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KELLY AND HER LITTLE sister M,F,f,mast,oral,sex,mild femdom cons, semi-non cons
By Typoman
Edited by Mrs.Typo
Do not repost this story without my header.
Do not remove my name from this story.

It is better to indulge in a little harmless fantasy, than
to act on illegal or immoral urges.
This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual
encounters between two adults and a minor sibling.
It is totally fictitious, but derived from an old masturbation fantasy.
If you are offended by stories like this, or you are under
the legal age to view material such as this, do not read any
Most of my stories contain some internal thoughts.
To aid in reading, I have put these thoughts in all capitals
and italics.


Kelly picked me up in the Laundromat. IN the Laundromat
is really the best descriptive word to use. I'm a married man, and have never done anything outside my marriage
before. My job doesn't require me to travel, except when I
go to technical school to catch up on the latest
advancements in the automotive industry. My asshole boss
signed me up for five boring weeks of training. The classes
aren't very hard, as a matter of fact I can't even take my
books to the dorm after class. Someone filed a grievance
with the union and received overtime for studying after
I was bored as hell and getting hornier by the minute.
The dorm is right in the middle of the University of
Oklahoma campus. Here I was this 40-year-old man right in
the middle of pussy City, and not a damn thing I could do
about it. The girls around there were so used to these randy
old men gawking at them that nobody from the Bell Telephone
(where I work as a mechanic) can hardly even get the time of
day from one of them.
I had run out of underwear and socks. Rather than using
the laundry in the basement of the dorm, I decided to find a
Laundromat in town. It was getting pretty late by the time I
found the place. Luckily, the sign in the window read 11:00
closing time. That gave me enough time to get my stuff done.
The place was almost deserted. The only other person there
was this young woman who looked to be about 20. I soon had
my laundry started and was checking out her body trying to
be unobtrusive. She had flaming red hair and a very sexy
pair of tits under her tank top. It had been a while since I
had seen such nice nipples or for that matter, a woman going
around braless. For some stupid reason, going around braless
had gone out of style. To round things out, she had on a
pair of very worn cutoff blue jean shorts on. Traces of red haired labia peeked out of the crotch of her cutoffs. It
wasn't long before she busted me looking at her charms. She
gave me a stern look as she approached me.
"Just what hell are you looking at old man?"
"Sorry miss, I've been away from home for too
long...and, WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY old MAN?"
"Yeah, you heard me! You probably have a daughter my
"I don't have any daughters, just two boys. But I guess
you're right. My youngest is 19 and oldest is 21. I
apologize, like I said before, the class I'm taking is five
weeks long. I still have three weeks to go.
"Ahhh, I see. You're one of those Bell Telephone guy's
then, getting training at OU?"
"Yeah, all those babes around there are driving me
"You miss your wife's pussy huh?"
That last statement floored me. Her knowing smile made
me get another raging hardon, which has been afflicting me
for the last week. Having no underwear on myself under my
sweat shorts made matters worse. I had thrown all my undies
in as a matter of practicality. I wasn't expecting this or I
would have been more prepared. I crossed my legs, hoping to
hide my erection. Too late though, she looked at my crotch
after I crossed my legs and laughed loudly at my discomfort.
Taking advantage of my embarrassment, she lifted one
leg and placed it in the chair beside me. My eyes went right
to the crotch of her cutoffs. I felt her fingers on my chin,
lifting my gaze away from her crotch and to her face.
"Uh Uh! No looking there honey. You answer some
questions and I'll let you see. Understand?"
"You ever fuck around on your wife?"
"Hmmm, okay that's hard to believe but I'll give you
that one. Let's see."
My eyes traveled from her mischievous smile to her hand
as it traveled to her crotch. One finger trailed to the
frazzled edge of her cutoffs, then slipped inside, revealing
a hint of red bush .
I heard her speaking to me "Ever seen a red haired
pussy in real life?"
"Uhhhh no! Just pictures."
"Then you've never fucked a redhead either, or ate her
"No, this is about as close to one that I've ever
My answer made her reveal more, now I could see the
side of her labia. Then her finger slipped in further, down
"You do eat pussy don't you?"
As I nodded my head yes, her finger slipped out of her
shorts, glistening with her juices. My mouth opened
automatically, gladly accepting her pussy moist digit.
"What's your name? I'm Kelly." She asked while her
finger was being sucked.
She had pulled my head to her crotch. I was desperately
trying to work my tongue around the edge of her cutoffs and
into her quim, not having much luck.
"Well Larry, now you're gonna eat a red haired bisexual
pussy. You do as I say, and we'll have a great time until
you go home. I'm the boss! You obey me! Don't worry, I'm no
masochist, just a demanding Butch that must be obeyed. And
another thing! You don't speak! Don't utter a word unless I
ask you a direct question, got it?"
She pulled herself away and waited for an answer. I
nodded, but I could tell that wasn't good enough for her.
"Yes Kelly, You're the boss."
"Goooood!" She grabbed the hair at the top of my head
where it was painfully thin and pulled me toward her crotch.
Her hand pulling the tight material of her shorts to the
side. "Now let Kelly see just how good of a pussy licker you
really are."
My reasoning didn't matter, maybe it was because of the
lack of pussy. I had gone without before and hadn't done
anything like this but maybe it was because I was being
submissive for the first time. Whatever the reason, this
redhead had me hooked.
I decided to start out with the slow and easy pussy licking style, rather than starting out fast.
"MMMmm, Larry, You're not bad! Your beard feels sorta
different, nice. Now, mind you, a man will never be as good
at eating pussy as another woman, but you'll do."
I reached out my hands and put them on her butt, but
they were shoved away rather briskly.
"Remember, You only do what Kelly says! You just wait
right here while I make this place a little more private."
She walked to the front of the Laundromat and turned
out the lights. She locked the door from the inside and
returned, sitting on a chair beside me.
"Stand up!"
I obeyed her order, my stiff cock standing out in those
baggy stretch shorts I had worn. She reached to my hardness
and squeezed, then using my prick as a leash, she led me
around in front of her chair.
"So far, so good Larry! Now let's see how big of a man you really are!"
She put both her hands on the elastic waistband of my
shorts then she pulled down roughly. My stiff cock got
caught in the waistband as my shorts were jerked down, then
sprang back, bobbing in front of her face. Kelly gave a
satisfied smile as she took hold of my manhood with both
hands and squeezed, making my cock give out some pre-cum as
a result of her action.
"Now Larry, I might be a little rough, but I won't hurt you. Understand?"
"I understand."
"Good hun! You are gonna have the time of your life!"
She looked at my cock, admiring its hardness and
length. "Oh! What little present do you have for me? A nice
big drop of slickum!"
Her tongue darted out and dabbed at the drool in the
end of my pizzle, taking a sample back to her mouth in a
"Mmmm babycakes it's been way too long since I've
enjoyed a good stiff prick! Sometimes a tongue just doesn't
cut it! My girlfriend and I broke up about a month ago.
There's just no substitute for a real live cock!"
She cupped my balls, pulling them forward to her lips,
nuzzling, then sucking them into her mouth one at a time.
Looking down, I could see my prick entangled in her
carrot red hair.
"Three long years! Mmmm.The taste is sooo good! The
smell of ball sack! man smell!"
I watched as she placed her mouth over the head of my
inflamed member then her mouth swallowed me until her nose
touched my pelvic bone. I swore to myself that I could feel
her vocal chords!
She still had a firm grasp on my cock when she stood,
then guided me to the chair using my cock once again as a
leash. Then I watched as she took her cutoffs loose and
worked those marvelous hips out of them.
She sat in my lap, taking me in hand, and guided me to
her wet entrance.
"Ahhhh.. YES!" I just gotta take your cock in me slow!
OH SHIT HONEY! Your cock feels sooo hard! I just bet your
wife loves your hard cock!"
Soon Kelly had reached the limits of my cock, there was
still plenty of length to go, but the way I was seated
limited the amount of meat available. She reached behind her
with both hands and forced my knees apart as wide as they
would go, then gave herself a pelvic thrust taking all 7
inches of my cock inside her.
