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Archived Sex Stories



The following story describes GRAPHIC SEXUAL situations that are INTENDED TO BE

A note to the reader. "Kimi's New Boyfriend" is a sequel to "Like Mother, Like
Daughter." If you have not done so, please read "Like Mother, Like Daughter"
first. To find this story and others, please use your web browser, and go to

Thank you. -Johnny


Part One

Thursday night. Jeff had just returned home from a business trip in Meadows. He
was sitting on a lawn chair in the backyard drinking a glass of ice tea while
enjoying the night air. It's great to be home, he thought. The trip went
smoothly, and all he wanted to do was relax. His wife, Annie, opened the sliding
door from the kitchen and walked outside towards Jeff. She pulled up a lawn
chair to the right of Jeff and sat beside him. As she made herself comfortable,
she pulled her bathrobe over her legs and brushed the gravel from her bare feet.

"You've been out here for some time," said Annie as she crossed her legs.

"I know," replied Jeff. "I'm just trying to clear my mind." He took a zip of
his tea. "By the way, where's Amanda?"

"She's at Kimi's. She's spending the night there," answered Annie.

"Gosh, I'll hardly have time to spend with her since you and Amanda are leaving
for your mother's tomorrow afternoon," cried Jeff.

"Hey, it's not my fault how your boss schedules your trips," remarked Annie. Jeff
let out a small laugh.

"I know. I'll just see her tomorrow before you two leave," said Jeff. Slowly,
Annie leaned towards Jeff and rested her right hand on his right knee. Her baby
blue eyes made contact with Jeff's, and in a soft tone, she spoke.

"Why don't you come in the bedroom? I have a surprise for you." Annie's words
flowed with a slight twinge of sultriness.

"Annie, I'm tired," said Jeff. "Not right now." Unexpectedly, Annie grabbed
Jeff's crown jewels between his legs catching him off guard. Startled, Jeff's
body stiffened for a second almost causing him to spill his drink.

"I'm not asking you," Annie said in a bitchy voice. "I'm telling you. Or do I
have to drag you by the balls?" Jeff felt his wife's vice like grip slowly
tightening on him little by little until...

"Alright, alright. I'll go. Just don't hurt me," begged Jeff. As long as he
has been married to her, Jeff always knew that Annie had ways of getting what she

"Good." Annie finally released her captive. "I would really be a shame if you
didn't, especially tonight."

"Why's that?" asked Jeff.

"Follow me, and you'll see," said Annie as she winked at her lover and scurried
back into the house. Her long silky black hair trailed behind her. What a wild
woman, Jeff thought. When Jeff entered the house, he pulled the sliding door
shut and locked it. Setting his glass by the kitchen sink, he noticed sounds
coming from their bedroom. Jeff wondered what Annie was up to. When he finally
reached the bedroom and swung the door open, Jeff found Annie's bathrobe on the
carpet along with several other female garments that didn't seem to belong to
her. To his surprise, it wasn't just Annie who was waiting for him in bed.

"Hi, Jeff," said Janice. "I haven't seen you in a while." The blonde bombshell
had a smile from ear to ear. Not only were there two women waiting for him in
bed, there were two naked women lying beside each other. Jeff saw for the first
time Janice's slender figure fully exposed. Janice's firm perky breasts stood
out in front of her, and she had a great pair of finest shaped legs Jeff had ever
seen. Jeff knew that Janice was the same age as his wife at 36, and both looked
as great as ever. Looking at the bed from Jeff's point of view, Janice was on
the left, and Annie was on the right with her naked voluptuous body and huge
melon sized breasts. It was obvious that Annie had been waiting for this since
her cherry sized nipples were erect and ready to be picked. This was the last
thing he would have expected from his wife. Actually, it was his wife and her
best friend. Jeff looked over at Annie.

"What is this?" asked Jeff.

"Well, honey," responded Annie, "I just thought maybe you would like a warm
welcome home back from your trip. So why don't you come here so we can 'welcome'
you?" Looking at both women, Jeff was speechless. "So what are you waiting
for?" teased Annie. "It's not everyday you find two gorgeous naked women waiting
to fuck you at the same time." Annie winked at Jeff.

"Then I guess I better take advantage of it," Jeff said. He walked towards the
bed while Annie stood up to greet him. They kissed passionately while leaving
enough room between them for Janice to make her move. Sitting on the edge of the
bed, Janice wasted no time grabbing the button and zipper on Jeff's pants. She
can already feel Jeff's love muscle wanting to break from its bonds as she pulled
both pants and briefs from around Jeff's waist.

"Annie," cried Janice, "there's more than enough here for you and me!" She
stared in awe at Jeff's finely developed manhood. Annie released her lips from
her husband.

"I know," remarked Annie in a sultry voice. "But don't forget that he's mine,
and I can have him whenever I want." Annie looked at Jeff, and the two smiled at
each other. "Let's take this off, too," said Annie as she pulled his shirt over
his head. The two continued to exchange tongues as Annie wrapped her arms around
him. Janice could not take her eyes off her new discovery. The warm fingers of
her right hand grasped the base of Jeff's hot penis. With her left hand, she
gently caressed his balls while her right hand slowly moved up and down the
length of Jeff's ramrod. Then, she licked her forefinger and rubbed her saliva
around the tip of his head. It was nice and shiny.

"Mmmmm," Jeff moaned as he jerked at the sensation while his lips were still
locked with Annie's. Now, Janice wrapped all five fingers tightly around the
base, and her left hand reached around to grab Jeff's ass. The inevitable
happened. Moving her head closer, Janice wrapped her fiery red lips firmly
around Jeff's penis. He felt the warm wetness engulfing him. Janice's head
bobbed back and forth while her hand followed the same motion. Jeff felt the
friction of Janice's tongue rubbing against the bottom side of his cock.
"Uugggh," moaned Jeff as he looked down at Janice. Annie thought the sight of
her husband's cock in her best friend's mouth was such a turn on. Jeff started
to move his hips in sync with the sucking tugging action of his wife's beautiful
best friend. Janice's tongue ran all over the length of Jeff's huge member, and
she was finally getting a taste of her best friend's husband. No pun intended.
Jeff simply stood there enjoying Janice's mouth attending to his swollen love

"That's it, Janice," bitched Annie. "You better get it while you can. You may
not get another chance at this." The sucking blonde rolled her eyes at her best
friend with that "well, fuck you too" look. But for now, Janice had Jeff where
she wanted him. While sucking him, Janice can taste the pre-cum slowly dripping
into her mouth. Janice sucked harder and faster while Jeff felt the pressure
increasing around his sexrod for several minutes. Then, Annie thought to herself
that Janice might go a bit too far if she wasn't careful.

"Ok, Janice," said Annie. "I think you've had enough for now. Let go of him so
I can have him." Janice looked up at Annie and reluctantly complied. Annie
started to sit down on the bed. "Come here, Jeff," said Annie while she held
both of his hands pulling him towards her. Janice sat up to move out of the way.
Annie laid in the middle of the bed. With both of her hands behind both knees,
she brought both legs towards her breasts. Her legs were parted and bent at the
knees. Annie's sweet glistening love tunnel was fully exposed just waiting for
the taking. After taking off his shoes, Jeff was on his knees at the foot of the
bed in front of Annie's pink hungry love tunnel. He placed both of his hands on
the back of Annie's thighs. The voluptuous vixen reached out and pulled Jeff's
love muscle inside her while Jeff pushed forward.

"Mmmmmm," moaned Annie. The tip of Jeff's penis disappeared within his lover as
her warmth grasped around him. He pushed more until the base of his cock met the
mound of black pussy hair above Annie's swollen clit. "Oh, yeah," Annie cooed.
She felt so filled up. Jeff slowly worked himself in and out of the already wet
black haired beauty. The heat between the two started to build. Janice was also
getting excited just watching her best friend about to get fucked by her husband.
Without taking her eyes off Jeff, Annie spoke. "Janice, come sit on my face."

"Alright." Janice did what she was told. She climbed back on the bed and
straddled herself above Annie's hungry lips while facing Jeff. Janice lowered
herself to find a visitor. "Mmmmmmm... I like it," cried Janice. Annie's tongue
immediately danced up and down Janice's sexness. It was such a tease. Janice
placed her hands on her breasts and pinched both nipples while Jeff increased the
pace of his pumping inside of his wife. Annie's breasts bounced back and forth
with every thrust. Janice leaned back against the wall behind her and played
with her breasts with her left hand while stroking her clit with her right. She
winked at Jeff and said, "Be sure you fuck me next." Jeff smiled at the blonde bombshell. This was a first for Annie to have her husband and her best friend in
the same bed together. She felt Jeff working on her at one end while giving
Janice a little bit of a treat. Annie's moans were muffled as the blonde beauty
rubbed her wet pussy lips against her face. For a while, her husband's pounding
felt good. But it soon got better.

Janice leaned forward and rested her arms on Jeff's shoulders. The two kissed.
Kissing another woman while being married was a new and erotic experience for
Jeff. Of course for Janice, she's been kissing different men and women for the
longest time. Jeff grabbed Janice's breasts from underneath and squeezed both of
them. They were nowhere near as big as Annie's, but they were nice nonetheless.
Then, Jeff pinched Janice's nipples and pulled them towards him. Janice liked
that. As she slightly pulled back, she placed her hands on his to squeeze her
breasts even tighter. Janice then grabbed both of Annie's ankles and pulled them
upward to straighten Annie's legs while resting them against Jeff's chest.

"Pull these apart for me, hun," said Janice. As Jeff grabbed his wife's ankles,
he pulled her legs away from each other. While Annie was still feasting on her
best friend, Janice leaned over to lie on top of Annie. Janice got a close and
personal view of some hard fucking right in front of her face. Watching Jeff
ramrodding the voluptuous beauty, Janice decided to give Annie an extra treat.
Not being able to see through Janice's sweet ass, Annie felt Janice's warm wet
tongue tickling her swollen clit.

"Oh, God.... Ohh... ooHhhoooo," moaned Annie. She just recently had affairs with
her daughter, her best friend, and her best friend's daughter in several orgies,
but never a real penis ramming inside of her while having her clitoris sucked and
licked. It was almost impossible for Annie to concentrate on eating her best
friend when all she wanted to do was scream. She tightly wrapped her arms around
Janice's waist and ass. Janice nibbled and sucked on the sweet bud while Jeff
fucked Annie. Several bursts of sexual energy ruptured between Annie's legs as
she came over and over again. "AaaahhGgg.. ahh ahhh AAAAHHhhAaaAAAhhH," Annie
screamed while her legs trembled with her red painted toenails pointing high in
the air. For a while Annie's pussy exploded over and over. She didn't want it
to stop, but she knew it had to because it would wear herself out before she
could finish what she had in store for Janice. "Stop it! Oh, stop!" cried
Annie. Feeling proud the ecstasy she helped bring upon her girlfriend, Janice
sat up.

"Was it too much for you?" asked Janice as she moved beside Annie.

"Oh, no," responded Annie. "I can take a lot more." She looked at Jeff and smile
as she pulled herself away from him leaving his penis hanging in the cold. "I
just need to get a little something."

"Oh, yeah? What's that?" asked Janice.

"You'll see." Annie moved off the bed. "For now, he's yours, but I'll be back,"
said Annie. Then, she whispered in Jeff's ear. "Give her no mercy." With that,
Jeff and Janice watched Annie and her round wide ass disappeared in to the
bathroom. The two turned to each other.

"Now, it's just you and me," Janice purred. The two kissed while on their knees.
Janice reached down and founded Jeff's rock hard cock. It was still wet from
Annie's insides. Janice rubbed the tip of it against her swollen clit while they
were still kissing. For the both of them, it felt nice. Janice was getting
wetter and wetter by the second anticipating the joys to come from her best
friend's lover. Then, Janice turned around and got on her hands and knees. Her
round full ass was exposed with her swollen pussy lips whispering to Jeff to take
her. Looking back at Jeff, she spoke.

"You know what to do big boy," said the blonde bombshell. She moved her ass
closer to the fucking stud. It's been years since Jeff's been in bed with
another woman. With the given situation, he hopes this isn't the last. Jeff was
just getting warmed up with Annie. Now, he's really ready. As soon as he
entered the open love gates of the blonde bombshell, Jeff was in and out of her

"AaaggHhha..... MmmMmmm....... mmMmmMmmmm..... Oh, Jeff... that fells so
good..... mmMMmmm..." Janice moaned and cried as she felt her insides being
filled up over and over again. She reached beneath her with her right hand to
finger her clit while she was being pounded. That felt even better. For several
minutes, Jeff worked on his wife's best friend. It was nice for a change to
experience the loving of another woman's cunt. The warmness was building fast
around his penis. Jeff was enjoying every second of it. For Janice, this was
what she has been waiting for. An opportunity to share in the pleasures of what
her best friend has been enjoying for over the past sixteen years. Now, she
reached underneath with both hand to pull her pussy lips further apart while
resting her head on a pillow. Jeff increased the intensity. He was in and out
like a piston.

