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KingPin.The Salesgirl


From Fri Jun 27 20:49:57 1997
Subject: NEW: The Salesgirl Part 1 by KINGPIN (M/f, teen, anal, food, gang)
From: (MigPin97)
Date: 28 Jun 1997 00:49:57 GMT
This is purely fiction and I do not condone any of the activities
contained herein, specifically sex with a minor. If you for one second
believe this story to be true I have a bridge I’d like to sell you. With
that in mind if you’re over 21 read on. If not, go away.

The Salesgirl (M/f, teen, masturbation, anal, food, gang)
Part 1.

While I pondered weak and weary there came a knocking at my chamber door;

I looked through my peephole and I gazed upon a little blonde teenage
“Mister., Mister, I need your help, I need to sell these
She was five feet ten and innocent, blue eyes, small breasts, and tall
and lean;
I’m sorry honey I’m out of money I can’t help you out today
She said “Mister, Mister I will fuck you if you say there is a way”.

Story (a true story, yeah right!!!):

I looked upon her incredulously, “What?”
“I’m serious Mister, two other people have done so well and I
really want to beat them and win the trip to Europe, it’s a scholarship to
study abroad for the summer. I know if I can sell 75 more subscriptions I
can win first prize. Please help me, the contest ends tomorrow and I’ve
already been to all the other houses in the area. No one else has come
through for me, you’re my last hope.” she said turning her baby blues
loose on me.
I wondered, “Are you sure you’re willing to go so far just to go
to Europe?”
“Yes sir, it’s the chance of a lifetime!”, she said without a
shred of doubt in her voice.

My doubts appeased, or my desires stoked, I relented, “Ok, come on
in and we’ll see what we can work out” that was my 29 year-old cock
“Do you mean it Mister, do you really?”
“Just come on in before the neighbors notice you out there”, I
seriously didn’t want my good friends next door to wonder what a grown
mechanical engineer was doing with such a young girl at such a late hour.
Where were her parents anyway?
“Sorry”, she said as she hurried passed the threshold.
“Come on in and have a seat on the couch” I grinned as I watched
her lovely body make it’s way toward the couches of my living room.
She was young with blonde hair down to the small of her back,
sky-blue eyes, tall, slim, and very lean. But her face was heavenly,
Jesus, she was gorgeous, an angel. Innocent expressive eyes, small button
nose and two small dimples when she smiled. She was an “old” perverts wet
dream come true. Not that I am one, she was just that hot. Allright,
maybe I am.
As I closed the door and she walked passed me my eyes were glued
to her ass. The way her butt swayed under those short cut-off denim
shorts was driving me crazy. What is it the kids call them these days?
Daisy Dukes? God her ass looked great; nice, smooth and curvy but not
big, definitely not fat, she was too thin for that to be the case. I like
to call it a bubble-butt because it’s not very wide but it comes out with
such a wonderful curve straight out of her back but not too much to the
sides. I could see the lower curves of her cheeks, where her ass merged
with her upper thighs, poking out in rhythm to her step. She was born to
be felt up. But what was really turning me on was her panty line. Her
shorts were tight enough that I could see the way her French-cut bikini
panties barely made their way out of the crack of her ass and headed, at a
steep angle, up her cheeks and past her hips so the waistband could peek
out at me from just above her shorts.
Her little white baby-tee, almost no sleeves to speak of, was cut
off generously above her belly button and was not to be ignored. She had
an innie surrounded by a flat washboard tummy I would eat of off. Her
white bra clearly visible through the material was a small and flimsy one.
She didn’t have much to cover up, at most her breasts were a 32-A.
Definitely very small, but they just added to and complemented her tight
figure, they belonged. If it wasn’t for the reason she was here, I
would’ve thought her 14 or 15. Little short ankle length white tube socks
and sneakers were the only other things she was wearing. A schoolgirl to
die for..... to say the least.

