mr. Mahoney!" she replied sweetly. "It's the
very least I could do! Trying to keep the work within the very restricted
limits of your capabilities, I mean." They both laughed.

"Pete, could we really nail Sylvia Black? Raid her place tonight?
Could you get that Vice Squad sergeant, Tom Tucker, to run it? Here's what
he's going to find." She told him of the underage girls forced into
prostitution and the rest of the Sylvia story. She ended with a request.
"Pete, there's just one thing. I need to know, as accurately as possible,
the time the raid is going down. Can you set it up and then let me know?"

"Let me get back to you," Pete said. His voice sounded grim, reflecting
his reaction to the story she had just related.

As she hung up the phone, Susan returned to the room. She had a Coke
and a bag of what had to be very stale potato chips that Kathy didn't even
know she had. "Susan! Those are ancient! They're stale and... You
shouldn't be eating them! They're all grease!"

Susan grinned and continued happily munching. "They're good, Mrs.
Stark -- Kathy -- honest!" She eased herself back onto the couch. Kathy
decided that teenagers must have cast-iron stomachs lined with copper or
glass or some similar indestructible material.

"Susan, how long were you in the whorehouse?"

The girl looked puzzled. "I really don't know. I mean I've always been
there, but... I mean, it's all I remember -- a year or so... It's very

Kathy had the eerie feeling of someone walking on her grave. _My God!_
she thought. _Exactly like me. She has no past beyond the whorehouse._

"Susan, you don't know where you were born, or when. You have no memory
of your parents or anything back more than a year or so ago, do you?"

The girl was shocked. "How... How do you know?" she asked, bewildered.
"But you're right. I don't! I created a story to tell if one of the girls asked, but I really don't know."

Kathy smiled at the girl fondly, "Because that's the way it was when I
was a prostitute, Susan. I was just there."

This time the girl's jaw literally dropped. "You! In a whorehouse!
It's impossible. Look at this apartment, at you... It just can't be!
Kathy, you're educated. You have fine clothes and a husband, and... It's
just impossible!"

"I'm sorry, Susan, but it's true. I left the house when I was eighteen,
about eight years ago. I'm glad I could get you out earlier, with your
virtue more or less still intact." She smiled warmly when she made the last

"Then you know what it's like. The johns pawing you, the smells..."

"People don't change that much and the smells don't either. I'm pretty
sure it's about what I went through. Why did you finally run away?"

"I don't know... I _do_ know!" The girl's head came up straight and her
blue eyes flashed. "I want to go to school! I don't want to be a whore
all my life. Is that wrong?" Tears started to flow from the girl's eyes,
but she refused to lower them.

_Just like me,_ Kathy thought. She couldn't hold back. Taking her in
her arms she could feel Susan's shoulders shaking with sobs. Although
there was no place Kathy could hold her without touching the vicious
lacerations on her body, the girl seemed to need comforting. She didn't
flinch in the slightest at the contact.

Finally, the girl lifted her head and looked into Kathy's eyes. "Do I
have to go back? Can they make me go back to that place?"

"I swear to you, Sue, you will _never_ go back! If it's the last thing
on earth I ever do, you will not go back!"

Just then the phone rang and Kathy answered it. It was Pete. The raid
was going down at eleven o'clock that night. She thanked him and called
Tony again. "Tony, it's all set. The police will hit Sylvia's place at
eleven on the dot. Good enough?"

"It's perfect, Angel!" Tony laughed softly. "It's a shame we can't film
it! I have a feeling we're going to miss some real Academy Award
performances. One more thing, Angel. What's going to happen to that
lovely girl?"

"Ken and I are going to adopt her as our daughter, Tony. You just
brought it into focus for me. Now all I need is for her to agree. Thanks,
again. I owe you."

"You owe _nothing!"_ he said, "I owe _you!_ It's good for our business
to get this shit off the street!"

"Fine, Tony! You win again. But one of these days..." He laughed
warmly and hung up.

Kathy looked up to see Susan's mouth agape. _Good going, Kathy!_ she
thought. _You've done it again! The poor girl hears about her adoption by
listening to you tell it to a stranger. Cool move!_ "I'm so sorry, Susan!
I didn't mean it that way. I was talking to a friend -- a friend to both
of us, by the way. He's the one who told me to get down to family Court in
the first place. Anyway, he asked what was going to happen to you and the
answer was so simple I just blurted it out without thinking how it would
sound to you."

She looked at the girl. "Susan, will you consent to my husband, Ken,
and me adopting you as our daughter? Will you be the daughter we can never
have? Please?"

The girl had been slowly shaking her head from side to side as Kathy was
speaking. When she finished the girl said, "You can't be serious, Mrs.
Stark! You haven't been listening to me! I'm a prostitute! I'm filthy!
I'm amazed that you allowed me in your beautiful apartment, let alone in
that gorgeous bed. It's so great! It feels so cool, with those luscious
sheets on my body. But I'm dirty! I don't belong here! The whole idea is
ridiculous." Tears started to flow unchecked from the girl's eyes but she
still refused to lower her head.

"Susan, I was a prostitute. You weren't. Remember? I think I took as
many as thirty johns in a day. I know what life is like there -- the
people, the smells -- everything! I think we can cope together better than
any other two people because we've both been there. I don't know if you
heard, but my maiden name is Smith, too. We're too much alike to be apart,
Susan. Please say yes!"

While she was talking, Susan had been intently studying her face. The
tears had stopped, and a look of tentative joy appeared. "You are serious,
aren't you? You really want me... as your daughter!" The girl ran into
Kathy's arms and hugged her. "May I kiss you?... And can I even call you
Mom?" the girl asked softly, and kissed her warmly on her cheek.

Kathy couldn't answer with words. She just hugged the girl close. Her
tears were flowing, and her throat was too choked up to speak. They went
into Susan's room and Kathy applied more of the antiseptic ointment on her
body. Susan was sound asleep before Kathy finished. *Chapter 26*

The next morning while Susan still slept Kathy was in the kitchen fixing
breakfast. Remembering the previous night, she fixed the type of breakfast
that Ken would eat and made enough for three. As it was cooking she heard
noises coming from Susan's bathroom. In a few minutes the girl was in the
kitchen with her hair wrapped in a towel.

"Mrs. Stark... Kathy... Mom... I hope you don't mind. I don't have
anything, and there was toothpaste, and..."

"It's yours, Susan. Maybe you would like a different brand, but you can

"Different _brand?_ You mean all of that's for me? And I didn't want to
waste that luscious shampoo, so I used bar soap."

"Young lady, you can knock off that stuff starting right now.
Everything here is for you to use. Everything! Understand?" Susan shyly
nodded her head. "Good! Now let's eat! It's all ready and I hope there
may be enough to fill even _you_ up!" The girl grinned and devoured the
breakfast while Kathy ate hers and had a second cup of coffee.

"Come on, young lady! Back to your room. We've got to see how you're
making out."

Susan lay on her bed while Kathy examined her body. Earlier, she had
called Dr. Miller and asked him about swimming and sun. He said it was
fine, but to apply no more ointment until they were finished in the sun.
The lacerations were healing rapidly, a tribute to the recuperative powers
of adolescents.

"Susan, I would like you to do the next test yourself. Let's find a
particularly ugly bruise. Then I want you to press it with your finger to
see how intense the pain is. Will you?"

Susan nodded and they examined her body carefully. When they found a
particularly ugly bruise high on her thigh, Susan probed gingerly with a
finger, and then harder. She smiled at Kathy, "It's felt a lot better, but
it isn't too bad. I still would rather not wear anything, Mom, if it's all
right with you?"

Kathy smiled at her, and excused herself. She caught Bob Ferguson in
his office and quickly briefed him on Susan. "Bob, I intend to adopt the
girl. Can you get another of your jiffy almost-real birth certificates
like you got for me?"

"I beg your pardon, young lady!" said Bob trying to act as pompous as
possible. "You have a perfectly genuine birth certificate! Almost-real,
indeed!" He got serious, "I don't suppose you've talked with Ken, have

"No, I haven't" she said with the pomposity in her voice this time.
"Would Jane ask you first if she planned to present you with a child? By
the time you knew anything about it, the damage would already have been
done. Then it's just ripening in her belly until it decides to make an

"I give up!" he said. "Seriously, Kathy, would you like me to talk to
some of my friends and get this going? You know, the world we live in is
idiotic sometimes. There are over a million abortions each year.
Thousands of teenagers get pregnant and go on welfare. Yet a solid couple
has to endure the torments of the damned with our great social-service
bureaucracy to adopt a child. And Virginia has one of the better systems,
I'm told. Anyway, they can legally give you all kinds of aggravation. "Do
you want me to start the ball rolling? And what about Sylvia, her legal
guardian?" As he spoke, her business phone rang.

"Bob, could you wait a moment? There's a call on the other phone that
could provide the answer." She put Bob on hold and picked up the other

It was Peter Mahoney sounding gleeful. "Kathy, it was the greatest raid
of the century! Tucker and the vice boys are in seventh heaven. As usual,
though, it's up to us poor paper pushers to prepare the indictments and do
all that other good stuff. Felony counts on Sylvia Black will be running
pages. We're moving against her immediately on massive probation
violations. She will be in prison before the end of the week, and in jail
until then. Kathy, thanks for the tip. And thanks for establishing the
idea that baddies actually serve hard time. We're moving, and thanks

She went back on the other phone where Bob was waiting. "Sylvia will be
unable to attend the hearing, it sounds like. Pete is moving for
imprisonment for probation violations while he gets the new case organized
for trial. He claims the felony counts will run to pages. Does that

"I'll get on it right away. And Kathy? We're looking forward to
meeting your infant daughter. I'll tell Jane when she gets back."

Kathy went back to rejoin Susan who was resting on her bed. She rolled
over and looked at her new mother. "What now, Mom?"

"Now we're going swimming! The sun is hot, and the water's cool. Let's

"But, Mom!" said Susan, looking forlorn, "I don't have a bathing suit,
and I'm not sure I could wear one if I did!"

"Susan Stark! I think it'll be your name starting next week, so you
might as well start getting used to it. You're not nearly as observant as
I thought you'd be. There's a pool outside your window." Kathy saw the
girl's face fall as she listened to the criticism. "I'm sorry, honey!
That was unfair of me. The drapes have been drawn ever since you got here.
I apologize."

As they made their way out to the pool deck Kathy asked the girl if she

"I don't, Mom. Remember where I've been? And I almost never left the
house. Let me watch you and then I'll try."

Kathy smiled at the girl and strode to the pool edge. She executed a
beautiful racing dive, pounded down to the end of the pool, did a racing
flip turn, sprinted back, turned again and then slowed her stroke to the
one for distance she used swimming laps in the pool.

She had completed 100 meters and had just flipped again when she saw a
sleek body arch out in a racing dive virtually identical to her own. The
girl was beside her, using the same distance-devouring stroke she was.

_My God!_ she thought. _Susan does it, too. No wonder the guys at Yale
looked stunned. She observed my movements, intuitively analyzed the
bio-mechanics of the actions -- exactly which of my muscles are doing what
-- and translated it into bio-kinetics. She makes her muscles do the
things she's just seen for the first time! That's what I do, too!_

The two girls were making an endurance contest of it. It matched
Kathy's superior skill and physical training against Susan's youth. Up and
down the pool they went side by side. Kathy had long since lost count of
the laps, and was hanging on by sheer willpower. _I will not be defeated
by a battered slip of a girl in my own damned pool!_ she thought.

Finally, she had to stop. She finished a lap and grabbed the edge of
the pool. For the first time in her life she had to hold on to the edge
while she gathered enough strength to pull herself out. Finally, she did.
She spun around and sat on the edge with her legs still in the water.

Susan had her head resting on the edge without enough energy left even
to lift it up. Finally, she did. With a grin as big as she had the energy
to muster, she gasped, "You win!"

Kathy grinned back at her, got out and reached down to pull the younger
girl from the pool. Susan popped out like a feather. _How did she do
that?_ Kathy wondered, then grinned to herself. _The same damned way I do
it, is how!_

Kathy could scarcely walk. She staggered over and dragged back two sun
mats and the sun tan lotion for Susan. She mumbled something and collapsed
on the mat, sound asleep.

Kathy was lying on her back soaking up the sun when she felt the
coolness caused by a shadow on her. Opening one eye, she saw Jane standing
there, nude as usual, with her shadow over Kathy.

"You're in my sun, Jane," she said, still groggy. "Susan and I swam to
Bermuda and back and I need to rest."

Jane didn't move, and Kathy reflected that she had seen something
different. She opened her eyes again, alert this time. She saw the girl's
breasts had begun to swell, and there was a visible convexity in her
abdomen. She jumped up. "Jane! You're pregnant! You're going to have a
baby! You are, aren't you?"

Jane had pulled up a mat and lay down beside Kathy. "Sure am! It was
confirmed this morning. I didn't believe it. Anyway, I guess I shouldn't
be surprised. Except I feel so damn good. Even the swelling in my breasts I dismissed against the hope that I was getting big-chested at long last.

"You know what the funniest thing was? I saw this young OB/Gyn guy who
gave me a full checkup. I was sitting in his office, and saw him change
something on the chart the nurse had filled out. He was running on about
how so many women were waiting so late to have babies and all the troubles
they have. Anyway, he was so pleased to have a patient only twenty-five.
He said he was a little surprised, because, from the exam he'd figured I
was twenty-two or twenty-three. He had already changed the date of birth
on the medical history. I told him it was correct. I'm thirty-five. He
almost fell off his chair. Kathy, it was the funniest, most ego-building
thing that's happened to me in years!"

"What does Bob think about the prospect of fatherhood?" Kathy asked.

"That's why I'm here. The poor dear was floating so high, I hope he
doesn't hurt himself when he returns to earth. He's floating and so am I.
I asked the doctor about my favorite sport, and he said we could continue
to have sex as long as I felt like it.

"Kathy," she said with a broad grin, "do you suppose any woman ever had
it on her way into the delivery room? By the way, I think you're cheating.
You're getting them full grown. Now will you introduce me?"

Kathy looked over where Susan was watching the exchange. She had pushed
herself up and was resting on her elbows. "Susan, I would like you to meet
my dearest friend, Jane Ferguson."

Susan popped up from the mat, but her leg gave way and she went down on
one knee. From that position, she held out a hand to shake. Kathy
continued, "I think you ought to call her Aunt Jane. It'll help her keep
you in mind when she needs a babysitter in a few months and you need some
spending money!"

Jane was looking at Susan intently. "She's your twin, Kathy. Do you
remember the first time we ever met? I gave you that admissions test? She
looks exactly like you did that day." She slowly nodded her head and spoke
quietly, "Susan also provides the answer to a question that's been bugging
me for months. I always wondered what your pubic hair would look like if
you didn't remove it. Now I know. She's you."

"Mrs... Aunt Jane, you almost didn't get to meet me. My mother was
trying to drown her newborn. Don't they do that with girl babies

"Drown _you!"_ Kathy protested. "Why didn't you just stop? I wasn't
hauling you through the water, for God's sake!"

"Yes, you were!" Susan retorted with a grin. "You'd be damned if some
battered young squirt was going to beat you in your own pool, and I'd be
damned if my mother was going to have a quitter for a daughter! Mom, you
almost killed me. When I stood up to shake hands with Aunt Jane, my leg
collapsed. Aunt Jane, would it be wrong to say I have the most beautiful
mother in the world?"

Jane looked at Kathy critically, "Well... top five anyway. Maybe top
three. I guess it's okay, Susan. Your mother is certainly in contention."
She grinned at Kathy fondly. "Would you women care to help Bob and me
celebrate tonight? One of these months I'm going to have to knock off the
booze, but not today. Can I interest you? Susan, you are the most
beautiful girl I've ever seen except for your mother. I was looking at you
while you slept, and I'm glad that vicious creature who did this to you is
dead! I think you'll be fine, though."