"OH, YEAH... Ooh, GOD, YEAH..... OooH... OOoohh..... I WANT YOU... OH....... OH.
GOD!!!" Janice screamed louder and louder. Later, Janice brought both hands
around to spread her ass cheeks apart as Jeff continued to slam himself inside of
his new lover. "OH, FUCK IT FEELS SO GOOD..... OH, JEFF, FUCK ME MORE!!!" That's
exactly what Jeff did. Janice felt that Jeff was fucking her so hard that he was
about to break the bed, and Jeff felt like he was about to cum so hard it would
squirt out of Janice's ears. The two hardbodies continued to fuck over and over
and over until a known stranger finally returned to the room.

"Ok, guys. Make room for Annie." The voluptuous vixen stood before them with
both hands on her hips and her hair tied in a bun. When Janice looked up, she
noticed that Annie wasn't quite so naked this time. "Janice, I have a surprise
for you." And what Janice saw around Annie's waist and between her legs was an
everlasting, always hard, shiny black strap-on that matched Annie's beautiful
hair. Annie placed her right hand on Jeff's left shoulder. "I'm taking over,
hun," Annie told her husband. Jeff pulled himself out of Janice and moved off
the bed. "And I want you on top of me," Annie told the blonde sex machine.
Janice immediately moved out of the way as Annie laid in the middle of the bed.
Then, Janice moved on top. The two beauties kissed and fondled each other. Annie
reached down and held the base of the strap-on stable while Janice guided it to
her sex hole. Janice easily slid down on the love toy, and started to move up
and down on it.

"Oh, yeah, Annie...... ahhh... ahhhhh," Janice moaned. This girl cannot get
enough. Annie also moved her hips forward crashing inside of her girlfriend.
Jeff stood beside the bed stroking his own cock while watching the girls play.

"Ok, girl. You are going to get what's coming to you," said Annie. Then, she
looked at her husband. "Fuck her up the ass," Annie commanded him. Jeff obeyed.
He climbed back on the bed and straddled himself behind the ass of the blonde bitch while he rested his left hand on Janice's lower back for support. Holding
the base of his penis, he guided his love muscle until it found its destination.
He pushed.

"Oh, GOD. HE'S STICKING IT UP MY ASS!!!" screamed Janice. Janice's slippery
love juices coating Jeff's cock made it rather easy for him to penetrate her from
the rear. He felt Janice's back door tightness over take him.

"Uuhhgggg," grunted Jeff as he pushed deeper, and Janice felt herself being fill
up from behind.

"AaaHHhh!" Janice cried as she welcomed a large warmness behind her. Now, not
only did she have Annie ramming the artificial cock in her cunt, but she also had
Jeff's sex seeking missile plummeting her tight asshole. Janice loved anal sex,
but this one she wasn't sure she could handle. She was finding it harder and
harder to keep up with the double doing she was experiencing. Annie was already
doing a fine job invading Janice's sexness. On top of that was Jeff stretching
Janice to the limit as he slammed in and out of her back door harder and harder.
He held her tight around the waist with both hands so he can drive it in her fast
and deep.

"OH, MY GOD........ OH, GOD, FUCK ME..... FUCK ME..... AHHhhA... AAaAhH!!!"
Janice felt helpless as she was trapped between two pounding bodies. There was
no escape for the blonde bombshell. Janice was at their mercy and loving every
thrust of it. Annie enjoyed the view from below of her best friend crying in
pleasure as she and her husband pushed her to oblivion.

"Is it too much for you? Huh? Is it?" asked Annie while she fucked her hard and
fast from underneath.

"AHhhHAAaahh....... AAaHHhhAAH..... AAaahhHHhaaHH!!!" Janice can only respond
with screams. She felt as if her head could explode at any second. Janice's two
sexmates continued to feverishly pound her from above and beneath. It was just
too much. She lost count of the number of orgasms she had after several minutes
of double loving, but she didn't care. The more the merrier. Jeff had his share
of pleasures, too. Each time he pulled his love muscle out of Janice, it felt
like the flesh wrapped around him didn't want to let go. It felt so good. As
she watched her husband ramrod the blonde beauty, Annie sensed that Jeff was
about to explode. Annie knew her husband well.

"Jeff, are you gonna cum?" asked Annie.

"Uuhg... yeah..... Uhhggh," moaned Jeff. He had taken almost all he could.

"Don't cum in her ass!" yelled Annie. "Cum in my mouth!" After several more
thrusts, Jeff had enough. He quickly pulled out of Janice's asshole, and moved
to Annie's left to shove his pulsation penis in her face. Annie had a mouth
full. Her right hand reached over to hold the base of Jeff's glory rod as she
fucked it with her mouth. Janice wanted a piece of this, but her girlfriend
didn't seem to be sharing. Annie sucked for just a few seconds until......

"OH..... UHHGH...... UuUgGGHhhhhhhH!" Jeff yelled as his penis uncontrollable
erupted like a geyser. Annie felt the hot sex fluid hit the back of her throat
as she continued to milk Jeff for all he was worth. Running out of room in her
mouth, Annie was force to swallow some of Jeff's cum, but she didn't mind. An
overflow of cum oozed over Annie's lips.

"HEY!" screamed Janice. "Let me have some." Annie wasn't letting up. Janice
tried to get a little bit of Jeff's honey, but Annie pushed her away almost
forcing Janice off the bed. As Janice sat back up frustrated, Jeff finished
emptying his balls. Lips covered in cum, Annie turned around towards Janice.
"Dammit, you could have shared," cried Janice. "I thought we were," but before
Janice could finish her sentence, Annie pinned Janice to the bed. Her lips met
Janice's. As Annie forced Janice's mouth open with hers, Jeff's cum fell inside
the blonde's oral cavity on to her teeth and over her tongue. Annie and Janice
passionately embraced while sharing the sex fluid received from Annie's husband.
This was what Janice was waiting for, and she got what she wanted.

"Now, I understand why you got Amanda out of the house," said Jeff while
breathing heavily.

"Actually, it wasn't my idea," responded Annie as she turned to look at Jeff.
Then, Janice sat up with a look of great satisfaction and cum oozing from her

"It was mine," remarked Janice. She winked and the two beauties continued to

end of part one..............

Part Two

"So, do you like doing this?" asked Kimi.

"Yeah, it's fun. I wish I can do it more at home, but my dad doesn't knows about
this," answered Amanda. Amanda was at Kimi's house for a sleepover. The girls had the house all to themselves since Kimi's mother was visiting Amanda's mother for a sleepover as well.

Amanda was sitting on the couch of the den. The only thing she wore was a blue
sleeveless denim vest that was unbuttoned exposing her large round teenage
breasts. Amanda's long straight silky black hair hung on both sides of her
breasts giving emphasis to them. Her ass was on the edge of the couch with her
legs parted. Between her legs was her best friend Kimi. Amanda was enjoying the
touches of Kimi's massaging fingers inside her vagina.

"It's funny you should say that since my mom told me that your mom was pretty
wild when they were in college," Kimi said while sliding two of her fingers in
and out of the fifteen-year old teen. "I just figured your dad wouldn't have a
problem with it, but don't worry about it here. You can do whatever you want.
This place is ours," smiled Kimi. "My mom is over at yours, and there's no one
here but us."

"Cool," responded Amanda. Her heart raced as she was feeling the erotic
sensations Kimi was giving her.

"I would have invited Jason if his mother would let him come over," said the
blonde teenage sixteen-year old.

"Why not?" Amanda asked.

"His mother doesn't like us dating," responded Kimi.

"When... did you two started dating?" It was getting hard for Amanda to talk
with the sexual pressure building up inside of her.

"Just a few days ago." Kimi's left hand was rubbing up and down Amanda's thigh.

"And you didn't tell me?"

"Hey, it happened so fast."

"Mmmmmm..." Amanda bit her lower lip feeling Kimi penetrating her deeper. "I'll

"You need a boyfriend so you could fuck him."

"I wouldn't know what to do to a guy." Amanda was slowly moving her hips up and
down by flexing her buttocks.

"You know what to do to me," Kimi smiled.

"That's because... you're a girl. I've never been with a guy. You don't have a
penis." Amanda's head slowly tossed from one side to another.

"You've been fucked with a dildo." Kimi was now fucking Amanda with three

"Yeah, but isn't that... kind of different?" Amanda's breaths were becoming
quick and shallow.

"Yeah, but it's kinda the same, too," Kimi winked at her girlfriend. "You should
already know about some of those dildos."

"Oh, gawd...," moaned the black haired teen. She rested her head back to stare
at the ceiling.

"I can tell you really like doin' this."

"I love it!" cried Amanda still staring above.

"Are you gonna cum for me?"

"Yeah, I wanna cum!" begged Amanda.

"Okay." Kimi lowered her head until her expert teenage tongue was close enough
to attack Amanda's sweet swollen clit.

"AaahhHHHaa... AahhAHaa!!" screamed Amanda. Kimi's tongue and fingers
double-teamed Amanda's sexual fortress. She was going for the kill. "AAaaaHHH,
YES!!!" Amanda screamed more. Her pulsating pussy was taking the brunt of the
battle while she surrendered herself to every sexual blow laid on her. Kimi's
tongue flickered faster and faster as her three fingers went in deeper and
harder. Amanda looked down to see her beautiful blonde best friend finger
fucking and tongue slashing her. She grabbed both of her breasts to massage them
and pinched both nipples. Amanda's body felt like it was on fire. Her hips
started to move faster up and down on the couch. Then, Kimi pause just a moment
to pull her fingers out. As Amanda looked down, she notice and felt that in no
time Kimi was back in with all four finger ravaging her insides as fast and as
hard as before. Kimi was able to get is as deep as her second knuckle of her
middle finger. "OH, YEAH, KIMI, DO ME HARD... HARDER! OH, YEAH, OH, YEAH, oh...
OHHHH..." Even though she was wet, Amanda's pussy was tight around Kimi's
fucking fingers. And for a moment there was brief silence. Violently, Amanda's
back arched up, her ass cheeks tightened, and her pussy walls came crumbling down
as it fell prey to Kimi's onslaught. "Oh, GOD, OH, GOD, OH, GODDDDD!!!" cried
Amanda. Her breathing was fast while she came. Soon, her body relaxed.

"Did you like?" asked Kimi.

"...oh, yeah...," responded Amanda.

"Good because it's my turn. Just stay where you are." Kimi stood up to take
advantage of her captive. The succulent blonde teen wore nothing but a leather
friendship bracelet around her ankle. Amanda admired Kimi's slim cute body as
she waited for her next move. Kimi stood on the couch and straddled herself
above Amanda. She stared down at Amanda as Amanda looked up getting a great view
of Kimi's love gate from underneath. Amanda ran her hands up and down Kimi's
legs feeling the warmth of her flesh. "Okay, Mandy. Come to Mama," and the
blonde teen lowered her pussy to meet Amanda's young eager mouth. "Mmmmmm..."
Kimi immediately felt Amanda's tongue. "You're getting good at this. Ooh,
yeah..." moaned Kimi. Amanda parted Kimi's pussy with her fingers exposing more
of the pink fleshy fold. It looked as good as it tasted and smelled good, too.

Amanda always enjoyed being with her best friend. Ever since she was introduced
the world of sex, her relationship with Kimi will never the same. Amanda had
found a new way to express herself and to grow closer to a childhood friend she
will always cherish. She enjoyed taking her tongue to Kimi's twat and being
there for her every need.

As she parted Kimi's love gates with the fingers of her left hand, Amanda grabbed
Kimi's left ass cheek with her right hand. Her tongue did a dance of love that
sent Kimi into a frenzy.

"Oh, yeah, Mandy!!! Eat my pussy. Aughhha, yeh... yehhh," moaned Kimi. She
supported herself against the wall behind the couch with her left hand while she
helped Amanda part her love gate with the other. Eventually, Amanda needed no
help. Now with both hands and her head pressed against the wall and her knees
slightly bent, Kimi looked down to watch her captive serving her in giving her
sexual pleasures. "OooOOOoooOooo..." cooed the blonde teen. Kimi wasn't about to
set her prisoner free. Amanda was sucking while gentle gnawing on Kimi's sex
bud. She also had three fingers sliding in and out of her mistress. Kimi felt
the friction underneath. This could last forever she thought.

"You can go harder than that. I want you to really FUCK ME!" Kimi demanded.
Amanda shoved her fingers as deep as she could while jiggling them inside.
"AHhhhAAGGGhhhHH... aaAAhhAhhhh... AAHhhhaHHHahhHH... oh, MANDY!!!" the blonde screamed. Amanda looked up to see such a beautiful face of passion and ecstasy
written all over Kimi's face. "Don't stop! Eat my pussy some more," begged
Kimi. Amanda continued her love feast while Kimi played with her right breast.
Both girls were getting wetter and wetter by the second. Several minutes passed.
By now, Kimi was pushing her pussy hard against Amanda's mouth while Amanda was
struggling to keep up with her.