Sitting down next to her on my leather couch I asked “So, how much
do these subscriptions cost, anyway?”
She looked at me and responded, “Well, it depends on the magazine,
but they’re very cheap, they average about $9 a year.”
“And you need to sell about another 75 more? That’s at least,
ummm, $675!!!! Damn, girl, that’s a lot of money!!!!” I let her now.
“I’m sorry Mister, I know, but I’ll earn it. I told ya, I’ll let
ya do it to me.”
“Do what?”
“I’d let you fuck me!”
“Listen, how old are you?”
“Seventeen” she responded.
“Well then unless you’re the exception, you’ve had the shit fucked
out of ya already, probably plenty of times, am I right?”
“Yes, sir” she responded meekly.
I grinned as I said “I thought so, especially since you’re
offering it up so casually. Tell me something, why should I pay so much
to have sex with you?”
“Yes sir, I’ve had sex, ummm, fucked, a few times, but only with
one guy. I’m not a whore if that’s what you think” she said proudly.
“I’m just really desperate to make this trip.”
Wow, she really was a newbie, young and if not for one boy’s
violation she’d still be a virgin. She’d forget his name soon and
misplace, no lose, no pop, no goddamn I am going to shatter and tear any
cherries her other holes may still possess. I found my cool before
answering “That’s fine, I honestly don’t care.” I lied. “ But right now
you ARE a whore. “You want to fuck me for $675 dollars worth of magazine
subscriptions so don’t think for a sec that you aren’t prostituting
yourself. I could care less how innocent you think you are, tonight
you’re a slut, MY slut. Normally I wouldn’t have anything to do with a
whore, but that tight teen ass of yours has got me all worked up, so tell
me, what is it that you want?”
She stared down toward the rug, her feet digging into it anxiously
for a second, as her ass squirmed over the black leather cushion of my
couch before she looked at me and responded, “I wanna fuck you for the
$675 so that I can go to Europe. I want to be your girlfriend, your
whore, your toy for you to fuck, to fuck real good, OK Mister?. Is that
what you wanted to hear? Is that good enough? I know I’m under age but
I’ll do my best to be good. You buy the subscriptions and I’ll do
whatever you want, whatever!!!” she implored.

I think I actually drooled at her admission. I know I definitely
licked my lips as a lecherous grinned tried to take control of my face.
“OK, here’s how it’s gonna go, I’ll write you the check and fill out your
forms, but I won’t sign anything. OK?” I badgered her.
“Then when our “business” is done I’ll sign the check.
“Yes” she responded somewhat shyly. Her demeanor had taken a turn
towards the introverted compared to the way she had showed up at my door
and blatantly put a “For Sale” sign on her cunt, probably becuase of how
cold and business like I’d been for the last few minutes.
“And I’m gonna make a video of everything so if you ever decide to
pull something on me I’ll have some leverage on you. I know it won’t land
you in jail or anything but I’ll make sure to humiliate you by sending it
to your high school, your friends, and your family, OK? Even to Europe if
I have to.” I told her. “Also, you’ll do whatever I say!!!! Period. For
$675 I could get plenty of pussy on the street if that was my thing. So
if you really want to earn it you’ll have to came back two more times,
three sessions total, and again you’ll have to do whatever I say, if not
the video goes out to your family and friends, your school, or wherever I
can think of to humiliate you. Got it?
“Yes” she whispered as she nodded her head.
Not bad, huh? $225 a session is a hell of a lot of money.”
“Yes sir, it is. Thank you.”
If I have to I’ll even see what I can do about stopping payment
on my check. So I think your second visit will be tomorrow night so that
I can make sure you’re keeping up your side of the bargain, understood?”
“Yes, it is.”
If you don’t show, I’ll still be able to cancel the check and you
can kiss the trip good-bye. But I’ll give you maybe a week or so to
recover before the third party night cums up.” Changing my tone to one of
a soothing manner I said, “I’m sorry if it seems I don’t trust you, but
honestly I don’t even know you, and I don’t want to get scammed out of 675
big ones. OK?”
“Yes, Sir. But I’ll only do things for you, OK?” she submitted.
“What “things” do you mean? Be clear when you speak to me” I said
switching back to a tone an authority figure would use.
“Sex things, fuckin’ and suckin’, you know, I’ll be yours, but
only yours, OK?”
“We will see about that sweety, the bargain is you do what I say”
I tried to contain myself as I fantasized about the possibilities in store
for her other visits. “You can trust me” I assured her. “But don’t tell
me again what I can and cannot do. For the kind of money I’m giving to
you I could make my wildest dreams come true (and it will).” Can she see
me grinning?, I wondered. “Are we clear?”
“Yes sir, crystal!” she acknowledged.
“Good, then give me a kiss to seal the deal.”

She leaned over and planted a nice wet one on my lips. Her lips
were sweeter than honey and although she didn’t open up and give me any
tongue, it was even sexier than if she had. Kind of the same way
French-cut panties are sexier than thongs. You know, they leave something
to the imagination, something to wonder about, something to look forward
too, something to fuckin spank your monkey too.