"Mother, I would love to! Can we? I've never been to a restaurant

"On behalf of my brand-new bedraggled daughter and me, we accept with
pleasure. Where are we going?"

"Bob loves the Promenade at the Omni. Do you mind? At eight? We'll
meet you there. Now I have to go and rescue the poor darling from the
ceiling. And besides, I'm already late for my principal business service
of the day. See you later."

They watched her move gracefully inside, put on her clothes again and
leave. Kathy explained to Susan what the principal service was and they
both laughed. "How are you feeling, young lady? Doctor Miller will skin
me alive if I've allowed you to get a bad burn on top of your other

"I'm fine, Mom, really. I just got the stuff larded on when I passed
out. You know, I really think I did, too -- passed out, I mean. Mother,
you are in fantastic condition... for an older woman!" she said with a
broad grin.

"Young lady, do you know where you are? If you would like to find
yourself dangling by your heels from six stories above the street, you just
keep up with that 'older woman' shit! The nerve of some people's
children!" She grinned back. "I don't know about you, but I'm going to
soak in my shower and then take a nap." Susan struggled to her feet,
dragged the mats back where they came from and then staggered off towards
her room.

It was seven o'clock when Susan came into Kathy's room looking like a
dream, but still nude. "Mom," she said with a wail, "what can I wear?"

Kathy had just slipped into a white sleeveless dress that set off her
tan, her blue eyes, and her golden hair. She inspected Susan closely and
thought again of the recuperative power of teenagers. "Honey, you've
recovered more in one day than I would have in a week! Do you feel

"Much better, Mom. But I've seen your clothes, and they're all cut like
the dress you are wearing -- close -- to show off your perfect figure. But
much closer than I would care to wear right now. Don't you have _anything_

Kathy had a brainstorm, and started laughing.

* * *

The Fergusons were already seated at the table when two beautiful
blondes entered the dining room. Both were five feet seven, both had
brilliant blue eyes that were an identical shade of blue, both had hair the
color of yellow gold. Attention was attracted to the younger of the two
who was wearing a blue wildly-patterned muu-muu. One guest who had
recently returned from the Islands thought, _So that's the way they're
supposed to look!_

Bob Ferguson rose to greet them. He took both of Susan's hands in his,
studied her, and said, "She's right... my wife, I mean. She says you may
be even more beautiful than your mother. I would never care to have to
make a choice. Welcome, Susan! Your mother has christened my wife, Aunt
Jane, so please, could you call an old guy Uncle Bob?"

They sat down, and Jane grinned at Kathy. "That muu-muu gets around,
doesn't it? I remember when you wore it to our place on Thanksgiving. Now
it's getting on towards summer, I may get a few myself. Honey, on you it's

The evening was a delight. As Kathy drove back to Virginia Beach, Susan
was asleep beside her. She thought about the girl, and realized she had
met her scarcely two days earlier. Yet the girl was already settling in
and changing her life for the better, Kathy thought. Now for their day in

* * *

At ten o'clock the following Thursday, Kathy was back in the courtroom.
When the case was called, Kathy announced that the defendant was ready, but
there was no plaintiff present. Although irregular, she asked the judge
for permission to proceed. Permission was granted and she began by calling
Peter Mahoney as a defense witness.

He came forward, was duly sworn, and took his position in the witness
box. He stated his name and gave his occupation as District Attorney of
Norfolk County. "Mr. Mahoney," Kathy began, "are you acquainted with the
plaintiff in this case, Sylvia Black."

"I am, Mrs. Stark."

"Do you know her current whereabouts? Do you have any information for
the Court regarding her absence from the proceedings today?"

"I do. At present Sylvia Black is serving a three-to-five year sentence
in the Women's Prison. The suspension of her previous sentence was revoked
early this week as a result of a major felony arrest the night of the prior
hearing in this action," he replied.

"As a result of the arrest is Ms. Black facing new charges?"

"She is. She is facing over fifty felony counts. The indictment is not
yet complete, Mrs. Stark, so I am unable to give you a more precise

"Mr. Mahoney, as you know, this hearing is with respect to returning
Susan Smith, seated with me at the table, to Ms. Black's custody as her
legal guardian. Do any of the charges Ms. Black is now facing bear on her
capacity or suitability to serve as Susan's legal guardian."

"They most certainly do. They include Pandering, White Slavery,
Soliciting Sex with Minors and many more. Mrs. Stark, in plain language,
Ms. Black ran a whorehouse. She had girls as young as fourteen years of
age that she forced to prostitute themselves. And I repeat, forced. The
raid was led by the most experienced vice-squad officer on our police
force. He was physically sickened by some of the things he and his men found. And they are in a line of work in which a strong stomach is an
occupational requirement. Do you wish me to go on?"

Kathy addressed the bench. "Your Honor, Defense sees no need to pursue
this line of questioning further. However, there is no need to convince
me. You are the one who counts. Do you wish me to continue?"

"No, Mrs. Stark, that will not be necessary. However, it leaves the
Court with the question of what to do with the young lady."

"Your Honor, if it please the Court, there is a solution available. May
I present it?"

"By all means, Mrs. Stark. The Court is all ears! Please proceed."

"Your Honor, I have adoption papers signed by all relevant parties. To
complete the process, it merely requires your signature. The papers
indicate the adoption of Susan Smith by Kenneth and Katherine Stark." Kathy
held her head up straight and proud. "I would be honored to be permitted
to adopt Susan as my daughter, Your Honor!"

From his lack of reaction, it was clear to Kathy that the Judge had at
least some advance notice of her proposed course of action. He said, "Mrs.
Stark, you are certainly known to this Court as one of the most honorable
and honored citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia. I have never had the
good fortune to meet your husband, but, if I may be so bold, I must believe
him to be an outstanding individual for you to marry him. The Court finds,
therefore, that you meet all tests that could reasonably be imposed on
adoptive parents. It leaves only one question -- a vital question -- that
must be answered by the young woman herself. She is fifteen years old, I

"That is correct, Your Honor," Kathy replied.

The judge continued. "Susan, please rise and approach the bench." Kathy
was so proud of Susan who was looking beautiful in a lime-green dress she
had bought her for the occasion. Susan rose from her chair and came

"Susan, Katherine Stark and her husband have indicated their desire to
adopt you as their daughter. This is very important, Susan, and I want you
to think carefully before you answer. Do you accept the Starks as your
adoptive parents?"

"Your Honor," Susan began, "I understand your question perfectly.
Thousands... millions of children are born every day. Their parents are
whomever they are. Clearly, it just happens. The child has no say in the
matter. My case is different. I have a choice, I believe. Your Honor, if
I could pick any set of parents in the world today, I would pick Ken and
Kathy Stark."

Tears were streaming from her blue eyes, but she continued to look
steadily at the judge on the bench. "I have known Mrs. Stark for only ten
days. I love her as my mother. I call her Mom. Please, your Honor, let
me continue to call her Mom. I love her and want her desperately. I beg
you! Please approve the adoption. I've chosen my parents: Ken and Kathy

The judge was very interested in something on his desk as he fished for
a handkerchief and unobtrusively dried his eyes. He blew his nose and
continued. "This Court sees many family problems of all sorts. It is
rare, unfortunately, when it is in the capacity of the Court to create
happiness. Miss Smith, I am moved. I believe you.

"Accordingly, it is with joy on the part of the Court that you are
declared the daughter of Kenneth and Katherine Stark. Mrs. Stark, I
should apologize. Your daughter's statement has caused my eyesight to
blur. If the papers are ready, I would appreciate it very much if you would
indicate where I should sign."

Peter Mahoney took care of the chore, carefully blinking his eyes to be
sure he was looking at the correct line.

"Hello, Daughter!" Kathy whispered with tears in her eyes while she
kissed Susan.

"Hi, Mom!" Susan murmured as she hugged her new mother tightly. *Chapter

Two weeks later Kathy and Susan went north to visit her brand-new
grandparents. Susan had still not recovered from the shock of another of
Bob's odds and ends. He had been waiting for them at the back of the
courtroom with the news that Susan, as Kathy's legal child, had just
received a bequest of five million dollars from Sam's estate. She was now
a wealthy young woman in her own right.

Kathy could not believe the change that had taken place in Susan in less
than two weeks. Except for a few deep bruises which were rapidly clearing
up, she was back to her normal self, a truly beautiful girl.

When they reached the senior Stark's home north of Williamsburg, they
were heard coming up the gravel driveway and Sam and Betty came out to
greet them. While Betty was kissing Kathy, Sam was looking at his
granddaughter. "Young lady, where have you been? I'm your grandfather,
and I didn't even know you were alive until a few days ago." He took her in
his arms and kissed her.

Susan looked at the very distinguished-looking man holding her, then
wrapped her arms around him, kissed him and hugged him tightly. "Hello,
Grandfather. I'm your granddaughter, Susan Stark, and I love you very

Sam could feel the tears forming in his eyes as he continued to hug this
lovely girl. Betty looked on. "Kathy, she is so beautiful! She's a
younger you. Ken will be thrilled."

"Mother, do you really think so? I can't even reach him! I don't know
where he is. I'm so scared. Of course I love Susan dearly, but I'm afraid
Ken will think I've lost my mind! I've written him, but I don't know if he
even got my letter."

They went inside, and Susan went into the kitchen to get to know her
grandmother while Kathy and the Admiral went into his study. "Dad, what do
you think? I told mom that I'm scared to death! Ken may not even know. I
can't reach him by phone."

Admiral Stark loved his daughter so much he refused to think of her as a
daughter-in-law. He regarded her fondly. "He married you, didn't he?"

"I don't understand."

"My God! Is my son lucky! He's sharing his home with two of the most
beautiful women in the world: his wife, and her younger twin, his daughter.
Kathy, there is no problem. Absolutely no problem! Ken is madly in love
with you, and I know you believe that now.

"Sweetheart, Susan is a younger you! It can't miss. Besides, I've only
known her for a couple of minutes but already I love her almost as much as
I love you. As a flag officer I weigh probabilities. It's what we deal
with. There are no certainties in this world. But this is as close to a
certainty as I've ever seen: Kenneth Stark will love his daughter, Susan.
Believe me! He will."

Kathy smiled. "Okay. I give up. Dad, I love you."

"And I certainly love you. You should know, Kathy, you're not my
daughter-in-law. You're my daughter. Period! Kathy, you are the greatest
thing to happen to this family in centuries!

"Now, something's been on my mind. I'm sure you remember the fateful
day when we had that... talk... in this very room? Well, you said two
things. First, that you had been a prostitute. Second, that you could
never have children. Kathy, we discussed the first and dismissed the
second. But it's been on my mind. How do you know you can never have

"Why, Dad..." Kathy began. "Because a doctor who checked the girls in
the house when I was seventeen said so..." She stopped in mid-sentence.
"My God! Do you mean to suggest...?"

"Kathy, I'm not suggesting anything, I'm asking. But it occurred to me
that if you hung on to the belief that you were a prostitute long after you
left the trade, I might inquire about the other. Have you had a complete
gynecological examination recently?"

"I'm a fool, Dad." She stood up, bent over, and pointed to her lovely
rear end. "Would you please stimulate my brain by giving it a kick? It's
right here!" She pointed at her ass. She went back to the chair, sat down
and looked at the Admiral ruefully, "That's what happens when every time
you sit down you're sitting on your brains!"

"Kathy," he said, "that's the one thing I don't like about you. You
take yourself so seriously!" He grinned at his daughter and she grinned

"Dad, I promise! I'll have that complete gynecological checkup as soon
as I can get an appointment!"

"Fine!" He looked at her and continued, "Now, why is it I sense my
daughter has something else on her mind?"

"Dad, maybe it's because I do. First, you know your daughter is utterly
shameless? If Ken came through that door right now, I would have my legs
spread wide to welcome his glorious cock into my cunt in about half a

"Kathy, your language is... vivid, but so what?"

"I love to play a little game with Ken, often when he's asleep. Dad,
when the nipples of my breasts are fully erect -- which is most of the time
when Ken is around -- I find they neatly fill the depressions in his
shoulder caused by bullet holes. In fact, I tease him. I tell him they're
holes left by some Vietnamese wench who left a permanent impression.

"But seriously, Dad, I love the big lug more than life itself. I don't
want to see him screwed, by anyone, ever -- except me, of course. Dad,
I've been reading books about the Navy and how it works -- everything from
_The Bluejacket's Manual_ to Mahan. And keep your mouth closed, please,
thank you very much. Ken would kill me if he knew. He tells me I'll be
telling CNO what to do. Anyway, one of the books was on military

"Dad, Ken took four bullets in the shoulder, presumably enemy bullets.
Why doesn't he at least have the Purple Heart? It's supposed to be
virtually automatic in such cases. The only thing I know is that it
happened in 1974 when we were bugging out. That may be part of the
explanation. But damn it, Dad! He lives with those wounds. I just play
with them. If he deserves a medal, he should have it!

"There's something else: Ken's very honest and forthright with me. He
tells me anything and everything about his past, life at the Academy...
anything. Sometimes he's a little reticent because he doesn't really
believe I could be interested, but he tells me. Maybe that's why this
thing has been bugging me. He says nothing. The most he has ever said is
that he didn't duck fast enough. I don't even know what ship he was
serving on. My guess is that it was the river navy, though. It's the only
way I could see him getting hit by small-arms fire. Do you know anything
about it?"

"Kathy, I don't. And, as usual, you're right. As you were speaking, I
was kicking myself because I don't know, either, and I'm his father. You
met him years after it happened. Hell, I visited him in the hospital and
let him put me off the same way he did you. Want to make a deal? You've
promised to see a gynecologist. I'll promise to find out what happened to
Ken in 'Nam. Deal?"

She stood up and extended her hand. Again, he was a little surprised at
the firmness of her grip. "It's a deal!" she said.

* * *

As they headed back home, she glanced over at Susan. "What did you
think of your grandparents?"

"Mom, could I answer a different question? I consider myself the
luckiest girl alive! I didn't know the judge was going to ask me what he
did that day in court. I only hope and pray that you understand my answer
was from the heart. I love you, Mom! You know something else? I am the
luckiest girl in the world. I not only have the neatest parents in the
world, but the neatest grandparents, too." *Chapter 28*

It was time to prepare for Susan's enrollment in high school. Kathy
reflected on the events of the summer just past. Reflecting on it, the
summer was the most pleasant she could remember. It was exciting to get to
know one's daughter... and oneself. She smiled, thinking of the fame they
had achieved, this time on the sports page for a change.

As a break from the academic tutoring she was doing, she and Susan had
gone out to the club one day to play tennis. She had demonstrated the
basic strokes and they started hitting the ball back and forth. The pace
quickened as she saw Susan improving dramatically with every stroke. She
developed a vicious topspin drive in no time, lashing the ball into the
corners of the court, but always inside the chalk.

It had been a hot day, and Kathy called a break to catch her breath.
She hit Susan with the flat of her racket when she heard the girl murmur
with a grin on her face, "The old lady's out of shape. The legs always go
first." Kathy noticed with satisfaction that Susan was breathing hard as
she said it.

They found that the mother-daughter tournament was scheduled to begin in
less than an hour. "Mom, could we enter? For kicks? You're too tough!"

She had agreed and went to see the pro. There was an open spot in the
draw and he wrote them in. As she did, Kathy reflected that she and Susan
had a running athletic competition. Inevitably, it was her experience
against Susan's youth -- their physical skills were about equal, but at a
level far higher than either realized. Kathy looked down at her body.
Because of all the exercise, she decided her physical condition and Susan's
were perfect.

They met their two opponents in the first match. The girl was about
sixteen, while her mother appeared to be in her forties. While they had
been waiting for the match, Kathy had briefly reviewed doubles tactics with
Susan, who immediately understood the reasoning behind them.

Their opponents served first. The girl served to Kathy who hit a
forehand smash down the center of the court. The girl, coming to net,
could manage only a weak volley return that Susan slammed into her feet for
a winner. The match was 6-0, 6-0. In fact, they swept the tournament
without losing a game.