"Oh, God. I'm gonna come! I'm GONNA CUMMM!!!" yelled Kimi. That was Amanda's
cue. She stopped feasting on Kimi's sweet fruit. Amanda firmly took a hold of
Kimi's right thigh with her left arm to brace herself, and violently penetrated
four fingers as hard and as deep and as fast as she could over and over and over
into the oversexed blonde. Kimi screamed out of control as her captive
retaliated. Her pussy walls shuttered and her mind exploded as her orgasm took
over all reasoning. Kimi pinched and played with both nipples as she watched
Amanda impaling her over and over again. It was a sight to marvel while feeling
the ruptures of her womanhood.

Eventually, the orgasm subsided as so did Kimi's moans and screams. She slowly
lowered herself to sit on Amanda's lap. The black haired teen wrapped her arms
around the blonde teen's waist. Kimi rested her hands on Amanda's shoulders
while staring into her baby blue eyes as their foreheads touched. She was trying
to catch her breath when she spoke.

"I love you so much," said Kimi. Amanda saw the look of satisfaction in her
lover's eyes.

"I love you, too," Amanda said. The two teenage girls passionately exchanged
tongues and tightly embraced. Between kisses, Kimi spoke.

"But," said Kimi and then she kissed Amanda, "I'm not," she kissed her again,
"through," and again, "with you," and again, "yet."

"Oh, yeah?" said Amanda.

"You'll see." Kimi grabbed two handfuls of Amanda large breast and kissed each
cherry sized nipple taking the left one into her mouth and then the right one.
"You're getting better and better at this," complemented Kimi. "But you're not a
fucking bitch like me." The blonde teen bombshell enjoyed Amanda's sweet tasting
flesh. "Why don't you lie down?" asked Kimi.

"Sure," replied Amanda. Kimi moved off Amanda to stand up. She reached for the
strap-on resting on the coffee table. Amanda nested herself on the couch while
waiting eagerly for Kimi as she watched her fastened the sexual device around
her. With her head tilted to one side and her hands on her waist, Kimi stared
into Amanda's eyes looming over her.

"Maybe I should become one of those adult actresses, and you can be my partner,"
said Kimi.

"Why don't you try to convince me?" Amanda giggled.

"Okay, then," replied the sixteen-year old teen. The black haired beauty spread
her legs resting her left ankle on the back of the couch while her right foot was
on the floor. Amanda opened herself up with both hands pulling her lips apart
for the taking. Kimi guided the eight inch pink strap-on at the mouth of her
best friend's womanhood. She pushed.

"OoooOooohhh...," Amanda moaned. Kimi was holding the base of the strap-on while
she was moving in and out of Amanda. So far, all she can get was three to four
inches inside of Amanda, but that's okay. Kimi knew how to work with it.

"This pink dildo matches your pink pussy," said Kimi. Amanda laughed at her best
friend's statement. She laid there as relaxed as she could giving in to Kimi's
will. When Kimi thought the strap-on was stable enough, she braced herself on
the back of the couch with her right arm while pushing Amanda's right leg further
apart with her other hand. This only made entry a lot easier. By now, Kimi was
into Amanda about five to six inched, and Amanda loved it.

"Oh, God!" cried Amanda. She had both hands behind her head as she stared at her
lover. Her breasts bounced each time Kimi rammed the sex toy inside of her. Kimi
pumped faster and faster as Amanda's moans grew louder and louder. Briefly, the
blonde fucking machine stopped to lie on top of her sexmate, and she continued
fucking. "Oh, Kimi, Oh, Kimi, Oh, Kimi, Oh, Kimi, Oh, Kimi, Oh, Kimi," Amanda
moaned and moaned. The sex pounded teen cried again and again as she stared into
her lover's eyes with their breasts touching one another. For a while, the two
exchanged tongues while Kimi invaded Amanda's most inner privates. Amanda could
hardly take whatever of the strap-on that was inside of her. Later, Kimi broke
their passionate engagement and sat back on the couch.

"Now get on you hands and knees," commanded Kimi. Amanda did not argue. As Kimi
waited for Amanda to get in position, Amanda flipped herself over to rest her
arms over the armrest with her legs slightly parted. Kimi got a clear view of
Amanda's round teenage ass smiling at her. Without a second to lose, the sultry
blonde was back on her knees behind Amanda. Kimi was ready to resume the role of
the penetrator.

"Oh, Kimi," Amanda cried. She felt almost all of the strap-on filling her up
making her feel so complete stretching her insides. Kimi made sure the strap-on
was firmly inside of Amanda and jiggled it inside of her. "MmmmMMmmm...
ooHHhhoo... OooOHhhH... ooOOooohHHhoo..." The big-breasted teen savored the
vibrating sensation of her lover behind her. And then, Kimi started ramming her
toy in and out with every penetrating thrust. Just knowing that Amanda was
giving into the pleasure of their lovemaking gave Kimi a sense of pride and
purpose. This is what Kimi knew she could do best, and she wanted to give as
much as she can when she can. She started to fuck Amanda faster and faster.

"Is this what you want? Huh? You little bitch! Let's see if you can take
this," Kimi taunted. Her hips were slamming violently against her lover's ass.

"OH, GOD, KIMI!!! PLEASE DON'T STOP!!!" screamed Amanda. Kimi wasn't about to.
The blonde bitch grabbed hold of the tail end of Amanda's denim vest like saddle
straps with both hands and rode her into town.

"OOOOooOOHHH... AAAHHHHgggGGGGAAAA!!!" Amanda didn't know how much she could
take. She was rather new to sex, and loved it. But if she wanted to be as good
as Kimi, she had a lot of catching up to do, and she wanted to because it felt so

Kimi liked being the dominant one. It only encouraged Kimi to keep fucking her
partner more and more when she was in control. And she stayed in control giving
Amanda pleasure after pleasure. Amanda accepted every loving thrust given to her
by her girlfriend, and she was about to accept more. Kimi looked down and took
special notice of Amanda's anus. It looks so nice and sweet she thought. Let's
give her an added treat. Kimi's right hand released the denim vest in search of
a new destination. With her hand resting on top of Amanda ass, Kimi's thumb
found its way to Amanda's asshole. She firmly placed the tip of her thumb over
the entry and rubbed it in a circular motion. The added sensation brought Amanda
a "hole" new experience. Amanda turned her head around to see Kimi smiling at her
from ear to ear, and Kimi noticed the glassy stare of ecstasy on Amanda's face.
She was so proud of herself and of Amanda.

Amanda could cum at any second now. She turned her head back around and closed
her eyes to let go of all reasoning. It soon happened.

"AAAAAHHHHHH... AAHHHH AHHHAAH... AHHHHHHHHHH," Amanda screamed. Her sex organs
quivered with every release of sexual energy. Kimi firmly kept the strap-on deep
inside of her pushing as far in as she can. For a short moment, Amanda's body
stiffened, and later, she collapsed. The black haired beauty's body went limp,
and she was breathing heavily. Kimi slowly pulled the sex toy out and leaned
back on the opposite armrest.

"Hmmmmm... You look so good when you're fucked," complemented Kimi.

"...yeah," Amanda barely got the word out as she turned around to lay on her
back. Her hair was all over her face stuck by the perspiration from their sexual
engagement. As she lay down, her legs were spread wide apart exposing her shiny
fucked up soaked pussy. Kimi stared at it and thought what a job well done.
Then, Amanda spoke. "Do it again," she begged.

"Hey, I have to get a turn," said Kimi as she got up to remove the strap-on.

"I guess so," replied Amanda reluctantly. "I guess I need to practice anyway.
Just let me get my breath." Kimi handed the strap-on to Amanda, and she accepted

"Whenever you're ready, sweetie," said the blonde bombshell. The night continued
in a lust of teenage lesbian love.

end of part two..............

Part Three

It's been a slow Friday for Grayson and Price. Janice and her assistance Beverly
were straighten up the office until an unexpected visitor paid them a visit.
Janice's phone rang. She walked over to push a button.

"Janice speaking," said Janice. It was Emily, Janice's secretary, on the other

"Janice, someone is here to see you," said Emily.

"Well send them in," Janice said. Emily showed the visitor into Janice's office.
The visitor was dressed rather conservatively. Janice turned to face the
newcomer with a warm smile.

"Hello there. Come on in. Hi, I'm Janice Price, and this is my assistant,
Beverly Keller," said Janice as she extent a hand out in fellowship. Beverly did
the same.

"I'm Gwendolyn McBee," said the woman.

"It's nice to meet you. Your name sounds so familiar. Have we met?" asked

"No, but you may have met my son, Jason," Gwendolyn spoke firmly. Her mannerisms
were rather stiff and cold. Janice had to think for a moment.

"Oh, yes. I know Jason. Actually, I haven't met him, but my daughter has told
me so much about him. It sounds like you have a very nice son, and I can't wait
to meet him. Well, isn't this terrific. It's nice of you to come see us. So is
there anything can we do for you?"

"Actually there is," said Gwendolyn. "Please see to it that you daughter stays
away from my son."

"I don't understand," questioned Janice.

"I'm sorry this has to happen at such an awkward time especially in front of your

"Anything you can say in front of me you can say in front of her," declare

"Maybe I should leave," said Beverly.

"You're fine where you are," said Janice. "And why can't my daughter see your
son?" Janice asked Gwendolyn.

"You know the reason why," said Gwendolyn. "It's her sexual behavior that I do
not approve of." Janice was taken back. She paused for a second to recompose
herself. "We don't need to discuss this further. Just keep you daughter away
from Jason."

"Now, hold on. Let's talk about this."

"There is nothing more I have to say. I've made myself very clear."

"Here." Janice handed Gwendolyn a business card. "Give me a call some time this
afternoon, and we can discuss this later. May I have your phone number?"

"If you really want it you can get it from your daughter. Good bye," and
Gwendolyn showed herself out the door without taking the business card.

"Well," remarked Janice. Rather pissed, she crossed her arms. Beverly spoke.

"Sorry. At least something happened today."


Annie and Amanda were on their way to Annie's parents for the weekend from the
moment Annie picked up Amanda from school. It was almost a two-hour drive to the
farm where Annie grew up. This gave mother and daughter some time to talk.

"Remember, Amanda. Not a word about any of this to your father. At lease not
yet," instructed Annie. She had to hide the facts of her recent sexual affairs
from her husband fearing of his disapproval.

"Ok, Mom," obeyed Amanda.

"I really wouldn't know how your dad would feel about it. I may have to figure
out a way to tell him if he does find out," said Annie. "Maybe it won't be so
bad after Miss. Price and I slept with him."

"It's just between you and me and Kimi and Miss. Price. Right?" said Amanda.

"Very good," nodded Annie. She raised a smart girl. Maybe hiding it from Jeff
wasn't going to be so hard after all. For several seconds there was silence.
Then, Amanda spoke up.

"Mom," spoke Amanda, "did you and Grandma ever fucked each other?" Astonished and
wide-eyed, Annie's mouth dropped as she turned to look at Amanda.

"Young lady, what kind of question is that suppose to be?" remarked Annie. "That
is so rude. You shouldn't be asking questions like that. If I weren't driving
right now, I'd slap you." Annie scolded her daughter for her behavior.

"I'm sorry, Mom," apologized Amanda. Hearing her mother's anger made her feel
three feet small.

"Well, you should be." Then, there was silence for a few more seconds. Amanda
spoke up again.

"Well, can I ask you something else?" asked Amanda.

"What is it Amanda?" Annie sternly responded.

"Did you and Grandma ever have sex together?" This time Amanda chose her words
carefully, but still fearful of her mother's response. Annie let out a big sigh.

"Amanda. Now, what makes you think I would have sex with my mother?"

"I just thought that maybe... since we... you know... oh, never mind, Mom. I'll
shut up." This was probably going to be one of Amanda's worst Friday's. She
felt she had said a little too much. And in Annie's mind, it finally clicked.
She looked over at her daughter and cracked a smiled of apology and
understanding. This eased the pressure on Amanda, and she gently smiled back as
her mother. Their smiles turned to laughter as they enjoyed the rest of their
trip to the farm.


The two females finally arrived at their destination. Annie and Amanda finished
unpacking the car and walked up the steps to the front door. Annie noticed a
note taped to the door.

"Here's a note," said Annie.

"What does it say?" asked Amanda. Annie fumbled with her bags as she tried to
read it.