She leaned back, cupping her breasts. Then off went her
tank top, revealing a very nice rack! Milk white skin with
areolas that had a slightly red tint to them.
Then cupping them again she asked "You like my
"Oh yes!"
Now I watched as she was "Fine tuning" her nipples,
tweaking them back and forth between thumb and forefinger.
She reached around and cupped the back of my head pressing
my face in the cleavage between her breasts.
"No licking until Kelly says you can!"
I closed my eyes and felt her erect nipples tease my
nose, eyes and closed lips. The feeling of vertigo came over
me and my eyes flew open when my chair landed on its back.
Fortunately, her hand on the back of my head kept me from
splattering my brains on the Laundromat's floor. Kelly still
had my crank embedded inside her, she flung the chair out
from under me with her leg, never missing a stroke.
Kelly took my hands and held them over my head, pinning
me to the floor, I could have bucked her off easily, but
that would spoil the game.
"Now you just lie nice and still while momma rides this
pony! Don't you EVEN think about cumming! Oh Gawd lover,
your big OLE prick feels sooo good inside my pussy! You just
relax while Kelly rides you like a Christmas mule! Mmmm,
three fucking years!
In all my born days, I've never been ridden like this
vixen was doing to me. She had released my hands and would
lean way back using her hands on my legs for support, then
instead of riding up and down, Kelly would slide forwards
then backwards, and side to side. She was definitely getting
the most out of my manhood.
I was proud of my control, having learned a long time
ago to relax my legs. This young woman was so limber! So
inventive! I saw her use positions on top of me that I
wouldn't have dreamed possible. One time she got her feet
under her and did a sort of squat fuck. In that position her
pussy would ram down on top of me, getting the fullest
penetration possible. She nearly snapped my dick off when
she turned on top of me and started to nibble my toes. My
prick just almost refuses to bend that far down.
While in that toe nibbling position, she slid her wet
pussy off my cock, while leaving a slick line up my abdomen
heading towards my face.
"Now you just lick my pussy good, Larry! Taste where
your hard cock has been. Make me come honey!"
I used that opportunity to place my hands on her butt
and pull her pussy onto my invading tongue! I nibbled and
licked her from ass hole to belly button. She didn't punish
me for my forwardness, allowing me my own initiative.
Kelly took me into her mouth, using her hands to
squeeze and cajole my organ. As hard as I tried to ignore
her ministrations, I was slowly succumbing to her skill as a
cocksucker. I moaned as best as I could with a mouthful of
pussy, and she would give me a muffled cock filled
affirmative. She knew I was getting close to the inevitable
orgasm. An occasional pre-orgasmic shudder would rack my
body. Then slowly, the uncontrollable shudders increased in
frequency as my body headed to that moment when I would fill
her to overflowing with my spunk.
I raked my fingernails across her lower back causing
her to squirm and moan. Kelly was trying her best, as was I,
to ignore the waves of pleasure that were slowly taking her
over, bringing her along that same road to earth shattering
orgasm I was on.
When my body shuddered uncontrollably, it would pass to
her, making her shudder in sympathetic response. Now Kelly
was ahead of me, traveling down that road. She was getting
very close, her prick muffled cries were getting more
insistent. All it was going to take was one last push to
send her toppling over the edge, bringing me right along
behind her. I moved my mouth from her clitoris to her pussy hole, pressing her to me as I forced my tongue into her quim
as far as I could go. I had such a tight hold on her, there
was no place for her to go to escape my invading tongue.
After I had driven her to frenzy with my lingual attack to
her slobbering quim, I switched back to her clit. This sent
her plummeting over the edge. I still had my vice grip on
her hips and back, but now I started very gently suckling on
her button. Her body fish flopped on top of me, totally
overcome by her sensory overload. I had felt my cooze
welling up from deep within, just before Kelly's orgasm was
reaching out to take her away. Now, my balls erupted their
two weeks accumulation from celibacy into her waiting mouth.
Following my lead, she had practically stopped her
skillful hand and mouth action on my throbbing member. She
gently milked with her hands and swallowed every bit of
sperm I could produce. We lay there on the floor, arms
locked around each other, Not willing to let the other
disengage while we ourselves were in such a precarious state
of arousal. Our senses were still in overload, any increase
in stimulation would have been too much. We both knew it,
and so we held our little "Mexican standoff". Our bodies
were still responding to each other's slowly diminishing
shudders. Kelly was the first to give out. Her body went
limp in my grasp, My deflating cock finally slipping from
her mouth.
I still had her tender clit gently sucked into my mouth
and was I kept up just enough pressure to keep it there.
Kelly was gonna be in for a big surprise when her overloaded
brain calmed and started to sort out sensations. Normally
this takes about a minute. The second orgasm was gonna be
powerful for her, not as powerful as her first. This would
be by my choice. I lay still with her limp form on top of me
and waited.
Soon, Kelly started to stir. I increased my baby style
suckling on her clit. She immediately noticed my intent.
Thinking that I was going to suck too hard on her very
sensitive clit, Kelly tried to get her legs under her so she
could lift herself away from me. Her feet just slid across
the freshly waxed linoleum.
Previously I had relaxed my grip on her ass, now I
clamped down. Her feet slipped and she was once again
helpless in my hold. Her second orgasm was fast approaching.
Now her clit was slowly receiving increased suction
from me. She convulsed each time I drew her back inside my
mouth. Vainly, Kelly tried to wrest control back away from
"Hey! I didn't give you permission
I stopped my suckling of her clit when her climax hit
again gently holding my suction so her clit was inside my
mouth. She had no choice but to ride out this orgasm. About
every three seconds would elapse, then I would give a single
solitary suckle, triggering what I lovingly call a "Mini
orgasm". I had released my grip because her orgasms had left
the poor woman helpless.
My strong hands gently caressed her back, soothing her,
while I allowed her brain to rest from the overload.
Kelly had finally given in to my takeover of dominance,
she lay limply on top of me as my hands did their magic up
and down her back. Now my suckling on her clitty was dead
still, she thought the ride was over.
My nails dug into the tender flesh of her back and I
raked her with both hands from shoulders to buttocks,
leaving my mark on her. She arched her back, and came for me
once again. The surprise of my action, along with a four
well timed suckles to her clit triggered her body's
I was in my best orgasm inducing form, and feeling
erotic as hell, playing her body like a well-tuned piano. My
marks on her back were calculated to be just deep enough to
remind her of me. Even days later, the slight pain it would
cause as she moved her back would remind her of my
Kelly went limp when I took my mouth away from her
abused and tender clit. It's usefulness as a tool of
pleasure had vanished, and will remain way too tender for
about 10 minutes. I still had one more good orgasm to give
her with my tongue before I would give her the fucking she
so richly deserved. My hands had turned gentle once again,
she relaxed under my touch.
"Now Kelly," I said while kissing the inside of her
thighs, staying well away from her clit. "You just relax
honey, I'm not going to touch your poor little overworked
She was not aware of my motives when my hands moved to
her legs, gently forcing them open. I switched the position
of my arms to the inside of her legs, and gently caressed
her tight round butt cheeks.
"I'm gonna tongue out your pussy."
She started to clamp her legs together, but was
blocked by my shoulders.
"It's okay babe, I won't touch that hot little clit of
yours. Just this sweet, tight hole right here.
"OHHHHH! Wait Larry! Please? Let me just.. Just
maintain for a bit."
"While my tongue is all the way up you and you're
cumming your brains out, I'm gonna flip you off me and fuck
you like you so richly deserve!"
My fingers were barely brushing the pubes on her lower
labia as I spoke.
"When I'm through with you, There won't be any doubt
that you've been fucked! FUCKED HARD!"
As soon as my words left my lips, I plunged my tongue
up her pussy."
Kelly 's scream of pleasure echoed between the rows of
machines. My fingers expertly forced her butt cheeks apart
before I bit her right cheek with just the right amount of
force. I was rock hard and ready.