Kathy was proud of Susan. In response to a question, she claimed to
have been playing tennis since the age of six. On the way home, Kathy
kidded her about her answer. Susan explained it. "Six or sixteen: the
difference is the one, right. And plus or minus one is pretty close, isn't

Following their club win they went on to area matches and finally to the
state championships. Perhaps because Kathy was so well known, perhaps
because of their shared beauty, the tournament -- usually reported in the
microscopic print on the sports' page with long lists of scores -- had some
reporters and photographers in attendance.

In the finals they met a team from Roanoke. The daughter was eighteen,
and her mother was in her mid-thirties. It was obvious watching them warm
up that they were very good and very experienced in tournament play. Susan
served first. Kathy thought they won the tournament with that single
serve. Susan served to the girl who was receiving deep. Her serve came off
her racket like a bullet and kicked up chalk as it hit in the service box
while moving at an angle sharply away from the girl. She could only watch
it hit the screen behind the adjacent court.

In many ways, it was a strange match. Like the others it ended 6-0,
6-0, yet many of the points and games were hard fought. Their opponents
were real ladies and congratulated them warmly on their victory. The girl expressed surprise she had never met Susan on the state junior tournament
circuit, because clearly she was the best female junior she had ever seen.

As the mother and Kathy relaxed with drinks after the match, the woman
commented that she had never seen a mother-daughter pair like Susan and
her. "There's one thing I don't understand. You're obviously her mother --
you two look like twins -- but you can't be. You look like her older sister. And if you'll forgive my jealousy, only slightly older. How on
earth did you do it?"

Kathy couldn't remember what she had replied but knew it was some
double-talk that seemed to satisfy the woman. _Or else,_ Kathy thought,
_she's just too polite to pursue it._ Their picture appeared in several
Virginia newspapers and it was played up big in Norfolk. Susan was
thrilled. Kathy was concerned that Susan might be recognized by some of
Sylvia's former customers but realized she had had little customer
exposure, and all traces -- including her nude photo on the bidding sheet
-- had been destroyed.

As promised to Admiral Stark, she had been seen and examined by the best
gynecologist in the area. She told him that she had been told as a
teenager by a physician that she could never have children. The doctor
gave her a thorough examination. He had a sense of humor and laughed when
he saw the now-faded stamp imprint.

When she was again fully dressed, he reviewed the examination with her
in his office. "Mrs. Stark, we like to think of medicine as a science.
To the extent we know certain things, it is. However, there are still far
more things we don't yet know. The process of conception is one that we
still don't really know a great deal about. Frankly, I see dozens of women
who are physiologically sound, whose husbands are potent, yet who fail to
conceive for whatever reasons.

"Clearly, there must be a psychological or neurological element
involved, because it's not uncommon for a woman to give up on ever having a
baby, adopt one, and then become pregnant. I will say this, however: I
don't know who the doctor was who said you could not have a baby. I do
know I found absolutely nothing wrong with your reproductive system. He
may turn out to be correct, but to do so he used astrology, numerology, or
something of that sort. He did not use medical science. He could not have
found anything that would make that a physical fact.

"I would add only one more thing. It is rare that I get to examine a
woman who is as beautifully prepared for motherhood as you are. Barring
complications, there should be no problems. My only advice to you and your
husband is to keep trying. Whenever you mention him, your eyes light up. I
commented earlier on your... markings. I conclude you enjoy a very active
sex life and clearly you seem to enjoy it. Continue to have fun trying to
make a baby."

_He's got that right!_ Kathy thought. _Just the thought of making love
with Ken makes me hurt._ She realized that her fun with Susan had helped
her get through what would otherwise have been an unendurable separation.

Then her thoughts returned to a call she received from Sam Stark a few
weeks earlier. She recalled it vividly in her mind's eye. "Kathy, it's
Dad. Remember when you were up here, you turned around, bent over, and
wanted me to kick you in your brains? Well, I was sure you just wanted me
to admire that lovely little rear of yours. I was about to say so when I
remembered you're the best pistol shot in the state, and you're armed.
Anyway, if you think you sit on your brains, I must be walking on mine!

"It appears that your husband was a real hero. I'm still tracking down
the details, but here's what I have so far: He was in command of one of
those river gunboats we were using out there and they were evacuating a
group of Vietnamese from an encircled village. You were also correct on
the timing. It was when everything was coming unglued all at once. At any
rate, most of his crew were ashore helping to organize the evacuation, and
then all hell broke loose. North Vietnamese regulars attacked the village
to try to collapse the defense perimeter before they could evacuate.

"A couple of Ken's guys were hit, and they were all cut off. He took a
weapon and singlehandedly fought his way to them and then got them out.
The flotilla commander had been killed in the first attack, so even though
he was wounded Ken took command of the force. They held off the enemy
until the people he came for were boarded and on their way to safety.

"Kathy, I'm trying to speak as an admiral and not as Ken's dad. What he
did that day deserves a very big medal. We're talking the Navy Cross or
possibly even the Medal of Honor. Anyway, I don't know why Ken never said
anything. Perhaps it's because we left with our tail between our legs
while he was still in the hospital. I don't know. However, the record is
being reconstructed from various information sources, and we're trying to
locate some eyewitnesses. We have names of guys who were there and we know
where to look for them, so it's only a matter of time. Kathy, thank you.
I'll keep you posted, and I'm glad your brain still works."

Kathy told him she had kept her part of the bargain and reported what
she had been told. "So, Dad, it's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.
Ken and I will just have to work harder when he gets back!"

Finally, she thought back to the day she and Susan visited the State
Police barracks and saw Will Stockdale. She had been greeted by the troop
commander, Captain Collins. Lieutenant Pinkney, who had arranged the
escort for Susan, was there as well.

"Captain Collins, it's a real pleasure to meet you. I have you to thank
for the escort to my apartment provided by Trooper Stockdale on my wedding
night. It was very thoughtful of you. I'm afraid you've been hearing a
great deal about me over the last year or so, and not much of it could be

"Mrs. Stark... but may I call you Kathy? Around here you're only
known by your first name. There are so many Kathy stories floating around
the barracks, I couldn't count them. They're all respectful and -- pardon
me for saying it -- loving. I hope it's not too painful a memory for you,
but I remember vividly the morning last year that the call came over the
police radio net that 'Kathy's down. Somebody shot Kathy.' No last name,
just Kathy. With Virginia law enforcement that's all the identification
you need." He finished with a warm smile.

"I don't believe I've had the pleasure," he said turning toward Susan
who had been listening to this senior officer greet her mother with such
respect and love.

"Captain, I'm very proud to introduce you to my daughter, Susan. Susan
was the one who was injured when Lieutenant Pinkney provided the escort."

"How do you do, Susan? It's a real pleasure! I don't think you know
this, but the greatest pride we have had in our fellow officers was when we
learned a Norfolk policeman had killed that sadistic matron who shot at
your mother. You see, your mother spent a brilliant career making law
enforcement agencies look very good. Mostly, we just stood around and
cheered while she did our job for us. It was long overdue for us to do
something for her.

"Kathy, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, could I see those famous badges I've heard so much about?" Kathy smiled ruefully and took them out.
Susan's eyes widened as she saw the gold. The captain looked at them
carefully, looked at Susan and smiled. "Young lady, from the look on your
face -- and on your mother's -- you've never seen them before." Susan shook
her head.

The Captain looked at Kathy with a question. She nodded, and he handed
them to Susan. "Susan, as far as I know, those badges are unique. Your
mother is the only law-enforcement officer with dual jurisdiction -- both
State and Federal. She's also the finest pistol shot in the state.

"Kathy, I can tell you're looking for someone, and it can only be Will
Stockdale. Am I right?" Kathy nodded. "He's around somewhere, I'm sure.
Let's find him.

"I'm right here, Captain," said Will from behind. "I'm delighted to see
you women here today. He looked particularly at Susan. "Miss Stark, if I
may say, you are looking particularly beautiful. I'm so happy there were
no lasting effects. We heard what had happened to you. I shouldn't say
this, I suppose, but it's a good thing that woman is dead." Turning to
Kathy, he said, "Now what can I do for you?"

"Will, could we go somewhere and talk?" They found a quiet corner in the
troopers' lounge and sat down. "Will, I have a problem I think you can
help me with. You know how big a city Virginia Beach is. You really need
a car to get around and Susan is starting high school next month. She'll
be a junior. She just got her driver's license and... Well, she drives
like me."

"Kathy, are you serious? Is she really that good?"

Kathy smiled and nodded. "She really is -- probably better. Why?"

"Well, ma'am, as you know -- but won't admit -- you're a legend around
here. And that most particularly includes your driving. We have a
training track out back here. Well, I asked the Captain if we could get
you behind the wheel of one of our cruisers. He thought about it, but
finally said no. He said you're too big a name in this state, and he
wanted no embarrassment. But if Susan would be willing?... If you'd let

"May I, Mom? Please? If the captain says it's all right?"

The captain said it was fine with him if Mrs. Stark approved. Kathy
nodded and smiled at her daughter.

The whole troop off duty went out to the track. Will fitted Susan with
a crash helmet and a Nomex driving suit and drove her around the track. It
combined a high-speed track with both a skid pad and a slalom course.
First, Will drove the course with Susan riding beside him. When they got
back to the starting point, Susan prepared to make her run.

Kathy asked what the track record for the course was. She had been
observing the car as Will had driven the course. Turning to the Captain
she asked, "Are you a betting man? I'll wager Susan breaks that record by
at least one full second. If we lose, you and all your troopers who are
off duty will be our guests for dinner tonight. If we win, you have to
have us as your guests here at the barracks."

"Kathy, did I hear you say you would buy food for this whole army at a
good restaurant, or we feed you what passes for food here? Is that the
bet?" Kathy nodded. "Then Kathy, it's a bet!"

He raised his voice, called the troopers over, and explained the bet. A
couple of troopers ran to set up the electronic timing equipment they would
need. Soon they were all ready. Meanwhile, Will was busy making side bets
with his buddies at very attractive odds. It was pointed out to him that
the record holder had spent nearly three years bringing the time down to
its present level. Will just nodded, smiled, and took the bets.

When everything was set, a light ahead of Susan went from red to amber
to green. At the instant the light changed, she was off with her rear
tires smoking from the wheel-spin. Kathy watched impassively as Susan
found the perfect line on the banked track and took it with the cruiser
running flat out. Jaws dropped as the cruiser roared around the track for
the three laps agreed, flew out onto the skid pad and executed the required
maneuvers, including a bootlegger's turn at very high speed.

Will muttered, "Damn! I forgot to bring out the speed gun!"

Finally, she roared through the slalom while the cruiser rocked like a
bathtub with its tires at the very limit of their adhesion in spite of its
special suspension designed to minimize body roll. She roared across the
finish line, spun another 180 degree turn and stopped on almost the precise
spot from which she had started.

The captain had been watching in utter amazement. He turned to Kathy
and asked, "How long has Susan been driving?"

Kathy grinned at him. "I apologize, Captain. That was a setup. Will
has told me I'm pretty good. Susan's only been driving for three months,
but she's probably better than I am. She's very good with cars."

"How much did she beat it by?" the Captain called out. The answer was
by over five full seconds.

Susan got out of the car and ran over to where they were standing,
stopping just long enough to shed her helmet and driving suit.

The Captain put out his hand and shook hers. "Susan, that was utterly
amazing! We're going to get a plaque with the time on that run. I know
you're only in high school, _but..._ young lady, we're always trying to
recruit young women into police work. Not many are interested. Of the few
that are, some are unsuited. Unfortunately, too many of the remainder
aren't very good. You are _very_ good! If you ever look for a job,
there's one here for you."

He had another idea. "Susan, have you ever shot a pistol?" She shook
her head, no. "Your mother is the finest pistol shot alive. She says you
are good at all the things she's good at. Would you like to shoot a few
rounds on our pistol range? Maybe your mother would like to shoot, too?
Would you, Kathy?"

Kathy grinned. "I was afraid you'd never ask! I would love to. Susan,
would you get that case from the back seat, please."

Susan came speeding back with an aluminum carrying case in her hand.
They went to the pistol range where they found the targets arranged in sets
of three. The targets would spin, back to front, on a pivot controlled by
the rangemaster. At the start, there were three black silhouettes. When
they spun so the shooter could see them, they were combinations of felons:
targets to be shot, and civilians: not to be shot.

They decided they would fire it from the draw position. Kathy opened
the case Susan had brought. In it were loaded cylinders for her LadySmith
which dropped in quickly to reload. Kathy went first to show Susan how it
was done. She went out to the shooting position with her purse in her left
hand. After putting on sound-absorbing ear protectors, she waved ready.

The targets spun: all bad. Her weapon sounded like a continuous
thunderclap after a draw the officers admitted they never saw. Six bullets
fired, two each into the ten spot marking the heart location on the
targets. She continued in her unerring fashion. She came back to the line
and reloaded the now-empty cylinders while the targets were being scored.

Susan had been watching her mother's movements carefully. She took the
unloaded weapon, and Kathy showed her the sighting patterns. Then she put
a loaded cylinder in to get the feel. Finally she was ready. If there had
been videotapes made, the two images would have been duplicates. When it
was over, she had lost to her mother by one point. She had a single nine
with all the rest tens.

The Captain spoke to his troop. "You have now seen a demonstration of
how to shoot this course. We will forgive Miss Stark her miss. After all,
this is the first time she has ever held a gun in her hand, let alone fired
one. Also like her mother, she put two bullets into each target. The
other bullet was, of course, a ten. One bullet in the heart is as lethal
as two, but then we know Kathy -- and her daughter -- believe in being

"Susan, you shot the highest score on this range ever! We won't mention
how your mother did. I hope this serves as a model to you men. A girl fires this score within minutes of holding a weapon in her hand for the
first time. It really isn't so hard, is it?

"But now I have some bad news. I made a wager with Kathy and lost.
Mother-love triumphed. She bet me that Susan could turn the track at least
one full second faster than the best previous recorded time. You all know
the results. Therefore, the only honorable thing to do is to pay up.
Accordingly, under the terms of our wager, we must host the two women at
dinner here in the barracks this evening!"

The troopers cheered, and the Captain turned to Kathy, "There you see
true Virginia gentlemen: paying a lost wager with a cheer!" He grinned at
her and winked.

Kathy looked at him speculatively. "Captain Collins, could I make a
confession? I thought that something like this might happen, and I know
that the state doesn't go overboard on your food budget. If you keep
quiet, I've made arrangements to have dinner tonight catered for you and
your men. It can be canceled on a phone call, of course, but actually, I
was planning to take you and your men out to dinner in your own barracks.
May I still? Please?"

"Kathy Stark, you are a piece of work!" Collins said with a grin. "I
wasn't kidding when I spoke earlier about all the Kathy stories.
Collectively, they are forming a legend. Needless to say, you and Susan
added to the legend this afternoon. We would be honored to accept your
gracious invitation."

Kathy found Susan talking with Will. "Mother, do you know what Trooper
Stockdale has just done?"

Kathy grinned at them both. "No, I don't know what Trooper Stockdale
has just done... but I can guess. But Susan, I do think he'd like it
better if you called him Will, wouldn't you?"

"Susan, I would appreciate it very much if you would. I call your
mother Kathy, and she isn't much older than you are. May I call you

"Of course, Will, and I would love it!" Susan replied, with a smile that
just about melted poor Will to the ground.

Kathy continued, "Back to your question. I think Will has probably just
about cleaned out his barracks mates for the next couple of months or so.
Will, I think it's only fair that you buy Susan a dinner sometime soon. If
you did what I think you did, you cleaned up!"

"Kathy, it was unfair, I guess. I know how you drive. When you say
Susan's good, she's _good!_ Then o' course, they went double or nothing on
the range, some of them, and that's all she wrote! Susan, it would be a
great honor to take you out to dinner. After next payday, I expect to get
about half the barracks' entire pay, so any place at all."