"It says, 'Annie, We've stepped out for a while to pay a visit to a friend who
just got out of the hospital. We'll be back in a couple of hours. Love, mom and
Dad.'" Annie was a little miffed. "So how are we supposed to get in the house?"
asked Annie. Amanda just shrugged her shoulders. And it just dawned upon Annie.
"I know. Stay here, Honey." Annie placed her bags on the front steps and walked
towards the mailbox at the end of the walkway. Amanda watched. Annie kneeled
down and dug her fingers beneath the soil around the base of the mailbox post. As
expected, she found the house key. "Got it!" she yelled to her daughter. And the
two girls let themselves in.

After they finished unpacking their bags, Annie laid in the middle of her stained
wooden frame childhood bed to relax after the long drive. Amanda looked out the

"You wanna go for a walk?" asked Amanda.

"Let me rest for a few minutes from driving," replied her mother. Annie
stretched herself out and let out a yawn. Then, Amanda plopped down to the left
of her. "Not too hard," cried Annie. "You might bust a spring."

"So did you, or didn't you?" Amanda tried continuing the conversation she
started in the car. Her mother never gave her a straight answer.

"What?" Annie asked.

"You and Grandma," said Amanda. Annie turned on her side to face her daughter.

"You're still on that, aren't you? Well, we didn't. Satisfied?" Annie rolled
over on her back.

"Ok. I was just asking."

"Now you know so don't ask me again," Annie chuckled. She squeezed her
daughter's thigh with her left hand to reassure that she wasn't offended by
Amanda's question. Then, Amanda took her mother's hand in hers and rubbed it up
and down her thigh.

"If you don't mind," said Amanda. The fifteen-year old girl was horny throughout
the whole trip. Evidently, all she could think about was sex, and her mother's
warm hand felt good through her jeans. Annie turned on her left side and
supported her head with her left hand. Now, she was using her right hand to
continue her sensual massaging. Annie would slowly creep up her daughter's thigh
and quick grab Amanda's crotch resulting in a high pitch yelp from her daughter.
But that yelp was cut short when Annie's lips met Amanda's in a wet exchange of

"Mmmmm...," moaned the teen. Her mother's warm lips and massaging hand made her
head spin. Annie continued to play with her daughter's twat. She then undid the
zipper and the button to get in better touch with her daughter. Now, she was
massaging Amanda through her panties and felt the wetness soaking through the
thin fabric between her legs. Amanda parted her legs, and Annie slid her right
leg on top of Amanda's right leg. The black haired teen was getting wetter and
wetter as her mom kept up her loving rubs. Her breathing became deep and long.

With mother and daughter still kissing, Annie moved her hand to grab Amanda's
left breast. It felt nice and soft. Amanda broke off their oral engagement to
let out a sigh while staring at the ceiling. She looked back at her mother, and
the two kissed some more. Amanda decided to return the favor by touching her
mother's right breast with her left hand. Annie welcomed it.

"Wish we had some of Miss Price's toys right now," said Amanda. The two kissed a
little more.

"We don't need them, but I have an idea. I'll be right back." Annie got up from
the bed and left the room. Fine time to stop the horny teen thought. But in no
time, her mother returned.

"Ok, Amanda. Take your pick," said Annie. In one hand, Annie was holding a
carrot and a cucumber and in the other a squash."

"Are we going to use those?" asked Amanda.

"Why not?" Annie responded.

"Gosh, Mom. Sometimes I think you're worst that Kimi," said Amanda.

"Honey, I've got Kimi beat hands down," declared Annie. She tossed the
vegetables on the bed. "What are you waiting for? Take off you clothes if you
want some." Annie smiled, and Amanda did not argue. Off came Annie's green seed
knitted sweater, sandals, blue jeans, and her black panties. Only her black bra
remained on in which her huge boobies were almost spilling out of them.

By now, Amanda was laying in the middle of the bed fully naked waiting for her
mother. Annie picked up the vegetables as she climbed back on the bed.
Automatically, the black haired teen spread her legs, and that's where Annie sat.
"I think you'll like this," cooed mother as she winked at her daughter. Annie
picked up the carrot and gently rubbed the round thicker end against Amanda's
pussy lips while massaging her swollen clit with her left thumb.

"It feels good, bit it's kind of cold," said Amanda.

"Don't worry, hun. I'll make sure it warms up," Annie reassured her daughter.
After several rubs, Annie spoke again. "Are you wet enough?" asked Annie. Amanda
eagerly nodded. Without saying a word, Annie gently slid the carrot inside

"Hhhaaaaaa... oh, God," Amanda cried. She knew vegetables were good for you, but
not like this. What a new erotic experience she thought. Amanda will never look
at food the same way again. Annie steadily moved the carrot in and out of her
daughter. She knew her daughter was enjoying it with the look of "WOW" all over
her face. And then, Annie moved closer to get a taste of her daughter's sweet
sex bud. Mmmmmm... It was as sweet as ever. The fifteen-year old teen enjoyed
her mother's wet licks and the hard fucking vegetable at the same time. Annie
pumped the carrot faster and faster in and out of her one and only daughter.

"Oh, Mommy, it feels so good," Amanda moaned. Her young teenaged hips moved up
and down on the bed feeling her mother's fist pressing against her love tunnel
each time the carrot went in deep. While still fucking her daughter, the
thirty-six year old mother moved up to get a mouthful of Amanda hard erect
nipple. She was almost on top of the teen. Annie's tongue swirled around the
right brown bud as she sucked what she can into her mouth. It felt so good to
Amanda. Amanda screamed and moaned louder. She played with her own clit to
increase the sexual intensity for the next several minutes. Soon, the pressure
between her legs became unbearable as she was nearing that special point. "MOMMY,
I'M CUMMING!!! I'M CUMMINNNNNGGG!!!" And came she did. The black haired teen's
orgasm almost cooked the fucking vegetable and her hips continued to make carrot
stew out of the carrot. Finally, the climatic experience died down, and Annie
pulled the vegetable out.

"Mmmmmm...," Annie said while looking at the pussy juice coated carrot. With a
crunch, she took a bite. "A gourmet meal." The two girls laughed. "Here." Annie
handed the carrot for her daughter to try. Amanda took a bite and got a taste of
herself. "Actually, it's kind of nasty with the skin still on, but that's ok."
Annie rolled off her daughter to grab another vegetable, but she noticed Amanda
sitting up to hold her crotch seemingly in pain. "Are you ok?" Annie asked her
little girl. "I didn't hurt you did I?"

"It's not you, Mom," replied Amanda. "I'm just a little sore from last night.
Kimi was pretty wild."

"What time did you girls go to bed?" asked Annie.

"Past one," said Amanda. "But I'm okay."

"I sure hope so. Are you still up to this?"

"Sure, I'm fine." And then, Amanda noticed the cucumber in her mother's hand.
"That's kind of big," she marveled.

"Don't worry about it," said Annie as she scooted herself against the headboard.
"It's for me." Annie kissed the cucumber. Amanda was amazed. She's seen her
mother take in large dildos, but the cucumber seemed a bit thick. "I just want
you to watch your mother. Could you do that?" asked the big-breasted woman.
Amanda quickly nodded her head in anticipation. Annie sat on the bed, with her
back against the headboard, and her legs apart exposing her wet love gates with
her trimmed pubic mound above it. She winked at her daughter. Amanda laid on
her stomach, knees bent, ankles crossed, and feet in the air. Her head was
resting in her hands propped by her elbows giving her a close and personal view
of her mother's womanhood. Already, the musk permeating from Annie's wetness
penetrated Amanda's nostrils.

Annie slid the cucumber up and down her vagina making it wetter and wetter than
it was before. Her love juices coated the vegetable with every stroke she made.
Amanda thought is her mother really going to fuck that thing? And eventually, it
happened. After Annie got herself nice and wet enough, she pointed one end of
the cucumber against her pride and joy. She pushed. "Oooohhh," she moaned.
"OooOOOOOhhHHh," she moaned again. Every time she pushed the cucumber inside her
it went deeper and deeper little by little. Annie's pussy was wrapped tightly
around the green vegetable. As Amanda continued to watch, she saw her mother twisting the cucumber every time it went in for the plunge. After several more
thrusts, Annie had the cucumber deep enough where her hand was touching her
crotch every time she fucked herself.

"AahhaaahhGGgg... aaAAAhhAHh...," Annie moaned. It was just wild for Amanda so
see her own mother fuck herself with a vegetable. She loved the sight of her
mother's pussy being stretch and plummeted at her own will. Someday, Amanda was
going to fill her mother's shoe. Actually, it's more like Amanda was going to
learn to fill herself up like her mother if not better. Fortunately, she had
friends and family to teach her. For a while, Annie continued making wild love
to the cucumber.

"See," Annie said. "I always said... vegetables... are good... for you," Annie
informed her daughter. Amanda thought that her mother's voice sounded so
beautiful in ecstasy. The oversexed mother needed a change of pace now. She
pulled the shiny sex coated cucumber from her fuck hole and laid it beside her.
Annie's sex gate was stretched wide open from the pleasure pounding she gave
herself. Soon, it slowly returned to it normal size.

"Amanda, hun, get the squash," Annie told her daughter. Amanda wasted no time
doing so and already knew what to do with it. It was not a problem penetrating
her own mother since the cucumber already primed Annie. Amanda firmly held the
bottom end of the squash while she inserted the other end into her own sex driven
mother. The yellow vegetable was slamming Annie. "Oh, GOD, AmanDA!!! Oh,
yeAH!!! OH, YEAH!!! DO it HARDER!!! AaaAuuugggHh... AaaAAaHhhGgga... YEHHH!!!
YOU DOING ME GOOD!!!" The long black haired mom was going berserk. With both
hands, Annie was tightly holding the top of the headboard behind her while
throwing her hips in and out to "meat" with the squash. Her head jerked back
with every thrust laid on her. Being a vegetable had never been this good. The
antiquated bed creaked loudly each time it rocked back and fourth.

"Not so hard, Mom! You might bust a spring," said the sarcastic teen.

"Just shut up, and FUCK YOUR MOTHER!" demanded the voluptuous woman. Not a
problem the voluptuous daughter thought. This was one order Amanda was not going
to disobey. Annie was a woman who could take a lot. Most of the squash buried
itself inside of her leaving the widest end crushing itself against Annie's
swollen pussy lips. Amanda continued to fuck and fuck and fuck her wild mother over and over. Annie's pussy quivered at her daughter's mercy, or lack there of.
This gorgeous black haired fifteen-year old teen was learning more and more about
sex. Annie's moans and cries filled the room as her orgasmic sex gates
contracted causing her whole body to shutter in delight several times already,
but it didn't stop. mother and daughter were having too much of a good time to
realized what was about to come. And during their frantic fucking frenzy, a loud
"SNAP" filled the air. Both legs at the foot of the bed broke causing the bed to
slant forward startling both girls as they screamed. Abruptly ending their
sexplay, Annie and Amanda finally realized what had just happened.

"Oh, shit!" said Amanda. "Look what we've done."

"How am I going to explain this to your grandfather?" asked Annie. "And watch
your language." She pulled the squash out of her while brushing her hair back.
Then, she surveyed the damage around her.

"Tell him the truth?" replied Amanda reluctantly.

"NO!" exclaimed Annie. "Not a word of it. Let's get up to take a better look at
this." And Annie and Amanda stood up from the broken bed. Then, Annie appeared
to bend over in pain as she cupped her crotch now that the adrenaline finally
stopped pumping.

"Mom, are you ok?" asked Amanda. "I wasn't too hard was I?"

"Just a little sore," responded Annie. "I'll be fine." Annie straightened
herself up. "Take the vegetables back in the kitchen and wash them. Throw the
carrot away," she told Amanda. Her daughter did what she was told. Upon closer
inspection, the bed was definitely broken, and Annie had to come up with a story to tell her father of what had happened. Her father knew that Annie knew better
than to jump on the bed, and she's a grown woman now with enough sense. She
thought for a second. Amanda finally returned.

"Well?" asked Amanda.

"Just get your clothes on. I'll come up with something." Annie and Amanda
finished dressing and unpacking. The two girls went for a walk in Annie's
parent's orchard. When Annie's parents returned, Annie told her dad that Amanda
broke the bed by diving onto it shortly after they had arrived.

"But, Mom?" cried Annie.

"You be quiet young lady. I told you to not land too hard on the bed, or you
might bust a spring. Instead, the whole bed came crashing down," said Annie. Of
course this caught Amanda by surprise. Her mouth was hanging on the floor. After
she composed herself, Amanda whispered in her mother's ear.

"I'm going to get you for that, Mom." Amanda walked off, and Annie sinisterly
smiled behind her back.

Since grandfathers always loved their granddaughters, the broken bed didn't
bother Annie's father too much. He'd do anything for Amanda. He's just proud
that his granddaughter was very active. If he only knew. That evening, the four
of them had a home cooked supper consisting of baked chicken, mashed potatoes,
and a vegetable casserole consisting of cucumber, squash, carrots...

end of part three..............