Kelly's arms and legs were loose and disjointed like a
rag doll when I rolled her off my chest. When finally free
of me she slowly turned on her side, still cumming. She was
attempting to curl into a fetal position when I trapped the
leg that was lying in the floor between mine, grabbed her
upper leg still bent at the knee and entered her from
Her pussy felt like melted butter to my prick when I
slid into her, bottoming out against her cervix. I grasped
her shoulder for leverage and pulled her to me. My seven
inches of hardness and pelvis were pressing on and into her
pussy. This position also allowed my thigh to press on her
orgasm sensitive clit.
"Agghhhhh!" came from deep within her center and out
her throat as I held pressure and leverage against her
orgasm raked body. This was the big one! Her pussy was
completely filled with cock! Even if I had more to give, I
doubt her tight quivering channel could accept it without
"This is what it's all about baby! No little submissive
bitch can make you come like this!"
"Ssh..Ssh..Ssh!!" was the only sound her lips could
produce while her body quaked and bucked against mine. The
poor young woman had reached her limit. I relaxed my grip
from her shoulders, and withdrew my lance from her pussy ever so slightly. Her pussy juice had coated the inside of
both legs and had left two puddles on the floor, My balls
were slick with her goo, I felt them slide on her thigh when
I shifted their position.
Kelly was a little calmer now. She still convulsed
against me every few seconds. I could feel her muscles
contract then relax around my cock. There was no need for me
to have another orgasm. The feeling of power I received from
driving her wild will suffice for now. This girl was not
going to forget this fucking for a long, long while.
"I tenderly caressed her shoulders, back and legs.
"It's okay baby, all over now!" Larry just had to show you
what a man could do."
"Mmmmm, Oh lover!..You are DA MAN!" Kelly cooed, her
face still turned to the floor as she spoke. Her voice had
somewhat recovered, but her body was still disconnected from
her brain.
I flexed the muscles of my cock inside her, and she
responded with a giggle and a constriction of her own.
The last of her orgasm came out when I gently caressed
her breast. She placed her hand over mine and held it there.
"Mmmmm yes lover?"
"Have you just been fucked?"
"Mmmmm oh yes! You fucked poor little defenseless Kelly
to a standstill."
"You can take control back now baby, Larry's sorry he
stole it from you! But I just had to give you the suckin'
and fuckin' of your life! The global reputation of all
mankind was at stake!"
That got a laugh from her, she turned on her back, my
still stiff cock, acting as her axle. Kelly held out her
arms for my help in siting up. She put her arms around me
and snuggled her head into my chest.
"Thank you Larry, your wife is a very lucky woman. You
are the best man I ever had! Hell you are the best lover I
ever had!"
"Thanks Kelly, Too bad I can't eat pussy like a woman
"Shit Larry, you are top rated in that area too. Not
many men know what to do when a woman starts to come. You
brought me there, and ..Well shit! You know!"
"That was some really fine head you dished out too
Kelly! You kept me coming for over a minute!"
The realization of our lack of privacy and danger of
being discovered crept over me, Kelly picked up on my
thoughts, seeing me look around the Laundromat.
"Guess we better get dressed huh Larry?"
"Yeah, this is about the most dangerous place I've ever
done this in!"
"Really Larry?"
"Shit yes! Very exciting though!"
"Well, maybe we'll have to think of something along
these lines the next time! You ARE gonna fuck me every day
while you're here! Kelly's the boss! Remember?"
"You DA boss!"
We had scrambled around in the dark, finding our
scattered clothes, dressing as we talked. Kelly turned the
lights back on and unlocked the door. We put our clothes
together to dry and sat down to talk. She gave me her
address and phone number. Kelly worked as a veterinary
assistant. The two women vets were a lesbian couple. I found
out that she was 19 years old to my 44 years. She had some
type of falling out with her father and moved out when she
was 16. Her voice turned hard when she mentioned her dad.
The dryer buzzed, signaling the near end of our time
together that night. I shucked my shorts and grabbed a pair
of my freshly dried underwear to put on. Kelly stopped me
with a devilish smile. After browsing around in her laundry
basket, she selected a pair of frilly lavender panties and
handed them to me.
"You are gonna wear these! As a matter of fact, The
rest of the time we're together, I want you to wear my
frillies! GOT IT?"
My face flushed red. "Yes Kelly, your command is my
She gave me a satisfied smile and patted my bulge
inside her panties. Then she selected one more pair from her
basket and stuffed the extra pair down the front of my
shorts. "Here is another clean pair for tomorrow. Don't let
me catch you with your own undies on, as a matter of fact
I'll just take possession of these until we part."
I was shocked to see every single pair of underwear
that I had taken with me disappear into her clothesbasket.
Kelly knew that I was washing all my undies together and
that now she possessed all of them.
"Do you know where the O'Connel's pub is?"
"Uh, yes I know where it is."
"Okay then, tomorrow is Friday, You be there at 5:00
sharp! Don't make Kelly wait!"
"I'll be there Kelly."
I want you to wear something special for me, What type
of clothes did you bring with you?"
"Hmmm, the usual stuff, tee shirts, a few nice pants
and shirts, My uniforms."
"Yes, I wear them to class. So my street clothes won't
get stained with grease."
"Good! You wear a CLEAN uniform, Take a shower before
you meet me tomorrow."
"Of course I'll take a shower!"
"Are you being smart with me Larry?"
"Sorry Kelly, I forgot. I'll be nice and clean for you
tomorrow. Forgive my impertinence?"
"You are such a quick learner. Kelly likes her man-toys
compliant and eager to please me!"
"I want you to be pleased with me!"
"I'll have a gift for you tomorrow. You will wear it
for me. Now you may kiss me goodnight."
I obediently complied. Her tongue sought out mine,
enticing it into her own mouth. She stepped slightly back
and explored my arms and chest with one last muscle-
appreciating caress. I opened the door of her car for her
and watched, as she drove away into the night. My prick
reminding me that it was held by something silky and
delightfully different.
I was 15 minutes early at the pub, Last nights
adventures had stayed in my thoughts all day. Wearing her
panties all day was scary as hell! My brain kept urging me
to take the damn things off. If another guy happened to get
wind of this, I'd be dead meat! I realized that I definitely
don't have a woman's clothing fetish! Looking around the
bar, I was grateful it wasn't a gay hangout. I dreaded the
thought of waiting in a gay bar and possible getting hit on!
BRRRRR! The thought sends chills down my spine. I had
ordered a diet Pepsi to drink while I waited, not knowing
whether my new lover approved of drinking alcohol.
Her arrival was 15 minutes late. She smiled approvingly
when I stood up as she approached. Kelly pressed against me
as we kissed. My hands wanted to go to the base of her back
and pull us together. I demurely put them on her hips,
resisting the urge to make an advance. After she slid into
the booth, I sat across from her, taking in her beauty. She
was wearing her work clothes, looking a little like a
nurse's uniform to my testosterone-slanted imagination.
"Nice uniform Larry! It makes you look so..MALE!"
"Thank you Kelly, I'm glad you are pleased. You look
very sexy in your uniform too!"
"Have you been a good Man-toy for me today Larry?"
"Yes Kelly! I obeyed your wishes. In every way!"
"So, do those frillies you have on remind you of
anything today?"
My face felt hot with embarrassment from her choice of
words. "Yes, all day they reminded me of you! Last night was
"And you Larry!.." She paused, silently chastising
herself for allowing a man to take control from her.
Calculating her words, she continued. "Your talents were
quite impressive! I am very pleased with my new
acquisition." She patted my forearm to make her point. "I
have a gift for you!"
"But I didn't get you...!" Her hand stopped me in mid
sentence. She reached into the brown paper bag she brought
with her. Producing a small studded leather arm bracelet.
"Give me your arm."
I complied.
"This bracelet is my gift to you. It signifies that you
have accepted your worthiness. I swear that I will never
abuse the servitude you freely offer. There will be times
when you might not understand the reasoning behind my orders
until much later. Bear in mind that I now have a
responsibility to you. Your best interest will be in my
heart. This gift also means you give your total obedience to
me." She had wrapped the bracelet around my wrist while
giving her oath, but had purposely waited until my
acceptance to close the latch. "Do you accept my gift?"
"Yes, I accept your generous gift."
She snapped the metal latch on the band closed and
removed the key from the latch. Kelly Reached around to the
back of her neck and pulled up a gold chain. The key slid
down the links of the chain and settled next another key I
hadn't noticed before.