"Will," Susan replied, "I would be truly delighted! Please call and let
me know what date would be convenient." She gave him another of her smiles.
Kathy recognized it as a duplicate of her own.

"Now that the business is taken care of, I would like to get back to our
conversation about Susan. Will, do you agree that Susan's a bit better
than your average beginning driver?" Kathy asked.

"Ma'am, you're joshing me! She could drive the tracks at Darlington,
Charlotte or Daytona, she's that good. Yes, ma'am! If it's got four
wheels and an engine, Susan can drive it! And I'm not real sure she needs
all four wheels, either. Susan, I've never seen that slalom driven better!
Now, Kathy, what do you want me to do?"

"Will, I was thinking about a car. I think Sue needs one to get to
school. It's not a question of money, but I don't want her looking all
that different from the other kids. On the other hand, I can't stand
anything mechanical that doesn't work well... _very_ well. I want to get
Susan a car that looks like the basic high-school junkie, but good. Do you
think you can help? I know you have friends I suspect do this for a
living. Am I right?"

"I caught your drift at the beginning Kathy, and I've been thinking. I
want Susan in a car that won't mess her up too much. Air conditioning, for
example, understand? I have an idea. Mazda makes a car, the 323 GTX. Now
it's a real pocket rocket, with a turbocharged engine, all-wheel drive,
Recaro seats, three spoilers on the rear -- the whole nine yards. Now,
what if you bought one new? I have friends that could take off the
spoilers, paint it a standard factory color, that sort of stuff. It would
look like Susan's driving a 323 which is sort of an econobox. Now, Kathy,
make no mistake. Susan would look like she's driving a new 323 you can
pick up for less than $10,000. The additional work isn't much. How does
it sound?"

"Honey, how does it sound to you?" Kathy asked Susan.

"Mom, could we? Really? A car of my very own to drive to school?
Fantastic! It sounds fantastic."

"Okay, Will. It's a deal. I'll order the car tomorrow. Does it matter
what the original color is?"

"No, ma'am, but a light color would be good if they have one. Now, the
car comes with some things like a sunroof, rear wiper, and the seats that
aren't available on a normal 323, but I don't think anyone will notice. My
friends will deliver it back to you a week or ten days after they get it.

"Will, it's a deal!" Kathy said. "Now, let's see about dinner, shall

The dinner was a spectacular success. Later, while driving home, Kathy
said to Susan, "That was beautiful driving, dear. And beautiful shooting."

"I'm my mother's daughter! What more can I say?" Susan responded.
"Mom, you've been holding out on me. At dinner I learned that you've
killed three men with that weapon in your purse. At our table all they
could talk about was your shooting. 'Five shots fired. Four in the heart,
one in the brain.' That's true, Mom, isn't it?"

"I'm afraid so. I don't really know why I still carry that thing, but
it's been very useful. Susan, how would you like one with a bra holster?"
They both laughed at the thought.

* * *

Kathy and Susan went together to meet the educationists at the high
school. They had an appointment with an assistant principal named James
Worthington. After they were shown into Mr. Worthington's office and took
seats, Kathy began, "Mr. Worthington, I've come in this morning to enroll
my daughter, Susan, as a junior in your school."

"That's fine, Mrs. Stark. May I have a copy of the transcript from her
previous school?"

"Mr. Worthington, there is no previous school. Susan has had private
tutors in the past. She has decided that she would like to meet more young people so she is enrolling in the public schools. Now, what is the

"Why, Mrs. Stark, this is highly irregular. Surely, she has a

"From her tutor? One could be prepared, I suppose, but it would look
like no transcript you've ever seen before. Should we bother?"

"But... Well... How do we know Susan is equipped to do the work? I

"Why don't you give her an admissions test?" Kathy asked.

"Why that's ridiculous! There are no admissions requirements. This is
a public high school."

Kathy had had enough. With her eyes blazing blue fire she declared,
"Mr. Worthington, you have three choices. First, admit Susan as a junior
and we move ahead to discuss her course of study. Second, give her an
admissions test. Her scores will blow your mind and then we discuss her
course of study. Third, do not admit Susan. Then I call the Governor and
you think about where you might be able to get a job next year while I go
through this again with your successor who is likely to be more agreeable.
Do you understand the alternatives?"

He nodded, looking like the canary about to be eaten by the cat.

"Wonderful!" Kathy said. "Now, which of the alternatives would you like
to pursue?"

"Admit her as a junior?" he said tremulously. His statement was made to
sound like a question.

"That's great! Now that Susan is a junior, let's talk about her
courses, shall we? Oh, I will see that a transcript of her prior work is
forwarded by her tutor. She will need it for her college applications."

On the way home, Susan looked at Kathy strangely. "Mother, that was
cruel. I have never seen you act mean to a living soul. Ever! Yet you
terrorized that poor man. Why did you do it?"

Kathy looked thoughtful and finally responded, "Susan, there are certain
people I loathe. Occasionally it shows. Usually, when I don't like a
person I go out of my way to be extra nice. But Mr. Worthington is in the
first group. He stood between my beloved daughter and her education, an
education she underwent a brutal beating to try to get. I'm sorry, honey.
I blew my stack. Was I really that bad?"

Susan was giggling. "I'm sorry, Mom, but he was in such terror! And
you are so beautiful. I think of the story of the Amazons. It's just so
funny, remembering. Mom, will Dad be home soon? I can't wait to meet

"Very soon," Kathy answered. "But, dear God, it can't be soon enough!
Susan, you can't believe the extent of my love for your father. I
absolutely worship the man. But I guess you'll see that for yourself
pretty soon." *Chapter 29*

Susan had just come home from the very first date of her life with Will
Stockdale. After closing the front door she just leaned back against it.

"How was your evening, Sue?" Kathy asked. "Did you have a good time?"

"Spectacular! The dinner was wonderful. And Will was so nice! Mom, I
don't think the people at the restaurant realized I was only sixteen. Do I
look older?"

"Honey, you look magnificent! You have no trouble holding up that
strapless dress, even though you aren't quite filled out. Susan, honestly,
your 'not quite filled out' is better than most women who have. You're a
beautiful girl. What did Will think?"

Susan had worn a white strapless cocktail dress with white pumps and a
single strand of pearls. With her flawless skin and tan coupled with her
blue eyes and golden hair, she was exquisite. Susan giggled at the memory.
"He just gaped, Mother. He said I was the most beautiful girl he had ever
seen except maybe for you. We had dinner, we danced and then he took me
home. Mom, he kissed me."

"How was it, honey? Did you like it?"

"Mother, I just melted!"

"Then what did you do?"

"I asked him to please stop. And Mom... I asked him to please be
strong enough for both of us because I wasn't in condition to say no again.
He stopped, and gave me the most tender kiss. I thanked him for a
wonderful evening and for being strong enough for both of us. Was that all

"That was fine, dear. Will is a real gentleman, and I think you said
the perfect thing. What did he say?"

"He said he couldn't believe I was only in high school. He said I was a
'woman growed.' He said it was the best evening he's ever spent with a
girl, and hopes he can see me again, sometime." Her expression changed as
she added, "Mom, Dad gets home tomorrow. Do you think he'll be
disappointed or angry or anything?"

"Absolutely not, sweetheart! He'll love you as I do, probably more.
There's just one thing I've been meaning to tell you. Honey, your dad and
I are... uninhibited in our lovemaking. Sue, I doubt if there's a square
inch of this apartment your father hasn't taken me on. Once I was peeling
carrots at the sink and he came in, picked me up by the legs and entered me
from the rear while I kept trying to peel the damned carrot.

"Usually, we never wear clothes at home. I don't know what to do about
that now. But Sue, do me a favor? As long as your father's home, please
call before you bring any friends home? I know it won't embarrass us or
you, but it would sure embarrass your friends. Agreed?"

"Agreed. Mom, what time is the ship due to arrive? Can I come down to
meet her? Please!"

"Of course! Now, what should you wear?"

* * *

Susan and Kathy were watching as the EVANS was nudged alongside the pier
by tugs. Mooring lines were made fast and then they saw sailors running
along the deck getting ready to go ashore. Kathy thought she saw Ken on
the bridge and waved. It was a beautifully warm day in early October. She
and Susan were both wearing dresses in the blue that matched their eyes.
It was a color that Ken loved on her. They continued to wait with Kathy
unable to control her impatience. Finally, the brows were made fast,
liberty was called, and men started running down the gangways to get
ashore. The area was filled with families and loved ones there to meet them
on their return.

Finally, Kathy saw Ken and ran to him. He dropped his bags, gathered
her into his arms and hugged. He could feel her tears on his cheek.
Finally, he eased her away far enough to take her in his arms in an endless
kiss. With their arms around one another they walked over to the car where
Susan was waiting fearfully.

When he was still about fifty feet away, he looked at Susan and then
down at Kathy. "Honey, would you excuse me for a second while I greet our

Ken sprinted the last few feet, grabbed Susan around the waist and
lifted her high in the air. Like her mother, Susan was weightless in his
arms. He set her down, embraced her and kissed her lovingly. Then he just
held her tightly in his arms until he heard her sobbing. Stepping away, he
held her at arms length and saw that tears were rolling down the girl's

"What's wrong, Susan? What did I do? Did I hurt you?" His concern was
evident in his voice. Susan just shook her head from side to side, then
rushed back into his arms and held him close. He held her and stroked her
hair the way he did with Kathy who was standing close by, saying nothing.
Finally the sobbing died away and the tears stopped, but still she held him

At last, she pushed away and looked into his eyes. A brilliant smile
started to form and she said, "Hello, Dad! Welcome home! I'm your
daughter, Susan." She grabbed him and gave him a huge kiss.

He eased her away and gave her a big grin while winking at Kathy. "Ease
up, honey. You'll make your mother jealous!" He then took Kathy in one arm
and Susan in the other and tried to kiss them both at once.

When they were back in the apartment, as soon as the elevator door
closed Susan disappeared into her room leaving them alone together. Kathy
stripped off her dress and was nude except for her pearls and her pumps.
As he was taking off his tie and shirt, Kathy was on her knees working on
his belt and pants. She let them drop, along with his shorts revealing his
sex. She caressed his balls, kissed his magnificent weapon and was
rewarded with a drop of juice.

"Ken, darling, I missed you so much! My cunt aches for you! Please,
darling. Put it in now!" She lay on her back and lifted her hips to make
his entry as easy as possible.

He had shed all his clothes now, and quickly entered her warm grotto.
Almost immediately he could feel her pelvis start to take on a life of its
own as it jerked spasmodically in her first orgasm. It triggered his
orgasm, but barely slowed him down. For what seemed like hours, they made
love together on the floor. Finally, they got up and went to the bedroom
where their lovemaking continued. At last they paused and just lay in each
others arms, softly kissing any part of the other within range.

Kathy was just looking lovingly at Ken, when, following a knock on the
door, Susan came in carrying a large tray. She put it on the dresser and
quickly left again to return with a bottle of Dom Perignon and two glasses.
The tray also held a full kilo of beluga caviar in a bowl of ice surrounded
with all the trimmings: the finely chopped onion, chopped egg whites,
chopped egg yolks, and toast.

"Welcome home, Dad. With the exercise you and mom have been getting, I
thought you might need something to eat. I'll pour the champagne."

Ken looked at Kathy who nodded.

"Susan, where's your glass? Aren't you going to have a drink with us?"

"Please, Susan?" Kathy urged.

She went for another glass and was back in a wink. She poured a glass
for herself and sat in a chair in the corner. Meanwhile, Kathy's hand was
exploring under the covers. It found Ken's cock which hardened instantly
at her touch causing the bed covers to rapidly tent because of the
pressure. He felt his wife's hairless mound and gently ran a finger up and
down her slit. Then he rolled over and found that her legs were already
spread wide to welcome him.

This time was as gentle as the previous ones had been violent. Their
initial passions had been satiated so Ken entered her and nearly withdrew
as he moved in her with long strokes. As he moved he could feel the walls
of her vagina constricting like tender lubricated hands on his sex as it
went in and out in slowly accelerating tempo. By this time they had
forgotten the girl sitting silently in the corner. Kathy could feel
herself rising to a peak. She had already had several small orgasms with
each more powerful than the one before. She could hear the passionate
sounds she was making as if they were coming from someone else. Finally,
they reached their peak together and she erupted like a volcano. Kathy
lost consciousness at her peak in a sensory overload.

When her eyes opened, she was looking into Ken's face. Then she
realized with a start that Susan was sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Mom, I only hope that will happen to me someday. While you were out, I
was telling Dad about me... about what I had to do. Now I know the
difference between lovemaking and fucking. It was so beautiful!"

Kathy sat up in bed with the covers falling to her waist. Ken pulled
her up so she was resting beside him against the headboard of the bed.
"Susan, why don't you bring that luscious caviar and put it on the bed.
Let's all pig out!"

The family sat on the bed, two in and one on, eating caviar and drinking
champagne. When the caviar had disappeared, Susan removed the tray and
went to the kitchen to start preparing dinner while they went back to their

Later, Susan returned to the bedroom. "Mom and Dad," she announced,
"dinner's ready, but would you do me a great favor, please?"

"Of course, honey," Ken replied, "What is it?"

"Dad, mom says you almost never wear clothes in the apartment. That's
true, isn't it?" Ken reddened slightly but said it was true. "Well, mom and I don't either when you're not here... and... and... you're not
dressed now. And I used to work in a whorehouse, too. Daddy, all kinds of
creeps used to handle me. I can see how you and mom adore each other.
Well, instead of you two getting dressed, could I take off my clothes

He looked at Kathy who was busy studying a spot on the blanket. He just
stared at her, and she could feel it. "I love you, darling," she
whispered. "It's what happens when your lovely new daughter is 'born' at
the age of sixteen! Honey, she's absolutely gorgeous, and I think she's
being very honest. She _was_ forced to caress men while they were plugging
girls much younger and smaller than she was. She's still a virgin, but
she's the most sexually experienced virgin alive! I'm just happy about one
thing. I have no pubic hair, while she does. It's a good way to tell us
apart. And honey, in a year or so, it may be the only way! Whatever you
decide is what we'll do, but my vote is to let her."

He took his wife in his arms and softly kissed her lips. Again, he
could feel her melt. He called out, "Okay, Susan. We'll see how it goes."
Then softly to his wife, "Are you ready for dinner? What are we eating?"

Kathy looked at him quizzically. "I honestly don't have the faintest
idea. Sweetheart, I hope you ate well aboard EVANS, because this is going
to be a sixteen-year-old's idea of haute cuisine. It could be pizza,
hamburgers, potato chips, or all of the above. You can't believe how
excited she's been or how desperately she wants you to like her. I guess
you know by now that she's madly in love with her father?"

"You're serious, aren't you, Kathy? She's really afraid I might not
like her? My God, she is a living, breathing doll! She's your twin sister about ten years younger, but there is no such thing. My God, I adore you
and she's a younger replica. Incidentally, what do my mom and dad think
about their granddaughter?"

"Honey, Susan just cried. She was so happy, and they love her so much.
But let's move. Our pizza burgers are going to get cold!" She hopped out
of bed, followed by Ken, and went into the dining area. Susan was standing
at the table, as if she were ready to be inspected by her father. He just
looked at her and then looked at Kathy.

"My God, you're right. Susan, don't you dare do anything to your pubic
hair. It _is_ the only way I'll be able to tell you and your mother apart!" He ran his right hand up Kathy's flat belly, and could feel her
muscles ripple as his finger tips moved across it.

She whispered in his ear, "Just wait! I promised myself I was going to
drain your balls dry in less than forty-eight hours. I sure hope you got
plenty of sleep!" She grinned at him as he gave her a light spank on her
tight little ass.

"What's for dinner, Sue?" Ken asked.

"Just sit down, please, parents. This is mine, and I'll do it all. mom and Dad, I know I'm only sixteen but... but could I have wine, too? Just
this once because Dad just got home? And he's meeting me for the first
time. Please?"