Part Four

Later that afternoon, Janice contacted Gwendolyn and convinced her over the phone
to have supper with her at El Rancho Steakhouse that same night. Janice told
Gwendolyn that she promised to not allow Kimi to date Jason if they didn't come
to some kind of agreement about their relationship. Gwendolyn thought that was
fair so off to dinner they went. Surprisingly, Gwendolyn found that the two
women had a lot in common. Both were from the same sorority, grew up in the same
part of Illinois, and watched the same kinds of movies while growing up. Before
the night was over, the two women were laughing and carrying on as if they had
known each other for years, and Janice was starting to refer to her new friend as
"Gwen." The two mothers have agreed to meet with their children. With the four
of them, they were planning to discuss what they expected from one another in
their children's relationship. Janice picked up the bill, and the two women were
walking towards their cars.

"Promise me we'll do this again," said Janice. "And you have to meet my friend

"Just give me a call, and we'll plan something," suggested Gwen.

"I'll do that, but before you leave please walk with me to my car. I have
something for you," said Janice as she led the way. Gwen wondered what Janice
was talking about. When they finally reached Janice's car, Janice unlocked the
door and reached inside to pull out a box the size of a shoebox wrapped in red and white shiny gift-wrapping paper.

"Here," Janice said as she handed the gift to Gwen. "This is for you." Gwen was
quite flattered as she was caught by surprised."

"Oh, Janice," replied Gwen, "you really didn't have to."

"It's nothing. I just thought I'd give you something that would allow me to
share a part of me with a new friend."

"This is so sweet," commented Gwen. "But please let me know when you pull
something like this so I'm better prepared."

"Don't worry about it." Janice looked at Gwen with a warm smile. "Just don't
forget to call me."

"I won't. It was fun. You have a good night."

"You, too. Buh-bye." Janice winked as Gwen, and the two women went their
separated ways.


It was a ten-minute drive from the restaurant to Gwen's home. Home at last she
thought. As she pulled up the driveway, she noticed it was a few minutes past
ten o'clock, and she was tired. Gwen finally reached the front door and unlocked
it to find her thirteen-year old daughter watching television.

"Shouldn't you be in bed?" asked Gwen.

"Why? It's a Friday night," replied Ellen.

"You have to be up early for Stuart's booth tomorrow, remember?" Gwen reminded
her daughter. Ellen was scheduled to work in one of the activity booths to help
raise money for the junior high school band from the school where she attended.

"Yeah, but it's not that important," said Ellen.

"Maybe not to you, but it's important to other people. Besides, you promised me
you would help if I let you go to the concert last week."

"I know, but this won't be over until eleven o'clock," Ellen pointed at the
television. "I'll go to bed then."

"Okay, but no later than that."

"Alright, Mom."

"Where's your brother?"

"He's in bed already."

"And on a Friday night. How do you like that?" There was a suggestive tone in
Gwen's voice. Ellen responded by sticking her tongue out at her mother. "Well, I
just had a nice talk with Kimi's mother. If your brother's not asleep, I'm going
to talk to him." Gwen started for her son's bedroom.

"Mom, wait a minute," said Ellen. "I think he's asleep." She appeared to be a
little nervous.

"I'll check on him anyway," and off Gwen went. As Gwen approached Jason's
bedroom door, she leaned against it and knocked lightly.

"Jason, are you awake?" Gwen called through the door. "It's your mother." She
tried to turn the doorknob, but it was locked. Gwen found it quite odd. Maybe
she should just wait until morning to talk to her son. Just as she was about to
leave, the door came open.

"Hi, Mom," said Jason. He cracked his bedroom door just enough to poke his head
through while only wearing a pair of boxers. His brown hair was out of place,
and he looked very tired. Jason stood there waiting on what his mother had to

"I was going to let you know that Miss. Price and I had a good talk. We're going
to get together sometime and talk over things. But I'll let you get to bed. I
just thought you would like to know," said Gwen.

"Thanks, Mom." Jason didn't seem very talkative. "I'm sorry. I'm tired."

"I know," replied Gwen. "I should have just let you sleep and spoke to you
tomorrow. Well, I'm going to take a shower. Have a good night"

"Good night, Mom," and Jason as he quietly closed the door. Then, Jason walked
to his closet and opened the door. "The coast is clear," he said. There stood
Kimi naked from head to toe. The only things she wore were metallic blue nail
polish on her fingers and toes, and she had makeup on. Kimi breathed a sigh of

"Thank, God," Kimi whispered. "I was getting the shit scared out of me." And
before he knew it, Kimi leaped from the closet, wrapped her arms around Jason's
neck, wrapped her legs around his waist, and started to giggle. Jason staggered
back a few steps holding Kimi's ass.

"Not so loud," said Jason.

"Sorry," Kimi whispered in her boyfriend's ear as she held him tightly. Then she
pulled back to look into his eyes. Kimi spoke. "Fuck me."


Gwen walked into her bedroom and quietly closed the door. Surprisingly, no one
noticed the gift Janice gave to Gwen. Maybe they had their minds on other
things. Gwen kept the lights turned off to not disturb her husband who was sound
asleep. The only light source was the streetlights that shone through the
bedroom windows. Gwen placed her gift on the dresser, and in the dark, she
started to undress. Off came her shoes, her blouse, her pants, her bra, and then
her panties. Sitting on a chair near the window, Gwen started to quietly open
the present Janice gave her. It was a shoebox. Did Janice buy her some shoes?
Gwen opened the box to find another box nested in several layers of tissue paper.
As she pulled the box out, she found to her surprise that it was labeled "Dynamic
Duo - 2 Vibrator Set" with a clear plastic window on the front displaying the
objects inside. She could barely make it out in the dimly lit room. One was an
eight inch gold vibrator while the other was a little shorter. It was a plastic
translucent pink vibrator molded in the shape of a penis. The nerve of that
woman to give her something so vulgar infuriated Gwen. She also noticed that
there was a note in the box. It read, "Hi. Here's a little something I would
like for you to have. I hope you will find this useful. And don't forget to
look for the batteries in the box. Love, Janice." And sure enough, there were a
set of batteries in the shoebox. Gwen saw no need for this especially since she
was married. It was late tonight, and Gwen was going to call Janice at first
opportunity to give Janice a piece of her mind. She threw the items back in the
shoebox and placed it on the floor. She heard a voice.

"Hi, stranger. What ya got there?" asked the voice. Not expecting to hear
anyone, Gwen was startled.

"Roy," said Gwen, "don't scare me like that. I thought you were asleep."

"Nope," replied her husband.

"Why didn't you say anything when I walked in?"

"I didn't feel like it. So what's that?" he pointed at the shoebox.

"Nothing," Gwen said as she stood up to pick up the box. Roy was just in arm's
length and grabbed the box from his wife. "Give that back," Gwen cried. She
struggled to retain the gift, but failed to. Then, Roy sat up to open the box.
His wife just stood there naked with her arms crossed waiting for his reaction.
Roy examined the contents in the box. To make sure his eyes weren't playing
tricks on him, he reached towards the nightstand beside him to turn on the lamp
on. And to his discovery, his eyes weren't playing tricks on him. Roy looked up
at Gwen.

"Gweny?" asked Roy.

"I didn't ask for it," replied Gwen. "It was a gift."

"I'll say. Was this from tonight?"

"Yes, and it's going back with a peace of my mind."

"At lease keep the box. This babe's kind of cute," Roy jokingly said while
pointing to the lingerie-wearing woman on the packaging.

"Shut up," said Gwen as she snatched the items from her husband and tossed them
on the chair. "Don't touch that box. I'll be in the shower." Gwen then removed
her jewelry, wore her bathrobe, and started for the bathroom.


Back in Jason's bedroom, Jason was mounting the young sixteen-year old teen in
his bed. Kimi gave him easy access to her wet fountain of love. She was on her
back with her lover clamped between her thighs. Kimi wanted no escape for her
boyfriend, and her boyfriend has no intentions to. The two kids had to be
careful to not make a lot of noise during their love play. The bed bounced each
time Jason forced his teen sex member as deep as he could into the eager blonde female. He felt the friction of Kimi's warm pussy walls grabbing and tugging at
him. The teenage sex queen was crying out small whimpers each time she felt
Jason's hot cock moving in and out of her. If felt so good each time he filled
her up.

"You have a sweet pussy," said Jason as he continued to fuck her. Kimi liked the
sound of his words.

"Keep fucking my sweet pussy. Don't stop. Please don't stop," Kimi whispered in
Jason's ear. This only drove the teenage boy to fuck her harder and faster.

".....aahhhh... aaahhhhhaahh....," moaned the blonde teen. It was a task to keep
from yelling too loud. She parted both legs as far as she could. Kimi felt
Jason going in and out of her like a jackhammer. With his cock still inside of
the blonde box, Jason sat up to get a view of his fuckable little teen angel. He
grabbed both of her ankles to keep them apart and continued to passionately pound
her. The fucking friction between the two increased so ever more. Kimi released
short bursts of moans and cries of ecstasy while trying to keep her voice down.
She grabbed the bed sheets tightly while her teenaged breasts bounced. Jason was
enjoying the sight of it. His balls crashed against Kimi's fine ass with every


By the time Gwen stepped out of the shower, it was past 10:30PM. The hot water
helped her relax, and she was ready to retire to a nice deep sleep. Gwen finished
blow-drying her short boyish cut blonde hair, and she had already removed her
contact lens from her light blue eyes before she showered. As she walked from the
bathroom to the bedroom, Gwen noticed that Ellen was still watching television.
She disappeared into her bedroom shutting the door. Wearing her gold-framed
glasses, she removed her bathrobe to replace it with a silk nighty. Naked, she
sat on the bed to slip it on.

"You don't need to wear that," said Roy as he snuck up from behind to wrap his
arms around his wife. Again, Gwen was startled.

"Oh, Roy! What am I to do with you?" said Gwen.

"That little gift you got kinda turned me on. So why don't you come here and
give me some sugar?" said Roy. He rubbed his hands over his wife's breasts.

Then, Roy pulled Gwen against his chest and pinched both of Gwen's baseball sized
dark areola.

"Mmmmm...," Gwen moaned. "It's a little late. Let's wait till tomorrow night. I
have to get up early in the morning."

"After I get through with you, you'll be so tired you'll sleep well tonight,"
said Roy. Oh, why not Gwen thought, and she allowed her husband to fondle her
body throwing the nighty aside. She leaned her head back against her husband.
Roy smelled the sweet natural scent on Gwen's neck. The two kissed. Then, Roy
released his wife to get better situated. He backed off to lie on his left side
while taking his briefs off. Gwen turned to look at her husband and saw that
Roy's member was fully swollen and alive. It throbbed and ached for the love of
a womanly vagina. "Lay here against me," said Roy. Gwen gladly did what she was

With her back pressed against his chest, Gwen could feel Roy's man muscle pressed
against the crack of her ass. It felt so nice and warm. She wrapped her right
leg around the back of Roy's legs while her right arm wrapped around him to grab
his right ass cheek. Roy's right hand made its way around to Gwen's breasts. He
squeezed and toyed with each one while kissing his wife shoulder. Gwen's
thirty-eight year old pussy was starting to flow. She loved it when her husband
mauled her breasts, but she wanted it where it really counted. Releasing his ass
Gwen guided Roy's hand to her steaming love hole. He knew what to do. Roy's
cupped the hairy mound stroking his middle finger up and down Gwen's love gate.
Gwen felt her body was about to quiver, and pressed her ass tightly against her
husband. The warmth of Gwen ass on Roy's penis excited him even more. He
pressed back. Pre-cum was slowly oozing out of him, and Gwen's vagina was
getting wetter and wetter. Roy was rubbing Gwen's swollen clit in a circular
motion. She needed more, and in went two of Roy's fingers.

"Aaahhhhh...," the blonde wife moaned. Roy's fingers slid in and out of Gwen.
The two stared into one another's eyes. They can feel their breaths against one
other. Gwen was enjoying her husband's sliding fingers. Now, she felt she was
ready. Gwen's right hand wedged between the two of them to tightly grab her
husband hot throbbing cock. Roy jerked in pleasure when he felt his wife's
fingers around it. Gwen then lifted her right leg to nest the love muscle
between her legs and against her vagina. The heat from it was about to drive her

With a little help, Roy held the base of his cock to help her guide it to that
special place. He felt the head of his penis rubbing against the wet sex gates
of his lover, and then he pushed. It disappeared in Gwen's void, and she felt
herself being opened up. It felt great for the both of them. With Gwen's right
leg still up in the air and bent at the knee, Roy placed his right hand behind
Gwen's right thigh to help her keep her leg up. Gwen started to feel her
husband's meat muscle pumping in and out of her.