With her sitting on my left, on the couch, she pulled out her
selling paraphernalia and I chose what was most interesting to me and let
her fill out the rest (a little surprise to myself) until she reached the
sum she needed to win (it turned out to be $682.49). Once that was done I
tossed the papers onto the floor, removed my shirt, and kissed her again.
My tongue didn’t quite make it into her mouth (I think I caught her by
surprise, I was a bit eager) but it licked along the length of her lips as
I caught her bottom one between my teeth and stretched it as far as it
would go before I broke our coupling.

“Are you ready to make a sale?” I asked her.
“Yes sir” she said as she sucked on her slightly abused lip (the
one on her mouth, we haven’t gotten that far...YET.).
Seventeen and for the taking; the Gods have smiled upon me. “Sit
on my lap” I ordered her and she promptly complied.

Bliss? Nope, it would pale by comparison.
I’ve had plenty of pussy. Even younger pussy, as young as 12, when I was
younger myself. But to have such a tender piece of ass sitting in your
lap when you’re almost twice its age.....that’s heaven motherfucker.
Trust me.

As this gorgeous teenage girl sat in my lap it occurred to me that
I didn’t even know her name. Then with equal force I realized that I
didn’t give a shit, but I’d find out later. With her ass squarely propped
on my erection I reached for the remote and turned on my stereo.
Selecting a CD, “Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits”, I started to let my hands
wander as I pictured what was happening to me, my blessing: 17 year old blond girl, tiny tight shorts and sheer top, very long blonde hair, blue
eyes, and her ass and young thighs resting on my dick. Heaven!
It was time to feel her up. I started at her hands which were
nervously resting at her sides and on my knees. She wasn’t nearly as sure
of herself as she thought she was. I let my hands feel her fingers,
briefly interlocking with them and then I began to work my way up. She
ground her tight teen ass sublimely into my cock. Next were her wrists,
her little forearms, her somewhat bony elbows and then I reached her
shoulders. God how I was enjoying every inch of her body (at 5’ 10” and I
guess 105 lbs, she was such a gorgeous waif). In the meantime she
continued to writhe (squirm) to the music, her long lustrous blonde hair
swaying from side to side and teasingly tickling my face, the perfect
teen. Once I reached her shoulders I made my way around and cupped her
breasts through her sheer tee, my arms under hers, I fondled her firm
breasts as if they were my first. (This has got to be the most turned on
I’ve ever been with a fully clothed bitch.) She moaned in satisfaction as
this “old man” played with her boobs and teased her tender young nipples.
Feeling them harden to my touch I swirled my tongue into her left ear,
nibbled it, kissed it, teased it, and relished it and never for a second
did I let my hands fall from her now hard peaks. “Raise your arms and put
them around the back of my head” I instructed her. She gave her small ass
a wiggle and a moan escaped her mouth as she arched her back, her chest
thrusting forward, as she reached behind me and she found a handful of my
hair. I continued to caress her still developing pubescent tits, back and
forth from their base to their nipples, as I showered her neck and ear
with little kisses and love bites. The tiny orbs were so firm and her
nipples as tiny and hard as the erasers of a newborn pencil that I lost
some of my resolve in her nubile body and with her tight ass still working
my boner I pulled her top up and over her head, discarding it in a
direction which I cannot at this time remember. Her bra soon followed as
I wondered who’s daughter she was, and thankful that she was mine for the