"Susan Stark, am I being conned?" Ken asked with mock severity. "I
think I see your glass already on the table, so I guess so." Kathy hadn't
said anything, but she squeezed his hand and winked at him as soon as
Susan's back was turned.

Susan brought out the first course, carefully serving her mother first,
then her father. She brought out her own plate, and sat down. She had
made a magnificent lump crab meat cocktail, flanked with Chincoteague
oysters served with a marvelous cocktail sauce she had created. Ken looked
across the table at Kathy, then at Susan and started to laugh. Both girls looked at him, wondering what was happening.

"You should see yourselves. Here a sailor comes home after six months
of not seeing a woman. Then he sits down to dinner and what does he see?
Two of the most magnificent pairs of tits in the world, with their nipples
staring at him. Is that fair?"

Kathy just grinned, and Susan looked down at her chest. "Do you really
like my tits, Dad? Mine aren't quite as full as Mom's yet, but they're
getting there. I waited dinner so you could get the edge off your sexual
appetite. I know Mom's cum at least a dozen times already. But I hope you
enjoy the dinner."

Ken looked at her and smiled. "I'm teasing you, honey. Would you like
me to pour the wine?"

Susan jumped up like she'd been shot. "Oh, good heavens! After getting
permission, and everything, I forgot to pour it!"

Moments later she was back with Kathy's best and favorite Chablis. She
poured a tiny bit in Ken's glass and waited for him to taste it. He
nodded, and she filled Kathy's glass, then filled Ken's and finally poured
some for herself.

Kathy offered a toast, "Welcome home, darling!" She and Susan drank and
Ken acknowledged it. Then, with a whoop Susan went back to the kitchen.

The couple sipped their wine as they waited. Ken smiled at Kathy and
said, "Pizza burgers? Maybe I've been away too long, but this isn't
starting off as a fast-food special."

Kathy returned the smile with a brilliant one of her own and said,
"Darling, please don't laugh. Whatever happens, don't laugh. It would
absolutely destroy her."

Susan reappeared with salads. Ken tried his and savored it. "Susan,
what is this dressing? I don't think I've ever tasted anything quite like

The girl looked at him anxiously, "Do you like it? I've been
experimenting with a lot of different ingredients. Since mom hates me to
waste anything, I'm turning into a rabbit eating the darned salads I make
just to experiment with different dressing recipes."

"Honey, it's glorious! Bottle it and you make a fortune."

Susan disappeared and minutes later, reappeared. She placed plates in
front of Kathy and then Ken, and returned to get her own. She had made
Ken's favorite, tournedos Rossini with foie gras and truffles, sauce
Perigord. The older two cut into the perfectly-cooked meat which was
surrounded by beautifully prepared and presented vegetables, while Susan

They tried it, and savored it. "My God, she not only looks like her
mother, she cooks like her, too! This is absolutely magnificent, honey."

Susan had just one bite and retreated for the wine. The wine, a grand
cru Bordeaux from 1959, had been decanted earlier. She poured and served
the classic wine.

Ken, feeling very expansive by this time, asked, "Honey, how long were
we in the bedroom, anyway? We start with caviar and champagne, move on to
crabmeat and oysters, a glorious salad, and then to tournedos. The meal is
exquisite. Now I would like to offer a toast to our beloved daughter,
Susan: Darling Susan, as your new father, I want you to know I could not
possibly be happier. Your mother wrote and told me what you said to the
judge in the courtroom on the day you were adopted. How children are born
by the thousands every day, and their parents -- for good or ill -- are the
luck of the draw. You said you had chosen us.

"Honey, I don't know how I could be happier. Susan, to a long and happy
life, and a welcome from your parents who adore you. Thank you so much for
choosing us!"

Kathy and Ken drank the toast to Susan, who just blushed. Kathy could
see tears in her eyes. She went to her father and gave him a warm loving
kiss. "Thank you, Dad. Thank you for having me!"

When the main course was finished, Susan cleared the table and wheeled
in a cart with a chafing dish. She prepared and flamed crepes Suzette and
carefully served them to her mother, father, and finally herself. Ken was
amazed at her deftness as she handled the flaming dish. Finally, she
served coffee and poured Kathy's finest cognac for her parents, while she
just drank coffee. With the cognac she offered cigars which the two took.

Ken leaned back in his chair and savored his dinner. He turned to Susan
and smiled, "Honey, that absolutely could not have been better. It's as
good as your mother could do and that's high praise indeed."

He grinned across the table at Kathy and said, "Susan, your mother told
me we were going to have pizza burgers. Instead, I get a magnificent
feast. Thank you! I'm really happy to be home!"

Kathy smiled at Susan fondly and said, "Susan, I did tell your father that. I had no idea you were going to prepare such a meal. He's wrong
about one thing, though. I couldn't do it nearly as well."

Susan sat in her chair and blushed. Ken choked off a grin as he watched
the blood rise through her breasts, up her neck and to her face.

The next morning, the older two were in bed when they heard the sound of
a splash in the pool. Kathy gave him a tender kiss and snuggled even
closer. "Honey, how do you feel? Would you like to see something funny?"

Ken had just had one of the most joyous nights of his life with his
lovely wife. He just grinned and said, "Provided all I have to do is
watch. Okay?"

She threw off the covers and ran for the door to the deck. She arrived
at the end of the pool as Susan was starting her fourth lap. As Susan
completed her racing turn, Kathy cut the water in a dive and started
speeding down the course with her. Ken pulled up a deck chair to watch.
As they completed lap after lap looking like a pair of porpoises and moving
as smoothly through the water, he had an idea. As usual, the two girls were stroke for stroke, so they made their turns together.

Ken had done some serious swimming at the Academy. As they turned
again, he knifed into the water and was off in a 100-meter sprint, four
lengths of the pool. The girls had been in a distance stroke and had
already covered almost two miles. Nevertheless, with the new challenge
they simultaneously shifted to a sprint stroke. Ken wasn't in quite as
good shape as the women, but he hadn't swum two miles either. He beat them
by a length, hauling himself out of the pool and sitting on the edge. With
their golden hair plastered around their heads, no makeup, and their bodies
still in the water, he honestly couldn't tell which was which. He extended
a hand to each, and they popped out of the water. Both of them were
grinning at him and at each other.

"When you two get in shape," he said, "let me know. Then we can have a
real race!" He covered himself as two beautiful bodies began to pummel him
furiously. Finally Susan got up and pulled up three mats for them to lie
on. Kathy was still breathing hard as was Susan.

"How do you two do it?" Ken asked. "I'm just asking, not complaining,
you understand. I hope you know it's not the neatest thing for an old man to come out to the pool and see the two women he loves most in the whole
world pounding up and down the pool like a couple of trapped porpoises."

"It's the same as usual, Dad," Susan said. "Mom won't allow herself to
be beaten by a young squirt in her own pool and I won't allow her to see
her daughter quit. She's going to lose one of these days, though. You
really get the drive from your legs, and the legs go first."

Kathy looked down at her beautiful legs and carefully lifted them up
together from the mat. "Ken, do you think I have two or three more months
before I'm in pieces, ready for the retirement home? They don't look
_that_ bad, do they?"

Ken just grinned down at her and Kathy said, "Honey, why don't you start
breakfast? Your father needs some help. We'll come in a few minutes."

"How do you spell 'come' Mom? With an 'o' or a 'u'?"

"In this case, both. Now get your fresh tail back in the kitchen!"

As Susan left, Kathy spread her legs. "Kenneth, you've been holding out
on me. I thought I drained you dry last night, but either I missed or your
powers of recovery are better than I thought! Come here." she said softly.

Ken rolled over and got between her warm thighs and slowly entered her.
As he slowly moved in and out in her moistness he ran his fingers over her
breasts. She heard herself making small cries of pleasure as she felt
herself taken higher and higher until she was gasping and shaking her head
from side to side. Finally, she achieved her release. She held him close
while her vaginal muscles squeezed him dry.

"Are you happy, honey?" she whispered. "I hope Susan wasn't too big a
shock for you. You _do_ like her, don't you?"

"Nope, sure don't." he replied softly, watching a tiny element of fear
enter Kathy's eyes. "I love her almost as much as I love her mother.
'Like' as a word just doesn't do it!" He kissed her softly on the lips
while his now-softened weapon remained inside her. As usual, though, her
kiss was like a jolt of electricity to him. He could feel himself becoming
rigid again, and Kathy could feel it, too.

She grinned at him. "Maybe it's something in the pool water. Do you
think so?"

He had just reached another orgasm, bringing her with him when they
looked up as a shadow reached him.

Susan was standing there smiling warmly. "Boy," she said, "wait until I
tell the kids at school. I work my fingers to the bone slaving at a hot
stove and what are my parents doing? Fucking like bunnies, for gosh

She came around so Kathy didn't have to strain to see her. "I'm sorry,
dear," she said in her haughtiest voice. "It's your father. I can never
get him to do me when I need it... in the theater, a restaurant, while
we're driving. He's very old-fashioned that way. But you know how it is
with the older generation," she grinned at the girl. "By the way, is our
breakfast ready?"

"Of course, dears," Susan said, imitating her mother's voice perfectly.
"It's on the table, getting cold."

Ken eased out from between Kathy's thighs, running his hand lightly over
her breasts as he did so. Kathy murmured with pleasure and stretched,
finally bouncing to her feet. They went in to the huge breakfast Susan had
prepared. *Chapter 30*

It was getting close to Christmas when Susan and Kathy went to the
hospital. They stopped by the emergency room to see the Millers. Kathy
was delighted to see Cindy's abdomen starting to bulge. Grinning at the
girl she said, "There's been a lot of that going around. Is it

The dark-haired girl smiled at her and rubbed her belly. "It comes of
spending days off in bed, I guess. But what brings the mother-daughter
twins here today?"

"It's Jane. She delivered last night, and we came to see the baby. It
looks like we'll be back to visit you in a few months. Congratulations to
you both."

As they went up to the obstetrics floor, Kathy had her fingers crossed.
Jane had had a very uneventful pregnancy which Kathy had followed with
interest. The girl who Kathy thought of as an older sister continued to
come by to swim and joke about the way she was expanding in size.

When they found her room and knocked, Jane's familiar voice asked them
to come in. It was feeding time, but Kathy, as a hospital governor, had
full freedom of the floors. Jane was nursing her tiny baby and it was the
most beautiful thing Kathy had ever seen.

"Jane, you look absolutely gorgeous! How do you feel?" she asked softly
as the baby nursed at its mother's breast, now swollen with milk.

"Like a truck ran over my pelvis, since you asked. It may be two or
three more hours before I can welcome Bob again," she answered softly.
"You two look beautiful, as usual." She cradled the baby closer and then
shifted it to her other breast. They watched as she put her nipple in the
baby's mouth and then heard it make quiet nursing sounds.

"How do you like nursing?" Kathy asked. "What's it like?"

"The most wonderful feeling imaginable. Suddenly you know what it's all
about." She smiled and Kathy was surprised to see tears in her friend's

"What's wrong Jane? You're crying!"

"I haven't introduced you yet. This is Billy Ferguson. Kathy, do you
know what Bob did? He absolutely insisted. His name is William Wilson
Ferguson, named after my first husband." She blinked back the tears. "He
said that fighter jock did such a great job of breaking me in, it's only
fair." She cradled the baby tighter as he finished suckling and went to

"Oh, Jane, that's wonderful!" Kathy exclaimed. "When are you going to
be ready for a babysitter? Believe it or not, Susan has been reading about
the care of babies, and she can't wait."

"Susan, would you like to hold Billy? He's asleep, now, but I'm sure
it's all right."

The girl's eyes glowed as she took the baby from its mother's arms and
held him, carefully holding his head. "He's so tiny!" she said softly so
as not to wake him. "Oh, Aunt Jane, he's beautiful!"

"May I hold him, Jane?" Kathy asked diffidently.

"Are you kidding? The kid's going to be with his Aunt Kathy at his
christening. At least I hope he will." Jane said as Kathy carefully took
the child from her daughter. "Kathy, Bob and I hope you and Ken will
consent to be Billy's godparents. Will you? Susan, you know I was your
mother's first 'project.' I was sunk in a hole so deep I couldn't even see
the sky. Then your mother hauled me out by my hair, and this is what
happened." She smiled at the girl, "Don't you think it's about time I got

"Jane, Ken and I would be very proud to be Billy's godparents. When is
the christening going to be?"

"Since he's not even one-day old yet, we haven't decided. We'll check
with you on Ken's availability."

The nurse came in to take Billy back to the nursery. They could see
Jane's eyes start to close, so they gave her quick kisses and left. On the
way out Kathy looked at Susan and asked, "What did you think?"

"Mother, he is the most beautiful little thing! Now I can see why you
and Dad are always working so hard!" she teased.

They went down to Susan's car. It was Saturday and school was closing
for the Christmas holidays the following Wednesday. That night there was
going to be an athletic awards dinner for fall sports at a local restaurant
and the whole family was going. Susan had played soccer in the fall, and
had been named first-team All-State as a halfback. She was also the
leading scorer on the team that had taken the Virginia state title. Now
they were on the expressway headed east back to Virginia Beach from
Norfolk. Traffic was heavy, so Susan was obeying the speed laws -- or at
least coming close.

Kathy leaned back and enjoyed watching Susan drive. She thought about
the soccer season and the state championship game against Reston, a
perennial soccer power in the state. It was, by a wide margin, Susan's
best game. The truth was that Reston had a much stronger team. It was
very well drilled and played beautifully as a team.

But as good as they were, they were outplayed and outclassed by the
human dynamo playing for Virginia Beach. Susan had her hair tied back in a
pony tail and her golden mane was flying all over the field. Kathy and Ken
were at the game. Later Ken teased her about the beating he had absorbed
as she pounded him whenever Susan made a great play, and cheered so much
she could scarcely talk when it was over.

As a midfielder, Susan had both offensive and defensive
responsibilities. She concentrated on defense. Time after time she charged
in and tackled the ball, breaking up Reston attacks. Virtually the entire
first half was played on the Virginia Beach end of the field. When the
second half started, Susan noticed that the Reston players appeared to be
tiring. Because there had been no score in the first half, substitutions
for both teams had been very limited. The starters had played virtually
the entire game to that point.

Early in the second half Reston was on the attack again. The Reston
right wing was bringing the ball up when Susan saw an opportunity, streaked
over and stole the ball. She then took it the length of the field, faking
out both halfbacks and fullbacks. She faked a right-footed kick towards
the left corner of the goal and the goalie bit, diving to her right. Susan
drilled it into the right corner with a left-footed boot to go ahead by a
goal. Late in the period she repeated it. Reston was laying back this
time and had learned that Susan Stark was the girl to stop. They massed
around, and Susan passed to her right wing who drove the ball in for
another goal. The final score was 2-0.

When the final whistle sounded, Susan collapsed on the field and had to
be helped off by her teammates. Ken and Kathy met her on the sidelines.
In addition to the trophy for the championship, Susan won the Most Valuable
Player award. Kathy just looked at her. She was bleeding, her face was
grimy, and her legs were a mass of dirt and blood, but she was beaming.

Ken gave her a big hug and a kiss. "You're beautiful, honey. And that
was the best game you've ever played. How do you feel?"

"Like I was one of the cars in a demolition derby! Can we go home now?
For the last ten minutes, all I could think about was taking a bath and
soaking in the sauna until I'm fully cooked. Can we?"

They grinned at her and went to the car. That evening, Kathy joined her
in the sauna after she had been in for a while. When she opened the door,
she couldn't find Susan because of all the steam the girl had created. She
found her asleep on the bench with the sweat pouring from her pores. Kathy
grinned to herself, and after she broke a sweat herself, helped Susan up --
the girl was still groggy -- and took her out to the cold pool. She pushed
her in and giggled as she heard a startled yelp as the girl's body hit the
freezing water. Kathy jumped in after her.

"Mom, that's not fair! I felt so nice and neat and sleepy, and you woke
me up." Kathy noticed that the girl had adapted to the water. Although she
was now full of goose bumps, she didn't jump out of the pool.