Kimi and Jason were still at it, and Kimi was going to make sure she got what she
wanted. Jason wrapped his arms around the oversexed teen. He pulled her towards
him and laid back. Now, he was lying on the bed, and Kimi was sitting on top of
him. Kimi brushed her hair back and rested her hands on Jason's chest. Now, she
was ready to fuck him some more. In no time, the sixteen-year old teen was
bouncing up and down on her boyfriend's love muscle forcing as much as she can
inside of her. Her young body came crashing down hard over and over. Kimi
needed Jason's dick so bad, and loved every thrust of it. Jason enjoyed the look
on Kimi's face. Her eyes were shut tight, mouth slightly opened, and Jason could
hear her heavy breathing as she continued to bob up and down. Pure ecstasy. With
both hands around Kimi's waist, he helped her fuck him lifting her up and
slamming her back down.

"Oh, Jason," Kimi moaned. "Oh... oh... oh... oh... oh..." Kimi moaned each time
she came down on Jason's hot cock. "When you cum, cum in my mouth. Okay?" asked
Kimi. Her whole body was shaking with sexual electricity.

"Yeah" responded Jason. Right now, the teen boy an only imagine what was about
to come, and it will soon become a reality. Boyfriend and girlfriend continued
to fuck and fuck and fuck.


"Ohhhhh, you know how to make me feel so good," moaned Gwen. Roy was in and out
of Gwen fast. While still on their sides, the screwing wife reached down below
her to play with her own clitoris. This added to the sexual intensity. Roy
released Gwen right leg only to replace it with Gwen's right breast, and Gwen's
leg supported itself high in the air with toes pointing heavenwards. The
sensations in Gwen's breast and pussy were about to drive her mad. While Roy
pumped faster and harder, Gwen felt less and less in control. She gave in to her
husband's pussy pounding action. "Don't stop... don't stop... more... more...,"
moaned Gwen. The inevitable happened. "Oooohhhhhhhh..." And Gwen's pussy pulsated as she orgasmed. Her body felt the rapture within followed by several
other raptures, and Roy felt the effects of it. Gwen moaned silently and closed
her eyes as she drowned in a sea of lust. Fortunately, Roy wasn't about to
rescue her, yet.


Kimi was still on top of Jason fucking his dick raw. She pinched both of her
nipples and pulled them up and down while she continued to ride her lover. Kimi
bit her lower lip knowing she was about to come to that special breaking point.
Then suddenly, her pussy started to erupt, and she slammed herself as hard as she
could on top of Jason. Shockwaves vibrated from her trembling pussy, down and up
her thighs, up her back, around her breast, and back to her sweet soaked pussy.
Kimi quickly leaned forward to lock lips with Jason as her pussy walls were still
shaking in an orgasmic climax. Then, she sat tight on top of Jason juggling her
body shaking his hot throbbing cock inside of her. And she came again...
again... again...


"I love you so much Gweny," said Roy.

"I... I love you, too," replied Gwen. These two lovers have already changed
positions. Gwen was lying in the middle of the bed on her stomach with her legs
parted and her back slightly arched revealing her pubic mound. Her husband was
between her legs and on top of her plugging her sex hole over and over. The bed
bounced slightly with every thrust. Gwen felt Roy's sex pistol pulling her pussy walls apart each time he shafted her. His body was pressed against her ass and
her back while resting his hands on both side of his wife. She laid there under
her husband at his mercy. Roy could do anything he wanted to his Gwen, and his
dick felt the sexual pressure building between them as he continued to slide in
and out. Gwen's head was buried between two pillows, and her glasses lie near
her. She held the pillows tightly. And it happened again. Gwen came to a hard
climax. Her pounded pussy shuttered more violently this time since Roy was in a
better position to penetrate her deeper than before. Gwen's orgasm took its
toll. Her legs tremble uncontrollably as her love fountain quivered in the
delight of Roy's ramming. All this was too much for Roy as well. Soon it would
be his turn to feel the wrath. His cock was about to burst, and rammed himself
deep and hard slamming his body against his wife's. This helped to prolong
Gwen's orgasms.

"Don't stop Roy," Gwen begged. And then a strong flow of Roy's sex fluids shot
out into the thirty-eight year old woman.

"Uugghh... UuuuGggghhhhGG... uUUuuggggHHhh...," Roy grunted. He was cumming so
hard it almost hurt. Gwen felt her husband's hot seed flooding her love chamber
as it continued to milk his cock dry. Now, Roy was starting to run out of his
secret sauce, and both of their orgasms started to subside.

Roy moved off his wife and laid on his back beside her. Gwen rolled over as well
still feeling Roy's warm deposit inside of her. The two were out of breath
wondering if they had kept quiet enough in a house full of kids.

end of part four..............

Part Five

"Mmmmm..." Kimi was getting a mouthful of Jason's hot sex fluids down her
throat. Lying on her stomach on Jason's bed and between his legs, the sucking blonde teen made sure she sucked her boyfriend bone dry. Jason could hardly
stand it. Never had he met a girl that was so gifted and skilled. He was at
ease lying on his back enjoying the pleasure play.

"So where did you learn how to suck like that?" asked Jason.

"From my mom," answered the blonde teen. Jason wasn't too surprised at Kimi's
response since he and his friends have heard rumors of Kimi and her mom having
sex with each other.

"I thought you've been fucking other guys?" Jason asked another question.

"I do that, too. I try to fuck when I can," Kimi said proudly. Jason felt that
he had just struck gold with Kimi as his girlfriend. Feeling overconfident and
careless, Jason popped yet another question.

"Hey, what about your friend Mandy?" asked Jason.

"What about her?" replied Kimi still trying to suck more cum out of her
boyfriend's penis.

"Does she fuck?" Jason asked.

"I fuck her. We fuck each other, but she hasn't been with a guy, yet," responded

"Maybe the three of us can get together for a threesome sometime," remarked

"Wouldn't that be like cheating on me?" asked Kimi glaring at Jason. Jason
thought for a moment. Maybe he asked the wrong question and at the wrong time.

"Well, if you really think it's a bad idea..." replied Jason, but he was

"I'll make you a deal. You let me fuck you and Tommy at the same time, and I'll
ask her. I can't make any promises, but I'll see what I can do," Kimi spoke as
casual as they came. Jason wondered what it would be like to have his girlfriend
fucked by him and another guy at the same time. And he responded.

"Sure. I think I can do that," he said comfortably. Kimi winked at Jason and
smiled while she continued to stroke his flaccid cock, but Jason's cock wasn't
about to say flaccid too much longer.

"You're starting to get hard again," declared Kimi.

"Why don't you do something about it?" asked Jason. Kimi didn't say a word, but
she responded by putting Jason's cock back in her mouth for a mini suck-a-thon.


Normally, a strong orgasm can put a person to sleep. This was the case with Roy.
Finally, he was sound asleep tucked beneath the sheets nestled in bed, but this
wasn't the case with Gwen. Achieving orgasm only awakened her. She enjoyed
every minute of their lovemaking, but felt as if she was only getting warmed up.
Gwen laid in bed for the next twenty minutes tossing and turning not being about
to resolve her thirst for sex, but a thought finally occurred to her. Why not
give her new toy a try? It was something Gwen normally wouldn't think about, but
it sure was tempting with the given situation. She might as well. Who's going
to find out if she were careful Gwen thought. So she took a chance.

Quietly, she got out of bed and wore her bathrobe again. She picked up the
shoebox with its contents and carefully peeked out the door. The coast was
clear. Ellen had already gone to bed. Gwen gentle tipped toed to the guest
bedroom. When she arrived, she quietly closed the door and locked it tossing the
shoebox on the bed. On a nightstand beside the bed, she switched on a lamp.
Finally, Gwen sat down at the head of the bed while resting her back on a pillow
against the headboard. The thirty-eight year old mother pulled the shoebox
towards her and opened it. Curiosity would get the best of her. Gwen released
the vibrators from it's packaging, and examined the contents more closely this

Both vibrators were cold to the touch, but the translucent pink one was somewhat
flexible since it was mostly made of plastic while the other was made of metal.
Gwen noticed the "on" knob at the base along with the battery compartment and
wondered how it felt when it was turned on. Because the pink vibrator was molded
in the shape of a penis, she remembered making love to her husband in the shower
just two nights ago. Just thinking about him shoving his man muscle in and out
of her brought sensations between her legs. Taking the batteries out of its
packaging and into the vibrator, Gwen just wanted to see how a vibrator vibrated.

"My, oh, my..." Gwen quietly said to herself. And this is what they put inside
of them she thought. As she turned the knob clockwise, the vibration grew
stronger. Gwen grew even more curious. She undid and opened her bathrobe
exposing her slightly sagging breasts. With her right leg hanging off the bed
and her left knee bent towards her, Gwen's unshaven vagina felt the cold air.
Still vibrating, she brought the sex toy close to her womanhood just to the right
side of it.

"Ohhhhh..." She could feel the vibrations making waves through her flesh
affecting her most private regions. And now, she moved the vibrator to the other
side. "Mmmmm..." Gwen moaned. And yes, she was starting to enjoy her new toy.
Gwen moved the vibrator from one side of her womanhood to the other and back
again over and over. She needed more of this. Gwen gently rubbed the toy up and
down the opening of her love gate causing her to love juices to flow. Her pussy lips parted slightly each time she rubbed the sex machine against her. Now, the
vibrator was pushed against her swollen clit. "AAAhHHHhaaaa." Gwen's head spun,
and her breathing was getting shallow. She never thought that a piece of
battery-operated plastic would give so much pleasure. The thirty-eight year old mother quickly moved to the middle of the bed to lie down. Gwen knees were bend,
her legs were parted, and her feet were almost touching where she was about to
make love to herself. Now, she was ready, and finally, she pushed. Tonight
opened the door of a new sex life for the thirty-eight year old mother as she
touched herself in ways she never thought possible.


Saturday morning. Janice was feeling great after having a good night's rest.
Today, she was going to do a little shopping at Holiday Lane, the local adult
novelty shop. Janice decided to check on Kimi to see if she wanted to come, too.
Even though Kimi was under eighteen, the storeowner didn't mind as long as it was
kept secret. As Janice checked on Kimi, she found that her daughter was sound
asleep. Kimi must have stayed up late last night Janice thought. So the
thirty-six year old mother went alone.

Like most adult novelty shops, the windows were boarded up to prevent minors from
peeking in. Amongst the merchandise were an array of movies, books, toys, and
clothing for the sexual sophisticated. Upon arrival at the novelty shop, several
cars were already parked in the front including the owner's. Albert Tyler was
his name. The storeowner was in his early 50's, and he bought the property years
ago from Grayson and Price back when it was simply known as Grayson Estates.
Janice parked her car and walked in. In her friendly open nature, she greeted
Albert who was attending the cash register.

"Good morning, Al. How are you doing?" greeted Janice.

"You know me. Good as always. You okay? How's Kimi?" asked Al.

"I'm great. Kimi's fine, too. She was still in bed when I left. She stayed out
pretty late last night," said Janice.

"The joys of youth. I remembered when I was young," declared the storeowner.

"You're still young to me," Janice said as she touched Albert's hand. "Is
Celeste here?"

"She in the back. Go ahead if you need to talk to her," replied Albert.

"I will, but I'm going to do some shopping first. I need to stock up on
supplies," Janice winked.

"Just take your time," said Albert.

"I'll be right back," and with that, Janice looked around the novelty shop, and
shopping she did. She found several item of interest. After paying for her
goods, Janice took the liberty of showing herself to the office behind the cash
register. Seeing a familiar face, she peeked in with a warm smile. Behind a
desk was thirty-three year old Celeste Parduchi. She wore her brown hair long
and straight and had a very slender figure. Celeste recognized the stranger that
just popped her head in the store office.

"Hey, come on in," said Celeste.

"Hi, Celeste. How are you?" asked Janice.

"I'm fine. I haven't seen you in a while," Celeste took off her glasses to rub
her brown eyes.

"I know. Sorry I haven't stopped by," apologized Janice.

"Have a seat," Celeste said while pulling a nearby chair closer to her. "So are
you still selling houses?"

"Yes, and it's going just great. How's yours holding up?" said Janice as she sat
down beside Celeste.

"I love it. I couldn't have gotten a better deal hear in town. Especially how
we ended 'negotiations.' You still keeping it up?" the thirty-three year old winked at Janice.

"Of course. That's why things are great, and I'm glad you brought that up,"
declared the blonde.

"Oh, really?" Celeste placed her glasses back on.

"How would you like to be invited to an all girl party?" Janice eagerly asked.

"You mean an all girl orgy?" questioned Celeste.

"What else?" Janice said with ease.

"Count me in, but not during the third week of the month. That's when I'm on my
period," Celeste said.

"Well, right now the best time so far in the first half of the month. I'll give
you a call when I finalize a date."

"How many are showing up?"