Kelly smiled at me, When we part, I'll unlock your
band, and you'll be free. See this?"
There was a loop for attaching a lead or chain on the
wristband, "This is the most significant part of any slave
collar, this little loop is for attaching a lead. If ever
you see a collar or wrist band with one of these, it means
the person wearing it has given themselves to a master."
Kelly grasped my hand. "What you did last night, well,
I'll just say that you really opened my eyes to men. For
quite a while I thought that I had finally evolved from Bi
to gay. I'm so glad you showed me how a real man can fulfill
a woman's needs. She wiped at her eyes and regained her
composure. This dominant/submissive thing we are doing. It's
been my way of life ever since my first girlfriend claimed
me, back then I was her slave. This thing between us? Just
try to understand and put up with my little quirks." She put
her hand over my band. "This bond we just swore won't be
like the normal master slave I'm used to. You can take your
control back whenever you have to. We don't have enough time
for you to really understand all this entails What you did
to me last night wouldn't be tolerated, especially by me,
until now.
We hardly know each other, so I feel I should tell you
that I need to be dominant because of things that happened
in my past. I'm so much stronger now."
"I'll try to understand Kelly. Whenever I make love,
it's really important for me to give my lover my best. It's
really a power thing I guess, seeing my lover in the throws
of orgasm helps me to get off too.
The waiter came around and Kelly ordered burgers and a
pitcher of beer for the two of us, without asking whether I
liked her choice. Normally I seldom drink, but I had to do
as I was told.
She surprised the hell out of me, after ordering me to
spread my legs and take my cock out. The tables in the place
were draped with tablecloths. Somehow she had slipped off
her shoes unnoticed, I almost creamed myself when both of
her feet touched my hardon.
"Now you be a good man and sit still,"
That command was easier said than done, somehow I
managed to keep still as her toes and feet teasingly toyed
with my aching prick.
"Good! You see? Obeying Kelly has its good points huh?"
All I could do was to smile nervously at her.
She insisted that I drink as much as she did, which was
considerable. Her voice took on a sharper edge. The alcohol
was having its affect on both of us.
She told me that I was going to spend the night at her
It was then that I heard about the little sister that
Kelly was taking care of. Her words were a little slurred as
she said something getting away from that bastard (father?)
and threatening to call the police and ''tell them all about
our dirty little secret", if he tried to stop her leaving.
She took Melissa, her little sister with her before he could
fuck up her life too. I didn't press her to clarify what she
said. Her dad must have been a real bastard to make Kelly
run away from him at the tender age of 16. Then, on top of
that taking on the responsibility of her sister at the same
My conclusion about her father being a pedophile made
the most sense. Kelly's outright hatred for her own father,
combined with taking on the responsibility of an 11-year-old
child to boot? That was her own business, and it was not my
place to inquire more. I let the matter drop.
We were feeling no pain when Kelly decided it was time
to take me home. I got a stern look from her when I reached
for my wallet to pay for the meal and beer.
Somehow, we made the drive to her place without the
police noticing. As we embraced at the foot of the stairs,
Kelly looked like she was going to say something, then she
stopped. We started fumbling our way up the stairs to the
fourth floor.
"I gotta warn you about this place Larry, All I can
afford is a studio apartment."
I just looked at her, uncomprehending her meaning.
"Studio! One bedroom! One bed?"
The light dawned. "Your little sister?"
"Now you got it! Plus she doesn't know I'm bringing
someone home with me! I guess we'll have to make do with the
living room floor huh?"
She laughed, wobbling slightly on her feet. "Are you
susceptible to rug burn?"
We both had a good laugh over her joke. We arrived at
her door and went inside.
There, lying on her belly watching television was her
little 14-year-old sister. All she had on was a tee shirt and a studded black leather collar! My eyes bugged when I
saw her naked butt peeking out from under that tee shirt for
al the world to see. My two kids are boys, hell, full grown
men now, so this unexpected sight made me stop and stare,
maybe my mouth was even hanging open.
"Melissa! Where are you?"
The little girl was embarrassed as hell, there was no
place for her to go without exposing herself to me.
"Here I am Kelly!" came her meek reply.
"Oh! Well get your butt over here and meet Larr...WHAT
"But, But you told me to..."
"WHAT? Oh yeah well come on over and meet Larry, He's
gonna be."
The frightened girl was paralyzed like a deer in the
"GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE! Hell, girl he's already seen
you! Just pull the damn thing down so he don't get the whole
To make matters easier I managed to tear my gaze away
from her little butt and turn my head. Allowing her to get
up without showing more than what I had already seen.
I waited a bit before turning back leaving ample time
for Melissa to get up. When I turned back I still caught a
glimpse of bald pussy lips and the start of a wispy red patch of pubes at the top.
Melissa was trying to pull the tee shirt down, but the
shirt was a tad too short. Both her hands were pulling the
hem down as she meekly approached us.
"Larry, This is Melissa, My little sister. You may
shake her hand now."
Her gaze went to the slave band on my wrist as I held
my hand out to her. She first had a look of betrayal (my
sister now had someone else and didn't need me anymore),
then a satisfied smile, (He can't hurt me cause Kelly would
kick his ass) She released one hand from her shirt hem to
accept my shake. It looked to me like Melissa was thinking
that I was her equal, we were both owned by Kelly.
"Hi Melissa, sorry for embarrassing you."
She gave me an astonished look. I had spoke without
Kelly's permission. Then she looked at Kelly, waiting for
her to tear me a new asshole.
"Melissa, I know you're expecting me to rebuke him for
that mistake he just made. I guess you could say Larry is in
training, He's sorta special and I've allowed him a few more
"Yes Kelly." Both her hands were back to her hem
"Did you do everything I told you to do today Melissa?"
"Yes Ma'am"
"Good! You made me happy! Now come here and give me a
Melissa's face beamed from the approval she received.
Forgetting her exposure problem, she ran to her sister's
arms, I couldn't help but stare as Melissa's complete butt
was exposed to my feasting eyes.
Kelly busted me before I could tear my eyes away from
the free shot. "HEY! Just what the hell are you looking at?"
"I'm sorry Kelly," I looked down to the floor in guilt.
I..Just..There's no excuse for my rudeness."
I dared to see just how mad she really was at me. She
had a cold hard look for me. "YOU ARE NOT TO LOOK AT HER
Melissa was looking at me also, smiling with
satisfaction at my rebuke.
"Melissa, you can go and put something on now."
She gaily trotted to the bedroom, flashing butt cheeks
to my peripheral vision.
"What kind of pervert are you Larry! That's my sister,
she's only 14 years old, You have kids of your own dammit!"
"What can I say Kelly, My two kids are boys, I
guess...I'm not a pervert! Believe me! It's just that.. I
don't know, Please forgive me?"
Kelly looked at me for a minute deciding my fate, out
of the corner of my eye, I saw Melissa standing in the
bedroom doorway, naked.
Somehow, Kelly noticed the effort I was using to keep
my eyes fixed on her, avoiding looking at whatever was
happening behind her back. She spun around, catching her
sister, buck-naked at the open doorway. "You get your butt
in here now!"
"Just what the hell are you doing teasing this man like
Melissa started to cry, as she ran to her sister. "You
didn't tell me what to wear!" She wrapped her arms around
Kelly, sobbing. "You always tell me what I can wear, I was
gonna ask you, but you were talking and I know better than
to interrupt!"
Now the little girl broke into a full-blown bawl. "I'm
sorry Kelly, I just wanted to please you! I just can't stand
it if you're mad at me!"
Kelly's anger evaporated when she saw how upset her
little sister was. She sat in a kitchen chair, beckoning
Melissa into her lap and hugger her.
What could I do but look! I'm only human! Melissa and
Kelly were both pre-occupied with each other and not paying
attention to me. Melissa was facing me, face buried in her
sister's bosom. She had the same red hair as her sister. At
14 years of age, her breasts were about 1/3rd developed.