"I give up!" Kathy said as she hauled herself out. Susan leaped out an
instant later grinning as Kathy handed her a big fluffy towel. "How do you
feel now? You certainly look better."

"About as well as can be expected," Susan replied airily. "Of course I
don't have a handsome man to keep me warm at night, so I have to sublimate
my sex drive in sports. How's that sound, Mom? Convincing?"

"I guess it will have to do, Honey," Kathy had replied.

* * *

They were almost home from the hospital by now and Susan was expertly
threading her way through the traffic on the streets. "Honey, what are you
going to wear to the dinner tonight? I hope it'll be something nicer than
blue jeans."

"Gee, Mom, I was planning on going jeans formal. That's with shoes.
Isn't that good enough?" She glanced over at her mother. "Mom, how was it
when you went back to school? Did you have... problems?"

"What sort of problems, honey?"

"Mom, I really like the school and I like the kids, but it's so... so
strange! I listen to the girls talk about boys in the locker room
sometimes and it's weird. They don't know what they're talking about! And
you know what's really funny? _I'm_ the 'goody two shoes,' the untouched
virgin! _Untouched!_ I never say anything, but it's funny. There's this
one girl, Joyce, who claims to be the most experienced girl in the school.
All she does in the locker room is comb her pubic hair so it will look nice
for George... or Howard... or whomever. Mom, what did you do?"

"Honey, it was different for me. I _was_ a prostitute. I made my
living on my back. With you it's different. You lived in a whorehouse,
but you weren't a whore."

"Mom, I took a lot of men in my mouth and more than a few in my ass."
She shuddered. "I can still remember that poor, frightened little girl.
She was so young, she scarcely had any pubic hair, and her breasts were
just starting to develop. Mom, she held my hand as this ape just ripped
her. She clutched at me for support as her blood flowed all over the
place. God, I hope she's all right. And these dumb girls don't have the
first clue!

That night the family went to the local restaurant where the sports
banquet was being held. Susan had squeezed her mother's hand when she
quietly offered to cover the bill for those people who couldn't afford to
pay for the dinner. The school, which used to pay for such things, no
longer did due to budget cutbacks.

Susan looked beautiful wearing the blue dress that matched her eyes.
Kathy and Ken could see the girl was so proud when she received her varsity
letter in soccer, and was then surprised to learn she had been elected
captain of the team for the following year. Kathy also noticed a tall boy whose eyes followed Susan everywhere. When she returned to the table,
Kathy asked her about him.

"Oh, I guess that's Jeff Fuller. He's a senior and plays football, I
think," she replied with a seeming lack of concern.

"Susan! You're not leveling with me. You 'think'? Who are you trying
to kid?"

"Mother! He's... He's just a _boy!"_

"And you're just a girl. So what?"

"He keeps asking me out," Susan said in a small voice. "And I keep
saying no."

"Why, honey? He appears to be a nice boy."

The girl continued in the same small voice, "Because he's a senior,
and... and I'm scared."

Ken had been listening to the exchange. He exchanged looks with Kathy
who excused herself to go to the ladies room. "Susan Stark, what aren't
you telling us?" he asked. "You're the girl who would tackle hell with a
fire extinguisher. What do you mean, scared?"

"Dad, I'm afraid I'll do or say the wrong thing. He's very nice. He
shouldn't get mixed up with a whore," Susan said softly while looking down
at the tabletop.

Ken took her chin in his fingers and lifted it to make her look at him.
"Young lady, that's enough of that. I went through hell with your mother because of that. I was in agony. Did you know she wouldn't agree to marry
me, and finally I find out it's because she had been a prostitute nearly
ten years earlier? Do you think I love your mother?"

Susan was startled. "Love her? Dad, you adore her. We don't wear any
clothes at home, but if I ever feel chilly I just look at you looking at
Mom -- you always are, you know -- and feel warm all over. Do you know
what I pray for every night? I pray someday I'll meet a man who'll love me
just a little bit as much as you love Mom."

"Then honey, do me a favor? Do you like Jeff Fuller?" She nodded her
head. "I can tell the signs. You're both very young, of course, but he
thinks you're great. How often does he ask you out?"

"A couple of times a week," she replied in a very small voice.

"And how long has he been asking?"

"For a couple of months, I guess."

"Then for chrissakes, say yes the next time! Okay?"

Susan grinned. "Okay, Dad. And Dad? I love you very much, too."

There was a small high-school dance band playing. Kathy had returned to
the table when the tall young man came up to their table looking very
nervous. "Susan, would you like to dance?" he asked diffidently.

"Yes, Jeff. Thank you, I would. First, Jeff, I would like to introduce
you to my parents, Commander and Mrs. Stark. mom and Dad, this is Jeff

Ken stood and shook hands with the boy. "How do you do, Jeff?" Kathy
shook his hand too. The kids went out to the dance floor.

"Would you like to dance, darling?" Ken asked.

"I would love to. Let's!" She was out of her chair, on the dance floor,
and in Ken's arms. He held her closely.

"What do you think, honey?" she asked. "What did she say to you?"

"It's nothing I can't handle. She's _exactly_ like you. She likes the
boy but is afraid of having been a whore. Does that sound like anyone you

Kathy had her head resting on his shoulder. She murmured, "Of course
not. Who could you possibly be thinking of? After all, I was practically
a virgin when you met me. But my virginity didn't last very long... about
an hour or so, if I remember correctly." She tipped her head back and he
kissed her softly on the lips.

"God, am I ever lucky! Sweetheart, you are the best thing that could
ever happen to a guy. Do you know that?"

She snuggled closer in his arms. "No, but keep the thought. I like

As they were driving home that night, Susan's eyes were dancing. "Mom
and Dad, that was terrific! Boy, did I ever score points."

Ken and Kathy looked at each other. "What does that mean?" he asked.

"Well, you saw a lot of families there. Most of the adults are ten or
fifteen years older than you two. That's one. The other thing was your
necking on the dance floor. One girl came up to me with her eyes as big as
saucers to tell me she saw you kissing Mom. I told her you were married so
it was all right. She almost choked. 'But Susan, it was a _real_ kiss!' I
told her I had it on good authority that kissing hadn't been invented in
just the last six months. 'In fact,' I said, 'it wouldn't surprise me if
your parents kiss that way once in a while, or used to, anyway. After all,
you're here aren't you? Your parents might have even had sex!'"

Ken and Kathy both laughed and Kathy said, "Susan, that's awful. What a
terrible thing to say to the poor girl!"

"Why?" Susan asked innocently. "Don't you think they ever did?"

* * *

The family drove up to the Peninsula for Christmas leaving their own
Christmas tree in the apartment. As they stuffed packages into the BMW,
the biggest car they had, Kathy made a face.

"What's wrong, honey?" Ken asked.

"I was just thinking. We're getting old or something. I was thinking
I'll have to buy a station wagon to haul junk around now that there are
three of us." She grinned at him. "Isn't it ridiculous? There are three
of us, we have three cars, but I'm thinking of getting a fourth just to
haul the junk! That's what happens when the three are all 'personal' cars.
More than two people and you're dead. Susan's legs are going to be

"That's okay," Ken replied. "Young people are supposed to suffer. Why
when I was her age... Ouch!"

Kathy had punched him in the arm and then grinned. "Right! You walked
seven miles each way to school, through a raging blizzard uphill both ways.
You couldn't even get the horse to leave the barn! Yes sir! It was really
tough in the olden days. Let's see... That was about sixteen years ago?"

He grinned back at her. "Okay, okay, I give up! But it's still no
reason for you to assault me -- except with your cunt, of course."

Just then Susan came up. "Mother's assaulting you how? And with what?"

They all laughed, got in the car and headed over the bridge to the
Peninsula. When they arrived Ken hugged his mother and gave her a kiss.
He then held her at arms length. "Mom, you look gorgeous! Every time I
see you, you look younger than the time before. What's going on?"

"It's something very special Ken. High-protein injections."

"Protein injections?"

"Yes, dear. I get them from your father. Sometimes two or three a
day." Just then Sam Stark came up behind her and squeezed one of her
now-very-firm buns in his hand. "Samuel Stark, you'll upset the children.
They're much too young. Except Kathy, of course."

The Admiral had greeted his granddaughter with a very warm kiss.
"Honey, now I get some respect! A lot of DOD and White House brass live in
Reston. I've never had so much fun! They come in talking about this Susan
Stark who singlehandedly destroyed their team in the state championships. I
try to stifle a yawn and say, 'Oh, yes. She's my granddaughter.' I even
made a few bucks. It's great, and so are you. And you're looking
particularly lovely today. Merry Christmas, sweetheart!"

* * *

As they were driving home that night, Susan pretended to sulk in the
back seat. Finally, she attracted Ken's attention. Kathy was driving.
"What's the trouble, honey?" he asked. He wasn't concerned because he was
pretty sure he knew what it was.

"It's you people. All of you. Just wait until I tell my friends!
'What did you do on Christmas, Susan?' they'll ask. And I'll say, 'We went
to my grandparents. We opened gifts, and grandmother served a magnificent
Christmas feast. So far, it's great. Then I get stuck with doing the
dishes while my parents _and_ my grandparents, for God's sake, go upstairs
and fuck like rabbits.' They probably guess it about you two, but
grandparents? That's ridiculous!"

"Does it bother you a lot?" Ken asked with a straight face.

Susan grinned broadly. "Absolutely not! My God, Dad, your mother is
beautiful! Just before you came home she was down visiting, and you know
how mom is. The three of us were lying nude by the pool. Grandmother has
a body like a 35-year old... and one in beautiful shape at that. Do you
know what she said? She said as long as she's bare, she's Betty. She's
only Grandmother when she has her clothes on!"

New Year's Eve found them planning on going their separate ways. Susan
had been dating Jeff Fuller and they were going to a party while Ken and
Kathy went to the Officers' Club. They were meeting Sandy and Jack Castle
who were already there when they arrived.

"What in heaven's name has happened to Sandy?" Ken whispered. "I've
never seen her look like this. She is beautiful!"

"Protein injections, dear. They're administered, usually in the cunt,
with a massive thing sometimes called a cock. Of course, Sandy was telling
me she's now at the point where she likes to take it orally almost as much.
She's funny now, sweetheart. She called to ask how you get it out of a
carpet. It seems Jack took her three times before they made it to the
bedroom the day you got home. Don't you think she looks good?"

They had drinks and dinner and then danced. Ken got a chuckle when he
saw Sandy move Jack's hand from the small of her back to her buttock as
they danced. "Honey," he said, "I can tell this is going to be an early
night. Or else you'll have to help Sandy. She'll be dripping all over the

It was an early night. They were back at the apartment a little after

He was entering Kathy for the second time in the new year when they
heard the door open. She was on top, and straightened up as they heard the
door open and Susan say good night to Jeff. They heard the sounds of a
very passionate kiss. Then Susan came bounding into the room.

"I might have known I would find you two like this," she said with a

"Like what?" Kathy asked, slowly moving her hips as her vaginal muscles
gripped the massive instrument inside her. "Your father's giving me a
protein injection. You know what wonders it does for your grandmother."

She grinned back. "How was your evening with Jeff? I see your
lipstick's smeared. I hope he liked the flavor."

"Mom, it was great. Before we came in, I let him fondle me on top. He
likes my boobs. Was that awful?"

Kathy could feel herself reaching her peak, and could feel Ken's sex
beginning to throb. She lost interest in the conversation for a minute as
she and Ken came together. Then she just collapsed on top of him and just
lay there while they caught their breath. Finally, Kathy rolled off to the
side and nestled in Ken's arm. She gave him a soft kiss and then turned
back to Susan.

"I think you asked if it was awful. Was it? When your father handles
my boobs, I melt. On the other hand, I melt if your father is within one
hundred yards, so maybe that's not fair. How did it feel?"

"Absolutely glorious! He thinks I have a beautiful body. Do you think
he really means it?"

Ken spoke up. "Since there is no indication that he's blind, I think he
probably does. But why do you sound skeptical?"

"I don't know, Daddy. It's just that... Well, mom said I could wear my
strapless dress tonight. It's got a bra sort of built in. Anyway we were
in Jeff's car and he took me in his arms to kiss me. And it was really
great -- not like you and Mom, but pretty nice. Anyway, we kiss again, and
again. I guess I'm teaching him a little bit about kissing. Then he moves
his hand, and it's inside the top of my dress. He touched my breast, and I
could feel the nipple harden. Then he touched that. Mom, I could feel his
hand shake. Why do you suppose it was shaking? He's not sick or
something, is he?"

Kathy was lying in her husband's arms. His right arm was around her and
he moved it to cup her right breast. Her nipples instantly stood erect.
He slowly moved his fingers across her body as she melted even closer
towards him. "Was it like that?" Kathy asked.

"That's the point, Mom! It wasn't. Daddy moves his hand so gently over
your body. It never shakes or twitches."

"Honey, there are two reasons for that. First, your father is familiar
with every square inch of my body. He's kissed it, stroked it, and
probably even poured his cum over it. The second thing is he's been home
for a while now. Do you remember the day he got back? Honey, it would
have been funny if we hadn't been so desperate. He was trying to get his
cock inside me and I was trying so hard to help, I'm amazed we didn't both
just cum all over the carpet. He can afford to be relaxed. He's got me,
and we both know it."

Ken picked up the thread, "Sue, The poor guy was probably so nervous he
couldn't see straight. You are a truly beautiful girl! Didn't you tell me
he's been trying to date you for months?"

"But Dad, this wasn't our first date!" Susan protested.

"How many dates have you had?" he asked.

"This was the fifth," she answered proudly.

"So he's gotten to kiss you on five occasions?" Ken continued.

"Of course not! What do you think I am? I let him kiss me goodnight
the last time. Before that when he went to kiss me, I turned my head

"So the poor guy only got to kiss you goodnight once before tonight?
And because it's New Year's Eve, you kissed him several times and let him
feel a tit? Is that it?" She nodded. "Honey, you're lucky he didn't
accidentally rip your dress! No wonder the poor guy's hand was shaking.
It's a good thing there aren't any buttons or he never would have gotten
his hand in. Kathy, what do you think?"

"I think I love you both very much," Kathy said. "And honey, your dad's
right. Look at it from Jeff's point of view. He's out with the most
beautiful girl in the whole school, a girl he's been trying to date for
months. She wouldn't even kiss him goodnight until the fourth date! And
then she lets him caress a boob.

"Sweetie, I don't think Jeff drove home. I think he just floated. But
don't worry about it. Believe me, there's nothing wrong with him." She
smiled at her beautiful daughter. "Now when is he going to get farther
with you. He hasn't seen your breasts bare, has he?"

"Of course not, Mother. I'm not one of those cheap little sluts at
school who... My God! I forgot! I was the whore. And I'm calling those
girls... Oh Mother!" Susan jumped on the bed and kissed her mother. Kathy
took her in her arms.

"Sweetheart, now do you understand what your father and I have been
telling you? You _aren't_ a whore. Your instincts are those of a good
girl -- a very good girl. Now do you see?"

"Yes, I do. And thank you both so very much." She kissed Kathy and went
around the bed to kiss Ken. "It's really neat to have such great parents."

Suddenly, she looked embarrassed. "But Mom, what am I going to do when
he finds out my breasts are tanned. There's no bra mark or anything. Do
you think I should start wearing a bathing suit?"

Ken answered. "Don't be silly. If he sees you bare to the waist, it
will blow his mind! You have perfect breasts. But that's because you're
our daughter. Right?" Susan grinned and went off to bed while her parents went back to their lovemaking. *Chapter 31*

It was a Saturday in March and Ken was home when the phone rang. Kathy
picked it up. It was Susan calling. "What are you and Dad doing? Or
rather, where are you doing," she asked softly.

"Hi, honey. Your father is doing me. I'm sitting on the kitchen
counter. He says he hasn't had a taste of hot cunt in a long time and
misses it. He says I'm not fair because I'm always getting his protein
injections, but don't give him a chance. So my legs are spread as wide as
they'll go, and he's doing my cunt..."