"Probably five or six. I'm not sure yet. If you know of anyone else, invite
her, and let me know so I can plan what I need. I might have to come back and
stock up on supplies," said Janice. Out of curiosity, Celeste took a peep in
Janice's bag. Inside of it contained an assortment of one-way and two-way
dildos, vibrators, and strap-ons. Her eyes widen at the site of one woman buying
so many sex toys at one time. Time to restock Celeste thought.

"So I see. It would be ashamed for these to go to waste," said Celeste.

"That's why I intend on using them. Can you help me on that?" begged Janice.

"You know me, and I do have a few friends who get together sometimes for a little
fun," giggled the brunette.

"Sounds terrific. I'll give you a call to keep you posted." Then Janice stood
up to leave. "I'll talk to you later. Bye, hun."

"Bye, Janice."


That same morning, Gwen was walking across the school courtyard where a
fundraiser was being held to raise money for the junior high school's marching
band. Her daughter, Ellen, was busy helping her friend Stuart at a fundraising
booth while Gwen approached a concession stand to buy a few soft drinks for the
kids. As she was paying for it, she felt a tap on her shoulder. Gwen turned
around to find that it was her friend Jackie. The two women talked as they
walked through the courtyard. As they spoke, Gwen asked an odd question.

"Is there some new hairstyle the kids are wearing these days?" asked Gwen.

"Not that I'm await of. Why?" asked Jackie.

"Just a few nights ago, I overheard Ellen talking to Rachel Peacock over the
phone saying that she can't wait to get bald. Well, so far she still has a full
head of hair," declared Gwen.

"If I hear of anything, I'll let you know," replied Jackie

"Thanks, Jackie. You a real friend."


Back at Kimi's house... After a nice hot shower, Kimi felt refreshed and
revived. It was late in the morning. Because she slept in, she had to rush to
get ready since Jason was taking her out to lunch. Naked, Kimi had finished
brushing her long blonde hair and applying her make up when the doorbell rang. It
must be Jason she thought. To be on the safe side, Kimi threw on her bathrobe
and ran down the stairs to greet her visitor. Opening the door, she found that
it was Jason.

"Come on in," said Kimi. "I'll be ready in a minute." She started back up the

"Hurry up already," Jason said jokingly.

"If you hadn't give me such a good fuck last night, I would have waken up
sooner!" Kimi yelled down the stairs. For a couple of minutes, Jason waited for
Kimi. And before long, the blonde teen trotted down the stairs. She was topless
and barefooted wearing only a pair of tight blue jeans, and her bra dangled
around her neck. Kimi's teenage breasts jiggled each time took a step until she
ended up in front of Jason.

"Hold on to this for me," Kimi said as she wrapped her bra around Jason's neck.
"I need to get a shirt from the dryer. And off she went. This display of
openness made Jason horny. When the half naked teen returned...

"Let me help you with this," Jason volunteered to help Kim with her bra. She
smiled and quietly turned around. But instead of putting Kimi's bra on, Jason
wrapped his arms around her from behind and squeezed both breasts while kissing
her neck. Kimi liked it, but was ready to grab a bite to eat.

"Jason, stop it," said Kimi. "Let me get dressed." But Kimi showed little to no

"Come on. Just for a little while," Jason whispered. Oh, why not thought Kimi.
She turned around to kiss her lover. Their lips met. Jason's swollen penis was
starting to ache in his jeans. He definitely didn't expect this so he reached
inside to straighten his growing member. Then, he felt Kimi's warm small hand
stopping him.

"I'll tell you what," said the horny blonde. "I'll give you a blowjob, and then
we'll grab some food, ok?" It was an offer Jason didn't refuse.

"Sure," the teen boy responded. Kimi threw her bra and shirt on the couch beside
them. The blonde smiled wickedly as she slowly got on her knees to unfasten
Jason's jeans. Kimi pulled them down along with his briefs down to his ankles.
As always, the sixteen-year old girl loved a hot cock in her mouth, and she got
what she loved. Holding both of Jason's thighs tightly with her hands, Kimi
rocked her head back and forth with her lips firmly wrapped around Jason's face
fucker. Kimi was sucking hard.

"Ughhh!!! UUuuUUGgghh!!!" Jason grunted. He knew that Kimi wanted something to
eat, but didn't think she was this hungry. For a short while, she continued to
rub her lips and tongue all over the teenage boy's cock. It was just too good
for Jason, and Kimi was having second thoughts about lunch. If he was getting
off, she was getting off, too. Kimi pulled her lips away, but continued to give
him a hand job while she spoke.

"Let's move to the couch. I want your dick inside my pussy."


After leaving Holiday Lane, Janice finished running a couple of errands and was
returning home. As she pulled into her garage, Janice noticed a car she didn't
recognize parked in front of the house. She entered the house from the side
through the kitchen and heard noises coming from the living room. And when she
investigated, she found a teenage boy sitting on one of her couches almost naked
with her naked daughter sitting on top of him. Kimi was facing away from Jason
while she buckled up and down on his hard cock slamming her ass on his legs. This
must be Jason, Janice thought. Being preoccupied, the two fucking teens didn't
notice the approach of a third person until Kimi looked to her left.

"Hi, Mom," said Kimi as she continued to fuck. This caught Jason's attention. He
looked up and around Kimi to notice a mature woman standing close to them with
her hands on her hips. The woman spoke.

"You must be Jason. I'm Janice Price, Kimi's mother. How are you doing?"

end of part five..............

Part Six

Jason was caught red handed screwing Kimi in front of her mother. Jason
panicked. He struggled nervously to get Kimi off him.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Kimi screamed at Jason. If Kimi wasn't careful, she
might fall the wrong way and hurt herself. "Will you stop it?" asked Kimi. And
Jason stopped struggling fearing that he was in deep monkey doo-doo with Kimi's

"I'm sorry," apologized Janice. "I didn't mean to interrupt anything."

"Dammit. He's soft now," fussed Kimi. Jason's shriveled penis fell out of Kimi
when Kimi stood up. The blonde teen hated it when I good fuck was interrupted.
She sat down beside her boyfriend with her arms crossed while feeling pissed.
Jason was left sitting there embarrassed by his near nakedness. The only think
he wore was his socks. Quickly, he tried hiding his crotch by placing a throw
pillow over it.

"It's alright," said Janice. "I don't have a problem with you having sex with my
daughter. Like I said. I'm Janice, Kimi's mother." She extended a right hand
of friendship to Jason. Reluctant and scared, Jason reached out to greet her.

"I'm Jason," Jason spoke quietly.

"I figured as much," said Janice. "Take a deep breath and relax," she told
Jason. The blonde mother bent forward to slowly remove the pillow from Jason.
All of this was a shock to him. His eyes followed the pillow as it was lifted
from him revealing his penis once again. "Now, that's not so bad, is it?" smile
Janice. "We're a little open around here so I would like for you to try to get
used to it if you can," commented Janice. Jason was speechless. He asked himself
if Kimi's mother really didn't mind him screwing her daughter. Apparently not.
"Mind if I stayed and chatted for a while?" asked Janice. Kimi really wanted to
fuck Jason's brains out, but she always respected her mother's wishes.

"I guess not," replied Kimi. To the right of the two teens was another
full-length couch sitting ninety degrees from the couch they were sitting on.
Janice walk over to that couch to sit down and crossed her legs.

"Well, Jason, it's real nice to meet you. I'm glad to see that you and my
daughter are getting along so nicely. Now, how old are you?" asked Janice.

"I'm sixteen," responded Jason. "We're the same age," he pointed at Kimi. Kimi
smiled. The blonde teen leaned back to rest her head on Jason's lap while she
propped her legs over the armrest.

"That's so sweet," commented Janice. "And you two just stared dating?" she
asked. Kimi answered this one.

"It think it's been since Tuesday?" she looked up at Jason. He nodded in
agreement. "But we've known each other since last year," said Kimi. By now,
Jason was becoming more relaxed.

"So what are you two up to today," asked Janice.

"Jason was going to treat me out for lunch after we fucked," responded Kimi.
Jason liked how Janice accepted Kimi's openness.

"Well, isn't that nice," said Janice. "I saw that you two were busy so don't let
me keep you kids, but would it be too much for me to watch?" Janice was little
horny after returning from the adult novelty shop.

"Do you mind?" Kimi asked Jason. Jason has never been asked such a question in
all of his life. He seemed a little less nervous now that he knew Janice was
very open with their sexual activities.

"I... I guess not," responded Jason.

"Sounds good," declared Janice. "Go ahead, and start. I'll be back in a little
bit." Janice started up the stairs. Then, Kimi turned on her stomach to face

"So what do you think of my mom?" asked Kimi.

"I like her. She seems alright," said Jason.

"Cool. Now, let's get fucking again," Kimi demanded, but first, she had to get
Jason aroused once more. Little Kimi moved just close enough to get her mouth
and hands over Jason's love muscle. While it was still soft, the fiery young blonde grabbed Jason's privates and immediately engulfed it in her mouth tasting
some of the residue from her own young love tunnel. She wanted him hard again as
soon as possible. This wasn't a problem. Having one of the hottest girls he had
ever fucked and just meeting a mother with a very open sexual nature, Jason felt
no inhibitions as his penis rose to the occasion. Kimi liked the results and
took advantage of it. Eagerly, she climbed back on Jason's lap facing him while
Jason held his rock hard cock steady with his right hand for the plunge. The
eager blonde girl felt the head of Jason's cock pressing against her pussy lips
pushing them apart, and she lowered herself down filling her insides up. It was
so nice to feel his warm manhood making her complete. Kimi felt a little tighter
than before since they were previously interrupted. Jason didn't complain. The
friction felt great.

In no time, Kimi bobbed up and down fucking her boyfriend. She placed her hands
firmly on the back of the couch behind Jason. Kimi's teenage breasts bounced
right in front of Jason's face. It was a beautiful sight to see, and he took
full advantage of it. He took Kimi's right breast into his mouth and sucked on
it. The blonde female teen loved the feel of her boyfriend's wet tongue rubbing
against her erect nipple. But that wasn't all. Jason's right hand worked its
way to Kimi's left breast. Kimi liked that, too. Both breasts were being worked
on while she was getting a nice stuffing underneath. Sexual tingles were all
over her body as she felt the love being made to her. Kimi stared at the ceiling
while still moving up and down on her lover.

"Oh, Jason," Kimi moaned. She pulled her body back to look at her boyfriend.
When she did, the nipple Jason sucked on detached itself and snapped back in
place. Kimi kissed him on the lips muffling their soft moans while enjoying
their pleasure play. They continued to fuck. Kimi's pussy quivered and
contracted several times experiencing a steady series of small orgasms flooding
her mind with esctacy. Kimi's contorted face told Jason that the little blonde teen was getting high on sex while he was feeling her orgasms around his
throbbing cock. Jason could explode at any moment looking at a face as beautiful
as Kimi's.

Before they knew it, the bouncing couple was about to receive a visitor. Down
the stairs returned Janice, but this time she was all skin and nothing else. The
slim thirty-six year old mother's presence graced the stairs with a pink vibrator
in her hand. To his amazement, Jason could not believe that Kimi's naked mom just casually walked right past them. Janice laid on the couch with her head
against the armrest facing the fucking twosome.

"You two go ahead. Don't mind me," smiled Janice. She parted her legs and
stared to slowly rub her womanhood while watching the sexual display in front of
her. Jason turned to look at Janice, and she responded with a wink.

"Hey," Kimi cried at Jason. She wanted his undivided attention, and he turned
his head back at her. Jason better attend to Kimi and finish what they are
doing. Aggressively, Kimi's young lips met Jason, and the two kissed. With the
sexual excitement increasing in the room, Jason was drawn to force his man member
harder into Kimi. She too responded by slamming herself hard on top of her
boyfriend. The two teens stared into one another eyes as their passion grew.
"Ahhh... aAaahHhh... AaaHhh... aaAahHh... AaaaaHhh...," Kimi moaned each time she
came down. It got faster and faster, and it got hotter and hotter underneath.
Kimi's continual orgasms grew stronger.

Janice was enjoying every second of it. It's been a while since she had seen her
daughter get her pussy pounded by a guy. The last time was probably Kimi's last
boyfriend, Darrell. That was before he left for college. Janice's sweet
fountain of sex was already wet with her vibrator going in and out of her. Her
right hand controlled the artificial electric cock while her left hand massaged
her pink swollen clit. The vibrations penetrated deep inside some of her most
intimate regions. It was a slice of heaven.

With everything going on, it was hard for Kimi and Jason to slow down. There was
no stopping the two as they feverishly buckled against each other violently and
passionately. Jason was about to burst at the seams, but he tried his best to
keep his cool during the heat of the moment. So far, he was doing a terrific
job, but he was about to get a break. Kimi had enjoyed several orgasms. She had
yet to make Jason cum, but she looked at her mother and had an idea. Kimi spoke.

"You wanna fuck my mom?" asked Kimi.

"Sure," Jason eagerly replied. Ever since Janice walked down those stairs like a
naked angel of seduction, he wondered what it would be like to take her on. He
will soon find out.