Gravity would be years away from affecting those beautiful
buds. Her legs were open enough for me to see the bud of her
clit pointing out from the folds of her pussy. She had a 1/3
scale copy of her sisters body, the same great nipples, the
same almost penis shaped clit. I was always able to keep my
attraction to minors in check. And still would not hurt this
girl. My wife sometimes points out cute butts for me to
feast upon, knowing I obey the "look all you want, but don't
touch" rule.
I had stored this visual feast away in my memory.
Enough to supply me with masturbation fantasy's for the rest
of my life! Before I got myself into any more trouble. I
went to the tiny living room and sat down to watch the toob,
keeping an ear peeled to events in the other room.
Melissa was calmer now, Kelly seemed more sober, I know
I certainly was thinking clearer.
Kelly's voice was just above a whisper. "Nothing will
ever come between us honey, He'll only be here for three
weeks then he's gotta go home."
"Okay, Kelly. I'll be nice to him, I know, he does seem
"You're gonna have to sleep by yourself this weekend
baby, How about if you sleep in the bedroom and Larry and I
will sleep out here."
"I'll be so lonely in there without you there to make
love to me Kelly!"
"Tell you what sweetums, tonight I'll sneak in and give
you such a pussy licking! You can just lay back and let me
do you!"
"He's not gonna try to sneak in and stop us will he?"
"Naw, I'll take care of him. When I get through with
him, he'll be fast asleep. But it's gonna be late when I
come to you, When you go to bed, don't try to wait up for
me, I'll wake you up. Nice and slow, the way I like you to
do me. How's that sound?"
"Really? I've always wanted to be woke up like that!"
"Okay, Now you go put something on, That poor guy can't
help looking at a good looking bod like yours!"
"What do you want me to wear for you?"
"Hmmm I know what I want you to wear, You'll have to be
a lady and keep those knees together."
"Okay Sissy! You know that I love wearing stuff that
turns you on! What do I get to wear for you tonight?"
"I want you to wear my big tee shirt."
"The one you always sleep in?"
"Yeah! That one! And of course, the no panty rule still
applies at home. I'll see you wearing it and I'll know
you're naked underneath. Ready for whatever I might command
my little love slave to do."
"Now you go and put it on, I've gotta talk to Larry.
I'll call you when I want you to come out."
"Yes honey?"
I want to be here when you two are talking. I'll be
quiet. He heard all we said just now anyways, It's only
"Okay, You win. Just maybe you'll start to like him."
"Yeah, Maybe, If you tell me to like him, I'll try my
"Honey, that's something I'll never ask of you. If you
start to like him, that's fine. And if you don't like him,
well that's up to you. Try to remember what I told you about
jealousy, like when Kimberly was living with us. Don't let
jealousy rule your brain "
"But Kimmy is a woman. He's a man!"
"Boy is he ever a man honey! One of these days you'll
find that out for yourself."
"Not me! Daddy is a man and he was really bad to you!"
"Yeah. Not all men are like that honey. There's no
substitute for what a man has between his legs. Especially
if he knows how to use it like Larry does!"
"But you told me that men can't please women like
another woman can, cause they're built the same."
"Well I was drunk when I said that, and mad too. Just
because I'm bi don't mean you are bi or gay!"
"But KELLY! I know I'm gay! We've been making love
since before I can remember!"
"Melissa, have you ever seen a man's prick up close?
Felt it throb in your hands? Fill up every inch of your
"No, You know that Kelly, Just you and Kimmy are the
only one's I've had made love with."
"Well, that's the reason I booted Kimmy's lying butt
out of here. I warned that slut to keep her paws off you!"
"I'm sorry I believed her when she told me that lie
about you ordering her to make love to me."
"I know honey, but a lot of times brother or sisters
explore their sexuality with each other. It's not right to
do that, but it happens. Especially if there's nobody else
around to learn and explore with. Just because brothers or
sisters do that don't make them gay."
"Hmmm. If you say so."
"Okay, I'll go out on a limb here and ask an outsider.
"Yes Kelly?"
"Come in here."
I got up from the floor and stood in front of them.
"Yes Kelly what can I do for you?"
"You can answer some questions for us, Speak the truth
or don't answer at all understand?"
"I understand."
"How many brothers and sisters do you have in your
"Five all together including me. One sister."
"Have you ever.. Explored each other's bodies or had
sex with them?"
I felt heat rising to my face, Embarrassed. I
hesitated. "Yes Kelly I have."
"See Melissa, He's done it too!"
Melissa whispered something in her sister's ear. "Okay
I'll ask him. Larry was it with a brother or a sister?"
"Two of my brothers Kelly, My sister and oldest brother were a lot older than us."
Melissa leaned in to whisper another question to her
sister. Kelly stopped her. "You ask him hon."
She passively shook her head no, then looked to her
sister. Seeing Kelly's disapproval, Melissa fought back her
fear. "Did you ever have sex with another boy?"
I had already answered some embarrassing questions,
this girl deserved an answer. "Yes Melissa, maybe once or
"Did you ever think you were gay because of it?"
"Hmmm I suppose I wondered, only for a short while if I
was gonna be gay. I was way too interested in girls to be
gay. I just didn't know how to.. I was too shy and
inexperienced to try it with a girl. Wait a minute, when I
was 5 and later when I was 6 I had a girlfriends, we played
a little doctor, took off our clothes to see what the other
sex looked like."
"Oh what Melissa?"
"Oh Thank you Larry."
"You are quite welcome Melissa."
"You can go back to the other room now Larry."
I turned and walked the few steps to the television and
sat down again.
"See Melissa, He's had sex with his brothers and is
definitely not gay. Just keep your mind open and if the boy seems right.. Wait a minute here! I better clarify that
statement. boys your age are ruled by their hormones. They
want what you have. It takes good judgment and ...Just don't
go to bed with the first boy that gets his hand in your
pants. We'll talk more about this later honey, Time to go
get changed."
Melissa's blur of a body scampered past my peripheral
vision and disappeared behind the bedroom door as it closed.
"Gawd Larry! What did I get myself into!"
"I'm not looking at her anymore Kelly, You can trust
"You're a man Larry, You can't help it. I need another
"I'll get it."
I returned from the fridge and handed her the beer
opened and ready for her to drink.
"From now on Larry, You'll drink when I drink,
"Yes Kelly, I understand." I got myself a beer and say
down in the chair she indicated to me.
"It's Friday night! I like to get a little soused on
Melissa quietly left the bedroom wearing the tee shirt selected for her and sat quietly in front of the toob.
Kelly decided it was time for a little more fun teasing
me. I had to chug my beer when she told Melissa to get
another round. She took my hand, pulling me to my feet and
pressed herself against me. As soon as my hands moved to
embrace her, she stopped me. Her hands on my wrists pressed
my arms to my side. Sensually, her hands roved over my
chest, undoing one or two buttons. She walked behind me,
hands feeling my shoulders and butt. I nervously looked at
Melissa. She paid us no attention. Now Kelly was back in
front of me, two more shirt buttons undone. Hands under my
shirt now, playing with my nipples.
Kelly stopped her exploration long enough to chug the
rest of her beer, I was compelled to do the same. Two beers
in quick succession definitely buzzed me, and Kelly allowed
me a break. I watched her drink two more in a short period.
The hard look I saw earlier at the pub was emerging once
again. Melissa could feel it too.
I was starting to think Kelly might turn out to be one
of those mean drunks. At least she's horny, wanting to make
me quake like I she had done the night before. I was pushed
back into my chair after my shirt was roughly pulled off my
shoulders, the last two buttons groaning under the pull.
"I'm gonna fuck you, suck you, then fuck you some more.
You're gonna have to beg me to stop, then beg me to start
again. Tonight is your night Larry. You're gonna be drained
so dry, you'll come dust!"
Rising from her perch on my lap, she pulled her dress
up and slowly removed her panties. Without even looking back
to the living room, Kelly held the panties out to the side
and called out "Melissa!"
A hand appeared from behind her and took the panties. I
saw the bedroom door open and then a few seconds later,
close. Melissa was back in front of the television, waiting
for another command.
Kelly's eyes were looking glazed, she had this "I've
got an idea" smile. "Larry, do you trust me?"
"I want you to take some prescription pills with me.