She moaned as she felt her hips take on a life of their own. "Can you
hold on... a minute... sweetie. I'm... almost... _there!"_ She came in
a sudden flood, and Ken was licking furiously to get every delicious drop
of her liquid. Kathy continued her phone conversation. "What's up,

"Mom, you and Dad are too much! No wonder you two are in such great
shape. There can't be two people in the world who get more exercise. Can
I bring some kids home, please, Mom? They want to talk to you and Dad. Is
it all right?"

"My God!" said Kathy, feigning horror. "Do you mean to say... We have
to get _dressed?_ Besides," Kathy said with a pout in her voice, "you'll be
going to college soon, and it's very expensive. Your father and I have to
save money, and this is much less expensive than going to the movies..."

Susan had now been around long enough to know when her mother was
teasing her -- which was most of the time. "Mom, I know Dad's trying to
keep you barefoot and pregnant, but there might be a usable flour sack
around you can wear. And I know Pa still has his overalls."

Kathy laughed. "I give up. When will you be here? Can you give us
three minutes?"

"Of course! Mom, I love you both so damned much. We'll be there in a

Kathy took Ken's face in her hands and kissed it. "I love you so damned
much! Thanks, honey. That felt marvelous. Almost as good as taking you
in my mouth. That was Sue. As you probably guessed, we have to get
dressed. You know something? This business of going around nude is really
a great idea. This way there's no risk of one of Susan's friends
accidentally sitting on a bra or a pair of your shorts."

She kissed him again. "Kenneth Stark, I would send your picture in to
_Playgirl_ except I want to keep you all for myself. Yum! Come on. Let's
get dressed."

When the door opened a few minutes later, Kathy was wearing her favorite
Levi's and a Yale golf shirt. Ken was wearing a pair of tan poplin pants
with a golf shirt. They were drinking coffee in the kitchen when the kids
came in. They recognized Jeff Fuller, but his was the only familiar face.

When Susan introduced the group, Ken noticed that Jeff was embasrrassed
to shake hands. Ken figured the poor guy was far more shook up about
caressing Susan's breast than she was -- or he and Kathy were. It was also
obvious that Susan was the spokeswoman for the group.

"Mom and Dad, we've got a problem. We just got word a couple of days
ago that we can't have a spring prom this year. Or it appears we can't.
Because of the budget cuts, they can't be sure teachers will be available
to chaperon. I guess they get paid extra or something. Then there's the
problem of paying the janitors, hiring a band and all that stuff. We want
the prom badly. Can you help us?"

Kathy asked, "What exactly do you need? How many chaperons, for

Susan looked around at her friends. They just shrugged. It was obvious
they hadn't thought about it in any detail. "I guess the answer is, Mom,
we don't know." Susan looked abashed.

"How about the hall? Do you use the gym? How much do the janitors
cost, and would the school charge for the use of the gym or just for the
janitors and the District's out-of-pocket costs?" It was clear to Kathy
they didn't know the answer to that question either. Rather than embarrass
the kids further she went to her office and came back with paper and a

"Sit down, kids. Ken," she asked with a smile, "could you take care of

Jeff Fuller got up to help. He accompanied Ken to the kitchen. Ken got
out Coke and munchies and Jeff helped carry them out. Kathy's grocery
buying habits had changed substantially since Susan arrived.

Ken looked on in some amusement as Kathy proceeded to organize their
dance. The students just looked at her in awe. From a very puzzling
problem, in no time everything was on track. After Kathy made assignments
to each of the kids, they got up to leave.

One girl, Linda, said, "Mrs. Stark, aren't you Katherine Smith... I
mean before you got married?"

"Yes, Linda, I'm Kathy Smith Stark. I'm flattered you recognized me."

The girl's eyes widened in awe. "Then you're the District Attorney that
sent all those people to jail." The girl's eyes got bigger still. "And
some people tried to kill you but you killed them first. My mother thinks
you are the finest person in Tidewater, Mrs. Stark. She'll be so
impressed when I tell her I met you. It's a real privilege. Thank you so
much for all your help. Now I feel so much better about the prom.

"But what about the band? Are you sure you can get one? We don't have
any money..."

"I'll take care of it," Kathy promised.

* * *

It was three weeks later. Kathy had made several phone calls to Sam
Stark. In her first call she asked about Ken and his medal.

"Kathy," the Admiral said, "it's all set. Ken's getting the Navy Cross
along with the Purple Heart. DOD is trying to get its collective act
together to figure out where and when to make the presentation."

"Dad, I have a wild idea. Susan's school is in Virginia Beach as you
well know. Now there are thousands of military families in the school
district. I think Susan estimated over half her class are military brats.
We haven't been shooting at anyone in a serious way for a very long time,
and we forget how fast things change. Now Ken will be getting medals for
events that took place in 1974. Dad, the high-school kids in that school
ranged in age from about five to just born in 1974!

"My idea is this: Could we borrow the Navy Band to play at the prom?
Get the Secretary of Defense or Secretary of the Navy, or whoever will be
making the presentation to come down and make the award at the dance? I
know it's far out. But look at it this way: One of the biggest problems
the Armed Forces face is retention. Many of your best people are leaving
for civilian jobs. Now think about the real careerists: These are the
people whose sons and daughters are in Susan's class. Twenty-year-olds
don't have children of high-school age. If their kids have no sense of
what their fathers are doing, why should the families put up with the

"Dad, the other night -- between attempts at making a grandchild for you
and mom -- I was resting on Ken's shoulder. You know what he said? He
said he has it all. He says he's doing something important, but what's
more important to him, Susan and I think it's important. He says we do
everything to try to make his life easier. Dad, he said, 'If every family was as supportive as this one, there would be no retention problem.'

"Let's face it! We bugged out of Vietnam. We sure didn't cover
ourselves with glory, particularly in the way we left. These kids know
nothing about it. Some of them do know their dads are still bitter about
it but don't understand why. They really have no conception of what was
going on back then." She took a breath. "Dad, that's my idea. Is it
completely crazy?"

"My daughter isn't crazy," Admiral Stark said. "It even makes sense.
You want the Navy Band and SecDef for an evening. It just might be
possible. Anything else?"

"Yes, Dad, there is. First, how's Mom?" Kathy replied.

"Getting younger every day! My God, if our whole life together had been
like the last year or so, Ken would have so damn many siblings we would
have had to number them. Kathy, I really don't know what to say. But the
quick answer is, she's great." He laughed. "She says it's regular protein
injections! Honey, could I make a confession? I was... fooling around
with a younger woman. In fact, over the years there were several. I guess
I got pretty egotistical about my physical condition. Well, your mother is
in better shape than any of them, and I've been working out secretly to try
to keep up with her. Does that answer your question?"

Kathy was grinning as he spoke. "It sure does! Dad, don't you think
Mom would like to get a new evening gown? Then you and she could help
chaperon. Can you possibly imagine a little high-school kid getting fresh
with a four-star admiral? Besides, I think his parents would like to see
their son receive his awards. What do you think?"

"Honey, I think it's a wonderful idea! Let me see what I can do."

* * *

The prom was set for late April and Kathy had been working with the kids
and the school administration. Finally the Board of Education had given
permission to invite the faculty with the understanding that their
attendance was voluntary, not a professional assignment. It was another
way of saying any faculty members attending would not be paid.

Admiral Stark had lined up the Navy band from the Naval Base at Norfolk
and Kathy kept her fingers crossed that the arrangements for the award
ceremony would work. When the arrangements were complete, she talked to
the school principal, Mr. Whitaker. She told him about the award ceremony
and the fact that the Secretary of Defense would be present: "Mr.
Whitaker, it's strictly up to you, of course. Perhaps you would feel
better if you checked with the Board of Education. However, the Secretary
will be here and I think it would be appropriate if someone in authority at
the school greeted him. The whole presentation is set for ten o'clock.
What do you want to do?"

Whitaker called the Superintendent of Schools who in turn called the
president of the Board of Education. It was finally decided that the Board
president and the principal would attend. Kathy reviewed the list of
chaperons with Whitaker when the guest list had been settled. She and Ken
were coming, along with Bob and Jane. Jane had made arrangements to have a
nurse for Billy. Sandy and Jack Castle would also be there, along with
Admiral and Mrs. Stark.

Finally, Kathy called a couple of friends on the newspapers and at the
TV stations. She told them, very much off the record, that the Secretary
of Defense would be at the high school in Virginia Beach and gave them the
date, time, and some details, omitting Ken's award. They appreciated the

* * *

It was agreed that Sam and Betty would meet them at the apartment. On
the evening of the prom Susan was finishing her dressing and looked
magnificent in a white full-length gown. Kathy's was similar, but its
color was the sapphire-blue of her eyes. Ken was wearing Navy full-dress.

Kathy looked at him and put the final touches on his bow tie. "Darling,
I love you so much," she murmured. "Kiss me, please?" Ken took his wife into his arms and kissed her tenderly. She snuggled up to him and
murmured, "Ken Stark, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I
adore you, you know."

Ken ran his hand lightly over her exposed back and shoulders and thought
again of his good fortune. She was all a man could ever hope for and he
said that to her. She gave him a squeeze. "Honey, for the occasion, I'm
even going to wear lipstick. Do you think I'm going to the dogs?"

Ken marveled at how beautiful Kathy always looked.

Just then Susan came in and stood in front of her father. "Dad, do I
look all right? Do you think Jeff will think I'm pretty?" she asked with
concern showing in her eyes.

"Sweetheart, what do you think of the way your mother looks?" he

Susan glanced at her mother. "Mom? mom is an absolute vision! But she
always is," Susan replied.

"Then stand next to her at the mirror." Susan did and showed, in rapid
succession, shock, amazement, and then pleasure.

"But, Dad, I look almost like she does!" Susan exclaimed.

"We've been telling you that, sweetheart, but you haven't been paying
attention. And, we love you so dearly. Susan, you make your mother and me
very proud to have you as our daughter. Will you give me a kiss?" She did,
and it was sweet and loving.

Just then the doorbell rang. It was the senior Starks. When Ken opened
the door, he was genuinely shocked. The radiant woman standing there
appeared to be his own age. His mother just grinned as Ken stood there

Then she said, "Kenneth, you're really embarrassing your father and me.
We thought we'd trained you better than to stand in front of guests with
your mouth open."

"But, Mom, you're gorgeous! You're absolutely radiant! And you don't
look old enough to be Susan's mother, let alone mine."

The Admiral was positively beaming. "I'm going to embarrass your
mother, Ken. Last week she was told by a young gynecologist to be sure to
stay on the Pill. Otherwise we might have grandchildren older than our own
children. What do you think?"

Betty was wearing a very pale grey evening gown that set off her grey
eyes which were now dancing with joy. She had a light tan and, like his
girls, her gown was strapless showing off her perfect skin. "Do I pass,
dear?" she asked Ken quietly.

For answer, he gathered her into his arms. He whispered in her ear, "I
have to have the only mother in the world who's lost at least twenty-five
years in age in the last twelve months. Mom, you're gorgeous!"

While Ken was admiring his mother, the Admiral went back to the bedroom.

Susan saw him enter and gasped, "Grandfather, I'm impressed!"

Indeed, the Admiral did look impressive in his full dress uniform
dripping with the gold of his four-star rank.

"And I'm more than impressed," he responded. "You two are absolutely
too much. Do you know, Kathy, right now with three generations of Stark
women -- I'm not sure how we got so lucky -- there appears to be about a
ten-year age spread, top to bottom? Susan, go and see your grandmother. I
want to talk to your mom for a second."

They could hear Susan's yelp of surprise as she kissed her grandmother
and exclaimed over her appearance. Sam looked at Kathy. "Sweetheart, I've
been asked to make an official request. Would you please bring your Medal
of Freedom tonight?" Kathy looked at him and saw at once he wasn't joking.

"Dad, you meant it when you said, 'official request', didn't you? I'll
see if I can find it. But do I have to put it on now?" she asked. She
found the medal in her drawer and gave it to the Admiral to hold. He
opened the box, looked at it, shook his head, put it in his pocket and
closed it.

The doorbell rang again, and it was Jeff. His eyes almost popped when
he saw the combination of gold braid and beautiful women. He was
absolutely tongue-tied when he met Betty Stark. Suddenly, he brightened.
"Ma'am, I'm truly delighted to meet you. And you've just solved a mystery
for me -- or maybe just created another. I couldn't figure out how Mrs.
Stark could possibly be Susan's mother. But now I meet you, and you're not
old enough to be Susan's mother either, let alone the Commander's. Maybe
it's something in the water."

Betty chuckled and kissed the boy on his cheek.

The young people left and the older Starks went downstairs where
limousines Kathy had hired were waiting. She had decided there was no
sense in wrecking their gowns before they even got to the dance.

When they arrived the dance was about to start. Kathy was startled as
she read on the bass drum, "U.S. Marine Corps Band -- Marine Barracks --
Washington, D.C." She looked at the Admiral who just shrugged. The
presence of the Marine Band was news to him. Kathy was worried. She
remembered the Marine Band was the only military unit under the direct
command of the President. The bandsmen were in their dress white uniforms
as well. Kathy knew the band -- once directed by John Philip Sousa himself
-- was still one of the finest collections of musicians in the country.

She greeted Sandy and Jack Castle. Sandy took her aside to the corner
and took Kathy's hand. She pressed it to her abdomen. Kathy could feel
the swelling. She looked at the girl who was also wearing a strapless gown
and saw her breasts were swollen. The girl's eyes were radiant. "Kathy,
there's no way Jack and I can thank you enough. He knows what happened,
now." Her eyes grew serious. "And I do, too. He told me he was coming
home that day to ask for a divorce. Kathy, if it's a girl, may we please
name her after you?" Sandy grinned, "After all, she's your responsibility!"

The dance progressed. Kathy floated around the floor with Ken and
noticed the admiring glances from the students as they danced by. As the
hour approached ten o'clock, Kathy was growing concerned. Events were not
following her script. First, the band was scheduled to take a break at
ten. Instead, she saw other members of the band appear to augment the dance

Promptly at ten o'clock the band hit a fanfare and Mr. Whitaker came up
on stage. "Ladies and Gentlemen, it's a great privilege and pleasure to
welcome the Secretary of Defense of the United States, Mr. John Connors."

The band played ruffles and flourishes, the appropriate honors for the
Secretary. Kathy had earlier heard the sounds of helicopter operations
coming from the parking area outside the gym. The Admiral had said they
were using special choppers which were sound-muffled.

The secretary came out on stage to be greeted by applause from the
obviously very puzzled children. When the gym had quieted, he said,
"Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States!"

Suddenly the entire Marine Band -- all its members were present --
struck up _Hail to the Chief._ The side door opened and Secret Service
agents moved in preceding the President who came in and went directly up
onto the stage to the microphone. He stood at attention waiting for the
completion of honors.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'm very happy to be here this
evening. For the two or three people in the country who care about such
things, the official White House schedule says I'm at Camp David, fishing.
Well, the fishing wasn't too good today, so I thought I would come down
here instead.

"Would Susan Stark please come up on stage?" the President asked.

Susan gasped as the President called her name. She then went up on
stage to where he was standing. While this was going on and all eyes were
riveted on the President, Kathy felt the Medal of Freedom at her throat and
could feel Sam securing the catch behind her neck.

"How do you do, Susan?" the President greeted the girl. He stood back
to admire her, nodded, and went back to the microphone. "When I'm in the
Oval Office, the place is lousy with advisors. These are people who claim
to be experts at everything imaginable. Well, some of these experts were
making some minor -- and some not-so-minor -- wagers on the outcome of a
soccer match last fall. It seems a number of them live in Reston. The
next thing I know, these experts aren't so expert. It seems there's a
beautiful young woman living in Virginia Beach who took their team apart by
herself. I can't personally attest to the latter, but I agree with their
judgment on the former. young lady, you are one of the most beautiful
young women it has ever been my good fortune to meet.