Picture this: Now I found myself with a juicy piece of topless
jailbait on my lap, a hard-on bulging between my legs and nestled in an
illegal piece of denim clad ass as a prison sentence hung before me. “Are
you enjoying yourself so far Mister?” she asked innocently.
“You bet sweetheart, can’t you tell? But the party is only just
beginning” I told her as I slipped my head from her clutching hands and
found my way around to a mouthful of her lovely and soft bare little tit.
I had my first taste. I couldn’t help but think how her porcelain-like
skin was as much a turn as the rest of her, so young, so pure, smooth, and
so naive.
”Oh, yesss, it feels so good, GOD I love the way you play with my
tits, bite me, pleassse, ohhhh shit I’m gonna give you your money’s worth,
uhh huhh, I’m your $675 little blonde teenage whore” the little girl babbled.
As my hands kneaded and milked her small breasts I began to nibble
on her rock hard nipples, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a body so ripe.
I continued to feast on her small chest, switching behind her and
alternating sides as she moaned and rocked her body in time with my bites.
Her tight little illegal ass continued to masturbate my cock through our
shorts as the little nymph got hotter and hotter.
“Ummmmm, God Mister, that feels awesome, ohhh yeahh” she barely
moaned. “But I’ve gotta be home in half an hour” she pleaded.
“Well baby, I think you’re going to be late” I let her know, “You
taste to fine for me to rush through this, I will be taking my time
savoring and playing with every inch of you.”
Never letting more than a second go by without a mouthful of young breast my hands reached down and began to explore the thighs that were so
deliciously resting upon my own. My tongue caressing and teasing her
nipples and only giving way to my teeth as they clamped down on her
engorged peaks (she yelped) I slowly moved my hands up her thighs to her
center of motion, her denim covered crotch.
Rubbing her young pussy through her shorts she began to tremble.
“Owww, yess, ummm hmmm, fuuuckkkk, Mister, that.... I’m, oh shit,
I’m....” she began to buck on my hardon as she came. She was already
hornier than I thought.
I encouraged her to let loose, “That’s it sweetheart, cum for me.
Yeahhhhh, that’s it, shake your ass all over my cock, come on, yeah, you
love it don’t you.”
“Owwwww, yeeaaaah, ummmm, hmmmm, I’m cumming for you, God yes,
keep rubbing me right there, right at the end
zipper of my shorts. Please play with me Daddy.”
Daddy? Huh? Kinky little bitch. “Yeah sweety, cum for Daddy,
cum hard, yeah” I egged her on her little fantasy as I continued to play
with her snatch. “You like Daddy rubbing you through your shorts? Huh?
You want him to rub you without the shorts? Maybe you want him to rub you
with his big hard stiff Daddy cock? Would you like that?”
“Yessssss, please, ohhhh, God,’’re makin me cum again.....ohhh.”
“Does my little girl like talking dirty to Daddy?” Do you want
Daddy to fuck you? Does baby want Daddy to stick his cock up her tight
little pussy”
“Yesss, oh Jesus, yes. Pleassse. Promise you will.”
“You want Daddy to fuck your pussy?”
“Uhhhhh huhhhhh.....”
“Want him to fuck your ass, that tight little virgin ass of his
little girl?”
“Uhhhh huhhh, yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!”
“Okay, I will sweety” I said as her second orgasm was leveling
off. All the while she began to clamp down on my hand urging me to rub
her off again.
“Soon baby, soon, but we’re gonna have to get these clothes out of
the way and there’s something I need to get from the bedroom before we can
go on. After all, you want me to fuck you don’t you?”
“Yes, Mister!!!”
Huh? Back to Mister, interesting. “Well I want to make tonight as
easy as possible on you as I can.” I jokingly comforted this little kinky
and very sexy teen.
“By the way, what’s your name honey?”
“Stephanie, sir.”
I noticed she was coming (or cumming) back to the real word so I
slid her tight topless body of off me so that I could get up. Making my
way to my bedroom to get a jar of Vaseline I began to think about all the
crap this girl had spilled in the midst’s of her orgasms. Hmmm? Did she
really want to fuck her dad? Was I a substitute Dad? Would she really
let me fuck her in her ass? God I’ve been dying to try that. Could she
take me there, for that matter could she take me in her little blonde snatch? She’s awfully thin, tall but slim and small? I guess I’ll just
have to find out. Opening the lowest drawer of my night table I fisted
the jar of Vaseline and began to walk back to where my little blonde salesgirl was waiting for a party.
“Stephanie, why don’t you call your folks and tell them you’re
gonna be late, tell them you’ve almost got enough subscriptions to win and
that you’re gonna be a bit late. If they ask tell them you’re calling
from a friends house and then call that so they can back you up, OK?”
“Ummm hmmmm” she moaned as I approaced my new sweet little
treasure, vaseline in hand and cocked sure of perverse scenes playing like
a movie in my mind.

The End of Part 1.

Note to the reader:

I will only bother myself to continue this story if you want to read on
and find out what I have in store for our lovely young vixen, Stephanie.
So if you like what you’ve read so far don’t hesitate to post your
enthusiasm. If not I’ll be just as content downloading some of the great
stories which are posted on this newsgroup. Contribution is, afterall,
more time consuming than consumption. I just thought some of you might
like to read something new and I also wanted to give back a little to
those from whom I’ve taken so much.

Constructive criticism is definitely encouraged but any flames will be
deleted without the slightest of regards.
Please post or e-mail your thoughts or opinions and I will read them as
time permits.

Also, Chapter 2 of this story will be posted in about 4 or 5 days, and if
you liked my first posts, “Little Magician: Ch.1a & 1b”, the second
chapter of that story will be posted next weekend (hopefully) in

The KingPin.


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