It's just a mild sedative, but it really makes me feel good.
I want you to feel the same way. I know you're a little
nervous right now, alcohol makes me sorta ..you know! These
pills make me soooo mellow!"
Things are getting a little weird right now, I admitted
to myself. But using drugs?
"Kelly, I do trust you, but taking someone else's
She appeared beside us. "Yes Kelly?"
"Tell Larry about how the pills make you feel."
"Oh Larry! It's really GREAT! I feel warm all over and
so relaxed too."
I was still thinking it over, and leaning towards
saying no. Maybe getting the hell out of this place.
"Go and get em Sugar," Kelly takes my arm and lifts it
up, showing me the leather slave band. "Remember my oath to
you Larry?"
Melissa had returned with the bottle and opened the
lid. She put two pills in Kelly's hand. Kelly smiled and
popped one in her mouth, and chased it down with a swig of
beer. The other pill was heading toward my mouth.
"Open up!"
I obeyed, while my conscience was screaming NO!
"Good! You won't regret it Larry. We'll go all night
She turned to Melissa, who was still standing at our
side. Kelly put her arm around her sister. I saw the hem of
Melissa's long tee shirt move and realized Kelly's hand must
have moved under there.
"One for you too Sugar. You can have a beer too, okay?"
Melissa beamed at her big sister. She turned and walked
to the fridge. Her oversized shirt moved up as Kelly's hand
slid away, revealing a quick flash of butt cheek. Kelly's
hand on my head turned my gaze away from her sister.
Realizing I just did a forbidden act, I looked to my owner's
eyes expecting a rebuke. She was just looking at me, then
she smiled.
"Can't help it, can you Sugar."
I smiled in return as Melissa returned with three
beers, then took her pill. She picked up the allotted beer
and returned to watching the television.
"Let's go watch a little television babe. The pill will
take a while to come on.
She slid off my lap and pulled me up from the chair. We
moved unsteadily to the living room, practically falling
together on the floor.
Kelly turned to her sister, "Take my shoes off Sugar.
My feet are killing me!"
Melissa gladly complied.
"Mmmm, Now rub em, like you do so well!"
Melissa sat herself cross-legged at her sister's feet,
working on her toes and feet. The dimly lit room allowed me
a very faint view of her pussy. I tried not to stare, but my
gaze kept returning to her open crotch. My skin started to
feel warm, my muscles began to relax. Euphoria gently
settled over my mind. The pill was working.
Melissa caught me peeking and tried to push the
material down to cover herself. I giggled as the taut
material sprang back up. She got a great idea and laid
Kelly's foot in her crotch, picking up the other and
starting to massage it. That idea worked, I noticed her
smile inwardly. Kelly must have noticed the exchange between
us. The pill had worked it's magic on her too. Instead of
becoming angry, she let out a sultry laugh, then pressed her
free foot into her sister's crotch.
Poor Melissa's face turned three shades of red, but she
dared not object and continued the foot massage.
"Honey, I think you need another beer. Larry will get
one for you."
I struggled to my feet, then retrieved the beer, almost
tripping over a chair. The two girls in the other room
laughed at my clumsiness. Laughing with them, I returned
with the beer. Kelly's toes were fondling her sister's
nipple from the outside of her tee shirt. She stopped her
teasing when I returned and gave the beer to Melissa,
getting a small smile in return.
"That's a good Man-toy! Now you sit beside Melissa and
do my other foot!"
I managed to sit down cross-legged like Melissa without
falling, picked up the free foot and got to work. Kelly must
not have ever had her toes popped before. She let out a
pleasurable sigh when all her toes went," pop", in quick
succession. Melissa stared at my actions, then tried to
duplicate the results.
"Damn Honey: Pie! You are the magic man! Where'd you
learn to do that?"
"I've been around a while Kelly. You like?"
"Oh yeah!"
Melissa was not having much luck with her efforts.But
she stoically persisted."
"You know Melissa, he would be glad to show you how.
All you gotta do is ask."
She frowned a little, still trying. Then gave in. "Can
you show me how to do that Larry?"
"Sure! First you gotta bend all the toes down as far as
they'll go, then take your palm and push them all back like
this. I got another staccato pop from the foot, and a sigh
from Kelly. I was pleased to hear popping of toes coming
from Melissa's side. She smiled gratefully when I looked.
Our attention was drawn away from each other by a "Mmmm"
from Kelly.
We looked at Kelly. She had pulled her dress up and she
was lazily fingering her pussy. What an erotic sight! She
noticed we had stopped fondling her feet and opened her
eyes. Smiling, she used her toes on our crotches
simultaneously. I rubbed her calves and legs. Melissa
followed my lead.
After a few minutes, Kelly opened her eyes and looked
at me.
"Larry! Stand up and take off those damn pants!" Her
commanding tone was not to be disobeyed.
"Melissa honey? Have you ever seen a fully-grown man wearing women's panties? My panties to be exact?"
"Well honey you're gonna see one now!"
As embarrassed as I was, I stood then slowly took off
my pants. My prick had been poking out from the top of the
damn things, so I had to readjust things discreetly.
They laughed at my drunken struggles. Then I fell on my
"Melissa, He still has his shoes on! Help the poor man out with those shoes!"
Apparently, the girl was feeling the euphoric affects
now. She complied with the request laughing at my distress.
"His boner is sticking out the top Kelly! Look!"
She sat up and looked at me. We all started laughing
uncontrollably. Someone was removing my tangled pants as I
stared at the ceiling. Who it was, I don't know.
"Okay, Larry! Crawl on over here and unzip this damn
Kelly was right. I literally had to crawl over to her.
Melissa having lost her inhibitions pinched my butt as I
crawled past.
"Yeowch!" I cried in surprise. Causing another round of
laughter. Tears were in my eyes when I finally reached Kelly
and fumbled with her long zipper. She had one of those push
up bra's with the clasp in the front.
"Oh no you don't, you horny old goat! Melissa gets to
do my bra!"
As the 14-year-old crawled past me I got my revenge and
pinched her exactly where I had been done by her.
"Owwww!" She jumped in surprise and landed in a pile on
top of her sister.
The whole world seemed to be getting funnier. The girls were wrestling and laughing hysterically. Kelly was trying
to pull up her sister's tee shirt to flash me. Melissa,
shrieking countered her move by rib tickling. I was sitting
with my back resting against the wall, two inches of my
stiff prick sticking out of a damn pair of frilly panties!
Every time I managed to stuff it back under the waistband, I
would move and it would pop back out! I finally gave up and
let it stick out.
The girls were quiet now, kissing each other. Kelly was
on the bottom with one knee bent, pressing against her
sister's pussy. It was as if I wasn't even there to the
pair. Melissa was working her pussy against Kelly's leg,
intent on reaching an orgasm. Kelly had her hands on her
sisters' shoulders, pressing pussy and thigh even harder
together, as they talked dirty to each other. I was sitting
quietly, watching the erotic show.
"That's it sissy, hump my leg! Yeah you're getting
there Sugar!"
"Oh! Oh Gawd Kel."
"Come on baby! You're getting your slickum on my leg!"
"Ahhh.. I'm so close Kel! I'm gonna cum for you!"
"You can do it! cum for Kelly! I want to feel you cum!"
As soon as the 14-year-old girl peaked, Her sister flipped her on her back and dove for her still orgasming
quim, roughly pulling the tee shirt up. Kelly had a little
trouble zeroing in on her sisters bucking pussy. When she
finally made contact. Melissa arched her back in response to
the new flood of sensation. Now she grabbed the other's
hands, the restraint adding to the thrill. Poor Melissa
finally went limp. Her big sisters mouth still locked in
place on tender flesh. An occasional shiver coursing through
her body.
It looked like Melissa was coming around. Kelly must
have been at it again."
Melissa came even harder this time. A long, drawn out
orgasm. 15.30.45 seconds before the helpless girl went limp
again with sensation overload.
Kelly turned and smiled at me, then pressed her palm
against the highly sensitized pussy. Now I knew she was
repeating my strategy from the night before.
I laughed as I heard Kelly say, "This one's gonna be an
easy one Lissa! A long slow building one! Not so hard as the
last one baby. So just let it come on and ride it out!"