"Mom," cried Kimi, "your turn." Kimi stood up and sat to Jason's left. This
gave Jason a little breathing room to recuperate before fucking Janice since he
was so close to blowing it with Kimi. Janice wasn't going to give up the
opportunity to fuck a young stud. She pulled the vibrator out of her and
switched it off. Then, she walked over to stand in front of Jason wet and ready
from her pussy playing. Without taking her eyes off Jason, the blonde mother handed her daughter the vibrator. Kimi gladly accepted it. Like Kimi before,
Janice climbed aboard on top of Jason. With her knees on the cushions straddling
him, Janice sat on Jason's lap facing the teen boy. It's been a while since
Janice had sex with a boy so young. His looks and body seemed so fresh and full
of sexual energy she hoped to harness. Janice was going to know her daughter's
boyfriend very well.

Jason gazed upon the thirty-six year old mother. Her face and features were
mature and demanded the respect she deserved. Jason was a little intimidated,
but inspired. He was ready to submit himself to Janice. Jason rested his left
hand on Janice's right thigh while he held his throbbing cock steady with his
other hand like he did with Kimi. Janice also took hold of it to make sure it
slid in right. And it did. She felt what her daughter just felt just moments
earlier when the walls of her sex chamber were being parted. Janice grabbed the
back of the couch behind Jason to brace herself while she moved up and down on
Jason. His young love muscle felt so good inside of Janice's wet expert cunt.
Her breasts bounced each time she slammed herself down. Jason was feeling the
warm tightness engulfing him. Both of his hands reached up to grab Janice's
breasts. Janice loved the feel of several things happening to her body was being
fucked. Instinctively, she responded by fucking Jason faster.

"UuugGGgghHHh... uUUUugGGhh... UUuuGGGGhhHHhh...," grunted Jason. The pressure
was intense. From fucking Kimi to Janice was like fast forwarding into the
future, and the future looked great.

"You like that don't you?" Janice asked her lover.

"It feels so good, Miss. Price." Jason said. He didn't know how much of this he
could take. Kimi was sitting close to them with her back against the armrest and
her legs apart. She was masturbating with the vibrator letting out small cries
and moans while being entertained by her mother and boyfriend.

Janice closed her eyes and arched her head back letting go of her consciousness.
She allowed the ecstasy to control her very move. Her hips moved back and forth
in rapid succession forcing Jason's sex missile in and out of her uncontrollably.

"Mmmmmm...," moaned Janice. "You've got a good dick between your legs." What
Janice liked, she went for, and she was definitely going for Jason. The wild
mother felt the sexual friction building up inside of her from Jason's
ramrodding, or was it Janice's slamming? She appeared to be in control of the
situation, and Jason was about to lose it. Janice only got wilder as her body
picked up the tempo to her satisfaction. Jason felt as if the head of his cock
was being fucked red raw. He almost came when Kimi was on top of him, but there
was no possible way he was going to keep up with an expert like Janice. The
pressure was rapidly building faster than he couldn't contain it. The damage has
been done.

"OH, GOD!!! OH, GODDD!!! OH... UUuGGGGHHHHH!!!" screamed Jason. Never before
had he felt an orgasm so strong. It might have been too strong. Uncontrollably,
his cock pulsated while sex juices spewed deep inside Janice's pussy. The
thirty-six year old felt the wet sticky warmness flood her insides. It was a
feeling she always welcomed, but the female sex expert has yet to achieve orgasm.
She still wanted more, but all this was just too much for Jason. The pressure
between Janice's legs was decreasing due to the deflated cock. Jason was
struggling to catch his breath while his reasoning was starting to return to him
little by little.

"That was kinda quick," said Janice.

"Sorry. You're more that I can handle," said Jason while breathing heavily. The
teen boy had to admit defeat to an older mature veteran of sex. It was already
hard enough to keep up with Kimi, but it was impossible with Janice. Very
forgiving, Janice kissed Jason's sweaty forehead and smiled at him. She spoke.

"That's fine. I understand. It's not often you get the opportunity to fuck your
girlfriend and her mother in one sitting," Janice said. She climbed off Jason
and took a few steps back while feeling some of Jason's sex fluids wanting to
ooze out. "I have other ways of getting off." Kimi's mother laid on the carpet
before Jason. "Come here, Kimi," beckoned the blonde mother. Kimi obeyed
without saying a word. She pulled the vibrator out of her, switched it off, and
placed in on the carpet. The teen girl laid on top of her mother straddling her.
This gave Jason a full view of Kimi wet vagina and sweet ass. With their breasts pressing against each other, mother and daughter locked lips. Both enjoyed the
natural scent of one another as they exchanged tongues. Since Janice has yet to
get off, it was a perfect opportunity to show Jason how mother and daughter did a
little female bonding. Janice released her lips from Kimi's and sighed. "Be a
good girl and, lick your mother's pussy."

"Ok, Mom," responded the horny teen. Kimi turned her body to switch positions.
Her face was now gazing over her mother's womanhood while hers was over her
mother's face. Janice spread her legs while keeping her knees bent and feet on
the carpet to allow Kimi easy access to her sex gate. The sweet smell of
Janice's aroma penetrated Kimi's nostrils drawing Kimi closer to Janice's
blossom. Kimi feasted. It was a wonderful sight for Jason. He had seen two
women engaging in sex in adult videos, but never live right in front of him. It
was an added treat to have a mother and daughter combo. The fire in his penis
started to ignite again as he marveled at the sight before him.

Kimi's teenage tongue flickered rapidly against her mother swollen pussy lips
while she rubbed her mother clitoris in a circular motion with her right hand.
Her left arm was wrapped around Janice's left thigh with her left hand separating
Janice's pussy lips.

"OoooHhhhh... ooOOoHhhhHOoo... Oohh... OoooHhhhooOo...," the thirty-six year old mother moaned. Kimi can feel her mother's warm breath against her love hole while Janice continued to moan in sweet delight. While licking and sucking Janice's twat, Kimi can taste the male residue left over from her mother's last
encounter. It was an added treat. Kimi was getting wetter and wetter.

Slowly but surely, Jason was getting aroused once more as blood started to flow
back into his meat member. He stroked it slowly to savor Kimi and Janice's
pleasure play.

As always, Kimi was doing a marvelous job. Janice's head spun and her breathing
was short. She was getting so wet and so wild. Janice knew she had taught her
daughter very well, but there were still lessons to be learned. As Janice stared
more and more into her daughter young wet sex fountain, Kimi's pussy lips almost
came alive as if it were puckering for a wet loving kiss. And a kiss it got.
Janice's arms were wrapped around Kimi's ass, and her hands pulled Kimi's ass
cheeks apart. The mother's mouth met the daughter's lips while the mother's
tongue went for the deep plunge.

"MmmmmmMm... MmmmmMMMmm...," Kimi moaned while she tried to keep pleasing her
mother. Janice tasted Kimi's sweet insides and delicious it was. By now Jason
was rock hard once again still stroking his cock. He was breathing slow and deep
to contain himself. The teenage boy felt the sexual intensity radiating before
him. It wasn't long before he would have to relieve himself.

It was getting intense. mother and daughter gave into one another. Both females
felt each other's warm titillating tongues dancing on each other's twat. When
Janice felt the love play of her daughter, she felt an eager desire to love her
daughter back. When Kimi felt the love play of her mother, she felt an eager
desire to love her mother back. It became a circular domino effect that
continued and continued until the sexual energy cannot be contained resulting in
the two loving girls exploding in sexual pleasure. Both of their bodies trembled
as they gave each other small bursts of orgasms resulting in yelps and moans
muffled by their muff eating. Janice was finally getting what she wanted, but I
was going to get better.

Just out of arm's reach was the vibrator Kimi placed on the carpet. Rolling her
eyes in Jason's direction, Kimi motioned to Jason to hand her the vibrator.
Picking it up, he notice that it was still coated with Kimi's wetness. Of course
it was Kimi and Janice's wetness combined. Jason handed it over to Kimi while
Kimi was still eating her mother. She paused to a moment only to replace her
mouth with the pink sex toy. Parting Janice's love gates, it slid in easy. Kimi
switched it on.

"AaaAAaaHhhhh," Janice moaned. If Kimi kept this up, it would be hard for Janice
to concentrate on loving her daughter. Kimi not only began sliding the vibrator
in and out of her mother, but she also started licking and sucking on her
mother's wonderful sex bud. It was awesome. There was no control. Janice
instinctively went on a rampage on Kimi's sweet young pussy. Both girls were
getting the best out of it. Janice's screams were muffled once more while her
pussy shuttered in several violent orgasms brought on her by her daughter. With
her pussy so soaked with orgasms, Janice was drippings out of her pussy, down the
crack of her ass, and into a little puddle soaked in the carpet beneath her.

The sight of daughter loving mother was too much for Jason to just sit there and
watch. It was time he participated. With his cock hard as ever and sticking out
like a flagpole, the young overly eager male teen walked around the eating
twosome. Jason got down on his knees behind Kimi's round beautiful ass. Janice
had an up close view of Jason's sex pistol. It looked good, and she knew what he
was about to do with it. Janice stopped her munching so Jason had room to get in
on the action. Jason aimed his sex missile as the intended target, and he
launched his missile straight inside of Kimi hot blonde wet box.

"OOOOOOHHHHH!!!" Kimi cried. But that wasn't all. While Jason was pumping
himself in and out of his girlfriend, mother below was attending to Kimi's clit.
Now, it was hard for Kimi to keep up loving her mom. At least she was able to
hold the pink vibrator in her mother while she was screaming her brains out.
Janice got a great view of some good pussy pounding. Jason's balls swayed each
time he pushed himself inside his girlfriend. Kimi's pussy was electrified with
sex. She felt herself being stretched and pounded while being eaten. "OH, SHIT,
JASON! HARDER! HARDER!!!" Kimi screamed. Jason slammed himself as deep as he
could inside the oversexed teen. With both hands, he held on tight for the ride
of his life while Janice continued her tongue-lashing. Kimi can take no more.

"OH, GOD, MOMMY... JASON... OHH... OHHHHH... OHHHHHHH!!!" Kimi screamed even
louder than before. Her pulverized pussy exploded in several violent orgasms
making her body shake uncontrollably. This was taking a toll on Jason. He can
take no more as well. The throbbing manhood exploded with Kimi. Once again,
Jason's sperm shot out to help extinguish Kimi's raging fire, but there was too
much heat between the two of them. Kimi felt the hot sex fluids hit her deep
inside where it belonged. It was so soothing, and she felt so fulfilled. This
was good since Jason was about to run out. Both of their orgasms started to

Jason slowly pulled out and sat on the carpet behind him. He penis was shiny
with Kimi's sex juices. Janice saw that Kimi's teenage sex box was fucked up
real good. She gently kissed it. Kimi slowly rolled off her mother while
pulling the vibrator out of her and laid on her back beside her mother. All
three were covered with sweat and were recuperating from their cataclysmic
experience. There lying before Jason was two fucked up beauties looking as grand
as ever. Kimi reach over to her mother and stroked her thigh out of thankfulness
and gratification. Janice was the first to speak.

"That was just wonderful. Did you enjoy it, Jason?" asked Janice.

"Yes, ma'am. It was great," responded Jason. This had been quite an experience
for him. He never though he'd be spending his late morning getting to know his
girlfriend's mother in ways most boys could only dream about.

"We have to do this again sometime after knowing each other better," said Janice.
She smiled while looking forward to their next encounter.

"Sure. I'll just give Kimi a call to see if it's alright with her," Jason said.
He looked over at Kimi. The naked blonde teen rubbed her warm feet on Jason's
chest. The two smiled at each other.

"Just remember," said Janice. "You are welcomed here anytime. Now, why don't
you kids get going? I don't want to hold you two up." After sitting up, Janice
crawled towards Jason to kiss him on the lips. Then, she moved towards Kimi and
gave her a kiss also. And finally, Janice reached over to grab the pink
vibrator. She stood up and started to climb back up the stairs.

"Fuck. I feel like I need another shower," Kimi complained. "Come on. Why
don't you join me for a quick one, and then, we'll get something to eat. I'm
hungry," said Kimi. And that's what they did.

After spending time with each other for the next couple of weeks, Kimi and Jason
found that they were quite compatible as a couple in many ways. After having the
opportunity for Jason to formally meet Kimi's best friend Amanda, Amanda agreed
that Jason seemed right for Kimi and approved of him. It's inevitable that with
Kimi and Jason's sexual nature, the two will be fucking other people outside of
their relationship. But they were cool with it because of the mutual respect and
permission they have from each other and with those others they can fully trust.
Jason found a warm loving openhearted girl with a wonderful mother, and Kimi
found a guy who will always be beside her. Finally, one of the greatest
highlights of their relationship is that they will always love to fuck each other

the end for now...

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