"But I didn't come down here for that. There's another reason. Susan,
do you know what your father did in Vietnam?" the President asked quietly.

The room was still. Susan replied, "No, sir. I don't. He never talks
about it. I do know he has four bullet holes in his shoulder, but he's
never told us how he was hit. mom and I ask, but he never answers."

"Thank you, Susan. Please stay here with me, if you would."

The President looked around the now-packed gymnasium. "I referred to
'experts' awhile ago. Well, they did something they _are_ good at:
tracking down obscure bits of information. It seems that this school
enrolls sons or daughters of the commanders of more than half the warships
in the United States Atlantic Fleet. Almost 70 percent of you are sons or
daughters of career military personnel.

"I'm here tonight to try to explain what your fathers do -- besides not
being home on days that are so important to you, like the day you won the
State Soccer Championship. Susan, I know your dad was there. I also know
that the fathers of nearly half your teammates were not. Kids, they were
defending the country. What, exactly, does that mean? Well, I came here
tonight to tell you a little bit of what that means.

"Commander Kenneth Stark, front and center!" the President called out.

Ken's jaw dropped. Kathy gave his hand a squeeze and pushed him toward
the stage. He mounted the steps, saluted smartly and stood at attention in
front of the Commander in Chief.

The President reached for a piece of paper which his naval aide handed
him. "Kenneth Stark, for wounds suffered from enemy action on April 2,
1974, it is my pleasure to award you the Purple Heart Medal." The President
took the medal from his aide and pinned it on Ken's uniform. Ken saluted
smartly and was about to go when the President said under his breath,
"Stand fast!"

"That medal should have been awarded years and years ago. It wasn't.
It wasn't awarded because Commander Stark was wounded at a time quite a few
people would rather forget about. We weren't defeated in Vietnam, we were
bugging out. That's what we were doing in April, 1974. Commander Stark,
then an ensign and a recent graduate of the Naval Academy, was doing what
so many before and since have done -- his duty. What happened that day so
long ago?

"Ensign Stark was second in command of a flotilla of river craft. It
was assigned to help in the evacuation of a unit of the Army of Vietnam
that had been cut off by North Vietnamese regulars. The town was
encircled. The only way out was by water. Stark's unit was given the task
and it arrived on schedule. Americans went ashore to supervise the
embarkation of the Vietnamese troops, many of whom were wounded. With
almost all the Americans now off the boats, the North Vietnamese mounted an
all-out attack with everything they had including heavy artillery.

"Ensign Stark formed a detail of boat holders and led a charge to rescue
fourteen Americans who had been cut off and were being massacred.
Single-handed, he charged an enemy machine gun and destroyed it. He is
given credit for killing over thirty of the enemy himself. But that wasn't
all. Attacking a manned machine gun carries a price -- a price he paid.
He was hit four times in the shoulder and later nearly died. Nevertheless,
he got his men back inside the rapidly collapsing perimeter. He organized
the evacuation of all the troops, particularly including the wounded
Vietnamese he had been sent in to get.

"I said he was second in command. Now he was in command. The
commanding officer of the flotilla had been killed. Ensign Stark got them
out and stayed on the bridge of his lead boat, now covering the retreat,
until they were out of danger. At that point, he collapsed and came to
quite awhile later in the Naval Hospital at Pearl Harbor."

"What I have just said to you is a paraphrase -- trying to translate
jargon into English -- of an award I am about to make. You know -- or
possibly don't -- the face on the Purple Heart is that of a great
Virginian, George Washington. Well, it gives me great pride to recognize
another great Virginian, Kenneth Stark, by presenting him with the Medal of

The band struck up _Anchors Aweigh_ as the President secured the medal
with its blue ribbon with white stars around Ken's neck. "Congratulations,
Commander. Well done!" Then in a low voice he added, "Don't leave yet,
Commander. We're full of surprises tonight."

The band stopped playing and the President returned to the microphone.
"You know, the award I just presented to Susan's father is the highest
award for valor our country can bestow. There is another element to the
award. Over 80 percent of the Medals of Honor given are awarded
posthumously. That's a ten-dollar word meaning the recipient is dead.
Typically, he died in the action for which the medal is given. Commander
Stark came within a whisker of being in the same boat. I'm happy he's
here, and looking at Susan beam, I'm sure she is, too.

"There's more, Susan. I also know you and your mother are the Virginia
state mother-daughter tennis champions. Am I correct?" Susan nodded shyly.
"However, I also happen to know something else about your mother. Would
Katherine Smith Stark please come up on the stage?"

Kathy felt a push in her back and she climbed the stairs. Before
greeting the President, she had something more important to do. She kissed
Ken, and held him in her arms. "Darling, I'm so proud for you," she

She then went to greet the President who was obviously enjoying himself
immensely. He shook her hand and looked from her to Susan and back.
"Wow!" he said quietly as he held up his hands for quiet.

"I don't know if they know which end of the racket to hold, but I do
know these two are the most beautiful mother-daughter combination in the
world. As pleasant as that is, though, there's more.

"You see Mrs. Stark is wearing a medal around her neck, too. Although
she doesn't know it, she's wearing it as a special favor to me. It is the
Medal of Freedom, one of our lesser-known national awards. Nevertheless,
it is the highest award our nation can bestow on a civilian. Susan, I want
you to know you have a most remarkable set of parents. Your father is a
winner of the Medal of Honor, while your mother holds the Medal of Freedom.

"But there's even more. Admiral Stark, would you and your wife join us,

Sam and Betty Stark joined the party on the stage. "Susan, I'm told
you're very fond of your grandfather. I also know he's very fond of you...
and substantially richer because of you. I mentioned that several senior
members of the White House staff were considerably poorer after you beat
Reston. It seems your grandfather was covering their bets.

"However, the reason he's here is because, along with being your
grandfather, he is also the former Commander in Chief of the United States
Atlantic Fleet. In that position he commanded all the ships in our Navy
operating in the Atlantic Ocean, including everything based here in
Norfolk. I can't tell you what his present job is except to say it's bigger
than his old one, and you can see how big that was. Sam, welcome." The
President shook hands with his friend and key military advisor.

"Susan, your family manifests the highest possible standards of honor,
integrity, and bravery. Susan, I hope you'll try to live up to the
standards your parents and grandparents have set for you. And you're off
to a helluva start!

"Kids, I'm sorry for taking up too much of your time this evening.
There's an old joke that says if you put a politician in front of a
microphone with two voters he'll make a speech. And I guess I just did.

"But kids, there's a serious message for you. If your dads aren't with
you when you want them -- and need them, sometimes -- it's not because they
don't care or don't love you. They're doing something very important and
making great personal sacrifices to do it. Try to understand. To them and
to you, I say, thank God they are there!"

The band began to play and the President came over to Kathy. "Kathy,
how do you do? I hope you don't mind if I call you Kathy. I understand
just about everyone does. This has been a rare privilege for me. I've
heard Kathy stories for years. Now I have some idea of what the fuss is
all about.

"Sam told me it was you who raised hell about Ken and the medal. But he
says you're a specialist at raising hell. Incidentally, the substitution
was my own doing. I read the award, did some research, and decided the DOD
was sweeping it under the rug. It's not that the Navy Cross is a cheap
award -- far from it. But what he did clearly deserves the Medal of Honor,
and I'm delighted to make the presentation.

"Now I'm afraid I must leave before the Secret Service starts having
fits." He grinned and moved off. Moments later they heard the throb of
helicopters taking off.

The band was playing and she went to Ken. "Will you dance with me,
please?" she asked him softly.

When they moved out on the dance floor, they were the only ones there.
She was in heaven, moving in his arms, and floating around the floor. Ken
hadn't said anything. He just held her in his strong arms. Finally the
music stopped.

Suddenly the whole gym erupted in cheers. They were instantly
surrounded by well-wishers including, it turned out, virtually the entire
off-duty sections of the EVANS who had come to see their skipper receive
his award.

Later that night back at the apartment, Kathy was standing in the
bedroom nude -- and worried. Ken had scarcely said anything to her since
the award ceremony. He was in the kitchen, so she got into bed and waited
for him. _I did it this time,_ she thought. _He's never going to speak to
me again. I meddled once too often._

Ken came into the bedroom and got into bed, still without speaking a
word. He put his arm around her and gave her a hug. She responded by
molding herself to him. "Do you want to find out if your nipples still fit
the bullet holes?" he asked, as he played with her nipples which instantly

With a little yelp, she clambered on top of him and started with one of
her favorite games. At the same time she could feel his hand on her crotch
with a finger penetrating her cunt. Ken was playing one of his favorite
games, too. *Epilogue*

Kathy was lying in her bed when she received the memento from Julie.
She had been saddened to learn of the woman's death. Since that time so
many years ago, she had seen the woman only once, and that was only a few
months earlier. At the time the woman who had kept the house had not
looked well. Kathy had visited her with Susan shortly after learning Susan
had been accepted at Yale.

Julie had commented again on how beautiful the two girls looked, but now
she was dead. Kathy had learned that she was the beneficiary of Julie's
estate and was amazed to find it was worth over $2 million, all in
negotiable securities and certificates of deposit. In addition, there was
a memento. She opened the package and found a lovely little music box.
She opened the lid and heard it play a strange but lovely tune -- a tune
she had never heard before.

Then something truly remarkable happened. She watched in astonishment
as her fingers appeared to take on a life of their own. With no apparent
guidance from her brain, her fingers moved across and around the little box
as if it were a child's puzzle. She was pushing, pulling, and turning at
different points on the box. Suddenly, it was in two pieces. Inside it
she found a small metal container shaped like a cigarette case, but smaller
in all its dimensions. Without stopping to look at the case closely, her
fingers began to move again. Although it was absolutely plain, her fingers
pushed and pulled and probed at apparently known locations.

Suddenly, the container popped open like a clam. Inside was a carefully
folded sheaf of papers. Kathy unfolded them, realizing they had a
different feel from anything she had ever touched before.

She smoothed them out. It was a letter to her! She began to read:

My darling Kathy,

Your mother and I are delighted you have received this. If any person
ever reads this letter, dear Kathy, it must be you. Our scientists have
programmed your brain to react to the music the little box plays. I have
watched them rehearsing our little girl and watched your fingers fly
through the puzzle. They tell me the knowledge you have is permanently
embedded in your brain.

We are both happy and sad. We look at you now in a strange state. The
scientists call it "suspended animation" but to your mother and me it
appears our golden-haired child is in a coma. Your mother is in tears.
You are leaving us forever here and going to a planet its inhabitants call
Earth. Since you are reading this, it must have succeeded. Your trip
combines things we know, things we suspect, and frankly, things we hope.

Arrangements have been made for you to be placed in a strange place.
It's called, we understand, a "whorehouse," a place where men come to take
advantage of the women sexually. Your mother cried when she learned her
darling daughter would be subjected to such treatment. I'm sorry, darling.
We did it for two reasons. First, we have been told people -- and the
women in them -- come and go quickly. A strange girl is unlikely to be
noticed. Second, we believe their sexual customs are similar to ours, but
we can't be sure. You will learn those customs quickly. You may wonder
about this strange location we have selected.

There is one more thing: The woman in charge will have had her memory
somewhat altered. If you were to ask her, she would say you were always in
the house. It is with her we are leaving this little music box. We are
told the tune it plays is unique, and considered to be very melodic. We
want her to keep this safe for you without knowing what it is. When you
hear the music, you will act.

In this connection, there is a difference between here and Earth. Women
here are prepared for sex almost instantly. They secrete a great deal of
vaginal fluid which releases quickly. The doctors tell us you are unlikely
to suffer great pain from your sexual experiences. Now you may wonder,
"Why Earth?" The reason is -- and in this we combine hope with some
knowledge -- the people of Earth are near-duplicates of us, genetically.
We believe you will be able to mate and bear the children of Earth people.
At least we devoutly hope so. But this is a hope, not a scientifically
established fact.

There are only two other things they know to be different between us and
the people of earth. The first is our ability to combine bio-mechanical
analysis with bio-kinetics. Basically, we have the ability to analyze
physical motion, break it down into its bio-mechanical pieces, and then
replicate exactly what has just been observed. You may find -- or may have
found -- this ability useful.

The second is an ability that seems to be concentrated among our women.
It is a phenomenon for which we have no name. Basically, it's the ability
to make yourself light. If a man picks you up to carry you, you can be
almost weightless in his arms. We have found no practical application for
this talent, honestly, but there may be one on Earth. Your mother insists
I tell you, "Because," she says, "it's fun!"

Now, you wonder, why did we send you on this great voyage when you're so
young and vulnerable? We face the total destruction of our home. There is
no doubt it will happen; the only question is when. I would like to tell
you something of your people, but I cannot. I have been told by our
scientists that they have cleansed your brain -- you will have no memory of
your life here. However, they are afraid of the chance of even a small
mention triggering a chain reaction and causing you to remember your home.
It is a chance they have ordered me not to take.

There is one other thing I should tell you. Although I know you are
reading this, I don't know when it will be. I should have mentioned this
fact before. The reason I can be so sure you are reading this, dear Kathy,
is there is only one correct way of opening the box and this container.
Any other way of attempting it will result in the paper's destruction.

But I interrupt my narrative. The thing I wanted to tell you concerns
your ability to have children. Our physicians have implanted in you a
long-release birth control device. It has an active duration of about ten
years. It is our devout hope that within that time you will have found
your way out of the house where you are being placed and into a better
life. Clearly, with so many uncertainties, we can have no great confidence
in the full period of its activity. But if you are within the period and
feel you are barren, please don't give up hope. Although you are still
very young, our doctors assure your mother and me you will bear children
very easily.

My darling, there are only three final notes. The first is, in spite of
what the scientists want, I must tell you if you wish to know what your
mother looks like, just look in a mirror. She is the loveliest woman I
have ever seen, and you will look exactly like her. The second -- and your
mother insists I tell you this -- is the likelihood you will find a mate to
whom you will give your whole heart and soul.

Kathy stopped reading for a moment to dry her eyes. The tears were
running so much she could no longer read the writing. _Mom, you sure got
that one right,_ she thought, reflecting on her adoration of Ken.
_Darling,_ she thought, _Mother's right! It *is* my whole heart and soul._
She dried her eyes on the bed sheet and went back to the letter, a letter
with answers she thought she would never learn.

The third is you have a baby sister, Susan. We hope we will be granted
enough time to send her after you, but we don't know. Kathy, you are
sixteen years old in Earth time as we send you. You will remember nothing
of your past life. You will feel you were always in the house. We pray
that we're granted the time to send Susan. We cannot send her before she's
about fourteen, and she's only six now. If you ever meet her, you will
know her.

Finally, darling, the reason for all of this: Our people face
extinction. We hope you -- and your sister, if we last long enough -- will
be able to have children on Earth. You carry the very best of our gene
pool. In your children, you will carry on, at least in a small way, our
people. We have reason to believe our genes may be dominant. From what we
understand, you will be considered to be as beautiful where you are going
as your mother is considered to be here.

Darling, we pray for you. You have all the love your parents can
bestow. We hope that it may be enough.

This paper will destroy itself in less than thirty minutes. It could be
analyzed, and we do not wish it to be.

We love you, darling Kathy

mom and Dad

Of course Susan was her sister. Who else could she be? And she had
made it away from the place in time. Tears flowed from her eyes, thinking
of her parents who loved her. Minutes later the paper disappeared before
her eyes.

Just then a nurse appeared with a tiny bundle. "It's feeding time, Mrs.
Stark," the nurse said, carefully handling her the small bundle.

Kathy held the bundle in one arm while she opened her pajama top to
expose a milk-laden breast. She looked at the tiny baby and watched his
hands wave. His eyes had not yet focused. When she gently put her nipple
in his mouth and watched him feed hungrily, Kathy found the sensation
marvelous as the newborn nursed at her breast.

"Hello, darling. You're a lovely addition to Earth's gene pool," she
said softly.

*The End*

* * *

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