Melissa's body was twitching, slowly increasing in
frequency till finally the girl reached the mountain and
lost herself in an expertly applied orgasm.
"Yeah! Lissa! You're there now! It's just as I said,
Not too intense that you can't ride it out. Oh yeah.. Just
let it flow. There you go. Now it's gonna fade away slowly.
See? Slowly fading.. Mmmm I just love making you come like
With a final animal grunt, the 14-year-old collapsed.
Dead to the world. Kelly rested her cheek against the sparse
mound of her sister's abused quim, letting her recover. Five
minutes went by before Melissa's over stimulated brain came
back online.
Kelly was lightly stroking the hair and labia of her
lover," Baby, trust me okay? I'm won't touch that poor
clitty of yours. This orgasm will be a lot different than
the others. Then you can rest."
"Wait! Kelly! This is too much."
"Oh no honey, You're gonna take this, it'll be okay.
I'm just gonna lift this leg so I can get better access."
"Wha.What are you gonna do?"
"You feel where my finger is Hun?"
"Uh Huh!"
"Okay we just gotta get this other leg up too, that's
it. Not too much for you is it?"
"No" came a meek reply.
"Okay, all I'm gonna do is."
Kelly mercilessly invaded the poor girls cavern with
her tongue. Melissa tried to arch her back, then bucked her
hips, to no avail. It looked like she was gonna have to ride
this last orgasm out also. Kelly's hold left her no choice,
30 seconds later her body gave out. Melissa's butt hit the
floor, arms following after.
Her tormentor crawled over to my resting-place, face
shiny and wet. Her dress was mostly unzipped, handing loose
and open.
"Did that little show remind you of something?"
"Oh yeah! Me and you last night!"
"Mmmm she came like a freight train!"
We both laughed. Kelly looked at my rock hard knob
peeking out of her frillies and giggled. Then she bent down
and gave the exposed two inches a single lick.
"So, how ya feelin hun?"
"Numb as hell and ready to fuck!"
"Mmmm that's my Larry!"
I reached for her and missed, she was too far away, or
I was too fucked up. Probably the latter.
She moved in, sitting on my lap. "You ARE fucked up
aren't you?"
I had to get that bra off her. Hell, I had to get all
her clothes off. I was hornier than hell.
"Who me?"
"Yes YOU!"
"Maybe you're right, but I can still fuck! C'mon Kelly!
I'm hurtin for you!"
"I have a plan. But you gotta co-operate with me okay?"
"Does it involve fucking?"
"Damn Hun, you really are loose aren't you?"
"Well, maybe a little. Take off them damn clothes! I
been lusting after you all night!"
"What about her?" She nods her head to indicate her
little sister Do you want to fuck her?"
"Damn girl! That's a dangerous question! I'm too shit-
faced to defend myself when you slap the shit outta me."
"What about if I tell you that you can fuck her?"
"Shit! I know a trap when I see one!"
"I'm serious Larry! You won't hurt her, she's only
technically a virgin."
"You really aren't bullshitting, are you Kelly."
"She's gotta want you to do it though. This is
important Larry!"
"I can guarantee you that Herkimer ain't goin nowhere
without permission! "
I motioned to my prick, still at attention and
listening to the conversation.
"Oh!" She grabbed my crank and squeezed. "Glad to
finally know your name Herkimer!"
"You can call him Herk, all his friends call him that."
"I can't let you come till Melissa comes around. You
gotta follow my lead okay?"
"Herkimer has to put on a good show for us."
"Shit, the way I feel, He can put on several good
"I just bet he can! You randy old goat! But he's gotta
wait okay? Kelly knows best!"
"Yes Ma'am."
"I'm gonna get us a blanket, You take those silly
panties off and move on over to her. Don't touch her! I
gotta wake her up my way!"
"Yes Ma'am"
Kelly got up and went to the bedroom returning with a
blanket. I was still about half way to my objective, panties still most of the way on. She covered up her sibling, then
pulled the panties off my ass. I got my legs tangled up and
fell on my side.
"Okay, Kelly will help get those frillies off you."
I had zeroed in on that sweet young pussy of Melissa's,
and resumed my crawl but was stopped by a hand on my balls.
"Hold on there Sweetie, When the game starts, you gotta
pretend to be asleep. When I nibble your ear, you can wake
up. Slowly! Got it?"
"You're the boss!"
I finally made the journey and carefully lay down next
to Melissa. Kelly brought some pillows for us and covered
all three of us with the blanket. I was in the middle.
Kelly started to run her hand over my chest while I
closed my eyes and concentrated on imitating the deep
breathing of a sleeping person. She was lying on her side,
naked. One leg on top of my lags, luscious breasts pressing
against my arm.
I felt Kelly reach across me to her sleeping sister. My
imagination told me that she was fondling her sister's
breasts. I heard a sigh, then a light moan from Melissa. The
girl must have thought Kelly was next to her because she
rolled over and put her arm across me, under the blanket. I
felt her stiffen in surprise and start to pull away.
"Shhh, he's asleep Honey. Just stay there."
"You heard me!"
"Put your arm back where you had it before, your leg
She quietly complied.
"Mmmm Honey, you don't realize it but this is some kind
of man!"
"If you say so!"
"I definitely say so!"
I felt Kelly's hand on my crank, squeezing.
"Gawd this meat of his is sooo hard!"
Kelly took her sister's unwilling hand and guided it
"Go ahead, feel it hun. He won't wake up!"
A second hand was feeling me, inexperienced and shy.
"How'd you like that licking I gave you a while ago?"
"OH! That was soooo Good!"
"You know, I got the exact same treatment last night.
From this wonderful man right here."
"NO! Really?"
I felt the blanket lift away, cool air on my body.
"Just look at that gorgeous hunk of cock!Okay Hun, now
squeeze it.No I mean really squeeze it!"
"See what I mean? What dildo or fake rubber toy do we
have that feels like this?"
"Nothing I've ever felt Kel."
"Damn straight girl! And here's another thought.
There's a pile-driving ass behind this here jewel. You might
not understand it but when one of these fills you up. Really
fills you up, then pushes hard against your clit! Okay,
anyway we have him to share for two whole weeks. Whether you
like it or not, you're gonna do everything I say, GOT IT?"
a pause."Okay."
"Does Kelly know best?"
"Yes, you know best."
"Don't worry honey, He's safe. You don't have to fuck
"Oh! Good!"
"But you can if you want to, okay?"
"Don't worry, I don't want that."
"See this sorta tube looking bump that runs up the
underside? Watch this!"
I felt a finger run up my underside, precum drooled
from the tip.
"Get some on your fingers and rub em together."
"Wow that's slippery!"
"Now imagine this stuff combined with our juices!"
"Oh! Yeah!"
"You just wait till I make this thing shoot its load!"
"Can I just watch?"
"Okay, we'll take this nice and slow. When he wakes up,
you be nice!"
"Yes, I'll try."
Hands were feeling and caressing my whole body. I felt
the ear nibble que to wake up.
"Did I fall asleep?"
"You sure did Hun, but you're in good hands now. We're
gonna make up for leaving you alone while Melissa and I were
"Shit, that was sexy as hell watching you two goin at
it! I never seen two women make love in real life before."
"You liked it huh?"
"Oh yeah! Just want to know one thing. Do you two look
alike? All over?"
"Oh! I see what you're getting at. Melissa?"
"Yes Kelly?"
Kelly just looked at her sister, knowing she knew what
I wanted to see. Eventually she got the message and pulled
her tee shirt off.
"Mmmm Honey you are some girl." I turned my head to
Kelly, reached out and gently fondled her breasts. You two
lovely ladies have exactly my favorite type of breasts. Not
too big, yet a really nice curve."
I looked to the younger girl, wanting to fondle those
beautiful melons. I knew better than to even try it.
"Why don't you feel Melissa's? Go ahead!"
I saw the look in her eyes and hesitated. "It's okay, I
don't want to go pushing myself off on a unwilling person."
I turned back to Kelly and continued with my enjoyment
of her tits. Kelly gave her sister a stern look, then
Melissa took my hand and placed it on her still developing
mammary. Surprised, I gave the girl a grateful smile and
tenderly caressed the gift she had given me.
"OH I can die right now and go to heaven! Here I am,
just a poor man. But I'm in the same room with two
beautiful, naked women and a perfect breast in each hand!
Now, if they would only complete the connection with a hand
on me, we'd have a complete circuit."
That little verbal clue was all it took to get the
girls to give me the working over I so desperately wanted. I
closed my eyes and felt one experienced set of hands roaming
my body, then another, not quite so willing but obedient,
set after.
"You can take me now Lord! My life is complete!"
Everyone laughed. Kelly began working on my aching cock
with earnest.
"Larry, You want it fast and hard or slow and
"Ladies, it wouldn't be right if I did the fast and
hard route! Sometimes that's good, but I just gotta make
this last. So you just drive me crazy trying to come. When
you finally allow me to reach that mountain, all I ask is
that you just keep a hold on me and let this old man see if
he can have a long stay at the top. My record orgasm is
about 1- minutes. Kelly, what you did last night when I
came was about perfect. Not many men know how to do that,
and that's the truth!"
"You're right about that Hun, I never saw a man cum so
"Melissa, you just keep his top half occupied while I
worship this big, thick hunk of cock. Get this man another
pillow under his head so he can see everything."
I concentrated on relaxing my body to prolong the
treatment these fine girls had started. Kelly knelt in-
between my legs after forcing them open as far as they would
go. I gasped in delight when she dove in and sucked each
ball in succession. Before she was through with my ball
area, the vixen had licked, sucked, squeezed and prodded me
from asshole to the base of my prick. She ordered her sister to squeeze my prick as hard as she could with both hands as
she teased and squeezed below.
Melissa was told to trade places with Kelly and hold my
legs open. She laid on top of me with her face to my prick
and pussy in my face. Once again, I wasn't allowed to lick
her at first. She took my entire prick down her throat in
one plunge then stayed there impaled for what seemed like
minutes. Not an easy feat with a cock like mine that refuses
to bend when erect. Ever so slowly she withdrew, only to
plunge again, making me shudder with pleasure. I was in awe
of her ability to deep throat like that. She is the only one
that has been able to do that to me. To top it all off the
girl had enough control to be able to keep me down her
throat, long moments at a time. Melissa had quite a job
keeping my legs open at Kelly's fast, hard start. Then she
became gentle with her movements.
Kelly sat up and turned to me with a wet cock-sucking
smile "That was just to get your attention Hun! I'm not
gonna let you come until you beg me."
"NEVER!" I jokingly replied.
"Oh, you'll beg all right. Melissa am I the mistress of
orgasm? Do I make you beg for release?"
"OH yes Kelly, You're sooo bad! That's one of the main
reasons I asked to be your property!"
The two sisters passionately embraced. Not a word was
spoken, as the dominant woman kissed and licked her sister,
pulling and coaxing her onto my cock. My hungry meat split her pussy lips wide. Kelly then went down and placed her
mouth around the head of my cock. With gentle but insistent
hands, she bade her sister to slowly slide her pussy back
and forth over my cock. Melissa was rewarded for her
obedience with licks to her clit as her pussy moved towards
the tip of my cock. Then Kelly would stop licking her there.
Melissa soon learned that she would only get about four
licks for every trip up and back.
As hard as I tried to relax and postpone it, my climax
was approaching fast. I signaled with moans and thrusts.
Melissa didn't know what her slickened little pussy was
doing to me, being too caught up in her own pleasure. Kelly
pushed the surprised girl off me in the nick of time.
"Hang on Larry, you can do it! Relax and it'll go away.
Yeah, good, Okay we caught it in the nick of time Larry. Lie
still for a minute and we'll start again. MELISSA! This is
for him, not you!"
After a while Kelly's anger subsided, she said "I'm
sorry for yelling at you Lissa, You don't know about men's
orgasm's. It snuck up on us while we were busy."
I started laughing as I sat up and stared at the hot 14-
year-old, legs splayed open from her fall off my crank.
"That hot little almost hairless pussy almost got me!
Damn, what a ride!" I managed to point at the offending twat
before I fell back to my pillow.
"It's got hair!"
"Oops! Wait a minute. There ain't a damn thing wrong
with it honey! Don't think I'm making fun of you! If your
sister were riding me like you just did, Id'a loved it for
sure. But her pussy hair would've roughed poor OLE Herkimer
up! You almost made me cum cause of that fine, slick pie you
"You mean you really like it?"
"Oh yeah honey, Id'a never let on about it. But I'm so
fucked up, I can't even hit your ass with both hands!"
At least my ramblings broke the tension between the
girls. Everyone got a good laugh. Kelly made me close my
eyes and they each sat on my crank one after the other to
see if I could really tell. I easily won the bet, extracting
a promise from Kelly to shave her pubes later on.
Now Melissa was more at ease with me. I told them my
balls were hurting from sperm buildup. Kelly gave me hell
saying only boys got "Blue balls" and reminded me that I
hadn't begged yet for my orgasm.
To make matters worse, Kelly climbed on me, then put my
dick inside her. She settled into place on my rod, then had
her sister lick her pussy until she came. Melissa's pussy was finally close enough for me to get a damn good look, but
I wasn't allowed to lick it. At least I had the
pleasure/torture of having it rubbed on my face. My nose got
the honor of being the protuberance that got to rub her
penis like clit.
Now I had degraded into full-fledged begging for my
long delayed orgasm. Kelly just grinned and lay against my
chest, nibbling and kissing. Her sister, under her own
initiative, sat between my legs caressing what was not
inserted or covered on each of us. My attempt at thrusting
into Kelly as she laid on me was stopped by threats of
booting my ass outside naked.
My reward for the promise extracted from me to be good
was a first time blowjob by Melissa. Kelly tutored and
taught by example. More erotic, delaying torture and a few
teeth scrapes, but well worth it. My hands roamed, kisses
and nibbles given out to whoever got close enough, trying to
entice the two sisters into relenting.
Finally, the pair gave in as the morning light filtered
through the curtains. Two mouths converged on me. They were
nose to nose, my poor abused meat in their open mouth
between them. They worked in unison. Each sister was moving
in time with the other. The most erotic sight I've ever
witnessed. But that was only the beginning. They swapped my
cock back and forth, and then one on my balls while the
other sucked my prick. breasts pressed to my mouth, my cock.
My climb up that mountain was hindered greatly by all the
false starts and close calls of the long night behind me.
They encouraged my efforts with dirty words and promises. I
begged them to pick up their tempo, but to no avail. Kelly
knew just what was the slowest speed their mouth and hands
could go to make me come. Any faster than that was not
allowed. She instructed her now eager sister on my body
language as I labored the steep incline to the top.
The peak was so very close when they gradually slowed
motion. Kelly took possession of my throbbing, drooling
cock. Melissa was squeezing my balls. I think I stayed in
that pre orgasmic state for maybe 2 minutes. Things were
getting fuzzy. My body bucking and shivering uncontrollably.
Excited voices and encouragement's filtered through my mind.
I remember something wet and warm hitting my cheek. I
screamed the final joy of release. My orgasm felt like it
went on forever as my loins emptied. Hands smeared the goo up and down my body as I erupted on and on. The world turned
gray. Then black. Somewhere from deep within, I knew the two
girls were now making feverish love to each other
I woke as the light of that day turned into evening to
animated conversation from the kitchen. The wonderful odor
of a home cooked meal wafted to my nose. The girls noticed
my feeble attempt to rise and snuggled their still naked
bodies next to me. Telling me to lie still.
Strong hot coffee helped bring me around. Then a sponge
bath to remove the white dried leavings of the adventure of
my life. We ate a wonderful dinner of hamburgers and French-
fries. I got up the strength and nerve to stand, them moved
to the bun-chilling surface of a kitchen chair.
Melissa whispered in my ear about wanting to feel just
what a "Pile driving ass" was gonna be like.
Three more weeks to go!

I have heard several requests to continue with this
I like to have something different in my stories than
just graphic sex, and I thought that continuing with this
story would be more of the same thing.
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